MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 26

Once William had been taken off the coach and put into his “E Type” as he always called his mobile chair he led the way into his study.

“Right, what’s all this about? My son has just got back after three months at sea and has a full programme for the next two weeks, I hope this is important.”

“It is Sir William and we are sorry to interrupt the party but this is very important otherwise we would not be here. I am Gordon Broad from the Foreign Office and this is Chief Inspector Lee Watts from the Met.” They all sat down with William behind his 200 year old desk. He felt underneath it and pushed a 21st century button, everything would now be recorded.

“This will take some time I’m afraid and it’s serious.” Broad looked at Scott who looked back and wondered what the hell this was all about.

“Captain Peterson, you and your ship will be all over the media tomorrow accusing you of firing on the cargo ship you were escorting to South Africa. The captain of that ship, Senior Captain Wise, contacted his company, the Daily Reflector, the TV news channels and the Met making his complaint. We can’t stop it breaking of course and this will be in tomorrow’s papers, but it will be on the 9 o’clock news tonight. He claims you deliberately fired on his ship with an automatic weapon and says he has proof as he was videoing you at the time. What do you have to say?” Scott could not believe what he was being told and straight away thought of Andrew who would not be best pleased if he flew into a rage, so he didn’t.

“The man is lying and I have proof we didn’t, we have video recording 24/7 and if you want to I will take you to my ship now and show you. One thing Wise will not know is both weapons automatically record as soon as the trigger is pulled and all you will see is the target that was being fired at and they were sea targets aft of us and as we were behind the cargo ship and no other in sight of us, it makes his claim ridiculous.”

“Then why should he say you did fire on him?”

“All I can think is he was not best pleased we were hired to escort him and he made that plain to me when I went to talk to him about the escort. Captain Wise MAY have been videoing us and it is possible that during firing practise his ship may have come into frame because during firing I threw the ship all over the place to give Paul a more realistic practise. BUT, both he and I would never fire if there is a ship in the way. It’s a ridiculous claim and I am more than prepared to sign a statement to that effect.”

“Who is Paul?”

“Ex Chief Petty Officer Paul Smith of the Royal Navy’s Special Boat Service, weapons instructor and qualified sniper. He has served at least two active service tours that I know of. He underwent refresher training before we were issued with the rifle and the GPMG. Oh and one more thing, Paul holds the Military Cross and you don’t get that for just turning up in the morning. You do know why we were allowed weapons I assume?”

“Yes we do but have to tell you that all weapons, ammunition and your stun grenades will be confiscated until this matter is fully investigated. We understand you are due to sail in three weeks, is that right?”


“Well, you will be sailing without weapons in that case as this will take time to be resolved. You will however be allowed to keep the CS gas. BUT, if during the next two weeks it is deemed you acted in an inappropriate manner, you will not be allowed to sail and you Captain could face charges.”

“So, it’s all down to his word against mine then?”

“And his and your video recordings. I now need you to make a full statement Captain and once that is done you will come with us to your ship and surrender your weapons, ammunition, stun grenades and ships log covering that time, the local police will take charge of the weapons and ammunition and we will take the log. I will also need a copy of your video recordings.”

“Am I allowed to have Paul Smith with me? I need a witness. I will also need to take the camera operator who can give you copies of the recordings.”

“That’s fine, now let’s get on with your statement. You will be under caution, do you want a lawyer present?”

“Yes he fucking does!” William had made his contribution to the proceedings and picked the phone up and gave out instructions then slammed it back down. He glared at the two men.

“Tell this man that as soon as this matter is over, I WILL BE FUCKING SUING HIM! This will now be dealt with through Captain Peterson’s and our legal department. You gentlemen can make yourselves comfortable in our home, but after my sons statement you will only be able to speak to us through them.”

It was going to be a very late night.

Much, much later Scott climbed into bed beside Andrew hoping not to wake him, it was 4am. He managed to get his arms around his body and gently pulled him in and kissed his neck and shoulders. Andrew pushed back into Scott and kissed the back of his hand and smiled as he was about to give Scott yet another problem, cunning sod.

“I hope they didn’t confiscate YOUR weapon as well! If they have, the fucking wedding is off!” Everyone woke up wondering what the hell there was to laugh about.

Scott put Andrew’s hand on his cock.

“It’s still there ok? And getting stiff.”

“What about the ammunition?”

“One of the Southampton police took that as well, fucking great blow job!”

Andrew twisted round and they had a “fight” which Andrew lost but at the same time made it impossible for Scott to prove anything and instead pulled Andrew even closer and like that they fell asleep. The rest of the household also settled down eventually except Marcel and Jon who assumed that Scott and Andrew went quiet because they were making love, so they did and were the last to fall asleep after Jon had exploded into Marcel and after a quick flip, Marcel did a repeat job into Jon. They would be the last to arrive for breakfast later that morning.

As expected the media were all over them and in particular Scott and finally he agreed to a press meeting the following day at a conference room In Winchester but under strict instructions not to talk about any legal action which William would be taking and even more determined since they had seen the video that Captain Wise had produced.

Indeed it was of the Jean carrying out firing practise when he videoed them but it was so shaky and not that clear only the more cynical would give it any credit. What it did prove was Wise was determined to shit stir because of his hate for Scott, a 23 year old captaining a ship was not acceptable in his view and bought a Captain’s status far below what is the accepted norm. By now most of the media and police had not been convinced the video had any relevance, but the story needed to be followed up and it could give the opportunity for some good headlines and put this young man through the grill.

The proposed meeting was already being reported on TV and everyone would by now realise the Jean had been authorized to carry a machine gun, sniper rifle, hand guns and stun grenades. At least there was no mention of tear gas, well not yet.

Despite the situation that Scott found himself in he could not be more happy, in two days’ time he would be married (ok, in the UK it’s called a Civil Partnership, but try and tell that to Scott and Andrew.)

“What would you say to them Andrew?” Andrew got Scott on his back and spread his legs and gave the usual American response when they did not know the answer, and fucked him. Both were having a great time and eventually dumped loads, one in a bum and the other all over the pair of them. They settled down cuddling in close.

“Thanks, good advice.”

“Your welcome, just don’t get locked up, I will feel really stupid standing there on my own waiting to get married.”

“Thanks again, got anything to say that will actually help?” Andrew thought and kissed his man.

“Just don’t lose your temper but make sure you tell them as it is, but Scott be prepared to be taken to the cleaners, those cunts will twist anything you say just to make a good headline.”

He sat at the table with one of their lawyers and Scott counting the number of reporters many of whom he had seen on TV news channels. There were six cameras and he began to get a little worried and began to wish he had agreed to his father being there, but with right on his side there was nothing to prove or have a problem answering, but the biggest problem of all was that the world and his wife would now know they would be unarmed and the pirates would know that as well.

“It’s now known you people have been carrying weapons even though none of you are in the military and you carry CS gas as well. Why were you allowed them?”

“To enable us to defend our ship and the one we are escorting much better. Only one member of crew is authorised to fire the machine gun and rifle. He is a former member of the SBS and highly qualified. Without him we would have not have been issued weapons. We have used weapons during several attacks now and with no injuries to any of the pirates attacking us. All they got was warning shots. We are also able to attack them with two radio controlled helicopters with stun grenades and tear gas, that also had the effect of turning the boats away. We have had two incidences when we captured pirate boats and got them all on board. After checking their physical well being, taking DNA samples and photographs, they were put back on one boat and the other one sunk by our water cannons. Now, because of this Captains false allegations we will sail without full protection and will have to rely on other means of protecting ourselves.

“Which are?”

“Do you want me to tell you everything? The pirates will now know we will be unarmed and we will become a much easier target for them, but we still have non-lethal means to protect ourselves and the ships we escort. But the point I want to make is if ALL ships sailing through pirate waters were armed, the number of them being taken would be greatly reduced and, in my opinion, stop altogether. NO pirate will continue with an attack if they themselves are fired on. There are something like 16 ships being held as we speak, there have been reports of shootings and of course the threat of being shot if a huge ransom is not paid. Many innocent crew have been robbed and beaten up. The international navies will eventually have an effect and cargo ships are being advised to sail in safety corridors, but ships are still being taken.”

“So what will your little ship do to make a difference?”

“It already has. We are only there to escort our ships and we made a difference before we were armed, but with the support of British authorities we were allowed weapons, but now of course because someone wants to cause a problem, we will sail without them and no doubt the pirates can’t wait for us to go back now that they know we will most probably not be armed.”

“Will you still have CS gas? And have you killed anyone?”

“Not sure about the gas, but certainly no to the second question.”

“Would you kill someone?”

“Who knows, we have never been in that situation.”

“That’s hardly an answer. WOULD YOU KILL ANOTHER HUMAN BEING?”

“You don’t have to shoot to kill, just firing your weapon will almost certainly put the attacker off as we have experienced during attacks on us. BUT I will say if I had a weapon on my ship when she was attacked I would have certainly used it and you never know, my mother may still be alive and my father still able to walk. IF a pirate was killed by me during the attack, then tough, they will kill anyone to take a ship and would not have a problem sleeping at night, just ask my father how well he sleeps.

“So really this is about revenge because of your mother and father. If that incident had not happened would you be involved in all this?”

“The fact is it DID happen and that’s why I’m involved in trying to stop that happening to any of our crews and stop our ships being taken and held hostage under threat of death if a ransom is not paid. We owe it to them to give them safe passage while going about their peaceful work and the only way we can do that is escort them through pirate seas with our own means and that is the Lady Jean Peterson. My father and I will stop these escorts as soon as the international authorities and bleeding hearts allow armed escorts on board our ships. My father and I are in talks to form our own security agency to sail with our ships. If we get authority I will convert the Lady Jean Peterson back to our original plan and that is as an ocean research ship as well as continue in our search and rescue role, as you should know we have already been successful rescuing the six Icelandic trawler men.”

“Are you and your crew gay?” Scott smiled at the guy, the difficult questions were over it seemed and now being asked what they really wanted to know.

“Are you gay and are there any in your office? The whole country would love to know.” He looked around the room. “Any of you gay or lesbian here?” He looked back at the questioner. “What I am or any of the crew is none of your business, but I will share something with you, the day after tomorrow there is a wedding at my home and I’m one of them. Haven’t you looked on our web site, Face book, YouTube? They will tell you all what you are dying to find out, but not from me ok?”

“Who are you marrying?”

“A member of my crew, the lucky sod!”

“What’s his name?”

“Top Gun!”

“Ok, if there are no more relevant questions I am done here, thanks for coming and I’m sure you will print what you want even if it’s got nothing to do with what I have said. We will sail again in just under three weeks, with or without weapons and all thanks to someone with a huge chip on his shoulder who will be sued for the lies he has told. Pirates will now know we will not have weapons which will make our job that much more difficult and could become a target ourselves again. Just in case they are already making plans to attack us and the ship we are escorting, they need to think hard, we may not have weapons now, but we are FAR from being unable to defend ourselves and we will take on any attack and turn it round. The man who has an issue with me is personal to him simply because he feels I am too young to captain a ship. The crew of my mother’s ship are more than competent and have carried out some great acts of seamanship and I am very proud of them and as their Captain I will, of course, take all the credit… and a beating when I get back home.

Any pirate who attacks us or the ship we are escorting will feel the full force of our defence. My advice to them is, STAY AWAY.”

Scott got up and ignored all the question being shouted out. He put his cap on and loads more photos were taken and even more when he smiled at them and waved goodbye. He got into the car and was driven back home, thinking all the time.

They all greeted him asking how it went but instead asked his dad and the crew for a meeting in William’s study.

They sat in every available seat, chair or on the floor.

“Dad I don’t know if we can settle this outside court, but that’s what I hope we can do and all I hope for is a retraction from Wise. The authorities may drop all the investigations if we can get him to do that. However, if we have to sail without weapons this is what I will have. I will phone the helicopter people and get another six but not the same type as we have now. All they will be will be are helicopters capable of one flight only and I will fly them into a pirate boat if we are attacked. Andrew will fly as normal so we can identify who is attacking and you Marcel and Jon will teach me how to fly so I can fly into a boat. If I have to do this you two will start up the next one and take off and then I can take over and fly into another boat or the same one that I have already hit. It’s not the same as having Paul firing at them of course, but I know bloody well they won’t be expecting an attack like this. Anyone have a problem?”

“Are you assuming you won’t have tear gas as well Scott? After all having it was a great way of driving them off.” William asked.

“I want the helicopters even if we can carry gas, we have got used to having weapons and we also know they maybe getting more up to date RPG’s with a longer range and its possible they may have protective goggles against tear gas now. We don’t have time to wait and see if they will let us have our weapons back so I want to order the new helicopters now and hope they can get them ready for us to collect.” He turned to Andrew. “I am so sorry love, but I think the honeymoon is off, we not only have to go up to Yorkshire to get them, I am going to have to work out storage for them and how to fly and they need to be fully assembled to be of any use.” Much to no one’s embarrassment Andrew kissed Scott and told him not to be stupid. Neil told Scott not to be stupid as he and Colin would go to the Jean and start working on any structure that would be needed to house the new helicopters. William told Scott not to be stupid and he would lay on the workmen who would work with Neil. Marcel and Jon just smiled at one another, which was part of their everyday routine anyway. “Jon and I don’t think you are stupid Skip, so long as we can come with you and Andrew to pick up the new helicopters!”

“Piss off you two, it’s our honeymoon and we don’t need you to fuck it up any more than it already is.”


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