MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 19

Dayib laid on his back wide awake thinking. He was working out his next move and now he knew that the ship O6 and that escort ship would be sailing off the coast of Somalia in a few months’ time he now had the chance of making big money, huge in fact. By now he had convinced two Uncles living in London and through them also convinced some powerful people back home that the plans he had about taking the two ships was worth following up and guaranteed Dayib a safe return home. All he had to do now was tell Fahmi he would cooperate and why he would.

This meeting was originally planned as a “fuck and go” but for once Fahmi stood his ground and told Dayib he was staying and would see him at breakfast, or back in London if he wanted to go. Dayib did not argue as Jerry was a good fuck anyway and in fact it gave him more time to shower Jerry with charm and by the time they all met for breakfast four very happy guys met but one for quite different reasons.

David and Fahmi had exchanged mobile numbers and email addresses and promised to keep in contact. They were about to leave their room to go down and meet the others and were locked together just inside the room.

“I want to say something.” Fahib was finding this hard and it showed.

“Just say it Fahmi, I want to as well.”

“You first then.” Fahmi smiled down at David.

“Piss off, you started this, you first.” Fahmi looked at David searching for something but he had no idea what it was. He was coming clean and he was scared.

“David, I have met other men only because I was selling myself and I’m sorry if that disgusts you but if I didn’t I would have never met you and it has been wonderful, so are you. Maybe you will never want to see me again knowing what I have done but that’s what I hope for.” It did take David by surprise but thought how brave it was for Fahmi to come out with it. Then he thought about his own activities and knew he was in no position to judge. He smiled up at Fahmi.

“We can now contact one another and I do want to see you again, only next time without the other two.” Five minutes later they stopped kissing and went to the dining room.

Dayib took one look at them and did not like what he saw, they were too happy, too close and those looks they gave one another too familiar, but also thought that these two becoming more than just fuck mates could in fact be to his advantage.

The two police officers sitting at the far end of the room looked at the four men and also knew they seemed to have had a good time. One of them would tail the Somali’s the other one Jerry and David.

It was a formal parting as businessmen would do as they stood and shook hands, Dayib and Fahmi left to pay their bill and took a taxi to the train station. David and Jerry sat and had another coffee before walking back to the docks.

“You look as though you had a good time Dave?”

“Best ever.” That was a bit too truthful and Jerry guessed he and David could be about to finish. David certainly knew they would.

The two Somali’s sat in their seats for the two hour journey back to London, a journey that would change Fahmi’s life completely and it was him that started the change.

They did not say much as both were thinking different thoughts, Daybi thinking about when to tell Fahmi what he was about to become involved in and Fahmi thinking about David and wondering if he was in love with him and the problems ahead if he was, his culture would never accept homosexual men. He realised he was smiling as he thought of the time with David when he looked up as a guy passed and straight away knew something was very wrong. He watched the guy who sat down four seats from them and then spoke to Dayib in their own language.

“There is a guy facing you four seats from us. Don’t look at him, he is following us.”

“How the hell do you know? Your photographic memory is doing tricks Fahmi.”

“That guy was on our train coming down, he was at the hotel with another guy and now he is on this one. He is police and we are being followed and I don’t know why but I guess you do. What the fuck is going on?” Dayib swore to himself, he had not intended to speak to Fahmi until they were back in the flat, but as he could talk safely like this, now was the time.

“Ok, listen to what I am going to say Fahmi because your life depends on it. You me and others are going to capture that ship, the O6 AND that other one called the Lady Jean Peterson. When we get them we are in for a big pay day.” Fahmi could hardly believe what was hearing and just stared at Daybi and very frightened and confused.

“Ok, you may be right about us being followed by police and I can’t take the risk, so I will get out as soon as I get back to the flat, if they raid us there is a lot on my computer to fuck me and you up. I have to destroy it and get a flight out. Now you may think all you have to do is spout off to the police and get me put in jail, well forget it, if I end up in the shit, you WILL be killed and so will your father, mother, three brothers and your two sisters. We don’t fuck our own people up Fahmi, you have forgotten who you really are and become too British. You will get on board that O6 and you will take her when you get to our coast, you will be given instructions as you go. They don’t carry weapons and the one you will be given and the hand grenades is all you need. You will take the captain and Jerry and David out on the deck and tell that other ship to surrender or the captain and those other two will be shot if the other ship does not surrender. I will be in a boat behind you and when you call me to say the ships are ours, I and four other boats will get to you and take them to Somalia. Just make your choice who dies, you and your family, or those sailors and Fahmi believe me, I have NEVER been more serious. We will have 8 RPG’s on the boats and plenty of grenades, if you don’t take the ships, we will fire and kill as many as we can including you. But Fahmi, nobody needs to die if you are sensible, if anyone does it’s because of you.” Fahmi just sat there with his mind in turmoil and no idea how he could get out of this, but there was more to come.

“That big mouth Jerry has given me all the information I needed. They will be taken hostage and killed if the ransom is not paid and I know it will because the owner of the shipping company will want to save his son. You have a lot to think about Fahmi, I already have people at home just waiting to be told to kill your family.” Fahmi could say or do anything. How the hell he could get out of this he had no idea, but one of his many attributes was to think calmly about problems and come up with solutions, mind you he had never come across one like this and many lives at risk if he didn’t.

As soon as they got back to the flat Dayib rang and ordered a pizza and to be delivered by their regular guy. By the time he arrived Dayib had the one thing that could be of interest to the police, his laptop. The lad arrived and after a short conversation £500 passed hands and he put the laptop into his pizza bag and left. Ten minutes later the computer was at the bottom of the Thames.

Jerry and David were just about to go about their work, they were due to sail the next day.

“Why didn’t you shower with me? Is this about you and Fahmi, you like him a lot don’t you?” It was a question that Jerry already knew what the answer would be, but a difficult one for David and he knew it would not go down well.

“Yes I do and Jerry, I’m going to get my own cabin, sorry.”

“Are you telling me we are finished? For fucks sake just one fuck with Fahmi and I’m DUMPED!?” David looked at Jerry and for the first time in his life, did not like himself.

“Yes.” He went out and found Bob Taylor who agreed he could take a spare cabin.

“Is this going to be a problem on our next trip David?”

“Not from me it won’t Skipper.” He went to his station to supervise loading and while he waited for crew to get to him he sent a message to Fahmi.

Fahmi half smiled at the text but was also thinking about the fact both he and David were in serious trouble as well as quite a few others. Fahmi was a bright and intelligent man and had survived many life threatening situations when he had not allow himself to become involved in piracy, drug or weapon smuggling at home and only escaping to England saved him and his friend Dayib who now turned out to be his worst enemy. He had to find a way out of this and would have to stay calm but also knowing it would end in tears for someone, but at this time had no idea who would be crying. He prayed it would not be his family… or David and him.


William sat at the head of the dining table sitting in Jean’s chair and looked down the length of it at Scott who sat in his and smiled at him just enjoying the bubble of conversation as the whole crew chatted away. He was more than satisfied that the Lady Jean Peterson was now much safer in that she was now armed and with an even greater feeling knowing she would be even better armed after Paul had told them his news. He was not only requalified to use the GPMG but he was also going to be issued with the British snipers rifle, the L115A3 having passed many firing tests while training with his old SBS unit on the ranges in Wiltshire. His former CO had been asked about Paul’s level of competence and because it was as good as when he served it was decided to issue a rifle to him. Someone, somewhere was most definitely on the side of the Lady Jean Peterson and her role in troubled waters, but just who it was none of the crew knew at that time. But, none of them knew just how much threat she was sailing into in the months ahead and no matter how many weapons she had, they would be useless if plans that were underway came about. Meanwhile they were having three days at William’s and Scott’s home having a great time. The time had come for Scott to update them about the Jean.

“Now we know about Paul’s news there are a few other things to tell you. We now have the new grenade launcher, twelve tubes that can fire flash/stun grenades at 300, 200 and 100 yards to our stern and we will practise fire on our way back to the Arabian Sea. We have the helicopter grenades and that will be a priority for you Neil and Andrew to fix them to the helicopters and a release system, you boys will have to be with them as well. We also have two additional fuel tanks to be installed to both helicopters, they will give another half hour to flying time. Everything must be up and ready by the time we sail out of the Red Sea. Because we are now armed and need to have a record of all our activities, there are now six more cameras to record everything we do, our legal department have insisted we have them in case anyone has an issue with whatever we get involved in. We must always be aware that defending ourselves and the ship we are escorting against pirate attack have their rights and we must be seen to be squeaky clean in how we go about stopping those bastards and not violate their rights to kill anyone who tries to stop them. The cannon station now has one spilt screen instead of three which will show all three cannons firing direction and the new helicopters view of the whole area that pirates will be attacking us. It will fly 100 to 150 feet over the Jean and will give a greater visual cover for half an hour if the weather conditions are good, but we have two more batteries and able to fly for a lot longer. The helicopter screens have also been changed and will also give you boys the same view from the new helicopter. I have been told by Andrew that the new helicopter pilot should be a member of crew who sleeps with me and therefore please, whoever you are, let me know.” They all raised their arms, but only Andrew raised both of his.

“Apparently it’s you then Andrew.” They all booed Scott and William was shocked when he realised he had as well.

Scott ordered the last of the ropes in and Freddy took the Jean away from the dock and steered her into the Southampton Water. It would take them a month to get into the Arabian Sea which would give them plenty of time for Marcel and Jon to train Andrew to fly the new helicopter, for the two helicopters to be fitted out with the new stun grenades and a method of releasing them, fit the new fuel tanks and hours of practise by dumping the dummy grenades on Jan who drove the RIB much to her disgust as the boys were too good and many times she received a direct hit instead of having to retrieve the practise grenade out of the water, Paul to practise fire his weapons and train Scott, Andrew, Jerry and Jan in firing the 9mm Glock hand guns they had been issued with. Life was busy and everyone happy knowing they were now even more able to defend themselves against attack.

By the time they were approaching Gibraltar Paul had practised firing his weapons and both of them set up (zeroed) to his eye and they were locked away and would stay like that until they reached Yemen and sailed into the Gulf of Aden in eight days’ time. He had instructed Scott, Andrew, Jerry and Jan firing the Glocks and they too were locked away. After that and clear of all shipping Scott had them fire one stun/flash grenade out of three tubes at the three distances and looked on in amazement at the massive “bang” and even in daylight the flash effected their eye sight. He fired off another three at night time and by the time their eyes had readjusted they knew this was a fantastic addition to their armoury. (They also realised it would be best to turn away at the time a grenade was fired, it would blind them as well as pirates which would be a bit naff.)

Now in the Mediterranean it was “down time” with a much more relaxed routine with just two on watch and the rest enjoying a bit of relaxation, apart from Paul demanding his fight club times continue and Jerry demanding his gym times were kept up, nobody was let off and all crew loving to hate them, but it was keeping them all fit and even Reggie and Jan benefited no end, still it was nice to moan.

Marcel and Jon loved both activities but gave both Paul and Jerry a problem. During fight training times one of them would throw the other on the mat and Paul always had to pick both of them up to start again as they would end up cuddling in and the beginnings of two excited cocks began to appear. “Right, that’s the last time you two fight together, JAN!”

During gym times both of them would get hard again as they watched the boyfriend work out with just shorts and trainers on.

“Right.” Jerry said, “That’s the last time you two train together, gym work and hardon’s don’t mix, JAN!” Jerry let George off though and both of the randy sods had a great time working out together that did not include gym equipment, just the massage table. Marcel and Jon would have a fit if they knew what went on in the gym with these two, but they would be engaged themselves and would not give it a thought.

They laid naked on their bunk and kissed and smiled at one another as by now they each had a large volume of the other inside him.

“I’m leaking Jon.”

“Me too, great isn’t it.”

“Your turn to change the sheet.” On that romantic note they turned into a 69 and stayed like that until there was a second cumming but this time there was no leaking as each swallowed hard and now both of them had volumes at both ends.

Scott would not normally take a watch, but he wanted to be with Andrew while he was on which gave them time together and knowing that in two hours from now they would be in their cabin for the next four. Andrew sat in Scott’s chair and Scott doing all the work which wasn’t that exhausting really, just keeping an eye on the radar screen, the weather screen, the heading as well as the engine room monitors and gauges.


“Yes Captain?”

“I’m getting a hardon thinking about what we will be doing in a couple of hours.”

“Why do you think I’m sitting here, I can’t stand up, if I did my cock would shove the throttles wide open!”

“Your ass will be very soon my man.”

“And yours, it’s my turn to go first don’t forget.” The Captain and his second engineer had sorted out their priorities and the ship sailed on in blissful ignorance to the two looking after her while they planned the next fuck.

Several thousand miles away two more were planning as well, David and Fahmi who were once again chatting on a video link. They had spoken every day since David had gone to sea and the more they spoke, the closer they had become even though Fahmi knew there would be problems ahead, he already had them anyway and had no idea how to deal with it all. All he knew was his family were under threat and so would David, Jerry and himself as well as both crews on the O6 and the Jean be as well if he did not go along with all this. The answer was obvious, but try telling it to someone who was confused, frightened and unable to think straight, at least not just yet.

“So when are you back again?”

“Two weeks, just leaving Norway and after calling into Aberdeen we sail straight to Southampton. After I have finished the off loading, I’m free for two weeks as you know. Are we still on to meet at the hotel Fahmi?”

“Course we are, I will arrive on the same day as you, I can’t wait.” Fahmi could see David thinking and waited.

“Is it just for sex?”

“Honestly it’s not, but we both loved what we did, no there is more to this, just give me time please David.”

“Course I will.” There was another pause and Fahmi waited again.

“Are you still doing… ah…, “stuff?”

“You mean am I still on line chatting to guys? No I’m not, that’s all finished you have my word.”

“I have no choice do I? Mind you, you only have my word that I have finished with Jerry and now have my own cabin. It’s true and hope you believe me, I need time as well, it will sort out one way or another.”

Marcel and Jon were on watch, two nearly 20 year olds in charge of the ship and her entire crew relying on them, not that they had or should have a problem, these two were as competent as any of them and besides Scott and Paul were only a call away. They carried out their watch much differently to the others in that they were stuck together the whole time with one or the others arm around a waist or shoulder and quick pecks as they went from one screen to another and then to the engine room monitors. They would chat the whole time.



“What would you say if I was thinking of get rid of the dread locks?”

“I would kill you?”

“Oh, ok.” They chatted their way through the rest of the watch and busied themselves cleaning up before Jan and Paulina came on, still talking.

“Were you serious about your dreadlocks Marcel?”

“Not if you’re going to kill I’m not.”

“What if I said I wouldn’t kill you? It’s something you have obviously been thinking about. Do you really want to get rid of them?” Jan and Paulina came up and hugged the boys. They gave them the hand over details, speed, course, weather and traffic.

“Marcel’s thinking of shaving his head and get rid of his dreads, but he is afraid I will kill him if he does, but I don’t THINK I would.”

“If you do I can help you Marcel, I used to do a lot of hair dressing when I was normal and I know several ways of taking them out without having to shave your head sweetheart.” Paula said. “But it will take a long time and you would have to be patient, it takes weeks.”

“No Paulina, I want to change completely and if you can help I want the dreads cut to about two inches, that way the dreads will be much easier to unravel and in time when new hair grows I will have it cut to about a 5 grade all over. What do you think Jon?”

“It’s your hair love and whatever you end up with I promise I won’t love you less.” They cuddled in and the girls said “ah.”

“Off you go and have a lovely time.” The girls watched them go off hand in hand.

“Do you know my love, if there was as much love in this fucked up world as there is on this ship there would be a lot more peace on this planet.”

“Your right Jan, too busy fucking so no time to fight!” They had a good laugh and got serious.

Marcel and Jon had their shower and were now sitting in the middle of the bunk. Marcel had his legs wide open and Jon sitting between them with their arms around each beautiful slim and perfect bodies. Jon stopped kissing his man and smiled at him.

“What is the real reason you want to get rid of your dreads?” Marcel smiled back and gave Jon a peck.


“ME! WHY?”

“You’re doing it now and I don’t think you even realise it. Every time we are like this you put my dreads to the back of my head and hold on to them until you have to let go when we fuck or we do other stuff.”

“Oh shit, are you pissed off when I do?”

“Don’t be daft, course not, but I love it when you have both hands on my face, it makes me feel even better, I do really love that Jon and besides I’m ready for a change.”

“I love seeing all of your face and I love your dreads, let’s wait a bit we both might regret it.”

“I don’t think so and besides I could always grow them back. Paulina said she would do it for me and I will have my uniform cap on while it grows. You don’t mind do you?”

“Course not but stand by for a lot of piss taking, you will look so different and I will admit it will take a bit of getting used to, I may get Paulina to cut mine short as well, that way we will be the same-ish. BUT, there is one thing you could do and never done before.”


“Tie them back when we are like this?”

“Oh yeah! Cleaver you!” Some answers are so bloody obvious, just like Fahmi’s was if only he stopped to think through his slightly more serious problem.

Without another word Jon adjusted himself and sat on Marcel and all thoughts of hair styles would be forgotten for the time being as he lowered himself onto the whole length of his man and at the same time bundled Marcel’s dreadlocks behind his head and kissed him.

The passage through the Suez Canal went well, it’s always a slower sailing going south as they, like all traffic, would have to moor up at the Balla by-pass and wait for north bound traffic to pass before moving on to Great Bitter Lake where they would have to anchor and stay there until a convoy had formed. Once a convoy had assembled they were given the go ahead to move on to complete their canal trip and then into the Red Sea which would take them into the Arabian Sea and the dangers that came with it. Piracy was getting worse and during the time they had sailed back to England and now back in the area, five more ships had been taken. Paul reworked the watch rota and now four would be on the bridge until they sailed out of danger, much would happen before that.

Scott set a course that would take them once again to the spot where the attack on the old O6 took place, they were just two days away.

“Skip to the bridge please.” He got there in under a minute after he cut the video call to William, a call that was in every way very serious and went straight to the Hawk radar.

“Two boats at five miles to our stern 40 knots.”

“Thanks Reggie.” He went to the other radar screen and looked at the 10 ships showing on it. If they were pirates, they had a choice. He sounded the alarm.

“Hard to starboard and full speed, go 180 and let’s find out who they are.” The Jean leaned over as the ship was swung round and all the time increasing speed.

The routine was different now and, as practised many times, Paul would come to the bridge, collect his weapons and with Colin take them both on top of the bridge. Now they were in international waters the weapons had been taken out of storage with a box of 200 rounds of ammunition, which had already been secured on the bridge for the machine gun and two magazines for the rifle. He loaded the GPMG with a belt of 50 rounds and clipped a magazine into the rifle, he settled into his firing position at the front of the bridge and waited. Colin came back down and went to meet up with George in the galley to make sure it was safe and secure.

“Fucking pirates Colin, ruined dinner!”

Marcel, with his hair still tied up behind his head and Jon arrived at their stations.

“We are up Skip.”

“Ok Marcel, nice hairdo by the way. Don’t think we need you Andrew just yet.” The bridge settled down. The Jean and the boats were now closing at 65 knots.

“You lads buzz them with just screamers at two miles then go back behind them at 300 yards and follow them in. Hawk?”

“Three miles, 40 knots, just those two.”

The helicopters were already at two miles ahead of the Jean and now flew at the same speed as she was, 25 knots.

“Two miles.”

“Ok boys, all yours.” They had flown out wide and low and each selected a boat and went at them at maximum speed just 30 feet above the water. As they passed Marcel, Jon and Scott could see four men in each boat, all armed. On the bridge they could not hear the screamers, but got a two second flash as the men suddenly looked up as the helicopters flew over them. The boats turned round and went the same way as they had come from. Scott went to the radar and looked for the nearest ship to them.

“Turn back on course and get 400 yards to the stern of that ship Freddy. Marcel come in, you stay over us Jon.” Marcel would land and top up with fuel.

“They have gone off Hawk.”

“Ok, thanks everyone, stand down.”

Jon landed and he too topped up with Marcel helping.


“Yes Mr Gay Iceland?”

“Please don’t cut them.”

“And you won’t cut yours then?”

“I will pony mine up as well.” They kissed and the saga of the dreadlocks had been resolved!

They approached the spot at slow speed and as soon as they were on it Scott asked for the automatic positioning to be engaged.

Once again Scott left the bridge and went straight out to the stern and leaned on the rail. He spoke to his mother. “Mum, I think Andrew was hoping I would bring him with me and ask him to marry me but I have other plans for when I do and you will be the first to know.” He smiled at the surface and blew a kiss, then returned to the bridge.

Back in Southampton an English guy and a Somalian were in bed.


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