Making A Life In London
by Adam Stweart


Part 1

Steve was brought up in a small Northern town. The place was boring and there was little to make life more interesting. His parents had split up when he was six so for the past twelve years he had been raised by his father. He loved his Dad and had never really got on with his mother so he was not that upset when she left them for another man.

From an early age, Steve knew he was different to other boys and soon realised he was more attracted to the male sex than girls. When he was fourteen he had the hots for two lads in his class but they never showed any interest although he was fairly certain one of them was gay. He never showed any interest in girls but nobody seemed to bother or say anything to him so he lived his own life and left others alone. He was an only child so it was just him and his Dad.

Steve was slim, six foot tall and had blonde hair. Even he had to admit that he was a good looking guy. He often had girls showing an interest in him but they soon realised he was not interested and quickly backed off. He suspected he was labelled gay but nobody said it openly to him. His first sexual experience with a guy was when he was sixteen. He met the guy one afternoon in a toilet in the local park. They were the only two standing at the stalls and as Steve glanced down at the guy’s cock he saw that it was rock hard. Steve also soon formed a hard-on. They guy made no attempt to touch him but instead said

“Nice cock”

Steve grinned and complemented the guy on his tool.

“I live a short distance away. Interested in coming back for some fun?”

Steve thought for a moment. He had often dreamt of this moment and how he would react. He looked at the guy and decided he seemed nice enough and his cock was certainly worth exploring further.

“Yeah okay”

The pair walked outside and the guy led him to his car nearby. It was a 4×4 and clearly quite new since Steve could smell the newness of the leather seats.

“I’m Matt”


“Nice to meet you Steve” Matt replied and placed a hand on Steve’s knee, “So what do you like doing with a guy Steve?”

Not being too sure how to answer this since it was his first time, Steve thought for a moment. He had downloaded several porn films onto his laptop computer and seen what guys did with each other but until he tried these things on a guy he wasn’t sure.

“Most things”

“You a top or a bottom”

Another pause as Steve considered the question but before he could answer Matt said, “Is this your first time?”


“Oh wonderful, I do love giving guys their first experience. I’ll be very gentle with you and won’t do anything you don’t like or want me to do.”

Steve was beginning to like this guy. He seemed very genuine. Steve looked at him and grinned. He decided Matt was in his mid thirties.

They were soon parking in front of a cottage that was situated down a narrow country lane. The nearest house was well down the road so it stood on its own looking out onto open fields. It was summer and for a change the weather was actually quite hot so Steve had only worn a T shirt and a pair of flimsy sports shorts.

“Come on in” Matt said leading him into the cottage. There was a large living room with a small kitchen off. Glass doors led from the living room onto a patio. Matt opened the door and walked outside leaving Steve to follow him.

“Wow that’s some view” Steve commented and noticing a large erection inside Matt’s thin track suit bottoms.

“What would you like to drink? I’ve got a beer in the fridge I think or I’ve got wine.”

“A wine pleas, I don’t drink beer”

“Ah a man after my own heart, I can’t stand it either.”

As Matt went back inside to get the drinks he shouted over his shoulder, “Make yourself comfortable and take off your shoes and T shirt”.

Steve removed his shoes and his T shirt and walked around the patio. The warmth on his bare feet felt wonderful as did the sun on his naked back.

“Here’s to us” Matt said as he gave Steve him his glass of wine.


Matt had also removed his shoes and T shirt. He had a muscular body so clearly worked out.

“One great advantage of this place is that you have total privacy. Not a soul can see you out here so I often sunbathe in the nude.”

“Mmm very nice”

Matt put his glass down on a nearby table and moved over to Steve. Having taken his glass he then put his arms round him and kissed him. Soon their tongues were interlocked and Steve just loved the feel of another guy’s tongue inside his mouth. He had often dreamt of this and now it was actually happening. Steve could feel Matt’s hands moving all over his body feeling first his firm butt and then his hard-on through his shorts.

“Mmm that feels fucking gorgeous” Matt muttered between kisses. He soon had his hand down inside the shorts and was feeling the naked organ.

“Aaagh “, Steve let out involuntarily as he felt Matt’s warm hand grasp his manhood. Soon Matt had Steve’s shorts round his ankles. Steve slipped his feet out of them and kicked them to one side. Steve was now feeling inside Matt’s trousers and holding the large erect tool inside. Matt pulled his trousers down to let them fall round his ankles before kicking them off. They were both now stark naked standing out in the open with the sun bathing their naked bodies. Steve was enjoying every second.

Matt had now knelt down in front of Steve and was sucking his cock. Steve could feel his long shaft going right into Matt’s mouth. His head was right at the back of Matt’s throat and Steve felt he was going to shoot any second. Matt was too experienced to let that happen and withdrew the cock before Steve reached the point of no return.

“Come, it’s time we gave you some more experiences, let’s take you to bed”

Matt led Steve into the bedroom and laid him down on a large double bed. He used a remote to switch on a TV screen on the wall at the end of the bed and a porn movie was playing. One guy was fucking the other in the open air. Steve found it very erotic and his cock was soon rock hard again.

Matt straddled him and slowly licked his naked body gradually working his way down. When he reached Steve’s cock he gave it another suck before moving to his balls and between his legs. The feel of Matt’s hot tongue round his balls and between his legs sent him into wild feelings of erotic delight and he was verbally showing his approval.

Matt reached over to the side cabinet and opened a bottle of poppers. Steve watched him take a sniff from the bottle into each nostril before offering it to him. Steve had read about poppers and the effect it had but like so many other things he had never tried it. Steve held the bottle up to each nostril and took a long hard sniff like Matt had done. The effect nearly sent him wild. He wasn’t expecting that. He could feel blood rushing to his head and his whole body was now on a high. Matt had gone back to sucking his cock and the feel of this now was even more sensual than before.

Matt then lifted Steve’s legs above his head and after taking another sniff of poppers he started licking Steve’s arsehole. Steve also took another sniff of poppers up each nostril and was soon on a high again. The feel of Matt’s tongue round his hole felt just wonderful. He could now feel Matt’s finger probing his arse and gradually opening it up. Soon he had two fingers up and then three and Matt was surprised how open Steve’s arse was. Little did he know that this was one thing that his protégé had discovered – how to finger his own arse!

It was time for the next stage in his induction. Matt told Steve to turn over and lay on his stomach. Matt was going to fuck him from behind which he had found was always more comfortable for first timers. He applied plenty of lube into Steve’s arsehole and well lubricated his own cock. He then offered his stiff cock  up to the inviting hole and held it there for a few seconds. He loved fucking a virgin arse and wanted to savour this moment. He told Steve to just relax and let him do all the work. Slowly Matt pushed his big head inside and once in slowly pushed the rest of his shaft up Steve’s arse. It just slipped in and not a murmur from Steve apart from grunts of enjoyment.

Matt moved his cock in and out and he could feel the head rubbing against Steve’s flesh inside. Steve meanwhile could feel the thick hard cock up inside him and just loved the feel of it. Gradually Matt thrust faster and faster until he was really ramming his cock in and out. Each thrust took it up to the hilt and he could feel his balls slapping against Steve’s. He took another sniff of poppers and passed the bottle to Steve who did likewise. They were both on a high and enjoying every second.

Matt didn’t want to cum inside Steve so when he felt he was at the critical point he withdrew, quickly turned Steve over and wanked over Steve’s chest. Steve watched the large volume of white creamy cum shoot out of Matt’s cock to leave a pool on his chest.

Matt then used his cum to lubricate Steve’s cock. He wanted to feel that inside him so he quickly lubricated his own arse and sat down on the rampant organ. Steve nearly screamed out loud with delight as he felt his cock slipping inside Matt’s hot arse. He had never imagined that having your cock up an arse was such a delight. Once again Matt knew just the point at which to withdraw the cock inside him. He then wanked it until it was spewing copious amounts of cum over his chest. Matt always loved watching young guys of this age since they always shot loads of thick creamy cum.

The pair relaxed on the bed and drank the rest of their wine whilst they watched more porn.

“So how was your first time then?”

“Absolutely fucking fantastic”

“So which do you prefer, being fucked or fucking?”

“I love both – having my cock up an arse and a cock up my arse”

“That’s the best in my view so you’re versatile and can enjoy it both ways!”

They kissed and Matt placed his hand on Steve’s cock which was rock hard again.

“You in a hurry to get off or would you like to stay for a meal and have some more fun?”

Steve did not have to think about this one. “Yeah you bet”

All he had to do was phone his Dad to say he would not be back for a meal and would be home later in the evening. Matt had said he would run him home when the time came.

They moved outside onto the patio and lay out on a sun mattress. They were soon making love again and sniffing poppers. Matt got Steve to lick his body all the way down this time which he was happy to do. When he got to Matt’s cock he took it into his mouth and gave it a good suck. Matt was surprised that Steve could take the whole shaft into his mouth. It felt wonderful. Steve then lifted Matt’s legs over his head and he rimmed his arsehole. Matt could feel Steve’s hot tongue pushing its way inside. Steve then inserted two fingers into Matt’s arse and then a third. He just loved the feel of the warm soft flesh inside and probed and probed until the opening was wide apart. He wanted his cock inside and he had seen on porn films guys being fucked in this position so he put some lube inside the gaping hole, well lubricated his own rampant cock and thrust it inside.

“Aaaggh”, Matt screamed, “that feels fucking wonderful, fuck me hard, fuck me fucking hard”

Steve was happy to oblige and thrust his cock in and out with great gusto.

“Oh this is fucking marvellous, feeling my cock inside your hot arse. Oh my god I’m about to shoot.”

“Shoot inside me, I don’t mind, as long as I can do the same to you.”

It was too late for Steve to change his mind. He was at boiling point and his cock erupted. He could feel his hot seed shoot up Matt’s arse and it felt fantastic. Matt could feel the hot creamy cum shoot inside him and he just loved it. ‘It was the first time a sixteen year old had shot inside him and he rather like the idea.’

Matt was itching to get his cock inside Steve again so he quickly laid Steve on his back, lifted his legs and prepared the young arse for another invasion. This time he thrust his cock in with one push.

“Oh fuck, that feels brilliant” Steve exclaimed.

“You bet it does. Cock up young arse, perfect” Matt yelled back more to himself than Steve.

He fucked and fucked until he could feel himself reaching a climax. Suddenly his cock let rip and he surprised himself at the force of his cum shooting out into the young buck’s arse. ‘Spilling seed into a sixteen year old, that’s a first’ he told himself and he continued shooting.

“Oh my god I can feel hot cum shooting up inside me, fucking bloody fantastic”

The pair finally collapsed onto the mattress and kissed.

“That was just fucking brilliant” Matt said grinning, “Thanks”

“Thank you, it certainly was”

Steve prepared some food which they ate outside in the buff. When they had finished Matt gave Steve a massage. It turned out that he was a qualified masseur. He told Steve to lie on his stomach whilst he knelt astride his legs and massaged his shoulders and the top of his body with massage oil. He slowly worked his way down the body to Steve’s buttocks. These he massaged round and round and pulled them apart to open up Steve’s gaping hole. He fingered it and Steve reacted as he expected. He then massaged each leg working from the top of the thigh right into the groin and down to the feet. Having done one leg he then moved to the other. Finally he massaged the buttocks again but this time inserted his cock into the hole. It slipped in with ease and soon Matt was fucking this gorgeous sixteen year old arse. He felt himself shoot again inside but this time he just let it happen.

He turned Steve over and massaged the front of his body. As Matt did his shoulders, Steve could feel Matt’s still hard cock rubbing against his. It felt wonderful. Matt slowly moved down but as he did so he let Steve’s cock rub against his own arsehole. His hole was still well lubricated and Steve’s cock was well oiled. He guided it into his arse and sat on it as he continued to massage Steve’s naked body. Steve was trapped with Matt sitting on top of him so the sexual excitement was heightened. He picked up the bottle of poppers and took two long hard sniffs up his nostrils before passing it to Matt. He could feel his whole body becoming more sensitive to every move that Matt made. Having taken a double load up his own nose, Matt passed the bottle back to Steve who took another load up his. He was now riding high and thrust his buttocks up and down to make his cock go harder into Matt’s arse. Suddenly Steve felt his body explode as a load of hot cum shot up Matt’s arse.

“Oh fucking hell” Steve screamed, “that was fucking awesome.”

Matt grinned. He did so love making a guy sexually happy, especially a young one like this.

They sat for a while enjoying the evening sun but it was soon time for Steve to get home.

Steve never met Matt again but he remembered their time together for many years to come.


When he got in, his Dad was sitting in the living room reading.

“Hi, had a good day”

“Yeah great” Steve replied with a big grin on his face.

“You’re glowing so you obviously did!”

His Dad never asked too many questions about where he had been or what he had been up to. Provided he looked okay and was home at a reasonable time, his Dad seemed happy.

In the next two years Steve only met one other gay man. It was again in the park toilet but this time it was nowhere near as good experience as the one with Matt. By the time Steve was eighteen he was feeling trapped in this small Northern town. Decent jobs were scarce although he had managed to get a bar job once he had finished his exams. There were certainly no gay bars to visit but the bar nearest to them did employ two very nice young guys. They didn’t show any interest in Steve despite him being fairly sure that one at least was gay. At the bar he worked at he was always liked by the customers but none of them were remotely gay. He therefore decided it was time to move on and he fancied London.

One evening he decided to raise the subject with his Dad.

“Yeah I agree lad, there’s nothing here to keep you. I suggest you go for it and try your hand in London. You can always get a bar job to tide you over until you find something better. Some of the gay bars would jump at employing a young good looking guy like you.”

At the mention of gay bars, Steve looked at his Dad.

“Well I’m right aren’t I” his Dad replied, “You are gay aren’t you?”

Steve nodded. “You don’t mind then”

“Why should I. I’m of the same persuasion. Why else do you think you mother left me.”

Steve had often wondered if his Dad was gay. He often went about the house naked and always seemed to enjoy seeing Steve naked as well. In fact on one occasion he even saw his Dad with an erection under his dressing gown when Steve was walking about in the buff.

“You’ve got your Grandmother’s inheritance in your savings account to fall back on if you need to and I’ll put some money into your account for you to live on until you get a job. You can always stay with Uncle James until you find you own place. I’m sure he will be pleased to put you up for a short while.”

Steve smiled. His Uncle James was definitely gay and had moved to London many years ago so he was sure to enjoy having a young gay eighteen year old staying with him.

So that was settled and over the next couple of weeks Steve got himself ready to move off to London. The day finally arrived and his Dad drove him to the mainline station where he could catch a direct train to London. Steve hauled his large case out of the boot along with a knapsack which contained amongst other things his laptop computer. He said farewell to his Dad and they kissed.

“Keep in touch won’t you” he said with a small tear in his eye.

Steve assured him he would and that he would ring once he had reached Uncle James.


Part 2

Steve arrived in London on time and found his way to his Uncle’s house in Islington. He had been to London two or three times previously to visit but had never really had a good look round. He loved the buzz of the place and immediately knew he was going to like life in London.

His uncle welcomed him into the house and gave him a big hug and took the opportunity to pat him on the backside.

“How’s my favourite nephew then” he said taking hold of Steve’s case.

Steve always laughed when his uncle said that since Steve was his only nephew but it was nice to have such a good welcome.

His uncle showed him around and which bedroom he would be using during his stay. It was a very nice house and was furnished with expensive stuff. His uncle worked in the finance sector so was clearly doing well. At 38, James was a few years younger than his brother and he had retained his slim figure. He also had blond hair so he and Steve were very similar.

Over a cup of tea they discussed what kind of work Steve was going to do and where he was going to live. Steve told him about starting with bar work until he could find something better and that he hoped to find a small flat somewhere. He even went as far as telling James about learning to be a masseur. James laughed “Well there are plenty of gays wanting a naked massage so you could make a fortune doing that. What a great idea.”

James then told Steve that he could help with all three problems.

“The local gay bar is part of a group and I know they are looking for more staff in one of their Soho bars so when we go later on I’ll talk to the manager since I know him rather well.” James smiled knowingly. “I also know a guy who teaches massage. Often thought about learning myself but never had the time so once you’re trained you can practise on me!”

“That’s great, thanks very much”

“Ah but the best bit of news is that I own a house in Kings Cross. Not the most salubrious of areas but it’s not bad. It is split into six small flats with the two at the top of the house being studio flats each with its own shower room and toilet. It’s not large but it would probably do you okay. It just so happens, that one of these is vacant at present because I had to give notice to the tenant due to non payment. When he’d gone I found he had trashed the place so I’ve had to completely redecorate and put new furniture and appliances in. I’d rather let it to someone I know and trust so if you like it you’re welcome to rent it at a low rent.”

Steve couldn’t believe his ears. He went over to James and hugged him.

“Mmm wish all my male tenants were so tactile in their thanks.”

They agreed to go and look at the flat the next day which was Saturday.

“The decoration is finished but I’ve got to buy a new microwave and a fridge so you can help me do that. The lad who lives in the flat next to yours is very nice – he’s also gay!”

“I can’t believe all this” Steve exclaimed, “Thank you so much”.

“You’re welcome and you deserve it having put up with living in that dump up north for so many years! Right you must be starving so let’s have our meal early and then we can go round to the gay bar and speak to the manager. He’s normally in by 7. Then if you feel like it we can go into Soho.”

“Sounds great”

“Make yourself at home and have a shower if you want one. Oh by the way, being used to living alone I’m in the habit of walking round naked every so often but I don’t suppose it will bother you!” James said with a twinkle in his eye and then added “Feel free to do likewise if you want”.

James hoped against hope that Steve would do so since he hadn’t seen him naked for many years so he was looking forward to seeing this 18 year old stud.

Steve went upstairs and unpacked a few things from his case. He then stripped off naked and walked along the landing towards the bathroom. As he did so James came up the stairs but made no comment. Instead he absorbed the beautiful sight of this gorgeous naked hunk standing before him.

“Couldn’t remember whether I’d left out some towels for you.”

“Didn’t see any”

James followed Steve into the bathroom admiring his tight butt and once inside opened the airing cupboard and removed two towels. “Here you can use these and hang them on that rail over here.”

As he put the towels on the rail he glanced at Steve’s cock. As he suspected he was well hung with large balls that hung low. James grinned at Steve who grinned back. “Nice cock and a great set of balls.”

With that James left Steve to have his shower and gave his own cock a squeeze as he went back downstairs feeling very aroused. He had to be careful since he didn’t want to go too far with Steve but he hoped the time might come one day.

By the time Steve joined him downstairs again the meal was ready and they sat down to enjoy it along with a glass of red wine. “If I remember correctly you’re not a beer drinker are you?”

“No I prefer wine or spirits”

“Good man, I’m the same, Can’t stand beer. If forced to I will drink lager but even that I don’t really enjoy. I can’t stand men with large beer guts.”

“Same here”

“What spirits do you like?”

“Bacardi and Coke is my favourite but I also like gin. Not that keen on whiskey.”

“Fucking hell, we are alike” James exclaimed, “I’m much the same”.

Having finished their meal and Steve had helped James clear up they went off to the local gay bar which was only five minutes walk away. James spoke to the manager and asked if he was still looking for more staff in Soho. James explained who Steve was and that he was looking for bar work. The manager looked over to Steve and when he saw what a dish he was he immediately agreed to speak to Steve.

“Hi, I’m Ron” the manager said introducing himself to Steve, “Why don’t you join me in the office for a moment.”

Steve left James and followed Ron into a back room which acted as his office.

“So have you done bar work before?”

Steve explained that he had been doing bar work for the last two years up North and gave Ron details of the bar concerned.

“That’s great so you know your way around then”

“Yeah and many a time I’ve had to man the bar on my own in the early evening”

“Cool” Ron said whilst he looked Steve up and down admiring his slim body, “Just slip off your jacket for me”.

Steve obliged and did a twirl as requested. “Mm” Ron thought to himself, “This lad will go down a storm with the customers”.

“Right, why don’t you come along to our bar in Soho on Monday at 2.30 and we’ll have another talk and I’ll tell you what the shift hours are and stuff like that – oh and what the pay is, and we can take it from there but so far I like what I see.”

With that Steve returned to the bar grinning like a Cheshire cat. “I take it he liked you” James said.

“Yeah he seemed to and he’s asked me to go and see him at the Soho bar on Monday.”

“That’s great. He’ll take you on I bet. He just loves having cute guys in that bar.”


They had a couple of drinks and James introduced Steve to several other guys he knew. It seemed almost everyone knew James. Around half eight they moved off and James showed him the delights of Soho. They first of all went to the bar where Steve hoped to work. He just loved the atmosphere and the guys working behind the bar. He was sure he would fit in very well but he made no mention of him possibly joining them.

They visited several bars before going off to GAY and spending a couple of hours there. Steve was amazed at the number of guys and loved dancing with James stripped to the waist along with everyone else.

James didn’t want to stay too late as they had things to do the following day so they went home. It suited Steve because he was feeling very tired. When they got home, James went into the living room and stripped off. “Sorry but I always do this when I get in late to relax before going to bed.”

Steve admired James’ gorgeous naked body. He certainly looked after it and he too had a big cock and large balls like Steve. “Do you want to join me for a nightcap or would you prefer to go straight to bed?”

Steve agreed to join James with a brandy and whilst he was getting them Steve also stripped off. The pair sat down side by side on the sofa and watched a porn film that was already in the DVD player. Gradually the pair of them were forming erections and playing with them. James bent over and sucked Steve’s for a few moments but went no further. Steve took the cue and bent down to suck James.

“Oh that feels gorgeous” James exclaimed, “You certainly know how to suck”.

Steve grinned and returned to his corner on the sofa. Once he had finished his brandy Steve stood up and said he was going to bed. Having had a good look at Steve’s still hard cock, he patted him on his butt and said “Sleep tight”.


Steve woke fairly early the following morning. He could hear traffic noise outside which was something he would have to get used to in London. At home it was dead quiet all the time. He decided to stay in bed until he heard James moving about. He lay there thinking about the events within the past 24 hours. He still couldn’t believe his luck.

Eventually James knocked on the door. “Got a cup of tea for you” he said as he came in and sat down on the side of the bed. “Sleep okay?”

“Yeah, like a log”

James was wearing a short dressing gown but he had not fastened it so he was exposed down the front. Steve smiled to himself.

“Right then, we’ve got a lot to do today so I’ll get showered and dressed and see you for breakfast shortly. Are you a cooked breakfast man or cereal and toast?”

“Oh just cereal, toast and coffee please”

“Good, man after my own heart”

James went off telling Steve he could use the bathroom since he had his own en-suite. When Steve had finished his tea he got out of bed and walked down the corridor to the bathroom. Having showered and dressed he went downstairs to find James preparing breakfast.

“I have all meals at a table. Can’t do with this tray on a lap job like so many people do these days or walking around as they eat breakfast.”

“Same hear. I prefer sitting down properly.”

They ate their breakfast and when they had cleared up, James suggested they go and see the flat in Kings Cross. Steve couldn’t believe how easy it was to get there on the tube. Two stops from Angel which was just over five minutes walk from where James lived. The first thing they did was get Steve an Oyster card so that he could travel on tubes and buses without buying a ticket each time. Steve had heard of these and had already looked into it so he knew the system.

The flat was about five minutes walk from Kings Cross station so very convenient. It was in an old Edwardian house but James had looked after it so compared with others around it looked good. The flat was on the second floor which was at the top. It smelt of new paint but looked fantastic. You entered a very small hallway off which was the bathroom and the main living room. The bathroom was compact but housed a shower, toilet, basin and a washer/dryer. The living room consisted of a large rectangular room with a kitchen area one end, which was behind the door you came in. At the other end there was a double bed with floor to ceiling cupboards all along the wall. ‘Plenty of storage then’ he said to himself. On the long wall opposite the door was a window which looked out onto the street with a sofa facing.

“I’ve had the sofa cleaned so that should be okay” James explained, “and the bed has a new mattress”. The hob is new but we need a new fridge and a microwave. Oh and we need to get a small table and a couple of chairs because I had to chuck out those out as well. So what do you think?”

“It’s brilliant, just brilliant, thanks so much.”

“You’re welcome. At least I know it will be looked after this time. Now you will need some bed linen and towels. I think there’s enough crockery and cutlery in the cupboard and utensils but you can always add to those if you need to.”

Steve walked round the room and looked in the spacious cupboards. He imagined doing his massage on guys on the bed and having some fun in this pad.

“Okay, let’s go off to John Lewis then and buy what we need.”

As they were setting off, the guy in the studio flat next door appeared.

“Thought I heard someone coming in here”

“Hi Justin, meet your new neighbour. This is Steve.”

The two lads shook hands and looked each other up and down. James seemed to have a knack of choosing young good looking tenants. Justin was in his early twenties, dark haired with a body to die for.

“Could Steve have a quick look in your flat to see what can be fitted in and how it all works?”

“Yeah sure come on in”

Justin’s flat was exactly the same size but the reverse way round. He had it very nicely furnished and everything fitted in well. He noted a small TV on a table opposite the sofa and it reminded Steve that he too must get one. He would also have to buy a DVD/CD player in due course.

“Thanks Justin. I’m sure you two will get on fine.”

James and Steve left the flat and set off to John Lewis in Oxford Street. They first looked at fridges and found one just the right size. It would be delivered the following Wednesday morning. They next looked at microwaves and found one that was suitable. That too would be delivered on Wednesday.

“Right, let’s go and look at bedding” James said whisking Steve to the bedding department.

Steve decided he wanted a duvet so they chose one of those along with two pillows, two sets of duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases. Added to that were two sets of towels. When the sales assistant found out he was new in London and furnishing his first flat she gave him a discount so that eased the pain. Fortunately his Dad had given him some money to help the setting up costs so he had plenty to play with. They left the bedding department somewhat loaded but fortunately being two of them they managed.

“Do they sell TVs here as well?”

“Sure they do, JL do everything.”

They made their way to the top floor and found the television department.

“What size do you want?”

“Nothing too big, I thought the one Justin had was about right.”

“Okay, let’s have a look at the 19” and 22”, one of those should be large enough”

They looked at each one and decided the 22” was probably the better size.

“Right that’s decided” James said and then added “and it will be my house warming present to you”.

Steve looked at him in amazement. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah of course, all you need to buy is a small TV table for it which will also take your DVD player when you get one.”

Steve thanked him again and they looked at TV stands. They found a very neat one and added it to the list. These too would be delivered on Wednesday.

“Right it’s now just the table and chairs so we need to go down two floors.”

They found the furniture department and chose a stylish square table with two matching chairs. They were added to the Wednesday delivery so all was complete. Steve couldn’t wait to get in to his new flat and start living.

They made their way back to the flat to off load the bedding and James then took Steve to a gay bar near Covent Garden called The Box to have some lunch. As they went in the bar staff called out “Hi James” so he was obviously known here as well. James introduced Steve and they all admired each other!

They sat in a corner and enjoyed a glass of wine and a snack.

“Whilst we’re here I’ll try and contact Oscar about massage training.”

“Hi Oscar, how are you my darling” James said as Oscar answered. After a few pleasantries he then explained about Steve and that he wanted to learn massage and would Oscar be willing to train him.”

“Yes, I’d love to” Oscar replied, “and since it’s you I’ll do you a special rate”. Further discussion took place which Steve couldn’t follow apart from every now and then James looked at Steve and grinned. James ended the conversation with “That’s great Oscar, you’re a star”.

“Right all agreed. He would like to give one to one tuition, I can’t imagine why” James added with a grin, “and he would like to start tomorrow if that’s okay with you only he’s somewhat busy this week. He will condense his normal six week course into about three two hour sessions if that suits you.”

“Sounds brilliant” Steve said excitedly, “and how much will it cost me”.

“Nothing because I’m paying”

Steve looked at him again with an enchanting smile and thanked James yet again. As they were in a gay bar he even kissed him.

“Mm very nice” James said as he gave Steve’s knee a squeeze.

“What have I done to deserve all this kindness” Steve exclaimed.

“By making a gay uncle very happy!”

They finished their lunch and returned home to Islington. It was agreed that Steve would move into the flat on the Tuesday since the deliveries were timed from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. so someone needed to be there.

They spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around. James had changed into a pair of silk tight fitting boxer shorts that left nothing to the imagination with nothing on his feet and nothing up top. The house was warm so Steve was feeling hot in his clothes.

“Feel free to strip off if you want to” James said casually hoping against hope that he would. Steve decided to do so even though he had a feeling what James was hoping would happen. Fortunately he was wearing his Tommy Hilfiger briefs which showed him off to perfection so he stripped down to them and sat on the sofa next to James.

Meanwhile, James had opened a bottle of red wine and was pouring two glasses.

After a few slurps he said “You really do have a gorgeous body” and placed a hand on Steve’s naked thigh.

“You’re not so bad yourself” Steve said grinning and leant back further so that his crotch was more accessible.

James took the hint and moved his hand onto the large bulge being hidden by the briefs. He massaged Steve’s cock until it was hard. His own cock had already grown and was now straining to get out of his shorts. James took another slurp of wine and pondered whether he should take advantage of his nephew or not. “Why not”, he told himself, “he looks up for it”.

James moved closer and took Steve’s head into his hands. He then kissed him and within seconds tongues were flitting in and out of each other’s mouths. Both of them were now rock hard and James had his hand down inside Steve’s briefs feeling his big erection.

“Mm that feels beautiful” James muttered between kisses, “Are you a top or bottom?”

“Versatile” Steve muttered back.

“Oh fucking brilliant” James exclaimed, “I’d love to have that cock inside me and mine inside you. Shall we go upstairs?”

Steve nodded and followed James upstairs to his bedroom. James lay Steve onto the bed and climbed on top of him. “Are you sure about this? Don’t feel you’ve got to.”

“You bet I’m sure” Steve replied with a big grin.

James slowly removed Steve’s briefs and then his own. He then lay on top of Steve and their naked bodies rubbed together as they kissed. James then slowly moved down Steve’s body kissing it as he went. When he got to the large erection he took it into his mouth and sucked it. Steve was in heaven. James was very gentle and the feel of his warm mouth and tongue round his cock sent him into spasms. He groaned and groaned with sexual satisfaction all the way through. James then moved down to his balls and sucked each one. He then lifted his legs and licked his arse. “Oh that is fucking beautiful” James exclaimed. “It feels fucking gorgeous” Steve replied.

James then turned Steve over and massaged his buttocks for a while. Steve just loved it. He then felt a finger with lube slipping into his arse. Then he felt two followed by three. “Oh what a beautiful arse, I sure want to fuck that.” James exclaimed as he fingered the warm tissue inside.

“Be my guest” Steve replied waiting for the feel of James’ big cock inside him.

He didn’t have to wait long before he felt the head of James’ cock squeeze its way in. Soon the whole shaft was right in and James was slowly thrusting in and out.

“Oh my, that is fucking beautiful” James exclaimed. He hadn’t fucked an eighteen year old for many a year and the feel of his cock inside this young arse was awesome.

Steve was clearly enjoying it by the erotic exclamation he was exclaiming so James increased the speed of his thrusts until he eventually shot his load.

“Ah that was fucking awesome, thank you so much”

“You’re welcome” Steve muttered from the pillow, “treat it as a small gift for all you’ve done for me”.

“Mm I must do more for you then” James giggled as he slowly withdrew his dripping cock from Steve’s arse.

Steve turned over and sucked off the remaining cum from James’ cock. “Oh my god that feels wonderful” James responded.

“Right, now I want to feel that cock of yours up my arse” James said as he moved onto his back and lifted his legs to expose his arse. Steve needed no encouragement and soon had lube and two fingers inside the gaping hole. He then followed these with his cock. As James felt the big head of Steve’s cock push its way in he gasped. More with excitement than pain. “My you are a big boy”.

Steve slowly thrust his full cock inside until his balls were slapping against James’ and their crotches were grinding together. He then slowly thrust in and out feeling the soft flesh of James’ arse rubbing against the inflamed head of his cock. He was rapidly reaching a climax so he increased the rate of his thrusts. He eventually shot his load and James could feel the hot cum shoot up inside him. “Oh that feels fucking beautiful” he screamed as Steve’s arse rocked up and down.

Eventually Steve had finished shooting and he collapsed on top of James. They kissed and stayed in that position for a while with Steve’s still hard cock inside James.

After a while James lifted Steve off him to uncouple them. Steve collapsed on the bed beside him and James sucked Steve’s cock clean. “I’m ready to shoot again” James said massaging his already stiff cock. He sat across Steve and massaged the two hard cocks together. Steve was soon ready to shoot again and somehow James managed to get them both shooting together. The combined hot creamy cum fell over Steve’s chest to form a large pool. They were both copious ejaculators.

“Mm lovely creamy cum” James exclaimed as he dipped his fingers in and licked them. He then dipped his fingers into the pool again and offered them to Steve’s lips. He readily licked them clean. James then bent over and licked the remaining cum off Steve’s chest before kissing Steve. As he did so, Steve could taste the cum inside his mouth and stuck his tongue inside James’ mouth to taste more.

Finally they both collapsed back onto the bed. “That was beautiful” James exclaimed.

It was too early to have a meal so they lay there talking for a while. James then picked up a remote and a TV came to life on the wall at the end of the bed. Using another remote he then started a porn film so they settled back to watch that. Needless to say they both soon had full erections and held each other’s as they watched the film. As it came to the end, they were both feeling rampant for more sex. Without saying anything, James climbed astride Steve and sat down on his thick hard cock. It slipped into his arse with ease and he was soon riding it hard. It wasn’t long before Steve was shooting a load of cum inside James and both of them were in heaven again.

When he had finished, James lifted himself off Steve and they changed places. Steve sat down on James’ cock which was rock hard and itching to shoot. Once inside, Steve rode it hard and James was shooting his load up Steve’s gorgeous arse. “Oh fuck, that is fucking gorgeous” James screamed as he felt his load shoot inside Steve. “You are fucking gorgeous you sexy hunk”.

Eventually they got up and showered together before going downstairs to prepare a meal.


Having eaten and cleared the dishes away, James said he was going to the local gay bar to meet up with some friends and that Steve was welcome to join him if he wanted. Steve decided to do so since he didn’t feel confident enough to go to Soho on his own yet until he’d had a good look round. He would do that on Monday when he went to see the bar manager.

When they arrived at the bar it was fairly busy already and James found his friends at one end.

“Hi guys, meet my gorgeous nephew Steve”

“Hi Steve, I’m Rafael and this is Gabriel” one of them said shaking Steve’s hand warmly. The other guy did likewise and gave Steve a good looking over.

“Lucky you James having a good looking nephew such as this” Gabriel said grinning.

Steve liked them instantly and felt very comfortable in their company. Looking at them he guessed that they were both in their mid 20’s and during conversation it turned out they were both originally from Brazil. Hence their beautiful skin tones and they both had gorgeous bodies. They were both wearing tight white T shirts which accentuated their bronzed skin and tight lightweight trousers that gave plenty for all to see!

Steve spotted a pile of gay magazines in a corner so he took a copy of each one. He had never been able to get these up North but had seen some on the net. One of them had naked guys inside showing off full erections and in some cases even fucking each other. Steve couldn’t believe his eyes. As he flipped through it Raphael commented on some of the cocks. “Some of them are certainly well endowed. Fancy having a cock that big?”

“Speak for yourself”, Gabriel added, “Some of us have been blessed”.

“They certainly have” James grinned looking at Steve.

“Mmm so not only gorgeous but a big boy too eh” Rafael grinned.

Steve blushed and continued looking at the mags.

They had a great time together and the other two made Steve feel part of the group by including him in the conversation even though he didn’t know what they were talking about at times. Drinks were flowing between them and about 10.30 James said to them “Are you guys going to the clubs or do you want to come back to my place?”

Having been back to James on previous occasions and knowing what they ended up doing, they both opted to do that, especially knowing that Steve would be there. James had already indicated to them that Steve would be up for anything so they were both champing at the bit!

They left the bar and went back to James’ house. When they got in James told everyone to make themselves at home and take off whatever they fancied. To start with the two Brazilians stripped off their shoes and T shirts. Both had stunning bodies and Steve could hardly take his eyes off them.

“Come on Steve” they teased him, “strip off some of those clothes”.

“Or all” Gabriel added grinning.

Steve was happy to oblige so he removed his T shirt, shoes and then his jeans to leave him wearing just a pair of briefs.

“Now that is a gorgeous body” Rafael exclaimed.

“And he certainly is a big boy” Gabriel added as he placed a hand on Steve’s crotch.

Steve laughed at their forwardness and then said to both of them “So what about you two then, why do you still have trousers on?”

The pair laughed and immediately removed their trousers. Both were wearing tight fitting boxer shorts and both were well endowed.

“Right” James said returning to the room with various bottles including wine, Brandy, Bacardi and Gin, “what would everyone like to drink? Glad to see you’ve all made yourselves comfortable.” James had stripped down to his tight red boxer shorts so the other two were eying up the bulge now clearly showing.

“I’ll have a Brandy please” Rafael said. “Same for me please” added Gabriel.

“I’d like a Bacardi and Coke please” Steve replied.

Large portions were poured for each of them. Steve had never had a Bacardi so strong before and it nearly choked him when he first took a sip.

“Any new porn films?” Gabriel asked.

James thought for a moment and replied “Yeah I have actually, two I think you’ll like.” He got them out and set one of them up to show on the large TV opposite them. James had two sofas at right angles to each other and Gabriel was sitting on one with Steve and Rafael on the other where James joined him. They were what you’d call cosy sofas so the person next to you was within easy reach much to the delight of Gabriel who already had a hand on Steve’s naked thigh feeling up and down with the occasional venture into his crotch. When he realised that Steve was happy receiving the adoration he became more adventurous and placed his hand firmly on Steve’s cock which was slowly reacting to the stimulus.

James made sure that the drinks were kept topped up and soon Steve was feeling very happy. James had also got out two bottles of poppers so each pair had a bottle to sniff.

The film was hotting up and two guys were now fucking each other. Gabriel was very excited and his cock was now fully erect as was Steve’s. He slipped a hand inside Steve’s briefs and pulled out the enlarged organ. He then bent over and started sucking it. Rafael looked over rather enviously but no doubt his turn would come later. Meanwhile James had removed his own boxers and was in the process of removing Rafael’s. This seemed to prompt Gabriel to do likewise so he quickly slipped off his own and then Steve’s. All four guys were now stark naked sporting extremely large cocks.

“Mmm this is a gorgeous cock” Gabriel was muttering between sucks, “I want that inside me. I take it you fuck?” Steve nodded. “And do you take it as well?” Steve nodded again. “Oh goody, I’d love to get my cock up your arse. The poppers was having its effect on Steve along with the alcohol and he opened his legs wide inviting Gabriel to help himself. He needed no more encouragement so he lifted Steve’s legs, put some lube on his own cock and slowly inserted it into the inviting hole. “Oh fucking hell, this feels beautiful Rafael”

“Well when you’ve had your wicked way perhaps Steve will let me have a look in.”

They all laughed and Gabriel continued fucking. He could feel himself reaching a climax but he didn’t want to cum yet so he slowed down and eventually withdrew. Instead he sat on Steve’s thick rod and rode it like a stallion. The long hard cock felt just wonderful inside him and he wished he could keep it there forever.

As Gabriel fucked himself on Steve’s cock, Steve looked across at the other two. Rafael was now fucking James like mad and the sight of his backside thrusting up and down really turned him on. When Gabriel had finally finished and got off the still rampant cock, Steve went over to the other two crouched down and inserted his cock up Rafael’s arse. It slipped in like a knife through butter.

“Oh my god” Rafael screamed, “I’m being fucked in a sandwich. How gorgeous!”

As Rafael fucked James, Steve fucked Rafael. Somehow they managed to work in unison so on each out stroke of Rafael’s, Steve was thrusting in. They kept this going for about five minutes until Rafael said he would have to stop.

“You cheeky little bastard” Rafael joked with him, “I can see I’ll have to teach you a lesson”.

He then led Steve to behind the sofa and bent him right over so that his arse was up in the air.

“Right, fuck fest time guys” he exclaimed with excitement.

Rafael fucked him with great gusto and then Gabriel, followed by James. They then repeated the process three more times so he was fucked nine times in a row in all. Meanwhile Steve was sniffing poppers so he was on a high and enjoying the feel of the cocks inside him.

Finally they finished and let him go. “Well I think Steve should have a go at this” James said, “so who’s going to bend over next?”

It was decided by the other two that it should be Rafael so he was bent right over the sofa leaving his bare arse for all to enjoy. Steve was given first fuck but before he did he pulled the cheeks apart and licked the open arse. “Oh my god” Rafael screamed, “is there no end to this guy’s abilities?”

Steve then pushed in his cock and fucked away. Rafael enjoyed every second of it. He loved a big hot cock up his arse. James was next and gave him a similar fuck, followed by Gabriel who always enjoyed fucking his partner. As before they each had two more turns so Rafael was well and truly fucked by the time they had all finished!

Gabriel was the next to offer his arse for sacrifice and finally James. When Gabriel was giving James his final fuck, Steve moved up behind him and fucked him. “Oh wonderful” Gabriel exclaimed, “I love being the sandwich fuck”.

Not wanting to be left out, Rafael then inserted his cock up Steve’s arse so it was a triple fuck. This increased the intensity of Gabriel’s thrusting into James who rather enjoyed the experience.

They eventually uncoupled and lay out on the floor in front of the TV to watch the other porn film that James mentioned. Steve was sandwiched between James on one side and Gabriel on the other. James put his arm round Steve and Gabriel put his hand onto Steve’s still hard cock. He slowly wanked it as the film progressed and finally said that he would like to see Steve cum. Steve just let him have his way and eventually he was spewing cum over his belly.

“Wow, that is some volume of cum” Gabriel and Raphael exclaimed. The other three then wanked themselves to see who shot the biggest amount of cum. The three of them were similar but Steve outranked them easily.

It was finally time for Gabriel and Raphael to leave and as they did so they both kissed Steve and said they hoped they would meet up again. “You must come over for a meal one evening. They exchanged mobile numbers but Steve didn’t really think they would contact him.

“You’ve made a hit there” James said after he had shut the front door, making sure that his nakedness was hidden behind it as they left. “They’re both good fun so if they do make contact go for it, you’ll enjoy yourself.”

Steve grinned and they went upstairs to bed. As they got upstairs, James said “Fancy sleeping with me tonight?”

Steve grinned and said he would. It would be the first time he had ever slept with a guy. They slipped into bed and James cuddled Steve from behind and kissed him on the back of his neck. Both had formed an erection again. James marvelled at how quickly he got a hard-on when he was close to Steve and Steve always seemed to have one!

James slowly slipped his erection into Steve and held it there. He didn’t fuck him; he just wanted the feel of his warm flesh round his cock. Steve felt the organ slip in and rather enjoyed the feel of it inside him. They fell asleep like this.

When Steve woke in the morning James still had his arms round Steve but the cock had long gone limp and slipped out. Steve needed to pee so he quietly slipped out of bed and used the en-suite. When he returned James was awake and grinning at him. “Hi gorgeous” James said enjoying the view of Steve’s naked body.

“Hi, would you like a cup of tea?”

“Thanks, I would”

Steve went downstairs not bothering to put any clothes on and made tea for both of them. The sun was shining and it looked a nice day. He looked at the clock and realised he did not have that much time before he was due at Oscar for his first massage lesson at 11 a.m.

He took the teas upstairs and slipped back into bed. James was soon hard again and wanted to fuck Steve. “There’s something about you that really turns me on. I seem to be randy all the time when you’re near me.”

Steve laughed and took hold of James big hard cock. “I never mind that cock up my arse so go ahead”>

James lifted Steve’s legs above his head and inserted his cock into the young nubile arse. “Oh my god that feels wonderful” he exclaimed as he thrust his shaft in and out. Within a few minutes he was shooting his load up Steve’s arse. Steve could feel the hot cum fill him and grinned. He would now do the same to James.

They changed places and Steve slowly inserted his cock into James. He pushed it right in and held it there for a moment whilst he bent forward and kissed James. Their mouths locked as tongues flitted in and out. Steve then slowly started thrusting in and out and gradually increased the pace until he was really thumping James with each thrust. James just loved being fucked roughly like this so was in his element. Finally Steve reached the point of no return and shot his load into James. “Oh fucking hell that was good” Steve exclaimed.

The pair relaxed on the bed and drank their tea. “Thanks” James suddenly said, “I needed that. And thanks for being a good sport last night. The lads really enjoyed themselves.”

“Yeah, well so did I” Steve replied laughing.

“Play your cards right and there’s plenty more like that if you want it. They often have orgies at their place and no doubt they will invite you to one.”


It was time to go and see Oscar who lived near Euston. James gave Steve a map showing how to find it once he got out of the station. He in fact found it easily so was ringing the doorbell well in time for his appointment.

“Come on up to the top floor” a voice said through the door intercom. The door unlocked and Steve started the haul up to the third floor. Oscar’s flat was the only one at the top and as he climbed the last few stairs, the door opened.

“Hi Steve, I’m Oscar. Come on in.”

Oscar was wearing just a pair of boxer shorts and a white singlet. He clearly looked after his body since it was gorgeous. They shook hands and Oscar also put another hand on Steve’s back in a very friendly way. “Well he is going to see me naked shortly so why not” Steve thought to himself.

“Take a seat and let me get you something to drink. Tea, coffee, soft drink?” Steve opted for a glass of water which Oscar went off to fetch. He came back and sat down beside Steve on a small sofa.

“Right, as I understand it you want to learn how to do massage for the purpose of offering full body naked erotic massages for gay males. Is that correct?”

Steve confirmed it was.

“Okay then let’s go through the basics and then I’ll do a massage on you so that you can see how to do it. Next time you can practice on me.”

Using diagrams, Oscar went through the various muscles in the body that benefited from massage and some of the erotic spots. Steve just hoped he would remember all this but Oscar did tell him that he would give him a pamphlet with it all in when he left today. Having finished the theory and explained the different oils that he used he said “Okay, why don’t you strip off and we’ll start the practical.”

As Steve removed his clothes, Oscar also explained that he would need some large towels to cover the bed and a special pillow that allowed the client to rest their head on without suffocating on a pillow when they were face down. “I’m assuming you’ll use a double bed rather than a massage table”. Steve said he would. “Yeah much better since you can sit astride the client rather than just standing at the side.”

He then explained that he could obtain all the items Steve would require from his suppliers and that he could get a discount. Steve agreed that would be good since he had no idea where to go for oils etc.

Steve was now standing stark naked and Oscar was admiring the gorgeous body in front of him. “Okay lay face down on the bed please.” Steve duly did so and placed his arms down his side with his head in the special pillow which had breathing holes in it.

“Now I like to sit astride the person but you need to check first that they are happy with you doing that so just ask ‘do you mind if I sit astride you to do the massage?’. I’ve never yet had anyone say no but it pays to be safe. I also ask if they want me to be naked whilst I do the massage. Again I’ve never had anyone say no! I take it you don’t mind.”

Steve said he had hoped he would be! Oscar swiftly removed his shorts and singlet and Steve took a quick peep by turning his head sideways. Oscar certainly was gorgeous. He then climbed across Steve’s naked body and Steve could feel his cock flapping on his back. It was certainly very erotic. Oscar leant forward and started massaging Steve’s shoulders and neck. It was very relaxing and soon Steve was settling into it so much that he was tending not to listen to what Oscar was telling him as he did each bit. He quickly tuned in again to hear Oscar telling him that he needed to use a firm pressure and use his fingers to massage the muscle.

Gradually Oscar moved down his upper torso and reached his buttocks. He massaged his buttocks round and round pulling them slightly apart as he did so. “I normally gently pull the buttocks apart as I massage them just to have a look at the person’s hole” Oscar explained, “Well you never know you may want to fuck it later!”

Steve laughed and enjoyed the sensation. Oscar then slowly moved his hands down one leg and massaged the thigh. “It’s important here to do one leg at a time and also ensure that your hands move right into the groin since that is a very erotic spot for most guys.”

He slowly massaged down the leg ending with his foot. He felt Oscar’s fingers massaging deep into the soles of his feet and it felt wonderful. He then moved to the other foot and worked his way up the leg until his hands were well into the groin. Steve was already hard and this made his cock grow even more. He then felt Oscar slip the side of his hand across his arsehole whilst pulling one cheek to one side. He must remember this because it was very erotic.

“Okay turn over then and we’ll do the front” Oscar said as he playfully slapped Steve’s arse.

Steve turned over showing off a full erection. Oscar climbed across him again also showing an erection.

“Most guys have an erection when they turn over so nothing odd about that, in fact even straight guys do. In my view there is one of two ways to deal with it. You carry on and ignore it or you do what I generally do.” Oscar clasped Steve’s cock in his hand and said “Nice cock”.

“I like your way Steve said with a grin”

Oscar then leant forward and started massaging the top of his shoulders. As he did so Steve could feel Oscar’s cock rubbing against his own.

“If the guy does not want you to straddle him, or you decide you don’t fancy him then work from the side and the top of the bed. In that case I pull the bed out so I can get all round. It’s up to you.”

Oscar was now working on one of his arms and worked his way down to his hands. Steve had never realised how erotic it was to have your hands massaged. Having finished one he then moved to the other.

It was now time to work down the body towards the legs. He took one leg and massed the thigh again. His hands moved right into the crotch as before but this time they brushed against his balls. Oscar held the balls for a moment. “I often like doing this since it is very erotic and most guys enjoy it, especially rubbing beneath them.” Steve’s cock was twitching up and down as Oscar did so.

He worked his way down the leg to his foot before moving across to the other leg and working his way back up. This time when he had finished massaging right into the groin he massaged his balls again and slipped his hand beneath him to feel his arsehole. He then moved to his cock and slowly massaged it.

“Are you top or bottom, or versatile?”


“Lucky you” Oscar replied, “I’m top only but at this stage if you want the guy to fuck you the best way is to just sit on his cock. This way you are in control all the time. Would you like me to fuck you?”

Steve nodded and Oscar asked him to turn over. “Again I prefer to fuck from behind because you are in better control. You don’t want a pair of feet waving about which could hit you in the face if the guy gets too physical.”

Steve wriggled over onto his stomach between Oscar’s legs. He then felt Oscar finger his hole with an oily digit. Having lubed his cock, Oscar slowly inserted his tool into Steve’s arse. “Oh my god that feels good” he said more to himself than to Steve. He had wanted to fuck this young buck from the moment he set eyes on him and to think he would have another two sessions with him where hopefully he could do the same.

He fucked and fucked until he could feel his sperm rising. He quickly withdrew, turned Steve over and wanked his cock with Steve’s. Within seconds he was spewing his load over Steve and used his own cum to lubricate Steve. He too was soon shooting his load, which as usual was voluminous.

“Well how was that?”

“Fucking fantastic, thanks very much”

Oscar picked up a small hand towel nearby and mopped up the pool of cum from Steve. “Another good tip. Always have a small towel at the ready!”

Oscar climbed off the bed and put his singlet back on but left his shorts off. The sight was very erotic. “I normally offer guys a shower but it’s up to you depending on the circumstances. Would you like one?”

Steve said he would so Oscar showed him to the bathroom and explained how to work the shower. He had given him one of the towels from the bed to dry himself with so he walked back into the bedroom holding the towel in front of him.

“Let’s go in the other room. No need to dress if you don’t want to”

Steve did what Oscar had done and just slipped on his T shirt. He followed Oscar into a living room which had a sofa and TV with a small table at one end. There was also a small kitchen in one corner.

“Drink? I’ve got beer or wine.”

Steve opted for wine so Oscar opened a bottle of white and sat down beside him. Oscar asked him about his home life and why he had come down to London and why he was interested in massage apart from the money it made. Steve told him about his experience with the guy up North and that he felt it was something he would like to do.

“The best place to advertise is in the QX magazine. It tends to produce better results than Boyz. I can take a picture if you like to use in your ad.”

Oscar showed Steve the latest QX and the type of adverts for masseurs. “Keep it simple and if you don’t want to show your cock you can always cover it with a flimsy piece of material so that you can see the shape. You need to have an erection though, since guys like to see what you can offer. Do you want me to take one now? I won’t have time at our next session because I only have two hours but today I’m okay.”

Steve said he would like to so they decided a suitable place and pose for Steve to adopt. He slipped off his T shirt and with Oscar’s helping hand he soon has a full hard-on. Oscar found a piece of muslin he had used before and draped it across Steve’s stiff cock. He took several shots some with the muslin and some without for Steve to decide which he preferred. Oscar had oiled his cock so that the oil soaked into the muslin and made it translucent. It was very effective and when Oscar had loaded them onto his computer they decided on which muslin picture to use. Oscar then loaded it into a graphics package where he could produce the advert. “If you provide your own you save money”

He had obviously produced ads before since it was all set up for the correct size. They had shot the pictures with Steve leaning against a white wall sitting on a low stool. He had one leg on another low table so that his crotch was exposed. The muslin had been positioned so that it covered the length of his cock but showed his balls. The cock could still be clearly seen through the muslin though.

“Right now the wording”

Steve decided to use a pen name so opted for Mark which was his second name. They eventually decided on the words ‘Full body naked erotic massage’.

“That should do the trick with that picture.”

Oscar emailed it to Steve and told him to place the ad immediately since it would be over a week before it was in and by that time he would be trained and have his flat ready for action. They sat down again to finish their wine and Oscar took hold of Steve’s stiff cock. “That is some cock. Guys are going to die for that.”

It was agreed that Steve would go for his second session the following Tuesday at the same time and in the meantime he would read up on the material Oscar had given him. He went off feeling very happy. It was now lunchtime and since he had told James that he would probably not be home until much later he decided to go into Soho and get a bite to eat. He found a gay bar where he could get some food so went in. “Hi” the barman said giving him the eye. Steve ordered his food and a drink and went to sit down at a table near the window. Another guy was sitting nearby and eyed him. Eventually he said “Hi, on your own?” Steve confirmed he was. “Perhaps I could join you then. No point in both of us sitting alone is there?” Steve laughed and said “Yeah okay”.

The guy was in his early 20’s and was very pleasant. He asked all kinds of questions many of which Steve avoided answering. “What do you do then?” Steve explained that he was hoping to get a bar job and that he was training to be a masseur. The guy was very interested in this and asked more questions about what Steve offered. Steve made it up as he went along and when the guy found out that he offered a full naked erotic massage he was very interested. “I love having a massage. Do you end up with sex?” Steve confirmed that he would if it was what the client wanted.

Their food arrived and they continued talking. The guy wanted to make an appointment to come and have a massage so Steve suggested the following week explaining that he had only just found a flat and that would not be up and running until the end of the week. They exchange mobile numbers and the guy said he would call him at the end of the week.

When they had finished their meal, the guy said he had to go but would be in contact. Steve wondered whether he would or not. His name was Graham.

Steve decided to walk round Soho to get his bearings and walked past the bar he was hoping to work at. On his travels he came across Prowler the gay store so he went in to have a look round. He was amazed at some of the stuff in there. He moved into a back room and found it was lined with porn DVDs. He looked through the titles and found two that he rather liked. He decided to buy them along with some Poppers and a bottle of lube. He walked out of the shop feeling very happy. All he wanted now was a DVD player. He had seen them in John Lewis and noted they were not that expensive so he decided to make his way to Oxford Street and see what he could get.

He shot up to the top floor and found the DVD players. There were several to choose from but he found one particular one that was on offer because it was an end of line but as far as he could see, it was all that he needed. He spoke to an assistant who assured him it was just that a new design was coming out next week so they reduced these to move them off the shelves. Steve made a snap decision and decided to buy it. ‘He would have to collect it at the customer collection point’ he was told. He duly paid, got the necessary paperwork and went off to find the collection point. When he eventually found it and handed in the paperwork the guy came straight out with the box. It wasn’t that large so he just put it under his arm and went off to his new flat.

He got upstairs and unlocked the door with his shiny new key. He felt really proud as he walked in to his own pad. He unpacked the DVD and wished he had his TV so he could connect it. Instead he decided to make the bed since he had all the bed linen ready to do so. He unpacked the sheets and put the second set in the cupboard. He lay back on the bed and unpacked the DVDs to look at the erotic pictures on the covers. He soon had a fully fledged hard-on and the poppers he had sniffted were giving him a high. He slowly massaged his cock and soon he shot a load of cum over himself. He suddenly realised he had nothing to wipe up the mess and giggled. He must remember to keep a box of tissues by the bed in future! He carefully got up so as not to spill cum over his new sheets and found a tissue in his trousers to clean himself.

He decided to make a list of things he required for the flat in terms of food, cleaning materials and other items. He found some paper in his bag and started writing. No sooner had he got into his list and there was a knock on the door. He swiftly put on his trousers and went into the hall to open it.

“Hi, saw a light on so guessed you were in here” Justin said grinning. “Have I caught you at a bad time” he added looking at Steve’s naked chest, bare feet and his fly zip undone.

“No come on in, I was just doing a list of other things I need to buy.”

“When are you hoping to move in?”

“Well I’ll be here Tuesday night as I’ve got delivery of a fridge, microwave, TV, and a table coming first thing on Wednesday.”

“Cool, look forward to seeing you then. See you also got a DVD.” Justin said seeing the box on the floor. “Got any DVDs for it?” he added looking at the Prowler bag on the floor. “See you’ve been to Prowler.”

Steve grinned and pulled out the two new DVDs. “Oh great, I’ve not seen these. Can we have a quick look at one now on my DVD?”

Steve nodded and followed Justin into his flat.  He inserted one into the DVD and they lay side by side on the bed to watch it. Steve had still not realised that his fly zip was open and Justin was not going to tell him. As the film progressed both of them got hard-ons and Justin could see Steve’s quite clearly as it opened up the front of his trousers.

“You want a hand with this” he said placing a hand inside the open trousers. Steve just grinned and let him play with his cock. Justin then unfastened the trousers and opened them right up to get a better view. He quickly slipped off his own T shirt, unfastened his trousers and took them off. He was wearing a pair of loose boxer shorts so Steve soon had a hand inside. Within no time they were both stark naked and rolling round on the bed with the porn film on in the background. They sucked each other and played with each other’s arseholes. It seemed they were both versatile so Steve was soon fucking Justin. When he had finished, Justin fucked Steve before wanking them both off over Justin’s chest.

“That was just beautiful” Justin exclaimed, “You’re a great fuck Steve”.

“So are you” Steve replied enthusiastically.

“I can see we are going to get on well” Justin said grinning.

Steve told Justin about his massage training and added “When I’ve finished the training I’ll give you one for free”.

“Can’t wait” Justin said excitedly.

“I’d better make a move and get back. Perhaps see you Tuesday evening.”

“Yeah, look forward to it. In fact why don’t you join me for a meal since you won’t be able to do much here until your things arrive on Wednesday?”

“Yeah that would be great, thanks.”


When Steve got back to James he asked “Well how did the first lesson go?”

Steve told him what had happened and what he’d learnt.

“And he fucked you?”


“You lucky thing, I’ve always fancied him.”

Steve then told him about going to Prowler and getting a couple of DVDs and then buying a DVD player.

“My you have been a busy boy. What are the DVDs like?”

“They look good. In fact Justin knocked on the door whilst I was sitting naked on the bed so I had to quickly put on my trousers.”

“Mm and did they quickly come off again with him looking on?”

Steve laughed and told him what had happened when they went into Justin’s flat to watch the DVD.

“You lucky bastard, you don’t hang around do you. I’ve often thought it would be nice to give him a fuck. What’s he like?”

“Gorgeous and a good fuck”

“Well you’re certainly not going to be short of company or things to do are you?”


The following morning Steve decided to go to the flat and buy some basic food and cleaning items at the local Tesco shop. He would then go off to the bar for his interview from there. James had left for work so once Steve had eaten breakfast and cleared up he set off. James had also said he could take half a dozen DVDs from his porn collection, which was fairly extensive. He looked through the section that James said he could take some from and made his choice.

The supermarket was just round the corner from his flat so it was very convenient. It was only a small one but had all the items he wanted. Laden with his shopping, including some bottles of wine, he set off for his flat. He packed all the items away and made a list of other food items he would want once he’d got his fridge. He then lay out on the sofa to eat the sandwich he had purchased.

Finally it was time to leave for the bar. He had already looked up buses and found that there was a night bus that he could use after the bar closed. He decided to use the tube to get there since that was quicker. He left in good time. “The last thing I want is to be late for an interview” he told himself.

He in fact was ten minutes early but he decided to go in. He knocked on the door and the manager let him in locking the door behind him. “Hi, Steve you’re nice and early, come on upstairs where we can talk”.

Steve followed him to a smaller bar upstairs. They sat down and the manager went through the hours and conditions. “We work two shifts of eight hours. Four to midnight and six to two. The first has two guys on and the second four guys Friday and Saturday and three the other nights so as you can see there are six on during the busy period and five the rest of the week. We only open this bar up here at six and close it at midnight. Sometimes we are open to three in the morning but you get overtime for the extra hour.”

He then talked about the rate of pay and Steve was surprised how much higher it was than what he got up North. Supplemented by his massage work he should do okay.

“So how’s all that sound?”

“Sounds great”

“I spoke to your bar manager up North and he gave you a glowing reference, so I don’t know what you did for him!” he said laughing. “Now, I just want to test you on one or two things behind the bar so take your jacket off and go behind the bar.”

When Steve was standing behind it, the manager came up and acted as a customer.


“Hi, what can I get you?”

The manager gave an order for a pint of beer and a gin and tonic. As he was pulling the pint, Steve noticed a price list by the till so as he put the drinks on the bar he gave the manager the price.

“My, you are on the ball aren’t you? Normally you would be able to key them into the till which would give you the price. Well we might as well not waste these drinks, what which would you like?”

Steve opted for the gin. “Not a beer man then?”

“No, I much prefer wine and spirits but when I was working in the bar I only ever had a soft drink.”

The manager was becoming more and more impressed with this guy. “Right, just one other thing. We sometimes ask the bar boys to work in just a pair of briefs on nights when we want to pull the punters in. Would you be willing to do that?”

“Yeah, sure, doesn’t bother me”

“Good. Well just so that I know what you would look like would you mind stripping off down to your briefs so just remove your T shirt and jeans.”

Steve slipped off his T shirt followed by his jeans and put them on the bar at one end. The manager then asked him to walk up and down the bar as if he was working. He watched Steve with great interest and felt his own cock rapidly rising. Fortunately Steve had put on a pair of his Aussie Bum briefs which showed off his assets to perfection.

“Don’t forget that you will also have to come this side of the bar to collect glasses. Will that bother you dressed like that?”

“No, not at all”

The manager put the two glasses they had been using on a table the other side of the bar. “Okay, come out and collect those glasses.”

Steve lifted the bar flap and moved out into the floor area. The manager could feel his own cock getting larger and larger as he watched Steve’s gorgeous body glide across the floor. When he got back to the bar with the glasses he moved up behind him and patted him on his backside. “Nice butt”

Steve grinned and noticed the manager’s bulge in the front of his trousers. “You’ll get guys doing that and more when you’re dressed like this. Will you mind that?”

“No, I’m easy going and can look after myself.”

“I bet you can”, the manager grinned back, “Okay get dressed and join me over here.”

“What shall I do with these glasses?”

“Leave them with the others at the end of the bar. They’ll get dealt with when the early shift comes on.”

Steve dressed and joined the manager on a sofa by the window. He told Steve he was very impressed with him and offered him a job. Steve was delighted and accepted immediately.

“How soon can you start?”

Steve told him that he was ready anytime so it was agreed that he would start on the early shift the following day and he would work three early shifts before going on to the late shifts.

“The rota is fairly complex so as to cover what we need but in broad terms it is normally three shifts on two off with a mixture of early and late shifts. Paul is on early Tuesday so I’ll get him to show you the ropes and where everything is. He’s on until Thursday and then off two days before starting on late shift on Sunday for three days so I suggest you do the same. Paul is my senior barman and is a nice guy so I think you’ll get on well with him. I’ll email you the shift pattern for the rest of the month when I get back to the office. It does get confusing so make sure you keep a good eye on it.” Steve assured him that he was used to that and used an Outlook calendar for all his appointments which he checked each morning. “I wish all my boys were as organised”, the manager said with a sigh.

With that they shook hands and Steve was welcomed as a member of staff. “I’m sure you will like working here and the customers will certainly like you!”

Steve left the bar and decided to use the bus home so that he knew where to get it from and where it dropped him the other end. James had said he would be late home so Steve was to organise his own meal. He decided to see if Justin would like to join him for a meal out to celebrate so he rang him on his mobile. “Hi Justin, can you talk for a minute”

“Yeah sure, it’s fairly quiet at present.” Justin worked in a large legal office as a general runabout but he said he quite enjoyed the work because of its flexibility and it got him out and about every so often. “Yeah that would be great, I know a very nice place not far from the flat and it’s very reasonably priced as well.”

Justin said he would be home by six so Steve visited the supermarket again to collect some more items, including a set of wine glasses because he’d noticed there were only tumblers in the flat. When he got home he packed his items away and stripped off. The flat was warm despite no heating on so he decided he would spend most of his time naked since he loved the feel of his naked skin to the air.

Without a TV or his laptop he was at a loose end but he made another list of food items he would need once the fridge had arrived on Wednesday.

He had lost track of time and he suddenly heard a knock on the door. He hastily slipped on his briefs and went to open it. He hoped it was Justin otherwise he would be somewhat embarrassed.

“Hi, oh I see you’re happy to see me” Justin laughed placing a hand on Steve’s cock”

“Do you want to have some fun now and go out later or eat first and come back for fun?”

Steve suggested they went out to eat first because he was starving.

“Good choice because the place we’re going to gets very busy later. Would you do me a favour and wear your jeans without your briefs? The thought of you sitting at the table with no briefs on will really turn me on.”

Steve laughed, “Yeah okay as long as you do the same”.

Justin agreed and took off his trousers to remove his pants. Today he was wearing a very sexy pair of skimpy briefs. Steve removed his briefs and dressed wearing just his T shirt and jeans.

The place they were going to was only a few minutes walk away. Even then it was fairly busy and they were shown a table in a little corner. “I like it in this corner” Justin said, “Away from prying eyes”.

They were seated at right angles to each other on a sofa bench so Justin could place a hand on Steve’s thigh quite easily. “Mm nice thought you sitting there with nothing on underneath these”. Steve laughed, “You’re quite mad”.

Steve told Justin about his new job and that he was starting the following day. Justin was excited for him and they had a celebration toast. “I shan’t be able to join you for a meal I’m afraid because I’m due on at four”

Steve explained he would be working three days and then had two days off. He would be starting late shift on the Sunday.

“Perhaps we can get together on Friday”

“Sounds great, I’ll have to come and see you at the bar some time. Wish I’d got a more interesting job but at least it pays well and is reasonably flexible.”

They talked for longer than they had planned and by the time they got back to the flat Steve said he should make a move and get back to James. “We’ll have to keep our fun for later!”

“Look forward to it!”


James was already home when Steve arrived. “Hi, how did the interview go?”

When Steve told him that he had been offered the job and was starting the next day, James was really pleased for him. “That’s great news. He must have been really impressed with you because he only takes on the best.”

Steve checked his emails and found one from QX saying that his advert had been accepted and would appear in the hard copy magazine the following week and would be on-line within a few days. Steve couldn’t believe the speed at which everything had happened. He just hoped the ads would produce guys.

He decided to ring his Dad to tell him all the news, with the exception of the massage work of course! Although in reality his Dad would probably be all for it but he decided to leave that out for the moment.

“Hi Dad, how’s things?”

His Dad was delighted to hear from Steve and they talked about all that had happened.

“Well, well, I never knew that James owned other property but great that he had a flat available and it sounds as if he’s let you have it for a good rate. Mind you he can afford it! And a job too, that’s brilliant. You’ve really done well son, I’m really pleased for you.”

“James said he would like to come up with me some time to visit.”

“Great, we’ll work out a date once you’ve got settled in to the new job and the flat”

They chatted about various other things and his Dad said the guys in the bar he worked at were missing him and that he was fine. Eventually they rang off and Steve decided to pack up his things for taking to the flat the next day.


The following morning James came into his bedroom to say goodbye. “I’ll give you a ring on Wednesday at lunchtime just to make sure JL has delivered everything but I hope it all goes well for you and keep in touch.”

“I will, and thanks once again for all you’ve done. I really appreciate it.”

“I know you do and you’re very welcome.” James then added, “You’ve also shown your appreciation in more ways than one!”

Steve laughed and gave James a big hug and a kiss.

As soon as James had left for work, Steve got up and had breakfast. He didn’t have much time since he was due at Oscar at eleven for his next session. After he had cleared up he set off with his large suitcase and his knapsack to Kings Cross. Having lugged the case up two flights of stairs he was glad to reach the top. He unpacked it and soon had the place looking like home. He set up his router for his internet connection and placed it on the windowsill behind the curtain. Fortunately there was a power point nearby so it worked well. He then got himself ready to go off to Euston to see Oscar.


“Hi Steve” Oscar greeted him, “Come on in”. This time Oscar was wearing a pair of very tight fitting briefs which showed his package off to great effect. “Right, today I’d like you to do a massage on me and we’ll go from there.”

Steve treated Oscar like a client and asked him if he wanted a full naked body massage. Oscar confirmed that he would. “And would you like me naked as well?”

“Yeah sure” Oscar replied excitedly.

Steve asked Oscar to strip off and lay down on the bed face down. He then stripped off his own clothes, prepared his hands with oil. “Do you mind if I straddle you whilst I do the massage?”

Oscar said he was happy with that so Steve knelt astride Oscar’s naked body. He proceeded with the shoulders and the neck and gradually worked his way down to the buttocks. As he went, Oscar was asking him questions about the muscles he was working on. Fortunately Steve had read the notes Oscar had given him so he was able to answer all the questions. When he got to the buttocks Oscar said “You’re doing well, in fact you’re a natural. You’re using just the right level of pressure and it feels good.”

Steve was pleased and continued to massage Oscar’s gorgeous butt before moving to the legs. He made sure to move his hands right into the groin when he did each leg and Oscar clearly enjoyed it. His own cock was already reacting and he suspected Oscar’s was too. When he had finally finished, he climbed off and asked Oscar to turn over. As predicted, Oscar did have a good boner showing.

“Mm nice cock” Steve said as he climbed back over Oscar and took it into his hand.

He then worked from the shoulders down and onto his legs. He again made sure that his hands went right up into the groin which from the way Oscar’s cock was twitching he enjoyed.

“Oh my god, you have such sensitive hands”

Steve finally finished the massage and Oscar said time was short so they would leave out the erotic part. Steve climbed off and wiped his hands before getting dressed.

“I’ve got all the items you need” Oscar said bringing out a bag of goodies. “Two large towels, two small hand towels, a pillow, two bottles of non scented oil and two of scented. I got a small bottle of each as well as the large litre bottles since it is better to work from the small one and fill it up from the large one which works out cheaper. Oh and I’ve also got  the pillow.”

Steve thanked him profusely and paid him for the outlay.

“When you need more oil just let me know and I can get some using my discount but the name and address of the supplier is in the bag.”

“Thanks very much, it’s very kind of you to go to all this bother.”

“No problem. I’ll do anything for a gorgeous young man.” Steve laughed and gave Oscar a kiss

“Can you make Thursday at the same time for the final session.” Steve confirmed that he could.

“If it’s all right with you I’d like to invite a friend of mine for you to do a massage on so you can practice on a real client and I can assess you.”

On his way home he bought some milk for his cereal in the morning and a sandwich. He also made a mental note to buy a pair of sexy boxer shorts and a white singlet for doing massage. He had seen a shop in Soho which he thought would have what he wanted so decided to pop in on his way to the bar.

He got home and unpacked his new towels and massage oils. He found a section in the cupboard that was perfect for them. He ate his sandwich, showered and changed and set off to Soho. The shop he had in mind was perfect. He found a pair of boxer shorts that were perfect and decided to buy two pairs. One grey pair and one red pair. He also found a white singlet that would fit him snugly so he bought two of those as well. With his purchases in his bag he set off for the bar.

Paul was already there and welcomed him with open arms. Steve took an immediate liking to Paul and knew they would get on well together. Paul thought the same and was pleased to see Steve. They hugged and kissed as Paul said “Welcome, you’re love working here”.

Paul then showed him the stock room and where to change barrels. “I understand you’ve worked in a bar before so I assume you know how to change one of these buggers” Paul said kicking one of the barrels.

“Yeah, done loads of those.”

He then took him to the bar and showed him how to operate the till and gave him his key pass. “Make sure you leave that here every night because the boss doesn’t like them being taken home. If you hang it round your neck you tend not to forget.”

He then went through where everything was kept behind the bar and the list of cocktails they offered.

“Cocktails weren’t all that popular up North” Steve laughed.

“Yeah I can imagine but the queens down here like them and they make good profit. I’ll show you the basics when I have one to serve.”

It was soon four o’clock and Paul opened the door. Within five minutes several guys were coming in. Steve went immediately into action.

“Hi guys what can I get you?”

The two guys at the bar looked Steve up and down with great interest.

“Well, I’ll have to think about that” one of them said.

“Oh stop flirting and order the drinks” the other said. “You’ll get used to him after a while.”

Steve laughed and got their drinks, keyed them into the till and took the money. Paul was very impressed. ‘This guy knows what he’s doing alright’ he thought to himself as he went to serve the next customer who had now come to the bar.

Steve was surprised how busy they were at that time but things did quieten down after about half an hour before the next rush just after six. Three other bar boys joined them at six and Steve was duly introduced. “I’m Darren” one said, “And I’m Simon” the other added, “And I’m Antonio” the third one said shaking Steve’s hand with great enthusiasm. “You have to watch Antonio” Darren said, “He’s a real flirt and always feeling bums as you work.”

Steve laughed, “Mm sounds nice”.

Once the three were behind the bar and ready to take over, Paul unlocked the door to the upstairs bar and led Steve up. As soon as the door was open several guys followed them up.

“Just give us a minute to open things up guys and we’ll be with you.” Paul said.

“Whilst you’re waiting, what would you like” Steve asked. The guys gave their order and Steve got the glasses ready.

“I normally come up here to get things ready just before we open” Paul said as he flushed out the pipes. Fortunately none of the guys wanted beer so Steve was able to serve them once the till was working. Paul was again impressed at how Steve handled the situation. Nothing seemed to phase him and he just kept things moving.

Gradually as the evening progressed the bar got busier. At one point a group of guys came in and ordered drink after drink so it kept Steve busy. He noticed that there were few women apart from the occasional lesbian. It suited Steve since he preferred the guys!

Steve also kept the tables clear of glasses and wiped them down each time. It was another thing that Paul noticed. The last guy he had with him was lazy and never cleaned the tables unless he was told to do so this was a pleasant change. During the evening the manager phoned to see how things were going. “How’s Steve doing?”

“He’s brilliant” Paul responded, “He’s a natural, very willing and copes well with pressure. You’d think he had been working here for weeks.”

“Great, I had a feeling he would be good apart from gorgeous to look at.”

“You can say that again, I’m sure I’ve got a permanent hard-on” Paul laughed.

“Lucky you”

Fortunately Steve was collecting glasses and several guys were talking to him as he moved from table to table so he couldn’t here the conversation. When he went to the large group of guys several felt his butt and made comments. One even put a hand in his crotch but Steve didn’t mind. He just grinned and moved on. “Mm I wouldn’t mind giving him a fuck” he heard one of them say as he moved away.

Gradually the bar emptied and at midnight Paul closed it up. Apart from a couple of glasses everything had been washed and all the tables had been cleaned yet again. The bar looked good as they walked downstairs to collect their coats.

“See you tomorrow guys” Paul called out as they left.

They got the night bus to Kings Cross and were soon walking home. It turned out that Paul lived in a street just one away from Steve’s so they were very close to each other. “We must meet up one evening” Paul said and Steve replied he would very much like to do that. “Can’t manage Friday but Saturday would be good.” It was agreed that Paul would come round to Steve’s flat around 7 p.m. for a bite to eat and then go out to a bar and possibly onto a club.

Despite the late hour Steve did not feel too tired. He had enjoyed the shift and was happy that it was busy most of the time. He climbed the two floors and once inside stripped off and got into bed. He had put the alarm clock on earlier for 6.45 a.m. just in case he overslept and JL arrived at 7 a.m. He went immediately to sleep so must have been more tired than he thought.


The alarm went off at 6.45 and he got up immediately and had a quick shower. He wanted to look decent just in case the delivery was early. In fact it didn’t arrive until 9 a.m. so he had plenty of time to get himself ready and have breakfast. The door buzzer sounded and he pressed the button to let them in, telling them that he was on the second floor. The delivery guys were probably not too pleased to have to lug a refrigerator up two flights of stairs but they were both young guys and didn’t seem too bothered. They brought it into the flat and put it down where Steve instructed before going back down to collect the other items. Meanwhile he set about taking off the packaging to have a look at it. Within ten minutes they had the table and chairs, TV and its table up in the flat and Steve was signing the delivery note. The guys smiled at him and set off. Steve removed his clothes and set about organising the new purchases.

Steve connected the fridge and pushed it into the space under the work service. He then set up the TV table and unpacked the TV to place on it. He positioned his new DVD on the shelf beneath, connected it to the TV and within minutes had a picture. The TV had a built in Freeview system so once he had plugged in the aerial system the TV set itself up. Whilst that was happening he assembled the glass table. When he had completed it he stood back and admired his handy work. By 9.30 it was all done and he was very pleased with the result. He checked the DVD player with one of the DVDs he had got from James and sat on the sofa to look at it. Within a few minutes he had a raging hard-on and wished there was someone with him to satisfy his needs.

Whilst he was watching two guys fucking each other, his mobile rang.

“Hi Steve, its Graham, remember we met at The Box a few days ago”

“Oh, hi how you doing?”

“I’m fine. I was wondering if you had finished your massage training yet.”

Steve explained that he had done the basic training and had one more session to be assessed but otherwise he was fully trained.

“Look I’ve got some time off today. Any chance of coming over for one?”

For a moment Steve was a bit taken aback. He was not expecting clients just yet but having thought for a moment he thought ‘why not’. “Yeah okay, it would have to be before two.”

“What if I came straight over?”

“Make it 10.30 as I’ve got to out to the supermarket first. You want a full naked erotic massage I take it?”

“Yeah you bet”

“The charge is ninety quid, okay?”

Graham confirmed that was okay and would see him at 10.30.

Steve immediately got dressed and rushed round to the local shop to get some food items such as butter, eggs, milk, cheese and some meals for one. When he got back he removed the duvet and pillows from the bed and then covered the sheet with one of his new towels. He got the two bottles of oils out so that he could offer scented or unscented and also remembered the small hand towel. The pillow was placed on the towel so all was ready. He then stripped off and dressed in a pair of the new boxer shorts and singlet. Although he said it himself he decided he looked rather sexy.

He had told the guy to text him once he got to Kings Cross and he would text back the address and how to find it. He had already set up a template for this so that he could quickly send one back without having to write it every time. Just before 10.30 he received a text. He replied and waited for him to arrive. Within five minutes he was ringing the buzzer and Steve let him in.

Steve opened the front door and stood there in readiness for him. They guy was pleased with what he saw standing in front of him as he walked up the stairs. They kissed and exchanged pleasantries. Steve told him to take off his jacket and shoes and make himself comfortable. He said he would like a cold drink when asked and Steve got him one. They talked for a few moments and the guy passed over the money. “Just so that I don’t forget at the end” he said.

“So you want a full naked erotic body massage.”

“Yeah that would be great.”

“And do you want me naked as well?”

“Yeah” he said excitedly already feeling his cock stir at the thought of seeing this gorgeous guy naked.

Steve told him to strip off and lay face down on the bed. He then straddled across the guy’s naked body and felt his cock rub against his warm skin. Graham could also feel Steve’s cock rubbing on his back as he started to massage his neck and shoulders. His own cock was already beginning to get larger. When he had lain down on the bed his cock was facing down his legs so it was now trapped as it got bigger and eventually it was peeping out between his legs. Steve gradually worked down Graham’s body and was enjoying the feel of his hands on the naked flesh. He was now down to the buttocks which were beautifully round. He massaged them round and round and as he did so pulled the cheeks apart. The exposed hole looked gorgeous. “You top or bottom?” Steve asked casually as he continued massaging the buttocks between his hands.


“So you’d like me to fuck this gorgeous arse would you?”

“Mm that would be brilliant”

Steve was now gradually working down the first leg. As he pushed his hand right up to Graham’s crotch his fingers rubbed against the large head that was pushing its way between the legs. As he did so, Graham jumped with excitement so Steve rubbed the head with another oily finger.

“Mm that’s good. You really are brilliant. This is the best massage I’ve had I think.”

Steve was now working up the other leg towards the crotch. Graham was waiting in anticipation for Steve’s hand to work its way to the top. His cock was now rock hard and beginning to feel uncomfortable with it being trapped.

Eventually, Steve told him to turn over. His stiff cock sprang back and it was a relief. Steve took hold of it and held it for a moment as he climbed back across Graham’s body. “Mm nice cock”.

He then massaged Graham’s shoulders and slowly down his body to the erect organ. Graham could feel Steve’s stiff cock slapping against his stomach as he did so. At one point he put his hand on the flapping organ and held it. Steve grinned and enjoyed the feel of his warm hand on his cock. He slowly worked down the body and down the legs. When he had reached the top of the second leg he held Graham’s balls and gave them a massage. He then took hold of the thick hard cock, bent over and licked it. “Aaaagh, that is beautiful” he yelled. Steve then told him to turn back over onto his stomach and twisted his body over between his legs. He creamed the gorgeous hole and slipped two fingers inside and gave it a good fingering. He then inserted his cock and fucked him hard. Graham could feel the long hard cock going in and out of him and it felt wonderful. He groaned with pleasure. “Aaagh, that feels good”.

Steve was pushing his cock in as far as it could go and his balls were slapping against Graham’s.

“Let it go, cum inside me, I love the feel of cum shooting up me”

Steve was happy to oblige and continued fucking until he reached a climax. His full load shot out with such force that Graham could feel it all. “Oh beautiful”.

Steve turned Daniel over onto his back and set work on his still hard cock. He sucked it again and felt round his balls. Daniel was helpless. The sensuous feelings were just out of this world. He could feel his cum rising until it eventually erupted into Steve’s mouth and over his cheeks. Steve licked every drop until his cock was drained. “Oh my god” he finally said as the erotic feeling subsided for a moment. Steve continued licking the end of his swollen cock and soon he was filling up with cum again. After a while he was again spewing hot cum over Steve’s face. Graham was amazed at coming twice in such a short time. ‘This guy is certainly something’ he told himself.

Finally Steve got off him and gave him a towel to clean himself up. “You can have a shower if you want.”

“No thanks, I don’t want to wash off that wonderful feeling just yet.”

Daniel got dressed and put another ten pound note on the table. “That was absolutely brilliant” Daniel said, “Both the massage and the sex. I will certainly be recommending you to my friends so expect some calls, and I’ll certainly want to come back for more.”

Steve thanked him and showed him out. He hadn’t bothered to dress so he was standing naked at the front door as Daniel went out. Daniel gave his cock a quick squeeze and kissed him as he went.

Steve closed the door and went back into the living room. He was pleased with the way his first commercial massage had gone and he was even happier at being one hundred quid better off!


When Steve arrived at the bar, Paul was just opening up. “Hi, how are you?” he asked breezily before giving Steve a kiss and squeezing his bum.

“I’m fine, and you?”

“Good and all the better for seeing you! Would you like to start with cleaning the pumps and flushing them out and I’ll do the ones upstairs.”

Steve felt pleased at being given a responsible job so quickly since if you didn’t keep the pumps and pipes clean you were soon going to kill off the customers. He set to and followed the usual routine before reconnecting the barrels and running a couple of pints to make sure they were well flushed out. He then went round to check that all the tables were clean and collected a couple of glasses that had been left in a corner from the previous night. He put them in the dishwasher and set it going. He was just cleaning the bar when Paul came down and opened the front door.

“All done then”


“Do you mind if I just taste it to make sure we’re okay?”

“Yeah, go ahead, just as well to be safe”

“Well I normally always get someone else to taste even when I do it myself just to be sure.”

Steve ran off a small amount from each pump and was happy with the taste.

“Very good. You clearly know how to do that job.”

It was fairly quiet for the first hour so they had time to talk.

“How’s the flat going”

“Great, I really like it and this morning I had my first massage client.”

“Massage? Are you a masseur?”

Steve explained that he had received training and had an advert appearing in QX.

“That’s great. I love a massage. A good money maker as well.”

“I’ll give you one sometime”

“Oh thanks I’d like that. Do you offer a full naked erotic massage?”

Steve confirmed that he did and went the whole way if the client wanted it.

“Cool” Paul was beginning to feel his cock grow at the thought of Steve giving him a naked erotic massage followed by sex.

Soon after five the bar started to get busier and they were both busy serving and clearing away the empties. At six the other three guys came in and having kissed each other, Paul and Steve opened the upstairs bar. Soon afterwards a very good looking slim guy who was probably in his early thirties, came in.

“Hi Charles, how are you?” Paul called out as he walked up to the bar. “Meet Steve, our new bar guy”.

“Hi Steve” Charles said in a very sexy voice as he put his hand across the bar to shake hands.

“Charles is a regular so you will see him a lot” Paul said, “And his tipple is Chardonnay white wine”.

“Great, can I get you one now?” Steve asked.

“I’ll have a bottle please as I’ve got some friends coming later”

Steve got out a bottle and having opened it poured a glass. He then put the bottle into an ice bucket.

“Ah, I see this guy knows how to serve wine correctly”

“He’s had plenty of experience before coming here.” Paul replied.

“Mm I bet he has!” Charles responded grinning, “You’re rather cute aren’t you.”

Steve just grinned. They talked for a while and Charles asked him where he’d come from. Charles was very nice and seemed genuinely interested in Steve and Paul. Later, Paul told Steve that Charles was very wealthy and owned a posh flat in Chelsea and a large country house in Kent with an indoor swimming pool and a houseboy to look after it for him. “And no doubt to look after the needs of Charles as well I suspect.”

The bar became fairly busy and Steve was kept mainly at the bar serving. He eventually went out to clear glasses and got to the table where Charles and his friends were sitting.

“Hi Steve, meet my friends. This is Renaldo and Pablo.” Steve shook their hands and admired each of their gorgeous bodies. Both were wearing tight T shirts and trousers that showed their attributes off to the full. Seeing that the bottle of wine had been finished, Steve said “Would you like another bottle?”

Charles confirmed they would and Steve collected one from the bar and replenished the ice bucket. As Steve bent over to place it on the table he felt Charles pat him on his butt. “Nice butt this guy’s got”.

Steve grinned and moved on thinking, ‘Yeah, I wouldn’t mind having a feel of their butts as well’.

It was soon midnight and Paul and Steve closed the upstairs bar. They said their goodbyes to the other guys and set off home.

“Shall be glad when tomorrow is over so that we can have two days off”.

As Steve got up to his front door, Justin opened his. He was standing stark naked.

“Hi” Steve said grinning taking in the rather nice sight in front of him, “A nice welcome”.

“I’ve only been in for a short while so just chilling out. I did overtime this evening and didn’t finish till nine. I then went for a meal with a guy from work, He’s rather cute but I don’t think he’s gay unfortunately. Do you want to come in for a drink? I’m not going in till late tomorrow morning as I worked late today.”

Steve said he’d love to, so followed Justin into his flat. “Make yourself comfortable” Justin said clearly indicating for Steve to strip off. Steve did just that and sat down stark naked next to Justin. A bottle of wine was already open on the table so Justin poured a glass for Steve and topped up his own.

“Fancy watching some porn?”

Steve said he would be happy to knowing exactly what Justin really wanted. They watched the film for a while which involved several gorgeous young guys fucking each other in various positions. Soon their own cocks were rock hard and they were feeling each other. One thing led to another and in no time Justin was fucking Steve with his legs above his head. A bottle of poppers appeared from nowhere and Steve was taking a lungful up each nostril. He was soon feeling high and so was Justin as he shot his load up Steve’s arse. “Aaaaaaagh” Justin called out as his whole body shook with erotic feelings. “Oh fuck me that was brilliant” he added.

“I’ll certainly fuck you” Steve laughed as Justin finally collapsed over Steve and they kissed. After a while they changed places and Steve fucked Justin. He had a gorgeous butt and Steve kissed it all over before moving down to his love hole. He licked that round and round and pushed his tongue inside as far as he could get it. Having taken more poppers the pair were high again and had lost all inhibitions – not that either of them had many normally! Justin loved the feel of Steve’s hot tongue round his hole and he was in heaven. He was aching for Steve’s cock inside him but he didn’t want him to stop rimming him. Steve then moved to his balls and licked all round them. Then he licked beneath them and it sent Justin wild with sexual excitement. ‘God this guy certainly knows how to turn a guy on’ he told himself. Steve then lifted Justin’s legs above his head and slowly inserted his cock into the inviting hole. Justin gasped at the feel of Steve’s big hard cock inside him. He just loved cock up his arse and this was some cock. He took another sniff of poppers up each nostril and passed the bottle to Steve who did likewise. Steve’s whole body was now on fire and his cock was thrusting in and out of Justin’s arse at a rate of knots. Justin loved it and told Steve to fuck even faster. By doing so, Steve felt himself reaching a climax but he was too far gone to slow down. He suddenly felt his whole body shake as his load of cum shot out of him.

“Oh beautiful”, Justin exclaimed, “Hot cum shooting up my arse”.

Even though he had shot his load, Steve was too much on a high to slow down. He continued fucking and in due course he felt himself cum again. “Aaaaaaagh” he yelled as he felt yet more cum shoot out of his cock.

“Oh fucking hell” Justin yelled, “Another load of beautiful hot cum up my arse. That is just awesome. You are gorgeous. “

Still Steve kept on fucking until eventually he felt himself collapse on top of Justin.

“Oh my god, that was some fuck” Justin exclaimed, “It was beautiful, thanks very much.”

“Do you still have an arse left?” Steve asked grinning.

“Oh yes, my arse just loves being fucked so you can go back in anytime.”

Steve grinned and relaxed beside Justin.

“Would you like to stay the night?”

Steve thought ‘Why not’ and agreed. The pair moved to the bed and they cuddled together, kissing each other as they did so and felt each other’s still hard cocks. After a while, Justin told Steve to turn over so that his back was facing Justin. He then slowly inserted his cock into Steve’s arse and gently fucked him. Steve liked the feel of a cock up his arse and slowly fell asleep. Justin continued fucking him until he had shot a load of cum into Steve. He then went to sleep himself with his cock still inside Steve.


It was nine when they woke up the following morning. The sun was shining and it was coming through a crack in the curtains onto the bed. “Morning” Justin said as Steve woke up, “How are you?”

“I’m fine” Steve replied, “More to the point how’s your arse feeling this morning?”

“I have this wonderful glow. It feels just wonderful.”

They both laughed.

They showered and Justin got breakfast for them both. Whilst they were eating it, Justin’s phone rang.

“Oh Hi Adrian, how are you?”

Adrian then said something which Steve couldn’t hear. Justin then said “I’ve got someone with me and we’ve only just got up”. Adrian then said something else and Justin replied “Yeah he is” and grinned at Steve. “Hang on a minute”. Justin then explained to Steve that it was his gay cousin and he wanted to pop round this morning and did he mind.

“Yeah why not pop round now”

When he came off the phone, Justin explained that his cousin lived in Hertfordshire but was in London. “He wants to return a DVD I leant him some while ago” Justin added that he and his cousin had fooled around with each other when they were younger but nothing really happened. He then asked Steve if he would be willing to hang around and just wear his briefs in the hope that it might make him more interested. Steve laughed and since he had nothing else to do until he was due to go to work he agreed. The pair put on their briefs and waited for Adrian to arrive.

It was only a few minutes later that he was knocking on the door.

“Hi Adrian, come on in”

“Hmm, rather nice” he replied looking at the bulge in Justin’s briefs.

“Come and meet Steve. He’s my next door neighbour. He works at a bar and last night I was late too so we had a nightcap and things progressed from there!”

“Hmm I see” Adrian replied grinning.

“Hi Steve” Adrian said as he came forward to shake Steve’s hand whilst having a good look at his bulge in his briefs and then added “Hmm, very nice”.

Steve sat down and Adrian sat next to him. Justin offered him a drink and he had a coffee. Justin and he talked for a few moments about various things. “How’s you Dad?”

“Oh, much the same as usual. Don’t see him much these days.”

Justin had explained to Steve that Adrian’s Dad was mega rich and gave Adrian a very large allowance so money was never a problem. His mother had separated from his Dad when he was younger so Adrian had been brought up by a Nanny. Now there was just a housekeeper who made the meals and kept house otherwise Adrian did his own thing. Justin even said Adrian might be interested in a massage and to charge him the full wack if he was.

“Oh, here’s the two DVDs I borrowed. They’re awesome aren’t they?” Adrian pulled out of his bag two porn DVDs and left them on the table.

“Do you want to borrow any others?”

“No, I’ve ordered a load from Prowler now I know where to get them.”

“So I Justin tells me you’re a barman” Adrian said to Steve.

“Yeah in Soho”

“Gay bar?”


“Cool, so you meet lots of hot guys”

Steve just grinned. He decided this guy was somewhat fond of himself.”

“Steve is also a trained masseur” Justin added casually.

“Really? I’ve never had a massage.”

“Well I’m sure he would give you one if you wanted. It’d cost you though. He doesn’t give them away.”

“Cool, would you Steve? What do you charge?”

Steve told him the charge for a full naked massage and Adrian immediately accepted.

“When could you do it?”

“Why not now?” Justin said.

“Cool, can’t wait”

Steve suggested they went into his flat since all his gear was there so he picked up his clothes and they followed him into his flat. He quickly got the bed ready and asked Adrian whether he wanted scented or unscented oil. “Oh scented definitely” he replied. Steve then asked Adrian if he wanted a full naked erotic massage. Adrian said he certainly did and he wanted Steve naked as well.

Steve told Adrian to strip off and lay on the bed face down. Steve then removed his briefs and climbed across Adrian’s naked body. Although the guy might be an arsehole, he had a very nice body and Steve was going to enjoy massaging it. Justin not wanting to be left out also stripped off naked and stood and watched.

Steve followed his usual routine by working from the neck downwards. When he had got to the buttocks and was massaging those, he pulled them apart and took a look at his arsehole. “Hmm beautiful” Justin said. His cock was already hard and he was aching to stick it in. Steve also had a hard-on and was tempted to fuck there and then but he decided to do the legs and give Adrian an erotic massage up his legs into his crotch. As he did so, Adrian was groaning with delight. “Oh that is fucking awesome.”

Steve had finally finished both legs and he was fingering the inviting hole again. He was just thinking whether he would fuck him now before turning him over or follow the usual routine when Adrian said “Are you going to fuck me?”

“Do you want me to?” he asked.

Needless to say the answer was a resounding yes so Steve immediately stuck his big cock into the inviting sex hole.

“Oh my god that is fucking brilliant” Adrian yelled as he felt Steve’s big hard cock thrust inside him. Steve thrust in and out and gave Adrian a good roasting. Before he reached a climax he got off him and Justin took over. He too gave him a good roasting enjoying every second of it. He had wanted to do this for so long and he couldn’t believe he was now doing it.

When he had finished, he got off and Steve told Adrian to turn over. His cock was rock hard so Steve climbed across him and thrust the hard cock into his own arse. He slowly let Adrian fuck him whilst he massaged his neck and shoulders. When he had finished he rode Adrian’s cock up and down until he could feel him shooting inside him.

“Aaaaaaagh” he yelled as he shot his hot cum into Steve. “Oh my god that feels good.”

Steve climbed off him and Justin sucked Adrian’s cock whilst Steve finished off the massage on his legs. Adrian was completely under their control and in a fully erotic state. His body felt as if it was floating and he just loved the feeling.

Finally the massage was finished and Steve put his tight fitting boxer shorts back on. Justin did likewise and they watched Adrian get dressed.

“That was absolutely fucking fantastic. I’ll certainly be back for more of that.”

He opened his wallet and pulled out two fifty pound notes and gave them to Steve. His wallet was stuffed with notes so clearly he did have loads of money.

“There you are Steve, worth every penny” It was clear he was not expecting change so Steve took the hundred quid and added it to his earlier earnings. ‘Two hundred in two days. That’s not bad,’ he told himself.

Steve was due at Oscar’s at one so he said that he must get going. Adrian took the hint and left. When he’d gone, Justin laughed. “He’s certainly something isn’t he”.

“He sure is but if he’s got money to throw around then I don’t mind” Steve said laughing.

“I’ve got to go soon as well so I’ll see you” Justin said giving Steve a kiss as he went out and a friendly squeeze of his balls. “See you tomorrow about six.” Steve said he would do them a meal and then they could decide what to do.

As soon as Justin had left, Steve showered and got himself ready to go to Oscar. He put his singlet and tight boxers into his bag ready for the massage and set off.


“Hi Steve, how are you?” Oscar said in his usual breezy way giving Steve a kiss and a pat on his butt. “Matthew should be here in about ten minutes so would you like to get the bed ready and yourself ready.”

Steve set to and laid the towel on the bed, positioned the pillow and made sure he’d got a small hand towel at the ready. He then placed a bottle of each type of oil on the table nearby and Oscar also gave him a bottle of lube. “Just in case you need it!” Knowing Matthew he knew damn well that he would want Steve to fuck him!

Within a few minutes Matthew had arrived and Oscar introduced him to Steve. They shook hands and Steve invited him to sit down and make himself comfortable. “Would you like a drink of anything Matthew?”

“No thanks, I’m fine Steve”

“Right, is it a full naked erotic massage you would like?”

Matthew confirmed that it was. “And would you like me naked whilst I do it?

“You bet”

Steve then told Matthew to strip off and lay face down on the bed. Steve watched him take off his T shirt to expose his smooth black chest and then drop his trousers to expose smooth black thighs, and finally his tight red briefs to expose a large black cock surrounded by a matte of short black pubic hair. The sight was just beautiful. When he was on the bed, his black butt shone and Steve involuntarily ran his hand over it. Already, his own cock was twitching at the thought of fucking that black arse in due course. Steve checked that Matthew didn’t mind him straddling his body whilst he massaged him and having said he had no objection, Steve climbed across him and commenced massaging his shoulders.

“My, these are tight. Are you feeling stressed at the moment?”

“Yeah, work has got me stressed out at the moment but having you on top of me will soon sort that out.”

Steve laughed and Oscar was impressed that Steve had noticed the stress in the shoulders. Steve gradually worked down the back as usual until he reached the gorgeous black bum. He then slowly massaged the two buttocks round and round and gradually opened them apart. Matthew was groaning with pleasure as he did so. “Hmm that feels gorgeous. I hope you’re going to fuck that hole Steve”

“If you want me to”

“You bet I do. I can already feel your hard cock rubbing against my back and I want it inside me.”

Steve then moved to his legs and gave them both a good massage up and down right into his groin. Again Matthew groaned with pleasure as he felt Steve’s hands moving right up into his crotch and rubbing against his balls which were peeping out. His cock was now rock hard and his whole body was aching for sex.

Steve then told Matthew to turn over before remounting him. Matthew’s cock sprang up as he did so and lay at an angle to his stomach since it was so hard. Steve took it into his hand and squeezed it. “Nice cock”

“It’s all yours” Matthew said grinning and admiring Steve’s naked body and his rampant cock.

Steve moved up Matthew’s naked torso so that he could massage the shoulders from the front. Their two cocks were now rubbing against each other and Matthew just loved the feel. Whilst Steve massaged, Matthew placed his hands on Steve’s thighs and moved them up and down. The feel of this young guy’s hot flesh was wonderful.

Steve slowly moved down his body to his crotch. He massaged the front of each leg making sure that his hand again went right into the groin touching his balls. As he did so Matthew’s cock twitched up and down with excitement and Matthew could hardly control himself.

“Okay” Steve said having finished the massage, “Turn over and let’s fuck that arse of yours”.

Matthew was itching to be fucked by this young stud so was over on his stomach again within seconds offering his gorgeous black arse. Steve first of all fingered it and having got it well lubed he slowly pushed his hard cock inside. He had never fucked a black guy before and this felt wonderful. Really it was much the same as fucking a white arse but the thought of his white skin thrusting against his black skin really turned him on. Despite all the fucking he had done within the past twenty four hours he still seemed to have plenty of sexual desire and when it came to it a load more cum which he shot over Matthew’s back. “God I can feel that hot on my back” Matthew said as Steve shot his load.

Steve got Matthew to turn over again so that he could service his rampant cock. “I think this needs a good servicing.” Steve said as he sat down on the stiff cock and took the whole length into his arse. He lifted himself slightly so that Matthew could move his buttocks up and down to fuck Steve. “Oh yeah, that feels beautiful man. That’s a gorgeous arse to fuck.”

They seemed to go on for several minutes before Matthew screamed “Oh my god, I’m going to cum. Do you mind Steve?”

Steve said Matthew was welcome to come inside him if he wanted to and suddenly he felt hot cum shooting inside him. When he had done so, Steve pulled off him and sat back on his legs. Oscar meanwhile had been getting very randy by this time and had stripped off to show his rampant cock which was already beginning to show pre-cum. He bent over the two cocks and took them into his mouth. Matthew nearly jumped with erotic excitement as he felt his still sensitive cock being sucked by Oscar. Somehow he managed to suck both cocks to another climax. Two more loads of hot creamy white cum shot over Matthew’s black chest and he just loved the sight of it.

“Oh fucking hell what gorgeous creamy cum.” He then put his fingers into it and licked them “Hmm gorgeous”.

Oscar then told Matthew to get off the bed so that he could kneel up to offer his arse for fucking. He then told Matthew to fuck him and Steve to fuck Matthew. “Oh wonderful” Matthew exclaimed, “I’ll be the black sandwich in the middle”.

Having inserted his big black cock into Oscar, Steve then inserted his cock into Matthew’s black arse. They then fucked in unison. “Oh my god, I’m about to shoot again” Matthew suddenly announced. Oscar told him to do so. By chance, Steve was also at the point of no return so whilst Matthew was shooting his load into Oscar, Steve was shooting his into Matthew.

“Aaaagh that was awesome man. One load of cum in, and one out. How’s that for synchronisation!”

Having shot their loads, they uncoupled and sat down on the bed.

“Thanks guys, that was fucking great” Matthew said with a grin that went from side to side.


After a while, Matthew said he must go. Having got dressed he kissed Steve and Oscar, patted them both on their still naked bums and left. Steve and Oscar followed him out onto the landing and watched him go downstairs. “One of these days a neighbour will see me standing here naked” Oscar laughed as they went back inside.

“Well Steve that was a very good massage, so well done. You’ve certainly got a talent for it apart from the erotic side of things which clearly comes naturally.”

Steve grinned and thanked Oscar for his tuition. Before leaving, Oscar gave him a certificate to say that he had been trained in full body naked massage and had completed the course successfully. It was signed by Oscar and showed his professional qualification. Steve was chuffed with it and kissed Oscar for it.

When he got home he decided he would get a frame for it and hang it on his wall.

He arrived at the bar and did the usual preparations for the night whilst Paul did the upstairs bar. When he came down he said he wanted to talk about the Saturday they were on in a week’s time.

“You’ve got the rota I take it”

Steve confirmed he had and it was all in his electronic calendar.

“Well, the boss wants to open till three that Saturday and have the bar guys working in briefs from six. Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah no problem. He mentioned it at my interview and I said I was comfortable doing that. In fact he got me to strip off so that he could see what I had to offer.”

“That sounds like the boss” Paul laughed, “Anyhow we provide the briefs since he likes all of us in white. The normal routine is to wear those from six to midnight and then we change into G strings. You happy with that?”

“Yeah no problem whatever”

Paul then paused before continuing, “What then happens is that we take them off and go naked for the last half hour when the door has been closed to new entries. It just adds a bit of spice for the lads who stay on. Would that be okay with you because you don’t have to if you don’t want to?”

“That’s fine. I don’t mind strutting around naked for however long.”

“Thanks that’s great. All four of us do it so it’s good for a laugh.”

“Do any of the punters strip off?”

Paul laughed, “Some do but we don’t allow complete nudity until the door has closed. You also have to put up with some cock feeling and arse feeling as you go round.”

“Fine, doesn’t bother me.”

The more Paul got to know Steve the more he liked him. He was so relaxed about everything.

At six, Paul and Steve moved to the upstairs bar when the other three guys arrived. Soon after six Charles came in and took his usual seat by the bar so he could chat the two lads up.

“How are my two gorgeous guys today then?

They said they were both fine and looking forward to the next two days off. Something came up about massage and Paul told Charles that Steve was a trained masseur.

“Oh great. What kind of massage do you do?

Steve explained he did full body naked erotic massage and if the client wanted it he would do it naked.

“And what tends to follow the massage?” Charles asked with a grin.

“Depends on the client. It can range from sucking them off, to fucking them or them fucking me.”

“Sounds brilliant and how much do you charge for that?”

When Steve told him Charles said it was very reasonable and would he be interested in going to his flat in Chelsea to give him and his two friends, who Steve had met the previous night, all a massage. We’ll pay you the full rate for the three of us so two hundred and seventy for an evening’s work. I know you are probably not allowed to do business with customers but I can always say I found you from your advert.

Steve thought for a moment and imagined massaging and fucking Renaldo and Pablo as well as Charles. “Yeah okay, when would you want me to come?”

“How about Saturday evening, since you’re not working that day. Why not come over at six and we can have a bite to eat first?”

“Yeah okay sounds good.”

Charles gave him a card with his address and telephone number and no further mention was made for the rest of the evening. Later when Charles was seated at his usual bench by the window, he asked Steve “Are you on duty Saturday week when the guys only wear briefs?”

Steve said he was. “Great, look forward to that. I take it you know the usual format ending up naked.”

Steve grinned and said he was. “I shall definitely be in that night. I love seeing you guys in your briefs and finally naked.

The rest of the evening went smoothly and at midnight Paul and Steve closed up and went downstairs to collect their coats. The bar was busy and two of the bar guys had stripped off their tops. Steve couldn’t wait to see them naked in a week’s time if they were on duty that day.

On their way home Steve told Paul that he had been invited to someone to do a couple of massages so he couldn’t meet up as planned. “If you want” Steve said, “you could join Justin and me for a meal tomorrow evening and we could go out afterwards if you like, In fact if you come early I could give you the massage I promised.”

“Okay, sound cool. See you about five then”

Steve hoped that Justin wouldn’t mind Paul joining them but he was sure he wouldn’t. He would give him a ring tomorrow.

Steve had a useful morning the next day. He did some washing, got some shopping in for their meal and made some business cards with his first name, mobile number and the email address he had set up specifically for the massage work – he typed and grinned as he did so. He was rather pleased with his choice meaning erotic naked massage.

Just before lunch, his mobile rang. When he answered a guy said “Is that Mark?” It threw Steve for a moment until he remembered that was the name he had used on his QX ad.

“Yeah speaking”

“I’ve seen your ad on the QX site and note you offer massage. Could you clarify what you actually do?”

“Well, I can offer a full naked erotic massage and if you want, I will do that naked as well.”

“What about the erotic bit, what does that include?”

“Whatever you want. A suck off, being fucked or fucking me.”

The guy thought for a moment. “Well I’m a bottom so would you fuck me?”

“If you want either after I’ve finished the massage or during it whichever you want.”

“Sounds great. How much do you charge for the complete works?

“Ninety pounds in cash”

“Cool. Are you available this afternoon?”

Steve said he was and they arranged for him to come round at two. After lunch he prepared the bed and his oils, and got dressed in his singlet and tight boxer shorts. They guy had said he was in his mid fifties and hoped that would be okay. Steve replied “Of course, I don’t mind any age”. The guy did also add that he was slim so hopefully he wouldn’t be massaging a fat slob.

Just before two Steve received a text which he replied to giving the address and directions. Five minutes later the guy was ringing the door intercom. Steve opened his front door and waited for the guy to come upstairs.

“Hi, I’m Chen”

Steve invited him in and the guy admired Steve’s body as he did so. He sat down and Steve offered him a drink. “Do you have a white wine open?” Steve said he did and poured a glass for them both.

“I’ll take my shoes and sock off if that’s okay” he said.

“Yeah take anything off you like to relax.”

The guy removed his shoes and then his trousers and sat in a pair of tight briefs. “You’ve got a nice body” the guy said finally removing his shirt.

“Hmm so have you” Steve said removing his own singlet to show willing.

“So you want a full naked erotic massage”

“Yes please”

“And you want me naked as well”

“If you don’t mind”

Steve took another swig from his wine and suggested they start. “Just slip off your briefs and lay face down in the middle of the towel with your arms down your side.”

The guy stripped off naked and showed off his full nudity. His whole body was smooth and even his pubes were just a fine down. Steve couldn’t wait to see round his arse.

Without asking, Steve climbed across him and moved his crotch onto the guy’s beautiful smooth bum cheeks. “Hmm that feels nice having you on top of me”

“You have a beautifully smooth body” Steve said as he commenced massaging the guy’s neck and shoulders.”

“I’m Taiwanese and most don’t have body hair. Some guys like it and some don’t.”

“Well I think it’s nice”

Steve followed his usual routine and slowly worked down to the buttocks. He gradually pulled them apart to see his arsehole and it made Steve’s cock twitch with excitement. It was as smooth as it could be without a hair in sight. He bent over and licked the smooth arsehole and the guy groaned with pleasure. “Hmm that is nice”.

Steve then worked on the legs and each time his hand squeezed into the crotch the guy groaned again. “Oh that is so erotic. You’re good Mark.”

Steve then returned to the arse and fingered it with some lube. “Would you like me to fuck you now before I massage your front?”

“Oh yes please. I can’t wait to have your cock inside me.”

The guy had glimpsed Steve’s cock as he stripped off before climbing on top of him. In any event he could feel the size of it as it rubbed against his back.

Steve put two fingers into the arse and found it very open already. This guy clearly likes being fucked. He then slowly inserted his fully erect tool into the hole and thrust it back and forth. “Aaagh that feels good” the guy exclaimed. “Fuck me hard”

Steve was happy to oblige and increased his thrusts in and out of the wonderful arse.

“I want to take your cum in my mouth” he then added. Steve was already reaching a climax so he withdrew and told the guy to turn over. He moved up his body so that the guy could take Steve’s cock into his mouth. He started sucking it and within seconds Steve was shooting his load. It was so much that a lot of it spilled down his lips but he licked every last drop.

“That tastes beautiful” he said contentedly when he had finished.

Steve then set to massaging the guy’s neck and shoulders before slowly moving down his body. When he reached the cock which was flying high he took hold of it and sucked it for a few moments before continuing with the massage down the guy’s legs. He made sure that his hands rubbed against the large smooth balls each time before taking them into his hand and massaging them. He then licked them. Then he licked round them and beneath them. He then lifted the guy’s legs above his head and licked his arsehole. The guy was really enjoying this and hoped that Steve would once again fuck him. He didn’t have to wait long since Steve was itching to get back inside. He thrust his cock in and rocked back and forth until he felt another climax coming. This time he let his load shoot up the guy’s arse. “Oh my god, I can feel your hot cum inside me. I’ve never experienced that before.” Steve continued fucking for several minutes longer and the guy was pouring out ‘Aaaaghs’ as he did so. “Oh that is just fucking wonderful” he eventually exclaimed.

Steve finally slipped out of him and put his legs down. He took hold of the guy’s still hard cock. “You want to fuck me with that?”

“I’ve never fucked but you can sit on it if you want”

Steve positioned his arse over the cock and inserted it. As soon as it was fully inside the guy yelled with pleasure. “Oh god that feels good. It’s the first time I have had my cock in a hot arse and it feels brilliant.”

Steve wanted to fuck the guy again so he told him to get up on all fours so that he could fuck from behind. The guy complied meekly not too sure what was going to happen. He then felt Steve’s hot cock go inside him again and he just loved it. Steve held the guy’s buttocks as he fucked and fucked. He had also taken a good snort of poppers up each nostril so he was getting on a high. He could feel his blood rushing into his cock making the gorged head even bigger. The guy could feel Steve’s enlarged head inside his arse as it got bigger and bigger. Steve held the poppers under the guy’s nose and told him to take a good sniff up each nostril. The guy had never taken poppers before but decided to try it. When he felt the effect he yelled “Oh fucking hell that is brilliant”. Steve continued fucking until he could feel another load of cum ready to shoot. This time he pulled out and shot over the guy’s arsehole. “That feels great. I can feel hot cum on my arsehole. Push your cock inside again with some of your cum. Steve did so and since he had not finished he shot some more inside.

“Fucking hell, do you never stop shooting cum” he exclaimed as he felt more inside him.

“Not often” Steve said laughing and withdrew from the guy’s arse. He then told him to turn round and Steve sucked his cock until he was shooting hot cum into Steve’s mouth. The guy had thick hot cum and Steve enjoyed the taste of it. Even though the guy had shot his load Steve continue sucking and the guy was nearly hitting the roof as his sensitive cock head was being sucked and licked. “Oh my god you really know how to fully service a guy.”

Finally Steve finished and told the guy that was it and did he want a shower. “No thanks, I want the feel of you hot cock to remain up my arse and your hot lips round my cock. I’ll shower once I have lost that gorgeous feeling. They both sat down on the sofa still naked and finished their wine. When the guy had emptied his glass Steve filled it up again.

“Do you know Mark I’ve never had such an experience as that before and it was absolutely brilliant. You are wonderful and I shall certainly recommend you to my friends if I may.”

“Thanks Chen I appreciate that. I aim to please!”

Chen then told Mark that he had only come out within the last year so he was new to gay sex. “What made you come out?”

“I was married. It was an arranged marriage when I was sixteen but I never loved her and could not even fuck her. I just hated the thought of my cock being inside her so I lived a life of wishing I wasn’t married and wishing I could be what I really wanted to be. She eventually asked me one day if I was gay. I didn’t answer but soon after that she left me on the basis of the marriage never being consummated. Shortly after I left Taiwan and came to London. My eyes were opened to the gay scene so I decided to live an openly gay life and haven’t looked back since. Hence the reason for my sexual experiences being limited but today Mark you have really helped me move forward. I now know that I love being fucked and I love fucking.”

“It’s been a pleasure”

Chen eventually left saying that he would definitely be back for another massage. He also left Steve another twenty pound note before he left saying that it was worth every penny.


Steve had a quick shower and put on his singlet and boxer shorts again in readiness for when Paul came round for his massage. He had called Justin and he was more than happy to share a meal and hopefully a fuck with Paul.

At five, Paul was ringing the door entry system and Steve let him in. When he got into the flat he was impressed. “This is great. And you look great as well”, he added as he slapped Steve’s bum.

Steve offered him a glass of wine and they both sat down and drank that.

“I feel somewhat overdressed” Paul said.

“Well take off whatever you like”

Paul removed his trousers and his T shirt. He was wearing a pair of very skimpy briefs that had a thin strap between his legs to show off his butt to perfection. Steve slipped off his singlet so they were now both down to their briefs. After another two glasses of wine, Steve asked Paul if he would like a massage now.

“Yeah, can’t wait”

Paul stripped off his briefs and lay face down on the bed as instructed. Steve removed his shorts and climbed across Paul’s body. “Hmm very erotic” Paul said feeling Steve’s nakedness on his back. Steve performed his usual massage ending up with him sitting across Paul and their two cocks rubbing together. “You want me to fuck you?”

“You bet”

Steve lifted Paul’s muscular legs over his head and inserted his cock into the gaping arsehole.

“Fucking hell that feels good” Paul exclaimed,

“Sure does” Steve added with a grin.

Whilst Steve was fucking he heard a knock on the front door. “Oh fuck, I’ll have to go and let Justin in but don’t move.” Paul laughed and held his legs over his head.

Steve went to the door stark naked and with a raging hard-on,

“Hmm see you are ready for me” Justin said taking hold of the rampant cock.

“Come on in, strip off and help yourself to some wine if you want some. I’m in the middle of giving Paul a fuck”.

Justin laughed, said ‘Hi’ to Paul who was still exposing his arse. “Nice arse” I hope I can have a taste of that shortly” he added as he stripped off and poured himself some wine. Steve meanwhile had gone back to fucking Paul and Justin looked on with great interest.

“I love watching guys fuck” Justin said, “I just love watching the arse go up and down and imagining my cock inside the guy being fucked.”

Justin’s cock was soon rock hard with watching the action. When Steve had finished fucking, he offered the arse to Justin who readily took over. Paul seemed to delight in the arrangement and held his legs in readiness for Justin.

Justin had a thicker but shorter cock than Steve so when he thrust it into the hole he was conscious of the difference in girth but it still felt great. Finally Justin withdrew not wanting to reach a climax yet. He wanted to keep that till later.

“You want a massage now Justin?”

“Yes please”

He swapped places with Paul and Steve gave Justin a full massage.

“You’ve got a really sensitive touch Steve. It’s just brilliant. Best massage I’ve ever had.”

Justin was now on his stomach and Steve was playing with his arsehole. He slipped in his cock and fucked Justin hard like he’d done the other night. Justin loved it and when Steve had shot his load Justin wanted more. Paul took over and replaced Steve’s cock with his own. ‘This guy is a gorgeous fuck’ he thought to himself as he fucked and fucked until he too was shooting his load up Justin’s arse.

Meanwhile Steve was preparing the meal. He had bought a chicken pie and had done some potatoes and had prepared broccoli and carrots. When it was ready, Steve told the guys to sit round the table. It was tight for three of them but they managed. Fortunately Justin had loaned him a third chair.

“So what do we want to do afterwards” Steve asked.

“I fancy going somewhere really sexy” Paul said, “I know a small club where everyone is stark bollock naked including the bar staff. It has dark rooms and a main bar area for cruising and dancing.”

“Sounds great. What time does it open?”

“Ten, so we could go to another bar first for a drink and then go onto the club.”

It was already eight thirty so they put on minimal clothes – no point in wearing briefs – and set off. Paul also knew a gay bar near the club so they went there first. The bar was busy and plenty of groping was going on as they pushed their way to the bar. They got their drinks and moved back from the bar a bit. Steve could feel himself being groped by more guys but he just let it happen. It was fun and would put them all in the mood for the club.

They left the bar at ten thirty and made their way to the club. It was in a narrow cul-de-sac and unless you knew it you would never find it by chance. They went in and paid their fee which included a locker for their clothes. They stripped off their tops and jeans and moved naked into a large bar area where there were plenty of other guys walking around stark naked. They moved to the bar and admired the two bar guys who were also stark naked apart from trainers like them. They smiled at each other and got their drinks. You started with a fund in your account and then paid anything over that at the end when you collected your clothes.

The three lads moved to one side of the dance area and viewed the talent whilst they drank their wine. There was plenty to look at. Paul then led them into one of the dark room areas and said just let it happen. It was so dark that it was impossible to see who was there or each other. They agreed to meet up again in the main club area when they had enough. Steve slowly moved about until his eyes became accustomed to the dark. Suddenly he felt a hand on his cock and fingering his arse. He felt for the owner and came across a fully enlarged cock. He then found the guy’s arsehole and fingered him. The guy liked it and guided Steve’s cock into his gaping hole. It was already well lubed so it slipped in easily. Steve fucked him like mad. He had poppers and offered them to Steve who took a large sniff up his nose. His head was soon spinning. He pulled out before he shot his load and the guy sucked him off taking the whole load in his mouth. When finished he moved on to find the next fucker.

Steve decided he had enough of the dark room for the moment so moved outside and found Paul.

“It got a bit heavy in there, so I decided to move out” Paul said.

Steve agreed and they got themselves another drink. When they got back to their little nook Justin had appeared. “Fucking hell that was something in there”.

They all laughed and spent the rest of their time outside in the lit areas. They finally got home about one in the morning having decided enough was enough. The club was in fact open till three but none of them could stand anymore but it was an experience they all agreed.


On the Saturday evening, Steve set off to Charles’ flat in Chelsea. As expected it was enormous and beautifully furnished with expensive items. Charles welcomed Steve in and showed him the bedroom where he could give his massage when they were ready. Steve prepared his items and then joined Charles in the living room. “Help yourself to a drink” Charles said as he walked in the room. Steve poured himself a glass of wine and sat down on one of the sofas. They chatted for a few minutes and then Charles suggested that Steve prepare what he needed to do the massage. “Thought we would have those first and eat afterwards if that’s okay” Charles said as he showed him into the bedroom.

Steve prepared the bed which needless to say was sumptuous and enormous and changed into his massage shorts and T shirt. He had just rejoined Charles in the living room when Renaldo and Pablo arrived. When they saw Steve in his tight shorts they got very excited “Hmm very nice” Pablo exclaimed as he kissed Steve and patted him on the bottom. Renaldo was more direct and felt Steve’s package as he kissed him. “Hmm can’t wait to have that inside me”.

They all had a drink and after about half an hour Charles suggested they start the massage. “Who’s going first” Charles asked. “Ooh I’d love to go first” Pablo said so it was agreed he would be the first.

They all moved into the bedroom and stripped off naked. Steve assumed they would want him naked so he just stripped off as well. Pablo and Renaldo already had a hard-on. Steve told Pablo to lie on the bed face down and he climbed across him. He did his usual massage from the shoulders down and massaged his buttocks which were beautiful. As he did so he opened them apart to have a look at his hole and it made his own cock expand even more. He then moved down each leg before coming back to the buttocks. “Are you going to fuck me now?” Pablo asked. Without responding, Steve lubricated the hole and his own cock and thrust it inside. “Oh my god, that feels wonderful” Pablo exclaimed. Steve fucked and fucked him and then withdrew just before reaching a climax. He didn’t want to come just yet.

Steve climbed off him and before he had a chance to tell Pablo to turn over, Charles moved forward and said “We can’t let that arse go to waste just yet.” He climbed over Pablo and thrust his cock into the inviting arse. “Oh fucking hell, you are a big boy Charles. That is fucking wonderful.” Charles fucked him hard and shot a load of cum up his arse. “Hmm that feels nice, lovely hot cum up my arse. Come on Renaldo add yours as well please.”

Charles and Renaldo changed places and thrust his long thin cock up Pablo. “Hmm I just love your cock up my arse” he exclaimed as Renaldo fucked and fucked until he too shot his load.

When they had finished, Steve told Pablo to turn over so that he could massage his front. Steve climbed on top of him and their stiff cocks rubbed together as he massaged Pablo’s shoulders. He worked down his body and down his legs as usual before going back to his cock. He sucked it and round his balls before sitting on the rampant cock. “Oh fucking hell is there no end to this guy’s talents. That feels beautiful.”

It was now Renaldo’s turn for a massage so Steve went through the same routine. Renaldo was a gorgeous fuck and Steve enjoyed fucking him immensely. He had a beautifully smooth body which was a delight to massage. As before the other two fucked him before Steve massaged his front followed by sitting on Renaldo’s cock. It was long and thin and Steve could feel it go right up his arse. Renaldo was soon shooting a hot load of cum inside him and it felt good.

Finally it was Charles’ turn and Steve followed the same routine. Fucking Charles was really something and both Steve and Charles enjoyed it. Steve got so carried away that he shot his load. “Oh my god, I can feel that load of hot creamy cum shoot up inside me. Fucking beautiful.” Charles exclaimed.

Before Steve could do the front side, the other two wanted their fuck so duly thrust their cocks up Charles and shot their loads inside. “Hmm that feels really nice” Charles exclaimed as Renaldo shot his load, “Three loads of cum. Just beautiful.”

Steve massaged the front of Charles and as before sat on Charles’ cock. It was big and Steve was stretched to take it but he did and the whole length went inside. Charles fucked and fucked until he finally shot another load of cum up Steve’s arse.

When the massages were finally finished, Charles said it was time for a meal. “We’ll have Steve for desert!” he said with a grin.

Charles said there was no need to dress so they all trooped into the dining room stark naked. The others clearly expected what they found but Steve was surprised. The room had a large dining table which was beautifully laid out and a young guy who looked eastern European was standing at one end also stark naked.

“Hi Aaron” Renaldo and Pablo said and gave him a kiss. Clearly he was used to seeing the pair of them naked and did not flick and eyelid. Charles then introduced Steve and Aaron moved forward to kiss him. This time he did look Steve up and down with an approving look on his face and showed him to his seat at the table. As expected the meal was beautiful and the wine flowed copiously. When the meal was finished they all moved into the lounge and Aaron served brandy. They were all well on the way to being pissed but their ability to get cocks high and hard did not seem to be affected. Bottles of poppers were scattered around plus a few other pills which Steve decided to avoid.

Soon Steve found himself the centre of attention and he had tongues licking him all over, his arse being rimmed and his cock sucked. He was then bent over the end of the sofa with his arse in the air and fucked by all three of them one after the other. He could feel each of them shoot their load inside him and it felt wonderful. They then laid him out on the floor and each of them sat on his cock and fucked themselves by riding him. Aaron had now returned having cleared away the dishes and joined in. He too sat on Steve’s cock and fucked himself. He then turned Steve over and fucked his arse depositing yet another load of hot cum inside him. To say the least, Steve’s arse and cock felt sore after all this but he enjoyed every second.

It was then Aaron’s turn to be fucked by everyone so he was taken into the bedroom, fastened to the bed with restraints and then fucked by each of them one after the other. They each fucked him four times so his arse was well and truly fucked by the time they had all finished. Poppers and drugs were being taken by all of them in the end although Steve limited his to one, so they were all on a high and feeling as randy as hell.

It was after midnight by the time they had finished so Charles said that Steve could stay over if he wished but Steve decided to go home. ‘I’ve had enough of their cocks for one night’ he told himself.


As he was opening his front door, Justin opened his. “Hi” he said in an alcohol laden voice, “Had a good night?”

“Yeah you could say that” Steve replied as he dumped his bag inside. “My arse feels full of cum if you judge a good night by that” he laughed.

“Oh fucking hell you lucky bugger. I’m as randy as hell and nobody to give me relief. Fancy coming in for a while?”

Steve really wanted to get to bed but Justin was very persuasive as well as looking sexy and delectable in his tight briefs which hid nothing of his fully engorged organ inside them.

“Okay, since I’m not working tomorrow”

“Great come in and make yourself at home”, which in Justin’s mind was strip off.

Reading Justin’s mind, Steve obliged and stripped down to his briefs to match Justin. A bottle of Bacardi was already open on the table and Steve could see that Justin had made good use of it. “You been in all evening then?” Steve asked.

“Went to a party earlier but it was fucking boring so I decided to go to the bars to see what I could pick up but there was sod all so I decided to come home.”

“Oh dear” Steve replied feeling sorry for him. Within no time their briefs were on the floor and they were all over each other and sniffing poppers in between each kiss and cock suck. Within no time Steve had Justin’s legs high in the air and was fucking that gorgeous arsehole of his. He fucked and fucked as if he hadn’t done so for days. “Don’t cum inside me” Justin said, “I want to take it in my mouth and taste your hot seed.”

Steve could feel himself reaching the point of no return so he pulled out and moved up Justin’s body so that he could take his load in his mouth. Within seconds he was shooting his hot creamy cum into Justin’s mouth and because of the volume some of it spilt over his lips. When Steve had finally finished he bent over and licked the remaining cum off Justin. He then inserted his tongue into Justin’s mouth and they exchanged the cum.

“Hmm although I say it myself, that is lovely cum”

Justin laughed and agreed it was very tasty.

It was now Justin’s turn to fuck Steve so they changed positions. First Justin licked Steve’s arse hole which always sent Steve into an extremely sexual state. Justin then prepared himself to fuck Steve and he took another load of poppers. His whole body was on a high and he was just itching to have Justin’s cock inside him. As usual he was not disappointed and enjoyed every second. Finally he could feel Justin shoot his load and it felt wonderful. ‘Must be getting full in there’ he smiled to himself as Justin was shooting the last few drops. They stayed coupled for several minutes and kissed. Justin was really nice and Steve was falling in love with him. Justin had fallen for Steve the first time he met him!

Steve stayed the night and the next morning they woke up to a beautiful sunny day. “Fancy going out somewhere and I’ll show you some of the sights”, Paul said. Steve said he would love to so after breakfast they set off for Richmond. Steve had never seen the river apart from around London so he was fascinated by the countryside nature of Richmond in comparison to central London. They walked along the river bank to Twickenham and back and then bought a snack at a local market. They sat on the grass by the river in the sunshine and it was just brilliant. It was now late afternoon so Paul suggested they go to a local gay bar. It was a very ordinary bar but at least it was gay and several other guys were there. They got chatting to one pair who lived locally. Having bought several drinks each the pair asked if they would like to come back to their place which was only a few minutes walk away. Steve and Paul agreed so they all set off.

Clearly these two were well off since the house they lived in was in a terrace of other grand houses just off Richmond Green. Once inside they were asked to remove their shoes “plus anything else you fancy” one of them said jokingly but with a serious intent. They had introduced themselves as Terence and Mark. It appeared that Terence was the dominant one although Mark stood up for himself. Both had stunning bodies and soon they were all naked to the waist.

“Would you like to stay for a meal?” Terence asked.

Steve looked at Paul and they both nodded. “Yeah, thanks that would be great”. Having settled that, Mark then opened a bottle of wine. “I take it you two are wine drinkers rather than beer”. Both nodded and accepted a glass of what was a very nice white wine. “Yeah we are too” Mark responded.

They sat and talked and Terence asked all sorts of questions of Steve and Paul. When they heard that Steve worked in a gay bar and also did massage work they were very excited and wanted to know more. They were even more intrigued when they heard that Steve had only moved to London recently and wanted to know all about his home life up north.

Terence and Mark were both from the South East and both worked in a local bank. They had been together five years and were now considering a Civil Partnership. Paul and Steve were fascinated. “You’ve got a nice house here” Paul said.

“Yeah it was my parents but they were both killed in an air accident three years ago so as the only child I inherited it. Fortunately my Dad was wealthy having worked in the City for years, and left me a tidy sum so I was able to keep it on. I do love it here and so does Mark so we will continue to live here for as long as it suits us.

“Did your parents know you were gay?” Steve asked.

“No which is one of my many regrets but there you are. How about yours?”

Steve explained that his mother had left when he was quite young but his Dad knew and he too was gay. “It must be cool having a gay Dad”. Steve grinned and said it was but he only found out just before he left for London.

Mark explained that both his parents knew he was gay and were cool about it. “My brother is gay as well so they’ve had a double whammy but they are okay with it.

“How about you Paul?” Mark asked.

“Well my parents split up some years ago but both now know and although Mum is not too happy with the idea my Dad accepts it. We don’t really talk about it.

Mark then left them to cook the meal. Steve asked if he could help and Mark said he could at least keep him company so the pair of them went off to the kitchen leaving Terence and Paul in the living room.

Terence moved to the sofa where Paul was sitting and sat right up close to him. He placed a hand on Paul’s thigh and slowly moved it up to his crotch. “You’ve got a nice body” he said as he felt Paul’s thickening organ, “And a nice cock”. Paul opened his legs wider and let Terence do what he wanted. He was enjoying the feel of his cock being manhandled.

Terence unfastened Paul’s thin trousers and pulled them down his legs. Paul was wearing a loose pair of boxer shorts to his stiff cock was straining at the thin material. Terence took hold of the tool and soon had it exposed having removed the boxer shorts as well. He bent over and sucked Paul’s cock. “Aaagh” Paul cried as he felt the warmth of Terence’s mouth round his cock. Terence certainly knew how to suck cock. As he was doing this Terence managed to remove his own clothes and was now kneeling in front of Paul stark naked. He quickly pulled Paul’s trousers and shorts off his legs and swiftly removed his T shirt to leave him naked as well.

Terence then lifted Paul’s legs and rimmed his arsehole. Paul was in heaven and just let it all happen. He loved his arse being rimmed. The next thing he knew was being fucked by Terence. His long hard cock up his arse felt just wonderful.

Meanwhile in the kitchen the food was well on the way and Steve was at the stove watching things on the hob. Mark came up behind him and put his hands round Steve’s waist. Seeing no anti reaction, he moved them down into Steve’s crotch and felt the package beneath Steve’s thin trousers. “Hmmm nice” he commented as he unfastened the fly and the top of the trousers. He let Steve’s trousers fall to the floor and felt inside his briefs. He found a fully erect cock and took hold of it. Steve meanwhile was exploring Mark’s crotch behind him and felt the already erect cock. He managed to unfasten Mark’s trousers and soon they were round his ankles. Mark turned Steve round and knelt down to suck his cock.

They could hear noises from the living room and Mark commented that Terence and Paul were clearly having some fun. The food needed attention again so Mark stripped off his trousers and pants and continued with just a T shirt and a stiff cock jumping up and down in front of him. Steve did likewise so the pair of them stood naked from the waist down. As Mark stirred a sauce, Steve felt his cock. “Now that’s what I call keeping me company in the kitchen”.

The meal was now ready to serve to Mark helped Mark take it into the dining room which was already prepared. Mark then stuck his head inside the living room to tell the others it was ready. Terence and Paul were still at it. “Hmm see you two have wasted no time”. “Not have you by the look of it” Terence quipped back. The pair walked into the dining room stark naked and joined Steve.

“I feel overdressed now” Mark commented as he slipped off his T shirt to leave him stark naked. Steve did likewise and they all sat down to eat.

The wine flowed and by the time the meal was over Steve and Paul were feeling well oiled. They moved to the living room and Terence made some coffee and served it with brandies.

“Are you two into restraint and S&M at all?”

Both replied that they had never tried it but were willing to do so. “Bring your brandy and follow me” Terence told them. He took them down the corridor and down some stairs to a basement room which was fitted out with all kinds of gear. In the middle was a large double bed which had restraint straps fitted to it. Terence told the two lads to lay face down on the bed side by side. It was so wide that there was ample room for the two of them leaving a space between their bodies. Terence and Mark then handcuffed their hands and feet to the bed so they were fully restrained. With Terence on one side and Mark on the other they gently whipped their buttocks with a whip followed by a spanking paddle. Their buttocks were soon red so they stopped. They then greased their arses, climbed on top and fucked them. Both lads found it very erotic being fucked like this since they had no control. “Hmmm that feels brilliant” Paul exclaimed as Mark thrust his cock in and out. “It sure does” Mark responded, “A gorgeous arse to fuck”.

Terence was doing likewise to Steve who was also enjoying every second. Having given them both a good fuck, they were released and Paul was told to turn over. This time he was handcuffed with his arms and legs outstretched as wide as they would go. His cock was riding sky high and the head was fully engorged. Terence then used an electrical probe over his body and each time Paul felt the electric shock go through him his cock twitched and got harder and harder. Terence then sat across Paul and thrust the rampant cock into his own arse. He rode it like a stallion until Paul was shooting his load inside Terence. Mark took over and in no time Paul was shooting another load up Mark. Steve then had his turn and felt yet more hot creamy cum shoot up his arse.

They then released Paul’s feet shackles, lifted his legs above his head and re-fixed them to the head of the bed. His arse was gaping wide and ready to be fucked. One by one the other three fucked Paul. First Terence, then Mark and finally Steve. Terence and Mark had shot so much cum up his arse that Steve could feel it sloshing around his cock. He added to the mix by shooting a load of his as well.

It was then Steve’s turn to be restrained with his butt in the air. The other three took great delight in fucking the gorgeous arsehole with long hard deep thrusts. Steve loved it. Then he was flipped over onto his back and each of them sat on his rampant cock. He found being restrained whilst they did this really enhanced the enjoyment and increased his sexual desire. Finally his feet were released and restrained over his head to leave his arse open to more abuse. Each fucked him until they were shooting hot cum inside him. He could feel it sloshing around inside as each cock thrust in and out. He just loved it.


Part 3

The weekend had arrived when the bar staff had to strip down to briefs. Justin had said he would come along and join in the fun. They had all been issued with a pair of tight white trunks which left nothing to the imagination. When the others saw the size of Steve’s package they all commented and wanted a feel. It was clearly going to be a free for all so Steve threw himself into things and gave the others a feel as well.

Charles arrived about ten and Steve served him his usual bottle of wine. He introduced Justin and the pair immediately hit it off. As the evening progressed Steve had several hands feeling his crotch and his arse as he moved round the bar to collect empties. Paul even had one guy put his hand down inside his briefs and have a good feel of his cock but he just let the guy enjoy himself – not that he minded either!

At midnight, when the upstairs bar closed, the staff all changed into G strings. These too were white and almost translucent. Steve’s package was just about covered but plenty of pubic hair spilled out the sides. The downstairs bar was packed and it needed all five of them to cope with the crowd. Steve and Paul went into the crowd to collect empties again and as they pushed their way through they could feel hands all over their lower regions. Several guys grabbed hold of Steve’s cock and he felt it starting to grow. Others tried to insert fingers up his arse but without much success. All this action had prompted some guys to remove their trousers and tops and stand around in just their pants.

About half an hour before the bar was to close the doors were locked so that nobody else could enter. The five bar guys then climbed on the bar and with suitable music and encouragement from the crowd they unfastened their G strings leaving them naked. The crowd roared and were particularly pleased to see that some of them, including Steve, had semi hard-ons.

Three of them moved into the crowd and let them have a good feel of their cocks. Soon they were rock hard and guys were trying to suck them but they kept moving! Steve found the sensation of moving round naked amongst the crowd very exciting and enjoyed every second of it.

It was soon time to close the bar and the crowd dispersed having enjoyed the sight of five naked bar guys. Two of the guys left and left Paul, Steve and another guy called Simon to clear up. Justin also stayed on so that he could go home with Steve. All three bar guys were still naked so Justin offered to strip off as well so as to join in the fun. When they had collected the final empties and cleaned the tables they started having fun with each other. In no time they were fucking each other over tables. Steve was fucking Simon who had a gorgeous black butt. His cock slipped in so easily that he soon had it up to the hilt and was fucking Simon with all his might. Simon clearly enjoyed it by the moans and groans he was making. Steve came to a climax and shot his load up Simon’s arse. “Fucking hell, I can feel that hot cum shooting up me” he exclaimed, “Fucking beautiful”.

Paul was now offering his rampant cock up to Steve’s arse and soon he was fucking it back and forth. It felt wonderful and Paul enjoyed every second. Steve could feel Paul’s juicy cock up his arse slipping back and forth. It made his own cock hard again and he was ready for another fuck. When Paul had finished, Steve pulled Justin over, bent him over the table and slipped his long hard cock up Justin’s arse. “Oh my god that feels just wonderful” Steve exclaimed. Justin was more than pleased with the feel of it as well!

Finally they got ready to leave and went home. Steve and Justin were spending more and more time with each other, mainly in Steve’s flat. When they got home they stripped off their clothes, collapsed into bed and hugged each other. They had fallen in love with each other and enjoyed every intimate minute together.

“I love you” Steve said to Justin in between passionate kisses.

“I love you too” Justin replied, “and would like to spend my life with you”.

It was the first time they had ever spoken of living together but as Steve thought about it he knew he wanted this. “Then why don’t we?” Steve replied.

They discussed it further and finally agreed that Steve would move into Justin’s flat and they would keep Steve’s for massage work for the time being.

“By the way, Charles has invited the pair of us down to his house in the country”

“Oh great” Steve replied, “he mentioned it some while ago but I’m glad he’s invited both of us. It should be good fun.”

“He wants you to let him know which weekend you are free within the next few weeks.”

Steve agreed to contact him and let him know.

They were both very tired so they were soon slipping off to sleep. Sex would have to wait until the morning!


A few days later Steve received a call from Gabriel & Rafael inviting him to one of their parties. Steve asked if Justin could come as well. Gabriel, who had made the call, quizzed Steve about Justin and asked what he was like, how big a cock he had and was he generally as gorgeous as Steve. Having satisfied himself that he was, he said that both would be very welcome. “Tell him it will be a wild party”.

Justin was excited when he heard about Gabriel & Rafael and looked forward to joining in the fun. “It will be one long evening of sex” Steve told him. “Great” Justin replied grinning.

That same day, Steve received a call from a massage client. His name was Jason. “Just one thing” Jason then said “could I bring a friend with me? We would like to be massaged whilst fucking each other.”

Steve was slightly taken aback but rather liked the idea of massaging whilst two guys were at it beneath him. He agreed to do so and arranged a time when Justin would also be present just in case things got out of hand. Justin agreed and rather looked forward to the spectacle.

It was arranged they would come the next day when Steve was not on duty and Justin had a day off. Steve had changed into his usual massage shorts and Justin wore a similar pair. They decided not to wear shoes or tops so they were naked to the waist and looking very sexy. At the agreed time the pair arrived and Jason introduced himself and his friend who was called Marco. Both were very good looking and Marco had a gorgeous brown body. He apparently came from Tobago.

Steve invited them in and introduced Justin. Neither of the guys queried why Justin was also present but instead enjoyed looking at his sexy body.

Having gone through the usual introduction, Steve suggested they strip off and lay on the bed. “I take it you’d like both of us naked as well”. Jason and Marco nodded and grinned and as they looked at the pair of naked bodies in front of them both their cocks stiffened.

Steve asked when they wanted to start fucking. They told him that they wanted to do that from the start so Jason lay down on his front and Marco lay on top of him having inserted his long brown cock up the arse in front of him. Steve then climbed astride the two mounted bodies and started his massage on Marco. The feel of Marco fucking Jason beneath him was very erotic and soon his own cock was rock hard.

The sensation of Steve massaging him whilst he fucked his friend made Marco really hard and the thrusting of his cock in and out of Jason gradually increased. Steve was working down Marco’s legs and when he moved into the groin he slipped his hand round Marco’s stiff cock and held it fast for a moment. “Aaaagh” Marco exclaimed as he felt the warmth of Steve’s hand round his rampant cock.

Since he was clearly not able to do his normal massage, Steve started fingering the beautiful arse in front of him. Marco clearly liked being fingered and Steve soon had three up it. The feel of the beautiful soft flesh inside really turned Steve on and soon his cock was aching to get inside. He offered up the end of his cock to the open arse and slowly inserted it. Marco made no moves to object so Steve soon had the full length of his cock up the gorgeous arse. He pumped and pumped whilst Marco pumped Jason. Justin meanwhile had positioned himself across Jason’s head and was being sucked off by Marco. “Mmm, lovely” he thought to himself. “A cock up my arse, my cock in an arse and a cock in my mouth. Just perfect.”

Whilst Marco was shooting his load into Jason, Steve was shooting his up Marco. It felt just beautiful. Meanwhile, Justin was shooting a load of cum into Marco’s mouth so he had it both ends.

Marco then indicated to Justin to change places with him. Justin needed no further encouragement to fuck Jason’s gorgeous arsehole. He quickly changed places and soon had his still hard cock up Jason’s arse. Seeing Justin’s arse go up and down made Marco want to fuck it. He climbed on top of the two bodies and thrust his rampant organ into Justin. There was now another gyrating bum on top and Steve felt he had to fuck that too. He climbed across the three lads and inserted his cock into Marco. “Oh fucking beautiful” Marco exclaimed, “a foursome with three cocks pumping away”.

It did feel odd Steve thought to himself. Three gyrating bodies beneath him and still it felt good fucking arse.

Whilst Justin was fucking Jason, he reached beneath him and took hold of his big stiff cock. As he fucked he wanked him off. He shot a copious amount of hot creamy cum into Justin’s hand just as he was shooting yet more hot creamy cum up his arse.

Finally they uncoupled having filled each other with their seed and the massage came to an end. Jason paid Steve two hundred and told him that it was the best massage he had ever had and the best fuck. “I’ll certainly be coming for more” he said as they left.

“Yeah come any time you like” Justin replied.

When they had left, Steve gave Justin half the money and said he had earned it. “Thanks. We must do more of these double massages!”

That week saw three more massages but nothing as erotic as that one. Steve did however get to fuck three very cute guys so he was happy. He and Justin also talked about doing two handed massages which also meant double fucks. Justin was more than happy to do that so Steve amended the advert to say four handed massages available. No sooner had the new advert appeared and he received two enquiries. The first guy was very cute and enjoyed having four hands explore his body. “God it’s so erotic” he exclaimed whilst they were working down separate legs in unison. He was also ecstatic when they said they would both fuck him if he wished. He had no hesitation in saying yes and rolled over to be fucked first by Steve and then by Justin.

Steve enjoyed it so much that as soon as Justin had finished shooting his load, Steve mounted the guy again and shot another large load of cum up his arse. Justin also had a second turn and then the pair of them had a third. The guy was enjoying every second as he felt each cock spill its load up his arse.

The other guy was older and only really wanted the double handed massage. “I’m not into fucking” he explained, “but I love watching guys fuck”. Justin and Steve were happy to oblige so Justin gave Steve a good roasting in front of him. All the while he wanked himself off over their naked bodies. Yet more money was added to the pot and they were more than happy.


The weekend of the orgy at the party with Gabriel & Rafael was on them. They had no real idea of what to expect apart from the fact that they would be the centre of attention but both were ready for it. They also expected lots of booze and no doubt drugs as well.

Gabriel had told them not to bring anything with them “There’ll be loads of booze” he added. “Just bring your gorgeous bodies wearing a little as possible since we will soon have you both naked.” Fortunately it had been a warm day which extended into the evening so they just put on a pair of boxer shorts, a T shirt and a pair of trainers. The shorts were tight fitting so showed plenty!

Gabriel had sent a private car to collect them. The driver was gorgeous and turned out to be Gabriel and Rafael’s house boy. He grinned when he saw what the two lads were wearing. “Mr Gabriel will like” he said in faltering English. The lads grinned back and got into the car.

Gabriel was clearly pleased when he greeted them at the front door and immediately felt the packages underneath. He was not disappointed. “Come and meet my friends” he told them as he led them into a large hallway which led into an enormous lounge. There were about six guys standing around and when the two lads entered all conversation stopped as they admired what they saw. Some of the guys were already down to briefs and in one case a G string. They all had beautiful bodies despite some of them being much older than the two lads.

“Come and make yourself at home and have a drink. I suggest you relax by discarding your T shirts and trainers.” Gabriel said with an impish grin. Within seconds and with Gabriel’s help the two of them were stripped to the waist with boners straining against the thin material of their boxer shorts.

The others surrounded them and introduced themselves. As they did so they had a good feel of their bodies and one or two felt what was beneath the flimsy materiel. One even went as far as thrusting his hand down the back of Justin’s shorts and moved it round to feel his cock. “Mmm nice” he exclaimed, “Guys we’ve got some treats coming later”.

The drink flowed as well as drugs. Steve and Justin stuck to poppers and left the others to blow their minds. The whole atmosphere was very erotic and both of them soon had a fully erect hard-on. Some of the guys, including Gabriel and Rafael were now stark naked. The others weren’t far off.

Several guys moved up to the lads and within no time they too were stark naked. There was no rush to start sex but there was plenty of feeling and petting. The houseboy who had collected them appeared with trays of food. He was stark naked and was absolutely gorgeous. Several guys went up to him and kissed him whilst at the same time giving his cock a good feel. The guys crowded round the food table and tucked in. A guy invited Steve to join him on one of the sofas and another took Justin to join him and another. They loaded their plates with food and joined their escorts.

They ate and they chatted and every so often the guy with Steve would place a hand on his thigh and move it up into his crotch. He would take hold of Steve’s cock and gently rub it until it was rock hard again. “Nice cock” he said, “Perhaps I can have that inside me later”. Steve grinned and said he could.

Justin meanwhile had a guy either side of him and they too were taking great interest in his naked body. He just let them have their fun whilst he continued eating.

When they had all finished eating, the fun began. Steve’s guy sat on his rock hard cock and rode him up and down until Steve had shot a load of hot cum inside him. “Mmm that feel’s really good” he exclaimed as he felt Steve’s load inside him and he had shot his own load onto Steve’s stomach. Two other guys had now joined them and were anxious to get into the action. They were all stark naked with cocks flying high. For a while they just played with each other and sucked each other’s cocks but they soon wanted more. Steve was laid down on the floor face down and the guys fucked him one by one. He could feel each cock slip its way inside him and most spilled their load. Every now and then he would take a sniff of poppers to keep him on a high. What he didn’t realise at the time was that Justin and the houseboy had also been laid down on the floor and were being fucked by the rest of the group. They were working their way round the three lads in a continuous circle so each had several fucks of each lad. Their arses were swimming in cum so each cock slipped in that bit easier as they progressed.

The three lads were then turned over and the fuck fest continued but this time each guy rode their rock hard cocks. The guys held the lads’ arms outstretched above their heads so they could not move. Steve found it very erotic. Soon he felt himself shooting his load up the guy’s arse and it was wonderful. As soon as he had done so the next guy was sitting on his cock before it had time to go down. Being inside another arse it soon became rock hard again and after a while was shooting yet more creamy cum. Gabriel meanwhile was videoing all the action for later consumption.

When they had all finished being fucked themselves on the lads their legs were then lifted into the air and whilst one guy held them over their heads, another fucked him. One after the other thrust their cocks inside the inviting arses and surprisingly many managed to shoot more cum inside them. By the time they had all had several turns fucking each lad, their arses and their cocks were feeling sore but still the rest of the guys wanted more. Someone suggested a group fuck whereby they all lay on their side one behind the other and fucked the guy in front. Somehow they managed to link all nine bodies. Being fucked and fucking at the same time was very erotic.

At last they had a rest although several guys continued to play with each other. It was then suggested that the three lads fuck each other whilst they all watched. Steve and Justin were more than happy to fuck the houseboy and he was eager to fuck them. They gave the guys a show worth seeing!

Gabriel then suggested they all move into the cinema room and look at the video he had taken. They all trooped into a room down the corridor which was dark and a large screen at one end. On the floor were large cushions that they could lie on and play with the guy next door if they had the urge. The video started and naked bodies immediately came on the screen. The first clip showed Steve being fucked by all the guys one after another. The action then moved to Justin and several close ups of his arse being fucked filled the screen. All the guys were getting as much pleasure from looking at it as they did fucking and cocks were soon high in the air again. It was then the houseboys turn to be featured and his arse also filled the screen on several occasions as each cock fucked him.

The action showing each of them being fucked with their legs in the air was really erotic and everyone applauded as they watched it. “No wonder my arse is sore” Steve thought to himself!


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