Albert Dowling
by BobbyG


Chapter 16

Albert closed the door and as soon as Namu put his belongings on the bed and Albert dumped the bag on the floor, both boys once again clung together with their arms around each body tongue kissing the whole time and while they did two cords were undone and two pairs of pants dropped to the floor.

They continued to kiss for a good ten minutes and all the while Albert stroked Namu’s neck, face, head and then to his back with both hands caressing every square inch over and over again.

Namu in all that time kissed and tightened his hold on Albert as his state of passion was increasing by the second. That was to become even more intense when he felt Albert’s hands travel down to the small of his back and then onto the top of those beautiful cheeks that would become the centre of attention for quite some time. Albert lowered his hands and covered both cheeks and all the while massaging them as well as gently pulling them apart and running a finger over that tiny button.

Namu’s contribution to all what was going on was to cling onto Albert’s neck and kiss even harder but at the same time making all sorts of noises that came out of his throat telling Albert he was having the time of his young life!.

Albert finally stopped and looked down at his boy smiling at him.

“I can’t believe this is happening Albert.”

“Do you want it not too?”

“Don’t be silly, I should have ended by saying, “at last.” They kissed yet again.

Holding onto Namu’s hands, Albert stepped back and took in this incredible sight standing in front of him. He already knew his slender body in all its wonder but was now looking at him naked and showing his slim 4.5-inch hard penis with his small but delightful balls tucked up underneath. Not one hair was visible which made this sight even more beautiful.

All pure innocence made even more so as Namu’s eyes were as wide open as he could get them as he in turn stared at Albert’s nakedness and gave a sharp intake of breath.

“Oh my word Albert, I have only seen boys my age and younger naked until now and… oh my goodness… I cannot wait to get one like yours!”

“Don’t be in too much hurry, you look perfect as you are.” He reached forward and held Namu’s cock, the sweet boy nearly fainted!

Albert took his latest sex friend’s hand and placed it on his cock and then held him tight so he would not fall over! Albert began to stroke with Namu copying his friend’s actions and stroked Albert. Believe it or not they began to kiss again!

It was Namu’s turn to step back. He stroked Albert with both hands looking at it the whole time.

“I want you to put that inside me, but I’m not sure it will fit.” He looked up at Albert. “But I really want you to try… I want you to be my first Albert, even if it takes the whole month you are here to do it.”

Once again Albert drew him close and wrapped his arms around this stunning 13-year-old.

“Yes Namu, I would love to be your first, but my dear fellow it will certainly hurt. But there is a way to lessen the pain, let me show you.”

Namu smiled and nodded his head.

Albert went to the bedside locker and took the Vaseline out and after more kisses he got Namu to lean face down over the side of the bed. He just stood there taking in the fantastic sight of this dark-skinned boy and in particular those perfect buttocks and that inviting crack which would soon get a lot of attention. He knelt down and lightly kissed both of them and at the same time running his hands over Namu’s back.

“Oh Albert, that’s lovely… don’t stop!”

But the rotten 15-year old did. He stood up and shoved Namu into the middle of the bed and got him on his knees with his bum sticking up exposing his valley and that glorious dark button which appeared so small and tight.

Albert placed his hands on Namu’s thighs and kissed and licked both cheeks for some time. Namu moaned his lovely head off which turned into a yell of sheer pleasure when Albert’s tongue began to lick inside the valley of dreams.

Albert continued to give his friend even more to moan about when he reached round and took his penis into hand and began to massage that glorious hard member. Seconds later Albert’s tongue arrived at the main target and the poor lad nearly fell off the bed as soon as it hit his button. Albert held on tight as he kept up the tongue lashing, Namu meanwhile kept up the moaning!

This was already a good day and one that was about to get even better as Albert pushed his tongue into Namu’s hole. It just slipped in as far as it would go, it was as if Namu was made of jelly down there. Albert got on his knees and with more Vaseline on his middle finger he put it against Namu’s bum and just shoved it in without any resistance whatsoever. He then put more lubrication on two fingers with the same result. Up the other end Namu just laid there with a massive smile on his face.

“Oh my word Albert, that is fantastic!”

Before he knew what was happening he was bodily picked up and the next thing he knew he had been taken to the bathroom.

“Namu, I don’t know how you are made down there but I do know when I enter you there will be no pain, just pleasure!”

“Then why on earth are we in here?”

“You need to clean out first, I will tell you what to do and leave you to it. Namu, this is going to be better than we could have dreamed of believe me!”

Namu came out of the bathroom and stood by the side of the bed looking at Albert’s perfect naked body. He leaned over and kissed Albert and held his massively stiff cock. Who said males could not do two things at the same time!?

“I am ready Albert.” He got on the bed and laid on his back with his legs up and wide open.

Albert split himself laughing! “My word you ARE keen Namu!” They kissed for some time and fondled one another’s beautiful bodies and stroked a cock each.

There now followed an uncoordinated “attack” on each body as they kissed, licked and fondled each body with Namu following every move Albert made.

They ended up in that 69 thing and two of Albert’s fingers inside the 13-year-old bum. The owner of that bum squirmed all over the bed with Albert hanging on to him and then turned him on his front, he laid on top with his rod laying the full length of Namu’s crack and began to stroke. The virgin boy thought he had died and gone to heaven. Not that he would be one for much longer.

Albert got to his knees and pulled Namu to his. “Namu I’m going to fuck you and I just know you will be fine when I do.”

“Isn’t there a saying called “famous last words” Albert?”

“Never heard of it.” He lied.

Albert lined himself up and just gently put pressure on that tiny hole and simply slipped in, all the way! Namu yelled out but not with pain but rather sheer pleasure with that 5.5-inch cock filling his entire elasticated tunnel. “Oh my bloody saints… It’s fantastic!”

Albert began to stroke out and then slowly back in and at the same time taking Namu’s cock in hand wanking him in time with his fucking, both boys were in the same heaven!

This may have been the 13-year-olds first time but what he lacked in experience he was making up for it in enthusiasm!

Albert twisted them into many different positions without once withdrawing from Namu and it seemed that when he had got Namu straddling him, the boy had found a favourite position and took over the fucking and at the same time lent over so he could kiss Albert. Doing that Albert found himself nearing his end.

“Namu, don’t stop, I’m going to cum” Namu now began to  stroke in earnest and after another half dozen more fucks and with lots of deep breathing and calling out to one another, they both froze for a couple of seconds and each boy came a tremendous amount with Albert filling Namu to overflowing and the boy himself delivering a load he had never produced before, all over Albert’s chest.

Namu fell on top of Albert and kissed him gently for many a minute. Albert wrapped his arms around his ex-virgin kissing him back.

“Thank you Albert, I had no idea it would be that good. How long before you can do it again!”

“It was lovely and so are you, give me a few minutes and I will be ready.”

He turned Namu on his left side with him behind and began to stroke into his friend again. Namu took hold of his cock and both boys would be like that and would climax three more times over the next two hours.

They eventually got out of bed for a bath and then after something to eat collapsed back in bed cuddled together and kissed until sleep took over. Neither of them had heard someone outside the door and putting a note under it.

When they woke up at 8 the next morning. It was back to the bath, then a snack and then more sex for the next three hours. Finally they got back into the bath again and just clung together kissing until it was time to get out, dress and go down for lunch.

While dressing Albert saw the note and picked it up, it read;

“Dear Albert, his lordship telephoned and ask that you call him back after your human biology studies. Trevor. PS Perhaps we could study together this evening?”

A huge cheer went up as they went into the dining room and both with massive smiles all over their faces. They sat at Trevor’s table with him and the other boys grilling them about what they had got up to all night. It didn’t take long to answer them.

“We fucked for just about the whole time and I think Namu will be doing a lot more of it with others from now on.”

All boys took note, especially Trevor who was more than happy when he saw Namu display his yellow card.

“Good morning my Lord. I hope you are well?”

“Good morning Mister Dowling, very well thank you and I hope you are the same. I am so sorry to disturb your studies but this is most important.” It was impossible to have a more personal conversation when on the telephone as operators tended to listen in. Lots of personal information was released via some nosey operator much to the embarrassment to those trying to have a private chat.

“I am flying up with a chap early tomorrow morning and we will meet in the hanger to discuss the visit which will last from 8am for about 6 hours, there is much to discuss and also please be prepared to fly yourself.”

Albert was upset, angry and more than pissed off. Here he was talking to the man he loved but not able to be even slightly personal. Jonnie was about to hear Albert’s anger.

“Yes my Lord, as you wish my Lord I will be on the field waiting to be at yours and your guests service my Lord. I will have refreshments in the hanger for your Lordship and if I can be of further service, please instruct, it will be my honour… My Lord!”

“Thank you Dowling, but not refreshments, however, breakfast would be very welcome though, scrambled eggs and toast please with lots of butter and of course tea but do make sure the milk is fresh won’t you. I will land precisely at 8am, goodbye Dowling. ”

Albert nearly blew a gasket!

“Fuck off your fucking Lordship!” He shouted, but not before he had put the earpiece back on its cradle!

At the other end Jonnie put his phone down, laughing his head off. “Oh my dear boy! You really are fed up aren’t you, but then so would I be in the same situation. I may have spoilt your evening somewhat my love, but tomorrow you will understand why I am coming to you, after you read my letter.” He got his pad out and began to write.

Albert was still very much in a dark mood. He took his black card out and stuck it in front of his pocket, Trevor nor anyone else would get anywhere near him that night. He went to the kitchen to ask for his Lordships requests then went to his room and got his writing pad out!

He wrote quite a lot but ripped every page up as he tried to pen his feelings and finally settled for just one line.


Yeah God’s! Shakespeare would have dribbled at those words and would have cussed himself for not thinking them up himself! OR… laughed his fucking head off as well!

With that masterpiece finally on paper and sealed in an envelope, he went for a bath and then got into bed and snuggled onto “Jonnies” pillow and for the first time in many months, had a wank, thinking of Jonnie and his magnificent body and that wonderful cock!

He woke at 7 the next morning, got out of bed, which would be the only time that month he would get out with no one else with him, and went for a pee, poo and bath. He laid there thinking what this was all about and, now in a much better frame of mind, he realised it had to be important for Jonnie to phone him and in fact became excited knowing that Jonnie could be bringing him yet another step forward towards his flying ambitions. Little did he know just how important this meeting would be, even Jonnie was not that sure but knew it could lead to Albert becoming an RFC pilot in the near future if Britain went to war against Germany. That had become almost certain given that Germany was making no secret of the fact that she wanted to expand her empire and therefore, power.

Britain could in fact have not got involved in the war but for one treaty which would take the country down that terrible path. Britain had a long and almost forgotten treaty with Belgium set in 1867 when Britain promised to come to their aid in support of their wish to stay neutral if Germany attacked them and of course they did.

Germany in 1914 declared war on both Russia and France and needed to attack both countries at more or less at the same time, however to do that Germany had to go through Belgium and therefore violated her neutrality. Britain found she had no option other than to declare war on Germany. Four years later, 1918, Britain was on its knees with much of her workforce dead or so disabled those thousands still alive were unable to work and even “The war to end all wars,” failed.

1939 was just 21 years ahead and once again it would be Germany that would take the world into war with citizens who only wanted to live their peaceful lives into a conflict that would see even more millions slaughtered.

After the Nazi’s had been destroyed in 1945, Germany would rise from the ashes and become the most powerful European nation to this date. Who says crime does not pay? (authors opinion only)

Meanwhile, Albert fished out his flying suit and struggled into it. For two weeks he had been in skimpy school uniform but now in flying suit he felt completely different and VERY unattractive towards the school’s population.

But, he had a different day now and as he walked towards the hanger to await Jonnies arrival he was able to put this life on hold and wait for what was about to happen with this guest of Jonnies. He had come to terms that he could not kiss or cuddle Jonnie and even though it would be difficult, he was quite sure it would be the same for Jonnie too, well he hoped so.

Dead on 8am two things happened, the BE2 landed and kitchen staff delivered scrambled eggs, toast with lots of butter and tea with fresh milk. They put it into the hanger and left but by now the whole school was watching as Jonnie taxied to the hanger and turned the aircraft ready for another flight.

Albert put the chocks under the wheels and stood back and watched Jonnie climb out of his cockpit followed by the stranger climbing out of his. The engine was still running.

“Good morning Dowling!”

Yesterday Albert could have kicked one of his nuts in! But SO happy now to see him again!

“Good morning my Lord and to you sir.”

“I want to introduce Col Sebastian Hunter-Fellows. Sebastian this is the boy Dowling you have come to watch and fly with.”

Albert could now kick both nuts in! “The boy Dowling!?” Jonnie, you are in so much shit when we are alone!

“Good ta meet you young fella! Let’s not waste time, get in and do what I am told you are good at.”

Sebastian was about 50/55, six foot tall plus a few inches and well built. He had the body of a wrestler or boxer, rugby player? Who knows but whatever he was his dominant prescence made you respect him instantly, or thinking you could get beaten up! That of course was in the mind and Albert was about to find out he was in fact a gentle man, but at the same time very astute and could work you out within minutes of meeting you.

Col. Sebastian Hunter-Fellows was a senior officer of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) which began it’s life in 1909 and was now actively engaged in developing relationships within Belgium who could support the Allies in the event of war by carrying out undercover operations and forwarding troop movements and strength of the enemy by various means.

Albert was now going to fly as never before and simply because of the look that Jonnie gave him, it was nothing more than pure love. Albert returned the same look and both knew they were as safe in their relationship even though they could not demonstrate in a physical way at this time. Still, there was no harm in showing Jonnie he was less than happy in not being able to demonstrate his love for him in public. Bollocks, he could not be more pleased Jonnie was standing just feet from him! In fact it turned him on no end as they were the only ones that knew the truth about themselves, well, and Ben and William of course, oh and not to mention the entire fucking school!

But there was one more person who had worked out what the relationship was and that person was none other than Mathew Dowling.

Yes, indeed Albert was going to fly as never before and with much help from the adrenaline that was flowing throughout his entire body. There would be no risk, no making it up. He just knew he was about to show Hunter-Fellows a demonstration of pure skill.

Albert sat in his cockpit and adjusted his seat. He took one glance at Jonnie and gave a thumbs up and then opened the throttle. The aircraft began to accelerate and a quarter of a minute later he was airborne and already knew his demonstration would not go out of sight from all those watching and looking down he saw the whole school out looking up. That gave him another adrenalin rush which took him to his incredible piloting skills.

He threw his aircraft all over the sky, banking at right angles to the ground, looping and flying at full throttle at almost zero feet.

His final manoeuvre was to fly in a dive at full throttle and then pull up and with the stick pulled back into his belly and hard to starboard with the rubber kicked to the right, he took the machine into a barrel roll adjusting both stick and rudder the whole time but knowing he would have to correct as the aircraft became less stable as the speed dropped off. Albert now had to stop his machine from stalling and knew he had to become even more aggressive with stick and rudder. BUT, he knew they were under his control. He finished the roll above the field and then dived down to get more speed and when he got it, he simply side slipped and made a three-point landing then taxied to the hanger and switched off. He could now hear the applause coming from the entire school. He smiled at Hunter-Fellows as he climbed out who was also applauding, so was the lovely Jonnie! Albert was having a good day and it was about to get better. Jonnie lead the way into the hanger and offered breakfast and tea to the guest. Sebastian scoffed down his scrambled egg on toast and then swallowed his cup of tea. “That was just what the doctor ordered, thank you Albert! Rather a lot of butter though and I do prefer my tea without milk!” Sebastian wondered why Albert and Jonnie were creased up!

“Now my boy, THAT was an exceptional flight! How on earth were you able to do that!”

“Sir, I was lucky when his Lordship took me on and taught me, oh and much more besides, but I won’t go into that!” Jonnie was staring at Albert with an expression that said, “say any more and I won’t fuck you again!” Yeah and Pontius was a pilot!

“I have studied airframe load tolerances and it’s similar to our own body frame. We can take so much before a bone snaps and that is the same as aircraft frames. You have to know our body limits before something breaks and that is the same as flying within those same limitations. Over these months of flying I have become to know those limitations but take them to that limit… and just hope I have got it right!”

Hunter-Fellows looked at Albert for some time and then said something that was music to Albert’s and Jonnie’s ears. “Sod it, I’m going for a walk. Be back in 10 minutes chaps!”

Albert and Jonnie watch him go out of the hanger and then flew together and simply clung on as tight as was possible.

Nine minutes and thirty seconds later they stopped kissing and told one another of their love. They swapped letters just as Sebastian came back in.

“Right Jonnie lets get Albert’s cockpit blacked out for the night flight. Albert, here is the route map, torch, compass and stopwatch, you will need all three, study the map well, it’s a bugger but I expect you can do it with your eyes closed!”

Albert thought it was best to laugh at his crap joke!

“I need to know what speed you will be flying, Sir so I can calculate each leg of the navigation.”

“Oh yes, good point. 50 mph.”

Hunter-Fellows was true to his word, the navigation was indeed a massive challenge and very unexpected as most of it was finding landing fields and indeed touching down and remaining for a few minutes before he was told they would be taking off again and navigate to the next landing.

Five landings later and after two hours flying Albert announce they were back over the school. He felt the BE2 thump onto the field several times and thought it was not a very good landing, but he would not say so!

“Bloody fine exercise Mister Dowling, very well done! We will meet again. Right Jonnie I have to get back, got to fly to Belgium tomorrow but need to meet up with the chaps tonight for my 55th! Goodbye Mister Dowling, hope you do well at your schooling.”

He walked out towards the BE2 which only gave seconds for Jonnie and Albert to say goodbye.

They risked clinging together. “I fucking love you so much Jonnie, I just wish there were three cockpits.”

“I love you so much dear Albert and we will be back together on the 31st. Not long to go now, in the meantime, have a lot of fun!”

The sun was going down as Jonnie took off and he watched until he went out of sight, not that he could see much as the tears fell. He got the letter out, wiped his tears away and read.

“My dear Albert, I am so sorry I made you very angry yesterday but I could only get Sebastian to see you on this day only as he is in Europe for some considerable time and I know just how much he can influence your future. I do not know his full role in the army but I am assured it is extremely important. I know you will like him but not as much as I love you my dear Albert! (So long as there is lots of butter on my toast and the milk hasn’t gone off!)

“You bugger Jonnie!” He said to himself.

“Albert?” He turned and smiled at Trevor holding hands with Namu.

“We think we know what you are going through and we would like to make the parting more bearable by inviting you to my room tonight and Namu and I can help you relax and get back to the happy chap we all know you are.”

Albert looked at these two lovely boys and was so grateful that they had stayed behind knowing he would be upset when his Lordship flew away leaving their friend behind.

“I’m sorry Trevor, I can’t go to your room. I hope you’re not offended, I don’t mean any disrespect. BUT, my rooms are bigger than yours and my bed is huge. Isn’t it Namu!”

A 16-year-old, a 15-year-old and a 13-year-old ran like the wind and did not stop until they arrived at Albert’s door. He smiled at both of them and opened up.

“Welcome back Namu and welcome to you too Trevor.”

Trevor and Namu looked at one another with huge smiles and then grabbed hold of Albert and forced him to his bed! Well in fact Trevor did the physical bit, Namu just gave his boyfriend verbal support. Those two lovely boys were about to make a happy Albert even happier now that he had read Jonnies letter. They stripped him of his flying suit and themselves at the same time. Now naked they began a three-way kissing session which would develop into much more.

Albert would recall that evening and night quite a number of times and in particular when he was in his tiny room at the British Army Head Quarters in St Omar, in a huge mansion in France. some months later.


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