MV Lady Jean Peterson
by BobbyG


Chapter 8

“Have you anything to declare sir?” The customs officer asked Scott when they had arrived at Heathrow.

“Only him.” Scott nodded at Andrew.

“And what did he cost and do you have a receipt?”

“He cost a buck but no receipt I am afraid, but he is American does that help?”

“Not much sir, in fact… American you say?” The customs officer thought. “No, its ok sir you will pay big time anyway I am sure. Now open your cases please.” Andrew creased up and even more so when he was told he could go. He swaggered through arrivals and met William and Trevor while silly sod had his cases searched. He came out smiling, but they were nowhere to be seen as they were hiding behind a bill board and made him wait for ages. It was good to be back.

“She is looking absolutely fantastic boys, just a few nuts and bolts to fix and when all the cabin furniture is fitted out she is done, the crew lounge and galley have already been completed. The crew are fantastic and will go to her at midday tomorrow so you and Andrew can go early and see her for yourselves. Scott, honestly she looks bloody wonderful and with that forward water cannon sitting there she resembles a warship, especially in her battleship grey. That was your plan all the time wasn’t it?”

“Yes dad and even looking like a warship may keep the pirates away from us and the ship we are escorting. Any news about us carrying CS gas?”

“Nope, but the Commodore has invited himself to the launch and maybe he will have some news, we know he said he would support us.”

“Let’s wait and see then.”

Because of the time difference it was late and after an hour talking they said goodnight to William and after a shower, which was fun, climbed into bed and almost immediately fell asleep. Well, to be more precise, immediately after Scott had made love to Andrew and delivered his usual massive load into his fantastic bum and Andrew had cum all over Scott’s towel.

“Have you finished abusing me Captain Fishnet?”

“It’s your fault for laying in front of me like that. What else do you expect?”

“Anything to declare sir?”

Scott reached behind him and found his wallet on the table and got a dollar out and gave it to Andrew.

“I want a fucking receipt.”

“No problem sir, none at all, now, open your cases please.” How they did it goodness knows, but they fell asleep still laughing.

They stood at the dockside at 9am looking at their ship and took in the amazing transformation from fishing trawler to what she was now, an escort ship that was almost ready to do her work. She looked magnificent. They toured the ship for two hours and spent most of it in the engine room and on the bridge. Men were still on board finishing fitting out the cabins, but theirs had already been completed and they stood with their arms around one another and looked at their new home and fell in love with it.

The cabin was directly below the bridge and spanned the whole width of the ship which would also include Scott’s office. The crew’s cabins would be much smaller, but very well appointed with a central corridor running the length of the crew deck and cabins port and starboard, six on each side. At the end of the corridor there was a hatch that lead into the gym and all of them would be using it many times while at sea.

Above the crew deck and what used to be the main deck was a new structure which was the sick bay and could take in six bed patients and another six fold down beds. On the starboard side was fully equipped treatment room that had x ray and operating facility.

Above this was the flight deck and directly behind the bridge a large “hanger” that would house the RC Helicopter and room for two more if it was thought another’s would be needed. Aft of the sick bay was what was left of the original deck which had the crane and a large area to land any survivors once they had been bought on board.

For the remainder of the time before the naming of the new ship, it would be back to back training on all the safety and emergency procedures including, fire fighting, abandoning ship and first aid, all crew training in their own responsibilities and for those who had never been to sea, in seamanship all of which was given by Paul and navigation given by Scott.

As they progressed they settled into a full crew and Scott was more than confident that once they got to sea he would have a very competent crew to sail with. It was also apparent every one of them had become very supportive to one another and each was as keen to learn as much about others responsibilities as they were of their own. After a lot of trials and testing it became obvious that Jan was the best RIB and boat driver and would also operate the water cannons from her station on the bridge. Colin turned out to be the best by far on the winch and would operate it at all times.

“We will need a winch man to go over the side if we ever need one.”

“Me.” Scott turned and looked at Andrew and knew had could not say no.

“Fine, in that case you two need to start practising. We need a volunteer to be rescued as well.” Everyone turned and looked at Marcel. He had a huge smile on his handsome face. “Guess it’s me then!” Scott knew there was one more decision he had to make and that was to appoint a first officer. He already knew who it would be, but waited until the final dinner party at William’s home to announce who it would be and the day before the naming ceremony.

The crew had been accommodated at a local hotel but agreed that they would not move until the last cabin had been finished, they wanted to move together as a complete crew. They had already selected their cabins and all of them packed ready to go.

The Bushman family had arrived and bought their enthusiasm with them. It was organised chaos and William was having a marvellous time getting to know them all. He had never had any doubts about the conversion of the trawler and what she would be doing for the next goodness how long, but now even more certain as he knew by now the crew were great and together they would make a good, safe ship to do her work.

The whole lot were sitting squashed together at the dining table, all 21 of them for their final meal together before the naming ceremony the next day. William sat where Jean always sat and Scott in William’s seat. During the meal while everyone was talking at once father and son would often look up and smile at one another. This was it, everything had been done and they would be off in a couple of days for their first sailing to test the ship and its crew, Scott also knew he too would be tested. William was more than aware of any feelings his son had and sent his encouragement down the length of the huge table. It was time for the one and only speech and Scott got to his feet, there was complete silence.

This won’t take long, I promise. The ship is now ready and so are we, or at least ready as we can be without actually going to sea yet. We will be sailing to Dalvik in north Iceland and back to familiarize ourselves with the ship and train -train- train. We will stay in Dalvik for two days and then come back home at full speed to prepare for our first proper sailing. Dalvik know we are coming and we can expect quite a reception as the ship was one of theirs for some time.  When we get back I have put aside two weeks before we sail to give us time to correct any faults that may become apparent and also give everyone a week’s leave. When we return we will spend two days fully provisioning the ship.

Once Janet has named her tomorrow there will be a small celebration on board and then after Dad and Andrew’s family have left, we are on our own and will sail at 09 00 the next day. I won’t wish us good luck because that’s bad luck, but I do know one thing, we are as prepared as it’s possible to be and every bit of it down to the crew we have, all we need to do now is prove it.

I just want to finish with an appointment. No ship sails without a first officer and I would ask you to accept that appointment Paul.”

In fact Paul didn’t have a choice as Scott left his seat and went to Paul with his hand out and as Paul stood and shook Scott’s hand he took the shoulder straps with the three gold rings Scott presented to him. “Thanks Skip, you have no idea what this means to me and one day I will tell you.” Everyone applauded Scott’s appointment and when it went quite everyone heard, “Bugger!” They all looked at Marcel who did not intend anyone to hear him. He looked around him with that wonderful, innocent smile on his beautiful face. “I thought it was going to be me!” It ended the way Scott hoped and the party started all over again.

They all assembled on the harbour pier, about a hundred of them and listened as the Reverend prayed over the ship and blessed the crew and all the while Janice becoming more and more nervous as her moment was just seconds away. She had been rehearsing for weeks.

“MOM! You have to say it in a Brit accent!” Shawn was winding his mother up big time. “Try again.” Janice swallowed and stood like she thought she should do and with all the arm gestures, one arm across her breast and looked to the skies. She had seen quite a few old movies as an actress “Launched” a Ship of the Line in a film about the Royal Navy at a time when Britain ruled the waves!

“Hi neeem this sheeep..!”


“Oh God!”

Walter and the kids nearly wet themselves.

Janice’s time had come and after getting a nod from the Reverend she lent forward to the microphone and took a deep breath, while the rest of her family held theirs.

“I name this ship (The entire Bushman family breathed a sigh of relief) “Lady Jean Peterson,” May God bless her—– and my son and Scott and all you guys who will sail in her as well!” It was absolutely spot on!

On the second try Janise managed to throw a switch and a perfectly good bottle of champagne smashed on the bow and now, at last, the ship would forever be known as the “Jean.” David was standing next to his dad and both at the same time said, “What a waste!”

After many handshakes and best wishes the crew and Andrew’s family went on board to start the party. William had to endure being winched up by the crane and then manhandled down to the crew lounge by Paul picking him up and literally carrying him down two decks. “That’s the only time I have EVER been that close to a gay man, put me down first officer!”

It was all very nice, but William knew this would have to be a brief time as well. He knew from experience that now the naming had been carried out, Scott and the crew would be thinking of tomorrow and he needed to go and take the Bushman’s with him and leave Scott and his crew to focus. Scott stayed with his father the whole time and both knew that as from now they would be seeing a lot less of one another.

“We are going soon son, you need to have the Jean to yourselves now and we are in the way.”

“No you’re not, but you are right we are all thinking about tomorrow. We will be fine dad and try not to worry. The Navy didn’t turn up then? Sod em, if we don’t get CS gas we will still be able to defend ourselves, just don’t worry and I will video call you every day, thank God we can do that.”

The goodbyes were difficult and after they had all gone they went back down to the lounge and sat in what had become their “own” places. The lounge was the largest open space on the Jean with sitting and dining areas that would become “home” when they were off watch and the main place to meet one another. The galley was next to the lounge and would produce 24 hour meals and snacks while at sea and with two great chefs on board, the crew would never go hungry.

No one said much and they began to drift off to their cabins after Scott and Andrew had gone to theirs.

Scott closed the door and stripped down to his tight briefs. Andrew looked at him and in particular that bloody wonderful package inside his boyfriends underpants and followed suit.

Scott laid them down on the settee and they wrapped their arms around one another and kissed. Neither of them said a thing for ages and were more than content to hold one another while each cock joined in and got hard. Finally they both had to get rid of the underwear as it was becoming really uncomfortable and once free they both settled back into kissing again.

“You ok about sailing tomorrow Andrew?”

“Just worried I might throw up. I just don’t want to let myself down, but I think all of us who have never been to sea before will be thinking the same.”

“Just think about Admiral Nelson, he was sea sick every time he sailed and if you ask me who Nelson was I will dump you over the side.”

They carried on cuddling in and kissing, but knew this was not the time to make full love and, even though they were still both hard as rocks, they went to their bunk and once again wrapped their arms around one another and kissed until they both fell asleep.

Scott had set the alarm for 7am, but woke two hours before it was due to go off. Andrew had turned as they slept and now had his back to Scott and Scott’s arms around him.

There was no way he could go back to sleep and he gently got out of the bunk making sure he did not disturb Andrew. He looked down at him and smiled his love before going for a shower.

He dried off and went back into the cabin and began to get ready for the biggest day of his young life.

He got into his tight white briefs and before he got into uniform he went to the bunk and looked down at Andrew and stared at him for sometime with all the many happy thoughts going through his head. He bent down and gently kissed Andrew’s cheek. “I love you so much Andrew.” He stood back up and got dressed.

He stood there looking at himself in the full length mirror. The reflection coming back showed a beautiful young man in his dark blue “day” uniform with an open necked shirt with a brilliant white tee shirt underneath. On his shoulders were his four gold rings and the gold badge of the Jean and his rank below it on his left breast. He looked and, not for the first time, though he looked far too young to be dressed like this and when he put his cap on with the company badge of two crossed anchors with gold laurel leaf surrounding them and the gold braid on the peak, it just confirmed what he was thinking. “Oh fuck it, the pay is good and the crew could not careless anyway, so why should I?” He smiled to himself and before he left to tour his ship, he went to the bunk and kissed Andrew’s cheek again.

He went down to the lowest part of his mother’s ship and inspected every deck and department until finally arriving at the centre of his ship, the bridge. He sat in his seat which was raised so he could have an unrestricted 360 degree view outside and was in deep thought. He was now a Captain and there would be no one to tell him what to do or how to do it, he was on his own now and everyone would be looking to him to command his ship with the highest standards of seamanship. During interviews not one of them had any reason to be concerned about his age as Scott’s personality was apparent and gave everyone a sense of confidence and by the end of interviews each applicant was even more keen to be taken on.

It was still dark outside and as he sat there his thoughts went back to the attack on the O6 and all the hell after it. Suddenly he felt more than sure of himself and confident about his and the Jean’s role and his ability to protect the fleet. BUT, there was another reason he felt so sure of himself and that was when Andrew’s hand held his.

Scott smiled at Andrew and lent to him and kissed his sweet lips. Nothing was said and Andrew would stay where he was until Scott moved.

“Thanks Andrew. Thanks for everything, let’s go back.”

They undressed and got on top of the bunk and just cuddled in. Andrew hadn’t finished and kissed Scott’s face ending up kissing an ear, he stopped and whispered, “And just who was this Nelson dude then?”  Andrew realised how anxious Scott must be, but by one thoughtful act by going to the bridge and that daft remark any worries Scott had until then, blew the lot away. They made a hell of a noise laughing, then cuddled back in and slept. The alarm went off and after a lot more kissing they went for a shower and got dressed.

The engines had been running for two hours with Neil and Andrew keeping an eye on all the various indicators while the rest of the crew prepared to leave harbour.

It was 08 55 and Scott spoke to the engine room through his headset.

“All ok Neil?

“Absolutely fine Skip, all ready to go.”

Just two lines were left waiting for Scott’s order. “Let go fore and aft.” Scott wanted to take her out himself for the first time and with the wheel hard to port and the bow thruster pushing as well, the Jean pulled away from the pier a few yards and once clear he turned the thruster off and at the same time went ahead, the Jean was now on her maiden voyage. He took her out into the Southampton water and got into her channel which would take the ship to the Solent and then into the English Channel. When they were into the Channel he handed over to Paul.

“She is all yours Paul, Iceland first stop in ten days.” She could make Iceland long before that, but on the way they would be training and the ship would often be stopped or sailing at very low speed.

Scott toured the ship and stopped on the flight deck and watched a very excited Marcel finishing his checks on his baby prior to taking her on her first sea flight. He had spent every hour he could flying long before today and had impressed all of them with his skills. Scott just knew having the helicopter was going to be a huge asset and with the delightful Marcel flying it, it would be an even better asset. He had already made his mind up that he needed another one and would order it after they got to Iceland to see if any modifications would be needed on the new one.

“All good Marcel?”

“Fine Skip. Just about to take off.” Scott wondered where this “Skip” thing came from, certainly not him. He watched as Marcel wound the engine up and after he was satisfied after the pre flight checks, took off as soon as he threw a switch on his control panel that released the four clamps from the skids that held the machine firmly to the deck. Marcel went up 50ft and at the same time 50ft off the starboard side to clear the ship. He threw another switch which would give control to the helicopter’s computer which would keep it hovering while Marcel left the deck and ran like hell to get to the bridge. Once at his station he would take back manual control with the helicopter now quite a distance behind the Jean still hovering. Some crew stood behind him and watched the screen as the helicopters camera sent back images in clear HD and saw their ship from above and every other angle as well. He flew off and looked at other ships in the vicinity and then back for landing practice.

By the fifth day they were north of Scotland and now into the North Atlantic headed towards the east coast of Iceland. As usual the sea was quite rough which gave Colin the opportunity to practice on the winch. Picking someone out of the sea was going to be a challenge as the ship could be tossed about all over the place as well as the survivor and Andrew would be in quite a lot of danger as well. In fact long before Andrew was connected up, Colin would practise with a heavy weight attached to the end of the cable and practised keeping it just above the top of the sea by trying to anticipate the ships movement and that of the sea by running the cable out and then quickly back in. It took many hours, but he was having a great time doing it.

They had two methods of rescue, the first similar to the one used by conventional helicopters when a rescuer would be winched down to the survivor and a strop would be placed around his shoulders and with the rescuer holding on with arms and legs, signal to be hoisted up. The other was an idea of Scott’s which was a rope basket that had a metal base and as it was lifted the basket would unfold and lowered into the sea so that up to four could get on board at a time. All good stuff, but the biggest difference between them and a helicopter was that the helicopter would be a much more stable platform than the Jean would be. Finally, when he declared himself ready the RIB was launched with Jan and three others on board and the happiest of them all, Marcel. They went off about half a mile, dumped him over the side and he had to wait to be picked up. Freddy would take the Jean up wind of Marcel and once in place Colin lifted Andrew off the deck and the rescue attempt was made. After many times like this Marcel guessed Andrew had his arms and legs around him more times than Andrew had them around Scott over the past few days.

Marcel thought about that when he got to his cabin after the day’s work. He had said goodnight to those off watch and was now in the shower after he had put his shower cap on and had become an eighteen year old again as the water cascaded over his dark brown skin and then turned the water off and began to soap all 5ft 7inches of himself.

Because he was so active and fit, his slim natural build and tight body was a delight for all those who saw him at the pool or beach and most definitely after sports in the showers. Most would just see his face of course and all those that did agreed he was incredibly handsome, beautiful in fact. With his interracial blood line he was born to be beautiful and his dreadlocks only enhanced that beauty. Those dreadlocks were his pride and he took great care of them and kept them at shoulder length and just covering his ears and forehead. To complete this wonderful sight were his deep brown eyes, perfectly shaped nose and full soft lips and when he smiled, which was most of the time, perfectly formed white teeth. The two “smile” lines either side of his mouth completed this picture of sheer beauty.

Marcel continued to soap down his body and had now got to his belly button, that too was perfect and it seemed that from it poured out a thin line of black hair that travelled down and cascaded outwards and formed his generous thick bush of pubic hair which crowned his amazing 7.5 inches of manhood. Seven and a half inches of magnificence covered in a thick layer of soft silky black skin with the head just visible at the very end. When erect it grew another half inch which pulled his foreskin back exposing the whole head and his two hair free plumb sized testicles that hung half way down the length of straight cock.

He laid on top of his bunk and bought this magnificent rod to full erection and while he did thought of everyone on board as he did most times before sleep.

All of them were lovely people and he had become very fond of them all, but could be excused for dwelling on the physical side of the younger men who were in marvelous shape. Jerry Forsyth 25 and 5ft 11 of toned body which he kept in great shape and with his handsome face he was indeed a lovely sight and single. Marcel smiled at that. Paul Smith maybe 35 but he had the body of a giant in amazing shape and Marcel had often wondered about Paul and the lovely diminutive Tommy Goodyear together in bed. Thinking about the 6ft 6 gentle giant and Tommy 5ft 5 “performing” bought Marcel’s cock even harder and by the time his thoughts got to Scott and Andrew he was only seconds away and with the same person in his mind like every other time he was like this, the last one he was thinking of was Scott.

Marcel had arrived and with both hands around his masterpiece he stiffened and one enormous continuous load shot out, climbed two foot and landed back down all over him. That was followed by three more lesser loads and after five minutes in recovery he was back in the shower.

The man who had sent Marcel over the edge was cuddled up to his boyfriend enjoying the motion of the ship as it ploughed into the heavy sea. The Jean was forced up to the top of the next wave and hung there for a few seconds and then crashed back down.

“You ok Andrew?”

“Fuck, why did you ask?” He shot out of the bunk and just made the toilet.

Sea sickness is a bummer and even worst when you were in the middle of your first heavy sea and also knew by the forecast this was going to go on all bloody night. A pill or even some injections could help, but Andrew was about to be cured without taking either, but not quite in the way he thought. It was 3am when Scott’s phone rang, it was Paul.

“Sorry to wake you Skip, but we are picking up a distress call and we are only 20 miles from it and we seem to be the closest ship.


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