MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 23

Simon Deer got home and saw there was a message on his phone. He carefully put his guitar on the junk covering the couch and called the number.

“YES! That’s great, thank you! He listened to the instructions and noted them down. Two days later he was heading to Cornwall for a week’s course to have his radio controlled helicopter ability confirmed, but also teach him advanced flying. He knew of course about the helicopters on board the Jean Peterson and assumed he would be flying one of them. He had applied for a pilots post after he had read the advert in the Gay Times, and had read and watched all he could when the news broke about the rescue of the trawler men and other video’s that had been on the news as well as on the internet. Now he was able to follow the Jean on their own website which he logged onto regularly.

Simon was 26 and a professional classical musician, the guitar being his instrument. He also played the piano, but not to the performance level of the guitar.

He was tall, 6ft 2, and lanky. Not an ounce of fat, all sinewy, he looked a dream. He had a number of physical attributes that made him very attractive to many men, including the few lovers that came his way. They were his hands and cock.

The last first. Like many of his stature he had a big one, all 9 inches of it when he was erect and it was quite thick as well. It looked out of place when he stood naked, but no complaints from the men who had it inside them! Another was his hands, well fingers really. They were long, strong and slim and were one of the many reasons he played so well, beautifully in fact.

He had played with most of the big orchestras in the country and a few outside it. His whole world was music, but now he was going off in a totally different direction and he could not wait.

Simon was to say the least a scruffy sod and although very clean in person, he was a lazy bugger and if it were not for his mother coming over every week he would never have clean or ironed clothes. She cleaned his flat and shopped for him and did everything that a mother should have stopped doing years before. He was out in space usually and the only thing he was really responsible about was attending performances and all things to do with his profession and his one real pastime, his love of radio controlled helicopter flying. Anything else he was oblivious too, which included buying new clothes, he was at least ten years behind the times.

He was once standing outside a food shop waiting for a date to turn up but had got the wrong day, not that he realised it. He was dressed in his usual pair of old Jeans and an equally old top. His trainers were falling apart and should have been thrown out months ago. It had been raining and his unkempt long black hair was wet through and he looked dreadful. An elderly man was passing and looked at him, took out a £5 note, gave it to him and said “Go on son, go and get something to eat!” And walked on. Even that did not register. But Simon had other qualities that made people like him. He really mixed well. He was a kind man and got on with just about everyone who knew him, he was liked by all simply because he had no attitude, never showed disrespect or felt he was a better musician that others who were in fact less able than he was. He had loved, but had never been IN love, something else he forgot to do. The men in his sexual life meant a lot at that time, but nothing ever lasted, mainly because he forgot to turn up!

The week was a tremendous success and because of his incredible coordination and dexterity he was flying the helicopter as well as the instructor by the end of it. He also got on rather well with one of the waiters at the hotel he had been booked into. Yes, all in all a very good week for our guitarist.

When he got back home after a long drive, mainly because he ran out of fuel half way, he realized he had four days before he had to fly to Mumbai to meet up with the Jean Peterson and true to form he packed late on the third one. Satisfied he had got all his packing done, he sat down before going to bed and got his guitar out and played Die Zauberflote by Mozart. He was lost in his music when, goodness knows what alerted him, he suddenly stopped and yelled out, “PASSPORT! OH SHIT, PASSPORT!” He had not long finished packing after going through the untidy mess in every room in his flat, but by the time this 6ft 2inch tornado had finished, it was in an even worse state and he was still without a passport.

“Shit! And I’m in it! MUM!” He rang her.

“Yes dear it’s here. Don’t you remember asking me to look after it because you kept losing it? Silly boy, I will bring it with me tomorrow. I think you should go to bed, you have a long day tomorrow.”

“Yes mum, thanks.” He climbed into bed after his shower and debated whether to have a last wank in England or not. His cock certainly thought he should as it was hard and ready. Simon stroked this glorious rod which was made even better when he put both hands around his friend. Those beautiful fingers wrapped themselves around the shaft and very soon he was shooting his last drops in the Motherland, for a while at least.

“The things I do for my country.” He said and fell asleep.

He was woken by his mother banging on the door and got a bollocking for not being ready. Still, she knew her son well and got there an hour before she was due anyway.

An hour later she dropped her son off at Terminal 3 at Heathrow, he hugged and kissed his mother goodbye and headed for the Air India check in, after she had told him which way to go.

“Welcome to Air India Mr. Deer, you are flying first class, come this way please.”


Robin Miller was sat in his kitchen admiring his work. He had just fitted the last bit of the refurbishment and sat there very pleased with himself. Mind you he should be as he was a very skillful carpenter and was co-owner of a company making kitchen and bedroom furniture. All high quality materials and workmanship, which attracted high quality customers and high quality prices!

He was 26 and 5ft 10 tall. He was incredibly handsome and had a body that he was proud of and everyone he knew wanted to get attached to it, women as well as men. Men got their wish, but very few of them. Robin was as fussy about the men in his life as he was fussy about his reputation as a carpenter. He never went to a gym, but kept in great shape by playing squash and running marathons. He had run in four London marathons and was on his way to the New York event when his boyfriend at that time became ill and did not go. His boyfriend thanked him for his commitment to their relationship by being caught in bed with a guy when Robin came home expectantly early one afternoon. That was the first time in his life he had ever punched a guy, well two actually. It had only been three months ago and Robin was still angry and men where definitely not on his current “Bucket list!” The phone rang and by the time he had put it back down he was a very happy man again.

The following day he was on a train to London where he would meet a guy who was to teach him to become an advanced radio controlled helicopter pilot. He already flew very well and had his own machine in the garage and would fly every weekend. He had entered and won many local and national competitions.

The week went very well and it was made even better when the instructor told him he was the best pilot he had ever come across.

“I already knew how good you are, now I know why. Good luck when you get to that ship.”

Robin didn’t know it then, but another guy down in Cornwall was every bit as good, but had never competed in flying competitions. Simon didn’t even know there were any!

One thing that did make Robin smile was a waiter coming onto him at his hotel. Ok, the guy was really good looking and it would have been a bit of fun, but Robin was not interested and the waiter was pissed off.

He had plenty of time to do all his laundry, iron, pack and give the place a good clean before leaving the following day. He had a shower and an early bed. He laid naked as usual and looked down at his body. He was not muscled and his six pack was a natural development rather than one gained at a gym. His body was tanned and smooth, even his belly button was perfect!  He fondled his sleeping cock, all 6 inches of it and wondered if he should bring it to the full 6.5. “So, are you interested?” He asked his cock. It seemed it wasn’t as it remained limp. “Ok, your loss.”  Robin smiled and dropped off to sleep.

He woke before the alarm went off, got up had a shower then went to the kitchen for breakfast. He got dressed brushed his short hair and was ready for the taxi to Heathrow. Last check, case, hand luggage and of course the one thing you should always know where to find it, passport.

“I’m ready and can’t wait.”

His mother turned up dead on time as Robin came out of his house, knowing she would be there. When they got to Heathrow Terminal 3. He leant over to kiss his mother goodbye but she moved her head away. He got out of the car and removed his luggage from the boot and slammed the lid back down.

Robin stood there watching her go. “Bye mum, miss you too.” Mrs Miller had never come to terms with her son’s homosexuality and had never even attempted to understand what Robin must have gone through during the years that he even hated himself because of what he knew he was. He knew his father would at least try to understand and help him come through it all, but he had died ten years previously and he had no hope of anything meaningful talking to his mother.

“ROBIN! Just think for one moment, I have to face my friends if this gets out and I prefer that you go and find your own life darling and not mix it with mine.” He had found his own professional life, but the rest of it was pretty crap at this time. Still, he was about to be involved in something quite different and could not wait to get to the Lady Jean Peterson and even though the whole crew were apparently gay, he was at a time in his life that excluded his own gayness. He laughed at himself when he said out loud, “Mind you…!”

He got to the Air India check in. “Welcome Mr. Miller, you are in first class come this way please.”

Simon sat in the lounge with a glass of wine and a full plate of finger things and looked round him. “I’m not exactly over dressed for this class,” he thought, “should have put some new jeans on, if I had any.”

There were about 40/50 people there and he played his usual game of “spot the gays.” He did a couple of circuits and came up with a grand total of nil.

“At least I won’t have to fight anyone off.” He laughed at himself and lent over to the table to get another finger thing and looked up as a great looking guy was coming through the door.

“Christ he looks fuckable! Gay? I wish!” He finished off his wine and a waiter came over and poured another.

Robin also looked around as he got into the lounge. “Just an ordinary bunch of travelers except that scruffy tramp over there, who let him in?” He took the glass of wine and sat down to wait for the call.

“Hello, I’m Simon.” They were at the hotel reception desk in Mumbai. “Good flight wasn’t it?”

“Hi, I’m Robin, yes it was.” He took the hand that Simon held out and was taken back by the feel of it. He looked down and saw the most beautiful hand he had ever seen. He looked back up and saw a crumpled shirt, which had seen better days and then on to his face. Very handsome, lovely in fact, pity about that fucking hair, spoils everything.

“Where are you off to then?” Simon asked.

“To my room.” Simon watched as Robin went off. “Nice ass, nice everything in fact, pity about the snob bit though.”

Robin got undressed and went for a shower and had a good soak. He dried off, cleaned his teeth and went naked onto the bed. Time for a sleep before dinner he thought. As he dropped off his last thought was that guys hand and the feel of it in his. He could not stop thinking of that touch, soft but firm and all his fingers wrapped round his hand. “Pity about the hair and his clothes, what a fucking mess. What’s his name? Oh that’s right, Simon, I think?”

Simon stripped off and fell onto the bed. He was wide awake and thought of that bloke in reception, what a body and that ass is perfect, pity his head is up it!” Simon laughed like hell at that and forgot him.

He had his first wank in India and after depositing a rather large amount of man juice on his body he thought he had better have a shower and clean up. After that he got back on the bed and fell asleep. He just made dinner and did not see, “what’s his name? Oh yeah, Snobbin!” Simon laughed again at another joke.

Robin was down for breakfast in good time and afterwards went back to his room to pack the few things he had used and went down to wait for the taxi.

Simon had missed breakfast and had to go straight down to reception to wait. He was surprised to see Robin there, but an even greater surprise for both of them was when the taxi driver called out both of their names, “Mr Deer and Mr Miller please.” They looked at one another and knew then that they had just become shipmates. Simon thought it was hilarious, Robin thought, “Oh fuck!”

Paul looked over the side and saw the taxi arrive. Scott had asked him to look out for the two new guys as he was off to customs to have the container with the new helicopter cleared for him to take back to the Jean, but he was having problems as he was spoken to by the Indian official in that wonderful Indian accent.

“No no sir, yes all the paper work is in first class order, but I do have my problems. You see I am a very experienced official and have met many thousands of shipping Captains, but none as young as you sir. You cannot be a Captain, you are younger than my sons and they are still very junior officials. I am a Captain rank and a lot older than you. If you go back to the ship and put on your full uniform, I will believe you.” And then added, “If it fits.”

“Rida Thu!” Scott had just told him to “fuck off” in Icelandic.

“Please sir, no swearing!”

Scott got his phone out.

“Welcome to the Jean Peterson lads, I’m Paul.” They stared at this giant and shook his hand. “I’m Simon, and I’m Robin.” Paul could see the look on their faces.

“Skip always insists the smallest member of the crew meets new members, not so intimidating.” He laughed and took them on board. He showed them straight to their cabins which were opposite one another.

“Ok, guys here we are. Every cabin has the same view so take your pick. I will come back in half hour and take you to the saloon and introduce you to all the crew. I’m afraid Skip is on shore and not sure when he will be back, but you will meet him soon enough.” He left them to it.

“Any preference?” Simon asked.

“No, you can choose, I’m not fussy.” Simon shrugged his shoulders and went into the cabin on the port side and shut the door.

“I wanted that one.” For the first time since landing in India, Robin laughed.

Right on time Paul knocked on their doors and both came out looking like crew as Paul had put several sizes of uniform in each cabin.  Simon’s uniform was a size too big, of course, but Robin’s fitted perfectly. He took them down to the saloon where all the others were waiting to meet the replacements. As soon as Simon and Robin saw them they came to the same conclusion only in different ways. Robin knew he was right, a gay crew as the advert only appeared in gay magazines. Simon did his “spot the gays” and got full marks. Both of them felt very welcome and the effort seemed genuine. After a while Andrew said he would show them the ship.

“You my friend can show me anything you like.” Simon thought. Robin looked at dead bloody gorgeous Andrew and knew he would be attached, he just wondered who too.

Andrew took them to the bottom deck and worked his way up. There was a hell of a lot to see and explain and a lot of questions to answer. Eventually they got out on deck and was showing them the helicopters when his phone rang.

“Hello my sweet captain, what’s wrong?” Simon ticked Andrew off his list and presumably the captain, fuck! Robin came to the obvious conclusion without having to tick anyone off a list.

“They don’t think I am the captain because I’m so young… STOP… FUCKING…. LAUGHING! I’m coming back to change into my uniform, would you save me a bit of time and get it out for me please sweet fuck and my certificates?”

Andrew of course kept it quiet and announced to the whole ship via the intercom what was happening. They were all on deck when Scott arrived.

“Stop right there young man, do you have ID?” Jan beamed at Scott and for the second time that day he said,

“Rida Thu.”

“Don’t swear Skip.” Jan said. Scott grinned and kissed her and then Andrew. Simon thought “lucky fucking Andrew! Shit, it looks like everyone is paired off and look what I’m left with!”

“Hi lads welcome aboard, I’m so sorry but I have to go back and get the new helicopter.”

They made a great job at seeing Scott off the ship by more piss taking, but it told the new guys this was a very happy ship and they already felt at home.

An hour later Scott was spotted on the back of a lorry hanging on for dear life with the container which was transferred to the ship and secured on the deck.

Now he was able to meet Robin and Simon properly and he as well as Andrew and Paul took them to the cabin and spent two hours telling them all about what they were there for and a hell of a lot more besides.

Scott pulled no punches when he told them about their role and how much the whole ship would depend on them and their skills and the expectations he and the rest of the crew had of them. As they listened both of them became even more enthusiastic and could not wait to get at the helicopters, they knew all eyes would be on them and each would have to prove themselves to the entire crew. However, there was a slight down side, or so Robin thought. They would be on the same watch and would have to work closely together all the time because of their role and the need to get stuck into other training to become seamen.

“I’m sorry lads but it’s going to be a matter of learning as we sail, but I’m sure you will be fine. In fact I know you will otherwise you would not be here.” THAT told both of them what the Skip expected from each of them. Regardless of first impressions each had of the other, they were going to have to bury those thoughts and just get on with it. Scott did not give the impression he would be too happy with two adults having hissy fits. They also did not know that the shoes they had to fill was going to be a problem if they did not come up to scratch.

“Right that’s it, its own clothes tonight there is a combined welcome and sailing dinner starting 6 o’clock. We leave at midday tomorrow. See you in the saloon later.” They and Paul left. Scott undressed and stayed that way for the next two hours. Oddly enough, so did Andrew.

Much later Andrew told Scott he was going to unpack his new helicopter.


“Why not, miserable shit.”

“I want to make love to you again.”

“Tomorrow will be fine in that case.”

Everyone got to the saloon and it was obvious to the new lads that everyone had their own seats at the dining table which meant they were sitting together in the recently vacated places. Mind you Simon did not have a problem with it, Robin looked fantastic in his tight blue shorts and the short sleeved pink top showing those lovely biceps. Simon had on his favorite 1970’s Bermuda shorts and his crumpled yellow tee shirt with writing on the chest, “GET THEE BEHIND ME GAY BOY!”

From 6 until 7 it was a meeting to discuss the sailing the next day while they ate and the eventual meet up with the O2 south of the Red Sea. They were to escort her south east as she was sailing to Australia and once outside the pirate area they would turn round and head back to South Africa to meet the O4 and escort her to Mumbai. The Jean would stay off the west coast and wait for the O4 to come back out the next day and escort her until they knew she was in safe waters and then return to the UK via the Suez Canal.

They got into the meal and everyone relaxed into general chat. After they had finished they all cleared away and went to sit in the lounge area and continued talking. As with the dining table everyone sat in their usual seats which meant Simon and Robin were together again. They joined in the conversations and felt really comfortable. Scott thought it would be a good idea to ask Simon to play for them and he jumped at the chance. He got up to go and get his guitar and everyone smiled as he walked off when they saw the hole in his shorts, and obviously no under ware on. That small bit of bum cheek was lovely. They all thought it was rather sweet. Simon’s character was coming through already and it made Robin think.

Simon came back and sat on the arm of the couch he and Robin were sitting at. They all went quiet as he tuned up and he began to play and as he did the whole room became enthralled with the beautiful music and his performance. He played compositions by Beethoven, Mozart, Francisco Tarrega and Paganni and each were lost into their own worlds as they listened. Robin was no different, but he was thinking of the guy he had not long met and ok he was right, scruffy, forgetful, too laid back etc. etc., but now this. He had never been more enchanted with any music like this and the wonderful performance.

When Simon had finished his last piece he sat still for a while with his eyes still closed and gradually came back from where ever he had been, looked around him and smiled broadly. They all applauded of course and knew they had all experienced something really quite wonderful.

Reggie spoke for them all. “Thank you Simon, that was absolutely stunning.”

It was 11 o’clock by now and everyone started to leave for their cabins. Scott and Paul went for a look around the deck and checked all was secure. Robin deliberately waited until Simon was going to his cabin and walked with him.

“That was great Simon, really great.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that. Don’t suppose I can borrow a towel if you have a spare? I forgot to bring one and by the look of you guys I should have bought some decent clothes!” It was impossible not to laugh and Robin did, lots.

He went into his cabin and bought two out. Simon thanked him and smiled as broadly as before.

“Look Simon, if Skip says it’s ok would you like to go out and get some new stuff early tomorrow? I saw a Mall near here and it shouldn’t take long, about an hour or two.”

“You would do that? Ok thanks.” They said goodnight and went to their cabins. Both got into bunks at the same time and both did a lot of thinking. It was not only Simon who wanked that night.


Robin banged on Simon’s door at 7.30, Simon did not even know that time of day existed and struggled out of bed to open the door. Although still half asleep his brain told him to wrap the duvet around his naked body.

“Morning, you ready? Asked Robin, “obviously not, we need to get out, we sail in four and a half hours.”

“Oh fuck. Hang on a mo.” Simon turned and at the same time dropped the duvet and Robin was rewarded with the sight of this super slim 6ft 2 tall sight of this man. His eyes were transfixed on Simon’s bum, a lovely firm set of cheeks that were absolutely in proportion to the rest of him. He coughed and mumbled he would wait in his cabin for him.

They were lucky and found Scott on the bridge.

“Will shops be open at this time?”

“Hope so Skip, but we promise to be back by 10 30, latest.” Robin told Scott.

The mall wasn’t open so they found a cafe to get something to eat and drink. Simon’s brain was still in neutral and Robin kept thinking of Simon’s bum, and the rest of him. Nothing was said, but Simon was beginning to wake up and found himself in these strange surroundings sitting opposite Mr Drop Dead Fucking Gorgeous! “Morning!”

They arrived back right on time loaded with ten shopping bags. Every single item had been chosen by Robin because if he had left it to Simon they would have missed the sailing by weeks.

They got the stuff into Simon’s cabin and looked at the three pairs of jeans, shirts, sports tops, sports soxs, two pairs of trainers, 10 pairs of underwear, (which Robin loved choosing) tee shirts and many other bits, including four towels.

“There, what do you think?” Robin asked.

“Fine, were do I put it all?”

“That’s your problem, but I usually put my stuff in cupboards and drawers, just a suggestion. Anyway I’m off for a coffee then go and see what I am supposed to do when we sail.” He turned to go out.

“Robin. Thanks a lot you have been very kind.” Robin turned back and saw that smile again and thought, get that hair sorted out and you would be the best looking guy on this ship.

“No problem, I enjoyed it. See you later.”

They were told to go on deck and watch the crew as they pulled in the mooring ropes and stowed them on deck. Andrew took the ship away from the jetty and headed for the open sea. They went to the bridge and stood there watching and listening, mainly to Scott, as he gave out various orders. After some time they cleared the harbour and now the ship rode the swell and although it was moderate, Robin suddenly realised it was changing his physical well-being. He excused himself and got out into the open just in time to throw up over the side and as he did he became greener and weaker. Reggie and Paula took him to his cabin and for the next day and a half Robin would remain there waiting for death to arrive. He was dreadfully sea sick.

Early on the next day Reggie and Paula took an “instant cure” to Robin. He was told to swallow the lot down.

“This will cure you Robin, never fails.” Robin did as he was told and no sooner had he taken the last drop he just made the toilet before he once again threw up.

“Oh dear, plan B then Paula.” Reggie took out a syringe and told Robin to turn over. He pulled his shorts down exposing a lovely right cheek, which Reggie enjoyed looking at and then told Robin he would feel a little prick, “but not mine dear man.” He injected Robin and told him he would be fine by the days end.

They left Robin and when they closed his door Paulina laughed her head off. “That was just water wasn’t it Reg?”

“Yep, the egg nog often works, but obviously not in Robin’s case, but the water will I can assure you. Mind over matter is a very powerful self-cure.” It worked.

Meanwhile Simon was able to concentrate on his first flight. Once again the whole crew, except Robin who was still waiting the arrival of the angels, watched as he started up and after he was satisfied she was ready, the clamps holding her in place on the deck were released and he took off, hovered for a while then flew her off the ship. For the next hour he gave the crew a great demonstration of his skills. He landed and declared himself ready to start “bombing” practice after refueling. The RIB was launched and once again took off and “attacked” the RIB with dummy grenades time and time again. Every drop was spot on. Finally he did a live run in 50 yards off the starboard side of the RIB to attack with red stain “tear gas” and once again did a good job. He carried out four more runs until the carrister was empty. He carried on with flying practice then landed and refueled ready for the next practice tomorrow. Scott and all the crew were pleased at Simon’s ability and they felt a lot more secure with at least one helicopter to defend them. They would just have to see how Robin performed when he was back in the land of the living.

Simon went into see Robin a couple of times, but did not stay long, the poor lad was still suffering, that was until Reggie and Paula’s visit. Simon popped in again and found a much better Robin.

“God knows what was in that injection, but its working! Just wished they had given it to me sooner.”

“You’re looking really good.” Robin was pleased he had come to see him.

“I will be on watch tomorrow, but I’m getting up soon and go on deck. I could do with some fresh air.” Robin asked Simon to sit which he did and could not help stare at Robin’s naked torso and wondered about the rest of him that was covered up under the duvet. He had to drag his mind back and told Robin about the flying.

“It went well Robin and its great fun. You will love it. It will be good for us to fly together, I can see how important the helicopters are what with the cameras to send back information and also be able to attack pirates. I’m loving it, so will you. Can you get down to eat something later?”

“Oh yes. I feel pretty good now and thanks for your concern and…….well, thanks a lot.” Later he joined the others off watch and eat a massive meal with Reggie and Paula smiling at one another the whole time.

The following day it was Robin’s turn to impress the crew. He was helped by Simon telling him he was going to be fine and “good luck.”

Robin started up Jon’s helicopter and after doing his preflight checks he released the clamps and took off. An hour later after he had got used to the helicopter and familiarised himself with her handling, he landed and refueled and told Scott he was ready to take off again.

Once again the RIB went out and Robin had his turn at “gassing/bombing” with the same results as Simon had. The whole ship was delighted. Now they could practice together and get used to twin flying. By the end of the first week they were in perfect harmony in all aspects of their role. It was just a matter of more practice which included night flying. They were very much together in their work and that’s all they tried to concentrate on, but both were failing miserably!

As far as Scott was concerned they were doing a great job and that’s all he was interested in. What their private situation was he did not even consider, he wasn’t even aware there maybe any even though Andrew told him there was because Jan had told him!

“So what, they are doing their job and that’s why they are here. Anything private is their concern and nobody else’s.” Andrew knew Scott was still missing the boys and no one could replace them, no matter how good they were.

Andrew, Neil, Robin and Simon worked together on the new helicopter although Simon was a bit of a passenger as he had no technical skills at all, but he was seeing just how complicated the job was and indeed learnt a lot. Neil thought it would be ready in a couple of days and then Andrew could start practice flying.

Meanwhile they were getting to the point that the Jean would meet up with the O2. They spotted her on radar first and made towards her. Scott allowed Simon and Robin to take off and fly to her when in range and practice observing her. They sat side by side at their stations and flew off together. Both were perfectly in tune with the other and without any discussion, it was left to Robin to lead the flight.

The Jean fell in behind the O2 and settled down to what had by now become routine, a routine that included Jerry.

“Right you two, you have been with us a week now and I have allowed you that time to get settled in, gym time has now arrived and I want to see you both as soon as you come off watch in an hour.” Jerry couldn’t wait to get two more bloody marvelous looking guys in his gym. He put on a hard persona and tried to act the “tough guy” and looked lovely as he tried, Jerry had watched too many crap Hollywood films it would seem. “You guys get into my gym, or I will drag you out and you will suffer, BIG TIME!”

Simon went to him and kissed his cheek which did nothing to enhance Jerry’s “tough guy” image and he asked them both if they wouldn’t mind turning up? Simon kissed his cheek again and Jerry told him to “fuck off or I will get my boyfriend to beat you up!” All three cuddled in and both Robin and Simon had the opportunity of touching one another.

They loved it, not so much because of the reason they were there, but much more because they could see each work out and appreciate the look of the other. Robin was fascinated by the sight of Simon’s body as he worked out just in his shorts. He loved to watch as his body reacted to the physical response to the exercising. His slim, tight body was something that gave Robin a problem in that he had to be careful as his cock was also enjoying this and was reacting in its own way of showing appreciation! “Thank god I have tight pants on,” Robin thought. He looked down at himself and knew the swelling cock was a bit obvious and he knew Simon had seen it as well. His smile told Robin that.

Mind you the reverse could be said about Simon. He was enthralled by the sight of Robin’s body as he worked out and he was pleased that Robin had made him buy several pairs of sports pants. If he was in his usual ones, he would be sticking out by now, all 9 inches of it.

After the session Jerry went to his cabin and found George waiting for him. They kissed hello and after a shower Jerry got into the bunk next to his man.

“Hello stud.” George pulled on Jerry’s cock. “How was the session?”

“Very interesting. Robin and Simon did their first workouts and both had hardons looking at each other, I felt like I was getting in the way! I wonder how long it will be before they end up like this?”

“Poor sods, what a sad end.” They did fight a bit, but it was a rather halfhearted effort as it always was between them. They both thought fooling around was a waste of fuck time, which you can’t argue about really. George was ready and waited for Jerry to get himself in position and then gently slide into him. They had both said they loved to make love slowly and gradually bring themselves to the end together. This was no different and as Jerry slowly slid into him and then back out he stroked George at the same rate and like that they both came together. As Jerry shot into George so he pulled him hard against him and just let his body recoil to every ejaculation.

Simon and Robin went back to their cabins.

“See you back on watch, give you a knock in three hours.” Robin told him. Simon of course thought something else. “You can give me a knock right now if you want.” Instead said. “Ok, thanks.”

They went into their cabins and from now on they will called “he” or “him” because they would be doing exactly the same things and think the same thoughts. The only thing was neither of them knew it.

He closed the door behind him and stripped off. He smiled to himself because when the sports pants came off there was still a semi hard cock that fell out. He went into the shower and stayed there for a long time still thinking of the image of him which bought his cock to full stiffness again. He stood there stroking his cock and began to get nearer the time when he would explode into the stream of water, but for some reason stopped, rinsed and turned the shower off. He went back into the cabin and dried himself and hung the towel up and went to the bunk and laid down. (Ok Simon dumped his on the deck)

He was trying to think all this out. Ok, IF he came on to me there is no way I would stop him, he is beautiful and now I know a nice guy as well, but if we were not in this situation would we even be that interested? Fucking sure I would!

Still, it could be because we are the only singles on the ship. I am horny and I bet he is as well and all because we like one another, a lot. I know that look and he looks at me in the way that tells me that there is more to this than just sex. Christ I’m 26 and acting like a confused teenager! He laughed. He does annoy me though. I would love to get hold of that fucking hair/attitude and sort it out. I know how good looking he is and with a new hairdo/attitude he would be stunning. One of us has got to say something. He was staring out of the port looking out to sea and thinking all the time. I KNOW it’s only us, all the others are coupled and some of the nicest couples I have ever met. So why can’t we be? Every couple on here and every one else had to see if there was a future in a relationship and I’m not looking to be a couple with him, but I wouldn’t mind finding out! Yes, would love to find out. I now know I have never been in love before, everyone in my life was someone who I had fun with, but honestly I have never felt like this about another man.

“OH FUCK IT!” He grabbed his towel and pulled the door open and as he was about to step out into the corridor there he was, about to do the same thing! They just stared at one another for what seemed ages.

At long last Robin opened his mouth to say something, but the alarm sounding stopped both of them.

“Robin and Simon start up and take off.”

They had rehearsed this many times now and after they had taken off they put the helicopters into hover and went to the bridge and took back manual control.

“Two boats, one at 10 o’clock to our stern at four miles and one at 2 o’clock to our stern at four miles.” Without hesitating Robin said he would take the 10 o’clock and fly at 30 feet to the 2 mile limit. They flew out and when they got to the limit turned back and went to the Jean’s speed and turned their cameras towards the target boats.

Five minutes later Robin nudged Simon and smiled at him, Simon smiled back, even at that distance they could see that both boats were from the Jean Peterson. The penny dropped, this was an exercise and not a real attack.

“Skip I have the Jean’s RIB with Jan and Colin on board.” Robin said

“And I have the other one with Freddy and Jerry on board, can we attack them please?”

“Well done both of you, buzz them with the screamers on when they get into range, but don’t hurt them, even they are quite valuable.”

They carried out several passes before Scott told them all to come back in. “Thanks everyone, good practice.”

“Ok, off you two go, you have still got an hour before watch change. Well done everyone, thanks.”

The off watch went to the saloon for a coffee and a chat. What Robin and Simon really wanted to do though was go and talk. All the original thoughts came back and both of them thought Scott’s timing could not have come at a worse time!

At midnight they were on watch with Paul, Tommy, Andrew and George. Paul had given them their stations, Robin on the Hawk and Simon sitting in Jerry’s seat watching the main cameras as they rotated with the night lenses on.

At 1am Paul told them both to go to their helicopters and fly out over the O2. They had already done quite a lot of it, but more is always a good thing. They had to work with very dim lighting which was very demanding and the more they practiced, the better they became. Once they had both taken off they flew to the O2 and practiced flying around it concentrating on their screens.

The night vision lenses were excellent and they could see very well. It was all good experience in observation and also great fun. They both took turns and when Simon went to the O2 for the second time he reported something unusual.

“Paul come and look at this please.” Paul went to Simon.

“What’s up?”

“There, look there is a guy on deck and looks as though he is hiding, I’m sure of it.”

“Yes I know.”

“What do you mean, you know?” Another penny dropped!

“Skip organised it with the O2 Captain, all good practice Simon and good work.”

“He wasn’t there when I flew over was he Paul?” Robin was worried he had missed the guy.

“Nope, it was all clear then Robin so don’t worry. Come in guys, by the time you have refueled it will be time to go off watch.”

They went to the saloon were there was always something to eat 24 hours a day. They were alone, tired but happy.

“It’s been a good day Robin. We are a good team don’t you think?”

“Yes, very.” He looked at Simon. “I never thought I would say this, but I’m glad we are here together.”

“Me too. Can we talk after a sleep?”

“Yes, I would like that. Whoever is awake first knocks on the others door ok?”

“It will be you then!” Simon’s smile was lovely and Robin had to check himself by asking Simon to come to his cabin right then.

“I will wait for you to knock on my door, then I will know you want to talk.” Robin thought that Simon was testing him.  They went to their cabins. Colin set his for 6 and so did Simon. “Fuck, that’s too early!”

At 5 o’clock they both woke up and wondered what time the other had set his alarm for. Both got up and went for a shower. Both got hard and both ignored the rascal. Both dried off and both wondered what the fuck to do now?

Simon looked in the mirror. “What the fuck doesn’t he like about me? There is something, I know it. I know he likes me, not just because we get on well as crew, but he now likes me as ME! But there is something and if I knew what it was I would change it, even get my hair cut short and tidy myself up, I know he…” If anymore pennies dropped in this ship it was in danger of sinking!

“That’s it! My fucking hair. He does like me big time and having long hair does not make him like me less, but I know damn well he would like me more if I did have shorter hair! Shit how can I get it cut on here?”

With no game plan really in mind he went to the bridge. Andrew, Janet, George and Gerry were there.

“Problem Simon? Can’t you sleep?” Andrew asked.

“How do you guys keep your hair cut when you are at sea?” Everyone looked him.

“How do you think this lesbian does this then?” Jan pointed to her crew cut.


“Well done Simon, full marks to you. Don’t tell me, you want to trim yours right?” She was smiling at him knowing exactly why he wanted his hair short.

“Yeah, I think so anyway. So could I borrow them? It’s a cheek to ask I know.” Janet went to him and put her arms around him.

“Leave it to this nosey bitch. I would do anything to smooth the path of love.” She giggled all the way to the phone dialed a number and waited.

“Hi honey sorry to wake you, but we have a little emergency. Would you mind Simon coming down and help him with his little problem?” She listened.

“No love he is not asking to sleep with you, but I’m thinking I know who.” Simon went scarlet. Janet listened, put the phone on its hook and turned to him.

“Paula is waiting for you love. Off you go.”

“Thanks Janet. Owe you one.” Simon flew down to Paula’s cabin listening to the laughter on the bridge as he went.

“Ok what grade do you want then?”

“No idea, I have never done this before.”

“You’re a great help. Ok I will try the biggest grade and then see what it looks like, ok?

“I guess, but be gentle with me!” Paula slapped his ass and told him to sit. She began to trim and masses of hair fell off covering the floor. He was dreading when it was time to look in the mirror.

“Oh fuck Paulina, can I change my mind?”

“Only if you have a ton of glue my love, but it will always grow back.” At last she had finished and now the moment of truth. He looked and stared at himself, then at the floor where the droppings were.

“Shit, what do you think?”

“To be honest I actually like it, you look even younger, you handsome bugger.”

“You’re only saying that to make me feel good!”

“Look, IF I thought it looked shit I would be doubled up by now and I’m not. Now piss off and go and find Robin and let me get back to sleep.”

“Thank you so much Paulina.” She smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

He got back to his cabin and took a shower to get rid of any loose hair. He stood in front of the mirror again. He was still not sure, but he had done this for one reason only and that reason lived across the corridor.

Robin was in deep thought and once again went over everything again, mean while he carried on with the ironing that needed to be done. The finished clothes were folded neatly on the bunk and he would put them away when he had done the rest. Even though he was actually holding part of the problem in his hand he still could not work it all out. No pennies would be dropping in THIS cabin… yet!

He finished the last bit and put it with the rest. He folded the ironing board up and stowed it away and picked up the iron. He was about to put it in the shower room to cool down when his door burst open and he stood there staring at Simon.

There was a distinct possibility that with the hot iron still in his hand and his phone rung he would have burnt his ear off!

“What…, what HAVE you done?” Robin asked. Simon was going from one foot to the other just looking at Robin.

“I did it for you. I know that’s what you would like me to do. Paula cut it for me….. I just wanted do to it for you.” He stopped not knowing what else to say.

“You did that for ME?”


He just stood there feeling dreadful, but could not take his eyes off Robin.

“Yes, for you. I just thought you might like me more because that’s what I would like you to do.” He could not stop now, he might as well say all he needed too.

“I have never been in love so I have never told anyone I love them, but I know I love you.”

With that he opened the door and went to his cabin. He looked at himself in the mirror. “It will grow back soon,” he told himself. He needed to get out and went to the saloon for a coffee. Freddy and Reg were about to leave.

“Hey Simon! That REALLY looks good, it suits you like that.” Freddy smiled at Simon, but knew his mind was elsewhere.

Robin had sat back on his bunk being careful not to sit on his clothes and his brain in overdrive. He glanced round his cabin trying to find the answer. No bells rang out so he thought he better put the ironing away and then……….. FINALLY and not before time it struck him and yet another ton of pennies dropped!

“Oh what a total prick I am, it’s all this shit isn’t it? Being so fucking particular, so routine, so tidy, so choosy, so FUCKING up my own ass!” With one sweep the ironing scattered on the floor and he went out of his cabin to Simon’s and banged on his door. No answer. He banged again, still no answer.

“I think you will find him in the saloon Robin. He doesn’t look too happy either.” Reg smiled at him and watched as Robin ran towards the saloon.

“He will be soon though don’t you think Freddy?”

Simon looked up as he came in. He just sat there as Robin went to him and straddled his lap. He took Simon’s face in each hand and kissed him. Simon wrapped his arms around Robin and there they stayed for quite some time.

“I’m so fucking sorry Simon, I am SO fucking sorry. Why the hell did you fall in love with a twat? But this twat loves you so much. Come on I want to show you something.” He pulled Simon to his feet and took him to his cabin and showed him the mess on the floor.

“It’s not much, but it’s a start!” Robin didn’t wait for a reply and pulled Simon down to his mouth.

The Lady Jean Peterson was a great ship, but once again her timing was crap, the alarm sounded!


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