MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 31

Scott closed the door and all four of them got together with arms around one another and a four way kissing session which went on for some time and during it both boys had their tops removed.

All four were now at the same stage of erection enjoying being fondled by the others. Scott was kissing Marcel when he broke away and kissed Jon.

“Do you mind if I borrow Marcel for a while Jon?”

“So long as I can borrow Andrew and I get Marcel back.” Scott looked at Andrew who smiled at him and kissed Scott back.

“I’m taking Jon to the bunk for a while, you two can have the couch, see you guys later, but you can join us whenever you want.” One last kiss all round and Scott lead Marcel to the couch and laid him on his back and got on top. There would follow a lot of kissing and holding one another very tight which was being copied by the two on the bunk. Scott looked at Marcel and smiled down at him, Marcel smiled back and dropped his hands down and felt that wonderful erection.

Scott kissed Marcel one more time and began to go south kissing and licking as he went. Marcel closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head and gave out a huge, contented sigh.

Scott arrived at his shorts and gently bit the hidden erection. Marcel lifted his hips more or less telling to get them off. He had no problem and pulled them down slowly and watched as Marcel’s cock suddenly shot out, Scott threw them on the floor and at the same time took Marcel into his mouth and gently licked and kissed the head while Marcel put his hands behind Scott’s head and ran his fingers through his hair. Scott took his time but finally sank down on all seven wonderful inches and Marcel sighed his joy at the sheer pleasure, made even more so because it was Scott doing it.

Over on the bunk Andrew and Jon were in a 69 with Jon on his back and Andrew on top. While blowing Jon, Andrew began to fondle Jon’s cheeks and then into the crack and playing with his lovely tight hole. Jon quietly whispered “yes Andrew.” Andrew got off and flipped Jon over pulled him to his knees and sunk his face between his cute cheeks and began a long rimming that would bring Jon almost to the point of cumming! Andrew dropped a hand to Jon’s cock and stroked which bought Jon even closer. He forced himself onto his back and pulled Andrew to his mouth and again whispered. “Andrew I’m nearly there. Can we slow down a bit! Andrew smiled back at him and got onto his back so that Jon could take over. Andrew glanced over at the other two and smiled at the sight with Scott naked on his back and Marcel blowing him.

All four spent the next hour in all positions to be kissed, licked, stroked and rimmed. They also spent a lot of time cuddled up with arms around one another smiling and kissing while stroking a cock.

Marcel looked over at Jon and smiled. Jon smiled back and both knew the next step and together they got on top of their man and took them in and began the long ride which would bring all four of them over the edge. The boys continued stroking themselves onto Scott and Andrew and as if on cue they called out and pushed themselves hard into Marcel and Jon and held them tight as they erupted and ejaculated time after time, that bought the boys to their own end and they too expelled massive loads over faces, chests and bellies.

Each pair laid side by side and kissed their way back to normal. After some time like that, Scott took Marcel to the bunk and both partners joined together and once again there was a lot of hugging and kissing. None of them knew just how long they laid like that but as all four were still rock hard this was far from over.

“Time to swop anyone?” Scott asked. Andrew got off the bunk and pulled a willing Marcel to his feet and led the way to the couch. Scott got Jon to lay on top of him and the second session of love making began, but this time just cuddling in kissing and stroking for a VERY long time. They would stop every now and then and just look at one another utterly happy and loving the man he was with before going back to kissing and wanking.

Jon’s breathing became more laboured as Scott stroked slowly on that beautiful rod, he was just seconds away and told Scott he was cumming.

On the couch Andrew was also cumming to his end as well and his breathing told Marcel that and now he too was fast approaching his own end as each cock was stroked.

Four beautiful bodies froze as four beautiful men kissed and for the second time ejaculated time after time all over one another.

They spent a long time gently kissing before Andrew and Marcel joined Scott and Jon and once again partners cuddled in together with even more kissing and at the same time recovering for the next round!

“Everyone happy?” Marcel asked.

“I am.” Jon

“Me too.” Andrew.

“Yep, not bad I suppose, nothing much on TV anyway.”

It was now Scott’s turn to get beaten up by three of the most wonderful guys on the planet. He and they loved it which bought about another session only this time all together which ended up in a cock sucking ring with Scott blowing Marcel, Marcel blowing Andrew, Andrew blowing Jon and Jon blowing Scott and not a drop wasted as they each came into a mouth. They were all now officially knackered!

The shower was great fun as each cleaned a body and then another one until it was time to get out and dry off. They got into the bunk, Jon with Scott and Marcel with Andrew. They each face one another gently kissing until it was time to say goodnight. Scott moved to Andrew and now with partners back together they cuddled in and kissed themselves to sleep.

An hour before they were due on watch the alarm clock went off and after a lot of hugging the boys left to go back to their cabin to get ready. Scott and Andrew went back to the bunk and stayed closely wrapped up until they too had to get ready to go to the bridge.

The four of them were once again back together but very different as they went about their watch as though nothing had happened overnight between them, all four focused on what they had to do. The sun was raising and Scott was looking through the power binoculars. He settled on a fishing boat 3/4 of a mile off to their port and noted the number, 101.



“Take over the PB’s and keep an eye on that boat. Let me know if she changes course and how long she stays there. I think we are being followed.” Scott went to the log and made a note about the boat. Half hour later Jon reported that the boat had gone beyond the range of the Hawk radar. Back on the mother boat the captain did not have to keep the Jean or the O9 in sight, he already knew that on this course were they were heading for, Mauritius.

Scott was dressed in the way pirates would be, shorts and a top only. He was in their “pirate” boat waiting for the stern door to open with the engine already running. The door raised and with a nod to Jan the boat was released and shot down the ramp and launched. He lowered the out board engine and opened the throttle and sped away from the Jean and would go out three miles and then turn back at full speed.

Andrew and Neil had loaded two containers on Andrew’s helicopter which was now on the flight deck and started up, Andrew was at his station at the back of the bridge, he checked the controls one more time and then took off, hovered off the port side for a while and then began the chase.

To try to make this more real Scott was not told when he would be attacked, but as he was told to go to three miles he assumed he would get attacked on the way back. Andrew had other ideas and all this was about was would Scott hear his helicopter over the noise of his engine and if he could get low enough to be able to give him a good soaking. He was going to fly over him at just 10 feet above the boat and 5 MPH above the boats speed. Once he had dropped the oil he would increase speed and go hard to port or starboard and fly in the opposite direction to the boat making it harder to be fired on and fly to another target if there was one or attack the same boat again.

Scott was having a great time as he went at 40 knots. He was going by stop watch which would tell him when he had got to three miles and then turn back. It was a really lovely day with a calm sea and quite warm. A great day to be pissing about in an open boat! He checked the stop watch again which told him he had two minutes to go before he would turn 180 degrees and go back.

His thoughts went back to last night and all of them cuddled in together and smiled at the fantastic time they had all shared… and then he nearly shit himself as the helicopter flew slowly over him at about 6 foot and delivering six pints of oil mixed with sand all over him and the boat!

FUCK..! His head and upper body, arms and legs were covered as was the tiller, throttle and half the boat forward of him and if there was anyone else in the boat, they too would have got some of it as well. He was buggered and no way of getting the stuff off either, even using the throttle was almost impossible as it too was covered. He had not heard the helicopter or knew where it was now as he was trying to wipe his eyes clear and all he could do was rip off his top and use that to try to wipe his eyes clear, but the sand hurt like hell and the tee shirt was covered anyway. Just to make his day complete, the next load fell on him!


Scott shut his mouth as he was getting oil and sand in it!

Senior Captain Scott Peterson was fucked and not even able to steer his boat properly bless him!

IF Senior Captain Scott Peterson had more years behind him, he would have not got into the boat in the first place and sent someone else instead!

The Jean could not slow down or turn back of course as she had to stay close to the O9 and that is why Jan and George were now at full speed in the RIB to rescue their oiled and sanded up Captain.

There was NOTHING to laugh about as they got to Scott, he was in a dreadful state covered in “Andrew shit” and not able to do a thing about it, he also appeared not to be in the best frame of mind for some reason, made even worse when the pair of them creased up when they got to him! Rather a lot of swearing went on and all of it coming from Scott even though he realised that if this was not him but pirates they too would be swearing their heads off as well, but not in English!

George got a tow on Scott’s boat and they set off to catch the Jean up. It would take over an hour and during the whole time Jan and George giggled their heads off while Scott sat in his boat totally pissed off but thanking Andrew for his great idea! He could not wait for pirates to turn up!

Once back on board Scott ordered everyone out of the boat deck. When they were alone Andrew pulled Scott’s shorts and briefs down, took one look at him and got naked as well. He covered Scott in soap and washed his naked body over and over again and after the last hose down Scott was free of oil and sand, while the rest of the crew watched them on the CCTV monitor on the bridge! The silly sods forgot that!

It would take much longer to clean the boat and both of them spent ages pouring detergent into it, scrubbing it out and then hosing it all off, still naked. The crew were glued to the monitor and only those on watch could not look at this fantastic sight! Finally they got decent and called Paul to come down and help. They turned the boat upside down so it could drained off through the open stern door.

“That was one of the most awful experiences of my life. You were right Reggie, the oil is much more effective than CS gas. Our boat is much shorter than the pirate boats though and I think when we attack both containers should be opened if you can rig up a system that the second container opens slightly after the first one? If we attack with all three helicopters we will definitely stop three boats. All we need now is six more containers so we can change them over as each helicopters comes back. Can we do that?”

“No problem Skip but Andrew and I need time if Paul can take us off our watches?”

“I will cover both of you Neil.”

“There won be a problem Skip. I have rewritten the watches, there will be just couples on watch now as you suggested starting as from tomorrow at midnight, Tommy and I are first on followed by Reggie and Freddy. This list will be on the notice board in the saloon. This oil thing is amazing and the fucking pirates are in for one hell of a surprise.”

“Skip we need to practise as well.”

“Marcel, I hate to say this, but FUCK OFF! There is no way I’m going through that again!

Depending on the number of boats attacking us it could only be Andrew flying his helicopter as you and Jon may have to fly the Bullets, but we need all three to have these containers and be ready to fly as all of you can fly at a greater distance than the Bullets can. You will have to depend on me to tell you what to fly. I will most probably have Andrew and one of you two attack with the helicopters and one to fly a Bullet, you will just have to hope I get it right. All crew are now able to start up both the helicopters and the Bullets and that will enable you to fly off much sooner and get to a target. I just hope I get it right.” Scott was about to be disappointed.


Scott and Paul were in the RIB on the boat deck waiting for the stern door to open with Jan driving and George as crew. It was 1am and the first attempt to board the O9. Andrew had been flying around the ship for an hour and the video coming back told them the decks were clear and no crew in sight. At least they could hide when they got on board and either try to get into the ship through an open hatch, or wait hidden until morning when a member of crew would have to come out.

The RIB was launched and Jan took them straight to the stern of the O9 at full speed. Once behind her she reduced speed but closed in at just over the O9’s speed. When just 50 feet away she went to starboard and closed into her hull as near as she could get without turning the RIB over!

She was now at midships and George had the ladder ready to hook on to the deck. He was about to hook on when four faces looked down at them followed by four buckets of water covering all of them.

The skipper of the O9, the newly appointed Captain Brian Wallis also looked over and shouted down at them. “One nil to me Scott! You’re lucky it was only water. We spotted you as soon as you cleared your stern and not only that we knew you would be coming because we saw your helicopter flying around us for ages.””

“Thanks Brian, plan “B” then!” Scott shouted back.

“Let’s go back please Jan.” She took them to the Jean and settled onto the cradle and was hoisted up into the boat deck. Once they had dried off and changed they met in the lounge. Scott, Paul, Jan, George, the boys and Andrew were there.

“Ok Paul tell me what went wrong.” Paul laughed.

“Nothing did Skip. Fucking up an exercise is the best way to learn and if you don’t mind I will give my opinion as to how to go about the next one.”

“Be my guest, we would not be even thinking about it if you were not here. Did you know it would go wrong?”

“Sort of but it was a great result. Skip we did not fuck up, just gained a lot of knowledge about carrying out a boarding.”

“Ok, educate us please Paul.”

“Skip, I don’t think we can use the helicopters to observe a taken ship. We are escorting the O9 and we have to stay close, but if this was a ship we wanted to board we would have to lay off at least 10 miles which is well out of range of the helicopters. IF the conditions are right and you feel we have a reasonable chance to board we will have to launch the RIB no nearer than 10 miles and as soon as we do the Jean should sail further away so as not to give the pirates any reason to think there is a problem for them. I know for a fact they will think they are fire proof because they have already taken the ship and crew.

I also know the RIB can stay at sea for eight hours and we can launch and they would not have a clue we are on our way.

As soon as we are on board Jan must throttle back and drop behind the ship until she is a mile behind her and then wait to pick us up if we have to go over the side. We need to take a flare each and fire it off if we find ourselves in the drink. We also have our radio’s and can stay in touch with Jan and the Jean of course, but we must not over use them, our chat maybe picked up by the pirates or even a mother boat if that’s where they have come from.

Skip, I think we should continue practising every night until we get it right.”

“Thanks Paul. One question though, you say it’s up to me to say if we go or not, but I can’t do that without YOU telling me it’s possible. Ok I will say it’s on, but never without your opinion and your thoughts as to whether you think its ok to go.”

“Skip, trust me, I know if an attack on a target has a good chance of success or not and believe me I would tell you if I thought we were at too much risk of being able to carry out a boarding. I will never put Andrew and Tommy through anymore worry than they already have about this and I obviously know you are the same. Let’s keep the training up and keep at the level we have got too and then if something comes up we will look at it from all angles and make a decision then.”

Andrew was staring at Scott hoping Paul’s words had go through to him. Scott looked back at him. “Sweet man, I have told you before that I trust Paul as much as I love you and there is no way I will not trust him or love you less. Ok, I make the final decision, but NEVER without taking Paul’s advice first, both he and I have too much to lose. I am NOT going to put you through what I have already gone through any more than Paul would put Tommy through the same”

They were now at 10 knots and watched the O9 approaching Port Louis and reduced speed even more as the pilot went on board. Scott continued to follow until the O9 was about to enter the harbour and then altered course north east and would sail away for five hours and then turn back to meet up with the O9 as she came out and then escort her all the way to Mumbai.

“Any more sightings of that boat 101?” Scott asked Neil.

“Difficult to say Skip, there are 20 boats and ships in sight and a lot more on radar, she could be anyone of them.”

In fact she was one of them and as soon as the 101 mother boat captain realised the O9 had gone into harbour and the Jean had sailed away, he knew the Jean would have to come back to meet up again. He altered his own course to that of the Jean and would sail at 10 knots for two hours, then reduce speed and wait for he Jean’s return. But as he sailed he realised he now had two options, either attack the Jean on her way back to meet the O9, or wait for the two ships to meet up and attack both. The thought of having two ships to take back to Somalia and the huge ransom demand, made his mind up. He turned back towards Mauritius.


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