MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 24

Scott was in his usual position behind Andrew with both arms around his body, they were both fast asleep. That is until Scott began to jerk which woke Andrew up. He turned on his back and looked at Scott who was still asleep but every now and then twitched again and mumbled something he could not make out. Andrew got on his elbow and looked down at Scott and smiled at his handsome face.

Suddenly Scott woke and sat up, he was sweating.

“What’s up?”

“Sorry love, did I wake you?”

“Yes, I say again, what’s up?”

“Nothing, just a stupid dream, that’s all. Let’s go back to sleep.” Andrew turned round and Scott cuddled him but sleep was just not going to happen. Scott sat up again and Andrew sat up with him.

“Call the bridge Scott.” Scott looked at Andrew and kissed him.

“Okay.” He picked the phone up.


“Hi Freddy… Is everything quiet?”

“Yes Skip, 10 on radar and nothing on the Hawk.”

“How often are you zig zagging?”

“Every 5 minutes Skip. We have just done one.”

“Ok… Freddy, would you do another one now please.”

Scott heard him tell Reggie who altered course to get to the other side of the O2. There was always a “blind spot” as she was in the way of 360 degree radar cover.

“CONTACT! Two boats at four miles dead ahead!” Freddy sounded the alarm.

“Full speed ahead Freddy, inform the O2.” Scott and Andrew scrambled out of the bunk and were on the bridge in under a minute and at the same time Robin and Simon got to the hanger and began their start ups. By now all the crew were up and with headsets on.

“We have two boats dead ahead at three miles and 40 knots. The first helicopter up fly off and identify them, its going to be tight. Paul, you ready?”

“Both weapons loaded.”

“Two miles, 40 knots.”

“Come back to 15 knots, I don’t want to get too far ahead of the O2.”

Robin came on the bridge and got into his chair and took over manual control of his (Marcel’s) helicopter.

“I’m taking off and will go for the port boat.”

“Fly straight over it with your screamer on and then go 100 yards to their port and follow them in. Simon, you up yet?”

“Just taken off Skip, coming to the bridge.”

“One mile, now 30 knots.”

“Searchlights standby.” The cannon generators were on and Jan had tested all three of them. The O2’s speed was now at 18 knots, her maximum, and Scott ordered the same speed to keep him 300 yards ahead of her.

“Skip, flew over my boat, four men and all armed with AK’s and an RPG.” Robin reported.

“600 yards, 20 knots.”

“Just about to go over mine and can see four men, not sure about weapons though.”

“Then don’t say anything until you can give me a full report Simon.” Andrew glared at Scott telling him that was a bit unnecessary. Scott looked back and said “sorry.” He was already standing behind Simon and watched as the helicopter flew over the boat and both could see the four men and their weapons clearly.

“Four men, four AK 49’s and an RGP Skip!”

“You do mean AK 47’s and RPG Simon?”

“Bugger! Sorry Skip.”

“It must be the new haircut Simon and I’m sorry for snapping at you.” Scott looked at Andrew and knew he had been forgiven.

“Fly off to starboard and stay with them, we now have to wait for their next move. Let’s help them make up their minds, searchlights on.” The pirates must have been blinded as all four powerful searchlights were turned on, two on each boat.

“Paul fire two warning bursts.” There was a tremendous noise above them as Paul open fired with two bursts of five rounds and everyone watched as the tracers just missed both boats.

“Fuck that was close! Seems to have done the trick though.” Colin said and they watched as both of them turned at full speed and went away.

“Follow them and buzz them with your screamers then come back. Lights off. We will wait until they go off radar then stand down. We will stay forward of the O2 for another hour then get back behind her. Ask the O2 to go back to 10 knots.”

They were all on the bridge with partners either standing close together or sitting on the deck. Robin and Simon looked at one another and shrugged their shoulders then sat down with Simon behind Robin with his arms around his body and held him tight and ran a finger over one of his nipples. They all looked at them and smiled.

“What happened Skip?”

“Not sure Paul, I just woke up and knew something was wrong. Nothing to do with sixth sense, more like paranoia. Anyway, what’s more important is we need to zigzag all the time from now on and if anything comes on the Hawk the watch senior must call Andrew when he is ready to fly as well as Robin and Simon. All it seems now we need to know now is which cabin?” They all looked at them and they looked at one another, their faces very close.

“Mine?” Robin suggested.

“Sounds good to me, I don’t like the view from mine anyway.” He squeezed Robin even harder and smiled at him.

“Ok, thanks both of you, I think you had better go now.” Simon started to move.

“NO…! Not yet, there’s plenty of time.” Robin sat with his arms around his legs staring at the deck.

“Why not, you are back on watch in half…” Scott did not finish.

“Skip, have you ever had a hardon?” Jan screamed out laughing.

“I’ve got one.” Colin.

“Me too.” George.

“Wish I did!” Reggie.

“You had one last week, randy bugger!” Freddy.

The bridge was in fits and Simon took advantage of it and dragged Robin and his hardon off the bridge.

They got into their new cabin and started what they were doing before being rudely interrupted, again. They each melted into one another’s arms and kissed for half of their 30 minutes before going on watch.

Simon broke away at last.

“No time to make babies but we are going to get naked before we go and no arguing. Robin had no intention of starting one and they began to strip one another off. Robin had a fair idea that Simon was big as he had seen him in the gym semi hard a few times now. He got on his knees and kissed the semi which bought it to a full erection.

“Bloody hell Simon, Mummy and Daddy seems to have done you proud!” He yanked his briefs down and had to duck as the 9 incher sprung out nearly hitting him full in the face. He just stared at this magnificent weapon and the two very low slung balls hanging there.

“Have you got a licence for this? God it’s beautiful! So is the rest of you.” He took it in hand and kissed the head and then sank as much as he could get into his mouth while cupping Simon’s sack in the other.

“STOP IT! We will never get on watch if you keep that up, anyway it’s my turn.” Simon pulled Robin to his reluctant feet and swapped over. Two seconds later Robin’s own briefs were removed and Simon smiling at Robin’s own beauty, smaller than himself of course, but 6+ inches of absolute perfection, as were those rather big balls which he took in one hand as if to weigh them. He helped himself to a few blows but time was running out and only sheer will power got him back on his feet and once again kissed “wonder” man.

“Those fucking pirates better not come back and if they do, one of them is going to have a helicopter stuck up his ass!”

“I’m going to have to take my time getting that thing up mine, still it will be fun trying. Come on, we have to go.”

It was hardly the most romantic of beginnings but they would make up for lost time very soon.

It was after the failed attack on the Jean and O6 that Scott told Andrew about the new helicopter and that he would be flying it only in a different role to the other two.

“I have thought for some time we could do with another one and after I spoke to the makers they came up with a similar one to the ones we have but with two main differences, one it can fly for three and a half hours and two, there will be a new control system that will increase its range to three miles, it will also have an even more advanced camera outfit that will allow you to see any boats almost as soon as they come onto the Hawk radar, day or night. You won’t carry tear gas or grenades, but I want you and Neil to wire it up and fix attachments so you can carry both if we need them. We will fit a screamer which you can use long before they get into the range of the other two, it’s a warning which I hope will convince them not to attack and fuck off. This one is bigger than the other two and slower but that’s not important as you will still out speed any boat and at that distance we will know if there is a possible attack much sooner and it will delay having to get the other two up. When we know what they are about they can take off later and go in for a head on attack without having to wait for the pirates to come into range, identify them and then attack, it will save fuel and keep them up longer before they have to come back and turn round. Does that make sense to you, “Top Gun?”

“Top Gun!” I like that and of course as an American…”

“Shut up Andrew!” Scott warned.

“It sounds tremendous fun captain, really suuuper…, me old mucker!” Andrew’s Brit accent was getting worse, he kissed his captain, then fucked him which bought about a whole new meaning to those two words and instead of taking it in turns as who’s turn it was to “fuck who,” it now became, “Who’s turn to “Top Gun?”

By the time they waved goodbye to the O2, Andrew’s helicopter and his flying station on the bridge was ready. They had to cram him next to Jan’s station but had a new system that after he had started up he would come on the bridge and take off from there.

They had spent a few hours testing Andrew’s new toy while it was still clamped to the deck, running the engine up to full power and now satisfied all was well the whole crew were on the bridge waiting for the master aviator to start up and come up for his first test flight, no pressure.

“Watch and learn you Limey’s.” Scott could have kicked him.

Andrew wound it up to full power and released the clamps and the thing shot up to 500 feet before Andrew knew what had happened, he nearly shit himself!

“Fucking hell!” Was all he could say and bought it back down to the 100 feet he had first intended. For the next hour he flew to familiar himself with it and made up for his rather over enthusiastic take off by making a perfect landing.

He flew as often as he could and finally took it out to its maximum and stayed there for two hours and flew a full 360 degrees round the ship at three and a half miles. After coming back and buzzing the Jean a few times with the screamer on, he landed and declared himself an “Ace.” Scott kissed him and told Andrew that he, Scott, was “Top Gun” later.

“Well Scott, at last you get to fuck a helicopter pilot, Marcel and Jon will be very jealous!”

“I know.”

“Ass hole.”

“Yep, but only yours.” Andrew kissed him.

“But now you mention it…” Andrew thumped him and Scott only made peace by carrying out emergency “Top Gun” action.

Freddy set the course at 15 knots to take them east out of the Arabian Sea and then turn south into the Indian Ocean, another turn that would take them 200 miles off the Somali coast heading south west to South Africa and Cape Town. He tapped it all into the navigation system and the computers would now take over and sail the ship on automatic pilot. “Look mum, no hands!” It would be quite a trip and should have taken nine days. Scott, Andrew and Paul would certainly remember it.

During the whole time the training would continue and planning never stopped, in particular boarding another ship to try to take it back if one was taken by pirates. Now that the O2 had gone so had the boarding practices, but by now they were certainly much more confident that they could in fact carry out such an operation, should they ever find themselves in a situation that it would be viable.

As First Officer, Paul ran the ship which included organising every aspect of training and because they were new, Robin and Simon were very busy which meant they had to grab private time whenever the demands of learning to become seamen allowed. Paul, bless him, was more than aware that they were at the start of their relationship and helped no end when he told them they were excused their next watch which would give them a whole eight hours to themselves.

“Who will take our watch then Paul?” Simon asked.

“Skip and me but he doesn’t know it yet. I think we can cope without you, now bugger off.”

Paul picked the phone up.


“Yes Paul.”

“You and I are doing a watch in an hour, I have sent Robin and Simon off to go through all the training manuals instead of doing their next watch.”

“You’ve sent them off for a fuck haven’t you?”

“Well, let me put it this way, training manuals can be quite a turn on Skip, ask Andrew.”

“I won’t bother, he would only agree with you.”

Jan and Paulina found they had Scott and Paul with them instead of Robin and Simon.

“They are going through the training manuals? You never let us off watch to go through them Paul. I bet their fucking as we speak.” Paulina said and Scott nodded in agreement. Paulina was right of course, although she would not know Robin was having a bit of a problem and no training manual could help him.

“SHIT….! The fucker won’t go in!” And both of them, once again, laughed their silly heads off as once again Robin tried his utmost to get Simon’s 9 inch massively swollen cock up his tiny bum hole! Robin, who was straddled over Simon, collapsed on top of him and they just kissed again. Simon for once in his life got serious.

“Robin, don’t worry and don’t think I am. We have both been involved obviously and my guess is you have not had one this big before, the fucker is too big for you just now and I just don’t want you to think all I want is a fuck. Those days have gone and I hope yours as well.” He flipped himself and Robin and now he was on top. He took Robin’s face between his hands and lent down and kissed his lovely mouth. “I love you SO much Robin…….I just fucking love you.” Robin pulled Simon’s face back to his and kissed the lips of his entire future.

“Now I know what love is, lube up and try again please Simon.”

Ten minutes later Simon at last got the head into Robin and, very, gently stroked himself into his beautiful man and all the while Robin telling him just how much he loved him.

Simon stroked a few more times and then froze with all 9 inches now inside Robin. “Oh fuck! Here it comes Robin…! Bloody hell!”

As Simon erupted into Robin, so Robin erupted all over the pair of them. Neither had ever produced as much as they had this time and this would prove to be quite normal as they made love countless hundreds of times over many years with no loss of volume or quality!

Two exhausted lovers laid side by side kissing and looking at one another, not saying a word, the looks said everything. They remained locked together kissing with arms and legs wrapped around one another, stroking a back and bum for a very long time. Eventually Simon looked at Robin and after one more kiss, smiled at him.

“Robin, I have just found out what love is and its you, but I do have another love, love.” Robin pushed him away but guessing there was something like a joke coming, at least he hoped so!

“Who, apart from your music?”

“Lady Jean Peterson, without her, I would never have found you.” Robin drew Simon back into him and kissed his sweet mouth.

“It’s a strange world isn’t it Simon? Scott lost his mother in the dreadful way he did, but because of it, it has made so many others happy, including us.” They cuddled in again and eventually fell asleep knowing they still had five more hours to study the training manuals, and each other.

The ships speakers click on. “Skip to the bridge please.” Scott saved his half completed email to William and left his office.

“We have picked up an emergency call from an Australian cargo ship called the “Out Back” saying she is under attack by two pirate boats and they have been hit by an RPG and two crew injured. She is 75 miles south east of us and appealing for help.”

“Out Back, Out Back. This is Captain Peterson of the Jean Peterson, please give me your situation. Are you still under attack?” He turned to Andrew, “we may need you soon.” Scott and the watch waited and at the same time told Reggie to go to full speed and make for the last known position of the ship.

“Captain Scott Peterson, I read about you and your ship mate, this is Captain Carl Morrison of the Out Back I am fish tailing and at full speed but the buggers are closing in on us. We have locked down, but they will board soon.”

“Carl, do you have a Safety Cell to get the crew into and do you have water hoses?”

“No Scott, we have hoses but they don’t seem to be having any effect, all we have is a bit of Aussie aggro but I’m the only fucking Aussie on my ship, the rest are Chinese, Filipinos and one fucking gay Pommie!” Scott could not help but laugh but he already knew he could not do anything for Carl and the ship and the crew would be taken.

“Carl, may I suggest you keep your ship at full speed and disable all services from your bridge and then you and all crew go to the engine room and may I suggest you alter course south from Somalia? Have you had any response from any naval ships?”

“Good one mate, I will take your advice. We have had contact from HMAS Wombatic but she is a day away and by then it will be too late. Goodbye mate and hope I can get my ship and crew through this shit. I got to go.” The radio went off and Scott could not contact again.

“We are only an hour and a half from the Out Back but we might as well be a week away for all the good we are likely to be, still we can try, Andrew I will let you know when you can take off. If they had you or someone like you on board her Paul, she would be able to defend herself. Keep on course towards her anyway and let’s hope we get lucky.”

When the Jean was five miles away from the ship Scott sent Andrew off who flew to the helicopters limit and fed back images of the ship. They could see that she was now heading north towards Somalia which meant she was in fact taken. Scott got to three miles of her when the radio came on.

“The ship coming at my ship. If you don’t turn away, I will start to throw crew over board.” Scott called Andrew back and turned away. There would be no chance to attempt a boarding, the pirates already knew they were there and Scott could not take the risk of the Out Back crew being murdered by these people. He sailed away and once again was convinced that if there was a gunner on board, the Out Back would still be on course to her destination.

The Out Back had no choice but to be taken as they were boarded before all of the crew could get to the engine room and beaten up. Carl Morrison, the crew and his ship would be held hostage for eighteen months until an undisclosed amount was paid for the crew’s release. The two injured crewmen would survive fortunately, but STILL the international authorities would not agree that allowing armed guards on board would have saved the Out Back and her crew from captivity and many millions of dollars would not land in the laps of those who would kill to get paid. Scott vented his anger on the Jean Peterson’s web site and got rather a lot of attention from the media.

“Is your opinion about weapons being allowed on civilian ships based upon the loss of your mother and your father disabled Captain Peterson?” Scott stopped himself from swearing at the interviewer, he would get told off by Andrew.

“IF we had a weapon when we were attacked, it may have stopped the murder of my mother and my father could possibly still be able to walk and don’t try to say it would not have happened, even I can’t be sure but it would have given them a better chance and the same goes for the Out Back.”

“So, what you are saying is you don’t have a problem killing someone yourself?”

“That’s a rather stupid question. NO seaman want’s to harm anyone and just go about their work without the worry of being attacked. What don’t you understand about the rights of mariners to go about their work without constantly coming under threat of being captured and possibility of being abused and held captive for months. Just a couple of trained gunners could stop all the attacks. I am convinced that if the pirates came under fire themselves they would break off an attack and find a ship that did not have any defence.”

“But they do captain, they have many non-lethal weapons to defend themselves.”

“So did the Out Back and she was still taken. I will finish this now as there is no point in talking anymore, just think about what I have said, have armed guards on board and the piracy will stop. Good bye.”

They were just three days from Cape Town and sailing through a storm which even though they were being tossed all over the place there would be no pirates in range for miles.  Paul thought it would be a good time to have a fire practice and went down to the forward generator compartment and hid two smoke canisters. He pulled the pins of both which gave him a two minute delay to get to the bridge and made the announcement they all hated him for.

“Fire Fire Fire, forward generator compartment, Andrew and team respond.” Andrew, who was in the saloon having a coffee and taking to others jumped up and made his way to the equipment store where he found his team and all four of them would get into their gear which included oxygen masks and then made their way down two decks and the “fire.”

As always Paul would wait on the bridge for Scott to come up to take over and then he would make his way to the emergency and monitor the action. He waited and waited but no Scott so he rang his cabin, no answer. Paul had no choice but to leave the bridge and go and look for his captain. “You have the ship Reggie.” He went to Scott’s cabin and knocked on the door, nothing. He stood there wondering what to do next and once again had no choice, he opened the door and peered in and the first thing he saw was Scott laying bollock naked on the bunk and not moving. Paul’s gay side took over and stood there admiring the sight of his captain and friend, he looked amazing with that great body and for the first time ever looked at the sheer beauty of the parts he had never seen before. He quietly moved to the bottom of the bunk and stared at this magnificent sight not only taking in the beauty of Scott but also the ties around his wrists and ankles that bound him to the bunk and the blindfold and gagged! It was obvious what had gone on and Paul also knew that it had come to a conclusion by the large amount of dried cum on his chest and belly as well as on the blindfold as well, Andrew had done a good job it seemed!

Scott would have a good idea who was standing there as he knew Andrew would be otherwise engaged. He laid there with his heart beating fast and hoped whoever it was would just free him and except a bribe! He could not say anything and “whoever” was taking his or her time. Paul wanted to stay as long as possible just to take in this wonderful sight but he was being cruel to Scott in keeping him there like that and so he took a few pictures on his mobile and untied one wrist and ran out of the cabin and went to see how Andrew and his team were getting on.

When it was all over Paul went back to the store with them and spoke about the exercise while they got out of their gear. Andrew was on a high as he recounted all that had happened and was more than happy about the way they had carried it all out.

“Well done all of you, great job, Scott will be very pleased.” He was looking at Andrew as he said that and noticed Andrew’s face change from a satisfied smile to utter horror as he realised where he had left Scott when he had teased him to the point when Scott exploded many, many times with his body recoiling after every shot. Andrew licked some cum up and then really put the screw in. “Just going for a coffee my love, have a nice sleep!” And left the cabin.

“Something wrong Andrew?” Paul was having the time of his life and watched a panicking Andrew who was by now ripping the last of his gear off and ran to his cabin!

Paul went to his own cabin and took his phone out and looked at the photos once again and after the fourth time did the decent thing and deleted all six of them. Scott would be sure who came in but Paul would never say anything, even to Tommy. Meanwhile Andrew open his door and the relief was massive. “Thank fuck, he must have got free!”

Revenge comes in all shapes and Scott got his when he put Andrew in exactly the same situation as he had been in two days earlier and after Andrew had delivered his own massive loads Scott kiss him and went to the bridge where he knew Paul would be.

“Hi Paul would you mind going to our cabin, Andrew wants to show you something. Paul went off smiling to himself as the memory of Scott laying there would never leave him. He knocked on the door and went in and stood rock still as he watched Andrew thrashing about trying to free himself and knowing whoever was there it was not Scott, Scott would never knock on his own door for fucks sake. Andrew gave in and laid quietly back down. Paul had seen the naked beauty of his captain and now the 2nd engineering officer and admired the sight of Andrew’s magnificent body. He did not take photos this time, he was not sure the camera could take it and instead released one wrist and legged it back out of the cabin.

A little while later Andrew came onto the bridge where Scott, Paul, Reggie and Freddy were. Scott was in his chair looking through his binoculars at a cargo ship about a mile off to starboard of them.


“Yes Skip?” Paul looked through his binoculars at the same ship thinking Scott had seen something on her.

“The next time you call an exercise would you give me an hours warning first?” That started off a few sniggers then giggles followed by more of them which developed into fits of laughter and went on for ages. Andrew stood there bright red and Reggie and Freddy wondering what the hell it was all about.

Much later they were cuddled up in their usual position and Andrew with a wicked grin on his face.


“Go to sleep you’re on watch in four hours.” He pulled Andrew into him tighter and kissed the back of his neck.

“Scott?” Andrew kissed the back of one of Scott’s hands.

“WHAT?” Scott’s tight hold on Andrew’s body became less.

“That wasn’t nice sending Paul down and him seeing me tied up and naked.” Andrew was still grinning and about to stuff up the love of his life.

“You tied me up and left me naked don’t forget and it must have been Paul who came in and saw me like that as well, just got my own back that’s all.” There was a long silence.

“Scott?” The grin now become a huge smile as he faced away from his captain.

“What the fuck NOW?” Andrew’s captain asked.

“Did he give you a blow job as well!!!?” Andrew shot out of the bunk and locked himself in the shower room laughing his lovely head off.


The “Ocean One” was the smallest ship in William’s and Scott’s fleet with a gross tonnage of 6,000 and would normally sail to Canada, Norway, and Iceland delivering or loading up with frozen foods, she was also very fast and could make 20 knots on a good day. She was given a new route to New Zealand via South Africa and India to deliver frozen beef, pork, Cornish pasties, sausages, bacon and refrigerated cheese. On the return trip she would have a few thousand tons of New Zealand lamb and butter, but would return “anti clockwise,” in other words she would not have to sail through pirate waters.

At 18 knots the trip would only take 11 days to Mumbai, but much would happen during that time and the first was when Scott was live on an Australian TV network that he had agreed to be interviewed by.

By now his point that if cargo ships had armed personnel on board, attacks on ships could become very difficult for pirates and even stop altogether in time had been reported on through many media outlets and there was a growing acceptance from many of them.

“Pirates can only operate from small boats and although they carry AK47’s and RPG’s a ship that have weapons with a greater range of fire and a qualified gunner will stop any attack. All that is required is for someone to get off their ass and approve arming ships, simple but maybe too simple for some knob heads in safe offices who earn lots of money doing naff all.” That remark did not endear him to the many who he had directed his comments at, including quite a few who fought for the rights of the oppressed in various countries who carried out these attacks.

“I am fully aware of the situation and why piracy exists, but I’m not a politician, I am an ordinary bloke who is defending our crews from attacks and we have every right to do so. During the time we have been…” The alarm sounded.

“Here we go, maybe you can now see why we are here.” He left his office and told Paul not to uncover his weapons yet which were stowed on top of the bridge while they were at sea and asked Jerry to carry on sending the video link to Australia and therefore everything was heard and seen.

“What do we have?”

“Two boats at 5 miles to our stern, 40 knots.”

“Tell the O1 to go to maximum speed, stay 300 yards behind her.”


“Started up Skip, coming to the bridge.”

Jerry was doing a great job directing this as he switched cameras to show the helicopter flight deck and Andrew’s helicopter ready for take off and the cannons when Jan tested them which was more than impressive as the three cannons belched out thousands of gallons of water under terrific pressure. He split the images to half screen so the bridge was always live.

“Ship locked down Skip.” Paul reported.

“Four miles, 40 knots.”

“Take off Andrew.” The Australian tv people were having a field day with this “breaking news” and by now half the country was tuned in, so were many thousands in other countries as well.

“Colin go up and take the caps off.” This would enable Scott to fire the stun grenades, but knew there would be lots of questions about the use of them and certainly even more if he ordered Paul to open fire. Then of course there were the helicopters, would he tell Robin and Simon to use the gas and grenades? They would be very visible anyway. He would wait for the last minute before using any of them.

Andrew’s helicopter fed back excellent pictures of the two boats and when they got into range Scott told him to carry out a fly over with his screamer on and at the same time everyone watching on the Jean and television could plainly see four men in each boat, the AK47’s and the two RPG’s. He told Robin and Simon to take off and carry out a ‘head on” with screamers open. They were coming at them still at 40 knots and would now know they were detected and any surprise was gone as Andrew flew over the first one, turned round and flew over the other one. Scott told him to climb to 150 feet and they would now get a great view of the whole scene.

“If they don’t break off after your fly over stay aft of them and wait for my order to attack.” Robin got to his boat first and flew over it and was fired on. He got well out of the way by flying out of range aft of the boat. Simon carried out his fly over and was also fired at. Neither helicopter was hit.

“Ok, they have fired on us. I will tell you to attack them at 400 yards or before that if they fire on the ship. Paul, up you go. I am standing by to fire off four grenades at 300 yards. He went to the firing panel and selected the four tubes he would use.

“Ready Skip.” Paul would now be settled into his firing position waiting for Scott.

“Shots fired Skip!”

“Ok boys in you go use CS only on your first run.” They all watched via Andrew’s camera as Robin and Simon flew in and as they got to the stern of each boat a massive cloud of CS gas could be seen pouring out under pressure from the four containers which did the trick and both boats were now “blind” and stopped.

“You three stay with them but keep in range of us. We will stay full ahead for another two hours and wait for their next move. You guys know when to come back to refuel, you first Robin when you are down to half hour.”

Scott stood in front of the bridge camera.

“And that is why we are here. We have stopped their attack, but I am expecting another one when they get the tear gas out of their eyes. We will continue to broadcast for the next two hours but I will not speak to you, we have other things on our minds.

However, they did not have to wait that long as both boats turned away and sped off followed by Andrew until they got to his maximum of three and a half miles. He would stay up and keep his camera on them until they went out of sight. The other two had landed and refueled. Andrew landed as well and they all came up to the bridge and had the usual meeting and when the boats had gone off the Hawk radar Scott told them to stand down. He radioed the O1 and both ships came back to 18 knots.

He went back to his office and spoke to Australia again.

“You sent a crewman to “take the cups off” and sent another crew to the top of the bridge as well, what were they doing and what grenades are you talking about?”

“There would be a few surprises ready in case they came any closer. You would have seen we were fired at and would have continued to fire if we had not dropped tear gas.”

“What were these surprises?”

“I’m not going to say, I don’t want pirates to know but could find out if they continue to attack us and the ship we are escorting. They will most probably know by now anyway because they experienced them during the attack on us and the Ocean Six. I have to go, I am on watch and this link will now close. Goodbye.” Scott turned it off and went to the bridge and while he did, the video of the attack was being showed all over the world and a few politicians started the long and, for many, difficult process of thinking. Scott would be inundated with requests for interviews but redirected them to his father who had a great time, he loved talking sense into some closed minds. Certainly the general public was in favour of the role of the Jean and agreed that with experienced and qualified gunners, piracy would be badly affected. Of course the Americans were the first off the blocks and several security companies had formed with ex-military personal employed and they would soon be hired for protection, at a very high price but not one ship would be taken either.

They were three days from Mumbai when Scott received an email from William telling him about another company who had been in touch asking if the Jean would escort one of their ships from Mumbai to Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The “Top of the Waves” was five days away from Mumbai which would give the Jean a couple of days to replenish and some time off. They had agreed a price of $50,000. Scott called a bridge meeting asking what the crew thought because after taking the O1 just off the Indian coast they were going to turn round and head for home. This extra escort would add another month assuming he could sail from South Africa to the UK at 20 knots. Everyone had been looking forward to staying at the Peterson home for the wedding and then go to their own homes for three weeks leave. Now all the dates and arrangements would have to be altered including the Bushman family coming over and Marcel and Jon as well.

As expected no one had a problem with it and were as pleased as Scott that the Jean would make her first paid escort.

“Come in.” Scott called out when he got a knock on his door. It was Robin and Simon. He looked at them and guessed why they were there.

“Skip we know we have only just got here but neither of us knew what would happen between us and we have to go and start our life together but most important I need to train Simon how a vacuum cleaner works and what a cooker does.”


“We are more than happy to stay with you until we get back home of course, but obviously you need to get new crew before you sail out again.” Scott thought about it and knew that two guys in Iceland would be over the moon after he had spoken to them.

“Look lads don’t think I am trying to get rid of you and you are welcome to stay with us of course but if you would prefer it you could fly home when we get to South Africa and I can get Marcel and Jon to fly over and meet up with us.”

“Is Jon’s dad ok then?”

“He is doing very well so the boys tell us and to be honest they have even offered to come back and clean the toilets if that’s all there is but they would never ask me to take them back at the expense of you guys.”

“Seems its good all round then Skip. Thanks for having us and I will let you know how I get on with the vacuum cleaner and cooker, whatever they are, oh and him as well.”



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