MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 25

“So Jon, dad’s doing well? Still making good progress?” Scott and Andrew were on video call to Marcel and Jon and they could not help smile at the pair of them as they sat close together with their arms around each shoulder. Every now and again one of them would kiss the others cheek and smile at Scott and Andrew as they did the same.

“Yes thanks Skip, they caught it early and dad and everyone is very positive, he is even thinking of going back to work soon.”

“So you guys are happy on the trawler?” Andrew asked.

“It’s good to be at sea Andrew but never the same as being with you guys, we still miss you loads but also pleased Robin and Simon are doing well. We have been looking at the news and following you on your site Skip, we just wish…….Oh never mind, we are just pleased you are safe.” Jon said.

“Ok, we had better go now, but you need to know we have an extra escort and so the wedding has been put back, we will send you the new date when my dad arranges it or to be more accurate his PA will, anyway Andrew wants to ask you something before we go.”

They had tossed one another off and the last to cum would be asking the boys if they wanted to come back. Scott already knew he would lose, randy sod. Daft question of course but it had to be asked.

“Robin and Simon are like us four, in love and they are leaving to start their own lives when we get to South Africa and we will have to replace them……..” The smiles coming back at them was bloody lovely to see, “and Scott was wondering if you know of anyone who would be good enough as you two know what’s expected. Scott is looking for two guys already qualified and preferably a black and white one, but here is the biggest expectation, the white guy must be able to speak Icelandic.” Scott looked at Andrew and just shook his head.

“Why couldn’t you just ask them to come back without all that shit?”

“Misery, just look at them, that at least tells you what the answer is.” The boys were cuddled up and holding on tight.

“That a yes then?” Scott asked.

“Yes Skip, oh fuck… YES! Skip, Marcel can speak Icelandic as well now and is learning to read and write it as well.” Just to prove it they had a short conversation in Icelandic grinning at Scott and Andrew the whole time.

“Very impressive, now go and hand your notice in, in Icelandic, you will be flying to South Africa in two weeks. We can’t wait to see you again.” After sending kisses, two over excited 20 year olds went off line to make love to one another while two very happy 24 year olds had a fight as to who would “Top Gun,” Scott won but mainly because Andrew didn’t put up a fight at all as he had “Top Gunned” the last two times and he was gagging for Scott’s cock and when it arrived and Scott sunk deep into him, they were both in their own heaven.

The captain and his boyfriend laid together afterwards and stroked each other’s face and gently kissed the man he loved so much. Scott smiled at Andrew and Andrew, who knew Scott better than Scott knew himself, waited for something really silly to be said.

“You’re going to say something really stupid, I know it.”

“ANDREW! All I’m going to be is romantic. I have had a classical upbringing and you are about to learn something about me you have never experienced before, you just don’t know me.”

“Wanna bet, go on then, be classical but I already know it’s going to be shit.”

Scott decided to ignore that even though he knew Andrew was right. He sat up taking Andrew with him so that they were sitting with their arms and legs were around one another, Scott held him close and kissed him. He then pulled back and looked into Andrew’s eyes in romantic style. Scott cleared his throat and put his arms out in a classical pose, after kissing Andrew one more time.

“Twas on the good ship Venus

By Christ you should have seen us

The figurehead was a whore in bed

And the mast was the captain’s penis!”

Scott lent into Andrew’s chest and laughed his socks off but stopped when he realised Andrew was not in fact joining in. He looked at him and thought because he was American maybe it was a little beyond his understanding of what really great humour was all about. Right, try another one. He cleared his throat again and spread his arms in a second classical pose.

“The cabin boys name was Kipper

A crafty little nipper

He lined his ass with broken glass

And circumcised the skipper.”

Scott waited thinking that surely now Andrew would be in fits but no, not a thing, instead Andrew dropped a hand and held Scott’s nuts… and then squeezed the life out of them leaving Scott in great pain and useless, he scrambled off the bunk and once again ran for the shower and locked himself in. NOW he laughed his head off!

Much later they walked hand in hand towards the bow after they had called a truce and had showered together. They got into clean uniform as Andrew was on watch in 15 minutes, it was such a lovely evening with a flat sea, warm and a full moon shining directly over them.

They stood at the bow with their arms around one another as the Jean cut through the calm sea. The whole atmosphere lent itself towards romance for these two lovers who still had a load stuck up one another’s bum holes! They cuddled in together.

“I love you so much Andrew even though you’re a serial nut crusher.”

“I love you so much too big bollocks, which according to my research is uncommon in Brit’s.”

“How much research have you done then?”

“Just you… and watching a load of Brit boys porn.”

“Will you shut up and kiss me?” Scott did not wait for a cleaver answer and kissed Andrew instead.

Jan, Paulina, Robin and Simon looked on from the bridge as Scott and Andrew clung on together kissing and loved the sight of these two lovers.

“They are so bloody lovely don’t you think Paulina?”

“Yes love, so are we and everyone else on the Jean.” Robin and Simon kissed and went back to watching the two at the bow and the radar screens. Scott looked at the love of his life.

“Andrew, I want to say something and I promise this time I won’t be stupid.” Andrew kissed him and knew he was serious and cuddled into him tight with the cheeks of their faces together.

“This is a poem I read years ago and its one that I think is perfect for me to say to you. Its very short and the first part is from me to you and the second part is from mum to both of us.” Scott kissed Andrew’s cheek. He moved his head back and looked Andrew in the face… and kissed him again and spoke very quietly and slowly.

“The  life  that  I  have

Is  all  that  I  have  and  the  life  that  I  have  is  yours

The  love  that  I  have

Of  the  life  that  I  have

Is  yours  and  yours  and  yours.”

Scott kissed Andrew’s cheek again and needed to take a pause and a deep breath and at the same time looking deep into Andrew’s eyes.

“A  sleep  I  shall  have

A  rest  I  shall  have

Yet  death  will  be  but  a  pause

For  the  peace  of  my  years

In  the  long  green  grass

Will be yours…. and yours…. and yours.”

They held on even tighter as the crew on the bridge looked down at them and watched as both men kissed one another and they knew with a tremendous amount of love. After some time like that they lent on the bow and looked out to sea.

“That was beautiful Scott and thank you, I just wished there was more love in the world like we have, it would certainly be a more peaceful planet. My watch coming up will be an even happier one now.”

Scott made it even more enjoyable for Andrew as he went to the Bridge with him and sat in his chair for the whole four hours instead of going to their cabin, he needed to be near Andrew.

After his watch Andrew would go to sleep for four hours and then get up to work in the engine room or anywhere else he needed to be to carry out maintenance work. This time Scott went with him and, once again, held him tight and would get up at the same time and go about his own work.

One of his jobs was to email the captain of the “Top of the Waves” to arrange a meeting with him to go through his escort routine and what to do if they came under attack. The captain got back declining the need to meet.

“I have been sailing these and other waters long before you were born and I do not need to be told how to sail my ship by “Daddy’s” boy.” And signed it Senior Captain Cornelius Wise OBE. Scott swore and sent one back.

“I will come to your ship four hours after you dock and I hope you have the courtesy to see me captain. I also know how to sail my ship and escort others despite my age, perhaps you would like to visit us as well and have a tour of my ship and dine with us.” Senior Captain Cornelius Wise OBE did not bother to reply.

“Finish with engines.” The Jean fell silent and once again they experienced the silence and a perfectly still ship, not a movement. The two day break gave some of them a few hours off as well as going out to buy fresh fruit and anything else George and Colin needed. A refueling tanker was booked for the second day for a top up and aviation fuel was also delivered. Neil connected the fresh water hose to the inlet and by the time the “Top of the Waves” had moored up they were ready to go. Scott looked up her phone number and called to speak to the captain but it seemed he was not available, he tried two more times and got the same answer. He was getting angry, they were due to sail on the high tide the next day and he needed to see this man.

“Fucking arrogant shit, what does he think I am a fucking cadet! I’m going over later this evening, Paul you come with me, I may need a witness.”

Once again Scott phoned and it was no surprise to be told that the captain was not available.

“Tell your captain I hope I’m available if he ever sends a mayday.” He slammed the phone down. “Let’s go Paul.”

They got to the ship which was still being loaded and after showing their identification they were asked to wait on deck by a junior officer who went off to find his captain. They were made to wait for three quarters of an hour until they saw him walking towards them, a very tall fit looking guy and very smart. He did not have his hat on and showed his handsome head of silver hair. The exchanged would only take a couple of minutes and did not include any introductions or handshakes.

“I thought I made it quite clear in my email to you that I do NOT want you on my ship NOR do I need anyone to tell me how to sail her. My company may have money to throw at you but I find it an insult that they feel that all of a sudden I’m not capable of sailing through hostile waters. I have sailed all over the world and these waters many times and no bloody pirate will get anywhere near me. God knows who you think you are with your little boat and…” Scott did not hear the rest of it and turned to go. “Come on Paul, I’ve heard enough.” They walked back and as they went Scott was fuming and made worse when he got an email the next day as they followed the “Top of the Waves’ out to sea.

“I would have thought Captain Peterson you would have left first after all you are supposed to be escorting my ship so surly you should have sailed first to cover me as I left harbour? During the time you sail with me I expect you to keep a distance of no less than 500 yards from my ship at all times. I will be sailing at 18 knots and assume you can keep up. You will leave this fiasco as soon as we approach South African waters. Signed, Senior Captain C Wise.” Scott looked at the email and afterwards thought about his response. He called Paul, Andrew and Jan to his office and showed them the email and asked them for their opinions, none of which was that complementary towards the ship’s captain.

“Ignorant prick, lets ram the twat.” Jan was livid!

“Think that’s against the rules Jan. Maybe we should board her at night and knock on his cabin door with a cake and a bottle of wine?”

“I would love to do that Paul, but that’s illegal as well, boarding a ship uninvited will get us in big trouble and give the legal people a massive pay day. No, I want us to sail at 400 yards and escort her in the same way as we always do. Any contact from her is to be ignored unless it’s an emergency, but I want to practise attack her a few times and want them videoed. We only go to midships to a point where a ladder could be hooked on and stay there for two minutes then break off and come back. Let’s find out how many times we are spotted. We will send Wise and his company a copy of the video’s for their information, not that it will make any difference to Wise of course, but it might give the company something to think about. I also want you Andrew to fly over her and record their anti-pirate provision and I will write to the company with recommendations, I can be arrogant as well.”

The whole trip was quiet, not a peep from any pirate even though Scott hoped they would show up. They went out four times at night and as there was no response from the captain Scott assumed they had not been spotted. He wrote to both Wise and his company informing them that they should update their defences and forwarded the videos. Captain Wise did not reply of course but the company did thanking Scott for the escort and his thoughts about anti pirate defence. Scott read the email and then forgot all about it.

The training and exercising continued including firing practise with Paul shooting at sea targets which were heavy duty balloons with his usual 100% hit rate with the GPMG and also firing at a target towed behind them at between 100 and 200 yards using his rifle. Firing from the ship when it was fairly steady was not that beneficial and to make it more real Scott would throw the Jean all over the place just to give Paul a better exercise and included a 180 degree turn when Paul would have to move to the front of the bridge and fire forward, it was all good stuff and everyone impressed with Paul’s shooting.

Once he had finished with the GPMG and rifle he took Scott, Andrew, Jerry and Jan on the aft deck for hand gun practise shooting at targets hung from the gantry at 25 yards. Once that was over he told Scott there would be a fire practise in an hour and Andrew’s team would be involved, he grinned at his skipper and laughed all the way down below to find a suitable emergency site and chose the boat deck!

They escorted the “Top of the Waves” into Port Elizabeth and once again “finished with engines.” The “Top of the Waves” and her captain could be forgotten as well now as it was leaving party time.

It was great fun even though Robin and Simon would be missed, they had become very popular but they were off to find their own lives and they all wished them well. Simon finished the evening off by giving an hours performance. He had gone off to their cabin to get his guitar and came back dressed in the same top and shorts as he wore when he first arrived on the Jean which caused a lot of laughter and Robin pretending to be embarrassed.

“I told you to get rid of those.”

“I’m leaving them behind my sweet man, Andrew will look great in them.”

“Oh thanks a lot Simon, can’t wait.”

They were all out on deck the next morning and it took some time for the goodbyes and together with Scott and Andrew waved as the taxi drove off. They then went back to get ready for another party when Marcel and Jon got back.

Scott, Andrew, Robin and Simon were drinking a coffee near departures chatting before they had to go.

“If anyone told me that the first time I met Simon and told me I would fall in love with him I would have laughed in their face, but look what happened and all thanks to the Jean. Your mother’s ship has made so many people happy Scott and thanks from both of us.” Robin risked a hand on Simon’s knee.

“Yes, thanks from me too Scott and all the crew, it’s been fantastic. This isn’t goodbye of course and we will see you at the wedding. Come on Robin, we also have some planning to do.”

“That a proposal then?”

“Sort of I guess, still we ARE getting married proposal or not.”

“In that case I except.” They all hugged in and Scott and Andrew waved to them until they disappeared through the gates.

“We have a two hour wait Andrew assuming they actually stopped fucking in time to get the plane.”

“You got a text from Marcel didn’t you?”

“Yes but that was an hour before they were due to leave the hotel and we both know what can happen in an hour don’t we?” Andrew smiled remembering what had happened an hour before THEY were due to leave for the airport.

“They will be here have no doubt, I bet you a fuck they will be here on time.”

“Nice bet to loose then, bet they won’t in that case.”

An hour after their plane landed they spotted them come into sight and just stood there looking at these two beautiful boys running towards them with massive smiles on their lovely faces. They virtually threw themselves at Scott and Andrew and hung on tight, ending up with all four cuddled in together. Lots of things were said but goodness knows what as they were all talking at the same time. Finally Scott led the way out and found their taxi and crammed together in the back with Marcel and Jon sitting between Scott and Andrew. Scott had his arm around Marcel and Andrew with his around Jon, they were back together and so very happy.

Scott and Andrew were left to carry the boys’ bags up the gang because as soon as the taxi stopped they piled out and Marcel and Jon ran up the gang and threw themselves at the crew. There had been many happy times on the Jean and this was one of the best, they may now both be 20 but to all of them they would always be the “boys” and that would never change any more than they wanted it too.

They did not know what to do first and ran around the ship like headless chickens welcoming themselves home. They spent some time with Andrew in the hanger of course and checked their helicopters but the biggest wish of all was to get back to their cabin and only then would they be really back. They closed the door of their old cabin that had only just been vacated by Robin and Simon. They found a note from them.

Welcome home both of you, this cabin also made Simon and me VERY happy. Stay happy and safe. We will meet you at Scott’s and Andrew’s wedding. Robin and Simon.”

They stripped off and went to the shower and after it they made love to one another on the bunk. Both remained very slim and although they had put on another half inch and slightly more body development, they were almost the same physically as when they had left. But their love had changed somewhat and, if it were at all possible, were more in love now than when they went back to Iceland. During the time they were in Dalvik they come across two guys who tried to tempt them into “extras” when they met at a night club in Akureyri. They were lovely guys and indeed very good looking but temptation was not even considered. When they got back home they laid in bed cuddled up talking about the two guys.

“Jon, I know we didn’t want to go with them, but what if it had been Scott and Andrew?” Jon thought for some time.

“I would have kicked you out of bed so I could have both of them to myself!” Marcel tried very hard to be angry but of course he failed miserably and made love to Jon instead.

They had a great time and every one of them feeling wonderful that the “family” was back together. It was not a late night as they would be sailing at 8am the next day and when Scott left to do a deck check with Paul the rest began to tidy up and afterwards went to their cabins…

Neil and Colin showered together and after drying one another, they climbed into their bunk and made love. Neil exploded into Colin and at the same time finished Colin off as he stroked him and once again the ever ready towel received his considerable donation. Colin turned round and the pair of them cuddled in and after telling each of the others love, fell asleep.

Jerry and George also showered together and while doing so made love like the many times before. They climbed into their bunk and George laid on his back while Jerry massaged his body. That bought about a second cumming for both of them and they too cuddled in and fell asleep.

Paul got back into his cabin and found Tommy already in the bunk, he went for his shower and came back out with a massive hardon. Tommy was on his back and smiled as Paul raised his legs and entered him. They came together and cuddled in and kissed. Tommy turned round and Paul held him tight and they also fell asleep.

Marcel and Jon also showered together and made love again, just. They were both knackered after the long flight and the excitement of being back and just cuddled in and slept tight together, all night.

Scott was “Top Gun” and made Andrew very happy as he exploded into him but Andrew had to flip him quickly so he would not lose out on his own “Top Gun” action. Both young men cuddled in tight and kissed for a very long time until they fell asleep, still wrapped tightly together.

Reggie and Freddy sat watching TV after their separate showers and then went to the bunk after the programme was over. They discussed the documentary they had been watching and agreed that world peace would never be achieved without war! Reggie turned Freddy and very slowly entered him and stroked until he off loaded into him. Freddy turned back and wanked himself all over the love of his life.

Janet and Paulina apparently did some “stuff” as well and after it, they too cuddled in and fell asleep.

The M/V Lady Jean Peterson was also asleep as she rested at her mooring while her crew slept. Her ship would have seen every one of her crew make love and then fall asleep, each and every one of them so much in love. It had been a sad time when Robin and Simon left but having the two “boys” back was the reason why the entire crew had become randy and Lady J would be very happy.

At 6am all clock alarms went off and the ship was back to normal with everyone at their stations preparing to leave South Africa and sail at 20 knots all the way back to Southampton, it would take two weeks and the wedding was in two weeks and four days. Everything had been arranged by William’s PA and nothing could go wrong, nothing!

Now that they were outside of pirate waters there was only a need for two on watch instead of four and that meant everyone had more time off. During the passage back to the UK, Andrew and the boys flew and trained together while some of the crew had to go out in the RIB and get attacked by them, time and time again with dyed water instead of the real thing. As a result of the practises Scott told Andrew and Neil he wanted Andrew’s helicopter to be loaded with tear gas containers so he would also be able to attack a possible threat.

Scott and Andrew were tucked up in their bunk and kissing one another and talking about their wedding, not that they had anything to do with it, it had been left to William and he had left it to his PA of course. She had done a great job, but even she could not cover everything! She had rebooked the Bushman’s flights, rearranged catering and accommodation which actually meant a small canvas/tent village in the grounds of William’s huge garden. She was determined everyone would be together throughout the three days. BUT, there was one thing she was not responsible for and that was down to Scott and Andrew. She had carried out William’s instructions to the letter and had smiled when she took delivery of Scott’s and Andrew’s new uniforms and had put them in a cupboard that she knew Scott didn’t even know was there. The rest of the crew would also get theirs as well in recognition to their role to his late wives ship and what they had done to protect his and Scott’s fleet.

Scott and Andrew had a lot more time together as did the rest of the crew as they sailed towards home and at this time were stuck together after each had cum over one another. Scott was on top of Andrew and they were kissing their love when suddenly Andrew froze!

“Oh fucking hell!” He stayed frozen but made matters worse by squeezing Scott’s bollocks, again, in his panic. Scott screamed out in pain.

“You bastard! That fucking hurt!”

“RINGS Scott! We haven’t chosen them!”

“Oh shit your right!”

“What the fuck are you taking about, I’m always right!” The second engineer and his captain got out of the bunk with Scott holding his bollocks hoping they were still functioning. At least his cock remained hard and Scott refused to look at any website until Andrew agreed to sit on it before he would turn the computer on. Andrew had no problem with that and once Scott’s cock was fully into him, they began the search. An hour later they were back in their bunk with Andrew kissing and licking Scott’s nuts hoping to make amends. He did and got a load all over his face as Scott erupted which shot up two feet and landed all over the pair of them.

“Seems your bits are still working ok.”

“No thanks to you, that’s called domestic violence and I could throw you in the cell if we had one.”

“Bet you wouldn’t.”

“Maybe not.”

The weather was kind and they were now sailing down the Southampton Water in good time towards the docks and their regular mooring. They could see the welcoming party of William and Andrew’s family waiting for the Jean. Scott took them alongside and after all the ropes were secured called for “finish with engines.” Once again the Jean fell silent.

Colin was at the winch and put it over the side to hoist William on board as the Bushmen family came up the gang to be reunited with their son and a very nice surprise, Robin and Simon where there as well. Paul picked William up and carried him below into the saloon and yet another party began which went on for four hours and after quite a few bottles of champagne had been finished off it was time to get on the coach.

The crew had already made sure everything was secure and the Jean would be handed over to the dock engineers to carry out their work. Scott was the last to leave and toured his ship and gave his silent “thanks” as he went. From the bridge he left by the port hatch and locked it and climbed down and finally went ashore to join the others and could not keep his eyes off her while they drove away and smiled to himself. “When I see you next mum, I will be a married man, just wish you could be there.” He was sitting next to William.

“What are you thinking about?”


“Me too son, me too.”

They were all in great spirits as the coach pulled in front of the house. Brenda and Trevor were standing at the front door, but two men were standing there as well and as soon as Scott saw them he had an uncomfortable feeling for some reason.

“Captain Scott Peterson?”

“I am, who are you?””

“I am from the Foreign Office and this gentleman is from the Metropolitan Police. Can we go somewhere private sir, we need to ask you a few questions.”


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