MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 16

Sweat was pouring off Scott and Jerry as they fought and both were happy with the results and Paul even happier. He then took on Scott and found himself on the mat more times than at any time since he first started to train all those years ago in the SBS. Theo was sitting on the deck leaning against a couch and Royston checking out an ankle after Jerry had proved that Theo could not in fact “beat the crap out of all of you.”

“We will sue when we get back to the States Theo, OR make more money showing the video?” Theo used a bit of Jan’s foul language and Royston split himself.

Up on the bridge Tommy was looking intently at the Hawk screen. He picked the mike up.

“Marcel and Jon to the bridge please.”

“Oh nuts!” Marcel withdrew from Jon and there was a mad scramble to get dressed and tuck two hard cocks into two skimpy briefs. Two minutes later they were standing next to Tommy.

“See that? It’s a fishing boat and has been on the same course as us since we left Mumbai. It goes off screen for a half hour or so then comes back and stays at four miles. I think Skip would want one of you to fly out to maximum and have a look.” Marcel took out a coin and tossed it.

“Heads.” Jon called, it was. They both went down to get Jon’s helicopter started up and when he flown off to the port side they both got back to their stations and Jon took over manual control.

“Is it still there Tommy?”

“Yes, still at four miles.”

“Ok, I will fly at 200 feet and fly out two miles and see what’s going on.” It was clear and when Jon reached the maximum he could fly from the Jean the camera picked up the boat. They both looked at the screen and tried to make out if there was anything unusual on it like pirate boats and try and count the number of crew, but even though the image was clear it was too far away to make anything out.

“She’s turning away so no point you staying there Jon. We had better let Skip know.”

“He’s in the saloon getting beaten up by Paul and Jerry again, I’ll go down and let him know what’s going on.”

Marcel got to the saloon just as Jerry smashed onto the mat and then watched as Paul attacked Scott and he ended up on top of Jerry. Marcel ran and jumped on Scott’s back and he too ended up on the pile.

“Bloody hell Skip! Not bad!” Scott picked him up and smiled down at him and held the looks for some time which turned serious when Marcel told him about the boat that seemed to be following them.

“Go back to the bridge and ask Tommy to let the O5 know we could possibly have a tail please and if it comes back I want one of you up.”

“Yippee, my turn.” Marcel hugged Scott and ran out. Scott thought about it and excused himself and went to the bridge to see for himself what was going on, still in his shorts and top and bare foot. He looked awesome, Marcel and Jon looked at one another and smiled, they had imagined him, Andrew and them together more than once.

“There are quite a few fishing boats out there, but this one is not fishing and keeps going beyond five miles because it goes off screen, then about half hour later comes back to four miles.”

“What’s their maximum speed?”

“Most of these fishing boats can’t do more than 10 knots and we are doing 18.” Scott went to the phone and called the O5 and asked Phillip Boardman to go to 20 knots.

“Let the O5 get to 20 and then catch up with her Tommy. If that boat comes on screen again call me please.” He picked the mike up and told the crew what was happening.

Scott went down to the workshop and found Andrew, Neil and Theo working on plans for a firework launcher.

“Hello Rambo, no broken bones or bruises?” Andrew kissed Scott and cuddled in loving the body odour coming off of him.

“No but Jerry and Paul have a few.”

“What, broken bones?”

“Dick head. So, how’s it going?”

“Fine Skip and now we can present our secret weapon to give pirates a bigger bowel problem.” Scott was looking at the drawing of a base 3ftx2ft with six tubes sticking straight up.

“Looks simple, how will it work those tubes are vertical, don’t we need to angle them to fire at the pirates?” Theo explained.

“The base will be attached on top and aft of the bridge, the back of it will be hinged and from inside the bridge it can be angled to three positions, first to fire to a range of 300 yards, second to fire to 200 yards and third to 100 yards and you will be able to fire from single shots to the whole lot at once.”

“Why don’t you just have a fixed base and angle the tubes to fire at those ranges?”

“Anyone inspecting us could ask questions why they are like that and we can tell anyone asking awkward questions that they are there for our own use letting fireworks off and hope that satisfies them.”

“Nice and simple gay boys, we need to get fireworks when we get home, those bad assed buggers that ends all displays. Can I make a suggestion?”

“Don’t see why not, you are the Captain after all ok with you boys?” Neil said, the other two nodded.

“What about 12 tubes and have double the fire power?” The three engineers thought about it and could only agree.

“Ok lads, back to the drawing board. Anything else before you go Skip?” Neil went to the workshop door and opened it smiling at Scott.

“Right, better go then. Thanks all of you. If you got a moment Andrew I need to show you something.”

They went to their cabin and undressed one another and as soon as they stood naked together the speaker came on telling Scott that the boat was at five miles and now at the same speed as the Jean. Scott got dressed swearing his head off and not helped by Andrew laughing his off!

Scott looked at the clock it was 6pm and it was now getting dark.

“Marcel is up Skip.”

“Ship secure Tommy?”

“Yes skip, are you thinking the same as me, a night attack?”

“Yes I’m sure of it Skip and when they start to fall back and go directly behind us, we will know it’s on its way.” He went to Marcel’s screen and could only just see the boat.

“Come back and refuel Marcel and you two stay in the hanger, I’m sure you will find something to do.” He then rang Phillip and told him an attack was very likely. He then broadcast that to the crew. “My guess is there won’t be more than two boats if they do attack as the mother boat seems pretty small and we could soon be finding out. Tell the O5 to come back to 18 knots.” Without having to sound the alarm everyone came to the bridge anyway, Jan turned the generators on and tested the cannons and Jerry took manual control of the two main cameras. Paulina and Reggie bought up their emergency medical back packs and George and Colin bought coffee, sandwiches and cake. They were ready, but it would be a long wait and after an hour Scott thought it best that all off watch go and get some rest, he was overdue a shower anyway. He rang the hanger and told the two lads they were standing down. “Go to your cabin but leave the door open.” Fat chance!

The minutes ticked by and there was a watch change with Paulina now at the Hawk radar. Jan was officer of the watch. By now it was very dark with no moon, both ships sailed on with not one light showing.

“Jan that boat is slowing down and going further away, I think they could be getting behind us.” Jan smacked the alarm button

“They are now at 5 knots and still falling behind us Skip.” Scott had arrived and taken over, everyone would now have headsets on.

“Ok, Paul phone the O5 and tell them to stay at 18 knots. I want these sods to think they have not been seen, you lads will take off at the last minute but start up when I tell you. We will also use the searchlights this time on strobe, all four of them. I will ask for them just as they come into gun range.” Tommy who had taken over the Hawk reported that the boat had now gone off radar. Scott was guessing that the mother boat had a decent radar and was still able to track the Jean and the O5 and would be launching the two attack boats as soon as they were directly behind them.

“Andrew, zig zag all the time now, I want to make sure there is nothing coming at us from forward.”

“Got them Skip! Two boats at five miles directly aft, 40 knots.”

“Paul send out we are being attacked. Hawk?” Tommy did not answer straight away, Scott looked at the screen. “Bloody hell is that two more Tommy?”

“Yes Skip. Obviously there is another mother boat and being directed by the one tracking us. All four at 40 knots, now three miles.”

“Startup boys. I would think two will attack us and two the O5. M, you will go for the starboard boats head on and you J the port ones, but I will send you off at the last minute. Do a fly over at full power with the screamers on, turn round and attack.”

“Don’t you want to check they have weapons first Skip? Andrew asked.

“They aint delivering pizzas Andrew that’s for sure, no we all know they are armed and they will get a warning anyway when the boys fly over.”

“Both started up Skip.”

“Three and half miles Skip 40 knots, all four together.”

“Off you go boys and hover.” Marcel took off first and flew out to starboard and then went to the bridge, Jon joined him two minutes later after taking off to port.

“Three miles.”

“Off you go and fly between the outside and the next to it port and starboard.” They flew at maximum speed at 30 feet with the screamers already on. By the time they got to their maximum range the boats would already in it.

Scott had a sudden rush of blood and spoke to the boys. “Change of plan. Screamers off and fly out half a mile and come back on their course and speed, you will attack later. George take the aft searchlights and select “strobe” Colin take the bridge lights and select steady beam, I want to blind them with our lights, saves CS gas.” He got onto Phillip on the O5. “As soon as our searchlights come on Phil go hard to starboard, they won’t be able to see you as I will stay on this course, they won’t know you have altered course.” Scott went to the Hawk and could see they were clear except those four.

“Two miles, 50 knots.”

“Tell me when they get to one mile.” He did not have long to wait.

“One and half miles.”

“Standby lights!”


“Wait lights.”

“Three quarters of a mile Skip!” Still he waited.

“Bloody hell Skip, HALF MILE!” The boats were about to part in pairs to attack the Jean and the O5 at the same time.

“Searchlights… on.” The stern lights came on flashing on strobe while the bridge lights came on steady, the effect was amazing as all 16 pirates had four of the most powerful lights on them, 4×80 million candle power each!

“Go to full beam.” They were well truly lit up and could not see a thing themselves.

“Marcel fly back towards us and carry out a head on attack, that way you won’t be blinded as well as that lot, Jon you follow Marcel. Tell the O5 to go to full ahead and we follow them Tommy.

Scott watched as the boys carried out their first attack, as soon as they had they flew on and began to turn for another one.

“Lights off.” Once again everything went black and the boys were flying on night vision. They dumped two more loads on each boat and all four stopped, unable to carry on.

“Jon come back and turn round and take off and stay aft of us for an hour. Marcel you come in after Jon and land, well done again lads, well done everyone.” Colin thought he would add his own bit.

“Well done Skip as well.” Scott felt really good and smiled a “thank you” at Colin.

“Tell the O5 it’s all over and return to our original course at 18 knots. Ok, another hour like this then off watch stand down.”

“What made you dream up that Skip?” Tommy asked.

“Well, I can’t be sure but it’s likely the pirates know we carry CS gas and the only way they can carry out attacks is hope they are not spotted. I just thought I would let them think that, that’s why I let them get so close. The other thing is we have never used the lights before when there has been an attack and now we have, it will give them something else to think about. But the one thing I can’t work out is how they knew we were where we were, just a luck I guess. We did well again on this attack, but we could do with better ways of attacking them and flash/stun grenades would be one way.”

“A machine gun would be even better Skip, now THAT would give them a real problem.” They all knew Paul was right.


Scott would now spend a great deal of time in conference calls to William and their legal people discussing his need to get agreement for him to carry stun/flash grenades and release them from the helicopters. He also told Marcel and Jon to contact the helicopter makers to see if they could come up with a plan to install an extra fuel tank to increase their flying time, he knew this last attack could have gone very wrong if the pirates had stayed behind them for another 15 minutes instead of attacking when they did. He got the boys and the three engineers together and asked them to start planning a way of securing grenades to the helicopter skids and a release system should he get permission to carry them.

“How many would you want on them Skip?”

“Dunno, four?”

“Well we will start planning, but one thing for sure is you will definitely need that extra fuel tank if you can carry them, so the flying time could very well remain as it is.” On that cheery note Scott left to beat up Jerry and Paul, he was as wound up like a spring and could not wait to get at them. It didn’t quite work out like that and cussed himself as he hit the mat for the fourth time. Paul had told him so many times that to fight and not stay focused and calm would only have one result, failure. He didn’t let it happen again.


Two officers of the Ocean six, First Officer Jeremy O’Brian and Second Officer David Hammond sat quietly in the lounge of the Solent View Hotel near the docks waiting for their dates to turn up. As agreed they were dressed in suits looking like businessmen waiting for two other other “businessmen” to turn up and with only one topic on the agenda, sex, or so Jeremy and David thought, but it was not only cocks that would be sucked in.

Jeremy and David spent a lot of time on gay chat sites and so far had met up with four other couples during short breaks while in various ports during their travels and had fond memorise whilst in Newfoundland for a threesome, New York for a foursome and Bergan also for another foursome. When in New York both of them took a great liking for black guys who lived up to all expectations and indeed both were very well endowed and knew how to use their 9 inches and, as a bonus, very nice guys as well. Because these “dates” had gone so well they allowed their guard to drop and thought everyone they met on line would be the same as the guys they had met so far.

The two they were waiting for now they had also met on a chat site and had been meeting on line for two months and all four got on very well. These two were Somali’s living and working in London, both six foot plus tall, handsome as hell and extremely friendly and polite. The conversation never stopped and for the first four on line meetings sex was not even mentioned, just talking about work, families, holidays, hobbies, but it was when hobbies were talked about Dayib Umar opened up about the reason why he and his cousin, Fahmi Yassin were talking to Jeremy and David when Dayib told them he was an amateur photographer and spent hours studying the subject.

“Does that include photographing men then?” Jeremy asked.

“Of course, men are the most beautiful creatures God made and if I may say so, that includes you two. Some guys even think we are good to look at, I have taken loads of me and Fahmi and if you promise not to share them I will send you a couple sometime.” From then on the conversations became more personal and after another on line chat all four men had shown a magnificent naked body, Jeremy and David lapped it up.

The photos duly arrived showing both men in all their semi naked beauty, two of each of them in a bedroom and both with boxer shorts on and a semi hard on to add to the interest. They were stunning even though their faces had been pixeled out.

Dayib and Fahmi sat on their train from Waterloo in London to Southampton looking at the photos of Jeremy and David, two with them posing in their briefs and the ones they had found on the Ocean Shipping Company’s web site with them in uniform. Fahmi found himself looking at David most of the time and thought about the times they had “met” on line and realised he had come to like him, a lot. He sat back with his own thoughts while Dayib was in his completely in different thoughts.

The two O6 men had sat at a table so they could see the main door and reception. The door opened and their dates came in, 26 year old Dayib Umar, 6ft 3 tall, slim and very smart in his black suit followed by 24 year old Fahmi Yassin also slim and like his cousin 6ft 3 and looked every bit the businessmen in his light gray suit. They smiled as they approached Jeremy and David with hands held out, all four men introduced themselves formally then sat down and talked for an ice breaking conversation.

“So you are bankers and work with a charity? Jeremy asked.

“Yes, we left Somalia eight years ago after we were offered jobs at the African Commercial Bank and send money home to our families, after a year we had been here we decided to start a charity for the kids back home, I’m sure you know about what’s going on in Somalia and we spend a lot of time raising funds to try to make a difference to them, so far we have raised over £2500,  it doesn’t sound that much, but its helped so many kids. We hope to raise even more in the next year and are very confident we can double what we have already raised, the kids need it so badly and because of the generosity of the British many of our children are doing much better. You must pass within a few miles of them when you sail by Somalia?”

“We have ships that do and because of the troubles there we have an escort ship to take us through all pirate areas, but our ship sails to America, Canada, Scandinavia and northern Europe, but in about six months its rumoured we are taking over from another ship who has a six month major refit and may take her place going to South Africa, India and Australia.” Jeremy had not heard of the old WW2 saying, “Careless Talk Costs Lives.”

“Is it likely to happen?”

“We are pretty sure it will, but the company have to sort out the contracts we do first, they won’t want to lose them.”

It was music to Dayib’s ears and now he knew that it was time to change the subject and talk about the other reason why they were there. This first meeting could guarantee future meetings and Dayib would be pulling out all the stops to make sure it would happen. Fahmi hoped so too but for very different reasons than his cousin, now they had met properly, Fahmi could not take his eyes off of David and was more than happy that David also seemed to be very happy to have met this very good looking guy, but not only that, he seemed a very pleasant one as well.

“Look guys since we first started to talk on line we have hoped to meet up and now here we are and it’s time to be up front.” Dayib paused for effect. “Look guys I know we could go to your room, but Fahmi would like us to split up, me with you Jeremy and Fahmi with you David, I can go and book a room and we also hope we can swop over and then even all get together? How does that sound to you guys?” It was readily agreed and Dayib went off to book.

The hotel lounge was quite big and comfortable with private seating so guests could talk business, sign contracts or even make arrangements to go to a room for a fuck.

Dayib returned to their table smiling.

“All done, are we ready to go gentlemen?” They all stood up and left.

There were about 20 other guests in the lounge and nobody took any notice of either “couple” as they left, except that is for the two men sitting at the far end of the room who were only there because Dayib and Fahmi were, they had been under surveillance for a month.

“Looks like we have two more to add to the list, I bet those cunts are fucking one another as we speak, I know our boys have only just booked in. Ok, you stay here Tim and I will take a break, we will swop in an hour. Seems that male escorting is quite an earner for those two Somalis.” The Special Branch Officer got up and went out while Tim reread the reports about the two men they were there to observe and also looked at the photos of all four men they had taken with the mini camera.


Four hours before the Jean would leave the O5, Scott went out two miles from her and circled the ship at full speed while Marcel and then Jon took off and flew out another two miles to ensure there were no other mother ships out there, they had never been seen at this distance anyway, but Scott knew they had been followed and assumed it was pure chance. Now that the area was safe they waved goodbye to the O5 and turned back towards Sri Lanka and a few days off waiting for the O1 to come from Australia and meet up with her and escort her all the way to the Red Sea. The news of the attack was being reported and there was intense media interest and Scott was on the phone for ages. He even agreed to go live with one TV news group and got grilled as to his purpose and intentions.

Was this revenge for his mother’s death and how did he know HE wasn’t killing people himself? Did he carry weapons or any other means that could cause injury to others? Did he understand why there was piracy and the social state of those countries involved? Why did he not leave it to the international Naval forces to do their work and keep out of the way? What was his qualifications to Captain a ship as he was so young? And the final question that did it for him. “Is it true you are an all gay crew?”

To be fair to him he answered all the questions as best as he could but could be excused for not being that confident when it came to dealing with the media after all until now he didn’t have much experience of doing so, but they had years of it trying to get a story that would give good headlines. In the end he refused to take calls and referred the lot to the Company’s legal people. Finally William got involved and gave a great interview after which Scott and the Lady Jean Peterson had many more thousands following them on the internet and most hoping for more action!

Jerry helped no end by producing edited versions of all the actions the Jean had been involved in as well as a video of the crew in their everyday routine and loaded it onto their newly created web site. As it turned out, it was a very good thing and helped Scott no end in getting what he wanted to protect his ship and the ones he was escorting much better. Other shipping companies began to approach the Ocean Shipping Company and agreed terms for Scott to escort their ships when he was available. The Lady Jean Peterson could now be in a position to pay for herself.

The approach to Colombo South Harbour is not without its difficulties and navigation can be a bit of a challenge as there is so much traffic. The harbour itself is entirely man made and sticks out into the Indian Ocean. Scott had to wait an hour for the pilot to come on board to take him into the Bandaranayake Quay which would have been the original harbour during British Colonial times. As the Pilot took the Jean to her mooring Scott was looking at the ship following him in, it was a Royal Navy ship, HMS IoW and, he assumed, on a courtesy visit to Sri Lanka, he was half right.

“Finish with engines.”

For the third time since they had left home the Jean fell silent and now secured to their mooring, they all gathered in the saloon after the customs and officials had done their work and left.

They had started to become used to the effect it had on all of them and now that they were moored up and not out at sea they all wondered what to do next! Scott made all of their minds up.

“Thanks to all of you for some really fantastic work. I know my dad would say the same as well. Right my last order for a few days, Andrew report to our cabin now please. They left the saloon with the cheers ringing out, just about the whole crew went to theirs as well.

Nothing was said as they undressed one another and went into the shower. They soaked and turned the water off then soaped one another for a very long time and afterwards turned the water back on to wash the soap away. They dried one another off and then went to their bunk and made love. It was so tender, loving, sensual and exciting as they once again explored every inch of one another’s body with hands, fingers, tongues and lips until finally they made love in the most beautiful and physical way it is possible to do.

Lady Jean Peterson would have loved it, especially as this is what all the crew were doing as soon as they had all got to their own cabins. Even Reggie was up for it and gave Freddy the memory of their first time together 26 years before!

They may have four days in harbour but the work continued on general maintenance, cleaning, resupplying and refuelling which took the whole of the first day and a half. From then they were free to enjoy what Colombo had to offer and there was a lot it.

They all went off to find Mount Lavinia beach except Scott and Andrew, Scott had a long video call with William and their lawyers in London which went on a bit and by the time it was finished they were an hour behind everyone else. Andrew secured the hatch and they went down the gang way to go out of the harbour to find a taxi but were met by a Royal Naval officer who was about to come on board.

“Hello, I’m Scott Peterson and this is Andrew Bushman.” They all shook hands and the officer introduced himself.

“I am Lieutenant James Walsh, one of the engineer officers on HMS IoW. The captain asked me to come over and wondered if he could visit you sometime. He needs to discuss something urgently with you.”

“Really? What?”

“He didn’t say, but apparently it’s quite important. The communications officer will also come if that’s alright with you Captain.”

Scott told him 9am the next day and they went off to find a taxi.

“Wonder what that’s all about?”

“I expect they want me to join the Navy and become an Admiral Andrew and you as my cabin boy.”

“Yeah, you could be right only the other way round.”

“The Royal Navy is fucked then.”

“You certainly would be.” They squeezed hands and forgot about tomorrow.

They found the crew after a slow stroll along the water’s edge just enjoying one another’s company and loving this time off from pirate threat. It was so beautiful and both at peace.

“When we get to Cape Town would you like to fly home for a week Andrew? I’m going to ask if anyone else wants to do the same, we can sail back with half a crew.”

“Can I think about it? I don’t want to be away from you too long, but now you mention it, it would be great to see everyone again of course. Look out, troubles coming.” They looked at Marcel and Jon running at them in their tiny swim briefs and looking absolutely wonderful. They forced Scott and Andrew towards the water even though they were still in shorts and tops.  Scott dumped the small back pack on the sand carrying their swim trunks and towels and allowed themselves to be “dragged” in. They had a great fight which Marcel and Jon happily lost and all four were a tad hard after it as there had been a lot of body contact with both Marcel and Jon with their arms and legs wrapped round Scott and Andrew. After a few minutes like that, the boys swapped over still pretending to fight.

They joined the others and spent an hour sunbathing and swimming, all very relaxed and enjoyable and even more so as they were aware of some really handsome guys who gave them a lot of smiles as they passed by and some sitting a short distance away just looking with many, “hoping.” Marcel and Jon were no different as they sat close to Scott and Andrew. Cunning pair of buggers!

Much later they found a food stall and eat a great sea food meal before going back the ship for a few drinks to finish the day off.

“We have got the Captain and another officer from HMS IoW visiting at 9am tomorrow, apparently they need to talk about something important, God knows what though, but no need for anyone to stay to find out, Andrew and I will meet them. What are you guys doing tomorrow? Andrew and I are going to the market which is supposed to be a place not to miss then take in the National Museum and learn about the British, Dutch and Portuguese occupations of the country, I bet we don’t come out too well.” Reggie said.

They all had all made their plans and either couples or groups were going their separate ways and arrangements made for them all to meet up at the Lagoon Restaurant at 8pm.

“I am in charge the day after tomorrow guys and we are going to Club Lush which will be of no surprise it is a gay and we will all assemble there by 9pm. Don’t be late.”

“Yes Colin.”

“Can we come with you two tomorrow?” Marcel asked Scott and Andrew.

“Course you can, we just love babysitting.” Andrew smiled at them.

“Thanks Daddy.”

“Now go to bed both of you, GO!” They shot out of the saloon, “G’night oldies!”

Commander Dennis Waterman and Lieutenant Commander James Thornton came up the gangway at 9am on the dot and introduced themselves to Scott and Andrew, Marcel and Jon were still shagging in their cabin.

“Welcome aboard the Lady Jean Peterson.” Scott introduced himself and Andrew. “Nice to meet you, would you like a tour?”

An hour later they were in their cabin drinking coffee. Marcel and Jon had by now finished fucking and thought it would be a good idea to get up, shower and get into short shorts and short tops and hang around out on deck just in case Scott needed them for some reason.

“So Dennis, what’s all this about?”

“We are convinced you have had a tracker put on your ship Scott, in fact we know you have.”


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