MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 30

“Are you sure Jan? Skip, Andrew and the BOYS!?” Jan and Paulina were cuddled up in their bunk, naked and if anyone expects a commentary on what they had got up too, forget it! Paulina was laying between Jan’s boobs and as she was on her back, both of them were hanging down either side of her chest leaving a considerable gap to accommodate Paulina’s head. She heaved the left one up and kissed it.

“Yeah sweetheart I’m sure they are involved and I think it’s fantastic. I knew it when they got back from Yorkshire.”

“But Skip and Andrew have only just got married for fuck’s sake! Still we all know how the boys love the two of them, didn’t expect this though, the FOUR of them?” Paulina didn’t question Jan, she had never known her to be wrong when it came to “who” was with “who” and could tell a mile off all the signs, she had done enough of it herself until she and Paulina had met.

“I know sweetheart and don’t be upset, it takes a bit of working out but I still find it bloody wonderful. I don’t think I have ever loved guys like I do those four and if they are involved, and I know they are, I just get the feeling nothing bad will happen. Do you know something my love, it actually turns me on thinking about them all together. Four of the nicest guys on the planet and VERY international and if they do “stuff” I know there is a lot of love in it.” There was a long pause while Paulina thought about it.


“Yes my love?”

“If you swapped the A for an O, I would be fucked by a Jon as well!”

“Nah, I don’t do anal! Get the strap on out!”

Freddy was passing their cabin and could hear screams of laughter coming out of it and would NEVER know the reason why!

Scott was on the bridge with the watch as they saw the O9 come out of Cape Town and slowly followed her while she got up to 15 knots and fell behind her at half a mile and sailed like that until the O9 went into Port Elizabeth. He would then go south for a day and then come back to meet her again and then the escort would start properly as they sailed towards the pirate area and head for Mauritius.

Nothing was said and no bridge meetings were needed to talk about the escort, but the atmosphere on the ship changed from good sailing practise to, good sailing practise plus high “alert.” All the crew knew exactly where they were and as they got closer to the pirate area, so they became a different crew as they would all be by now preparing themselves mentally to meet any threat and meet it with confidence and determination to defend the right to sail in international waters.

Scott and Paul had met many times to discuss the possibility of boarding a ship that had already been taken and take it back. At this time in 2006 the international authorities were still meeting to discuss means and ways of dealing with the problem and typical of politics and those involved, there were long meetings and therefore many months passed before anything positive happened. Ok, the combined naval operations would do a great job and sometime later they would make a huge difference. Scott allowed himself to get angry and just could not understand why these so called policy makers would not allow ships to carry armed personal to protect ships and their crews. Now in real time, 2015, security companies sail with cargo ships and at the time of writing NO ship has been taken with armed guards on board! But back in 2006 it was quite different and Scott and his crew would defend his and his father’s ships as best they could and had so far had done a great job but then Senior Captain Wise had come along and as he hated Scott, because of his junior years, he stirred shit which resulted in Scott not being able to carry weapons anymore and that now put his ship less able to defend herself and the ship they were escorting.

The unarmed combat sessions continued and by now Scott was almost at the same standard as Paul and their bouts were very entertaining for those watching, but there was a problem as well, during the last session Jerry fell awkwardly and badly injured his left shoulder. Reggie looked at it and found no permanent damage but he would not be able to fight for at least two months. Paulina strapped him up and gave him a couple of pain killers. A worried George was in the sick bay hovering around and getting in the way. “There my handsome man, off you go for cuddles, I’m sure George will give you plenty and a little more no doubt.” They went to their cabin knowing Paulina was right. Sometime later Scott called for a bridge meeting.

“I want everyone to give an opinion if you have one. As we all know Jerry was being trained because it gave Paul and me a different partner to fight but was in reserve anyway. Paul has always said that he and I would be the ones to go, he was trained with just small groups to carry out whatever he got up to with the SBS and I’m not going to argue with him. Paul and I still want to try to board a ship and although they are not happy Tommy and Andrew won’t try to stop us. The training will just be Paul and me now and that includes practise boarding the O9. The first one will be in two night’s time.”

“You know all of us are not happy about it now you can’t be armed, facing pirates who have AK47’s with tazers is not exactly even is it.” Andrew said.

“Andrew, even if we had them it is very doubtful either Skip or I would have used them. Ok, they would be used as a means to protect ourselves if we were spotted and fire on but it’s the unarmed training that will be our main weapon and also stealth, believe me with just two of us involved and working together we can hide and wait for the right moments and take them out one by one. We would never go in with all “guns” blazing, that’s the way the film makers do it and has got nothing to do with how operations like this are actually carried out. We will have black combat overalls, beanie hats, trainers and heavy gloves and our faces will be camouflaged. We will also have a chest bag to hold handcuffs, duct tape and six loaded syringes which Reggie says will put anyone to sleep for two hours in three seconds when injected.

Now, there is one more thing and only Skip knows about this. As well as the training I have given Skip and Jerry, I am now taking it to another level.

When I was in the SBS some of us were trained in Israeli Special Forces unarmed combat technics called Krav Maga. This is one of the most extreme methods of unarmed combat and it’s pretty violent. We will train behind closed doors as I don’t want anyone seeing what goes on and how we train. I promise you Andrew, Scott won’t get hurt but by the time I have finished with him, I suggest you don’t piss him off!”

Much later Andrew came off watch and cuddled into Scott and held him tight for a very long time with his head on Scott’s chest. Scott also held Andrew close and kissed his head waiting for him to say what he needed too.

“Why Scott? Why do you want to board a ship and possibly get yourself killed? I don’t understand what you are trying to prove. You do know if anything happens to you, I and the Jean will be finished?” He looked up and kissed him. “I would never ask you not to do it, but I wish I could. Scott… Oh fuck it, just be safe and come back to me please.”

They had a shower and afterwards cuddled up in the bunk and clung on to each other and kissed for a very long time. Andrew looked at Scott and waited.

“Love, I’m so sorry for giving you a hard time but do you know something? Paul and I will never try to board a taken ship if the conditions are against us, but if they are right we will and it’s only because of Paul’s experience in his service with the SBS. I trust him as much as I love you and there is something else, because we MAY get involved the whole crew are like we were when we rescued the trawler men. THAT was the start of what we have become. Mum’s ship is better prepared than ever and I know Paul and I can take a captured ship back, it’s never been done before and that’s the last thing pirates will even think about. We will have surprise on our side and that’s better than any guns or a full squad of Special Forces. And there is one more thing. Before we finally decided to go, we will know exactly the layout of the ship and each deck by looking at it on the various marine sites and find the ship we are going to board and its deck plans. We will have a lot of information long before we attack it.”

They continued to cuddle in tight with their heads together and every now and then moving so they could kiss again.

“Scott, I need to ask one more question and then I will be fine.”

“Yes my love?”

“Would you fuck me now please!?”

Freddy was passing their cabin and could hear screams of laughter coming out of it and would NEVER know why!


Scott, Neil, Paul, Reggie and the two boys looked at Andrew trying to work out his proposal for dumping an oil/sand mix on pirates.

“So, you or the boys just fly over them and gravity takes over Andrew?”

“Yes Skip. Look the oil is very thin and will run out of a container fast and as there is quite a lot of vibration when a helicopter flies, the sand will not settle and my guess when the oil is released there will be a good mix of both. All we need to do is fill the pods that held the original CS gas containers, set them at 20 degrees and the lot would just fall out. I have made a release system that I know works and it’s a matter of pushing a button and the whole lot just falls out. The down side is there will only be two pods and therefore just two passes at the pirates and also the fly over will have to be quite slow to cover the whole boat. There are a few other problems as well. The weight will be greater and as the pods have to be raised there will be more drag and the speed will be somewhat reduced, but still faster than the pirate boats.”

“How much can each pod take?”

“Six Pints in each.”

“What do you recon the effects it will have on the pirates Reggie?”

“Well it certainly won’t be pleasant and trying to wipe it off with a sand mix will make it even worse for them. If Andrew and the boys are accurate when they drop the oil EVERYTHING will be covered including their weapons and that will give them a huge problem. Skip, I actually think this could be more effective than the CS gas even though the boys and Andrew will only be able to carry out two attacks. I think we need to try it out when the containers are ready.” They looked at the boys and the boys looked at Scott.

“Guess it’s me then?” Everyone agreed with Scott and Andrew said he would be the first one to carry out the first trial.

Scott left the workshop leaving the others to carry on with the oil containers and went to the bridge, he sat in his chair looking around him counting the cargo ships and fishing boats.

“A lot of traffic about Jan, more than usual I should say. Any of the fishing boats taking an interest in us?”

“Can’t be sure Skip. We were looking at one that sailed parallel to us at half a mile for an hour, but then it buggered off and not seen it since.”

“Did you get a name or number Jan?”

“101 Skip, oh and a photo of her!” Scott smiled and thanked her. He looked at the photo of the boat and stuck it next to the Hawk radar screen.

That boat was indeed interested and went away before the Jean got interested in them.

The ship was secure and Paul, Thomas, George and Jerry were on watch. They would be followed by Reggie, Freddy, Neil and Colin, which meant that Scott, Andrew, Marcel and Jon had eight hours off and all of it overnight.

Scott and Andrew got out of the shower and finished drying one another off and then got into a pair of shorts and cuddled up on top of the bunk. They kissed and fondled for some time which made them both hard. They were like this when there was a knock on the door. They smiled and both went to open it and Marcel and Jon came in dressed in shorts and a top, they took one look at Scott’s and Andrew’s tented shorts and theirs also began the upward climb.


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