MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 22

“Hello pirates, have a nice day as the Yanks say.”

Scott pressed the firing button and eight grenades shot out of the tubes and four seconds later there were eight massive flashes and enormous bangs right in the middle of the attacking boats.

“In you go Marcel.”

“Lights on.”

“Full astern.”

Marcel had already lined himself up to fly at right angle to the boats and just forward of them. He switched the screamer on which gave out an ear splitting screech and just before he got to the first one released his CS gas from both tanks along the line and they literally ran into it. He turned and flew back and dumped another load. He then climbed out of the way of the guns.

“Open fire.” All three weapons opened up sending short bursts just passing each boat and quite a few bullets glancing off the hulls. Marcel’s camera showed the panic on all of them.

“Single shots.”

“In cannon range Skip.”

“Fire all three. Stop engines.” The Jean was now 50 yards from the pirate boats.

The forward cannon shot out at high angle and full power sending a massive fountain back over the ship and sweeping port and starboard and hitting all the boats. The two stern cannons belched out which ended any of the pirates hope of boarding, in fact they could not move.

Jon attacked the boat that had slowed down with gas and two grenades, they were fucked and going nowhere.

“Skip, that bloke Dayib is in this boat.”

“Are you empty?”

“Got two more passes Skip.”

“Give them both then Jon.”

“I’m back up Skip.” Marcel said.

“Attack all of them. Jon come back and replenish then take off and wait.”

Marcel delivered two more CS gas passes.

“Stop all firing. Freddy over to you.” Freddy picked the mike up.

“Tuur hub aad ka weyn tahay guddiga ama aad laga jeexi doonaa.” (throw your weapons over board or you will be sunk) He repeated that three more times.

“Fire stern cannons off target. Gunners fire single shots.” The O6 was by now some distance ahead, but going full astern and would eventually stop two miles ahead of Scott. Paul’s GPMG would soon have little effect but not his rifle and he switched to that and told Scott he and his rifle were ready, but there would be no need for any more shooting now. Umar and co were busy chucking everything over the side as were all the other boats by now and all of them hardly able to see.

“Stop firing guns and cannons. Freddy tell them to come long side and come on board. M and J come back and turn round.” The pirates did as they were told and one by one managed to get to the Jean and climb up the ladders. Scott, Jan, Reggie, Paulina, Roy and Tony were there to greet them as they came on deck and were handcuffed to the rail. George and Andrew, who had by now landed his quad helicopter, went to the boat deck to take the RIB out to retrieve all the pirate boats. They would board each one and take any sat/nav, radar equipment and anything else they came across into the RIB and tie them together.

The last boat to get to them was Umar’s and like the others climbed up and were handcuffed to the rail. They now had all 20 pirates and Reggie and Paulina were checking them out as Jerry, who have arrived with his video camera, filmed everything.

All six pirate boats were roped together by now and would follow the Jean as Scott ordered half ahead to get to the O6, he needed to bring Fahmi over. It would take the RIB sometime to catch up with the Jean even though Andrew had pushed the throttles wide open, towing six boats was quite a drag.

“Hawk are we clear?”

“The mother boats are at four miles and about 5 knots Skip.”

“If they increase speed let me know and we will turn and go at them.”

After they had been checked over, photos and DNA taken, Scott went to each one of them in turn and stopped in front of one of them and just stared at him for a long time.

He was looking at the man who had killed his mother.

“Would someone go to my office, in the top left hand drawer of the desk are photos of this man.” George went to get them. Scott continued down the line and looked at Dayib Umar.

“You failed Mr Umar and your reward for failure is to be taken back with your friend Mr Yassin to the country who welcomed you both but because you abused that welcome, you will now sit in one of our prisons for a few years and after that you will be sent back to Somalia and possibly killed for failing your masters who will be very pissed off with you. Congratulations Umar, I will see you at your trial.” He went back to his mother’s murderer. By now George was back with the photos. Scott put them in front of his face.

“These were taken when you open fired on one of our ships, you were the only person to fire on the side of the ship my mother and father were standing. You killed her and put my father into a wheel chair for the rest of his life.” Freddy translated and both watched as the man looked at himself and then back at Scott.

“Prove it.”

“I can’t and neither could anyone prove how you happened to fall overboard after I have all the cameras turned off.” He turned away fighting to keep himself under control. He did a good job and only because he thought of Andrew.

Colin was at the winch and had put the rescue basket onto the O6’s deck. Fahmi was helped in and Colin bought him to the Jean. Everyone watched as he was helped out by Reggie and Paulina with blood pouring out of his lips and his left eye closed and also bleeding. Scott went over to him and whispered. “Sorry about this Fahmi, but I hope it will convince this lot you were over powered when they thought you had taken the O6 and us.” Fahmi whispered back through his split lips. “I told Paul to hit me again just to make it more real Scott.” He tried to smile but his face showed the pain he was in instead. He looked up at the pirates and then froze staring at one of them. Scott noticed the looks.

“You recognise him, who is he?” Fahmi’s day could not get any worse.

“My brother, Aadan.” Scott looked at the pirate again, the same one who had killed his mother. Scott didn’t say anything, instead walked away after handcuffing Fahmi to the rail leaving Reggie and Paulina to tend to him.

As soon as the RIB caught up Scott had four of the pirate boats sunk and they all watched as Roy and Tony shot up one of the two outboard engines on the remaining two. They were now ready to transfer the pirates into the boats, but there was one more twist to play out, Dayib Umar had made up his mind, he was not going to be taken back to England.

Scott selected 10 to be put into the first boat and watched as they got the one engine going and pulled away and headed towards where they thought the mother boats would be. Scott told Roy and Tony to change their minds and both send a few shots over their heads, they changed course for Somalia.

“Follow them Marcel and attack if they change course.” He turned to Jan and Roy. “Take this one down to a spare cabin and handcuff him to a grab handle and lock the door.”

Dayib had had plenty of time to think about his situation and knew he was going to be a prisoner for the next few years and then possibly killed when he was sent back to Somalia. Not much of a future or life and so it would be best to end it now. He just hoped he would drown before anyone got to the RIB and pulled him back out. He waited for the handcuff to be released and did what no one expected, he broke away and ran for the stern and dived head first over board.

In some ways he was lucky as he would not know the stern boat door was still open and could do nothing to avoid his head slamming into it and breaking his neck at the same time. He was dead before he hit the water.

Andrew and Jan flew down and launched the RIB, recovered his body and took him back on board. Reggie and Paulina, with Jerry filming, went down to the boat deck and confirmed he was in fact dead and told Scott. They put him into a body bag and waited.

“Fahmi am I right about your faith having to bury within 24 hours?”

“Yes Scott and he needs to be washed and prayed over.” Scott thought about it and came up with the only option that would keep within cultural and religious expectations and therefore show respect. He went to his mother’s murderer.

“I have no idea whether or not Mr Umar killed anyone but now he is dead I will respect your faith and allow you, who I know is a murderer, to take him home.” Freddy translated and both waited for a reply.

“Mahadsanid… sir.” (Thank you… sir.)

The pirates were transferred into the boat and then the body. They all watched as the boat sailed away. It was all over and oddly everyone was effected by the death even though they all knew their own lives would have been in great danger if it had not been for Fahmi and his love for David… Strange world.

Bob Taylor told Scott he was behind time to get to Mumbai and would need to sail at full speed for the rest of the way. It would take another four days even then. Fahmi would be kept in the sick bay on the Jean and after Paul had been hoisted back over, Bob ordered full power and soon got to her maximum of 18 knots with the Jean taking up her usual escort position to the stern of her. Roy and Tony elected to stay with the Jean and David alone and pissed off!

Roy and Tony had a great time and were like a couple of kids as they became “honorary” crew and issued with the Jean’s uniform and took separate watches. They joined in with Jerry’s gym times and Paul’s unarmed combat exercises. Scott now had three of them throwing him all over the place and learnt even more in self defence. They also took part in boarding the O6 on several occasions, spent a lot of time with Marcel and Jon who had to become very assertive in not allowing them to fly despite these two massive blokes pleading with them, it was all great fun and both Roy and Tony learnt a great deal and not only about the ship and how she functioned, but about gay men and women as well. It certainly opened their eyes.

The news of the attack generated massive interest and Scott was quite busy talking to the media, but like other times all calls were eventually diverted to the London offices and to William who handled them brilliantly. He of course was fully up to date and during one conversation with Scott they agreed that Fahmi would be offered to join the company and helped to find work that would suit him. As it turned out it would be in catering. He had found out he was very good and his enthusiasm and natural ability would eventually take him to head chef rank and a life with David that would last for all time.

“Have you got the full video dad?”

“Yes and I am negotiating with the news people before I release it.”

“How much are you asking?”

“Half a million.”

“That will keep the Jean going for some time, try three quarters?”


The day after the failed attack Fahmi pleaded to be allowed back on the O6, he still looked a mess, but time would sort that out and besides he had no doubt he would be fussed over by David who did not even know Paul had roughed him up.

“Please Scott, I want to go back, I’m fine, I really am.”

“And missing David no doubt. What do you think Reggie?”

“He can go and David can take over but there is no problem, you agree Paulina?” Fahmi was impatient.

“Do you have to ask the whole bloody crew!? I’m FINE!”

“My word you have become a true Brit! Ok but you had better phone David before you transfer, he will have a fit if he sees you like this and don’t warn him first.”

After speaking to David, Scott and Paul went out on deck to see him off.

“Sorry about messing you up Fahmi and hope it clears up soon.”

“Don’t forget I asked you to hit me again Paul even though it turns out there was no need too.” Paul shook his hand and went back to the bridge.

“Thanks for every thing Fahmi you did a great job and it must be difficult for you knowing your brother was involved and has been for some time. Look, I don’t want to lessen your role in all this, but Paul and I would have boarded the O6 and taken the O6 back and even if we had to shoot you, that’s what would have happened. Why the hell Umar only had you on the O6 I don’t understand, still it was our good luck I guess. Take care and I hope to see you and David again sometime.” They shook hands and Fahmi got into the basket and smiled at Scott. “Thank YOU Scott and I’m really pleased you didn’t have to shoot me, David will thank you as well.” Colin winched him up and transferred him into the arms of the O6’s First Officer.

It was two days before they were due to arrive in Mumbai and 4am when Tony came off watch. He went into his and Roy’s cabin and stood looking down at his sleeping naked body. They had seen one another naked hundreds of times and those of their mates and had never thought anything about it. Blokes got naked, blokes went for a shower and blokes swam naked, blokes took the piss about size of cocks and blokes privately wishing they had one that big! What’s the fucking problem then?

Well, there never was, until now that is as Tony stood looking down at his bollock naked friend. Tony knew there was a problem, his rock hard 7 inch cock told him there was.

Roy was 6ft of muscle and very white as most gingers are. He had no body hair except for his short trimmed head hair and matching short trimmed pubes. His legs were open wide which gave Tony a good view of Roy’s low slung balls and that 6.5 inch limp cock.

He went to the side of the bunk and wished he could… “Oh fuck it, get in the shower quick and have a wank!” He stripped off and was relieved his cock would be more comfortable now it was free of the restriction of underpants.

He may have been in a hurry to get into the shower but could not resist standing naked over the naked Roy and stroking his rod and being totally confused about all of this.

“FUCK! I need to get home and be normal again!” He went to the shower door and was about to open it when he heard Roy speak.

“You want company in there Tony?” Tony shot round and looked at Roy who was now sitting up and at the same time his cock was getting harder and on its way to a 7 inch erection. He swallowed several times before he was able to speak.


Roy smiled at his best friend who he had known since joining up together ten years ago. They were not only best friends and had served in special operations in several countries around the world, they were also best man at each of their weddings and Godfathers to their first born. Neither of them had looked at one another other than just great mates but now they realised there was something else. Something more than just being great mates. They were about to engage in a physical way which many “just mates” are already engaged in and have been for generations!

Roy knew that Tony would be off watch soon and after drying off from his shower he laid down on the bunk and, after adjusting his position to give maximum interest to Tony, waited for him to come in and at the same time going through the 14 times table to stop him from getting stiff.

He heard the door open.


He knew Tony was looking at him.


He heard Tony getting undressed and sneaked a look at his hairy asshole.


He now had a vision of a naked Tony standing over him again. A 6ft 4inch man he had seen many times naked and thought of his hairy chest and thick black head hair and that fucking black forest of pubes that you could get lost in, muscles that anyone would love around their own body and that cock…! STOP!




He knew Tony was at the shower door.

7×14= Oh fuck it, who cares!

“You want company in there Tony?”


They stood looking at one another under the stream of hot water pouring over their bodies, neither of them knowing what to do but knowing “something” needed to be done. Both of them had an enormous erection and it would have to be one of them to make the first move, it was Roy.

He said, “fuck it” and went down on his knees and took Tony into his mouth. Tony said, “Fucking hell” and rammed his cock into Roy’s mouth. Roy took all 7 inches of it and sucked for ages then stood up, “your turn.” Tony went down on Roy and just stared at the throbbing cock just inches away. He opened his mouth and took Roy in, they were both in a different world that neither of them thought they would ever go near.

Without having any plan as to what to do next they finished off washing one another, got out of the shower and dried off then went to the bunk and got into a 69 and sucked one another off until Tony called out he was coming. Tony saying that bought Roy to his own end and the pair of them took a cock out of their mouths and watched as they wanked one another and finally came together, all over the others chest and body, loads of it.

They stayed as they were for some time both of them thinking about what they had done and wondering what the hell had happened.

Roy eventually turned towards the head of the bunk and looked at Tony.

“Fuck it Tony, don’t know about you but that was fucking great, what about you?”

Tony did not answer and instead kissed Roy. Roy responded and kissed Tony back and to this day they often meet and go back to the “Jean Peterson” experience and both agreed that “man/man sex” was every bit as satisfying as a weekend at home.

Scott asked for “Finish with engines.” The Lady Jean Peterson fell quite after they had followed the O6 into Mumbai harbour and the “goodbyes” began.

The first to go were Roy and Tony who would now fly back to England instead of taking Dayib back to the UK on board HMS IofW, but would have to leave their weapons on the Jean and after the Indian officials had come on board to inspect their documentation and weapons authority, Roy’s and Tony’s weapons were confiscated as they were not included on the list of agreed manifesto. Nobody had a problem with it and handed the weapons over without protest. All that left was to say goodbye to the two “policemen” and thank them for their support.

“Thanks both of you and all the best with whatever you get involved with. We all know you’re not police, but whatever you are, stay safe.”

“Thanks Scott, it’s been great meeting you and all you guys, we will never forget our time on the Jean! You stay safe as well.” They went off the ship and disappeared.

Next was Jon and Marcel leaving and that was going to be a huge problem for the whole crew.

They had a sort of a leaving dinner but it was very muted and nobody enjoyed the evening one bit. Scott and Andrew would be taking them to the airport the next day and all four knew it would be a terrible time. The boys loved all of the crew and regarded them all as best friends, but Scott and Andrew were something else and still in love with their Captain and the wonderful Andrew.

Marcel could not help himself and had to say something before they had to go through the departure gate. “We will miss you so much and the love we have for you will never go away, but we have too.”

All four of them tried their hardest but could not stop the tears falling and only because they had hundreds around them stopped them cuddling in longer.

“Please go boys, I can’t take this anymore. We love you so much and take care and good luck from us to your Dad Jon.” Scott looked at them and tried to smile.

“Bye Scott, bye Andrew, we love you.” One more hug and they went to the departure gate still crying their eyes out.

Scott and Andrew saw them take off watching the plane until it went out of sight. They went back into the airport lounge and ordered a whisky each. Andrew never drank that much, but got drunk this time! When they got back they went to their cabin and got straight into the bunk and slept until dinner time.

The evening was a quiet affair and everyone had an early night. The next day Scott had to go to the customs office to get the new helicopter and Paul would wait for the two new pilots to arrive.

He and Scott were out on deck doing the last check before locking up.

“Fuck this is hard Paul but if these new guys are half as good as the boys were, they will be fine.”

“We will find out tomorrow Skip, I will keep an eye out for them while you’re at customs. What’s their names again?”

“Simon Deer and Robin Miller.”


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