MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 27

Scott spent the rest of the day talking to his helicopter supplier outlining what he wanted and why. “Storage will be a bit of a problem but a couple of the guys will go to the ship tomorrow to start to look at options.” He sat there looking at Trevor Dickinson on a video call who he had dealt with from the start and could see a smile come over his face.

“Scott, there MAYBE another option which will be a lot cheaper, no storage problems, very effective and I’m sure I can get as many as you want in 10 days. I already have quite a few of them but will need a few days to modify them to what I think will do the job for you.”

“Sounds good, what are they?”

“They are radio controlled fixed wing jet RC models with a camera. They are quite small and very fast. They are made entirely of toughened polystyrene with an engine housing slung underneath and you virtually chuck it off when the engine is at full power. All I will have to do is fix a 6 inch pointed and hardened steel rod just behind the nose of the plane and I’m sure if you fly into a pirate’s engine the rod will shoot forward and smash through it. There will some weight and balance issues that I will have to work on and the top speed will be a bit less but you will still get at least 100 mph out of them. The lads that fly the helicopters are bloody good, I have watched them on your site and these things will be a piece of piss after a bit of practice. Nobody gets hurt and with an engine out the pirates will be fucked trust me. There will be enough fuel for 15 minutes flying time which should be enough for several passes. The jets make so much noise it may give the pirates the shits and fuck off and you still have the plane. If you want me to go ahead bring your helicopter control panels with you and I can adapt them so that the planes can be flown by them as well as the helicopters instead of having to have different ones.”

“It sounds great, how many can you get ready and how much?”

“They retail at £900 a piece but that includes the control panel. I can do it for £400 for you Scott so long as you order a minimum of ten.”

“The boys will need to practise, what about flying back to the ship and landing?”

“They will need to come in at just over stalling speed and when it gets to you, then stall it and hope someone is a cricketer and can catch!” Scott ordered 15 and after making a date to go to Yorkshire two days before they were due to pick them up he went to find William and tell him the cost. He also realised Marcel and Jon would get their wish and would have to go with them.

Trevor sent images of the new planes which Scott printed off and once again held a meeting in William’s study. He told them about the new idea and everyone was very happy, especially the boys.

The next day was the day before the wedding and Scott and Andrew were more or less redundant and would have to go for a walk with the whole crew who were also declared redundant as well as Andrew’s dad and two brothers.

The garden was huge and at the bottom of it and through a gate there was a large wood with a track going through it and then out into open fields which went on for miles.

A very happy bunch of friends walked off loaded down with food and several bottles of wine. All 19 of them walked together and although the crew had been out at the same time when they went ashore, this was the first time like this. It was one of those English summers days that was very warm and all of them in shorts. They made a sight for sore eyes and even though there was the problem of having their weapons taken away, the whole lot of them could not be happier.

After an hour or so they sat together eating the packed lunches Colin and George had prepared and relaxed into general chat and not once talking about why they were together or the reason why. Scott knew that they were only four miles from the village of Morton and already knew there was a great pub there, the “Cock and Feather.” He would lead them to it and after a few drinks ring William to get him to organise a lift back home. This was doing all of them the world of good, just relaxing and enjoying the company and an area of outstanding beauty.

However, it must be said the Jean was never that far away.

“I wonder when you will be able to sail as a research ship Scott. Whenever that is it will be a very different life for you two.” George said.

“It will be great though George and now you said that my guess is I may be looking for different crew sometime not that I want any of you to leave of course. Still, it’s something to think about and just give me some notice if any of you are thinking of moving on. I will completely understand of course although it will be sad to lose any of you, we have been through so much together and to be honest I have no idea how long I will have to keep escorting. I just hope Dad and I get the authority to form our own security company to have trained gunners sailing on our ships. I just hope that tosser and his shit stirring won’t get in the way.” Nobody wanted to say anything more, but a few had already spoken about their futures and how long before they would need to leave and find it.

The drinks at the “Cock and Feather” was a perfect end to the day and 14 very merry crew plus Robin and Simon and the Bushman males where picked up in a mini bus and taken home when another party started after the evening meal. Simon got his guitar out and played for them for an hour.

After saying goodnight to everyone in turn Scott led Andrew to their bedroom and as soon as he closed the door took him into his arms and that’s when the kissing started and would continue all over the room, the shower and finally on top of the bed.

“We have a quaint custom in the United Kingdom that the night before a wedding the bride and groom fuck like rabbits. As this is a gay wedding the tallest fucks the other one.”

“In the United States of America straight couples fuck like rabbits for a whole week before they get married, just to confirm the relationship. Gay couples do the same, after they have tried out a few other guys before the wedding. The one with the biggest cock gets to fuck the other and as mine is two millimetres longer than yours, it’s me.” Scott looked at Andrew and thought for some time.


In fact neither of them did any fucking, but made love instead, twice. Once on a chair and then in the shower after a recovery time which was spent in one another’s arms, kissing and saying silly things which made them very happy and also being able just to be themselves, just two 23 year olds who for a short while could forget the problems that they faced every day they were at sea.

Andrew took Scott to one of the chairs and sat down. Scott then lined Andrew up and sat on him with their arms around one another kissing while Scott gently stroked himself on Andrew’s magnificent shaft and slowly bought him to the edge.

“Scott, I’m there love, oh my word… I’m cumming… I’m… Scott stroked two more times and sat down and stayed there. They looked into each other’s eyes and Scott smiled at his man as he blew up inside him. It took an age for Andrew to come back to earth while holding Scott with all his strength.

They went back onto the bed and once again kissed but this time saying nothing, just kissed.

Scott took them to the shower and they spent an age washing one another and knowing exactly when the time had come. Andrew turned and bent over to take Scott in and once he was fully deep inside,  Andrew stood back up and was now much tighter giving both of them so much more pleasure. Scott knew it would not take long as he was well and truly wound up and after a couple of dozen strokes, it was his turn to call out. Andrew twisted around and they kissed as Scott erupted into him, time and time again. After some time Scott withdrew and Andrew turned back holding on to each other with kisses and smiles. Scott turned the shower back on and once again washed each other.

After drying off they went to bed and cuddled in close for a very long time. “I’m going to turn now Scott, goodnight my love.” They kissed once more and Andrew turned with Scott’s arms holding tightly around him.

“Goodnight my love… Don’t forget to turn up tomorrow!” Andrew laughed and turned back. They wrapped arms around one another and like that fell asleep, although when they woke up in the morning Andrew was in his usual position as was Scott.

“Right, you two bugger off and don’t come back until 2 O’clock, there are important things to do here and I’m supervising so nothing will go wrong.” William had given his order and hoped everyone else knew what they were doing. He had to go to his study to talk to his lawyers again and did not want Scott to know anything about all that was going on, but he was sure Captain Wise would wise up by the time he had finished.

Scott and Andrew came back down stairs just in shorts and sports tops to get their packed lunch and wine watched by Marcel and Jon. They cuddled together and waved goodbye to Scott and Andrew as they went out of the front door. Marcel turned to Jon and whispered;

“They haven’t got pants on Jon!”

“So I saw, those cocks waving about in their shorts has fucking turned me on! I’m taking you back to bed!”

“Come on you two we need a hand.”


They had chosen a spot while they were on the walk and made for it, a small clearing half way through the wood. Scott spread the blanket out and Andrew unpacked the food and wine ready for later. They undressed one another and settled down for the next four hours when there would be a repeat of the night before. This would be the first time they made love outside and it was a massive turn on and did what Marcel and Jon couldn’t do at the same time.

It was a very special time and one they would never forget, like all the other times. The time flew by and it was Andrew who said it was time to go back. “Come on my man, I fancy like getting married today.” They packed up ready to go back and then reluctantly got back into shorts and tops.

When they arrived back home, Marcel and Jon were there to meet them.

“Hello you two, you have to go in through the back door, but it looks like you already have!” Marcel and Jon creased themselves and Scott and Andrew cuddled them and both got a semi again.

They went to their room and found their new dress uniforms laid out on the bed and just stood there looking.

“Oh fuck Dad what have you done!?” They stood together, Scott with a worried look on his face and Andrew smiling broadly.

There were only two Senior Captains in William’s company, William and Bob Taylor being both of them, but now there was another one, Scott. On the sleeves there was now one broad gold ring with the crossed anchors on a crimson background and surrounded by gold laurel leaf above the ring. His dress cap was beside the uniform which had the same single band of gold only this one was bigger than the usual Captains braid. Just to make it even more embarrassing for Scott on the left breast was the company’s gold medal for “Medal of Excellence” and only ever given to Officers after many years of loyal service. It was instigated by Scott’s grandfather and even William didn’t have it, he could hardly award it to himself!

“Fucking hell there’s more gold in here than Fort Knox Andrew!”

“And there’s more pride in here than a whole fucking navy Scott! And there is something else.”

“Now what?”

“A bottle of champagne. Don’t worry Senior Captain, I will pour and we can get a bit pissed. I will anyway, I only got two rings!”

They had their showers and sat on the bed naked drinking with Scott still trying to come to terms with all this promotion stuff and the medal. Andrew was having the time of his life taking the piss.

“Yes Senior Captain.”

“Really Senior Captain?”

“It will be my honor Senior Captain.”

“Would you like to fuck me Senior Captain? Oh, you already have, but you were only an ordinary Captain the last time you did!”

Scott just hugged him and tried to laugh as well. He had to shut Andrew up somehow though and did so by turning them into a 69 but even that did not stop the sod.

“I think your cock has got bigger since your promotion Senior Captain.” Finally Scott did shut him up by laughing his head off. Once again Andrew had got it right and made a difficult time much better.

There was a bang on their door.

“Don’t come in!” Andrew called out.

“That’s a shame, still just to let you know you only have half hour.”

“Thanks Marcel. Come on second engineer we need another shower.”

They stood in front of one another both admiring the other, they both looked stunning.

“Ready Andrew?” Andrew picked their glasses up and handed Scott his.

“Ready, after a toast.” They clinked glasses and finished the champagne and kissed one last time as single men.

They walked to the top of the stairs and looked down at William and Walter waiting for their sons. They saw the crew and other guests looking up and for the first time they all knew Scott had been promoted. Looking down at them they saw a crew in new dress uniforms with their ranks in gold. “Christ dad, you must have had the time of your life planning all this.” Scott also realised what this really meant to his father and knew that he had organised this as his late wife would have done. Scott felt much better.

They slowly went down and shook hands with both fathers who led them into the hall and between the applauding guests towards an old oak table covered in the flags of Britain and America. The table was in front of the huge open fire and above it Scott’s favourite portrait of his mother who looked down at them with that permanent smile on her beautiful face. She would be with them throughout the ceremony. The Registrar stood there waiting to welcome Scott and Andrew.

They had talked separately to the Registrar through video calls while still at sea and had read out their vows that they wished to declare to one another.  She smiled and agreed to them, but now their vows would be somewhat different.

“This will be a day that neither you Scott and Andrew or those gathered here today will ever forget.

We are here to witness and celebrate the Civil Partnership between

Scott William Peterson


Andrew Walter Bushmen.”

Scott and Andrew pledged their lawful right in Civil Partnership after which Andrew was first up. They faced one another and held hands.

“I, Andrew Walter Bushman declare my love for you Scott William Peterson every moment of every day and that I will remain your Partner and best friend for the rest of my life and beyond. I thank God that I met you at a time when you looked like you were waiting for an American to come your way to make your life complete.”

(Giggles all round)

“I give you this ring as a symbol of my love to the most beautiful man, in mind and body, whoever walked this earth… and I hope to get promoted as well!” Andrew slipped the ring on Scott’s finger and looked up at him. Scott was shaking his head and with a huge smile. The giggles became laughter.

“I, now SENIOR Captain Scott William Peterson declare my total love and commitment to you, SECOND Engineer Andrew Walter Bushman and do swear my love for you has become stronger each time you say something stupid and therefore I cannot love you more than I do now.

I give you this ring as a symbol of my devotion to you Andrew, which is even more proof that an Englishman is always ready to help the disadvantaged in this world! I love you Andrew beyond all love.” Scott slipped his ring onto Andrew’s finger with both of them grinning their heads off.

The registrar finished the ceremony by declaring them “Civil Partners in Law” and then invited them to kiss which they did with Scott’s hands either side of Andrew’s face and Andrew’s arms around Scott’s body and everyone applauding.

It was now time to sign the Certificate of Civil Partnership with William and Walter as witnesses and also the two most excited of all, Marcel and Jon. Guess who dropped the pen?

It was party time and everyone went to the dining room to start on the buffet and Scott and Andrew touring the room giving and receiving many hugs and kisses and all were having a great time. Eventually William asked for quiet and invited Walter to speak first.

“Janice and I have been blessed with wonderful sons and daughters and no parents could be more proud or happy, until now of course. Today we welcome another son and brother which has made all of us even more proud and happy beyond anything we could imagine. If the world could look at you two and see the love you have for one another and tried to copy it, there would be much more peace. Andrew and Scott we all wish you a long and happy life.” Walter raised his glass and the first of many toasts was drunk. It was now William’s turn:

“There are times in all our lives when we can find ourselves at rock bottom. That of course happened to both Scott and I.” You could hear a penny drop as everyone thought of Jean Peterson and the hell that William and his son had gone through. “BUT, life and people in it can also help repair the damage to the extent that life is suddenly worthwhile again and indeed with much joy and laughter. Two of those people were joined in Partnership today who we all know and love so much. My son saved my life because of his love and Andrew saved Scott’s because of HIS love for my son. I echo Walter, I am indeed proud of BOTH of my sons and I know Jean feels the same as I. “William raised his glass and another toast was drunk. Now Andrew:

“We realised sometime after Scott and I got together that both of our mothers knew what we were in our private lives long before we did and also knew of our love for one another long before we did as well. That only proves no son can hide a darn thing from a mother, but of course they were right because the first time we kissed after Scott dragged me out of the hotel lounge in Dalvik, we both fell in love that very moment and that love gets stronger as each day passes.” Andrew turned to his partner and held his hands in his. “I have much to be thankful in my life Scott, but will say that because of you my life it is as complete as it can get. I LOVE you so much.” He picked their glasses up and the new partners toasted each other, joined by everyone else.

Scott looked into Andrew’s eyes and everyone was waiting to hear Scott’s response and declaration of love to his new partner……….. Andrew on the other hand suddenly found himself holding his breath, Scott had put himself into classical pose. There was a long pause which Scott did for effect.

“I have waited for months to be able to say this to you Andrew and have been rehearsing every day.”

“I’m not going to like this am I!”

“Shush, you will put me off.”

“Oh bugger!” Scott retook his classical stance and smiled at Andrew and in commanding voice uttered those immortal words.

“The First Mates name was Carter

By God he was a farter

when the wind wouldn’t blow

and the ship wouldn’t go

They got Carter the farter to start her.”

Andrew fell forward with his head on Scott’s chest as the room melted down! When it went quiet again Scott lifted Andrew’s face and smiled at him.

“Both of our Dads have said it all for me Andrew and all that’s left is to tell you how much I love you. I love you so much it hurts but in the nicest possible way, But there is more thing, after speaking to dad and the crew you are now promoted to Senior Engineer with a half ring to go with the other two. While all the applause was going on Scott whispered into Andrew’s ear. “When you can, go to our room, there is another jacket waiting for you.”

Half an hour later Andrew came back into the dining room, Neil was the first to get to him and the three ringer shook hands with the two and a half ringer. Andrew’s day could not get any better, nor Scott’s come to think about it.

They left for the London flat in the Rolls driven by Thomas and would spend four days doing what every honeymooner does before and after the wedding. It would be a much shorter time than planned, but there were other things that needed to be done but William had insisted they go away and he would be dealing with the issues surrounding the ship and the authorities.

It would not be good news for them when they got back.


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