MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 21

Scott Peterson was in his cabin looking out to sea as his ship made for South Africa at a steady 10 knots. He was in good time despite having to navigate through the two day storm which took them off course but now, because of the Jean’s power, he was back on schedule and more than happy with life.

All the plans he and Paul had worked out when they would be attacked had been practiced many times and all the crew knew exactly what their role would be including various different “attack’ options the pirates could use, but they all realised they could not cover every possibility and Scott could end up “flying by the seat of his pants.”

Scott checked his email to the helicopter people to order a third one and where to send it, he hoped it would be in Mumbai by the time they got there. Andrew was going to get a nice surprise and he was sure he would be thanked many many times in Andrew’s unique way of saying “thank you,” not that Scott needed to give him anything to be thanked, except his love of course and there was an endless supply of that.

He looked at the clock, 11 45 hours and Andrew would be off watch in 15 minutes. Scott unplugged his computer and took it to their cabin. When he arrived he plugged it in and tried to forget it but knew he needed to have it with him at all times.

He stripped off and dumped the lot into the laundry basket and then got out a new set that he could get into at a minutes notice and then went to a port hole staring out to sea and waiting for Andrew to arrive.

Scott had now reached 6ft 2 and in even better shape thanks to Jerry’s and Paul’s attention. Not one part of him was over developed, but every millimetre was in perfect order and over the months had become even more fit and extremely strong. His fighting skills were as good as Paul could get him to and they were now fairly well matched. Andrew had also grown, 5ft 11 and developed his body similar to that of Scott and not over doing it either. When naked together they were two of the most beautiful men for any sour eyes.

Andrew smiled at his naked man when he came into the cabin and just stood staring at him shaking his handsome head.

“My word, what did I do to deserve you?” Scott smiled back and went to him and cuddled him and kissed the love of his life.

“I don’t know Andrew but I will try to understand.” He quickly kissed him again to avoid a slap.

“Undress me NOW! Captain!” Scott couldn’t wait to do as he was told and within seconds he was as naked as Scott was, grabbed his cock and took him into the shower. Half hour later or so they had finished drying each other and laid on the bunk looking magnificent and with matching erections. They lay on their sides gently kissing, smiling at each other and not saying a word, just loving this time.

“Who’s on watch?”

“Jan, Paulina and the boys. Why?”

“Nothing, it’s just that Paulina has a habit of calling me to the Bridge when she’s on watch.”

“I told her not to disturb us for at least an hour and to fight the pirates off themselves without making any noise.”

“Good for you.”

Andrew turned his back to Scott and waited. He smiled to himself as he felt Scott at his button and adjusted himself to give Scott better access. Scott pushed against wonder man and slide slowly into him all the way and waited for Andrew to get used to him being there.

As Scott made love to him Andrew adjusted again so he was nearly on his back and they could kiss and like that with Scott slowly gliding into him, he bought himself to the point when he only had a few more strokes left and with one final push he held himself hard into Andrew and blew up, many times.

He kept Andrew tight to his body for some time and then relaxed and turned round himself and it was his turn to wait for Andrew.

Ten minutes later they were back to facing one another with big smiles on their faces. All their love making had to be similar to this as they could never be sure when Scott would be called to the bridge and neither wanted to miss out. The phone rang.

“Skip would you come to the bridge please!” Told you!

“Hope we didn’t disturb anything Skip.” Paulina smiled at Scott who winked back. “Three fishing boats on our port beam at two miles, they have been there for over an hour.” Scott looked through the power binoculars and could see them very well. They were at their speed, 10 knots, in line ahead. He couldn’t see anything on board like other boats, but this was a bit unusual as boats did not tend to stay with them this long and was fairly sure they were being tracked. He thought about sending a helicopter up but decided against it as it was doubtful anything would be seen, but a helicopter maybe. If they were mother boats everything would be well hidden and why let them know they were of interest to his ship. No, he would sail as they were and pretend he was not bothered about them.

“We maybe looking at the boats who will attack us on the return trip, it will only be a week from now anyway. If we assume they are, there is the possibility of two pirate boats on each of them and as we and the O6 are huge prizes we can expect a large number of pirates, my guess will be six in each boat. If it’s them, they have just done us a favour, we could have up to 26 of the bastards attacking us, at least that’s what I’m going to assume.”

On board the lead boat Dayib was looking through his own binoculars and satisfied that this escort ship did not seem bothered he was tracking her. He laughed and told the captain to stay with the Jean but thought it best to go to three miles in case it rouse suspicion. He went below for yet another drink. Meanwhile Scott had them under observation the whole time and when it got dark sent Jon off to the limit of his range to see if he could pick anything up with the night lens. It was a good move and they all saw quite a few men on deck thinking they were hidden from view, although they could not count an exact number.

“I bet they are the shits who will attack us, I’m sure of it, how many crew these fishing boats have normally? Not that many.”

The day before they were due in Port Elizabeth the three boats turned south and went off radar.

Scott watched as the O6 came into the harbour and tied up. Scott would wait for Bob Taylor to contact him to tell him and Paul to come over when all the official bits were done which could take a couple of hours. Meanwhile the O6 crew would be busy off loading and getting ready to sail the next day.

Bob Taylor was at the top of the gangway as Scott and Paul climbed up. It was great to see him again.

“Welcome aboard both of you, let’s go to my cabin first and then I will get the others in. Do you know something Scott, I’m actually looking forward to this. Can’t wait to hear your plans.” They settled down and for the next hour went through everything.

“How is this Fahmi guy Bob?”

“He has settled in very well and by what David tells me, very happy with life at sea. He works in the galley and I’m told doing a good job. I was going to put him with David but it seems he is a very good cook, so that’s what he is doing. He is with the two police officers a lot and always when he sends his messages, they don’t seem to think there is a problem.”

“Does he have his own cabin?”

“No, he is in with David. They seem to like that for obvious reasons, but I would not have him on his own anyway. I do trust that he is above board and very concerned about his family. Fuck knows what we can do about that though.”

“No more than I could do for my mother and father Bob. I sympathise with him and his family but we are only here for one reason and I don’t have to tell you why.”

David and Fahmi as well as the police officers were called in and introductions made. Scott of course already knew David and at last he met the guy who was responsible for all that was now taking place. Apart from being a very good looking man, Scott liked his attitude, very quiet, but not withdrawn or have an air about him that would give Scott anything to worry about. But it was the two police officers that took him by surprise. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he was guessing these two strapping guys were much more than police officers and looking at Paul confirmed it. There was something about them that said “special forces.”

“Constable’s” Ray Burton and Tony Dawkins introduced themselves.

“Captain Taylor tells me all the messaging is going well and no problems. I do hope so Fahmi, I don’t want anyone hurt including you. IF this all resolves well it will be down to you and I will be able to thank you properly if it does.” The message was not lost on him.

“I think that’s all David, could you both leave now.”  Bob Taylor said. They left and Scott told them about the three boats that had followed them. “We could be looking at six pirate boats and up to six pirates in each of them. I can only guess each boat will have an RPG and sure they will have an AK each, quite a lot of fire power.” Ray Burton spoke.

“We will also be well armed with us on the O6 and Paul on the Jean, but in our opinion our best weapon is surprise, anyway Skip what do you have for us?”

“As you say Ray surprise is our greatest asset. I will sail on your port side Bob and I would like you two lads at the stern of the Jean and Paul on the O6 and open up with warning shots when I ask which will be at 300 yards, unless of course they open up before then and if they do all three of you open fire. When they are at 300 I will fire off 4 grenades and at the same time go to full astern to get into cannon range and also switch the search lights on which will affect their eye sight even more. The two helicopters will attack one at a time with grenades and CS gas and keep that up until the first one is empty and then the second one will take over the attack, but as we now have three weapons it should give us the advantage even though they have got a lot more of them. What I hope to be able to do is stop them from firing at us because they will be blinded and then get close enough to soak them without any of them getting away. I would like all three of you to change to single shot and keep firing to JUST miss but if you can hit the hulls all well and good. As soon as we attack them we will be calling them on the load hailer to throw their weapons over board, if they don’t I will keep attacking them with water and the helicopters until they do. What I want to be able to do is get the guy Dayib Umar and you guys arrest him. It depends how things go, but I want to be able to get them on board and take photos and DNA. I will have two rope ladders for them to climb on board. If it all goes to plan I will leave them with two boats and sink the rest. I will then ask you to fire and destroy one engine then let them go.” There was quite a lot more to go through and after another hour it was done.

“Ok, let’s call it a day, I don’t know about you lot but I could do with a snort.” Bob said and went to his fridge and got beers out.

“Help yourselves gentlemen. Lunch will be in a half hour.”

The five sat together eating their meal with the other crew at their tables. David and Fahmi were sitting with a group of six and Scott noted how much at ease Fahmi was.

“Bob, if all this turns out as we want, maybe Fahmi would find a job with us, not sailing these waters of course. What do you think?”

“Well all I can say is he has done some good work and has fitted in very well and all the crew like him. He and David seem comfortable and happy together.” The way he said it surprised Ray and Tony, they had not come across gay men as far as they knew and certainly not in the service they were involved with, or so they assumed.

“Scott may I ask what it was you would have tried to do if the O6 was taken?” Tony asked.

“Take the ship back. I think you already know Paul is ex SBS and has been training us in boarding a ship and unarmed combat. We have trained boarding the ship we have been escorting and, according to Paul, it’s going well. So far a ship that has been taken has never been taken back and we wonder that if the circumstances were right, we maybe in a position to try. We have people who could make an attempt and the means. At least we are trained and if something came up? Well you never know. Now it’s my turn to ask you two something. You’re not police officers are you?” Ray and Tony looked at one another.

“Do you mind if we don’t answer that Scott? We would rather not lie.”

“Course not.” Now they all knew what Paul had already worked out, these two were SAS.

Many years ago the author was on a military detachment in what is now the UAE. I was in the NAFFI with some mates having a couple when the door opened. The hair on the back of my head stood up and I had this very weird feeling. I looked round and saw eight guys coming in, in desert gear with the Arab head dress on, no insignia of rank or flashes that could identify them, apart from a small Union Jack badge on the left upper arm. They nodded to us but said nothing, just talked quietly amongst themselves and got a beer. After they had finished they got up and left.

Not one person had seen them arrive or leave, they just seemed to appear and then vanish. Afterwards we found out they had stopped off for fresh water and some food supplies…  and a beer.

Tony and Ray checked Fahmi’s mobile phone with him as he sent his last message of the day to Dayib that would tell him all was well and then went to their cabin, Fahmi and David had gone to theirs.

They showered and were now laying on their bunks just with towels wrapped round them.

“What do you recon about gays then Tony?”

“Not really thought about them, but Dave and Fahmi are obviously and all the Jean Peterson crew as well…  and to be honest, unless I knew that already I would have no idea they were. Paul surprises me because of what he was, but I have to say I respect him for living the life he wants and fuck anyone who has a problem with it. Scott is a great bloke and would do well in the navy I’m sure of it. That guy has a way with him, he talks, you listen and being gay as well…  well its made me think about it and change my opinion a bit. We will be meeting the rest of them soon anyway when we go over, but I tell you one thing Ray.”


“I’m taking my tin pants!” It took some time before they stopped laughing. “Anyway what about you, what do you think?”

“Same as you I guess. They are good blokes and know what they are doing but I think that’s because we are military and see them in the same way we see any military. I might have a different opinion if they were more civilian. Still, its made me think a bit.”

“Thought I smelt something! Ray?”


“Wanna blow job!?” They were still laughing when Ray’s mobile rang, it was his wife and it took him ages to explain why he and Tony were laughing so much and had to make up why they were.

At 11.00 the following day Scott followed the O6 out and both ships headed out into international waters at 10 knots.

Paul transferred to the O6 on the second day with his weapons and ammunition and went to the top of the O6 bridge and set up his firing position and Ray and Tony came onto the Jean and did the same on her stern. Jan gave a cannon demo which impressed them no end as did the tour of the ship and meeting the crew. They were more than impressed with Marcel and Jon who also gave them a demonstration in flying and dropping dummy grenades on the luckless Jan and Colin in the RIB.

“I wonder if they know we are all gay Scott?”

“Jan will let them know I’m sure love. They might be anyway!”

“I wish, soooo butch!” Andrew got beaten up and then made love too.

“I wish they were as well Andrew.” Scott was ignored and got beaten up again ending up with Andrew on his back and Scott sitting on his cock. Andrew came a bucket load and cuddled into Scott.

“I love it when you get rough.”

“Hello Scott, just letting you know Fahmi has sent his message, apparently he is holding us hostage now and therefore so are you.”

“Ok, thanks. I will let you know as soon as they come on the Hawk, nothing yet and not expecting anything until it gets dark. Bob, if we get all that lot on board I would like Fahmi to come over in handcuffs, but there is one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Before he comes over, I want Paul to smack him in the mouth and I want the others to see blood, it will look as though your crew got to him and he was beaten up for his trouble.”

“Bloody hell Scott, that’s a bit drastic?”

“It may help his family when the others get back Bob. If they think he was a full part of this, it could help and I will make sure they think he is being taken back to the UK and face charges with Umar.”

“Skip to the bridge, three boats at 5.5 miles directly aft, 15 knots.” Reggie sounded the alarm and Scott rang Bob Taylor. It seemed to be on.

Scott did a role call to make sure everyone had a working headset. Roy and Tony wandered to the stern and checked their weapons, Jan started the generators and gave the cannons a test fire. Jerry got to his station and turned on all cameras and sound recording equipment. Tommy took over the Hawk, Freddy the helm, Reggie and Paulina went down and bought up their medical bags, Marcel and Jon were already in the hangar and waiting for Scott. Colin went to the bridge top and uncovered the grenade tubes which were already at the angle to fire, he then climbed back down and stood by the aft searchlight controls, George would operate the forward searchlights. Neil was in the engine room. That left Andrew who was out on the balcony in front of the bridge with his quad helicopter waiting to be told to take off and hover 100 feet directly over the ship to give a panoramic view of the area. Scott stood by Tommy and stared at the Hawk screen. He glanced at the GPS/navigation screen and half smiled, they were about an hour from a position directly south of Mogadishu.

“Ok everyone, my voice only unless you have anything to report, the three boats are 4.5 miles still 15 knots, I expect them to slow soon to launch the attack boats, standby.”

It was all very intense and Marcel and Jon needed to cuddle in, both thinking about their meeting with Scott the day they had left Port Elizabeth.

Scott sat there as Jon told him about his father and his need to get home as soon as they got to Mumbai.

“I’m so sorry Skip and hope you’re not angry with me?”

“Or me Skip, I’m going with Jon.”

“Don’t be silly, of COURSE I’m not and I’m sorry about your dad Jon and hope he gets well soon.” He smiled at the lovely young men. “We are all going to miss you so bloody much, you mean so much to all of us. Thanks for telling me now, it will give me time to get replacements.” He paused and thought. “I don’t know what you will do for work, maybe a trawler? But you will both be on full pay for another six months from the time you go home and half pay for the next six, so don’t panic about having to find work too soon. I won’t tell the crew until after this attack. Come here.” All three cuddled in and after a long time like that the boys left and went straight to their cabin and made love, thinking about Scott and Andrew. Scott looked at the door trying to come to terms with losing them. “Christ we are going to miss them so much.”

“Four miles and slowing… , 5 knots, they must be launching. I recon by the time they are in the sea they will be back to 5 miles.”

“Six boats, 40 knots at five miles Skip.”

“Marcel start up.”

Marcel kissed Jon again and they both went to his machine. When she was running and warmed up Marcel pushed his helicopter out onto the flight deck and waited holding Jon’s hand.

“4.5 miles 50 knots.”

“Marcel take off, Jon start up.” He released the clamps and took the helicopter up and to starboard of the ship. He threw the on board computer switch, kissed Jon one more time and ran up to his station.

Scott turned the master switch on that would arm the grenade tubes and selected the four 300 yard grenades. Marcel meanwhile went out 100 yards to the Jean’s starboard and then flew to the two mile limit and once there turned and flew on the same course and speed as the Jean with his camera trained on where the boats would soon come into sight of his night vision lens.

“Started up and ready to take off Skip.” Jon said.

“I see them Skip, but can’t make out how many are on board yet. They are line abreast.”

It seemed an age before Marcel, at last, could make out the numbers on each boat.

“Skip, there are five on each boat and as far as I can tell, all boats seem to have an RPG!”

“As soon as they are abreast of you, climb to 50 feet and get ready to attack. Go in as soon as the grenades go off, don’t get blinded yourself remember. Hawk?”

“Those six at 50 knots 3 miles and the three mother boats at 10 knots at 4 miles.”

“Two miles at 50 knots.”

“Paul here, I have them in my sights. I will take the two middle ones, Ray you take the port two and you the other two Tony, ok?”

“Ok Paul.”

“One mile still 50 knots.”

“Count down each 100 yards when they get to 1000 yards. I will fire eight tubes when they get to 350 yards.”

“SKIP they are getting the RPG’s ready to fire!”

“They will have to wait until 300 yards.”

“Andrew take off.” They could all now see the full area on the new screen.

“1000 yards and slowing to 30 knots.” Tommy counted down…  500 yards.”

“400 yards…   15 knots.”

“Ok, standby.”

“Skip! One boat slowing down!”

“Jon take off and go for that boat and attack, I bet Umar is in it.”

Scott selected the second set of grenade tubes…

“350 Yards!”


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