MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 20

Fahmi was the first to wake up, not that he slept that well but was happy as he still had his arms around David. He kissed David’s head and gently stroked his body all the way down and took him in hand and smiled as he found a massive hardon.

“Are you awake?”

“Yes and don’t stop.” Fahmi had no intention of stopping, David had woken him up doing the same the previous morning and had cum a bucket load. It was pay back time.

“Lay on your back please.” David turned and the two kissed and stayed like that while Fahmi slowly stroked David and listening as his breathing got deeper as he was taken to the end.

Five minutes later David froze and at the same time Fahmi kicked the duvet off and watched as David exploded sending a massive shot two feet up before gravity took over and splattered all over the pair of them, followed by five more.

“Fuck, what a way to wake up! Your turn.”

“Could we go down for breakfast first please David?”

“Piss off, I will call you when I’m ready.” He jumped out of bed and ten minutes later called out to Fahmi.

“Get your ass in here and don’t forget your cock!”

Fahmi went in with David and they began to wash one another, but even though he tried hard Fahmi was not responding. David turned the shower off.

“What’s up Fahmi?” David looked up at him and saw the lines of worry all over his face.

“I am so sorry David.” There was a long pause. “I found out when we were going back from the first time we met that Dayib… Oh fuck I want to tell you in the dining room, that way we are in public and I’m hoping you won’t scream at me.”

They settled at their usual table in the dining room with Fahmi sitting so he could see the whole room. There were eighteen other guests eating, mostly business people except for David and Fahmi and an older couple obviously on an OAP break. Fahmi smiled to himself and wondered if he would make their age. Fahmi could only eat toast and after it was served he looked at David.

“This will take time David, just give me time. Dayib and I were under pressure to go into drug and arms smuggling and piracy at home. I was threatened a great deal and even got beaten up a couple of times and then had a gun shoved in my face and told I would be killed if I didn’t get involved, one of them was my older brother believe it or not. Dayib told me he was having a bad time as well and I believed him. We decided to get out and apply for political asylum in the UK which obviously worked.

I was amazed when I got here just how much support there was from the authorities.” He smiled at David. “Almost as soon as I got out of the aircraft I felt at home, I fell in love with England and knew that life could be good so long as I proved myself and not here to live off the state. I’m really lucky and learn quickly and within four months I could speak, read and write English, I also mixed as much as I could with anyone outside my own people and found I was accepted because I took the trouble.

We soon found good jobs in the bank and after we had been here a year started a charity raising money for kids back home and I’m really pleased it’s going well. We were liked and trusted and I was very happy. Then Dayib and I met a guy in a pub who turned out to be an “escort” for men only and how much money he made. I don’t think I have to explain what that means, but male prostitution will cover it. I got involved but did not like it and only did four visits and gave it up, but I did realise that I do like men, but I knew this was the wrong way to go about it. Dayib went all out and made a small fortune. It was during that time we met you and Jerry on line and as soon as you told us that you were sailors and possibly going to sail in Somali seas, that’s when Dayib started to plan. Unknown to me he got in touch with two uncles of his in London and people back home and now Dayib is back there getting pirate boats and crews ready and waiting for me to say I’m on the ship. I have to contact him every day by mobile phone just using code numbers that will tell him I am being a good boy and still involved. When I message Dayib I have taken both ships they will board both of them and take them to Somalia.

But, and this is the big one, I now know Dayib was looking on the gay dates sites to make even more money and he did by filming him and a well known businessman having sex and blackmailed him. Dayib must have thought he was safe thinking the guy would just pay up to keep himself out of the papers, but he must have gone to the police. Dayib was not arrested for blackmail and my guess is they wanted to find out more about him because he is Somalian and only here as an asylum seeker, but wanted to find out if there was more than just blackmail. I now know, they were right as we have been followed ever since.

I was born with a brilliant memory and realised that when we went back to London after our date, the same guy was on the train as us when we came down to meet you and he was also at the hotel with another guy and I just knew he was police. They must have wondered who you and Jerry were and you are most probably being followed as well.

David, because we are from Somalia they are checking us out to see if the four of us go beyond the sex dates and must know about you being sailors they may be thinking you two are involved as well.

After I had a go at him on the train Dayib came clean and told me about the blackmailing and then told me I was now involved in the hostage taking and if I did not cooperate my family at home would be killed and so would I, but not only that, the crews on the O6 and the escort ship as well. I know there a lot of bad people back home and the country is in a mess, but I promise you we are not all bad and most don’t have a choice, we are forced into doing a lot of things, or get killed. Not much of a choice really but I take responsibility as well and I was so naïve and stupid not to see what was going on.

Dayib told me I have to stay friends with you, which I want to do anyway and try and get on your ship at Southampton and hide. When we are sailing from South Africa both ships would be attacked south of Mogadishu after I force the Captain, you and Jerry to surrender to me. I am to use all three of you to get that escort ship to surrender as well and Dayib and others would board both ships and take them to a port in Somalia, then of course the demands would start and the killings if they don’t get what they want.

What Dayib didn’t realise was I wanted to be with you anyway because of what I have already told you and I’m going to try to prove it to you. You may not believe this either, but as soon as we started to meet on line and got to know one another better, all I hoped for was a meet between you and me.” He stopped again trying to work out what to say next but not having much of an idea just came out with it.

“I have never been in love, falling in love is not particularly important where I come from, but I know I’m as close as I can get to it with you. I have a lot to prove to you and I’m going to try so hard.

David, I promise you I was set up and I have got to try to stop it, but I guess that even if I go to the police I will still be seen as part of the plan and just trying to save my neck and get thrown in jail and then deported back home, but I don’t have a choice, I’m fucked if I do and I’m fucked if I don’t, so are my family. The only good thing about this whole fucking mess is when I go to the police, I can stop it from happening.”

David spent a lot of time thinking about what had been said, he too could not eat now and just moved his food around his plate staring at it and trying to work out what he had been told, he looked up at Fahmi.

“What about your family? You said your brother is involved, what about the rest?”

“No, my father is a carpenter and my mother is a teacher although half of the time there are no kids to teach. My two sisters clean houses and do washing, my two brothers work on whatever they can find, except for my oldest brother I told you about. My guess is the other two will get involved as well, it’s almost impossible not to. My mother and sisters are the ones that could be in trouble, my brothers will get killed anyway if they don’t get involved in whatever the bosses want.”

“Then why are you doing this? Why don’t you go along with what they want and at least you and your family may have a better chance?” Fahmi looked at David for a long time.

“I don’t want anyone to die and, although I don’t blame you if you don’t believe me, I don’t want anything to happen to you.

Even if I kept quiet and went ahead with this…, I just know I would not attempt to take the ship, I would have found you and warned you and the other ship what was going on, but you may still be attacked and lives could be lost, those guys will be well armed and don’t give a shit how they get what they want, even killing is no problem for them because if they don’t kill to get what the bosses want, they could get shot themselves.” Again there was a long silence while David struggled with it all.

“Come on, we are going out, I need to think this through and a bit of fresh air will help, we still have time to think about what to do.”

“Does that mean you believe me?”

“At the moment yes. I am also going to make a phone call, an anonymous one to Sir William Peterson telling him a little about what you have told me, I will give him Dayib’s name as he is not in the UK now and I may give him yours as well. If you don’t try to stop me, I will be pretty certain you are telling me the truth. Come on, I want to go out.” He didn’t wait and got up and went to their room, Fahmi followed.

“I will do anything you say, even if it ends badly.”

“It already has, all I want to do is make sure Sir William knows about this and he can get the police involved and get the fucking thing sorted. I’m sorry about you and your family, but there is no way I’m going to sit on my ass and do nothing.” He stopped and looked at Fahmi.

“Of course there is one other thing…, if you were stupid and naïve, that makes two of us and I need to take my own share of responsibility. We have both been taken in, now we need to put it right.”

They went out and David found a phone. Fahmi stood next to him while David eventually found the number he wanted and dialed.

“William Peterson and you are?” William always said that.

“I can’t say at the moment Sir William, but I need to tell you it is possible that the Ocean Six and Scott’s ship will be attacked by pirates when we sail off the coast of Somalia. The 06 will be taken over first and the Lady Jean Peterson made to surrender under threat of death of her Captain and two other officers if Scott doesn’t comply. The name of the person organising this is called Dayib Umar so you can inform the police.” He looked at the relief on Fahmi’s face.

“Who the hell are you?”

“I will call back in two hours’ time Sir William.” David put the phone back on its hook and turned and looked at a smiling Fahmi.

“I don’t think there is anything to smile about, what’s so funny?”

“You, that was about the most un-anonymous call ever made, you said, “when WE sail…” AND mentioned the other guy’s name, “Scott,” he must know it’s someone to do with that ship and because you and Jerry are most probably being watched they will soon work out its you.”

“Ah well, who the fuck cares! Maybe because I said I would call back in two hours it may stop us from being arrested if anyone is following us now. Come on I need a drink.” Again David did not wait and led the way into a pub.

“Are you beginning to trust me David?”

“I’m trying to and want to find a way out of this shit. I maybe stupid and most people would tell me to dump you, but unless there is more to this than you are telling me, I’m going to stay stupid and not dump you. You told me everything you know and all I want to do is help make sure the ships are safe. I’m happy that at least Sir William knows now and it’s all down to you Fahmi.”

They finished their drinks and went out and strolled around the town with David checking the time.

“Let’s eat, I’m starving.” They both eat well and for a while stopped talking about the problems they both had. But Fahmi was about to remind David of that problem.

“We are being followed David, have a look around and see if there is anyone in here you recognise.” David looked and came up with nothing.

“Nope, don’t see anyone.”

“See that elderly couple over there?” Fahmi nodded in the direction David should look.


“They are in our hotel, they had a drink in the pub and passed us when you were on the phone, now here. The crafty police are using a retired copper and I assume his wife to follow us. That’s fucking cleaver!”

They finished their meal and the waitress came over with the bill. Fahmi paid and spoke to her.

“I want to pay for that couples meal as well, will you go to the counter and bring their bill please.” She went off and bought it back, meanwhile Fahmi wrote a note.

My friend and I are going back to the hotel now, hope you have enjoyed following us and please have this one on us.”

He paid the bill and asked the girl to hand the note to the OAP’s when they left. Even though the outcome of all this was uncertain Fahmi was much more relaxed, at least it was all in the open and he pretended that David liked him a lot more for telling him about everything. Fahmi had fallen in love and decided to push his luck.

“David, may I make love to you when we get back?” David looked at his watch.

“I’ll think about it after I call Sir William, times nearly up.” Despite everything, that’s precisely what David wanted.

“You are either Jerry O’Brian or David Hammond, which?”

“David, Sir William.”

“And who do you have with you?”

“Fahmi Yassin, he told me about the plans to take both ships and that’s why I rang you, but he is going to the police anyway. He has nothing to do with any of this.”

“Right, this is what the police want you to do, they are at my home now. You are to go back to your hotel, pack, pay your bill and by the time you do the police will be waiting. You will be bought here and one of my lawyers will be here as well. You are being followed so don’t try to bugger things up any more than they are. Now go.” Click. David told Fahmi what was said. They looked around them but could not see the OAP’s, but two blokes were standing a few feet away making it obvious they were the ones keeping an eye on them.

“Fuck there’re huge! How the hell did you miss not seeing them then Mr Memory?”

Two more police officers were waiting when they got back and took them to their room and watched them pack. Two hours later they were sitting in William’s office with yet more police officers and the lawyer.

Two of them took Fahmi to another room with the lawyer. William listened as the other two grilled David. Four hours later one officer came back and David was taken out and sat with him in the entrance hall.

“We believe him Sir William. During the time we were interviewing him we had his flat searched and so far nothing has come up, his computer is being looked at, but we won’t know anything before tomorrow. We already know a lot about him anyway and as the other guy is back in Somalia there is nothing we can do about him, it seems he is off the hook as far as we are concerned. What this chap has told us it just confirms all we suspected and we are confident Mr Yassin was indeed set up and had nothing to do with this.”

“Mr Hammond is clear as well and Mr O’Brian even though there were definite plans to involve both of them, but making plans are not a criminal offence, carrying them out is. Mr O’Brian will be interviewed of course but we are certain all he will get is a telling off for being so stupid by shouting his mouth off and telling this Dayib about your ships movements. For the record all this was, was a meet for personal reasons and that’s nothing to do with us or our investigations. I think you need to let your son know as soon as possible sir. It’s all over as far as we are concerned, unless something shows up on Mr Yassin’s computer and we are sure nothing will.”

“What happens to David and Mr Yassin now?”

“Mr Hammond is free to go but we will be taking Mr Yassin back with us until the computer is fully investigated and if nothing shows up, we have no reason to detain him and he will be free to go as well.”

“But what about all the death threats to him and his family, surely there is something we can do?”

“We can’t do anything about his family sir as you will appreciate and as far as Mr Yassin is concerned we will provide some protection but very limited I am afraid, we don’t have the manpower.” William thought this though, he had talk to Scott.

“Ok, this is what I want to do. Would you stay here over night Chief Inspector and have dinner with me, I will link up with my son so we can all talk. We started talking yesterday about your investigation but he had a slight problem with a couple of boats who were following him, they buggered off and it all seems quiet now. Look I know Scott will have his own thoughts about this and I would like you to hear them. I’m sure he will come up with the right course of action and I’m also sure this is not at an end.”

“Thank you William, may I call my wife?”

Fahmi was about to be taken away and detained overnight but not before they were allowed to talk for two minutes.

“I’m going back to the hotel and will wait for you. I do believe you Fahmi, just ring when you are free if you want to come back that is.”

“Try and stop me, they won’t find a thing on my computer that ties me to this shit, or in the flat, I’m just sorry I did not have the sense to realised what Dayib was doing sooner but not sorry we were on that chat line and I met you, at least I can thank him for that.”


As soon as his father gave him a brief outline about the reason he was calling, Scott asked him to wait. “I need Paul to listen to this dad.”

After introductions Scott and Paul sat and listened as they were told all about what had happened and that there was a possibility of them being attacked when they were approaching south of Mogadishu.

“At least we know the O6 will be safe as there will not be anyone on board that should not be there, but they may still try Scott, at least you have plenty of warning now.” Scott was thinking hard.

“It means this Dayib guy gets away with it. Fahmi coming forward like he has could have saved all of us and be in some trouble himself and I’m not happy about that. If his messages stop they will know he could have turned himself in and therefore them as well or the police found out and arrested him. Look dad I need to talk to Paul. Are you ok for us to call back in an hour?” William agree and Scott ended the call.

“What do you think Paul?” Paul smiled at his captain.

“I’m thinking the same as you Skip, you want it to go ahead don’t you?”

“Oh yes and we need to talk it through, this Fahmi has done us a great favour and at least we may be able to capture this Dayib and get him back home to face a prison sentence. I’m thinking Fahmi has fallen for David and that’s one reason he could not go through with it. Bet this twat didn’t think about that when he was making his plans!”


David was laying on the bed and looked at his watch again, 6pm and still no phone call. He was getting hungry and went down to the dining room a worried man and all sorts of thoughts going through his head wondering why Fahmi had not turned up. He ate most of his meal and picked the half empty bottle of wine up to take back to his room. He was passing reception when he was called over.

“Mr Hammond, a call for you sir.”


“Hi, it’s me.”

“What’s happening?”

“It won’t be long before I’m there and I can explain everything when I do. A lot has happened but no problems.”

He put the phone down and went to his room, when he got there, Fahmi opened the door.

“Told you it wouldn’t be long.” They smiled at one another and cuddled in.

“I need to tell you everything David, shall we get naked first though?” A minute later they were on the bed wrapped together and kissed.


“Yes Mr Yassin?”

“I will be sailing with you when you go to Australia.” That stopped all kissing!

“I was cleared about 11 this morning and taken to Sir William’s home again and asked to sail on your ship so I can keep in contact with Dayib, that way he will think I am doing everything he wants, the phone is also a tracker and they will be able to pick me up when I get in range. The last code I send him will be to tell him I have taken over the ship and they can attack and when they do the crew of the Jean Peterson will be able to take the pirates, just how they are going to do that I wasn’t told. There will be two armed policemen on the ship and one will be with me the whole time and keep the phone I have to contact Dayib. If it goes off they will be with me until I reply then I hand it back. They are just making sure nothing goes wrong I guess and not taking any chances. I have given all the code numbers to the police and they will be able to check them off as I send them. Your captain knows all about it and he thinks it’s a great plan. Captain Peterson wants to get Dayib and have him sent back to face trial and now that I know what happened to Scott’s mother and father I can see why. David, there is one more thing and I hope you like it, Captain Taylor has agreed I work with you seeing we are friends.”

“Bloody hell Jerry won’t like this one bit, it’s like shoving it in his face.”

“He won’t be on the ship. Captain Taylor told me about you two and thinks like you but Sir William will be offering him another ship and he gets promoted to Second Captain and will get his own ship as soon as the next captaincy comes up.”

“Wow, how quickly some things can change. Don’t suppose he mentioned anything about the First Officer vacancy?”

“What’s that?”

“Never mind.”

Scott and Paul waited for the call to connect and when it did he did not waste any time in telling William and the police exactly what he wanted.

“This guy Fahmi may be followed and reported when he does or doesn’t get on board, I don’t think we can take the risk, we owe this guy a lot and we want him to send these messages to keep the pirates thinking it’s all going ahead as planned and then when he messages to say he has got the O6 we will be ready for them. We will sail at normal speed and let them board us and once they are, we will turn the hoses on them and believe me there will be nothing they can do, they will be flattened and there may even be broken bones, tough. Paul will be on the O6 with the GPMG and take any that board the O6, but he will need others with him and we think two armed police should sail with the O6, but I can send two of our crew with him. We need two armed police anyway so they can bring back this Umar when we have him. I will let all the pirates go after we have taken photos and put them back on one boat, I will sink the rest. I will turn the Jean round and track them back to their mother boat and if we can get a Royal Navy ship nearby when all this kicks off, they may be able to board the boat and search it. We could also transfer Umar with the police and they can take them back home. We can’t keep prisoners because I’m sure that would violate a human right by some PC fuckwit.”

It went on for another hour and by the time it had finished, it had been agreed but they needed Fahmi’s agreement and they would talk to him the next day as the police were now certain that he was not involved. David and Fahmi had got off and Jerry would not open his mouth either, his promotion would guarantee it. The call ended and Scott and Paul began to plan the whole thing out in detail, that would take another two hours.

“That’s it Paul, lets sleep on it and go through the whole thing again tomorrow then have a bridge meeting to let everyone know what’s going on.”

David was laying on his back and Fahmi on top of him. They had been there ages, just kissing while David stroked Fahmi’s back and Fahmi holding David’s head and face with both hands while grinding his cock hard onto David’s. He raised himself slightly and took both of them into his hand and gently stroked. He stopped after some time and settled back down knowing David loved to have his full weight on him.

“I’m going to turn round now Fahmi. It will soon be condom time.” David turned and felt the whole length of Fahmi’s cock press into his bum crack and at the same time Fahmi wrapped his arms around David’s chest. He slowly rubbed himself into David bringing them both closer to the next stage.

Fahmi kissed David’s face once more and then began to travel down his back kissing him all the way. He arrived at David’s fantastically cute behind and that’s where he would stay for some time licking and kissing those beautiful cheeks. He pulled David up and went into the valley with his tongue and listened as the moans of pleasure came from above.

Fahmi was getting too close and had to hurry, they were both ready and even more so as Fahmi got the lube and introduced it into David. The condom was already out of its package and with one quick movement, pulled it on and lubed himself up. He laid David down and once again Fahmi laid on top.

“I won’t last much longer David.”

“Hurry up then!” Once again Fahmi lifted David’s hips and lined up and very gently introduced himself to David’s button, he put pressure onto it and entered David with the tip of the head and waited until he knew David was comfortable.

“I’m fine………It feels great.” Fahmi did not need any more encouragement and slowly slipped into David with all of his nine inches, after holding himself like that for a while, he withdrew to the head and then slowly all the way back in listening to David as he was telling him how wonderful it was.

Fahmi moved them on to their left sides and continued to stroke into David and at the same time took his cock in hand and stroked David in time with his own movements and like that Fahmi took them both to the point of no return. Both of them knew they were now just seconds away as their breathing became much quicker and their bodies were tensing the whole time.

“David! I’m coming!”

“Me too, don’t stop!”

With one last stroke Fahmi bought them both to the end and each shot a huge load, Fahmi filling his rubber and David cumming onto the towel, time and time again.

“Get the condom off and go back in.” Not a request, an order. Fahmi fumbled with the rather full condom and knotted it, he then lined himself up again and slipped back into David.

They stayed like that for ages while David twisted round so they could kiss. Finally He turned round so they were facing one another, wrapped their arms around each body and kissed.

“Fuck that was wonderful and as a thank you I’m taking you out tomorrow Fahmi.”

“Yes it was, bloody wonderful. Where are you taking me?”

“To the clinic, the condom days will be over soon…, I hope.”


Scott set his course for Mumbai and met up with the O1 again as she sailed out. They would escort her to the Red Sea and then turn back for the sailing to Port Elizabeth in South Africa. They would get there a day before the O6 arrived and then Scott would go and talk to Bob Taylor and go through the plans he had made for when, and if, the pirates attacked. He would also meet Fahmi.

Now 200 miles off the coast of Somalia on course for South Africa they were about to get their quietest time yet when they ran into a massive storm and heavy seas that no pirate could operate in. For two days they were thrown all over the place and could only make 8 knots comfortably. Life on board was all about standing up keeping hold of every grab handle, even then Paul at his most sadistic called two fire emergencies and an abandon ship practice. However off watch had SOME private time despite Paul trying to ruin it.

“He needs his time with Tommy Marcel.” The ship dived into the next trough and both of them slammed into the bulk head again.

“So do I, for Christ’s sake lay down. If my head hits that once more something will break.”

“Most probably the bulk head.”

It was an attempt at humour but it didn’t work, both of them had never been more unhappy and worried sick.

When Jon and Marcel were in Iceland, Jon had been told his father was being tested for lung cancer and had received an email two days previously confirming it and that Chemotherapy would begin straight away. What made matters worse for Jon and therefore Marcel was they had all just been told of the likely attack on the Jean and the O6 when they were south of Mogadishu and it would take time for them to be replaced if they returned to Iceland and the Jean could be without helicopter support.

“I could go Marcel and Scott could get someone to take my place when we get back to Mumbai, but I would be letting him down and that’s the last thing I want, I know Pabbi said I need not go back as there is nothing I can do, but I should be with him, I want to be with him. He was told the treatment could last for months, but if I’m home I will feel much better.”

“And I want to be with you, I AM going to be with you………Look, we are a week from Port Elizabeth and it will take no more than two weeks to get to Mumbai, maybe less even if we are attacked, so we should be back home in well under a month. Scott will understand and if we only tell him after we leave South Africa we will still be able to help with this attack and give Scott plenty of time to find other pilots, even Andrew could possibly fly one of them.” There was long pause as they both thought it through.

“Ok, let’s wait until we sail and tell Scott after a couple of days… Marcel do you know something?”

“What’s that my Icelandic man?”

“This must be the longest time we have been naked together and neither of us has got a hard on.” Without waiting for a reply, Jon went south and got between Marcel’s legs and bought him to attention. A few minutes later both the boys and the ship were in perfect harmony as the Lady Jean Peterson ploughed into the trough of a wave and Marcel ploughed into Jon. Ten minutes after entering the love of his life, he called out as he delivered his usual massive loads and was on the fifth one and Jon on his first as the Jean sailed out of the storm. The ship settled down onto a much calmer sea and both boys settled into one another’s arms.

“Everything will be fine Jon.”

“Only if you’re with me Marcel.”

Jon turned and they wrapped their arms around one another and kissed until they fell asleep.


As Marcel and Jon slept, the Jean was sailing directly south and 200 miles off the coast of Mogadishu on course for South Africa and to meet the Ocean Six.

Dayib Umar was supervising the loading of his six boats onto the three mother boats. They loaded the fuel, food, water, 24 AK47’s, 9mm hand guns and six RPG’S with four rounds each.

The 24 pirates plus the mother boat crews got on board and started up. Half hour later they were at sea and sailing towards the point that they would launch their attack on the O6 and the Lady Jean Peterson.

This would be the biggest attack yet carried out by pirates, but this time they would know exactly who, where and when it would all happen and a massive payday at the end of it for all of them, especially for those who had invested thousands of dollars to get it all together.

Dayib knew it had to succeed, he had been told his own life depended on it. Failure was not an option, but after he received another coded message from Fahmi he felt confident that the attacks would not fail and he would get his massive pay out even though some people may die to get it.


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