MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 28

When they got to the flat they did a lot of kissing and telling one another of their love.

They went to the shower and kissed and told one another of their love.

They went to bed and kissed and told one another of their love AND actually made love.

Sunday=ditto, in the kitchen and their bed + went out for a meal.

Monday=ditto, in the lounge and their bed + went out for a meal.

Tuesday=ditto, on the balcony + went out for a meal and to the theatre.

Wednesday= made love got up and had breakfast (1pm) packed, made love in the shower, showered and got dressed and went to William’s Jaguar and drove home. As honeymoons go it was “FUCKING” perfect!

All that was left in the house was William, Marcel and Jon, the crew had gone back to the Jean to work for a couple of days and then home for a week, leaving Marcel and Jon with William.

“Thank goodness your back, those two could talk the hind leg off an old donkey! Christ my ears hurt! They just don’t stop talking and most of it about you two, oh and of course the Jean and going up to Yorkshire. I would lock your door when you get there if I were you, unless you don’t want too. All the crew will be back two days before you sail and will go to the Jean to start loading. Paul has booked a refueling slot and the rest are carrying out pre sailing checks and will wait for you to get back with the new planes. Trevor Dickinson called and he is pleased with them, he has five more to build and they will be ready by Friday. He says for you to go up any time and the boys can start test flying.

That’s the good news, now for the not so good. Even though Captain Wise has withdrawn his accusation, and only because I told him I would sue him if he didn’t, this has stirred up some debate amongst the limp wristed and as a result you will no longer be able to have any weapons including stun grenades OR CS gas. There is a full report on all this bullshit Scott and you can read it up yourself because I would only lose my temper again if I tell you. But you now have the planes that Trevor has knocked up and there is no way they can raise any objections, so long as they don’t find out why you have them. There is some more good news though, Neil has come up with a couple of ideas and both sound good to me. He has been onto the fireworks people in Salisbury and they have fireworks that fit your old stun grenade tubes and I told him to order 100. He will have to tell you about how they should be fired. The other idea he had was to modify the gas containers and fill them with oil instead of gas. The pressure won’t be as great as before and that’s why the oil has to be thin, but he thinks that the oil could be mixed with very fine sand and that will cause a lot of irritation. Try rubbing oil off with sand in it!”


“You two, get dressed we are stopping for a break in two miles.”  Jon stopped sucking Marcel in the back of the Jag and they both did as they were told and pulled their pants and shorts up that were down around their ankles and put their tops back on.

“Ok skip, we are decent. How long to Yorkshire now?”

“About two hours, we are going straight to Trevor’s workshop and he will give you flying practise and from now on study the aircraft plans and all the information instead of fucking around.”

“Jon and I can drive Skip, we could take over and you two could get in the back and have a bit of fun yourselves.”

“I think we can hold on until we get to the hotel thanks Marcel” Scott said.

“Speak for yourself, I thought it was a great idea.” Andrew fondled Scott’s thigh and smiled at him in his seductive way that he thought would change Scott’s mind.

“You do know Jon has a video camera don’t you.”

“Even better.”

Just over two hours later they pulled into Trevor’s workshop and he was already out to meet them. It had been a good drive from the service station after their break. Scott and Andrew smiled to themselves listening to Marcel and Jon discuss the new aircraft with their shorts and pants back down round their ankles playing with one another and lowering every now and again for a quick blow.

“Stop that!”

“What Skip, reading or sucking?”

Trevor was a tall, handsome young man who as it turned out was single as well. It became obvious why as his entire life was radio controlled ANYTHING! He was selling the same helicopters he had sold to Scott to the army, police, fire service and Special Forces. He was exporting to several countries as well.

“Right lads here it is, one modified “Bullet” as I have called them.”

“Bloody hell it’s held together with duct tape!” Andrew said.

“Only this one because I want to open it up and show you the bullet, all the others are glued together but you will be able to get to the engine as that’s fixed on with special screws.”

Let me give you a demo.” He and one of his men, Tony, who was a tall gangly young man who it would appear had never heard of a barber, started the jet and when ready the Bullet was wound up to full power and literally thrown up and the thing shot away.  Tony rather sensibly had safety gloves and goggles on. For the next 10 minutes Trevor flew all over the place at no more than 10 feet above the ground with Marcel and Jon looking on at the control panel and screen.

Trevor then came in very slowly and stalled the plane and Tony caught it in his gloves. Trevor now spent the next two hours with Marcel and Jon and they flew time and time again and after each flight they become more than confident. The flying stopped and Trevor took it apart to show them the actual bullet. They were quite surprised, it was thinner than they thought it would be.

“Will that penetrate an engine then Trevor?”

“I will show you soon. I have machined and hardened them to go through the casing of any engine but of course outboard motors in particular. To get the best results the boys will have to fly at full speed into a target. I have changed the nose and fitted a thin plastic one that will disintegrate on impact and give the bullet a clear opening to the impact point. If I had kept it as it was, all the polystyrene would do is fold back and the bullet would have to penetrate it first. The bullet is held in place by a very thin wire and will break on impact. Trevor watched as Marcel and Jon put it all back together and refueled it. Trevor took them all to an old outboard motor which was held in a frame at the same height as one attached to a boat. It was complete with no damage. Just before flying into it, the engine would be at full power.

They went back to the flying point half a mile away and Trevor and Tony started up. After it had taken off Trevor flew passes just over and just behind the engine in mock attacks. “Right, time for a hit lads.” He waved his arm to get Tony to start the engine up and went to full power. He flew in a wide half circle and they all watched the screen as Trevor lined up and screamed in and smashed into the engine. “There go’s a few quid, let’s go and look at the damage.”

It was amazing, all there was, was small hole in the engine cover and when that was taken off all they could see was another small hole in the engine casing. Trevor took the head off and there was a total mess, the bullet had done its job.

“Ok lads you have a couple of days for flying practise, Tony here will be with you to help out. I have 10 paper targets for you to fly into and as I already know you fly very well, I don’t think you will find it difficult. So be my guests and fly away. Would you and Andrew like to go to the pub Scott?” They waved goodbye to the most excited gay boys in England and went off with Trevor and would spend the rest of the day with him and the next day as well. By the time they had to go both Marcel and Jon were every bit as good as Trevor was. All they had to do now was practise at sea and with moving targets it would bring about a much different method of flying.

They invited Trevor to their hotel that night for dinner after the flying had stopped. The five of them eat and chatted away, it was just a lovely time and was made even better when Trevor opened up.

“It’s so nice being with you guys. I only know one gay man and love him to bits and I hope one day he will wake up and realise I’m not just his boss, but he had such a horrible time when he was beaten up by FIVE so called men when he came out of a gay bar one night a year ago. Since then he has gone back into the fucking closet and there is no way I can even tell him how I feel.”

Despite Trevor’s story it was a lovely evening even though most of it was about the “Bullet.” Scott, Andrew and Trevor loved listening to Marcel and Jon as they banged on about it. They smiled as Marcel and Jon answered every question Trevor asked about their escorting and the way of life on board the Jean. While he was listening Andrew made up his mind about what he would say tomorrow.

Eventually Trevor had to go but now they knew he was gay as well there were hugs goodbye instead of handshakes. They went back to finish their drinks, which was fun.

Marcel and Jon dropped quite a few hints about what they really wanted to happen despite being told by Andrew and then Scott that “it” could not happen between the four of them, they were young and on a mission.

“Our room stinks, think there is a dead rat in there, we need to move in with you two.” Nothing.

“Marcel wet the bed this morning, bet yours is dry.” Nothing.

“We won’t fly the “Bullets” unless we can share with you two.” Still nothing. The boys shrugged their shoulders and got up.

“Goodnight LOOSERS!” They cuddled Scott and Andrew and left. They watched them go out and burst out laughing.

“Bless them, let’s go to bed as well, we are still on a sort of honeymoon and listening to them has made me horny Andrew.”

Four horny men went to bed and made love, in their separate rooms. Trevor went to his and thought of Tony trying to think of ways of telling Tony of his feelings but shit scared at the same time. A boss coming on to one of his employees? That could lead to a dead end and a lot of trouble.

Nobody knew it but Tony was also thinking in HIS bed and all of it about Trevor. “Fuck it, how can you tell the boss you love him? Big shit if I did.”

The next day Scott took the boys to Trevor’s place and left them with Tony and then went out for the day by themselves. When they got back six hours later Marcel and Jon put a show on for them all and hit every target. After the car was packed with the 15 “Bullets” Trevor invited them to his place for dinner which they accepted but Andrew asked Trevor if he could invite Tony as well. A bit cheeky really but it worked.

All six had a great time especially Trevor and Tony. Finally it was time to go and Trevor and Tony saw them to their taxi to wave them off. They got in and the driver began to drive off.

“Wait please.” Andrew asked. The driver stopped and Andrew got back out and went to Trevor and Tony.

“You two are in love with one another and you know it. Go back indoors and talk.” He gave them both another hug and got back into the taxi. “Job done, just leave it to us Yanks to sort things out!” Tony did not go home that night, or any other night.

There was time for a quick drink before bed and all the conversation was about Trevor and Tony but for once Marcel did not join in that much.

“Something wrong Marcel? Scott asked. “It’s not like you to be so quiet, what’s wrong?” Scott and Andrew looked at him and Jon put his head on Marcel’s shoulder. He knew exactly what was on Marcel’s mind and his as well. After some time Marcel looked at his Skip and his partner.

“Please don’t hate us but we have to say this. Jon and I love one another to death and nobody will ever come between us and we know you are both the same. BUT there is something and we both know it.” Marcel stopped and even though Scott and Andrew knew what was coming waited. Marcel needed to get this off his chest and therefore Jon’s as well.

“Marcel, just say what’s on your mind and I promise you neither of us will hate either of you, that’s impossible. Andrew and I know what it is and will never love you less when you say what you need to say.” Marcel looked at Jon who smiled back at him. “Go on Marcel, it needs to be said.”

“I just need to say what you already know, we have dropped enough hints! We don’t know why but we know we are in love with you both as we are with one another. I fell in love with you Scott the second I saw you and then when Andrew came along I tried to ignore my feelings. Then of course Jon came into my life and it’s him who fucked it up by falling in love with me AND you two! Well, we both did. We spent hours talking about our feelings and although nothing will happen, we just want you both to know. Sorry but that’s how we feel and we promise we will never mention this again. Can we go up please Jon?”

“No, please stay boys, I need to say something too and I know Scott won’t mind, but I’m only speaking for myself ok?” Andrew burst out laughing. “This must be one of the weirdest honeymoons EVER! Look, we love you both so much and when you are with us like now we are more than happy. Scott and I know of your love for us but there is a massive risk if we allow this to go any further. We are pretty sure you both want a sexual relationship with us and although we know it would be fantastic, the dangers far out way the pleasure. We have never been involved with anyone since we have been together but I know of others who have and for many it went tit’s up. Relationships ended and there was a lot of tears believe me.” Jon jumped on that.

“So, if we all knew it would not affect our own relationships, you and Scott would like to become much more than friends? Marcel and I have talked about you two and us loads of times and we agree that we would only want all of us to be together and not split up into pairs, one pair in your cabin and the other in ours. We have had offers a few times by other guys but we were not interested but with you two its different because Marcel and I are SURE it will not affect him and me and I bet my life your relationship won’t suffer either, in fact I’m convinced we would become even closer, all of us.” Scott listened and needed to join in.

“Thanks both of you for being so open and honest, it’s very brave of you and we trust you a thousand percent, but Andrew is right, the risks are very real. Yes we DO love you and we love being like this. All I will say is we need time to talk because I know for sure if there were no risks we would have already got involved. That’s how much we love you. Now, I suggest we go to our rooms and let Andrew and I talk and now we know you are not thinking of splitting up into pairs, and I know we wouldn’t, it really is something to think about. We have already told one another how we feel about you both and the four of us are pretty unique in our love as couples and as four men who are very much in love with one another as well. THERE! I’ve said my bit! Let’s go to our separate beds.” Marcel laughed, he was back to his happy old self.

“Don’t fancy a try out then Scott? You know, test the goods before buying?”

“Shut up you sod, go to bed the pair of you.” They hugged goodnight and Scott and Andrew watched them go out of the bar.

“Bloody hell Scott what’s happening? Here we are just married and only a few days into it here we are talking to the boys about us all sleeping together, but I will say this, I’m sure it would work and I know we would love to make love to them.”

“Looking back I think that’s what we have we have both been thinking of for months Andrew. Come on let’s go to bed and sleep on it. It’s a huge step and it could very well be in the wrong direction. For some people a one night stand is fine if that’s what they won’t, but this is totally different and we must be 100% sure, it would only take one of us to destroy both relationships.”

“You mean any one of us falling for another? I tell you now, it will never happen Scott, never.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I just know how much in love you and I are and of course the boys love for one another, BUT it just happens we are all in love ALMOST equally and that love will never be destroyed, trust me I’m American don’t forget.”

“And that’s the fucking problem right there, come on you lovely man I need a cuddle.” Even walking to their room turned out to be quite fun. They got out of the lift and were walking towards their room when they passed a couple hand in hand. They smiled at one another and the guys stopped.

“Off to your friend’s room guys, lovely young men and you all look so great together, we have been watching you!”

“No, going to ours.” Andrew replied.

“That IS a surprise, Johnathan and I had a bet you four are together. Oh well perhaps you would like to come a join us then?” They smiled again and declined. When they got to their room they cuddled in tight.

“Fucking hell Andrew we suddenly have a choice!”

Now in bed Scott was on his elbow resting his head looking down at Andrew who was on his back and enjoying Scott’s massage of his chest and belly.

“That’s nice, you going lower?”

“In a minute, just thinking.”

“Marcel and Jon?” There was a long pause and Andrew closed his eyes as Scott began to go lower and finally took his man’s massively hard cock into his hand.

“This hard because your horny or because of what I’m doing and thinking about the boys?” Another pause.

“Both.” At least it was honest and Scott admitted he too was hard thinking about them as well.

“It’s going to happen isn’t it Andrew.” It was a statement rather than a question. Andrew opened his eyes and stared up at Scott.

“All I know is my love for you can’t be beaten by anyone, but yes I do love the boys and yes I would like us to make love to them. Scott, only death will ever separate us,”

“Shall I call them?” An even longer silence.


Scott picked the phone up and dialed their room.

“Hello?” It was Jon.

“Do you two fancy a cuddle?”

“YES!” Scott heard some excited chatter. “We will be down in 15 minutes.”

“The door isn’t locked.” Scott put the phone down and cuddled into Andrew tight. “They will be down in 15, I guess they are douching! Sort of tells us what they hope will happen.”

The door opened and they stood there smiling broadly. Scott kissed Andrew one more time and they separated to give the boys room in between them. They took their tops off but kept their shorts on both showing a hidden hardon and climbed in bed, Marcel next to Scott and Jon with Andrew.

“Everyone ok?” Scott asked and there were three “yeses.” Scott dimmed the lights so they could just see one another.

“I think you boys need to get rid of the shorts.”

“Would you two take them off please?” Marcel asked. Seconds later all four laid naked with Marcel in Scott’s arms and Jon in Andrew’s. All four hearts were beating fast which increased even more as they kissed one another for the first time and any doubts that any of them may have had was well and truly forgotten.

Marcel and Jon were turned on their backs with Scott and Andrew on top of them and both kissed and licked their way down each body, stopping off now and then so Marcel and Jon could kiss as did Scott and Andrew while the boys wrapped their arms around the pair of them. Scott lent down to Jon and kissed him. After some time like that Scott got up to give Andrew room to kiss Marcel, they then all kissed one another before Scott and Andrew went back to “their” boy.

Down and down they went and just before they got to each cock they looked at one another, smiled and kissed and then smiled again as they watched both boys also kissing. Together they looked at the two throbbing beauties and at the same time opened their mouths and took them in.

Much later Scott, followed by Andrew flipped the two boys and just let them get on with it as it was their turn to explore, kiss and suck their captain and his partner. Scott and Andrew kissed the whole time as they were worked up by these two and at the same time fondled both beautiful cute backsides pulling the cheeks apart and fingering each hole, it was absolute heaven.

After some time and without a word spoken the boys swapped over and now Scott and Andrew had the pleasure of a new body to enjoy, so did Marcel and Jon. Just how long they stayed like that none of them knew but all four where having a wonderful time.

Eventually Scott needed to taste Jon and turned them into a 69, followed by Andrew and Marcel and all you could hear was a lot of moaning and the slurping of four mouths sucking four cocks. Both Scott and Andrew began to play more with the boys and they called out as a finger was inserted, all the way. Marcel and Jon knew the time had come and Marcel wanted Scott to be his first and swapped with Jon.

“We are ready.” He said.

Scott got Marcel on his left side and laid down behind him and Andrew put Jon on his right side and also laid down behind HIM. They both lined up and put their cocks to each entrance and gently pushed against them and together broke through and stayed quite still to allow both boys to get used to them.

“I’m fine Scott.”

“Me too Andrew.”

Slowly but surely they slipped into each boy and as they did Marcel and Jon kissed and stroked one another, Scott leaned over to Andrew and kissed him and stayed kissing while feeding themselves into each of the boys and an arm holding on tight around each body. They were now fully inside and together began to stroke out and then fully back while they told each other how good it all was.

Scott and Andrew put their spare hand around each neck and kissed even deeper while they made love to these two wonderful young men. They all knew this would not take long as all four of them were so far advanced, Scott fought to hold back but was the first to cum and told the others what was about to happen. He sunk deep into Marcel and held himself there and tightened his hold on the boy and at the same time Andrew. Seconds later he exploded into Marcel in one continuous blast followed by many more. His body recoiled after every ejaculation which bought about a chain reaction from the other three and all of them came all at once and cried out as they poured out load after load.

No one said a word, they just laid there regaining their breath and all the while kissing their man and then each other whilst they relived this amazing time. Eventually Marcel turned to Scott and Jon to Andrew and cuddled in kissing once more for a very long time.

“Think it’s time to go back to partners boys?” They shuffled around and were once again back together and there was a lot more kissing before they all dropped off into a very happy sleep.

Scott and Andrew woke first and just looked at one another, smiling and then gently kissing.

“You ok Andrew?”

“Oh yes. It was beautiful Scott… I know many would think it’s not right and could lead to big problems, but I know it won’t, we all love one another too much for it to happen and I trust the boys as much as I trust you. Are you happy?”

“Yes and I already know I want this to happen again, we love them and I know they do us as well, no, there will be no problems. Shall we wake them up?”

“Too late we already are!” Marcel climbed over Jon and Scott and laid down on top of Andrew and Jon on top of Scott and all four kissed good morning.

“Anyone for a shower?” Marcel asked. It would be the longest shower any of them had taken as everyone cleaned everyone else, many times.

“Ok, back to reality. Let’s get dressed and pack then breakfast. I want to get to the Jean with the Bullets.

It was a lovely breakfast, all four could not be happier and it showed. The two guys they had met the night before sat eating with massive hardons for the whole meal.

While they eat Marcel came up with a travel plan. “Scott and Jon in the back for the first quarter, then Andrew and me for the second. The next Scott and Andrew in the back and for the last quarter Jon and me, that way we get to the Jean the proper way round. That ok with you two?” Scott looked at Andrew who smiled back at him and shrugged his shoulders.

“Apparently it is Marcel, but I also want time with you and I know Andrew would like time with Jon.” Marcel thought about that.

“Ok, if we don’t go on Motorways but A roads instead, it will take longer to get home so that will give us more time, I will set the SatNav while you lot pack the car.” Done.

They settled down for the first leg and by the time Andrew had got to the first starting point Scott and Jon were stretched out on the back seat naked with a blanket over them kissing and stroking one another until they got into a 69 and blew one another off. They were followed by Andrew and Marcel, then Scott and Andrew, Scott and Marcel, Marcel and Jon.

They were a couple of miles from Southampton and partner was sitting next to partner when Marcel laughed out.

“Strange isn’t it, this Chapter started out with you two on honeymoon and more or less ends with the four of us sleeping together and we all made love! Bet there aren’t too many honeymoons like that!”

“Did you two like it Marcel?” Andrew asked.

“Course we did, we have been planning this for months! We love you both SO much!” It was Jon’s turn to laugh and the others joined in.

It had been an incredible journey and four weary travelers arrived back totally knackered!

“Bloody hell you look fucked the lot of you, what did you do push the car back?” Jan asked.

“Bloody awful traffic Jan, here give us a hand with this lot.” Jan looked at them and guessed right but she would not say a thing to anyone, except Paulina of course.

After a day back with William, Paul got him into the coach and they set off for Southampton. Neil and Andrew said goodbye to William and went to the engine room to start up while the others also said goodbye and went on board leaving William and Scott by themselves.

“I will never get used to this bit Scott, how do you feel now you don’t have weapons?”

“Much better now we have the Bullets. Neil and Andrew will sort out the oil and sand spray, then of course we have the fireworks to fire off the bridge. We will have the three helicopters to release the spray, but will have to rely on the Bullets which we can fire off and attack at 400 yards. By the time we get to the pirate areas the boys will be ready to attack, they have already flown a lot and typical of them, they are good.”

“But if they are flying the Bullets they can’t fly the helicopters at the same time can they.”

“That’s why we will have to depend on Andrew. He will have to practise a lot more now, I want him up to the same standard as Marcel and Jon by the time we may face pirates.”

“Will he?”

“No, but don’t tell him I said that.”

“Take care son, come home safe.” The Jag had followed them to the dock and Scott helped his father into the back seat and did a quick check before he got him in to make sure there were no tell tale deposits left and smiled at the memories. He hugged his father one more time and went on board. William would stay where he was until the Jean sailed an hour later.

Scott went to the cabin and got into uniform and then to the bridge and looked on as all pre sailing checks were carried out and Scott at the chart table with Freddy checking the navigation. When that was done he went below to tour his ship stopping off at the engine room.

“All ok?”

“Purring like kittens Skip, we are ready.” Neil reported. Scott kissed Andrew and went back to his bridge.

“Take us away please Paul.”

“Aye aye Skip.”

Marcel and Jon were also on the bridge totally involved in their watch and that made Scott happy. No glances, no smiles, no winks, nothing that would indicate what had happened during the past two days, just two professional sailors going about their work. Professional and private lives were well and truly separate as Scott and Andrew knew they would be.

Scott went out on the port wing as the Jean was taken from her mooring and waved to his father who waved back hardly able to see as the tears fell down his cheeks.

“Mum will look after you much better than I can Scott. Come home safe son, you are all I have, you and Andrew.”


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