MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 29

Scott had planned his course and timing to meet up with the O9 as she came out of Cape Town and had already had the captains permission to carry out practise boarding attempts, “as and when you want, but don’t fire on us! Oh, you can’t and I hope that twat is proud of himself. With you practicing on us it will help my crew as well to try and stop you. I have told them you will “attack” us and we may have some surprises for you, it makes it all the more real Scott.”

This escort would be one of the longest as the O9 would off load in Cape Town and then onto Port Elizabeth for loading which would take just one day. The Jean would sail away and come back to meet up with her the next day. Once she came back out they would sail onto Mauritius and the O9 would dock in Port Louis for eight hours to off load. The Jean again would stay out at sea and once the two ships joined up again it would be full speed ahead north east to Mumbai where there would be a three day stop over before setting off on the final escort down the west coast of India and then on to Sri Lanka and a whole week off before meeting the O6 coming from Australia and would escort her to the Red Sea. From there, back to Port Elizabeth.

During the passage to Cape Town the four priorities were for Marcel and Jon to practice fly the Bullets and fly at the outboard motor on their scaled down pirate boat and hopefully missing it! Andrew to do much more flying practise with Marcel and Jon advising him and to fire the fireworks out of the tubes and see what happens. They were told they were the most powerful “star burst” type on the market and with a massive explosion after it had climbed to 300 feet before going off. With the tubes set at a 25 degree angle, they should go off just above the surface. The fourth was for Neil and Andrew come up with a way to release the oil/sand mix from the containers on the helicopters, but there was already a problem, the sand would sink to the bottom of the container and would most probably bung up the release nozzle. It would be Andrew who came up with the most simple of idea’s to resolve the problem.

Marcel and Jon were happy, well they always were and even more so since Scott and Andrew had become closely involved in their lives in the most wonderful way and had spoken for ages about it when tucked up in their cabin and also had a few laughs.


“Yes my white man?”

“Is the phone working my black Rasta!?”

“Think so, why?”

“Just don’t want to miss a call from Skip!” Foursome lovers they may have become, but the respect for Scott’s position would always be with them.

Their happiness was at a peak now as they began to get ready for the first flight with all the crew out watching. After flipping a coin it was Jon at the controls and Marcel starting up the Bullet.

Marcel looked up at Jon who was on the flight deck and he gradually wound up to full throttle and with a nod Marcel threw the brightly painted orange Bullet over the side. Jon got control and everyone was very impressed as he took it out about 100 yards at 50 feet and flew all-round the ship. It made a hell of a noise which everyone was pleased with and the first pirates would know something was up was when the Bullet was about to hit them, or fly over their boat. When he was comfortable he started to carry out aerobatics and once again impressed the whole crew.

After 10 minutes he came back to the Jean and everyone held their breath as he approached just above stalling speed with Marcel waiting with his gloves on. Just as Jon got the Bullet to Marcel he cut the jet and it stalled, Marcel dropped it! A huge cheer went up and Marcel dropped his shorts as he bent down to pick the Bullet up. An even bigger cheer went up and at the same time Scott and Andrew smiled at one another. Andrew whispered into Scott’s ear. “I think we need to invite the boys to the cabin soon? Scott smiled again and winked at Andrew. Jan saw the smiles and wink and it confirmed what she had already guessed.

Marcel also gave a good show with just one difference, Jon managed to catch the Bullet when he bought it back in, but not to be outdone Jon also dropped his shorts as he put the Bullet down. Another huge cheer and even more smiles from all of them!

They would practice every day, weather permitting, as well as help Andrew with his need to test fly and keep themselves in good shape in flying their helicopters as well.

By the time they had reached South Africa they had practiced flying at the outboard motor on their “pirate” boat, JUST missing it and Jan thanking her lucky stars!

“That’s fucking dangerous and the pirates will shit themselves. I could not hear it over the noise of my engine until it was about 30 feet from me and then this sort of banshee SCREAM coming at me, fucking awesome!”

Next came the fireworks. All tubes were loaded and set at 25 degrees. “You sure the angle is right Neil?” Paul asked. “Have ever known me to be wrong?” Scott selected one tube and fired. The firework shot out and fell into the water some 200 yards to the stern! Everyone looked at Neil as he stood there scratching his head.

“Maybe 30 degrees then.” He climbed up to the top of the bridge and made a few adjustments and came back down and Scott selected another tube and fired again. It shot out of the tube and everyone watched as the firework blew up just 30 feet above the surface.

“Bloody hell Skip that’s going to hurt someone!”

“Yeah, that’s a fucking shame Tommy, as if I could give a shit.” He sent the rest off and everyone watched as 10 fireworks were launched out of the tubes and once again at 200 yards there were 10 massive explosions and the area was lit up by the star bursts! There could be a case for the crew to ALMOST feel sorry for anyone who may happen to be under them at the time, but as they would only be pirates anyway, no one was that bothered.

“Reload all the tubes please and put the caps on, I don’t want any of them to get wet and misfire if they are ever needed.

We may have had our weapons taken away because of a lie and silly sods thinking we are some sort of amateur outfit, but we still have the means to protect ourselves and the ship we are escorting. We can’t do that at a greater range now and once again we will have to rely on Marcel, Jon and Andrew to take out any attack before they get to us. Andrew you can fly out three miles and track a suspect and you will be the first to defend us if we see an RPG and I will ask you to attack if we do see one. Marcel and you Jon will fly off a Bullet when a target gets to within a mile of us and get ready to fly into an out board motor when it gets to 400 yards. I want other crew to train to be able to start a Bullet up so we can have two of them flying at the same time and also CATCH it if they come back!” Everyone looked at Marcel who had a smile that made him even more incredibly beautiful. Jon was also looking at him and got a simi.

“Is it too much of a risk to have the boys visit us Scott?”

“Nope. I have looked at Paul’s watch rota and there are many times when you and the boys are off and a few overnight, like now.” They were still a long way from danger areas and only two on watch.

“Do you want to invite them to visit?”

“Do you?”

“It’s your call Scott but if you say no, I will go to their cabin instead!” Scott kissed Andrew and after he had, picked up the phone.

Marcel and Jon duly arrived and all four of them cuddled in and kissed one another. They were still fully dressed in uniform and it was Andrew who took Jon’s top off first and kissed his nipples and began to lick his way down his body. Meanwhile Scott and Marcel held on tight until Marcel got onto his knees and unzipped his captain. He took his hard cock out and wrapped his mouth around all 7 inches of it.

“FIRE FIRE FIRE..! BOAT DECK..! Andrew and crew respond!” Paul, once again, had got it very wrong! The bugger seemed to have a talent for screwing up when others just wanted to screw up!

Andrew and Marcel rushed out to get into their gear and Jon went to his “abandon ship” station as all the crew did. Scott went to the bridge and took over while Paul went down to the boat deck to monitor Andrew and his team. It was of course an exercise, not that the crew knew it at the time.

Scott tried to hate Paul for his untimely intervention but there was no way he could, but thought he would get his own back and pressed the “attack” alarm and was very happy that everyone took over a vacant fire crews station. Down below Paul bought the exercise to an end and happy that it had gone well. Andrew and Marcel got out of their gear and made their way to the bridge. Paul gave his feedback and Scott gave his.

“Thank you Paul for buggering up Andrew’s and my private life, again! We are ready even though the unexpected may turn up, I’m sure we will handle it. We have gone though some difficult times and have come through all of them but we must not assume we are fire proof and all I want to say is just think that the next situation that we will experience will be different to the others. We MUST stay alert and expect the unexpected… Fuck it, I’m beginning to waffle, sorry.” Scott left his bridge and went to the cabin and joined five minutes later by Andrew.

“No, you didn’t waffle Captain. Can we call the boys now?”


“Why not?”

“I already have.” There was a knock on the door and the two smiling boys came in and cuddled into Scott and Andrew for a foursome kiss.

“Andrew and I need a shower, can you help out?” Andrew undressed Marcel while Scott undressed Jon during which time there was a lot of kissing to be done. Then it was the boys turn and shortly afterwards there were four beautiful and naked young men and all with very hard dicks. They got into a circle so that their cock heads were touching with their arms around one another… and of course kissing.

Marcel and Jon were laid on their backs side by side with their arms above their heads. Scott was beside Jon and Andrew by Marcel. Each boy laid like that as Scott played with Jon and Andrew did the same to Marcel. They stroked slowly and lent in together and kissed and smiled. They lent down to the boys and kissed them as well, all the time bring both of them higher and higher and as they did began to shuffle around as they got nearer the point of no return.

They were at the point now that they knew it could not on for much longer as their breathing became much more laboured, they were just seconds away when Scott and Andrew looked at one another and kissed. Without saying a word they both went down on the boys and took them in, right to the base and as they did both boys called out and, exploded! After Scott and Andrew had finished swallowing they kissed their way back up both bodies and settled on both mouths for a VERY long time.

Scott and Andrew did a swop and laid on top of both boys kissing them and after some time their legs were lifted over shoulders a 7 inch and a 6.5 inch cock entered two very willing boys and every inch was sunk into the pair of them.

They continued like this for ages and all the time a lot of kissing went on, Marcel and Jon, Scott and Andrew, Andrew and Jon and Scott and Marcel, it was quite a ballet. Finally Scott and Andrew swopped over and they had reached the final act.

“I’m coming.” Scott whispered.

“Me too.” They had hardly got that out when both of them went deep into the boys one more time and held themselves like that for a couple of seconds when both of them erupted, time and time again with their bodies recoiling after each shot.

Scott and Andrew got to the outside of the boys and each pair cuddled in face to face and stayed like that for ages while they kissed their love. Once again there was a swop over for another half hour.

Andrew took control and pulled everyone up and they got into a sitting position with their legs in all directions so they could get close together with their bodies touching and their arms around each other. There could not be a happier foursome anywhere.

They talked a lot and laughed as they did, totally relaxed and planning the next visit!

“Well one thing I can tell you is there will be more times when we can meet. I have thought for some time now that we don’t need four on watch when we are on station and I have told Paul that he should write the watches now with just partners on and I am to be included and go on watch with Andrew. There is enough work to do anyway especially as most crew are now much more involved in all departments, Reggie and Paulina are all over the ship and they love it, Paulina did not know how good she is in the galley and Reggie loves the engine room. Jan seems to have made the boat deck her own and I dare anyone to go down there to work without her knowing about it first!”

“There is something Marcel and I have talked about and we think it would be lovely for us to do.”

“What’s that Jon?” Scott and Andrew wondered what was coming.

“Well, we agreed that when we meet it would only ever be the four of us and we are very happy about that, but we would also like to split into pairs as well and then do what we have done before and swop over a lot. Say a couple on the couch and the others on the bunk, change over and also all four of us on the bunk, but also each couple making out together, we would love to watch you both!” They looked expectantly at Scott and Andrew’s reaction.

“I think that’s great idea, it keeps to our rule of being together but also gives each couple time to themselves. What do you think Andrew”?

“Nah, I can have you any old time!”

He got beaten up by three naked men for ages and had the time of his life! Well, they all did!

Scott took Marcel away from Andrew and Jon and laid him down on the couch. He got on top of Marcel and gently kissed him until he knew he was ready and then fed Marcel to his back door and when ready he sat on him and for the first time had that beautiful black cock inside him. Scott glanced over to Andrew and Jon and smiled as he saw Andrew in exactly the same position as he was. Together they stoked themselves onto their respective lover and rode the two cocks until there was a second cumming and both boys in their own heaven. Both couples laid down several feet away from one another and cuddled in with Marcel stroking Scott and Jon doing the same to Andrew. They stroked very slowly and then went down and teased both men with their tongues just licking the head and just taking it into their mouths until they could not take anymore and both Scott and Andrew erupted watched by Marcel and Jon who rubbed it all over a belly and chest before going back to kissing the man of the moment.

Scott took Marcel back to the bunk and once again all four cuddled in together. “That was one of the best ideas EVER!” Andrew swopped Jon for Scott and both couples kissed and eventually dropped off to sleep for an hour, totally comfortable with their changed life style and at peace with one another.

Meanwhile a mother ship was getting ready to sail with four boats on board and 16 crew to man them. They checked their weapons and ammunition, which included four updated RPG’s with four grenades each that had been purchased at huge cost, as well as supplies. They were ready to sail and could stay out for two months. They would be looking for anything that came their way but especially the M/V Lady Jean Peterson now that they knew she was not armed. They knew about the failure of the other attempt to take her but now were sure if they met her they would have the upper hand.

The boat, 101, cleared the harbour and headed out to sea ready to look for targets, but there was another problem that Scott would not know about in 2006 or any of the naval forces operating in those seas.  They were “Look out fishing boats.” Just ordinary fishing boats going about their business, but three of them equipped with powerful radios.


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