by Adam Stewart


Chapter 11

A week later it was time to go and shoot the porn movie with Josh and Toby. When they arrived, Steve was setting up the studio how he wanted it. Instead of performing on a bed, he was using a sofa. The two lads would come into shot as if they had just got in and then start having rampant sex on the sofa.

They started by kissing and cuddling each other and slowly removing their clothes. Steve liked the way they both took their time without rushing things. Once they had both lost their T shirts and Toby had slowly unfastened Josh’s jeans before finally removing them and his own, they romped on the sofa exploring each other’s cocks inside their briefs. Josh then pulled Toby’s cock out and started sucking it. Soon it was fully erect and Toby was squirming with delight. Josh pulled off his briefs and quickly removed his own.

Toby then lay on top of Josh rubbing his hard cock against Josh’s. Steve moved to the end of the sofa and zoomed in on Toby’s naked butt and panned down onto his balls which were swinging back and forth as he rubbed himself against Josh. Toby soon had Josh’s legs in the air and was playing with his arsehole. They had previously lubed their arses so Toby’s finger slipped in easily. First one and then two. Steve zoomed in to see the fingers go right inside.

Toby was now ready to insert his cock. He offered it up to the gaping love hole and held it there to give Steve time to get into position and zoom in. ‘Beautiful’ Steve thought to himself, ‘this guy is a natural like Luke and Josh’. Slowly Toby inserted his cock into Josh’s naked arse and started pumping. Steve was able to get the full length of the long hard cock as Toby thrust it in and out to show that it really was a bare cock going into bare arse. Steve was getting so excited that he had difficulty in keeping the camera steady. As usual when he shot hot movies like this he could feel his own cock rising with excitement.

Luke meanwhile was watching the action on a monitor that was connected to Steve’s camera. Watching Josh being fucked by Toby got him really excited and he too soon had a rock hard tool inside his jeans. It was the first time he had not been involved in the action and he almost felt like a spare part. He giggled to himself as he felt his own manhood itching to be part of the action. ‘This certainly is a spare part’ he smiled to himself.

Steve was prepared for the guys to have a break before they continued but before he could say anything the pair of them had changed over and Josh was now rimming Toby who was clearly enjoying the feel of a hot tongue round his arsehole. Steve panned the camera up to Toby’s face which said it all. Josh was now fingering Toby’s arse and before long he had three fingers feeling around inside. Again Toby was enjoying it which was clearly evident on the sound track.

Having fully opened up the arse in front of him, Josh thrust his cock inside. Toby obviously liked rough cock because he was crying out “Fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder”. Josh was more than happy to oblige and upped the pace and force of each thrust.

Josh was now ready to shoot his load so he withdrew and wanked himself over Toby. Steve filmed the hot white cum land on Toby’s chest and form a large pool. One thing he could always rely on with Josh was plenty of cum to film. Josh then used his cum to wank Toby. The force of his shooting was amazing. It shot right up onto his face. When he had got the last drop out of Toby’s cock, Josh bent forward and licked Toby’s face clean. He then turned to the camera and grinned.

‘What a perfect ending’ Steve told himself as he congratulated the lads on a brilliant performance.

“God, bet that got you hot and randy Luke” Steve remarked. “My jeans are wet with cum” Luke replied. Josh looked over to Luke and saw that his jeans were indeed damp. He went over to him, unfastened Luke’s jeans and sucked his cock until he was writhing and wriggling with a climax. Josh swallowed the lot and grinned.

When they had checked the footage and Steve was satisfied with the result, they went out for a meal and Steve then took them to another of his private parties. “Underwear only this one” he explained, “but don’t reckon on keeping your briefs on for long”.


They arrived at the party and having discarded their clothes down to their underwear they joined the rest of the group. There were about a dozen in all and one or two of the guys were stunners. When Steve had introduced Luke and Josh several guys gathered round them. The drink flowed and food was being brought round by a ‘butler in the buff’ guy. He had a gorgeous backside and several guys had a good feel as he did his rounds. In one of the rooms a porn video was showing so Josh wandered in to see what was showing. To his amazement it was one of the earlier videos that he and Luke had done. He grinned at a guy watching it and the guy suddenly looked at Josh more carefully. “Fuck me” he exclaimed, “it’s you isn’t it”.

Josh grinned again without actually saying anything.

“Oh my god that’s fucking awesome, I’ve actually met a porn star”

“I’m not sure I’m a porn star but I have starred in a porn film” Josh said rather sheepishly.

“You’re gorgeous” the guy exclaimed again and immediately came up to Josh and started feeling inside his pants. Within a short while both were naked and the guy was fucking Josh with all his might.

“Oh that feels fucking fantastic” he screamed as he thrust his hard cock in and out of Josh’s arse, “You wait until I tell my friend’s that I’ve fucked a porn star. Will you fuck me like you did him in the film” he asked without stopping his rampant fuck.

Josh agreed and when the guy had finally shot his load Josh bent him over a chair and fucked him with all his might. The harder he fucked the harder he seemed to want it.

The night passed much the same way with different guys wanting the three lads to fuck or be fucked by them. As usual they were happy to oblige. Needless to say the underwear was soon discarded and the whole group went from one to another stark naked. The host also had a Jacuzzi so plenty of fun and sex took part in that as well. It must have been full of cum by the morning!

At one point the sex calmed down and more food was brought round by the delectable butler again.


It was some months later that Steve contacted Luke again because he had been doing a major piece of work for a commercial client. “Sorry about the delay” he apologised to Luke, “but I’ve not had time to do any other work with this going on”.

It was now the final term of their second year at college and both he and Josh were working liking hell to get ready for their end of year exams which were in a few weeks time. They agreed they would arrange to do another movie once they were over.

“I can’t believe we have nearly completed two years of our courses” Josh said to Luke one day, “so much has happened”.

What he did believe was that he was still as much in love with Luke as when they first met and Luke with Josh. They were just made for each other. Their sexual encounters had cooled down in the past few months because of college work but they had still been to several clubs with their friends and still enjoyed sex with each other. Gary, Toby and Ryan were still good friends and they often came over and enjoyed an orgy with each other when Luke’s parents were away for the weekend. Ryan had found himself a job and a small bed-sit in North London so he was happy and all of them had been invited to several dinners at Charles to act as fuck butts!

Finally the exams were over and both Luke and Josh were on a high because they felt they had done well in their respective exams – which proved to be the case when they got their results. It was now time to enjoy the summer recess before they started their final year. Josh had arranged for the pair of them to go down to his aunt’s farm where his mother was now living. He hadn’t seen her since the row with his father, although they often spoke to each other on the phone, so he was looking forward to seeing her. But first the piss porn movie!


Steve had set up a bed on which they could piss as much as they liked. He had met Ryan two weeks earlier just to make sure he had the right body and was comfortable doing the piss porn. He need not have worried since not only did he love Ryan’s body but he also immediately took a liking to Ryan as a person.

It was agreed that Josh and Ryan would start and Luke would join in the action later.

They both knelt on the bed and started kissing each other before removing their T shirts. Josh gently pushed Ryan onto his back, unfastened his trousers and removed them. Ryan then did the same to Josh and grabbed his cock through his briefs. Josh soon had a hard-on and the briefs were removed. Ryan lay on top of Josh and they rubbed their groins together whilst kissing passionately.

After a while Ryan knelt over Josh, pulled out his semi hard cock and started pissing over Josh. Not wanting to be left out, Josh then started pissing and his chest was soon wet with golden piss. They then changed places and Josh stood over Ryan and pissed into his mouth and over his naked body. Josh then knelt down and took Ryan’s cock into his mouth and sucked it hard. It was soon rock hard and Ryan was clearly enjoying it.

It was time for some fucking so Josh slipped his bare cock into Ryan’s love hole. He pumped him hard and Ryan groaned with pleasure. He then turned round and offered his bare arse to Josh’s hard cock. As he offered it up to the gaping hole, Josh managed to piss into it before thrusting it inside. He pulled it out, pissed some more into the hole and fucked again. His piss flow was now at full blast so he pushed the head in and out of Ryan’s arsehole. Piss flowed in and out as he piss fucked Ryan’s lovely arse.

Both Luke and Steve were really turned on by the sight and both of them had full erections straining against their flimsy tracksuits. Josh was now fully inside Ryan and had Ryan’s legs over his head. He was fucking like mad and Ryan was yelling with enjoyment.

Somehow, Ryan managed to piss whilst he was being fucked and a stream of piss was now shooting over his chest and into his mouth. When Josh had finished fucking, he withdrew his cock and pissed into Ryan’s mouth at close quarters. Ryan drank the lot.

It was now time to change over again and Ryan pissed over Josh whilst he wanked himself. Piss poured over Josh’s naked body and when he had finished, Ryan wanked himself over Josh. Hot creamy cum shot over Josh’s chest followed by another load from Josh. His torso was now soaked in piss and white creamy cum.

It was now time for Luke to appear on the scene. He was naked to the waist and wearing just a pair of tracksuit bottoms which already showed a wet patch where he had dribbled precum. He stood on the bed beside them, pulled out his semi hard cock and started pissing into Ryan’s mouth. Meanwhile, Josh was shooting another load of piss over Ryan whilst Ryan was pissing over himself. Ryan took a mouthful of Luke’s piss and then let it flow out of his mouth. The bed was soaked in piss and the two lads squelched in it as they moved about.

Ryan then pulled Luke on top of them and after some play fighting during which cock and arse got sucked and licked, Josh fucked Luke whilst Ryan sucked him off. The final shot was of three cocks shooting another load of hot cum over Josh.

Steve was delighted with the result and said that he would like Luke and Josh to do another movie with Ryan but not a piss one. ‘I need to see how this one sells first’ he explained.


It was time to go and visit Josh’s mother at his aunt’s farm in Dorset. They packed Luke’s car with all their gear and set off. They were both on a high and Josh was especially looking forward to seeing his mother again. Luke had never met her but from what Josh had told him he was sure he would like her as well as his aunt.

They stopped on the way down and had a sandwich at a pub. It was not very busy and as they walked in the other customers, who were mainly middle aged men, looked at them and watched them come to the bar. The young guy behind the bar smiled at them and took their order. Luke and Josh found a table near the window and waited for their drinks. The guys at the bar just looked at them as if they hadn’t seen young guys before.

The young bar guy brought their drinks over and grinned. “Don’t take any notice of that lot” he whispered, “they’re not used to good looking young guys in here”. He winked and moved back to the bar. A few minutes later he brought over the sandwiches and asked them where they were from and going to.

“Mm” Luke murmured, “he’s rather nice; gay do you think?”

“Could be, perhaps we’ll call in on the way back” Josh grinned.

They finished their lunch, said goodbye to the bar guy and set off on the rest of their journey. They found the farm and as they pulled up outside, Josh’s mother ran out to meet them. She hugged Josh and took hold of Luke’s hand. It was all very emotional as she thanked Luke and his family for taking her son in and making him so happy.

She then invited them into the house and introduced them to Sheila, her sister. Sheila welcomed them and gave them both a hug before showing them to their room. The lads were pleased to see that they had been given a double bedded room so clearly she and her husband had no problem having gays in their house. She told them to settle in and come down when they were ready to have some tea. “The evening meal won’t be until seven” she added as she closed the door behind her.

The lads unpacked their things and had a shower before going downstairs where a pot of tea and homemade cake was waiting for them. Jane, Josh’s mother wanted to know how their studies were going and all about life in London. Needless to say they left out a lot of things they had done and been up to!

“Have you heard from Dad” Josh asked his mother.

“No, not a word. My solicitor is dealing with the divorce so he’s in contact with his solicitor. Things are all going through okay and everything will be split in half” she explained “should all be sorted out within a few months thank goodness”.

“Yeah good riddance to him” Sheila added.

Josh’s uncle, Joe joined them sometime later and gave them both a big hug and welcomed them to the farm. Josh was so pleased to be able to introduce his partner to family without fear of disgust or a row.

Later, Joe commented to Jane “Those two are clearly in love with each other aren’t they. It’s great to see it, I’m sure they’ll be very happy together.”

“I do hope so” Jane replied, “Josh certainly deserves some love after all the abuse he’s had from his father”.

Soon it was time for the evening meal and they all sat round a large table in the farmhouse kitchen. Joe had got some cider out and filled the two lads’ glasses several times. By the time they had finished the pair of them were feeling the effects so they decided to have an early night.

“Yeah do so” Joe said, “It’s been a long day with all the travelling”.

The lads went up to their room and stripped off. Fortunately they had their own bathroom as they were in the part of the house that was often used for paying guests. In fact this part of the house had originally been a barn and had been converted into bedrooms upstairs and a living room on the ground floor where the guests would have their breakfast. It had its own entrance so was quite separate from the main house despite being joined on.

When the two finally got into bed they made passionate love. They explored each other’s bodies, licked every crevice and sucked every protrusion. They both had rock hard erections which were aching to get inside the other’s arsehole. Josh flipped Luke over and quickly thrust his big hard cock into Luke. He then slowly moved it in and out. Luke groaned with ecstasy. He never tired of the feel of Josh’s cock inside him. He didn’t want Josh to come yet so he wriggled his bottom until the hard cock was withdrawn. He then reversed the role and thrust his big tool up Josh.

They alternated like this several times until they were both aching to shoot their loads. Luke took Josh’s cock into this mouth and brought it to a climax. Josh shot his large load of hot creamy cum into Luke’s mouth before finally collapsing on the bed. Luke offered his own cock up to Josh’s mouth which was more than willing to suck him off. Within seconds Luke was shooting his hot load and Josh could taste the salty cum in his mouth. They both sank back onto the bed and went to sleep fully satisfied.

The following morning the sun was shining and the temperature was rising. It was going to be a great day.

“Morning lads” Sheila called out as they entered the kitchen. The smell of bacon being cooked made them both feel ravenous.

“It’s a beautiful day; you two going out to explore” she asked as they tucked into the enormous breakfast. They said they would and she gave them some suggestions as to where they could go if they wanted to walk. I can give you a packed lunch if you like or you can find a pub, plenty around. They decided they would find a pub and after breakfast set off.

The previous evening Joe had told them how far his land went. “There’s an old barn right on the far edge of our land” he explained, “Not used much these days apart from hay storage for the winter”.

“Let’s see if we can find that barn” Josh said to Luke as they set off down a path. They seemed to walk for ages and the farmhouse disappeared out of view but eventually they saw in the distance an old barn.

When they got to it they explored inside. One piece of roof was missing at one end and the sun was shining through at an angle onto some bales of hay further in. “Come on, let’s do some sunbathing” Luke yelled as he jumped onto the hay bales and promptly stripped off. Josh grinned and used his mobile to take a picture of Luke standing on the hay stark naked. Josh joined him and soon they were making love. The pair of them could never resist each other’s naked bodies. Apart from that they always seemed to be randy and wanting sex.

Luke wanted to make it last so he slowly caressed Josh’s naked body from head to toe, gently kissing it as he did so. Josh’s cock was soon springing to attention and when Luke got that far he gently licked it making it go even harder. Josh just lay back enjoying every second. He could feel the already hot sun bathe his naked body and it was bliss. They just hoped that nobody suddenly appeared in the doorway otherwise they would be somewhat compromised. “Serve them right for nosing around” Luke said as he continued licking round Josh’s balls and up and down that sensitive spot between the underneath of the scrotum and the anus. Josh was groaning with delight as shudders of pleasure swept through his body.

Eventually Luke got to his love hole. He lifted Josh’s legs and licked the pink orifice. “Aaah, that feels fucking marvellous” Josh screamed. Always prepared, Luke lubricated Josh’s arse hole with lube he had brought with him and slowly pushed two fingers inside. He felt around the soft hot flesh and pushed against the G spot inside. Josh squealed with delight. “Oh god you know how to turn a guy on” Josh managed to say between his squeals.

Luke pulled the fingers out and inserted his cock. He slowly and seductively pushed it inside knowing that Josh was aching for him to give him a long hard fuck but Luke wanted to make it last. He teased Josh with the large swollen head of his cock and Josh could feel it push against his G spot which was already sensitive to touch from Luke’s fingering. Not being able to control himself any longer, Luke finally succumbed to giving Josh the fuck of his life. He thrust his cock in and out and Josh’s body shook back and forth making the whole stack of bales they were on shake as well.

Luke kept fucking for about ten minutes. Several times he nearly shot his load but managed to hold it back. Sexual urges finally took over and his climax erupted. Josh could feel hot cum shoot up his arse and he just loved it. He pulled Luke towards him and gave him a passionate kiss. Having shot his last drop Luke finally sank down on top of Josh and they lay there for several minutes still coupled. Josh felt Luke’s cock slowly slip out of him and when they were completely uncoupled he gently pushed Luke down on the bales beside him, bent over Luke’s cock and took it into his mouth. He could taste drops of cum as he sucked the cock as it rapidly reduced in size although it never got that small which was one of the many things Josh loved about Luke. ‘Big heart, big cock whether hard or not’ he often told Luke.

The two of them lay side by side for some while enjoying the warmth of the sun on their naked bodies. “That was a beautiful fuck” Josh eventually said breaking the silence. “You’re great to fuck” Luke grinned back and then added “I love you so much”. They were always offering each other such endearments but Josh was particularly touched by that one. ‘He surely was in heaven’ he told himself.

Josh wanted to fuck Luke but Luke said “Let’s come back another day and do it then”. Luke got up, jumped off the hay bales and walked outside into the sunshine. Josh followed him and the pair of them wandered round the outside of the barn stark naked. They could see all around them and there was not a sole in sight, or so they thought!

They dressed and set off to find a pub for lunch. On their way they came across a young guy who was about eighteen. “Hi he called” as they walked towards him on the path they were taking. “Nice day, especially for sunbathing in the buff.” Luke and Josh suddenly realised that they had been seen naked walking round the barn after all. They also wondered what else he had seen.

“Oh” Luke replied, “so you saw us walking round the barn naked then”.

“Yeah but don’t be bothered about it, I often do so and there ain’t anyone round for miles at this spot.”

“And what else do you do there” Josh asked.

The lad grinned “Strip off like you did, prance around and sometimes have a wank”.

“All on your own, what a shame” Luke teased him.

“Yeah well, got nobody to do it with me have I”

The lad looked at Luke and Josh to see what reaction he got. The pair of them grinned as if to say ‘we’ll give you a hand’.

“We’re off to find a pub for a bite to eat” Luke said changing the subject, “know anywhere round here”.

“Yeah, best one is the Miller about half mile away” he then quickly added, “I’ll come with you if you like”.

The two lads accepted his offer and off they set. The young lad introduced himself as Tom and chatted away merrily as they walked.

They got to the pub which was a tiny place and took their beer and sandwiches to an outside table. There was only one other customer who was propping up the bar inside so they were on their own.

“What you guys doing this afternoon” Tom asked after some while.

“Haven’t really decided” Luke said looking at Tom, “What you suggest then?” Luke added knowing that Tom had something in mind.

“Could have a look at the old mill and then work our way round to the old barn again and have some fun together” Tom replied.

In the absence of anything else to do, Luke and Josh agreed so after they had finished their lunch they set off to find the old mill. There wasn’t a lot to see because it was decaying rapidly but it was interesting. Tom then took them along a path which eventually arrived back at the barn. Along the way they hadn’t seen anyone.

They went inside and although the sun had moved round so no longer bathing the hay bales it was still lovely and warm. “Come on then” Luke said, “Let’s strip off and enjoy this warmth”. Luke and Josh immediately removed their clothes and stood stark naked watching Tom slowly removing his. He had pulled off his T shirt and removed his trainers and was now unfastening his trousers very slowly.

“Want a hand” Luke asked him. Tom grinned.

Luke and Josh lifted him onto the hay bale and completed unfastening his trousers. He had a nice body and plenty to offer from what they could see beneath a tight fitting pair of Calvin Klein briefs. Luke slipped the briefs off him and his cock sprang to life. It was semi hard and on the way to a full erection. Luke took it in his hand and started sucking it half waiting for Tom to stop him. He didn’t so Luke continued sucking the cock. Tom was soon rock hard.

They laid Tom down on the hay bales and Luke sat astride him so that Tom could suck Luke’s cock which was also now fully erect. Josh meanwhile lifted Tom’s legs and licked all round his balls and round his arsehole. This was new to Tom and he loved the feel of it. He moaned as he sucked the cock in his mouth and was wondering what would happen next. He soon found out when Josh gently pushed a finger up his arse and found his G spot. He nearly choked on Luke’s cock when the sensation hit him.

“Ever had that cock up an arse” Luke asked Tom as he felt the full length cock beneath his bum. Tom admitted that he hadn’t but would like to. Luke quickly sheathed and lubricated it and gently sat on it. Tom could feel his long hard cock slip inside Luke’s arse and it felt fantastic. He knew now that he loved male sex and wanted to find a guy to do it regularly with. Up to now he knew he didn’t want to have sex with girls but wasn’t sure about guys. Luke rode him hard and Tom could feel himself reaching a climax but before he reached it Luke stopped and pulled him out. “Don’t want you coming too soon do we” Luke teased him.

“I assume you’ve never been fucked by a guy then” Luke asked Tom. Again Tom admitted that he hadn’t. “Want Josh to fuck you then” Luke asked. Tom nodded that he would.

Josh quickly sheathed and lubricated his own erection and after a bit more fingering to loosen up Tom’s arse he slowly inserted his cock into Tom with him on his belly. “Best position for a first time” Luke explained.

Tom knew he had to relax but he was slightly nervous. But he need not have worried. Apart from when the head pushed its way in, he hardly noticed Josh’s big cock slip inside. What he did notice was the immense pleasure it gave him to feel a cock inside him especially when Josh slowly fucked him and he could feel the cock go in and out.

“Aaah that feels great” he said out loud.

Luke indicated to Josh for him to lift Tom’s buttocks so that he was kneeling. Tom quickly obliged whilst still feeling the cock inside him. Luke then lay flat on his back underneath Tom, took hold of his still erect cock and sucked it until he shot his load inside Luke’s mouth.

“Aaaah” Tom screamed with delight as he shot his load whilst still feeling Josh fuck him.

Josh withdrew his cock and Tom wanted both of them to wank over his face and into his mouth. The pair obliged and shot their loads as instructed.

“Oh fucking hell, that was awesome” Tom screamed with yet more delight. “I hope we can meet again”.

Luke and Josh were happy to meet him again and give him another fuck. Before they parted company they agreed to meet up the next day and Tom would show them the local places of interest by car. “I also know this fantastic place about five miles away where you can bathe naked in a stream and sunbathe starkers. It’s hidden away and I’ve never seen anybody else anywhere near it.”

With that, it was agreed that Tom would meet them at the farm.

When the lads got home Sheila and Jane asked what they had got up to and where they’d been. They said they had met a lad named Tom and he had shown them one or two places and a nice pub for lunch.

“Oh Tom” Sheila said, “Yes nice boy, lives over in the next village”.


The following morning Tom was bright and early having ridden round on his bike. “Hi Tom how are you” Sheila called to him as he parked his bike outside the kitchen window. “Luke and Josh haven’t come down yet for their breakfast but come in.”

Tom came into the kitchen and Sheila suddenly realised what an attractive young guy he was. She had not seen him for quite a while. ‘No wonder Josh and Luke like him’ she chucked to herself.

The two lads soon joined them and sat down for their breakfast. “Want some Tom” Sheila asked him knowing what young guys were like when it came to food.

Tom blushed and said he would so he joined Luke and Josh at the table. As they ate he went through the places he thought they may like to see but he left out the hidden stream!


Having eaten a good breakfast, they all set off in Luke’s car to a small town where Tom wanted to show them some historic buildings as well as an art gallery that contained some erotic male pictures by modern and 19th Century artists. Luke and Josh had to admit that they were interesting and erotic. “They’re giving me a hard-on” Luke whispered to Tom as they wandered round the gallery. Tom glanced down at Luke’s crotch hoping to see a large roll in his trousers. He was disappointed as Luke was teasing him. The thought of it did give him a hard-on and Luke noticed that. When they were in a corner on their own, Luke casually placed a hand in Tom’s crotch as they stood looking at a particular picture.

“Mmm nice”, Tom murmured. “Yeah, it is a nice picture” Luke said smiling.

Tom was never quite sure whether Luke was teasing him or not but he didn’t mind. He liked Luke’s company.

They spent the morning looking at various places of interest going from one to another. One was a large garden with extensive grounds where they were able to wander off well away from other visitors. They found a secluded spot and sat down for a while to eat some cake they had bought at the shop. The sun was shining down on them and it was getting quite hot. Tom lay back on the grass and his T shirt rode up his chest leaving a naked midriff. Josh placed a hand on the naked flesh and moved it inside up Tom’s chest. Tom just lay there enjoying the feel of a man’s hand on his flesh. Josh then moved his hand down and slipped it inside the top of Tom’s trousers. Following the latest fashion Tim wore his trousers down low so his belt was loose. Josh was able to feel right down inside his briefs and took hold of Tom’s organ which was already swelling with excitement.

When he had got Tom hard he withdrew his hand and said “We’ll leave that to later”.

“Why don’t we move on and find my hidden stream” Tom responded. “Good idea” Luke quickly replied as he got up ready to go.


They drove out into the country and parked the car in a clearing. Tom then led them along a path which gradually got smaller and smaller and was obviously not used that often. It turned out that the path led to a small hut which was very old and not used now. At the end, the path was over run with weeds and they had to beat their way through. Eventually Tom led them to a stream which as he had said was well hidden from all around. The sun was still beating down so it was the perfect spot to strip off. Within minutes all three of them were stark naked and splashing about in the shallow stream. The water was quite warm but the sun soon dried them off when they lay out on the grassy bank.

Soon they were sucking each other off and having plenty of fun together. Luke wanted Tom inside him so he lay on his back and lifted his legs. “Come on Tom; stick your lovely cock up my love hole”. Tom was happy to oblige and was soon pumping Luke with all his might.

Watching Tom fucking away made Josh want to join in so he greased up Tom’s arse and stuck his own cock up it. Tom was the sandwich in the middle and just loved it. As Josh pumped him, he pumped Luke. The only cock not in action was Luke’s but Tom soon put that to work. He massaged it as he pumped in and out and soon had Luke at a point of no return. Hot creamy cum shot out across Luke’s chest and Tom felt his own shoot out inside Luke. Josh seemed to take the cue and was soon pumping his hot cum into Tom. When they had all finally shot the last drop of their man juice they collapsed in a heap on the grass and just let the sun bathe their naked bodies.

They must have stayed in that position for some long time and each of them had nodded off. Suddenly they heard a noise and all three sat up. There splashing through the water was a fox. It stopped and looked at them as if to say ‘fuck me what do we have here, three stark naked queers’. The fox looked at them and they looked at the fox without saying a word just in case the fox decided it would like to taste naked flesh, or worse still a bit of cock!

Eventually the fox jumped out of the stream and ran off. The lads looked at each other and laughed before getting dressed and making their way back to the car. As they went, Luke and Josh held hands. Tom looked at them envious of their love for each other. He just wished he could find a guy he could love like that. He also wished that he could come out at home but decided that was not possible, at least not for a long time.

They got home and Tom was invited to join them for a meal. Afterwards Luke and Josh walked with him part of the way to his home. They got to the barn where they had first met and kissed each other. “Thanks for a great day” Tom said, “I’ve not enjoyed myself so much for a long time”. They said their goodbyes and agreed to meet up in a day or two. Luke and Josh had planned to spend a few days in Bournemouth and would be leaving to go there in three days’ time but planned to go back to the farm for a couple of days before they finally set off home. Their time was flexible so they could do what they liked.

“He’s a nice lad” Sheila said as they got back to the farmhouse. The lads nodded in agreement. “I take it he’s gay” she added looking at them. The two lads looked back not sure what to say knowing what Tom had said about his parents if they found out he was gay. “I take it he’s not out to his parents” she then said. “No” Luke said, “and he doesn’t think his parents would react that well if he did”.

“That doesn’t surprise me” Sheila said, “his father is a bit of a stick in the mud and his mother lets her husband walk all over her but I’ll keep it to myself. Thanks for making friends with him and taking him out because I imagine he doesn’t meet many gays in this part of the world!”

They all laughed and discussed the many homophobic attitudes that were still around. “Including my ex” Jane slipped in.

“Just can’t understand it” Joe suddenly said joining in the conversation, “you are what you are, no changing that; I like women, you guys like guys, so what”. The five of them laughed and sat back and enjoyed the large glasses of whisky that Joe had poured for all of them.

By the time Luke and Josh went up to bed they were well sloshed. So much so that their attempt to make love failed so they just lay in each other’s arms. “I’m so glad I met you” Josh told Luke, “you really have changed my life”. “Same here” Luke replied kissing Josh on the lips, “my life was probably more bearable than yours before we met but I still felt I was missing something and meeting you enabled me to come out to my parents, which is the best thing I ever did”. The two held each other tightly and gradually slipped into slumber,

Downstairs, Jane, Sheila and Joe were still sitting round the kitchen table. “Those two are so in love” Joe commented, “were we as much in love” he said to Sheila who laughed and retorted, “Well that’s nice isn’t it Jane; I thought we still were as much in love as that”. She winked at Jane and Joe suddenly realised he had said the wrong thing. “Yeah of course we are” he said all embarrassed, “but did we show it as much as they do”. “Probably not, that’s what I love about young love”.

“That’s what I love about gays” Jane added, “From the few I’ve met they do seem to be able to show their love much more than a straight man and woman”. “Probably need to” Sheila added, “with the amount of negative reaction they get from people.”


The next morning Luke and Josh set off for another day of exploring on their own. They had seen things the previous day which they wanted to explore further and they also decided to see if they could find the hidden stream again. They spent the morning sight seeing, bought some filled rolls for their lunch with some cans of coke and set off to find the hidden stream. Luke managed to find his way to the clearing where they had parked the car and they set off down the path. It looked as if nobody else had been since their visit the previous day. They found the stream where they had stripped off and had sex and decided to explore a bit further. They followed the stream until it widened out in another clearing much further on. This was even more remote. The water was warmer than further down so they stripped off and bathed in the warm water.

They then lay out in the sun to dry and ate their lunch. It was idyllic. Stark naked under the open sky and not a sole around to bother them. They spent the afternoon just lazing there with the occasional fondling of each other’s manhood each of which was erect most of the time. Before they left, they sucked each other off to complete the perfect day. They held hands again and kissed each other as they walked back to the car. When they reached it they gave each other a big hug and kissed passionately. As they did so Luke took hold of Josh’s crotch and held his balls tight. “Mmm, you sexy beast, I could eat you here and now” Luke said. “Why not” Josh replied.

They knew they were on a quiet country lane and would hear any vehicle coming so Luke moved Josh to the hidden side of the car, pulled his trousers down to expose his gorgeous butt, unfastened his own trousers and pulled out his now rampant cock. He slipped it into Josh and fucked him back and forth until he shot his load. “Oh my god that feels wonderful” Josh shouted out. The feel of Luke’s cock up him and the thrill of doing it on a public road raised his sexual desires to a new height. When Luke had finished they changed over and Josh fucked Luke. “Help I’m being fucked by a man” Luke shouted jokingly as he felt Josh’s big cock pump him. “Oh god that really is fucking awesome” he yelled again.

Just as they had finished and adjusted their clothing, a farm tractor came trundling up the road. The driver thought they had pulled in to let him pass and waived to them. The lads laughed their heads off as they set off down the road to home.


The day before they set off for Bournemouth they met up with Tom again and both gave him a good fucking in the barn. Tom just couldn’t get enough of it and the two lads were happy to oblige. “Come on” Luke said, “Let’s find somewhere we can fuck in the open again” and set off down the path into the wooded area beyond. They came across a large tree that had fallen during the winter storms. “Come here Tom” he said and led the lad to the tree. He then slipped off Tom’s T shirt, unfastened his trousers and pulled them down with his briefs to expose his bubble butt and bent him over the tree trunk. Luke slipped off his own T shirt, dropped his trousers and briefs and proceeded to fuck Tom. Not wanting to be left out Josh stripped likewise and offered his stiff cock to Tom to suck whilst he was being fucked. Over the next half hour they took it in turns to be fucked and sucked until all had spent their loads either up an arse or in a mouth.

“That was brilliant” Tom exclaimed, “you two are really mad you know, god only knows what would have happened if one of the farm workers had wandered along”. “That’s the thrill of it” Luke replied; “besides I would have fucked the farm worker as well”.

The next day Luke and Josh set off for Bournemouth leaving a dejected Tom behind. They had found a gay hotel called Hamilton Hall on the internet so had booked for three nights. The website said it was a gay men’s hotel where clothing was optional. They couldn’t wait to get there!

They found the hotel quite easily despite it being in the back streets of Bournemouth. They were checked in by a very nice guy who immediately made them feel at home. They just hoped they would see him without clothes at some point because he had a beautiful body. His tight T shirt showed off his nipples and his nicely formed chest and his trousers showed off his manhood to perfection along with a bubble butt arse. Luke so loved seeing guys in tight clothing. He was not keen on the latest fashion of having everything lose and trousers halfway down the bottom although Josh had bought a pair and seeing his thin tight underwear above the waistband did turn him on sometimes. Generally he liked to see the shape of a guy’s bottom.

The reception guy, who introduced himself as Rob, led them to their room which was on the second floor at the front. “You can just about see the sea through the rooftops from here” he said leading them to the window. He placed a hand round Luke’s waist and positioned him for the best view. Luke noticed that his hand lingered but he had no objection to this!

“Okay guys I’ll leave you to it but if there’s anything you need just let me know” he said with a smile as he left the room.

“Mmm, do you think if I asked for a servicing from him he would oblige” Josh said. “He’s mine first” Luke quickly replied.

Having unpacked and showered, they decided to go downstairs to have a look round. As soon as they got down, Rob offered them some tea which they readily accepted. They walked into the large lounge and found a guy laid out on a sofa stark naked. “Hi” he said as they walked in, “I’m Robin”. They introduced themselves and sat down opposite him so that they could gaze at his rather nice naked body. “Feel free to join me” he commented, “as you probably know this is a clothes optional place”.

“Yeah okay” Josh replied, “why not” and promptly removed his clothes. Not wanting to be the only one dressed, Luke did likewise and relaxed on the sofa beside Josh.

“Ah, good, see you two have quickly settled in” Rob said as he came in with the tea and seeing the two lads naked. “Very nice, eh Robin.” Robin grinned and replied “Absolutely. We don’t seem to get that many young studs here”.

Rob left the three of them and they all chatted whilst the two lads had their tea. Robin explained that he was a regular to Hamilton Hall and was here for two weeks. “I do a lot of travelling” he explained “and have just come back from Thailand; lots of young guys there willing and waiting” he added with a grin.

Luke got the feeling that this guy was angling for a fuck at some point, which was okay be him since the guy had a nice body on him and the size of his cock would certainly bring plenty of pleasure.

They talked about what they all did and where they lived and Robin told them about the gay scene in Bournemouth. “It’s not a lot” he said “a few bars and a club which is not bad, oh and there’s a sauna which always has plenty of action if you’re interested. Josh and Luke said they were and that was one of the places they intended to visit.

“Do you guys know what you’re going to do for a meal this evening?”

The two lads said they didn’t so Robin suggested they join him. “I know a very nice little restaurant run by two gays. The food is fantastic and so are they.”

By now it was 8 p.m. so they all set off. The restaurant was in walking distance but Robin said they would get a cab to go on from there.

The restaurant was indeed small and the guy who was front of house was delightful. He obviously knew Robin since as soon as they arrived he was giving Robin a hug and a kiss. Once introduced to Luke and Josh he said his name was Tony and then gave them and kiss and a hug too as well as a pat on the rear to have a good feel. As Robin predicted the food was indeed delightful and the cost very reasonable.

“So where are we off to tonight” Tony asked as they paid the bill.

“Thought we would start off at a gay bar before going off to a club or the sauna depending on what these guys want to do” Robin explained.

“Oh the sauna bar without a doubt” Tony said, “the clubs here are not up to much; nothing like London; no go to the sauna much more excitement and action there”.

The sauna bar it was but first they took a taxi to Robin’s favourite gay bar. The bar was quite busy despite it being mid week and there were plenty of nice young guys to admire. Needless to say Luke and Josh caused a stir when they walked in and soon several guys were chatting to them.

They had three drinks, one round of which was bought by one of the guys keen to make their acquaintance but he was far from the best looking so the three of them did not encourage him to hang on. Robin explained that the sauna was about ten minutes walk away so near enough to save getting a cab. In fact it was nearer fifteen minutes but the lads didn’t mind. On the way Robin also explained that it was fairly small, not that well furnished or equipped “but there’s always plenty of action” he added. He also explained that there was a room that had a padded table in it and guys used it to have sex on with others free to walk in and watch or even join in. “Sounds brilliant” Luke said excitedly. “You guys don’t mind being watched then” Robin said beginning to feel a boner forming in his pants. Josh and Luke laughed and said they had done nude modelling and been filmed fucking each other.

Robin was even more excited and by now he was rock hard. These two would certainly attract some attention so it was going to be a good night!

Having checked in and collected their towels they made their way to the locker room. As Robin said it was certainly small and the lockers reflected that. They stripped off and stuffed their clothes into the small locker. “They don’t overdo the size of the towels do they” Josh said trying to put the small towel he had been given round his waist. “Oh, nobody uses towels, everyone walks about naked; just leave it in your locker.” Robin replied. “Mmm sounds rather nice” Luke added.

The other unusual arrangement was that you handed your key back to the reception guy who looked after it for you. “When you want it just give us the number and your first name”. Luke had noticed that their first name had been written on a tag which was then hung on a hook. The key was then added to it leaving them free of a key to worry about and get in the way of one’s enjoyment!

Basically the sauna consisted of a small sauna room, a small steam room, a large dark area that had a mattress on the floor and the room that Robin had mentioned. This was in semi darkness. They first went into the steam room and found plenty of action going on in there. Again it was dark with the exception of a small red light in one corner which gave everyone an eerie red glow. As their eyes adjusted to the light, Luke and Josh found themselves being felt all over. One guy was fingering Luke’s arsehole whilst another was feeling his already hardening cock. Josh was enjoying the same treatment. The guy doing the fingering was now trying to get his cock up Luke’s arse but Luke resisted despite being tempted. “Not yet” he whispered to the guy not wanting to knock him back too much.

The guy turned his attention to another guy who appeared more than ready to have a cock up his arse. He bent over and everyone watched the first guy thrust his long hard cock up the gaping arse. It slipped in so easily that Luke realised he must have been well lubricated in readiness for a fuck. The guy gave him a really hard fuck and his whole body shook with the violence of it but he seemed to be enjoying himself. Several other hard cocks were now waving about itching to get inside the same arse. When the first guy had shot his load another took over and gave the offering arse another good hard fuck.

The three lads decided not to join in but instead found the room with the padded table. Fortunately it was free so Luke and Josh climbed on and started fucking. News obviously got round quickly in this place and within a few minutes several guys were coming in to see what was going on. When they saw it was these two twinks they settled down to a good show. They were not disappointed. Luke and Josh gave them the show of their dreams. Luke felt hands feeling his cock and balls and the occasional finger up his arse as he fucked Josh. He then felt a cock being inserted and realised it was Robin who had climbed up behind him. Luke was sandwiched between him and Josh so let Robin do the work. As he thrust into Luke, his cock in turn thrust into Josh. He then felt a finger pushing its way into his arse along with Robin’s cock. It was stretching him since Robin was a big boy but he enjoyed the feel of the finger exploring the inside of his arse. Josh meanwhile was having the same experience as another guy slipped his finger inside his arse along with Luke’s cock. The finger was rough but he enjoyed the sensation it gave him. Another very athletic guy had climbed onto the table and was offering his cock to Luke’s mouth. This would make a great video Luke thought as he took the rampant cock into his mouth. He was now being fucked in the mouth, fucked up his arse and he was fucking Josh so every orifice was filled and sexual organ being used.

When this particular foursome had finished, Luke and Josh decided to go and have a shower. Robin followed them. He was itching to fuck Josh as well but decided he would wait until he could have the two of them on his own back at the hotel – and he knew just the place where he would have them!

When they had all showered they went to the bar for a drink. This was one of the few sauna’s that Robin knew that had a licence to sell alcoholic drinks. He had vodka and tonic and the two lads had Bacardi and coke. Like them, the barman was naked and he was gorgeous. Robin clearly knew the guy since he said he would bring the drinks over to where they were sitting. He did so and sat down beside Robin. The bar was empty apart from them so he had little to do. Robin placed a hand on the guy’s thigh and slowly moved it up and down into his crotch. The guy leaned back and let Robin play with his cock which was already getting stiff. When it was fully erect Robin bent over and sucked it.

Another guy came into the bar at this point and watched the action. The barman seemed unconcerned and just smiled at the new guy. “You want a drink” he asked him. “No just some water” he responded. He got his water from the machine and sat down beside the two lads. “Loved your show back there” he told them. Luke and Josh smiled. The guy himself was quite young but had allowed himself to get overweight so he was not particularly attractive although he had a good size cock on him which Josh wouldn’t have minded taking into his mouth. ‘If I do so, he’ll want more’ Josh thought to himself, ‘and that I don’t want’. Seeing that he was not going to get any action form the lads, the guy eventually left. Josh and Luke grinned at each other. “Nice cock” Josh said, “but not much else”. “Well he had a good sized arse to fuck” Luke said laughing.

Robin had finished sucking the barman who had now gone back to his post behind the bar. “Dan and I know each other quite well”, Robin explained. “So we noticed” Luke teased him. “Anyhow he’s off tomorrow evening and invited us all to his place if you’re interested in a foursome. “Mmm” Josh replied, “wouldn’t mind fucking him”. They all laughed and left the bar to go to the steam room. As they went they smiled at Dan. “See you tomorrow then” he grinned as they left.

When they got to the steam room it was fairly quiet with just one other guy sitting there. The three of them sat down opposite and they looked at each other as they fondled their own cock. Two other guys came in and then another two. Soon there were seven erect cocks waving about in the air. Two guys then coupled off and were soon fucking each other. One of the other two, whose cock was not fully erect, then started pissing over the two fucking each other. They obviously knew each other because they just laughed but carried on fucking. Then the second guy started pissing but he waved his cock around so everyone got a soaking. The pair of them pissed like fire hoses since the flow was very strong and it never seemed to cease. The two then concentrated their piss on the lone guy who had now lain back on the marble bench. He opened his mouth and the pair of them pissed straight into it. Robin, Luke and Josh just sat there and watched it all. Every now and then a stream would come their way and they just let it flow over them laughing. The two guys fucking stopped and they swapped with the other two who for a moment had stopped their flow. Each of them started fucking one of the other pair and every now and then they would piss as they fucked. “That’s the best fuck piss I have seen” Josh exclaimed. “Aah, are you into that” Robin asked. “We have been known to do it” Luke responded grinning. “Great, because Dan loves doing it as well so I’ll let him know so that we can do it tomorrow evening if you want.”

The lone guy was still lying on the bench but now had his legs up over his head and was playing with his exposed arsehole. Robin went over to him and offered to put his cock inside it. The guy readily agreed so he bent over the bench and Robin fucked him hard. The guy just loved it and wanted more when Robin had given him a good stuffing. The guy looked at Luke as if to say ‘well it’s your turn now’. Not wanting to disappoint him, Luke took over from Robin and fucked with the same exuberance. Having had Luke he naturally wanted Josh who was more than happy to oblige. The guy wasn’t quite prepared for the size of the cock now been thrust inside him but he happily accepted it. He could feel his arse glowing as each cock thrust its way in and out. By the time Josh had finished, the other four guys wanted their turn and the guy being fucked just told them to help themselves to his arse. One after the other each guy gave him a good hard fuck.

Shortly before the fourth guy had finished a member of staff came in to check the steam flow. “Oh fuck, have you guys been pissing in here again”. Without waiting for an answer he went out and came in with a bucket of water which he threw across the floor. He put the bucket down and watched the two guys fucking. Like the other staff he too was naked and his own cock was soon reacting to the sight. As soon as the fourth guy had finished his fuck the staff member shoved his cock into the vacant space. When he had finished he exclaimed “Fuck me, I needed that”. “Did I hear you say fuck me” one of the foursome said jokingly. “You lot are sex mad” he laughed, “thank god”. At which point he bent over the bench and invited the assembled crowd to fuck him. Everyone did!

“Well, I’ve never seen the staff join in like that” Luke commented when the three of them finally went to shower and get dressed. “I’ve never seen the staff in a sauna go about naked for that matter” Josh added. “Now you can see why I brought you here” Robin laughed.

Rather than go to the club nearby, which Robin said was crap, they agreed to go back to the hotel which was what Robin wanted in any event. When they got back he said he knew a special room which they could use if they were interested. Not wanting to miss out on anything Luke and Josh agreed. Robin then led them to a room in the basement. “How about this then” he exclaimed as they entered a small room that was lined with mirrors and had just a bed in the centre of the room. It in fact was a mattress on a raised base so there was no top or bottom. What it did mean was that however you were positioned on the bed you could see all the action in the mirrors. Even the back of the door was mirrored.

Without further ado they all stripped off and lay out on the bed. First, Robin wanted to fuck Josh so he was told to go on all fours whilst Robin fucked him doggy style. Luke stood across Josh and offered his already hard cock to Robin to suck. Robin loved sucking cock so opened his mouth and took the large cock inside it.

Luke then got off the bed and bent down behind Robin’s arse which was still thrusting back and forth as he fucked Josh. Luke took hold of it, opened it wide and started rimming. Robin’s thrust in and out of Josh slowed down as Luke’s tongue zipped in and out of his love hole. He loved being rimmed and the feel of Luke’s hot tongue shot him to a new height of sensual feeling. “Aaagh, that’s fucking brilliant” he exclaimed as Luke managed to push the tip of his tongue inside the open hole.

It was now Luke and Josh’s turn to take control and they got Robin to lay out face down on the bed. Josh climbed on top of him, lifted his buttocks and slammed his cock inside. Fortunately Robin was already well greased up so the cock just slid in like a knife through butter. Josh pushed the full extent of his big cock inside until he could feel his balls slapping against Robin’s. That in itself turned Robin on even more and he groaned with delight.

When Josh had finished, Luke took over and gave him another roasting but Robin was not complaining. He just loved having these two twinks up his arse.

The lads then turned Robin over and Josh took hold of his cock and sucked it. Robin was half South American which made his skin looked tanned. However, his cock was quite dark and he had thick black pubic hair round its base with dark skinned balls. Josh took the whole cock into his mouth and he could feel its head at the back of his throat. Luke meanwhile was sitting across his chest facing Josh so that his arse was sitting nicely on top of Robin’s face. He had no alternative but to lick the big balls hanging down and when Luke sat further back he automatically licked the open arse that was now in his face. Josh could taste precum from Robin’s cock so he sucked even more. Eventually Robin could hold back no more and shot his load. Josh could feel the explosion of hot creamy cum into the back of his throat and swallowed it.

As soon as he had swallowed the full extent of Robin’s cum he sat across Robin and inserted his rock hard cock into his own arsehole. He rode it hard and could feel the long cock thrusting up inside his arse. Luke and Josh were now facing each other so they kissed and tongues flicked in and out of each other’s mouths. Meanwhile Robin was still rimming Luke and having the time of his life. ‘Rimming and fucking’ he told himself, ‘this is great’ even though he had little control of what was happening but what he could do was see what was happening in the ceiling mirror and in the side mirrors if he turned his head.

When Josh had finished riding Robin, Luke took over by moving down Robin’s body. If he lifted his head he could see his cock slide in and out of Luke’s arsehole and he could also get a ceiling mirror view as well. This whole session was better than he had imagined it would be.

Josh meanwhile had positioned himself over Robin’s head so that he could give him a good lick round his balls and a rimming. Eventually Josh could feel himself reaching a climax so he moved his body so that he could shoot over Robin’s face. As usual Josh shot bucket loads of hot creamy cum and Robin had no alternative but to let it go all over his face and into his mouth. Fortunately he liked the taste of cum so was happy to take whatever he could.

The session seemed never ending. Before they finally finished the two lads had shot another load of cum into Robin and he had shot more cum into each of them. It was now two in the morning so they decided it was time to go to bed. They picked up their clothes and walked naked upstairs. As they did so they met the loner they had seen in the sauna. He looked the three of them over admiring their nakedness and grinned before going into a room next to Luke and Josh’s. As he did so he paused at the doorway to see if the two lads were interested. Robin’s room was upstairs so he had already left them. “Want to come in for a drink” the guy asked the lads. Luke and Josh looked at each other and agreed. “Why not”, Luke replied.

They threw their clothes into their room and followed the guy naked into his. When they got inside he quickly threw off his clothes, gave them each a drink of beer and introduced himself as Robert. They chatted about the sauna and Luke and Josh’s sex show. “Don’t think I could do sex in public like that” he admitted. “Well you did in the sauna” Luke reminded him. “Yeah, I did, didn’t I” he laughed, “never done that before”. “Did you enjoy it” Josh asked. “Yeah it was great” he laughed again. “Sex is sex whoever is looking on” Luke said and bent over to suck Robert’s cock.

They spent another hour having sex. Robert let both of them fuck him several times and he fucked them. He rimmed both of them and announced that it was the first time he had ever done that. Both Luke and Josh rimmed him and he nearly shot out of himself as he felt their hot tongues licking round his arse hole and beneath his balls.

Finally the two lads went back to their own room. As they walked along the corridor naked, their cocks were still flying at high mast and they chuckled at the sight of each other. They slept well having been fully satisfied and it was gone ten when they finally woke up. Fortunately breakfast was available most of the morning and they were ready for it.

“Hi guys” Rob called out as they walked into the dining room. “Did you have a good time last night then” he asked with a glint in his eye. “Sure did” Luke replied. “You’re no doubt ready for a good breakfast then” Rob responded and then added before he disappeared into the kitchen laughing “Got to maintain the energy for another night of sex and action”.

The lads spent a quiet morning wandering around Bournemouth and at lunch time they met Robert walking along the front. “Hi guys” he called out as they walked towards each other. He was wearing a tight T shirt and a short pair of shorts that emphasised his manhood. The temperature had risen during the morning so the two lads were glad that they too had opted for T shirt and shorts.

“Fancy joining me for some lunch” Robert asked them. “Sure” Josh replied for both of them. “I know a great little place along here” Robert told them and led them to it.

After lunch Robert asked if they had ever been to the nudist beach at Studlands. The lads said they hadn’t but were happy to join him. “It’s not all gay but most are, especially if you know where to go” “And I assume you do” Luke replied jokingly.

They set off to get the ferry across and Robert walked them to the nudist beach and then along to where the gay guys tended to gather. On their way they noticed several naked guys sunbathing, some of whom were very delicious.

They eventually found a secluded spot in the sand dunes, stripped off and lay back naked in the sunshine. It was wonderful to feel the hot sun on their naked bodies and it gave them all a thrill. Robert had positioned himself between the two lads so that he could let his hand wander across to their crotch when he felt the urge. The urge soon came upon him and he placed a hand on the cock either side of him. Josh and Luke just let him hold them without making any comment. It felt nice having someone handle them whilst they just lay back enjoying the sunshine.

Soon they had hard-ons and two cocks were standing upright. Well three in fact since the handling of them made Robert’s own come to life as well. Robert then bent over Luke’s and sucked him and then turned to Josh’s. He alternated back and forth giving both of them a good sucking. Suddenly they were conscious of another naked guy standing nearby watching them. “Mmm very nice” he exclaimed, “three gorgeous guys having fun”.

“Why not join us” Luke said. The guy needed no encouragement and immediately walked over. He was in his mid to late 30s but had a gorgeous body with a large cock and two large balls hanging down. He sat down beside Luke and introduced himself. “I’m Simon” The others introduced themselves and they got talking. It turned out that he lived in Sandbanks which was where the ferry came from. He had a feel of all three guys and they him as they talked. “You have to be careful along here now because in the summer the police patrol the dunes to stop the gays enjoying themselves if you know what I mean”. They all nodded and stopped touching each other. “If you guys want some fun, why not come back to my place” he continued, “I’ve got a pool and it’s all hidden from public view”. The three lads looked at each other and each nodded their agreement. “Okay” Luke replied for all of them. “Okay let’s go” Simon said quickly before any of them could change their mind. ‘Fucking hell’ he told himself, ‘three gorgeous twinks to play with’.

They dressed and followed Simon back to the road and along to the ferry. One was just about to leave so they were back the other side within minutes. Simon’s house was about five minutes walk from the ferry. ‘This guy must be well healed’ Josh thought to himself as they walked up the drive of this large house with high hedges all round it. “Come on in” Simon invited as he opened the front door. The lads followed him into a large hallway and then into another room that led onto the garden. As he had said, the garden and the pool were completely hidden from onlookers so they were able to strip off and do what they wanted!

The played around in the pool for a while before sunbathing on the side. Soon cocks were beginning to get aroused and some serious sex took place. Simon was certainly well hung and when he was engorged it gave plenty of pleasure. Robert seemed to love being fucked by Simon and Simon certainly enjoyed fucking Robert. “I love fucking black arse” he told Robert. “Well that’s okay then since I’m black all over” Robert quipped back. Simon laughed “Yeah, and a beautiful black body it is”.

Simon invited them all to stay for a meal that evening so they spent an enjoyable time dipping in and out of the pool, having sex and generally enjoying themselves. Over dinner, Simon told them that he was an actor and worked mainly in fringe theatres. “I’m currently in a play called ‘The Backroom’” he told them and explained the plot. “Is there any nudity” Luke asked. “Yeah, a bit; three of us are stark bollock naked a few times during it”. “Do you worry about getting a hard-on” Robert asked. Simon laughed. “No, you tend not to but since the audience is normally 100% gay it would add spice to it if we did.”

“Josh and I have done porn films and live sex shows” Luke remarked. Simon sat up and asked more questions about what they had done.

“What I would really like to do is perform a mini version of The Backroom where live sex takes place and there’s more nudity. A group of friends of mine have asked me to do it for them but I need to find guys who would be willing to do it.” He paused and looked at the three of them. “Would you guys be interested – there’s money in it”

They discussed the idea and Luke and Josh readily agreed. Not wanting to be left out Robert agreed to join in as well but he explained he was no good at learning lines.

“Oh don’t worry about that” Simon explained, “I’ll give you the plot line and then we’ll adlib, and you certainly don’t need any lines when you’re fucking someone apart from showing that you’re enjoying it”. They all laughed and talked about the idea further. Simon laid out the plot and explained that he would be in it as well so would direct them as necessary in terms of when to go on and off the stage area. He then showed them his basement which had been converted into a very small theatre with a small stage area at one end.

“I’ve got ten guys coming over for drinks tomorrow evening and they would love to see it; would you guys be up for it?”

They all nodded and set to work on rehearsing the basic plot. Although there were no actual lines it went remarkably well. Simon had written down some important ones he wanted to get across and placed these on cards positioned at strategic places to remind them when and where to say them. He also gave them some clothes to wear for the performance – well two items each that consisted of a very tight T shirt that showed plenty of their midriff and a tight pair of shorts that showed their manhood off to its maximum effect.

By the time they had finished it was nearly one in the morning. “Do you guys want to crash out here to save going back to the hotel”? The three lads agreed so Robert shared with Simon, which was what he had hoped would happen, and Luke and Josh took a spare room.

The following morning the weather was once again blue sky and sunshine. They spent the morning going through the play again and helping Simon get the stage ready and the seating for the audience of ten. The stage only had a double mattress on the right hand side representing a bed, a sofa in the middle and an upright chair that was moved about during the play. The access to the stage was on the left and at the back there was a nylon curtain that represented a shower room. With lighting behind it, anyone taking a shower, or at least pretending to, could be seen naked in silhouette by the audience. Simon had rigged up a shower head over a paddling pool and when you turned a tap a small amount of water came through the shower so that when the person reappeared on the main stage they were wet as if they had showered. The ten chairs for the audience were placed in a semi-circle about two feet from the stage area so they could get a good view of the sex scenes.

They went through the play again apart from the actual sex scenes and the adlibbing was even better than previously. Simon was well pleased.

After lunch they spent the afternoon playing around in the pool again and sunbathing. About five o’clock a young guy arrived with the drink and the canapés for that evening. Simon, who had slipped on a robe, told the guy to take it through to the kitchen. When he got there he found Robert and Josh standing stark naked preparing another jug of lemon drink. “Ooops, sorry” he exclaimed. “Don’t be” Josh quipped and grinned at the guy. He grinned back having taken a good look at their nakedness. “Mmm very nice” he said as he unpacked his boxes. Unperturbed, the two lads sauntered back into the garden. The young guy gazed at their naked backsides as they did so. “Right, is that it” Simon said to the guy bringing him back to the moment. “Oh, err, yes I think so” he replied turning round to Simon. He then realised that Simon was naked under his robe since it was translucent and in certain lights showed all. He felt his own cock rising fast beneath his thin trousers. Simon quickly noticed and put a hand on it. “If I had more time I would take care of that for you but as it is I don’t so perhaps another time”. The guy was taken aback for a moment and then grinned. “Err, yeah okay” and moved off towards the front door taking his boxes with him.


The ten guests had all arrived by nine o’clock and Simon announced he had a special treat for them. When they heard what he had planned they cheered. They had already imbibed plenty of drink so were well oiled by the time they went down to the theatre. The three lads had kept out of sight all this time and were now secreted in a small room off the stage area. Luke and Josh had changed into their T shirt and tight shorts whilst Robert starts off wearing a T shirt and a pair of jeans. They had also massaged themselves to enhance their package. Simon had also left some small blue pills for them so that there would be no problem in getting an erection when the time came but they would be taken later.

They could hear Simon introducing the play out front and some beat music playing. A friend of Simon’s was handling the lighting and sound so he was free to direct things on and off stage. The house lights went down and Simon came into the back and told Luke to take his position on stage. He stood at the front of the stage pretending to look in a mirror. Josh followed him as soon as the stage lights came on.

“Making yourself pretty for another day of punters Luke”

“Yeah, got to look my best; got that regular first who comes every Saturday”

Luke thrust his hand down inside his shorts and played with his cock.

“He insists that I enter the room with a hard-on” The audience giggles.

“Do you want some encouragement then” Josh says as he comes over to Luke and stands behind him. He reaches round and replaces Luke’s hand with his own. He feels the warm cock which is rapidly getting hard. As he does so he deliberately pulls down Luke’s shorts slightly to give a good show of pubic hair and his own hand holding Luke’s cock.

“Mmm that feels nice” Luke responds before turning round to face Josh. They kiss passionately and he slips his hands inside the back of Josh’s shorts to pull them down halfway. Josh meanwhile has done the same to Luke’s so is now exposing part of his naked bum.

“Right, that’ll do” he says turning towards the audience again as if looking into the mirror. A hard roll is now clearly visible inside his shorts.

Simon enters also wearing a tight T shirt and a pair of tight striped shorts. His bulge is clearly evident for all to see and the audience murmurs their approval.

“You’re first client is waiting in the pink room Luke”


Luke leaves stage and Simon turns to Josh who is now splayed out on the bed with legs apart facing the audience and playing with himself.

“The new boy is due soon”

“Oh, and what’s his name” Josh asks.

“Robert; I think he’ll be popular”

“Why’s that”

“Well, he’s got a tight black arse for a start”

Josh laughs. “Tried it out already have you”

“Of course; have to check the goods before you hire them” The audience titters whilst still gazing at Josh who by now has put his hand down inside his shorts and is showing the head of his erection.

There is a knock on the door and Robert walks in wearing a grubby T shirt and a pair of jeans.

“Hi Robert” Simon says walking towards him to shake his hand.

“Hi” Robert replies somewhat sheepishly.

“This is Josh”

Josh stands up having thrust his erection back inside his shorts. “Hi”

Looking at Robert’s clothes he says “You won’t get very far wearing those; what you got underneath”

Robert unfastens his trousers to expose an ordinary pair of pants that do nothing for him.

“I’ll leave you to sort Robert out then” Simon comments as he leaves stage.

“Right, off with the T shirt and the jeans”

Robert stands front of stage and removes the articles including his trainers. His white pants look grubby but show a good sized package.

“Turn round” Josh instructs him, “Fucking hell those pants will scare the punters off; take ‘em off”. The audience laughs and watch Robert remove his pants to leave him stark naked. They only have the back view but his tight round arse causes a stir and several hands start massaging crotches.

Josh throws a T shirt and a pair of shorts to Robert who promptly puts them on. He turns towards the audience again. “Will I do?”

Josh comes up beside him and looks. “Yeah not bad but you need to enlarge your package”

Robert looks at him as if he doesn’t know what he means. Without saying a word, Josh puts his hand down inside Robert’s shorts and takes hold of his cock. The feel of Josh’s warm hand round his organ makes it quickly react and soon he has a hard-on.

“That’s better”


“You ever done prostitution before?”

“No, this is my first time”

“Mmm lucky punter but don’t let them take advantage of you. First find out what they like doing or want you to do. Some don’t actually want sex, they just want to see you naked or suck you. Others want the full monty. I take it you’re versatile because some want to fuck you and others will want you to fuck them.”

“Yeah I don’t mind either”

“You live at home?”

“No, left home a few months ago. Had a big row with my Dad.”

“What about”

“Being gay”

“Oh shit, that’s not good. I’m lucky. My parents are quite cool about me being gay.”

“You live at home then”

“Fuck no, they’re not that cool. No I have my own place so I can have guys back to fuck as much as I like.”

“So where you living then”

Robert looks at Josh with a forlorn expression. “I lived with my sister”

“Oh, so you fallen out with her as well have you”

“No, she was killed in a car accident last week”

“Oh shit, I’m really sorry. So can’t you carry on living at her place?”

“No, I can’t pay the rent so the landlord chucked me out yesterday”

“Oh what a fucker; so what you going to do?”

“Don’t know, that’s why I took this job to get some money”

Josh looked at him for a moment before going over to him and putting his arm round him.

“Look you can always crash out at my place if you want until you sort something out”

Robert turns and grins at Josh. “Thanks, that would be fucking great”

Just at that moment Luke enters wearing just his shorts and sees Josh’s arm round Robert. He feels jealous since Josh is his boyfriend.

“And who do we have here then”

“This is Robert the new boy”

Luke does a turn round Robert and feels his butt and then his crotch.

“Mmm very nice”

Simon enters. “Josh, your client is in the blue room waiting for you and there’s one for you Robert in the red room. Josh take him along would you.”

Josh and Robert go off stage.

“So how was yours today Luke”

“Oh the usual routine; he strips me, I strip him, he sucks me, I suck him, I fuck him, he fucks me. Still it’s an easy hundred quid”

“Well that’s what it’s all about; keep the punter happy and he’ll pay up”

“Right I need a shower after all that” Luke says as he takes off his shorts giving the audience a full frontal. He then goes behind the curtain. The light comes on behind and the stage lights dim slightly so that his silhouette can be clearly seen as he pretends to have a shower.

“So what do you think of our new boy” Simon calls out to Luke.

“Looks okay, nice butt on him from what I saw”

Luke appears from behind the curtain suitably wet and is towelling himself. The light behind goes off and the main stage is brought up full. Luke throws down the towel and walks to the front of the stage. He stands in front of the audience as if he is looking in the mirror again and smoothes his hair down. He is arms length away from the nearest guy who is memorised by the semi stiff cock hanging down. He goes to the bed and lies down. Simon sits down beside him and takes hold of his cock.

“I must give this a try again sometime, just to check out the goods” Simon jokes with Luke.

“Anytime, just book a slot with the boss”

Simon laughs and leans over to take the now erect cock into his mouth.

“God my arse feels as if it’s had a lorry driven up it” Josh says as he comes onto the stage. He looks as Simon sucking off Luke.

“Hands off my boyfriend if you don’t mind”

“Just trying out the goods so that I know how to market him”

“Yeah, I bet”

“So what’s up with you then” Luke asked whilst still enjoying Simon’s blow job.

“All he did the whole time was rim me, finger me and then fuck me”

“Mmm sounds rather nice”

“Well it was in a way but he gradually increased his fingers to four so that my arsehole was wide apart and then he shoved his enormous cock into it with one thrust; and he was big I’m telling you. His cock must have been three inches in diameter at the head and it was long so I could feel this enormous head thrusting into me until I thought it was going to come out the other end.”

The audience laughs.

“Got to go” Simon suddenly says leaving Luke with a full erection flying high, “my favourite client will be waiting for me by now.”

“That your Chinese boy”

“Yeah, he’s gorgeous; smooth body all over with not a hair to be seen apart from a nicely clipped black matte of pubic hair. His arse is just a delight to rim and he always wants that before I fuck it.”

Simon leaves the stage and Josh sits beside Luke on the bed.

“Well if that arse of yours is still wide open perhaps I should take advantage of it”

Josh grins and climbs on top of Luke. He slowly inserts Luke’s cock into his arse and rides it. The audience is spell bound at the sight of a bareback fuck in front of their eyes. Many cocks were now straining to get out of trousers.

“Mmm that’s fucking good” Josh exclaims as he continues to ride. He then leans forward and kisses Luke. The audience now have a full view of Luke’s cock inside Josh’s arse. One guy in the audience is itching to get up and have a feel of it but restrains himself. Instead he opens his fly buttons and slips his hand inside to feel his own hard-on.

Robert comes back on stage using his T shirt and shorts to hide his modesty. He sees Luke and Josh at it and stops dead mid stage.

“Oh sorry”

“Don’t be” Luke responds, “I’m just fucking Josh. Why not come and join us.”

“I could do with a shower first”

“Help yourself, in fact I think I’ll join you”

Robert and Josh go behind the curtain and the lights change so that they can be seen showering. The audience sees them embracing and kissing and then Josh fucking Robert. Meanwhile Luke is still lying on the bed playing with his still erect cock.

The pair of them return to the main stage dripping wet.

“I don’t have a towel”

“Don’t worry,” Josh retorts, “you can borrow one of mine”.

Robert grins and decides he rather likes Josh.

“I’ve got to go” Luke says, “Mr Kinky will be waiting for me”

“Mr Kinky?” Robert enquires

“Yeah, Mr Kinky. He crawls round on all fours and gets me to ride him like a horse and I whip him on the butt as I do so. Then when he’s had enough of that he gets me to slip off his back and fuck him from behind. Its’ the same every time but he pays well and always gives me a large tip.”

Luke goes off stage leaving Josh and Robert standing stark naked facing the audience. Both cocks are still erect and they can see that Josh’s glistens with lube.

Josh leads Robert to the bed where they make passionate love. They kiss and feel each other all over and then Josh uses his tongue all down Robert’s body from head to toe and on the way sucks Robert’s erect cock. When he gets to his balls he lifts Robert’s legs over his head to expose his arsehole and opens it up by pulling his cheeks apart. He has turned Robert’s body sideways so that the audience can see what he is doing. He then rims Robert’s arse who by now is genuinely groaning with pleasure. He fingers the arse and slips two fingers in to feel the soft warm flesh inside.

“Mmm beautiful” Josh exclaims, “I do love the feel of soft warm flesh inside a guy’s arsehole.”

Josh licks the now open arsehole with his tongue and Robert groans even more with delight. Josh then slips his big hard cock into Robert and starts fucking him. He slowly moves in and out so that the audience can see it doing so. Then he increases his pace and starts fucking Robert really hard.

The atmosphere in the audience is electric as they watch this bare arsed fuck. Several damp patches are forming in crotches as sticky pre cum oozes out of their cocks. Josh then manages to change his position so that he is fucking Robert from behind and on his side. Josh lifts Robert’s leg to give the audience an even better view of the strong hard cock invading the soft arsehole. Finally Josh stops. He doesn’t want to cum just yet because they would all do that later in their final scene.

“Well that was an interesting experience” Simon says as he walks in stark naked and cock flying high.

“Why” the two lads ask.

“Robert, what’s your father’s name?”

“Don Cooper”

“And does he own a chain of garden centres”


“Oh fuck”

The lads look at Simon.

“I think Robert, that I have just fucked your father and he’s asking for you”

“What, can’t be”

“Does he know you work here?”

Robert looks a bit sheepish.

“Well when I had a row with him a few weeks ago I said I had applied to become a prostitute here just to wind him up.”

“Well he sure likes prostitutes having seen what he did with me”

“I can’t go and see him, it would be too embarrassing”

“Yeah good point Simon” Luke said, “just tell him that Robert is busy servicing a client.”

“Good idea, I’ll do that”

Simon leaves stage and Josh and Robert continue their love making.

“Can a third join in?” Luke asks walking over to the bed with cock flying high.

Luke and Josh lay Robert out on the bed at right angles to the audience. Luke then lifts Robert’s legs over his head and proceeds to fuck him. Josh positions himself at the other end and positions his legs astride Robert’s head so that he can suck his cock and his balls. Luke and Josh kiss across Robert’s body.

Simon then re-enters.

“I told him and he said ‘okay’ and left”

Robert was too engrossed with being fucked and a cock stuffed into his mouth to say anything or show any interest. Simon watched the threesome for a few moments before going over to them. He knelt behind Josh and fucked him. This went on in silence for several minutes and the audience looked on with awe. Luke then whispered, “I’m ready”.

He and Simon stopped fucking and Josh pulled his cock out of Robert’s mouth. The three of them then wanked over Robert. Somehow they all came within a few seconds of each other and streams of hot white creamy cum shot over Robert’s black body and over his face. Even he managed to bring himself to a climax so he added another load of cum onto his chest.

When they had all spent their loads they got up and formed a line in front of the audience to take a bow. The audience went mad with excitement and applause. Cum was still flowing down Robert’s chest just to add to the entertainment. The audience had four stark naked guys standing just two feet away from them each with a semi hard-on. They couldn’t believe their luck.

Simon then stepped forward and held his arms up. The audience silenced and he said a few words.

“I just want to thank you all for coming tonight”

“And you” one wag added.

“I also want to thank Luke, Josh and Robert for being such good sports. We only started rehearsing this yesterday and I don’t know what you think but I think they were just perfect.”

Another roar of applause and a standing ovation.

Simon then explained that drinks and food could be found upstairs.

“And the lads will join you once we’ve cleaned Robert up” at which point he wiped his finger across Robert’s chest and licked it, “Mmm delicious”.

The lads went back stage and slipped on their shorts. It had been agreed that they would mingle for a while with the ten guys but only wear shorts. Robert cleaned himself up of cum and joined the other three. When they got upstairs glasses of champagne were thrust into their hands by guys wanting to feel them and chat to them. One by one they were cornered by a guy or a group. Robert was cornered by a guy in his 50s who had a very slim body and was rather nice. He sat Robert down beside him on a sofa at the far end of the room and introduced himself as Harry.

“I thought you were marvellous”


“You’ve got a beautiful body and an even more beautiful cock which I would love to have inside me”

“Well thanks again”

Harry was already feeling inside Robert’s shorts and taking hold of cock. He gently removed the shorts to leave Robert stark naked and leant over to take the cock into his mouth. Robert could feel the gentle licking of Harry’s tongue round his cock and soon he was rock hard again. Robert liked Harry. He was gentle and gave the feeling he would not do anything that Robert did not want done. He therefore relaxed back onto the sofa and let Harry take over. Harry soon picked up on this and made his next move. He slowly unfastened his pair of leather trousers which were made of very soft leather so clung to his lithe body. He slowly slipped them down his legs to expose his already hard cock. Robert noticed that he wore nothing on underneath and rather liked the idea of a guy in his 50s going round wearing only a pair of tight leather trousers. On the top part of his body he was wearing a flimsy frilly shirt which was partially opened down the front to expose a smooth chest.

Harry then slowly inserted his long cock into Robert’s already well greased hole. Harry was big and Robert could feel the long thick cock glide inside him. Harry then proceeded to fuck him but it was gentle and very satisfying.

At the other end of the room, someone commented to Simon “I see Harry has got stuck into his fuck boy already”. They laughed and continued drinking.

The other two lads had also lost their shorts and were now being manhandled by several guys. One was sucking Josh and another was trying to get his rather limp and short cock into Luke but without success.

Harry had now had his way with Robert and left a good load of hot cum inside him. “God I was ready for that” he exclaimed. Robert grinned and gently kissed Harry on the lips. Harry had replaced his trousers and brought out two fifty pound notes from his pocket.

“There, that’s for a wonderful evening of entertainment and for letting me fuck you”

Robert accepted the money and thanked him. ‘The guy can obviously afford it’ he told himself, ‘so why not’.

They sat for a while and chatted with Harry’s hand laid on Robert’s naked thigh.

“Would you like to come back with me tonight? If you stay two nights I will give you one thousand pounds.”

Robert couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Yeah sure”

“Just one think though” Harry added, “I would want you to stay naked the whole time you were with me whatever happens and whoever else is around”

“Yeah no problem but I must first tell my friends”

“Sure of course you must so why not speak to them and if they are happy to let you go with me come back and we’ll make a move”

Robert went over to Luke and told him what Harry had suggested. Luke then spoke to Simon who said “Oh yes you’ll be fine with Harry, he’s a lovely gentle guy and a perfect gentleman. You’ll also be well paid.”

With that endorsement Robert said he would see the lads back at the hotel in two or three days and collected his clothes. Harry meanwhile had said his goodbye to Simon and was waiting for Robert in the hallway.

“I take it I need to wear something to get to your place”

“No, no need. The car is just outside and hidden from view and my house is also well hidden.”

Harry took Robert’s clothes and led him naked to the car outside. It was a Bentley and Robert found the feel of the soft leather seat against his naked flesh turned him on. Harry slipped into the driver’s seat, put the automatic gearshift into drive and moved off. He then placed a hand on Robert’s naked thigh and every now and then moved it into his crotch. Robert turned slightly towards him so that he could feel his cock if he wanted to.

They drove out of Sandbanks, through Poole and out into the country. It was gone midnight so there was little traffic about but other cars would have been completely unaware that there was a naked lad sitting beside the driver of this car.

They eventually drove up to some gates which Harry opened with a remote. They then drove down a driveway up to a large house at the end. Harry got out, picked up Robert’s clothes from the rear seat and opened Robert’s door. He got out and walked naked across the paved path leading to the front door. Harry opened the door and invited Robert inside. Another guy, also in his 50s appeared and welcomed them both. The fact that Robert was stark naked did not deter the guy one bit.

“Ah Ron, this is Robert and will be staying for a couple of days”

“Very good” Ron replied and took Robert’s clothes that were now being given him.

“Look after these for Robert would you please and there is £100 in the trouser pocket so look after that for him until he leaves.”

Ron duly agreed and then asked if they wanted anything to drink or eat. Harry said a cup of tea would be nice with a few sandwiches.

“I didn’t think you would still be up”

Ron left them without responding. ‘Mm Robert looks rather nice’ he told himself as he went.

“Ron has been with me for years and looks after me. We have occasional sex but he’s very discreet and always enjoys the antics I get up to.”

Harry then led Robert upstairs to the main bedroom and suggested that he have a shower. The bathroom was enormous and Robert helped himself to one of the many shower gels on offer as well as a squirt of Eau de Cologne when he had finished. Meanwhile Harry had done the same in the en-suite. When Robert finally appeared back in the bedroom he found Harry laid out naked in bed lying on a soft camel haired rug of some sort. It felt wonderful to the naked flesh as Robert climbed on beside Harry. It was the first time he had seen him completely naked and he rather liked what he saw. Clearly not a peach of a body but not bad for his age.

Harry took hold of Robert’s naked body and lifted him on top of his own. He gently kissed Robert and caressed his naked torso taking care to feel in and out of all its orifices, nooks and crannies. Robert decided to let Harry take the lead and just lie back and enjoy.

“I do love a young man who doesn’t want to take over when making love. So many want to rush into the sex part and before you know it you are both panting and spent.”

Robert laughed. He knew exactly what Harry meant.

“I’m happy to let you do what you want. I’m open to most things so have your fun. Harry was now feeling beneath Robert and holding his cock. It was soon rampant again as was Harry’s.

Just then Ron knocked on the door and came in with the tea and sandwiches. Harry told him to put them on the table beside the bed. Robert just stayed where he was and Harry continued feeling his cock.

Ron said goodnight and said he was now going to bed.

“Ron has his own flat above the garage block so we now have the whole house to ourselves.”

Robert giggled. The way Harry had said this sounded like two teenagers having the house to themselves when the parents had gone out. Harry turned Robert onto his back and started kissing him and seriously feeling his body all over. He was passionate and each move and touch showed that. He took hold of Robert’s cock and sucked it. The long thick cock went fully into Harry’s mouth. Robert could feel the head pushing against the back of his mouth and being squeezed as if to drain him of his man milk.

After a while he then sat astride Robert and rode his cock. It felt wonderful.

Harry knew how to control things and after a while he slipped his cock out and sat up beside Robert.

“Let’s drink and eat”

When they had finished Harry turned to Robert.

“There’s one thing I have never done and would love to do it “

Robert looked at him enquiringly.

“I own about ten acres and there is one spot which is right at the top of a hill from where you can see the whole village. I’ve always wanted to have someone fuck me under the open sky at that spot just so I can stick two fingers up at the snotty nosed gits in the village. They’re always very polite but I know underneath they look at me and say ‘there goes that sad old queen’. Little do they know that I live a much more exciting life than them.”

Harry chuckled to himself and paused for a moment as if in contemplation.

“It is the early hours of the morning and a warm night. Would you come up there and fuck me Robert.”

Robert laughed, “Sure, I’m up for anything”

“Oh excellent. We can use the Land Rover which is out the back so won’t disturb Ron.”

“Just one condition Harry”

Harry looked at him.

“We both go naked”

Harry laughed. “Oh what a great idea”

They went downstairs and slipped out of the back door. The Land Rover was parked a few yards away in the yard. They walked naked to it and drove quietly up a long track. Eventually Harry parked the vehicle on an open piece of grass and they got out and stood stark naked looking towards the village. There was a glimmer of light from the moon which flickered on their naked flesh but otherwise it was pitch black all round.

“Come on I’ll fuck you first and then you can fuck me” Harry said as he bent Robert over the bonnet of the Land Rover. Robert could feel the warmth of the engine against his stomach and his cock which was rapidly getting hard. Harry inserted his already hard cock and fucked Robert very slowly. He wanted to savour every moment of this occasion. As he did so he looked towards the village and said out loud “Fuck all of you”.

When he had finished, he bent over Robert’s back and kissed him on his neck. It gave Robert goose bumps. He turned and kissed Harry passionately. He really liked this guy and was falling more and more in love with him. He slowly turned Harry over so that he was bent over the bonnet and inserted his own erection into Harry’s arse. Harry could feel the long strong cock slide up his arse. “Oooh that feels wonderful” he exclaimed as Robert slowly fucked him as Harry had done him.

He must have fucked for a good fifteen minutes before he finally shot his load. When he had finished and extracted his tool Harry took hold of it and sucked it dry. “Mmm beautiful, thank you so much. Whenever I come up here in future I shall always think of you fucking me here.”

They walked around for a few minutes enjoying the still warm night air before finally driving back to the house. They went to bed and made passionate love yet again. Finally Robert fell asleep in Harry’s arms. He gently pulled Robert close to him with his backside snuggled up against his crotch. He hadn’t done this since his partner died ten years ago and it felt wonderful.


The following morning was another beautiful day. Robert woke up to find Ron bringing in breakfast. He opened a door onto a balcony and put the tray on a table outside.

“Harry thought you might like to have breakfast outside as it’s such a wonderful day”

“Oh thanks, yes that’d be nice” Robert responded jumping out of bed and joining Ron on the balcony who was in the process of pouring a cup of coffee for Robert.

“No doubt you slept well” Ron said with a grin and placed a hand on Robert’s naked bottom.

“Yeah great”

“Has Harry told you that he’s got a friend coming over for dinner this evening at which your presence will be required – as you are of course!”

“Err no he hasn’t. So he wants me to remain naked does he?”

“Of course, you provide the entertainment – and very nice too I might add”

Robert grinned and Ron winked back. Despite his somewhat austere look he was rather nice really.

The day was spent wandering round the garden, stark naked of course, but there wasn’t another house in sight so despite no high hedges it was free from onlookers. Not that Robert was bothered now. In the last few days he seemed to have spent so much time naked so was used to it. He was proud of his naked body in any event.

Harry had a siesta during the afternoon so Robert sun bathed in the garden feeling the full heat on his naked body. Ron came out during the afternoon and offered him soft drinks as well as taking the opportunity to admire Robert’s nakedness whilst he was asleep for a while. Harry wandered out about 5 o’clock wearing a see through sari of some sort. It rather suited him. Robert noticed later that Ron too was wearing a similar garment so this must be the dress code for the dinner party.

At eight on the dot, Harry’s friend arrived. He too was wearing a see through sari. From what Robert could see he too had a lithe body and was well endowed. Robert estimated that he was in his early 40s.

“Come and meet my young man Robert”

“Robert this is Antonio”

They shook hands and Antonio gazed at Robert’s nakedness. “My word Harry, where do you find these gorgeous guys? It’s very nice to meet you Robert and I think you have a beautiful body, please don’t cover it up when us oldies are around.”

They sat around in the garden and Ron plied them with drinks. Antonio, who told Robert in great detail where he came from in Italy and how they too had beautiful boys to gaze upon, made sure that he sat on the garden sofa beside Robert so that he could place a hand on his naked thigh. The hand wandered up and down the naked leg and often up the inside of the thigh well into the crotch but the cock was never touched!

At 9 o’clock Ron announced that dinner was served and the three duly went into the dining room. Robert noticed that everything in the house was of the best so the table was laid with silver cutlery and bone china dishes along with cut glass wine goblets. Robert was seated next to Antonio so that he could continue placing his hand on Robert’s naked thigh whenever he had the urge. Harry sat opposite them and gazed at Robert’s beauty. The meal was superb and more than one wine was served. Robert was not used to such splendour or this kind of society but he followed what the other two did and all was well. The wine was delicious and he was soon feeling the effect. He began to feel very randy and even noticed a semi hard-on forming which he tried to hide with his napkin.

They had finished the main course and were waiting for the sweet. Ron then came in and asked Robert to help him spread a white tablecloth on the floor near to where he was sitting. Having done so, he then asked Robert to lie down on his back on top of the cloth. Robert was bemused but followed the instruction. The other two then got up and stood over him. Ron then brought in a tray with dishes of fruit, a jug of cream and some whipped cream. He then proceeded to spread the various fruits over Robert’s naked body from head to toe. The cream was then poured over the fruit followed by dobs of whipped cream at strategic spots with particular emphasis round his genitals. Robert was asked to hold his cock up whilst a dob of whipped cream was placed on the head with a cherry to top it.

Harry and Antonio were then invited to have their sweet off Robert’s body. The pair knelt either side of him and used their spoons to scoop off the fruit and the cream. Robert was completely smothered in cream and it was pouring round his abdomen underneath him. Antonio then poured another helping of the cream over his body again, including his face and hair, and rubbed plenty onto his cock and round his balls.

“Ooh that is delicious” he exclaimed. He whipped off his sari to leave him stark naked and laid on top of Robert. He wriggled his body over Robert’s nakedness and Robert could feel Antonio’s erection. Antonio then lifted Robert’s legs over his head and proceeded to fuck him using the cream as a lubricant. It all happened so quickly that Robert was taken by surprise. Suddenly he felt a cock inside him which in his alcoholic state he was happy to accept. When Antonio had finished he bent over and kissed Robert pushing a creamy tongue into his mouth. He also found a piece of strawberry in his hair and placed it in Robert’s mouth.

It was then Harry’s turn. He sat astride Robert first and kissed him. As he did so he placed his hands round Robert’s head and massaged the cream into his hair. “Thank you for being such a good sport my young friend” Harry whispered to him, “You really are beautiful”. Harry then twisted Robert’s body over and fucked him from behind flat on the floor. Robert stretched his arms out above his head and just let Harry have his fun. As always it was a beautiful fuck.

Harry then got up and Robert felt another body astride him. He suddenly realised that he could see both Harry and Antonio standing over his head so he deduced that it was Ron. He could feel a large cock slipping inside him and slowly fucking him. A pair of hands then lifted his abdomen, took hold of his still erect cock and wanked him. He felt a kiss on the nape of his neck and a voice whisper “You are gorgeous, please stay”. Robert was not sure what the latter comment meant but it was definitely Ron who was now fucking him.

When all three had finally had their way with Robert, and that was after Antonio fucked him from behind for a second time, the three of them lifted Robert bodily on the table cloth and carried him to a shower room at the back of the house. “Don’t want you dripping cream all over the carpets” Harry joked. They then placed Robert under the shower, which was a large wet room, and all three proceeded to wash him and their own cream stained bodies.

Needless to say more sex took place and this time Robert had the delight of fucking Ron whilst the other two sucked his cock.

When they were all finally clean and dry they went back into the living room and Ron served more drinks. To Robert’s surprise they all remained naked and for the next hour or so Robert was required to sit on their naked laps whilst they played with him. He of course did not mind in the least and enjoyed having his cock constantly played with. However, the drink was beginning to have its effect on his erection and those of the others. “Right time for the little blue pills I think Ron” Harry suddenly said.

Ron dutifully got four blue Viagra pills out of a dish and gave one to each of them. They swigged it down with champagne which Ron had served earlier and waited for them to react. Much to Robert’s surprise he noticed that his own erection getting extremely hard within 20 minutes and there was no sign of it likely to go down in a hurry. He could feel his blood rushing into his cock and into the now large red head. The others also sported full erections within a half hour or so.

“Now what are we going to do with all these lovely stiff cocks” Antonio announced in a very slurred voice.

“Why don’t we have a fuck on the hill like we did last night Harry” Robert blurted out without really thinking.

“Oh you clever boy” he replied, “that’s a wonderful idea”

Harry then told everyone to follow him to the Land Rover and as before they drove naked to the top of the hill. When they had all got out, Robert told the other three to bend over the bonnet so that he could fuck one after the other. They all obliged and Robert fucked one after the other with six strokes in each arse. He then repeated the process and gave them another six strokes. “And again” Antonio screamed, “and really hard this time”. Robert was happy to oblige.

Robert then took Antonio’s place and he fucked all three in the same way. Robert could feel Antonio’s long cock shoot up his arse, six strokes and then out again before it went onto Ron’s. Harry then went next followed by Ron. Robert hadn’t had so much fun for years. These guys were quite mad but he loved it.

Having romped around naked for a while longer they set off home. It was gone midnight and Antonio said he should go. “In no way can you drive Antonio” Harry said, “you’re sloshed, why not stay here”.

He considered the point for a moment before taking Harry to one side. “Oh okay” he finally exclaimed, “Ron could you drive Antonio”. Since Ron had not drunk at all, he was the only one in a fit state to do so. He had guessed this would happen and also what would happen next.

“Robert” Harry said putting an arm round Robert’s shoulder, “Antonio would like to have your company for the night. Would you be willing? He’ll bring you back tomorrow.”

Still very much under the influence of drink, Robert agreed. Antonio led him out the front of the house to his Rolls Royce and opened the back door for him. Again the soft leather gave him a thrill as his naked flesh touched it. Antonio climbed in beside him, also naked and Ron took the driver’s seat – also naked. It flashed through Robert’s mind that he wondered what would happen if they were stopped for some reason.

Harry gave Robert a kiss and told him he would see him tomorrow. Fortunately the journey was short since Antonio only lived two or three miles up the road in another large house. Ron drove them to the front door and Antonio opened the door to let them in. Ron waved and drove off again in the Rolls.

“Thank you so much for agreeing to come back with me, I think you are so delicious and delightful and I wanted to spend some time with you.”

He kissed Robert and they went upstairs to a sumptuous bedroom along with a bottle of the best champagne that Antonio had collected on the way. They spent until the early hours of the morning drinking the champagne and talking and of course the occasional sex in between.

The more he heard about Antonio the more he liked him. He was another very gentle person like Harry and Robert appreciated that. Antonio asked Robert about himself and his background. Robert explained that his parents couldn’t cope with his sexuality so he had left home at the age of sixteen and come to London. Since then he had got himself through a computer studies course and hoped to find a job soon that would use his administration and computer skills to the full.

“And where do you live?”

“In a grotty bed-sit in West London, it really is gross and the landlady doesn’t like me taking friends there”

Antonio asked him more about his computer skills. When Robert had gone through the wide range of things he had done and learnt Antonio explained that he ran a import export business from home and desperately needed someone to deal with his administration which he wanted to computerise but had no idea how to. “I also want to have a website” he added.

“I’ve designed websites” Robert said excitedly.

“What about databases” Antonio asked.

“Yeah those as well”

Antonio sat back and said “You are just the person I am looking for Robert, would you be willing to work for me?”

Before Robert could answer Antonio added “I know we’ve only just met but I feel I know you already and I’m a good judge of character. You could live here and have fun together if you wanted to.”

Robert thought for a few moments and took another sip of champagne. He didn’t want to look too keen but in reality he wanted to jump up and say yes. He also fancied living the life style this guy lived.

“So I would receive a salary would I?”

“Of course” Antonio replied and told Robert what he had in mind. It was more than Robert had ever thought he could get with virtually no experience.

“You know I’ve got virtually no experience”

“I know but from what I’ve heard you’ve got plenty of ideas and enthusiasm and that’s what I want. You would have free board, a car of your own and be free to have friends here if you wished and go out and about when you want. All I’d ask is that you work on the business when required and allow me to have some fun time with you!”

“Some fun time!” Robert exclaimed, “I would want lots of fun and sex with you”.

Antonio laughed and took Robert into his arms. They kissed passionately. “Do you know Robert, the moment I met you I had a feeling we were going to get on well and you would be a part of my life. You will won’t you.”

“Yes, I’d love to”

They agreed that Robert would return to Harry the next day as promised and that Antonio would come and collect him when he was due to return to the hotel. “You can then meet my friends Luke and Josh” Robert said excitedly. “I’d love to and if they want they can spend a couple of days with you here before they go home.”

With that, they settled down and sank into a deep sleep arm in arm. When they woke later that morning they were still in each other’s arms. They kissed and made passionate love before getting up.


Robert returned to Harry’s at lunchtime by taxi. Harry was delighted to see him and immediately took him to bed. When they had finished having sex Robert told Harry about Antonio’s offer.

“How long have you known him?” Robert asked.

“Oh years, he’s a lovely man and very honest and trustworthy. I think you have made a good choice but if it doesn’t work out for any reason at least you will have got some experience. Antonio is well known in business circles so it would be a great feather in your cap to work for him. Apart from that he’s wealthy and great in bed which no doubt you have already experienced!”

Robert laughed and kissed Harry again.

“And the other reason for accepting is that I will still be able to see you and be fucked by you”

Robert laughed again and they went downstairs in readiness for Antonio’s arrival.

“You lucky bastard” Harry teased Antonio as he came through the door, “borrowing my gorgeous young man from me and keeping him for yourself”. They both laughed and kissed.

“Well he still has time to change his mind if he wants to” Antonio said with a grin.

“You must be joking” Robert quipped back and kissed Antonio fully on the lips slipping his tongue in as he did so. “I think he loves me Harry” Antonio responded.

“Well I would if I was his age you gorgeous hunk”

“Just make sure he doesn’t make you his slave Robert. If he does start to do so, just starve him of sex that will do the trick.”

They all laughed and Robert gave Harry a big hug and a kiss. “Thanks for everything”

Ron was standing nearby. “You’re a lovely lad, thanks” Ron whispered to him.

With two thousand pounds in his pocket, Robert followed Antonio out to the Rolls and set off to find Luke and Josh. He had already phoned them and told them a bit about what had happened and arranged to meet them in the hotel.

Luke and Josh were relaxing in the lounge when they arrived. Antonio wasn’t expecting to see two more gorgeous hunks who were both naked to the waist, wearing tight thin shorts and showing plenty beneath. They sat and chatted for a while and Robert told them what had happened and Antonio’s offer whilst Antonio went to chat to Rob who he knew well.

“He’s fucking gorgeous and great in bed” Robert was exclaiming, “and he’s got this beautiful house and runs a Rolls Royce”.

“Sounds if you’ve landed on your feet Robert, good for you” Luke congratulated him and patted his bare knee since Robert too was wearing shorts.

“Anyhow, he’s taking me to my hovel in London tomorrow so I can collect the few paltry things I have there and then I’ll live with him and be his ‘toy boy’ and business assistant.”

“You don’t mind being his toy boy then” Josh asked.

“Fuck no” Robert exclaimed, “If he’s true to his word, and I think he will be, it will be a wonderful experience”.

“He does seem a very genuine guy I must admit” Luke said.

“Well you guys can see him at close quarters if you want because he’s invited you both to stay with him for the next two day if you want – you will come won’t you.”

Luke and Josh were due to leave the hotel the next morning but Josh said they could easily phone his Aunt and Mum to say they would be back later in the week.

“Okay, why not” Luke exclaimed.

Robert went off excitedly to tell Antonio and the three of them went to their rooms to quickly pack their things. They said their goodbyes to Rob who gave them each a lingering kiss on the lips as well as a feel in the crotch. “Mmm lucking Antonio” he grinned. He then turned to Robert and said “Antonio is very impressed with you young man. He’s a good guy so look after him for me.”

Robert felt a tear form in his eyes and said he would. Rob then turned to the other two and said he hoped to see them again sometime. With all the goodbyes done they followed Antonio out to the Rolls.

“Oh my word what a beauty” Josh exclaimed, “I’ve never ridden in a Rolls”

It was agreed that Josh would ride back with Robert in the Rolls and Luke would follow on with his car.

They arrived at Antonio’s house and Luke let out an audible “Fucking hell” as they drove up to the front door. There was a young guy working in the garden stripped to the waist and wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts.

“Sam, come and meet my new friends” Antonio called when they had all climbed out of the cars.

Sam walked over eyeing up the three lads.

“Sam, this is Robert, Luke and Josh”

Sam put his hand out for them to shake. “Oh for fucks sake give each other a big kiss” Antonio exclaimed. Luke needed no second invitation and put his arms round Sam’s naked waist and kissed him on the lips. The other two followed suit.

“Luke and Josh are staying for a couple of days but Robert is going to live with me and help me with the business”

Sam’s eyes lit up and he looked Robert over again. Luke noticed a slight movement in the crotch of Sam’s shorts and he was fairly certain he had nothing on underneath.

“Did you have a good holiday” Antonio asked Sam. “He’s been to Sitges for a few days, lucky fellow”

Sam said he’d had a great time. “And no doubt found plenty of guys to fuck you” Antonio said jokingly knowing too well that he would have.

Sam grinned as if to say ‘what do you think’.

“Sam, if you’re not doing anything this evening would you like to join us for a meal”

Sam said he would. “Okay, when you’ve finished here help yourself to a shower and come and join us; no need to go home and change, you’re fine as you are.” Antonio told him.

“Err, I didn’t bring a top with me today as it was so hot”

“Oh don’t worry about that, we don’t mind you naked” Antonio grinned at him. “You can always borrow one of mine if you’re shy.”

Sam blushed slightly and walked back to his work.

As Antonio led them into the house, he said “He’s a lovely guy, very hard working and conscientious and just loves being fucked. He comes in for a few hours each day and looks after the house and garden for me. His Dad used to do it but he died of a heart attack a few years ago so I took on Sam. He always cleans the house in the nude which is a bonus and sometimes even does the back garden naked as well. I have to admit that I rather like being naked round the house myself so hopefully you’ll join me Robert if you’re okay with that.”

Robert confirmed that he was more than happy to go around in the nude and Antonio invited Luke and Josh to do likewise whilst they were staying.

“Just one rule and that is no shoes are worn in the house to keep the carpets clean so leave your trainers by the front door if you don’t mind” Antonio duly announced.

They removed their trainers and Robert led them barefoot upstairs to their room where they dumped their bags not bothering to unpack. “Doubt we’ll need many clothes by the sound of things” Josh laughed. The three of them stripped off and had a shower together before going downstairs to find Antonio who had done likewise.

“Ah that’s what I like to see; guys who like to show off their naked bodies.”

He walked over to Robert and gave him a hug and a kiss. “Come on lads let’s go and have a drink in the conservatory.” He led them to a large conservatory that led out from the living room. The evening sun was still shining through the glass roof and bathed their naked bodies as they lay out on the sofas. Antonio on one with Robert and Luke and Josh on another.

Antonio pulled Robert into his lap so that his legs were lying along the sofa. Luke did the same with Josh. They drank and chatted and Antonio was particularly interested in the two lads’ studies and their plan to start their own IT business. He told them that he owned three small companies in London so to contact him when they were thinking of starting their business since he could put them in contact with companies who would be interested in their services. He also offered to help them with some of the start up process.

As they talked, Antonio was idly playing with Robert’s cock as was Luke with Josh’s. By now both cocks were rock hard. Sam then walked into the room having had his shower. He noticed the erections and felt his own cock stir.

“Ah Sam, help yourself to a drink and come and join us. Are you all clean and smelling beautiful now. Mind you he smells gorgeous when he’s hot and sweaty.”

Sam grinned and poured himself a drink from the side cabinet.

“Come and give me a kiss” Antonio told Sam when he’d got his drink. Sam bent over Antonio and gave him a kiss on the lips. As he did so he looked at Robert’s strong erection and was dying to put it in his mouth but thought better of it. Antonio meanwhile was feeling Sam’s crotch and taking hold of his own semi hard-on. “Why not slip those off Sam and give us the delight of your beautiful naked body and that erection you’re getting.”

Sam was used to Antonio’s directness and just grinned. In fact it was what he liked about Antonio. He always knew where he was with him. Not like his father who would never talk about Sam’s sexuality despite knowing that he was gay. Without a word he stripped off his shorts and remained standing by Antonio so that he could continue playing with his cock which was now rapidly getting hard. He decided to bend down and suck Robert’s hard-on whilst Antonio had his fun. Robert gasped at the feel of Sam’s hot mouth round his big head which was now fully engorged.

Luke and Josh meanwhile were having their own fun and Josh was now sitting on top of Luke riding his hard cock. Antonio watched on with great delight and the two lads fucked away. He then twisted Sam round so that he could sit on Robert’s cock. He quickly slipped a finger into Sam’s arse and lubed it – he always had lube at hand! He then pulled Sam down onto Robert’s hard-on and watched him take it inside him. His own cock was now rock hard and was trapped beneath Robert and he wished he could get it inside but that would have to wait. Sam rode Robert with great delight. He had liked Robert from the moment he met him and knew they would be great friends. Now that he had his cock inside him he definitely liked him!

After a few minutes of having Sam ride Robert on top of him, Antonio suggested they move into another room. He led the four lads into his cinema room that joined on to the back of the garage. It was small with a screen one end. The floor was covered with a large mattress like the kind found in sauna rest rooms. The lighting was very subdued but suddenly a gay porn film came on the screen lighting the room more. It was of two young guys, they looked Malaysian. One was supposed to be taking photos of the other but soon they were both naked and having sex.

Antonio meanwhile had the four lads on the floor and was sucking each of them in turn. He then paired Sam with Josh and Luke with Robert and got them to suck each other in the 99 position. As they did so he lay down behind them and rimmed their arses one by one. The feel of their arse being licked out by Antonio’s strong tongue felt fantastic as their cocks were being sucked by their partner. When he had rimmed each of them several times he went back to Luke and fucked his arse with two fingers. He was pleasantly surprised to find Luke’s arse open enough to take three fingers and then four. He then slipped his cock inside and fucked him whilst he sucked Robert.

“Oh fuck, that feels great” Luke exclaimed as he felt Antonio’s strong cock slip into his arse. Antonio certainly knew how to fuck and he was enjoying every second of this fuck. He couldn’t believe his luck – ‘four young guys to fuck all by myself’ he said to himself as his buttocks thrust back and forth.

When he had finished Luke he turned to Josh and gave him the same treatment who enjoyed it just the same. As he did so, Antonio felt round to Sam’s arse and fingered it at the same time. He wished he had turned the video camera on so that he could film him fucking Josh, fingering Sam and them sucking each other. After Josh he moved to Sam and slipped his cock into his hole which he always found very inviting. He loved the feel of his cock inside Sam and always enjoyed fucking him, which fortunately he was able to do frequently. As he fucked he remembered the last time they had done so. He had taken Sam in the back garden when he was working in the nude. He had bent him over a garden chair and fucked him senseless. Sam enjoyed it immensely.

It was now time to move onto the other pair again who were now fucking each other. Luke was in the process of fucking Robert and Antonio watched for a moment. He loved to see Luke’s long hard cock slide in and out of Robert’s soft arse. He felt his own hard-on and could wait no more. He moved up behind Luke who was fucking Robert doggy style and now had his own arse up in the air as he bent over Robert’s back. Antonio quietly slipped his own well lubricated cock into Luke’s gaping arsehole and took him whilst he fucked Robert.

Luke groaned with delight as he felt the cock move inside him. “Aaah that feels fucking marvellous, fuck me fuck me” he groaned as he drove his own cock into Robert who was now taking the force of two bodies thrusting into his.

As soon as Antonio had finished fucking Sam, Josh immediately took over. He wanted to try this young buck out and having already felt his open arsehole he wanted to get his cock inside. Sam groaned with pleasure as he felt Josh’s tool push its way into his arse. He could feel the big head move its way inside and it made his whole body shudder with excitement. He so loved being fucked and this guy knew how to do just that. He knew how to achieve maximum pleasure for both of them and he knew just the right places to push the big head of his cock against to maximise the experience. Sam took hold of his own cock and began wanking himself. His cock always got bigger when he was being fucked and he was almost at the point of no return. He suddenly felt Josh shoot his load of hot creamy cum inside him and he had a mental picture of it shooting out of the big head and into his warm arse. He wished he could be in there to see it. His own climax had come and he too shot a load of cum over the mattress. He always shot loads much to Antonio’s delight. When he had finished there was a large pool on the mattress. Just as he was thinking ‘that’s another mess I’ve got to clean up’, Josh felt in front of him, wiped his fingers through the pool of cum and put them to Sam’s mouth. Sam licked the fingers with gusto. He loved the taste of cum, especially his own. When Josh had withdrawn his still rampant cock, Sam bent down and licked up the rest of the cum. They kissed and then relaxed back on the mattress and watched the other three fucking each other.

Robert was now being fucked by Antonio and Luke was fucking him. Robert was on his back with his legs in the air with Antonio’s cock thrusting in and out of his exposed arse. Luke was kneeling behind Antonio and fucking him from behind.

Sam took hold of Josh’s hand and led him to the trio. He then got Josh to kneel astride Robert’s head with his arse in the air so that Robert could suck his cock. Sam then stood astride Robert behind Josh and fucked him. Sam’s arse was inches away from Antonio’s face so he had a view of it thrusting in and out of Josh. It was a beautiful sight. Once again he wished he had switched on the video camera to capture three guys fucking and one sucking. They held this position for some time until Antonio had shot his load of cum into Robert and Luke had shot his load into Antonio. Robert could taste the cum still oozing out of Josh’s cock so made the most of that.

Having disentangled themselves they all sat back and watched the screen again. It was showing a gang bang between five guys, four of whom were fucking another on a table one after the other. “Mmm” Antonio said “perhaps we’ll try that later this evening in the garden”. They all laughed and said they looked forward to it.

Antonio finally said he must go and prepare the meal. Robert offered to help him but Antonio said he preferred to work in the kitchen on his own. You can clear up afterwards he told Robert who was more than happy to help out. He left the four guys and as he went out said “Be good boys, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”.

“That gives us plenty of scope then” Sam retorted.

They all laughed and carried on watching the film.

“This is a great facility to watch porn and have sex” Luke exclaimed as he stretched out on the mattress and opening his legs wide. “When we get our own place Josh I think we’ll do this.”

Josh agreed it would be great. “And we could have porn parties with lots of guys” he added enthusiastically.

“There’s a similar place nearby that Antonio and I go to sometimes” Sam said, “It runs once a month in a barn, miles from anywhere”.

“Sounds great, when is it next on” Josh asked.

“Tomorrow night. Do you guys want to come with me?”

Robert said he couldn’t because Antonio had told him that he was going to a dinner party that evening and he wanted Robert to go with him. “Okay then Luke and I will come with you.”

“You have to go with a member so I can introduce you but it would cost ten quid each”

It was agreed that the two lads would go to Sam’s cottage in the village, have a bite to eat and then go to the porn barn about seven. “It closes at 11 o’clock so that gives us plenty of time to have some fun.” Sam explained.

The porn film ended and they all made their way upstairs to have a shower. They then found Antonio in the kitchen wearing a small apron to protect his privates but otherwise still naked. “Ah good timing boys, we’re just ready” he exclaimed as they walked in. “Thought we’d eat in the garden as it’s still nice and warm out there.”

The weather was indeed warm and despite it being nearly eight o’clock the temperature still felt warm on their naked flesh. Antonio had laid out a table on the grass just outside the conservatory and two bottles of red wine were standing ready to be poured. They all sat round the table and Robert offered to pour the wine whilst Antonio served the food. It tasted delicious and after their sex they were all ready for it. “I always think sex makes you ready for a meal” Antonio blurted out. The others laughed. “And this will get you all ready for the next session” he added laughing.

The wine flowed and by the time they had finished they were all well under the influence. Antonio then produced another bottle of red wine which was not quite the vintage of the other two but even so it was very drinkable. Robert and Sam cleared the table and took everything into the kitchen to clear up. Whilst they were gone, Antonio stood up and staggered round to Luke. He bent over him and kissed him. As he did so he let red wine flow from his mouth into Luke’s. Some of it spilt down his chin and onto his chest. They both laughed. Antonio then licked the spillage from his chest and as he did so poured more over Luke’s pubic hair and his cock. Josh had now joined in and started sucking Luke’s cock. “Mmm tastes nice”.

Antonio then pulled Luke onto the grass, lifted his legs over his head and inserted the half filled bottle into his arsehole. He lifted it high so that the wine could run inside. Some of it did as he wriggled the bottle about and pushed it inside Luke’s arse. Luke could feel the hard glass inside him. It was pushing against his G spot and made his cock shoot up. “Fucked by a wine bottle” he exclaimed.

Antonio removed the bottle, spilling more wine round Luke’s bottom as he did so, and replaced it with his own cock which was now standing to attention and ready for action. Not wanting to be left out, Josh bent Antonio over Luke so that he could open up Antonio’s arse. He took the bottle from him and inserted it inside the gaping arsehole. “Oh yes, that feel’s good” Antonio yelled. Josh pushed the neck of the bottle as far as it would go and wriggled it about so that some wine would flow inside the arse. He then withdrew it letting more flow down Antonio’s arse and licked his arsehole. He then quickly thrust his rampant cock inside and fucked Antonio hard whilst he fucked Luke.

Whilst all this was going on, Sam and Robert appeared having finished the clearing up. “Oh look” Robert exclaimed, “the fuckers are at it again”.

“Come here you gorgeous sexy runt” Antonio called as he pulled his cock out of Luke causing Josh to withdraw as well. Antonio then pulled Robert to the ground, held his legs up over his head and fucked him hard. As he did so he leant forward and gave him a passionate kiss. Robert knew there and then that he was going to have a great time with Antonio and life would never be dull.

The other three passed the remains of the red wine between them and drank straight from the bottle. As Sam took a final swig, Josh remarked that the bottle had been up Luke’s arse and Antonio’s so he hoped it tasted good. “Thought there was a distinctive taste to it” Sam replied laughing.

Antonio and Robert continued making love in various positions for another hour at least leaving the other three to amuse themselves. They eventually went round to the cinema and left the pair of them to it.

“I think they have clicked alright don’t you” Sam commented as he led the way.

He led them in and suggested they leave the lights off and just use the film to illuminate the room. He flicked a switch and the screen came alive. He selected a particular DVD that he liked and within a few seconds it was on screen. It was called ‘Naturally Bare”. It was of course a bareback film set out in the open and involved six guys having fun as they walked through a forest. At every opportunity they all fucked one of the guys. At each stop it was a different guy who was fucked but they all did so one after the other. In most cases the guy being fucked was bent over a fallen tree or a broken branch in the wood.

There were some great shots of bare cock going into arse and Luke made a mental note so that he could suggest a similar story to Steve. They were all gorgeous guys with gorgeous cocks and the photography was superb. At every opportunity the cameraman got close ups of cock going into arse and balls slapping against naked flesh. When they got to their destination they fucked each other again and finally shot cum over each other. The cum shots were the best Luke had seen. The camera zoomed in at just the right moment for each explosion and caught the flow shooting out of the cock hole. Each guy shot loads of thick creamy cum which was unusual for them all to do so since so many guys only shot watery cum instead of a nice thick creamy one. He guessed that this had been filmed over several days and not altogether as appeared to be the case. Even so it was a great film and he made a note to get a copy.

They sat beside each other and watched the film right through. As they did so they played with the nearest cocks and every now and then changed positions to have a change of cock. When it was finished they switched everything off and went back to the garden. Antonio and Robert were still in each other’s arms but had stopped fucking each other. It was gone midnight and Sam said he must go. Luke and Josh decided to turn in and kissed the lover boys goodnight. “Thanks for a great time” Antonio said as they kissed him. He also kissed their cocks goodnight as well saying “Goodnight cock, thanks for fucking me”.

As they went upstairs, Luke said to Josh “He really is mad but lovely with it. Robert is going to have a ball of a time.”

“Yeah, provided his arse stands up to it” Josh joked.

They got into bed and when they had kissed goodnight, Luke held Josh’s naked bottom up against his crotch. Josh felt Luke’s cock push against his arse but he was too sleepy to take much notice. Luke’s hard cock slipped inside the warm arse and he held it there. It felt nice and cosy settled inside surrounded by warm soft flesh. They both slipped off to sleep coupled by Luke’s cock.

When Josh woke in the morning he was still nestled up against Luke’s body although the cock had finally softened and slipped out of its warm hole. Josh felt round his back to find the sleepy organ and held it until Luke woke up. As he did so it stiffened and by the time Luke was awake it was hard again. Without saying anything Luke slipped it back inside Josh and kissed him on the back of his neck.

“Morning my love” he whispered to Josh.


Luke slowly moved his body back and forth so that his cock moved inside Josh. He could feel himself reaching his climax. Josh must have felt his muscles tighten as he did so. “I want to taste that cum this morning so don’t shoot just yet.”

Luke loved Josh taking his cum into his mouth so he gently pulled out, turned onto his back so that Josh could suck him to completion. Luke was soon shooting his morning creamy cum into Josh’s mouth. Josh let some of it spill down his cheek so that he could wipe it with his finger and offer it to Luke who then greedily sucked it off. It was a ritual that they often liked to act out. Once Luke had shot his load, he then turned to Josh and sucked his now rampant cock. As usual, Luke was able to get Josh to come quite quickly and he suddenly exploded. It was thick and creamy and tasted delicious. He licked his lips but couldn’t reach some bits that had run down his face because of the volume that Josh always shot. Josh was just about to lick it off Luke’s face when there was a knock on the door and Robert came in.

“Hi guys how are we this morning”

Seeing their still stiff cocks and the cum on Luke’s face he sat on the bed beside them and added “Ah I see you are doing okay and everything is still in working order”.

The lads laughed and Robert leant forward and licked off the remains of Josh’s cum from Luke’s face.

“Hey, that was mine to lick off” Luke exclaimed.

Robert then kissed Luke and transferred the cum on his tongue into Luke’s mouth. “There you are you cum eater.”

Robert was of course naked and his own cock was rapidly getting larger as he looked at the other erections. Luke pulled him further onto the bed and lifted him between himself and Josh. He then lifted his legs, opened his arse and stuck his cock inside. “This still working okay this morning then” he commented as he started fucking Robert hard. “Seems to be” Robert replied, “I can feel that big hard cock inside okay.”

When Luke had finished, Josh took his turn and gave Robert another long hard fuck.

“That should get it nice and ready for Antonio now shouldn’t it”

“They’ve probably been at it all night I expect” Luke joked.

“Well we have had a session already this morning” Robert grinned.

Antonio then suddenly appeared at the door. “Morning lads, how are we this morning”.

Seeing three cocks now flying the colours he quickly added “Oh, still in good form I see” and promptly came over to the bed and joined them.”

His own cock was still semi hard from his earlier session with Robert so it wasn’t long before he was ready to fuck all three of them one after the other. He got all of them to kneel on the bed with butts high in the air and switched from one arse to the next in succession with two or three strokes in each arse before he went to the next. In all he must have fucked each of them twenty or thirty times before he was ready to shoot another load. “Who wants to drink my beautiful cum then” he said holding out his cock which was on the point of shooting. Both Luke and Josh quickly turned round and Antonio shot his load over both their faces. They licked as much as they could reach with their tongues and since they had both opened their mouths much of it landed inside so they could taste his hot creamy cum. Robert then licked the remaining cum from their faces and then transferred it to Antonio’s mouth as they kissed.

“Mmm lovely cum” Antonio exclaimed. “Gorgeous” Luke added and took hold of Antonio’s cock to squeeze the last drops out.

“Okay you sex pervs, time to go and shower and come and have some breakfast” Antonio told them as he climbed off the bed to go downstairs and prepare breakfast.

Having showered, the three of them went downstairs and as they did so could smell bacon and sausage cooking. It smelt delicious and once again they were ready for it after their sex.

Although the weather was not quite so hot it was still warm enough to lie naked in the garden. Sam came round mid morning and did some more gardening round them. He grinned each time their eyes met and removed his own shorts to give them something to look at.

During the afternoon after they had eaten a superb lunch and drunk more wine, a visitor arrived. Antonio slipped on a large wrap to cover his nakedness and went round to the front. “Don’t worry guys; I won’t bring whoever it is round the back unless I know they will enjoy the sight.”

After a few minutes they could hear voices and Antonio was leading an older guy into the back garden.

“Come and meet my harem of lovely naked guys”

“This is Ronald guys” They all sat up and waved a hello as he gazed at their nakedness. “And you know Sam of course” Sam looked over to Ronald and grinned not the slightest bit perturbed that he was naked.

Ronald then shook hands with each of the three new lads taking a closer look at their nudity. “Well this is a nice surprise meeting three Adonis sporting their equipment so openly. I do love young cock as you know Antonio.”

Antonio laughed, “Yes so I’d noticed; they might even let you have a feel if you’re good.”

Ronald laughed and took hold of Luke’s cock which happened to be the nearest and was beginning to swell up with all the talk of cock. “Mmm very nice” he commented, “if only I could get mine to react that like but sadly it seems to have given up.”

“Just keep taking the Viagra my dear” Antonio teased him.

“And no doubt you have given each one a test drive Antonio”

“And more, and more my love”

“Oh he is a slut” Ronald said directing the comment to the three lads.

“Robert, how about a pot of tea for everyone, would you mind my love”

Robert suddenly sprang into action and went off to make a pot of tea for six.

“Well you’ve got him well trained haven’t you my dear” Ronald commented.

“Robert is going to live with me and assist me with the business. He’s a whiz at computers and all that.”

“Oh lucky you, you sexy bastard”

Within a few minutes Robert was back carrying a tray of cups and a pot of tea.

“You’ll find some cakes in one of the top cupboards” he told Robert as he put the tray down on a table in front of Antonio.

Robert went off again and later came back with plates and a plate of cakes. ‘This guy is going to be a godsend’ Antonio told himself as he patted Robert on his bare backside thanking him for getting it all.

“Sam, cup of tea?” Antonio called over to where Sam was still weeding.

Sam stopped what he was doing and walked over. He sat down on the grass beside Ronald who bent down and kissed him. “How’s my Sam then” he said giving Sam’s cock a squeeze at the same time.

Sam grinned thinking of the last time Ronald had visited and Sam had ended fucking him over a chair in the conservatory.

“Any new porn films in the collection” Ronald asked Antonio.

“Yeah one or two, a great bareback film done in Romania”

“Oh lovely. I love bareback and I love Romanian guys. They always seem to have a lovely bronzed skin and their cocks are always dark. Especially nice when you see it going into a white arse.”

“Have you guys seen the cinema?” Ronald asked the lads in front of him. He had deliberately moved his chair so that he would face all three naked lads and could admire their nudity.

The lads told him they had seen the cinema and a couple of films.

“And no doubt had some sex at the same time” Ronald added.

The lads grinned. “Lucky bastards” he replied, “perhaps you could show me this bareback film”. He made the last comment more in hope than any real expectation that he would get to see the film today let alone these guys getting into action.

“Well I’m sure the lads would be happy to oblige Ronald if you really want to. Robert and I are going out to a dinner party tonight and I believe the lads are also going out with Sam but you’ve got a couple of hours to enjoy yourself.”

Ronald looked somewhat taken aback. “Are you sure”

“Yeah, I’ve got some paperwork to do before we go out so I’m sure it would amuse the lads to do so.”

Ronald looked at the three lads and Luke and Josh nodded their agreement. Robert said he would clear away the tea things first. “I’ll leave Luke and Josh to entertain you if you don’t mind” Robert added. He was not sure he wanted a session with Ronald yet although he guessed at some point he probably would if he visited again. He decided Ronald was the kind of guy who was better one to one so that he could let him do whatever he wanted.

The other two lads led Ronald to the cinema and found the DVD that they had looked at the previous night. They left the lights out as before and let the film provide any lighting that was required. Ronald had already removed his shoes and socks, unbuttoned his shirt and unfastened his trousers as they walked into the darkness. He sat down on the mattress with Luke on one side and Josh on the other. The film started and to his surprise he was soon hard. He felt across to the two lads and found them hard as well. He massaged their erections and then felt a hand from each of them start to caress his legs. Finding his trousers already unfastened they slipped a hand inside and felt Ronald through his pants. Even Luke was surprised at the firmness of the erection. The two lads slipped Ronald’s trousers off him and then his boxer shorts. His shirt was now open down the front to expose a hairy chest. Despite his age, his body was in remarkably good shape.

Ronald was spell bound by the film and let the lads suck him and generally feel over his body. He felt theirs and at one point Josh knelt in front of him so that he could finger his arse. He slipped two fingers inside and felt the warm flesh. He hadn’t done that for years. He wanted to fuck the lad and hoped that his erection would stay hard. He knelt behind Josh and licked his arse. He hadn’t done that for years either so this was just great. He then lubed his cock and slipped it into Josh’s gaping arsehole. It slipped in so easily that his erection kept its hardness and he was able to fuck. “God this feels good” he exclaimed loudly whilst still watching the film. A guy was now being fucked bareback just like he was doing to Josh. It heightened the thrill of it all and he felt himself coming to a climax. He didn’t want to cum inside Josh so he withdrew.

“Would you like me to fuck you” Luke asked him.

“Oh my god, that would be just wonderful” he replied, “you both can if you like”.

Luke grinned at Josh. ‘Well why not’ he thought to himself, ‘we’ll be his age eventually and glad of a fuck by a young guy’.

Luke took some lube and fingered Ronald’s arse. It felt just the same as a young guy’s and just as inviting. He slipped his cock inside and gently fucked Ronald on all fours. Ronald told him to fuck harder so he did. Then harder still so he obliged. He was eventually giving Ronald a good hard fuck whilst at the same time feeling his balls slapping against his. Josh meanwhile had crawled underneath him and was sucking his cock. Ronald yelped with joy as he felt the hot mouth round his cock and a big strong cock up his arse.

Josh then took over and Luke continued sucking cock. Ronald could not hold back any longer and let his load shoot into Luke’s mouth. Luke couldn’t believe the volume of cum that shot forth. It filled his mouth. When Ronald had finally finished shooting and Josh had withdrawn his cock, Luke kissed Ronald and transferred the cum from his mouth into Ronald’s.

“Oh you sexy bugger; I just love tasting my own cum but I want to taste yours as well.”

Luke and Josh both laid back on the mattress and let Ronald suck them to a climax. They both produced a good load of cum which he took into his mouth before swallowing. “Mmm lovely young spunk, can’t beat it” he exclaimed before kissing them both.

Sam had come into the room to tell them that he was going home now and did they want to come with him. They agreed they would and quickly went upstairs to get their clothes for the evening event. They said their goodbye to Ronald who thanked them profusely. Sam had warned them to wear very little so they opted for just a track suit and a pair of trainers. Since they never wore socks with their trainers this meant just three items of clothing.

Sam had walked from home today so he joined them in their car. He lived in the village which was only ten minutes down the road. He invited them into his small cottage and told them to make themselves at home. Sam immediately removed his shirt so the lads removed their track suit top. He then prepared a meal for them and they sat down to a delicious plate of sausages and mash. As they ate he told them a bit about the porn cinema.

“It’s in a barn and the guy who runs it converted part of the barn into a small cinema with a small reception area outside. I must warn you that anything goes and he doesn’t care what goes on. You can leave your clothes with him if you want and go in naked. You just join in however you want.”

“Sounds great” Josh exclaimed.

They eventually left for the drive to the barn which was about twenty minutes away. As Sam had said it was in the middle of nowhere down a long farm track which was very bumpy in places. They eventually reached the barn and parked along side several other vehicles. Sam went up to the door and rang a bell. A young guy then peered at them through a slit in the door and once Sam had shown him his membership card he let them all in.

“Mmm, brought some new young meat Sam” he exclaimed as Luke and Josh walked in. The guy looked them up and down as he took their money. “You’d better leave your clothes here” he said once he’d stashed the money into his pocket, “Once you three get in there you’ll soon have no need of them. The guys will think Christmas has come early.”

Luke and Josh looked at each other as they stripped off their clothing and gave it to the guy. He hung it on a hook and told them the number to remember. Having got them naked he took another good look at them.

“Mmm very nice; perhaps you guys would like to join me when we close at eleven; just for a nightcap you understand” he added giving them all a wink.

The lads went through a door into a small lobby which was pitch black. Whilst their eyes adjusted to the darkness, Sam told them that the guy’s name was Chris and he was very nice really.

“Yeah, wouldn’t mind a nightcap with him” Josh said as they moved through another door into the cinema. The film showing lit the room to a certain extent and their eyes having now acclimatised to the darkness could see that there were two or three sofas scattered around the room along with some upholstered chairs. About ten guys were either standing around or sitting down. All ten turned to look at the three new guys entering and for a moment everything stopped, including two guys on a sofa busy fucking away.

Sam had already told them that it was best to just let things happen and not try and keep together so they did just that. Soon Luke and Josh were being led off into separate corners by guys and were soon being felt all over. Luke felt his cock being sucked by a second guy whilst the first kissed him passionately with tongues shooting in and out of his mouth. He then felt a finger being inserted up his arse. They had been told by Chris that there were containers of lube and condoms around and Sam had suggested that they lubed their arses well before they went into the main cinema so the finger, and then two slipped up his arse very easily. As expected a cock soon replaced the fingers and he was being fucked whilst the other guy was still kissing him like mad. He reached down to feel the guy’s cock and was disappointed to find a very small cock that was only about two inches long even though it had some hardness. To get away from the kissing for a moment he bent down and sucked it to see if it would extend beyond this. Bending over gave the fucker even better access and he soon had his cock fully up Luke’s arse. The guy was quite good and Luke enjoyed it. When Luke had had enough he stood up, pulled the cock out of his arse and turned the guy round. He bent him forward and fucked his arse. The guy suddenly realised that he was being fucked bareback and let Luke take him all the way. He slipped off his own condom and when Luke had finished went back to fucking Luke but this time with his bare cock.

When they had finished, he whispered to Luke, “Thanks, haven’t been fucked bareback before”.

The kisser was still hanging around and wanted more. “Can I fuck you” he asked Luke. “If you think you can get that stub into my arse” Luke replied with a catty tone. The guy didn’t seem to notice and proceeded to insert his stub of a cock into Luke’s arse. Luke could hardly feel it so after a while pushed the guy out and said he would show him what a real fuck was like. The guy couldn’t believe his luck; he seldom got fucked in here because of his own shortcoming. Luke turned him round bent him over the nearest chair and thrust his cock up the guy’s arse. He winced when he felt the size of it enter him but did not complain. Once in he could feel the long hard cock move up his arse and it felt wonderful. Luke fucked him automatically without any feeling but the guy didn’t seem to notice.

Luke didn’t want to cum yet so he withdrew, thanked the guy for his arse and moved off to find someone else. As he did so he noticed Josh being serviced over the end of a sofa with two guys taking it in turns to fuck him. ‘Good old Josh’, Luke smiled to himself.

Luke was soon picked off by another two guys who led him to another sofa. They kissed and played around for a while before getting him to stand on the sofa and then bend over the back so that his arse was high in the air and his head was nearly touching the floor. Each of them then took it in turns to stand behind him and fuck him from above. He was totally under their control and was unable to move but he rather enjoyed the thrill of it all. Each guy fucked him hard and their cocks were long and hard. He could feel the large head right inside his arse trying to push its way round the next bend. He could also feel large floppy balls slapping against his.

He was obviously attracting attention and soon there was a line of guys ready and willing to fuck him. They did so one after the other until his arse was almost numb.

He must have been in this position for almost an hour and blood was rushing to his head. He heard one guy say “Give the bloke a rest” at which point the fucking stopped and he was lifted upright. For a moment he was dizzy but his rescuer held on to him for a moment. Luke looked around and saw that Josh was in the same position on another sofa and was being given the same treatment.

“Is he your mate?” the guy asked.

“Yeah, looks as if he’s getting the same treatment lucky fucker”

The guy laughed but went over to the group around Josh and told them to give him a break. He and Luke helped Josh stand up but Josh collapsed onto the sofa. Luke and the other guy sat either side of him.

“Are you okay my love” Luke asked Josh.

“Yeah I’m fine” he replied with a grin, “just a sore arse; saw you getting the same.” They grinned at each other and kissed.

“I’m Gary” the other guy told them. They introduced themselves and Gary suggested they go into the ante room to get away from the vultures for a while.

They move outside and sat on another sofa that they hadn’t seen when they first came through.

“They don’t get new young arse in here very often so when they do they go a bit mad, sorry about that”

“No problem” Luke replied but thanks for rescuing us.

“My pleasure; and I have to say you are both a good fuck.”

They laughed and kissed. Before long the three of them were sucking and fucking each other but this time it was not so frenetic. Gary was a good fuck as well and loved having their cocks inside him. At one point he had both of them together. His arsehole seemed to stretch to anything offered to it and he loved being stretched with two cocks inside him. Luke and Josh had done this before and they rather enjoyed the feel of their cocks rubbing together. “Fucking hell, you’re arse certainly does stretch wide” Josh told Gary.

“Used to be fisted that’s why; want a try.”

Luke had never had more than four fingers up and arse before so he said he would be interested in doing so. Gary told him how to do it so that his arse was not injured. He bent over the arm of the sofa and Luke slowly inserted his four fingers as Gary had told him and then gently pushed until his whole hand was slipping inside. When he could feel the hot flesh right inside Gary’s arse he stopped and felt around. It was weird but he rather liked the experience and so did Gary. Having careful extracted his hand, Gary asked Josh if he wanted a go. Not wanting to miss out he followed the same procedure. Having got his whole hand inside up to his wrist he stopped and felt the tissue at the tips of his fingers. “Fuck me that feels great”. As he slowly withdrew, Gary told him to curl his fingers so that he could feel the soft flesh as he pulled his hand out. When he got to the entrance Josh could feel the rim of the arse from the inside and he got a thrilling feeling inside his own arse. He then felt Gary’s G spot and Gary groaned with pleasure as he did so. “Fucking hell, you certainly know how to fist a guy” Gary exclaimed.

“Right now get the pair of those cocks inside and give me a good fucking until you both shoot your loads” Luke and Josh duly obliged and fucked and fucked until they had both shot another load of hot creamy cum into yet another arse.

Chris from reception came into the cinema and told everyone it was eleven o’clock so time to go. He switched on the lights and naked bodies scrambled out of the various positions they were in and walked into reception to claim their clothes. Gary said goodbye and followed suit. Sam, Luke and Josh were getting their clothes when Chris told them to hang on. When all the others had gone and he had locked the door he invited them back into the cinema.

“Are you guys into S&M?” Sam asked as he led them into the semi lit cinema.

“Not personally but I don’t mind giving it” Luke answered for the pair of them”

“Okay then” Sam replied, “Chris and I are into it so would you be willing to dominate us and do a bit of S&M on us”

“Sure” the guys replied.

Chris moved two of the sofas side by side whilst Sam brought out a box of sex toys which included electrical equipment as well. Luke a Josh looked into the box and were somewhat amazed at what they saw. There were whips, anal beads, long butt plugs which brought tears to your eyes just looking at them, plus a host of other things which they had no idea for what or how you used them.

“Fuck me you’ve certainly got a collection here” Josh remarked.

Sam grinned, “Yeah we certainly have and we’ll use all of them tonight so you’re going to be busy!”

Chris climbed onto the sofa and bent of the back like the lads had done earlier so that his butt was in the air and his head pointed down to the floor at the back of the sofa. He was still dressed in a T shirt and a pair of thin trousers. Sam then explained that he would show the lads how to restrain Chris and that they should then do the same to him on the other sofa.

“Once you’ve got Chris restrained he wants you to literally rip off his clothes so that’s he stark naked before you start using the toys on him.”

Sam explained that they would find tears in the T shirt and the trouser legs ready to rip. “But be rough because that’s what he likes.”

Sam then showed them how to restrain Chris. First of all they fitted cuffs to his wrists and then fastened these with rope to the legs of the sofa so that his arms were stretched out as far as they would go. Then he showed them how to fit a restraint bar to his legs so they too were wide apart. He made the bar longer and longer once he had fitted the cuffs to his ankles until it would physically go no further. Chris’s crotch was now stretched as open as it could get. They then tied his ankles to the legs of the sofa at the front. Chris was now spread eagled across the back of the sofa.

“Once you’ve ripped off his trousers you may need to adjust the restraint bar to stretch his legs further since the clothing often restricts them” Sam explained.

Having left Chris fixed to the sofa, Sam then went through the toys in the box and explained how to use them, especially the electrical equipment that plugged into some of the toys to provide electrical stimulus. There was one particular one which he showed them how to fit to Chris when he was naked. It was a leather strap that went round the cock and had rings on it from which weights were hung.

“I’ll take you through the routine as we go” Sam explained before bending himself over the other sofa. He of course was still naked so his bare butt was ready for action. Luke and Josh restrained him in the same way with the cuffs on the wrists and tied to the sofa legs, and then the restraint bar on his ankles and tied to the sofa’s front legs. He asked them to extend the bar more before they started. Luke pulled it out as far as he could but still Sam wanted more. “Really stretch it and pull my legs apart Sam instructed them. Luke was happy to oblige and did what he wanted until he heard Sam groan with pain or pleasure, he wasn’t sure which.

They then turned to Chris who was silently lying over the sofa; not that he could do much more since he couldn’t move a muscle. Whilst Josh ripped the T shirt off him, Luke ripped the trousers. They ripped right up to the waist so all he had to do was get that to rip. He had noticed that they had a zip fly so he placed his hands either side of the waist band and pulled with all his might and as roughly as he could. The top button gave way and the zip soon did likewise. He then ripped them off Chris and pulled the remaining bits through his crotch. This must have scuffed against his cock and his bollocks but all they heard from Chris was “Aaagh”. Meanwhile Josh had ripped off the T shirt so Chris was now stark naked.

They now had to fit the cock weights to each of them. Josh pulled Chris’s cock back through his crotch along with his balls. That in itself is not comfortable but when it starts to get erect it can be excruciating as well as very erotic. Josh and Luke had tried it themselves! He took hold of the leather strap and fitted it round the top end of the shaft and included his ball sack. Fortunately Chris had large balls inside a large ball sack so it was easy to grab the two and fix them. He then hung the weights on that Sam had given them to use. Meanwhile Luke was doing the same to Sam. He had to lift Sam’s buttocks slightly to get hold of his bollocks but having got them he yanked them through. Sam groaned with pleasure “Aaaah great”. The strap was fitted and the weights were hung so that they pulled on the cock and the balls.

Sam then instructed them to use a whip on each of their naked butts. They agreed that Josh would service Chris and Luke Sam. Luke took hold the whip which was made of several lengths of leather in which rivets were inserted. Sam had shown them how to use it so Luke brought it down with a whack on Sam’s rear. Josh was doing likewise to Chris and the pair of them were calling out obscenities. They had warned them that they would do this and not to take it personally or stop doing what they were doing. The only instruction to stop they should act on was when they said ‘stop, stop’ out loud.

Before the action had started, Chris had put on an S&M film and this was playing whilst they themselves were being abused. Luke noticed that in the film the guy there was being whipped so he watched for a moment to get some tips. After about a dozen strokes of the whip Sam told them to stop. Both their butts were red.

They were then told to use the squiggle probe on Chris and an anal beads probe on Sam. The squiggle probe was about ten inches long with a shaft like a corkscrew. The anal beads probe was fifteen inches long and had eight spheres of different shapes along the shaft at intervals and they got larger the more it went into the arse.

Josh took the squiggle and started inserting it into Chris’s arse. He was told to twist it like a corkscrew as he inserted it. Chris was groaning with delight as he felt the probe inside his arse. He could feel corkscrew blades rubbing against the flesh in his arse and it gave him a fantastic sensation. He wanted the full twelve inches and Josh let him have it. Meanwhile Luke had inserted the beads probe into Sam’s arse. It took quite some easing in but Sam did take the full fifteen inches so that only the handle was showing. He told Luke to move it around and screamed with delight as he did so. Chris too wanted his pulled in and out a few inches and his whole body shook as Josh did so.

Both their cocks meanwhile were getting hard and the heads were fully engorged. Josh and Luke were then told to connect electrical leads onto the cock and ball stretcher. There were tiny metal probes inside the leather strap that went round the cock and the balls that conducted the electrical current onto the flesh. They connected the leads to the control panel and switched on the current to the level instructed. They were both connected to the same unit so when Luke turned the switch up to the desired level the pair of them jumped but of course they couldn’t move much. Their buttocks moved up and down as much as they could but the more they moved the more pain they felt from the weights pulling down on their cock and balls and from the toys up their arse.

The electricity was switched off and the leads removed. The squiggle probe and the beads probe were then pulled straight out leaving the guys gasping for breath for a moment but the pleasure was just brilliant. Their cocks and their balls were now aching. Not only from the pulling of the weights but also the restriction caused by having their cocks bent beneath them.

The probes were now changed over and Sam had the experience of the corkscrew inside his arse and Chris the beads probe. After a few strokes of that, Sam told them to them to remove the toys and to insert the anal balls toy. This was twenty one inches long and each ball along the shaft was two inches in diameter. The balls were about two inches apart so there were about ten in all. Josh and Luke pulled out the other probes and immediately inserted the anal balls. Each went in quite easily but Luke couldn’t believe that both of them would take the full twenty one inches, but they did. Once inside all that could be seen was a disk that prevented them going right inside the arse.

Sam now wanted the lads to use a leather slut spanker on their arse with the anal balls inside. As they spanked the bare arse, the word slut was imprinted provided they used the same spot to spank, which was what they were instructed to do. Having spanked one butt cheek they then had to change over and do the other. To their surprise they managed to achieve the objective and get the word slut imprinted on the guys butts. Sam told them to take a picture just in case it wore off quickly.

The anal balls were removed with one action and again the guys felt their effect on the inside of their arse as they were yanked out. Josh wandered how an arse could stand such treatment and did not want to try it himself although he did rather fancy the cock electrical treatment.

Needless to say the two lads giving the treatment both had good hard cocks by now so Sam told them to fuck the arse in front of them. They had to do fifty strokes before changing over arses. Josh stood aside Chris and inserted his cock. It shot in and he could hardly feel any resistance inside after all the action that had taken place. Luke did the same to Sam and after the required fifty strokes they had to change over. Before they did so, Sam instructed them to reconnect the electrical probes and turn up the power to the next setting. The weights were also removed. Having switched on the power, Luke and Josh inserted their cocks into their assigned arse hole. To their amazement, as they fucked they could feel the electrical current. It must have been going through their cocks and conducting along the flesh inside the arse. It was a very nice experience.

They were then told to double fuck Chris. It wasn’t easy to position their bodies above his arse but they managed it somehow and got their two cocks inside. The electrical current was still flowing so they could both feel the sensation in their cocks. Having given Chris a good servicing they then did the same to Sam. As the two cocks were thrust in he screamed “Fuck, fuck, fuck”. His whole body seemed alive with electricity and erotic feeling. His cock was also being rubbed by balls of part of his fuckers body and it was sending him over the top. He was dying to get his cock released but he knew what the next torture would be.

Having double fucked both of them again Chris and Sam were released from their bondage for a while. But not for long since Sam now instructed them to lift Chris onto the floor and place him on his back. He then told them to do the same to him and place him beside Chris about three feet away. He then instructed them to pull Chris’s arms as far as they could above his head so that his upper torso was stretched and then, using the cuffs, tie him to fixings on the wall. The rope had to be really taught. They then used the restraint bar to open his legs wide apart before lifting them above his head so that his arse was in the air. The ankles were then connected to the cuffs on the wrists and another rope led from the ankle cuffs back to fixings on the other wall. By the time they had finished Chris was strung tightly between the two opposite walls so could not move. Luke then pushed down on Chris’s legs to open the crotch even more whilst Josh extended the restraint bar to take up any slack.

“Oh fuck” Chris called out enjoying the pleasure of the pain and the thought of the pleasure to come.

Sam was given the same treatment so that Luke and Josh had the two guys strung up like chickens. “What would happen if we left now and left you like this” Luke joked.

“When we were eventually released we would find you and cut your balls off” Sam said in response.

Sam now instructed them to fit a cock restraint to each of them. This consisted of two sturdy leather straps with two steel rings attached that fit around the shaft of the penis. The end of the cage has a four strap cage that fits tightly around the head of the penis. It had to be fitted when the penis was in a flaccid state but when the cock forms an erection that the recipient endures the wrath of the cage because of the restriction!

Luke and Josh now fucked them and soon the restrained cocks were straining to get bigger. Sam could only bear the agony for a while and asked for the cock restraint to be removed. Chris seemed to bear more pain and continued for another ten minutes before it was removed.

The next torture toy was a cock and ball ring. This had a spiked ball weight that was secured around the penis and ball sack like a cock ring. It had six sharp steel spikes that inflicted pain when screwed in. The depth of the spike could be adjusted with a couple of turns and could be set to barely touch the ball sack or to the max driving the spikes into the ball sack. To add to the pleasure, an electro penis leather sheath was fitted to their cocks. This was laced round the shaft and tied off to form a tight fit. There were seven steel electrodes built into the sheath and these were connected to the electrical unit.

Before anything else was fitted, Sam instructed them to switch on the power. Both cocks started twitching and became rock hard. Luke decided that he definitely wanted to try this out. Sam then instructed them to tighten the screws on the cock ring until they were told to stop. Both Sam and Chris could feel the steel spikes being driven into the ball sacks and their balls being squeezed. The feeling along with the electrical sensation was fantastic and was certainly worth the pain.

Luke and Josh were then told to attach electrical clamps to each guy’s nipples which were then connected to the power supply. Sam instructed them to turn the power up high which they did. The nipples immediately got hard and as they did so were squeezed even more by the clamps.

Thinking that was it, Luke was feeling his own cock to get it ready to fuck.

“Now the anal butt balls” Sam told them.

These were on a fourteen inch long flexible rod. Each ball was about two inches in diameter and was metal. The lads had to push these into the gaping arses and once all fourteen inches was inside they had to connect them to the power supply. Luke thought Sam was joking but realised that he was very serious. They did so and switched on. Each guy now had electrical attachments to their cock and balls, inside their arse as well as on their nipples. The pair seemed to be enjoying the orgasmic experience despite the pain. After about ten minutes they told Luke and Josh to pull out the butt balls and remove the other equipment. Their cocks were now rock hard and there was one final toy they wanted to endure.

Sam told them to take great care when performing what was to follow which involved using an electric urethral probe.

“Fucking hell” Josh exclaimed when he realised what he was being asked to do, “in no way am I having that done to me”. Luke on the other hand thought he might try it just to have the experience.

They had to lubricate a thin steel rod with special lubricant and then insert it down the cock’s piss hole. They were told to grasp the erect cock at the base and hold it upright. They then carefully inserted the rod down into the cock. Much to Luke’s surprise it went down very easily and did not appear to cause any discomfort to Sam or Chris. Having inserted it the length of their cocks they then connected the rod to the power unit and switched on. Luke could feel the electrical sensation through the wall of the cock and he could also feel the cock swell even more. Sam told him to push the rod down further and turn the power up. The rod slipped in another two inches before Sam said enough.

They each endured this treatment for about ten minutes before wanting the rod removed. Sam wanted his removed whilst still switched on. When Luke had removed it he wanted the rod pushed hard against his balls.

It was finally time for Chris and Sam to be released from their bondage. The film had also come to an end.

“Okay guys” Sam announced, “your turn now”.

Josh wasn’t sure if Sam was joking or not but Luke agreed to be restrained and have some of the toys used on him and be fucked whilst in bondage. Not wanting to miss out, Josh agreed also on the proviso that he decided which toys would be inflicted on him. Chris assured them both that they would only do what they wanted done.

They decided to go through a similar routine to the other two and started by bending over the sofa and be restrained by hands and feet and the restraint bar to open their legs as wide as they could go. When Luke was finally strung up he found it very exhilarating and very erotic. He could already feel his cock, which had been pulled between his legs, getting hard. Sam first of all gave Luke a few strokes of the leather whip. Luke didn’t think he would like it but in fact found it increased his sexual desire. Sam only did it mildly but even so it felt good and Luke told him so. Luke made a mental to get a leather whip like this one.

Sam then used the squiggle probe on him and again he really loved the feel of that going up into his arse. His whole inside shuddered with sexual excitement as it worked its way in and then out again. Another for the purchase list! The butt balls probe was next and Luke did not like the feel of that although he did manage to let the full length go in. Pulling it out was another story and he was not so keen so he would give that one a miss. Sam then fixed a cock strap round the end of his dick which was now growing by the minute despite it being trapped under him. It was a leather strap about one inch wide and unknown to Luke it had metal studs on the inside. Sam then connected it to the electrical power unit. Luke suddenly felt these waves of electricity going through his cock. The head of his cock almost doubled in size. It felt fantastic so this was another toy to be purchased.

Josh in the meantime was being serviced by Chris. He too loved being restrained and made a mental note to get Luke to do this to him again. He also liked the squiggle probe and quite liked the balls probe but preferred the squiggle. Chris was now using the leather whip on him which was okay provided he only did it lightly. He had heard Luke being given harder strokes and say how much he liked it so perhaps they would get a whip and try it on each other. The slut paddle he definitely did not like and told Chris to stop after the first two or three. The leather electro cock strap was fantastic and his cock shot up another two notches in sexual excitement.

They were now being fucked by Chris and Sam and the feel of their cocks inside their now very sensitive arse was fantastic.

“Aarrgh fucking hell that is fucking marvellous” Josh screamed out as he felt Chris’s cock go in. Luke was certainly not complaining and enjoyed every stroke. Chris and Sam then swapped over and fucked them both again. They then untied Luke but left the leg restraint on him and lifted him to the floor. Having done the same to Josh they then tied their legs and arms above their heads and stretched their legs further apart by adjusting the restraint. Luke felt his crotch was going to split but it was a very erotic feeling.

The electro clamps were then fitted to their nipples and the power turned on. Fortunately both Luke and Josh had protruding nipples so the clamps fitted nicely and gave the maximum effect, especially when the juice was switched on. Luke and Josh felt tingles of current flowing through their nipples but it did not do a lot for them. After a while they asked for them to be removed.

“What they need is the electric prod treatment” Chris said to Sam.

Sam grinned and pulled out a long probe that had two prongs like a fork at one end. He plugged them in to the power unit, switched it on full and then touched various parts of Luke’s naked body. His body jerked each time the electric shock went through his naked flesh. He then turned the power down slightly and moved the probe further down into the crotch area and touched the flesh in his groin. Again Luke shook as he felt the pain but in a bizarre way he enjoyed it. His cock was now rock hard. Sam then touched his balls.

“Fucking hell” Luke screamed, but again he quite liked it. Then finally, Sam touched the end of his cock. It shot up in the air as the electricity shot through it. Then Sam touched flesh further down the inside of his thigh and then on his arsehole. “Fuck me” Luke screamed again. “I’ll do that in a minute” Sam laughed as he again touched the end of Luke’s dick.

Josh meanwhile could only partly see what was happening and was not sure whether he wanted the same treatment but decided to try it. “Why did we not do this to you” Josh asked before Chris touched his nipples with the prod. “We thought we’d keep the best for you two” Chris replied with a cheeky grin.

Having finished that torture, Luke was now being fitted with the electro penis leather sheath. Sam switched it on and compared to the electric branding rod it felt really nice. He had a wonderful tingle through his cock and into his balls which heightened his sexual feelings. Sam then climbed across his outstretched legs and fucked him. The experience was out of this world Luke decided.

Whilst this was going on Josh was being given the electric shock treatment and screaming obscenities but he too was actually enjoying it.

The final toy to try was the ‘cock rod’ as Luke called it. “You sure” Sam said before he lubricated it. Luke assured him he wanted to try it but to stop as soon as he said so. Sam took hold of Luke’s hard cock and held it up high. With his other hand he then gently inserted the rod into Luke’s cock. Luke was surprised that he could hardly feel the rod going in and it was soon down the full length of his cock. Sam then switched on the power and Luke felt the low current flowing through his cock into his balls. It was a strange sensation but a nice one. His cock felt alive. Luke then told Sam to push the rod further in. He could now feel it right inside and it felt like mild burning. He told Sam to slowly take it out and as he did so he could feel the electricity being conducted by his pre-cum which was now beginning to ooze out of his cock hole.

“Yeah that was great” Luke said after Sam had finished, “Josh you should try it”. Josh was not sure about this but in the end said he would. Josh’s cock was much thicker as was his tube. The rod slipped in easily and like Luke he was surprised at the lack of real pain that he was expecting. Sam then turned on the power and Josh felt the full effect. “Oh my god” Josh exclaimed, “my cum is now electric; I can feel my balls frying”. Sam decided not to push the rod any further although Josh did not realise until told afterwards that he had in fact taken it the full length of his cock. When they had both been released and he measured the rod against his erection he screamed “Fucking hell, are you saying I’ve had that length of rod up my cock”. They all laughed. Whether Luke would add that to his list of toys he was not sure but he would definitely get an electric prodder.

They cleared up and went out to the lobby area where their clothes were. “Would you all do something else for me” Chris suddenly said before they had time to dress. They all looked at him expectantly. “I’ve always wanted to walk out of here stark naked and go home naked.”

Chris in fact was staying with Sam that night so they would be going to his cottage in the village. “Yeah sounds fun” Sam said, “I’m up for it; there’s only one house next door to me that could see us and since it’s now one in the morning I doubt the guy who lives there will be up. Sam explained that the guy who owned the other part of his semi lived alone and was in his mid to late thirties. He suspected he was gay but Sam had never tested him out and nor had the guy so he wasn’t that worried even if he did see the pair of them walking down the path naked. Luke and Sam said they weren’t bothered so off they went stark naked to Luke’s car outside. They drove into Sam’s road and stopped outside his house. They kissed goodbye and said they would certainly meet up again sometime. Sam and Chris got out of the car, closed the door as quietly as they could and walked up the path stark naked.

As it happened, the guy next door was also late home that night and had just stripped off for bed. As he never bothered to close his curtains his light was off so he peered out of the window in time to see the two lads walking hand in hand showing a full frontal. He felt his own organ form an erection as he gazed at the two naked young bucks and wished he could have rushed out and taken both of them. Instead he got into bed with that picture in his mind and wanked himself off. He had always suspected that Sam was gay and now he knew so he would make a move when an opportunity arose.

Completely unaware of being seen, Sam opened his front door and the pair went in leaving Luke and Josh to drive home. They parked the car in the drive, walked stark naked up to Antonio’s front door and let themselves in having left their clothes in the car. As they walked into the hall Antonio called out for them to join him and Robert in the living room. They walked in and found Robert sitting across Antonio’s lap kissing him. He turned round as Luke and Josh walked in naked. “Hi guys, obviously had a good time then” he said.

“Help yourselves to a drink lads” Antonio told them. They sat down in the sofa opposite and helped themselves to a brandy from a bottle on the table. It wasn’t until they had sat back with their drinks that Luke realised that Robert was in fact riding Antonio’s cock. The sight of a cock going into his arse was very erotic and soon his own was hard yet again.

Antonio grinned when he saw Luke’s erection and said “Josh, there’s a lovely cock ready and waiting to be sat on next to you.” Josh looked into Luke’s lap and grinned. He climbed across Luke and sat on his cock. Antonio reached across to his camera phone and took a close up picture of the sight in front of him. “I do love to see cock in arse” he exclaimed as he took the shot.

They talked about their respective evenings with more interest in what Luke and Josh had been up to. “I take it you were invited to an S&M session with Sam and Chris” Antonio said. They said they had and Robert wanted to know all about it. “Sam is really into S&M” Antonio told them “he just loves the whip and the electric prod especially. He often gets me to do it when he’s going round naked in the garden. Whilst he is bending down weeding or picking things up and give him a few lashes on his backside or an electric prod on his balls or his cock. He just loves it.”

Robert now wanted to have all the details so Luke and Josh went through all the toys they had used on Chris and Sam and had used on them.

“And the most scary” Josh exclaimed, “was the cock rod”. When Robert heard what that involved he nearly shot off Antonio’s cock.

“I’ve got one upstairs if you want to try one out” Antonio explained, “plus a whip and a few other electro probes and cock straps.”

Robert’s eyes lit up. Yes he definitely wanted to try some of these out.

During all this, Josh had been slowly riding Luke’s cock and suddenly Luke shot his load inside Josh. “Mmm, that felt nice” Josh exclaimed. Luke then wanked Josh off and cum spewed all over Luke’s chest whereupon Josh licked it all off.

The lads decided it was time to go to bed so kissed the other two goodnight. As Josh did so he transferred some of Luke’s cum into Antonio’s mouth. “You cheeky bastard” he exclaimed and gave Josh a hard slap on his bare backside.


The following morning it was time to leave Antonio and Robert and return to the farm. They had both had a fantastic time during their time in the Bournemouth area and were sad to go. Since they had not worn clothes since their arrival there was no packing to do. Having had breakfast in the nude as usual, Luke walked out to the car and collected their track suit bottoms and trainers. It was another hot day so they decided to leave off the T shirt.

They kissed and hugged Antonio and Robert and promised to return soon. Luke wished Robert every happiness in his new life with Antonio and gave his bollocks an affectionate squeeze. “Don’t wear it out” Josh told him as he did the same. They drove off leaving Antonio and Robert standing stark naked by the front door waving.

“I wish we had our own place like that” Josh remarked.

“Well, not long to wait now” Luke replied, “my trust fund will be available in six months and as soon as I have it we will buy our own place.”

“Really” Josh exclaimed hardly believing what he had heard. “Sure, it’s what my Uncle wanted me to do with the money and Mum and Dad are both happy about it”.

“Fucking hell, I never thought we’d have our own place so soon”

They discussed where they would like to live and Luke explained that there would be plenty of money to get a very nice flat somewhere more central and he had a location in mind. Josh could not believe how his life had changed since he had met Luke. He leant over and kissed Luke on the cheek. He would have done more but he was driving! Instead he put a hand into his crotch and felt Luke’s bollocks through his thin tracksuit.


“For what” Luke replied. “For everything” Josh responded.

Luke felt good. He knew Josh was very grateful for all he and his parents had done for him but what he liked most was that he never took things for granted.

They decided they would stop off at the pub where they had met the young barman who they were sure was gay. They had told him they would stop off on their way back even though they didn’t know what day it would be. They reached the pub at 12 noon and just as they were getting out of the car and about to put on their T shirts, the bar guy came running out the door.

“Hi guys, great to see you again, I was so hoping you would drop in on your way home”

Josh and Luke were somewhat taken aback at the exuberance of the welcome and they suddenly found themselves being hugged.

“Hi” Josh and Luke said in unison, “great to see you again”.

“Would you guys like to come back to my place for a drink; I can make you something to eat as well if you want.”

“Err yeah okay” Luke replied looking at Josh.

“You don’t want to go in there” the guy said pointing to the pub, “it’s a fucking boring place”.

“Yeah agree with you on that one” Josh responded.

Having agreed to his suggestion, the bar guy introduced himself as Jay and climbed into the back of the car. “Are you not on duty today then” Luke asked. “No, only came in this morning to clear up after last night otherwise the fucking manager just leaves it, the lazy fucker, so I’m off for the rest of the day.”

Jay told Luke where to go which was down a narrow country lane. Eventually they came to a few cottages that were about 100 yards apart. “They were all farmer workers cottages once” Jay explained. He told Luke which one to park outside which was the very end cottage. All that surrounded it was fields. “Come on in” Jay said as he led the way into the cottage, “it’s fucking small but it does for me”. Jay then went on to explain that his parents went to live in Spain leaving him the cottage and then his Dad was killed in a road accident and his mother married a Spaniard. “So I got the house, but it’s so bloody quiet round here, nothing to do and certainly nothing gay”.

It certainly was small but there was a large garden that backed onto the fields and no neighbours overlooking it. “Any how come on through” Jay said as he slipped off his trainers and T shirt. The lads left their trainers by the front door and following him through to the garden where there was a large garden mattress already spread out on the grass.

“I spend most of my time in this weather sunbathing in the nude” he explained as he stripped off his jeans followed by a very skimpy pair of briefs. “Like the briefs” Luke remarked before Jay had taken them off. Jay grinned and posed in them by doing a twirl. “Glad you like them” he replied, “feel free to strip off if you want”.

Luke and Josh did just that and since they had no briefs on they were soon stark naked having slipped off their trackies. “Mmm very nice” Jay remarked admiring the pair of naked bodies standing in front of him. “You’re not so bad yourself” Josh replied looking at Jay’s slim all over tanned body. “I’ll go and get some drinks so lay back and enjoy the sun”.

Josh and Luke lay down on the mattress and opened their legs so that the warmth of the sun could bathe their bollocks. It felt great. Jay arrived with cans of beer and some crisps and told them he would do some proper food shortly. He sat down opposite them with his legs folded across him leaving his cock hanging down in full view. It was some cock and was accompanied by a set of large balls that hung down low. Josh and Luke sat up in the same position and admired the view in front of them as they drank their beer.

“At least you can do what you want out here without nosey neighbours watching on” Josh remarked itching to get his hands on the cock hanging just two fee away.

“Yeah, but round here there’s no one to do anything with, that’s why I was so hoping you guys would visit the pub again”

“Why do you stay” Luke asked.

“The job really, at least it provides an income”

“But you don’t like it by the sound of it” Josh remarked.

“True, but don’t know where else to go”

“That’s easy” Luke replied, “London; plenty of gay bars in Soho who would love to employ you as a bar man and you could find yourself a bed sit to live in until you settle down and you could rent this place out”

“Yeah, might just do that” Jay replied as if he had never thought of such a radical idea.

“Just contact us when you do and we’ll give you a hand”

All the time they had been talking, Jay had been playing with his cock. It was now semi-hard. Josh, being the nearest leant forward and took hold of it. “Aaargh, that feels fucking good, it’s a long time since I’ve had someone’s hand on that cock.” Luke stood up and stood astride Josh’s head which was now bent down sucking what had now become a fully erect cock. It was long and big and even Josh found it difficult to get it into his mouth the whole way. Luke presented his cock to Jay’s mouth who started sucking with great gusto.

“Why don’t we go upstairs where it’s more comfortable” Jay said after a while.

He led them upstairs to a large bedroom at the back of the house. It was lined with pictures and photos of naked men, many of them almost full size. Luke and Josh went round the room looking and admiring them. “It’s the nearest thing I get to the real thing” Jay explained. On one of the bedside tables there was also an array of dildos, massagers and vibrators along with array of poppers. Luke and Josh lay Jay down on the bed and set to work on him. First they licked his body all over and sucked his cock, his balls and licked his arse. Jay was in heaven. The feel of another guy touching him and doing all this was just fantastic, and to have two of them was even more so. He just lay back and let them do whatever they wanted.

He next found his legs being lifted over his head and Josh sitting with his back to his face offering his arse to lick. Jay obliged whilst Josh sucked his cock again. Luke meanwhile had taken one of the dildos and was using it on him. He felt the dildo go into his arse and it felt good but he was dying for the real thing. He didn’t have to wait long because soon the dildo had been replaced by Luke’s raw cock.

“Aaaargh fucking hell that is brilliant” Jay exclaimed, “Just keep fucking me”. Luke had every intention of doing so and gave Jay the fuck of his life. No sooner had he finished and Josh had his turn. Jay noticed that his cock was bigger than Luke’s and he could feel the extra thickness pushing against the walls of his arse. It felt fantastic.

When they had finished and shot loads of cum over Jay’s chest and wanked him off as well, they all relaxed back on the bed. “Oh my god that was fantastic guys, I just wish you lived nearer and could come and do that every week.”

“If you move to London” Luke replied, “you can have it every day” he laughed.

Jay then said he would go and prepare a ploughman’s for them so they all trooped downstairs to the kitchen. Still stark naked they took the food into the garden and sat and ate it. After some more playing around with each other, Luke said they should make a move. They gathered their clothes and set off back to the farm which they reached within an hour. Josh’s mother and aunt wanted to know all about their trip but there was so much they could not say apart from saying they met a very nice guy who invited them to stay at his large house for a couple of days. “I take it he was gay” Josh’s aunt said with a grin. “Of course” Josh replied. “Oh good, then you had lots of fun” she replied grinning knowingly.


Meanwhile back at Antonio’s he had driven Robert to London to collect his things from his room. When they got there and Antonio saw the state of the house he exclaimed “Fucking hell what a dump”. “You’ve not seen the inside yet” Robert replied as he let Antonio into the house.

“Oh here you are” a woman said suddenly appearing from another room on the ground floor, “thought you had fucked off” she added.

Robert told her that he had been away for a few days and had told her beforehand. She shrugged her shoulders and walked off. “Charming” Antonio said as Robert led him upstairs to his room. When Antonio saw how small the room was and the state of the furnishings he was shocked and even more shocked when Robert told him how much he paid for it. Robert quickly packed his things which didn’t consist of much apart from a large holdall of clothes, his laptop and a box of books and other bits and pieces. Between them they carried it all downstairs and put it into the boot of the Rolls.

They then knocked on the landlady’s door and informed her that Robert was leaving. “You can’t just fucking do that” she exclaimed. “Why not” Antonio asked calmly. “He’s gotta give notice” she retorted. Antonio held out a week’s rent and told her this is the notice. She looked at the money without taking it and said “He’s gotta give a month’s notice”. Antonio had already ascertained from Robert that he had not signed any rental agreement so he knew he was on strong ground. “And where is the rental agreement that states that” he asked the woman. Suddenly she realised she was on a losing wicket. “Who the fuck are you” she asked accusingly. “I’m Robert’s friend and new employer” Antonio quietly told her, “and you should be ashamed of offering such appalling accommodation and charging such an exorbitant rent. You either accept this or I’ll complain to the authorities about the state of the accommodation you are providing young vulnerable people.

They had now reached the front door and the woman looked out and saw the Rolls. “Is that your fucking Roller” she asked, “you can afford a month’s rent without any problem”.

“Madam” Antonio retorted in a very officious manner, “I can afford my Rolls Royce because I know value for money which your rooms are certainly not. Take the money or do without.”

The woman snatched the money and slammed the door behind them. Antonio and Josh laughed and got into the car. He leant over and kissed Josh before driving off.


Back at the farm, Luke and Josh wandered around not sure what to do. Their time away had been so packed with excitement that life at the farm seemed boring. They decided to see if they could find Tom. They walked the path to the old barn and then on beyond until they came to Tom’s house. It was situated down a narrow lane and two houses stood opposite each other on either side of the road. Apart from that there was nothing. “Wouldn’t like to live out here would you” Josh remarked as they knocked on the door. After a minute or so, the door opened and Tom was standing there in bare feet, a pair of thin shorts and naked to the waist.

“Hi guys, come on in” he greeted with great gusto, “How was Bournemouth he continued as he led them into the living room”. The two lads slipped off their trainers and their T shirts and they all gave each other a big hug and kisses.

“Oh it’s so great to see you again” Tom said excitedly, “I’ve really missed you and hoped you would want to meet up again before you went back to London”.

“We’re great” Luke responded “and we had a great time in Bournemouth; there’s so much to tell”. “Oh great” Tom replied as he gave them each a can of beer despite it only being mid morning, “tell me all about it”.

Luke and Josh relayed the events of the days they were there including the hotel, the sauna and how they met Robert and then Simon and then Antonio and Sam. “Fucking hell, you managed to fit a lot in” Tom exclaimed. “Yeah but there’s more” Josh said and proceeded to tell Tom about the cinema club and the S&M with Sam and Chris.

“Oh my god” Tom exclaimed yet again when he heard about some of the toys they used.

“Talking about toys, what’s all this” Luke asked picking up a plastic bag on the table with a dildo in it”

“Ah, yes” Tom said, “my folks are away for a few days at the moment. They had to go and see my aunt who’s ill and I told them I didn’t want to go and be bored for days and would stay here on my own. So it’s great, I have the whole house to myself for five days.”

“And this” Luke reminded him waving the dildo in the air.

“Well, I decided to order a few bits off the net with some money I got for my birthday from my aunt; she’s always very generous, so I decided to buy some sex toys.”

“Mmm kinky” Josh teased him. “Well I need something to keep my sanity in this godforsaken place, there’s no sex round here that I can find”.

“Okay then let’s see what you’ve bought”

Tom then showed them various dildos of different shapes and sizes, a vibrator and a massager and some poppers. “The best item is this” Tom said excitedly. He then pulled out of a plain zipped up bag a folded male doll. The guys looked at it in amazement and great interest. It was a super model and the skin was very real like. It had an erect cock which you could fuck yourself on, an arse that you could fuck and a mouth that you could mouth fuck in. “All this only arrived this morning so I’ve not tried any of it yet” Tom explained.

“Okay then, let’s give it a try” Luke said excitedly.

“Before we do, they provide a DVD with instructions on how to use it so let’s have a look at that first”

They all agreed and having got some more beers and stripped off completely, they settled down to watch it. The DVD sleeve indicated that an actual demonstration was shown on the film and it showed the back of a naked guy holding the doll. As it started a guy started talking and it went as follows.

‘Thank you for purchasing the deluxe version of our male sex doll. This DVD contains male nudity and explicit sexual content. If you are under 18 or do not approve of such material then exit now, otherwise select enter and learn how you can have fun with our doll.’

Tom selected enter and it went on ‘The doll is designed for males to use but it could be used by females if they so wished. The erection can be inserted into the vagina or the rectum as desired. These instructions will only show and talk about use by a male.’

The guy then went on about how to inflate the doll using the electric pump supplied and where to connect the hose. He explained

‘You will find the hose connection under the doll’s left arm. It has been placed here so that it does not interfere with your enjoyment. Before we go any further, I like to give my doll a name. I call mine Joe but you of course can call your man whatever name you wish.

There are two settings on the pump. The first setting allows Joe’s legs to bend at the waist so that you can fuck him on his back with his legs in the air. However, the best setting is the second since this inflates Joe fully and provides a more sturdy body to have fun with. With this setting you fuck Joe from behind, either standing up or laid flat on the floor on his stomach.

Having inflated Joe fully, you now need to insert the dildo provided into his penis sleeve in order to provide him with an erect cock. Having done this we are now ready to have sex with Joe. First of all, I’m going to let Joe mouth fuck me. Joe’s mouth will take up to eight inches of cock and inside his mouth there are ridges that get tighter the more you push in so as to give maximum pleasure. Always lubricate your cock with a water based lube first before you push your cock into his mouth like this.’

The picture then showed the guy’s stiff cock entering the doll’s mouth.

‘Once inside you can fuck his mouth as much as you like. As you can see, I can get my cock all the way in and I can feel the head being massaged inside as I move it in and out like this. You can fuck Joe bare back or with a condom whichever you prefer. Joe doesn’t mind. The only thing is if you cum inside him you must clean him out!

Now let’s move down to his nipples. As you will see they are large, large enough to suck and lick if you want but Joe does not like them being bitten with teeth.

Let’s move on to the really interesting parts. First his balls. As you can see they are large and you can lick them, suck them, squeeze them as much as you like. Now his cock. It’s eight inches of pure joy. The best way to use his cock is to sit on it and ride it hard like this. Just hold the base as you do to stop Joe jumping up and down with excitement. If you’re not ready to have his long hard shaft up your arse just yet, try sucking him. Joe loves it and so will you.

Finally his arse. If you put your fingers inside like this you can feel the ribs inside which will excite your cock. Joe can take eight inches so plenty of room to give you pleasure and the more you insert the tighter the ribs get to really get you going. As with his mouth, always lubricate your cock with a water based lube before you fuck Joe. Insert your cock and get fucking. Aaagh that feels fucking good!

If you like threesomes, you can use Joe to fuck your mate whilst you fuck Joe like this. As you can see Joe’s cock is up my mate’s arse and I can now fuck Joe on top. The thrust of your cock into Joe will thrust Joe’s into your mate so everyone is happy.

Well, that’s how Joe can give you hours of pleasure and if you treat him right he will do just that. When you have finished with Joe you must give him a good wash before you deflate him and pack him away. Well don’t we all after a good session of hard sex! I find the best way to clean Joe is to take him into the shower with me. If you want to you can even have some more fun there whilst you’re washing him down. Just use a mild hand soap on your cock and give him a good fuck. Always make sure to wash out his mouth and his arse to get rid of any cum or lube. If you don’t have a shower then put him in the bath and use a shower attachment if you have one otherwise just give him a good old fashioned bathe.

When he is clean, dry him off with a clean soft towel. Then use the electric pump on the deflate mode to deflate Joe. Once deflated he will pack away and fit nicely into the zipped back provided.

Happy fucking, sucking and whatever else you want to do with Joe and thanks for watching.’

The video ended and the three lads giggled although they were all intensely watching and listening all the way through. They also ended up each with a hard-on.

“Right, come on then let’s try Joe out” Luke said as he stood up and picked up the zipped bag.

They inflated the doll using the electric pump which only took a few minutes. Then they fitted the dildo into his cock sheath, laid him out on his back and they were ready to roll. Tom decided to try out the mouth so sat astride his chest and inserted his cock into Joe’s mouth. “Fucking hell” he exclaimed, “this is really lifelike. I can feel the ribs rubbing my cock. He pushed his cock right up to his balls and mouth fucked Joe with great delight.

Luke meanwhile was sitting on Joe’s cock. He had it up his arse and it felt very much like a dildo but the sensation of it being joined to a body did give it that extra bit of excitement. Josh then took over from Tom and stuck his cock into the mouth. Tom then sat on the cock and gave it a good ride. “Caw, this feels fucking good” he cried as he pumped up and down.

They then decided to fuck Joe. First of all they all had a go at fucking him from behind. Then Luke suggested they have a threesome with Joe. They laid Tom on the floor face down and Josh inserted Joe’s cock into his arse. Josh then climbed on top and fucked Joe. As he thrust his own cock into Joe, Tom could feel the doll’s cock in his arse and it felt very lifelike. “Aaargh, fucking hell he was yelling as the cock drove further and further into him. Meanwhile, Luke had sat down with his legs astride Tom’s head and got him to suck his cock. “Stuffed from both ends Tom” Luke laughed. Josh shot a load of cum up Joe’s arse and he could feel it sloshing about as he moved his cock in and out. It felt very erotic. Luke was soon shooting his load into Tom’s mouth who took the lot and swallowed it. “Mmm nice” he exclaimed.

Tom decided it was time for some lunch so they all went into the kitchen and prepared some sandwiches. They took them outside and sat naked on the grass to eat them and washed them down with more beers. Fortunately Tom had bought two eight packs the day before so there was plenty to drink. They lazed in the warm sunshine for a while and talked more about their exploits during the past few days. Suddenly Luke stood up and said he was dying for a pee. “So am I” Josh added and stood up as well.

“Guys just before you go and relieve yourselves, would you do something for me” Tom said. Luke and Josh looked at Tom enquiringly. “I’ve always wanted to be pissed on” he explained, “I’ve watched piss movies and I wanted to try the experience”.

“Yeah sure” Luke replied casually. Tom lay back on the grass and Luke stood astride him facing Tom’s head. He then let rip his torrent of piss onto Tom’s naked body, over his chest, down his stomach and finally onto his face. Tom closed his eyes and opened his mouth. Luke directed his piss into the open hole and Tom’s mouth filled. When it was over spilling he swallowed. “Mmm” Tom thought to himself, “very nice”.

When Luke’s bladder was empty, Josh took over. He was aching to go and watching Luke made it even worse. His piss blasted from his cock and he directed it all over Tom’s cock and balls. Luke then lifted Tom’s legs and Josh pissed over his arse. Luke then opened up his arsehole by stretching it with two fingers and Josh directed his piss into it. A small pool collected in it and Luke wiggled his fingers to make it go inside. Tom could feel the hot liquid run into his arse. Luke then turned Tom over and Josh let Tom have the rest of his piss over his back. Tom was now soaking wet with piss. He had found it very erotic and he now had a hard-on. Luke lay on top of Tom and rubbed his naked body on Tom’s wet back. Soon his cock was hard again so he slipped it into Tom’s arse. “Aaaargh fucking hell that feels fucking fantastic” Tom yelled. Luke fucked and fucked until he was shooting another load of hot creamy cum up Tom’s arse. Not wanting to be left out, Josh had positioned himself with his legs astride Tom’s head so he could suck Josh’s now rampant cock. He held Tom’s head down as he took the whole cock into his mouth. Tom could feel it at the back of his throat but he was powerless to do anything but suck it. Just as he felt Luke shooting hot cum up his arse, Josh shot his load into his mouth. When they were all finished they sank back on the grass and relaxed. “Oh my god that was just bloody fantastic” Tom exclaimed, “pissed all over and then fucked from either end. Thanks guys.”

After a while they went back into the house and decided they should give Joe a wash and pack him away. They took him upstairs and Tom took him into the shower with him whilst the other two watched on. He washed him all over and then soaped his cock and fucked Joe. “Shit, this feels good” he exclaimed to the others, “fucking good”. He suddenly shot his load inside Joe and like Luke felt his cum sloshing about as he rode in and out. “Oh fuck, I’ve shot a load into him”. Luke opened the shower door and took the doll from Tom. He inserted his own cock and used Tom’s cum to lubricate his fuck. He was soon shooting another load of cum to add to Tom’s. When he had finished he passed Joe to Josh for him to do the same. Josh obliged and added a third load of cum inside Joe’s arse. It was now sloshing about freely and partly oozing out. Tom took hold of Joe and put his fingers inside. He could feel the pool of cum inside, dipped his fingers into it and licked them. He kept doing that until it was nearly gone. He then washed Joe’s arse out with the shower hose. “There you are Joe, all nice a clean again” he laughed. They took the doll downstairs, deflated him and packed him away.

“I think one of those would be good fun, don’t you Luke” Josh remarked. “Yeah, why not, we’ll add it to our list of toys and took a note of where Tom had got his.” “It was expensive” Tom stated “but the cheaper ones are not worth having so I splashed out on the deluxe version”.

Wanting to have Luke and Josh’s company for as long as he could, he suggested they stay for a meal with him that evening. “I’m sure we can amuse ourselves” Tom said laughing. The other two agreed and Josh phoned his aunt to say they would not be back until late. When he said they were spending the evening with Tom she remarked “Have fun, I’m sure you know how to”. Josh laughed.

They spent the rest of the afternoon watching porn. Tom had included three DVD’s with his recent purchases. The first was two black guys. It was great watching black naked cock fuck black arse and seeing their black balls shaking between their legs. It was very erotic and soon three white erections were evident again. One guy’s cock must have been nearly nine inches and the other sat on it taking the full length into his black arse. These two guys really knew how to fuck and Luke could almost feel the naked cock up his own arse. When they came, thick white creamy cum flowed out of their cocks. The whiteness against the black cock was very stark and made it even more erotic.

The next was about three college guys who fucked each other on a pool table. They were all gorgeous and there were some great shots of cock fucking arse. The third was another bareback and there was lots of arse shots. A lot of time was spent watching one guy rimming, licking and opening up the other guy’s arsehole with his two thumbs. He really opened it up wide and the camera zoomed in to see right inside the arse. You could see the guy’s pink flesh inside very clearly and at one point his cherry popped into view. He ended up with four fingers inside the arse before he stuffed his own big dick inside.

Tom then said he had downloaded a lot more porn onto his computer so they all went up to his room and gathered round the screen. Josh noticed one named ‘bi’. “What’s that” he asked Tom. “Just for a laugh I downloaded a bi movie to see what it was like. Want to watch it?” The others said yes so he set it running. The screen filled to show two guys and a woman kissing each other and gradually stripping each other off until they were all naked. Whilst the woman sucked off one guy’s cock, the other fingered her pussy. The camera zoomed in to show his fingers opening her pussy wide before licking it out. It then moved on to one fucking her from behind whilst the other guy fucked him. It ended in the two guys shooting cum over her tits.

Tom also had some amateur movies which although not that brilliant in the filming department were on the other hand very raunchy and hot. There were lots of guys fucking arse with big dicks and in one case a guy was blindfolded, handcuffed to the bed and fucked by two other guys from behind with bare cock. They finally spilled their loads over his arse and pushed it inside with their cocks. It was all very erotic and all the lads’ cocks were swinging high with pre-cum oozing out. Luke took hold of Josh’s cock which was next to him and used the pre-cum to lubricate his cock. He then gently rubbed its head but not sufficient to make him cum. Josh was on a permanent high whilst he watched the action on screen. The guy blindfolded now had a cock stuffed into his mouth at the other end of the bed and told to suck it. He did and soon a load of white creamy cum was shooting into his mouth. Meanwhile the other end his arse was being opened up by two other guys using two thumbs and two fingers. It was now wide open and the guy who had just cum into the guy’s mouth climbed on top and inserted his cock into the hole. The recipient now had a cock, two fingers and two thumbs in his arse. Eventually the fingers and thumbs were replaced by a cock so he had two cocks thrusting in and out. Every now and then the third guy would put a bottle of poppers against his nose and get him to sniff it. The soundtrack consisted of this guy’s loud groans of ecstasy. Eventually his bonds were released and he was told to suck each of the other guys’ cocks still with his blindfold on. It was a very erotic film and Luke asked Tom to email it to him.

They had their meal, stark naked of course, and drank more beer. When they had cleared up, they sat down and Tom brought out a bottle of whiskey. They drank several glasses and by the time Luke and Josh felt it was time to go they were well lubricated but still with it enough to walk home. They kissed and hugged Tom on the doorstep and left him standing there stark naked. When the other two had got down the road and onto the path that led them to the old barn and the farm, Luke suggested they have some fun and strip off their T shirt and shorts and walk stark naked. Josh who was always up for a bit of fun and excitement agreed so they carried on walking with their clothes over their shoulder.

It was now gone midnight, almost pitch black and not a sole in sight. But suddenly they saw someone walking towards them. There was not time to put their shorts on so they just held their clothes in front of them to hide their nakedness. As they got nearer they could see it was a young guy who was stripped to the waist. The night air was still warm so it was nice to feel it on the bare skin. They finally reached each other and the young guy who was probably seventeen or eighteen stopped beside them. “Hi, nice warm night isn’t it” he said. Luke and Josh nodded without saying much. They were still conscious that they were standing naked in front of this guy even though they were hiding their manhood. “You guys queer then” he asked. Luke considered the question for a moment and decided it was not asked in a threatening way so he answered “Yeah we’re gay”. The guy’s eyes lit up although Luke and Josh could not see that in the dark. “Do you two fuck each other then?” Luke responded “Yes, do you want to watch us then”. Without hesitation they guy said “Yeah” without realising how quickly he had replied. “Okay” Luke said, “let’s go up to the old barn where it’s a bit more off the track”. As Luke said this he used his hand that was holding his clothes to indicate the direction. The guy immediately looked down at Luke’s nakedness and grinned. He liked what he saw!

He knew the old barn well since he had just come from there and walked around naked. He loved the feel of the night air on his naked body so he stripped off his tracksuit bottoms and walked along side the other two stark naked. When they got to the barn, Luke bent Josh over an old farming machine that was parked at the side. His cock was already stiff so he immediately fucked Josh in front of the guy who watched on intently. As Luke fucked he asked the guy if he’d ever been fucked. He paused for a moment before saying “Yeah, my Dad does every so often.”

“Your Dad” Luke responded not sure if he had heard correctly.

“Yeah, has done since I was fourteen”

“Bloody hell, does he force himself on you” Luke asked.

“Oh no, he’s very gentle and would never force me to do it”

“So you like being fucked by him”

“Yeah, it’s okay”

“Have you fucked him?”

“Yeah do sometimes. More so since I reached eighteen.”

“What about anyone else”

“No never. My Dad offered me the chance to fuck one of the farm lads but I didn’t in the end”

“Farm lads” Luke enquired.

“Yeah, my Dad brings them back every so often and fucks them”

Luke was very intrigued with all this. “Do you watch him fuck them?”

“Sometimes but not close to, I try and watch through a crack in the door”

“Does your mum know all about this and that your dad fucks you?”

“She left us when I was six so my dad has raised me” the guy replied, “and he’s very kind and gentle” he added as if he needed to defend his dad.

Luke had now stopped fucking Josh who was still bent over listening to the conversation.

“Do you want to fuck Josh” Luke asked the guy.

“Yeah” he replied without hesitation. Having watched Luke fucking, his own cock was rock hard and rearing to go. Luke led him to Josh’s backside and held the guy’s cock up to the gaping arsehole. Luke lubed his cock for him and the feel of a man’s hand on his tool gave him a thrill. He pushed it in and for a moment was in heaven and he thrust back and forth. “Great, fucking great” he said to himself out loud.

“Thanks” he said having shot his load inside Josh.

“Do you know a Tom” Luke asked the guy. “Yeah think so. We used to go to the same school but we’re now at different colleges.”

“Would you like to meet up with him again” Luke asked, “I’m sure he’d like to meet you”.

“Yeah okay”

“Do you want to meet up with us again?”

The guy quickly responded “Yeah”.

They agreed that they would meet at the old barn the following morning, well later that day really since it was now gone midnight. Luke kissed the guy and he walked off naked in the direction they had come. Before he left he introduced himself as Ben.

Luke immediately phoned Tom since he guessed he would still be up either looking at porn or having fun with Joe to tell him what had happened. “Fucking hell” Tom exclaimed when he heard the guy had watched them fuck and then fucked Josh. “I always had the feeling at school that he might be gay. We used to hang out together a lot and like me he was never interested in the girls like the other kids. Tom said he would meet them at the barn at the time agreed.

Luke and Josh made their way home and managed to get almost to the farm without wearing their shorts. They decided it would be best if they at least wore those to walk up to the farm and enter despite the fact that the place was in darkness and there was probably nobody looking out. Because they had their own entrance they were unlikely to disturb the others. Once inside they stripped off their clothes and walked upstairs naked.


When Ben got home his Dad was still up and sitting naked watching TV. He spent most of his time at home naked and encouraged his son to do the same. “Hi, you’re late, you okay”.

“Yeah” Ben replied. “You’re looking pleased with yourself” his Dad responded.

“Yeah, met two guys, you would like them”

His Dad turned his attention from the TV and looked at his son. “Oh, why’s that, they good fucking material” he asked looking very interested.

“Yeah and I’m meeting them again tomorrow morning”

His Dad said he couldn’t do the morning but to invite the lads over that evening. The thought of two new young lads to fuck caused him to become aroused. He walked over to his son, slipped off his trousers and gently held his cock. He then placed a hand on his naked buttocks and moved it into his crack. He fingered the lad’s arse and felt the lube that Luke had used when he fingered him whilst he was fucking Josh. His dad smiled to himself. “Mmm you do have such a lovely arse son, can I fuck you”

Ben never said yes but he never objected. His dad gently bent him over the back of the armchair and inserted his long hard cock. Ben felt the length move up inside his arse. He did like it really but would have preferred it was not his dad. He never dared tell anyone that his dad did this and he was surprised that he’d told Luke and Josh. He got them to promise they wouldn’t tell Tom which Luke promised he would not. He trusted Luke like he did his dad. His name was Jake.

Whilst fucking his son, Jake reflected back on his life. Why he did it then he had no idea but suddenly he was thinking of when his son was born. He had fucked a local girl in a meadow when he was fifteen. She goaded him on even though he didn’t really like girls but he wanted to show her he could do it because she kept teasing him that he couldn’t get it up. Having seen his erection she taunted him to use it on her. Little did the pair realise that just one fuck would produce a child nine months later. He never married her but he did agree to look after her and the child so by the age of sixteen he was encumbered. When his son was six, she caught Jake fucking one of the farm hands in the barn. She immediately left him and eventually married another guy miles away. She never wanted to see her son. She had never wanted him and as he grew up she could see his dad in him more and more. She had seen Jake play with the child’s genitals from a young age and noticed bulges in his pants when he did, so she half expected him to be gay.

Despite being a single parent he had managed to bring Ben up, clothe him and educate him but above all he wanted him to be aware of the ways of the world. He never stopped him even as a young child watching sex on television or watching films that had a sexual content. He even let him watch porn, both straight and gay. He also wanted his son to enjoy his naked body and not be ashamed of being naked. He himself walked about naked to let his son see the naked male form and all it had to offer and he encouraged his son to do likewise. He was never ashamed of letting his son see his erections or seeing him wank himself. When his son was fourteen he noticed one day as he was walking round the house naked that his genitals were now well formed. He had already got a full matte of pubic hair, a good pair of balls that hung down proudly and a good sized cock. When he got an opportunity he felt the cock and his son didn’t object. He just lay back on the bed and let his dad play with him. Soon it was forming an erection and Ben enjoyed it. Jake gently turned his son over onto his stomach and played with his arsehole. He licked it and fingered it and again his son never attempted to stop him. He lubed his own hard cock and gently inserted it into his son’s arse. It slipped in and Ben received his first fuck. The first bit was painful but once his dad’s cock was inside he found he enjoyed it. This routine continued from thereon. Up to the age of sixteen, Ben would go into his son’s bedroom when he was ready for bed and fuck him. By now Ben was a strapping lad and his own cock would stand proud when Jake touched it. He wanted it inside him but felt he should wait until the lad was eighteen. For a few months Jake did not fuck him but when he reached seventeen he could not resist himself. Ben seemed happy to oblige.

Meanwhile he had found young farmhands who were willing to be fucked, especially the summer temps who came from Poland or Romania. There were plenty of willing arses if extra hours were offered. Everyone was happy. He got his fucks and they got the extra money they wanted. He knew that Ben often watched him so would leave the door ajar so that he could see in without being seen by the farmhands. When he was eighteen he suggested to Ben that he might like to fuck one but he declined. Ben never let his Dad down and fucked him with his beautiful strong hard cock. Ben just loved it. The feel of his son’s cock inside him brought him to levels of ecstasy he had never before reached.

Whilst he was thinking all this he was still fucking Ben but had not come. Mind you he had just finished fucking a young farm guy just before Ben arrived home and had filled him with plenty of seed so it was probably in short supply!

“Would you fuck me” Jake asked his son.

“Yeah okay” Ben replied still thinking about Luke and Josh.

His dad suggested they go upstairs so they switched off the lights and went into his bedroom where he had a large double bed. Ben had seen many a guy being fucked on this bed he thought as he climbed on. His dad lay down on his side and asked Ben to lay down behind him and fuck him from behind. Ben duly obliged and decided he rather liked this position. It was relaxing and he could feel his dad’s naked buttocks close up against his nakedness. He slipped his already erect cock into his dad’s arse and slowly fucked him. His dad clearly enjoyed the experience and was groaning with pleasure. “Mmm that feels great Ben, thanks, just keep going as long as you can”. Ben did keep going for quite sometime before quickening the pace and shooting a load of his cum inside his dad’s arse. “Beautiful my son” his dad said and felt round to caress Ben’s naked buttocks. They both relaxed and before long were in a deep sleep within each other’s arms. Jake woke up in the morning to find his son still up close behind him with an arm round his waist playing with his cock. “Morning” he said. “Morning” Ben replied and continued feeling the cock which was still hard from its early morning arousal.

They got up and showered and then ate breakfast together as usual. They also, as usual, sat naked at the table and only dressed when it was ready to go out. As they ate Jake said to his son “I really enjoyed last night, thanks”. “Yeah so did I” Ben said, which was the first time he had ever acknowledged that he did enjoy the sex together. “I’ve been thinking Ben” his dad continued, “I think it’s time you had a double bed in your room. Your single bed is old and needs replacing and you need a bigger bed so that you can bring someone home and have fun in your room if you want to. You know I don’t mind what you get up to in this house. You can have sex wherever you want but at least you can offer comfort if you want.”

Ben grinned. “Thanks dad, yeah it is time I think”.

“Right that’s settled then; we’ll go into town on Saturday and choose one for you.”

Jake left for work on the farm and whilst Ben cleared away the breakfast dishes, he contemplated on what had occurred during the past twelve hours. Suddenly there was a knock on the back door which brought him out of his thoughts. He had no clothes to put on quickly so he went to the door and opened it stark naked. “If whoever it is doesn’t like male nudity then sod them” he thought to himself grinning along the way. When he opened the door there was a young lad standing there. “Oh sorry” he sputtered, “I was looking for Mr Jake”.

“Come on in” Ben said inviting the lad in with arms extended. The lad paused and wondered whether he should but did in any event. It was his first day so he didn’t want to upset anyone.

The lad stepped into the kitchen and stood there unable to stop looking at Ben’s nakedness.

“Excuse the state of dress” Ben said casually, “Not had time to do so yet. So who are you then?” Ben asked. The lad explained that he was a new farmhand and was reporting for duty. “I was told to report here” he added.

“Well you’ve just missed him but I’ll take you to him if you like. Come with me whilst I put some trousers on and I’ll show you where you can find him.”

The lad followed Ben into the living room where he had left his tracksuit bottoms the previous night and watched him put them on. Ben then slipped into his trainers and took the lad outside. He soon found his Dad and handed over the new recruit. Ben grinned at his dad as he did so as if to say ‘new fucking fodder’. Jake grinned back knowingly and put his hand on the lad’s shoulder. “Come with me young man and I’ll show you around and what you are going to do.”

Ben went back to the house smiling. ’This time I’ll fuck the farmhands as well’ he told himself.

He changed into his thin shorts that always showed him off to the full and set off naked to the waist to meet the guys at the old barn. Luke and Josh had got there early. They wanted to make sure that they were not walking into a trap. After all they didn’t know this guy Ben and the thing with his dad was a bit odd so they wanted to make sure that an irate father was not going to be meeting them instead. They hid at the side of the barn away from the path and found a spot where they could view it without being seen. They could at least slip away into the woods if they needed to.

At dead on 11 a.m. Ben appeared. There was no sign of anyone with him. The lads waited a few minutes to make sure he was on his own and then walked round the back of the barn as if they had just arrived.

“Oh hi” Ben greeted them with enthusiasm.

“Hi Ben how are you” Josh greeted back. Ben was obviously looking for Tom. Luke explained that he would be along shortly. They had told Tom to arrive fifteen minutes later just in case there was a problem and it would give them time to alert him and abort the meeting.

Luke went up to Ben and kissed him whilst at the same time giving him a grope. Ben responded by groping Luke and was pleased to feel an already hard cock inside Luke’s shorts. Josh had come closer too and had slipped a hand inside the back of Ben’s shorts to feel his naked butt. He was just doing this when he saw Tom walking along. He too was only wearing a pair of shorts which were very skimpy and cut into his groin. They introduced Ben to Tom and the lads seemed pleased to see each other. They chatted for a few minutes about what they were now both doing at college and were soon very relaxed with each other. Luke suggested they go into the barn since it was daylight. They found a spot on one of the old hay bales and Josh laid out the rug he had brought with them.

They all stripped off and started feeling each other. Luke and Josh left Tom to couple with Ben since this was the purpose of the exercise and soon they were all over each other on the rug. Ben was already sucking Tom’s hard cock and feeling his arsehole. They then got into a 99 position so that they could service each other. Both cocks being sucked and fingers up the arse. Tom then moved Ben onto his back, lifted his legs above his head and inserted his cock. Ben had never been fucked like this before and made a mental note to get his dad to do this. Within a few minutes, Ben was doing the same to Tom and again he found the position very erotic. He could feel Tom’s cock as he fucked and even kiss him when he bent forward. Luke and Josh watched the pair for quite a while before interrupting. Luke got Tom to go on all fours so that Ben could fuck him from behind. Once he was fucking Tom, Luke slipped his own cock into Ben’s arse and fucked him. It felt good. He could feel Ben’s big floppy balls slapping against his and the feel of his cock up this lad’s tight arse was just perfect. Not wanting to wait for action any longer, Josh tapped Luke on the shoulder and indicated he would take over fucking Ben. Luke slipped out and Josh slipped in without Ben hardly realising that he now had a different cock inside him. They played about like this for an hour or so, changing positions, and changing who they fucked or sucked. They all agreed when they had all shot their seed into whoever they were fucking at the time, that it had been a very enjoyable morning.

Tom and Ben arranged to meet again the next day but this time Ben would go to Tom’s house since he still had free run of it. Tom then said he had to go because he needed to go into town to get some food so he kissed Ben goodbye and kissed and hugged Luke and Josh since they were off home the next day. They had already agreed that Tom would visit London one weekend in the next few months so they could show him around Soho. Ben hovered for a moment because he wanted to speak to the two lads before they went off.

“Would you two like to come round to my house this evening?” Ben asked. “Yeah okay” Luke replied looking at Josh for agreement. “My dad will be there as well” he then added. Luke laughed, “Yeah okay, does he want to fuck us then” he added with a grin. Ben blushed slightly. “It’s up to you.”

The two lads said they would come at the time agreed and then went off in their different directions.

That evening after they had eaten their meal with the rest of the family they said they were going out. “My word you do lead active lives” Josh’s aunt said. “Yeah, we’re meeting up with Ben at Slade Farm” Josh told her. “Ah, now he’s a lovely lad and his dad is very nice as well. Good looking man and he has had to bring that lad up by himself after the lad’s mother left them when he was a nipper. Mind you, not surprising since Jake was only sixteen when Ben was born and she was much the same age. Young Ben must be eighteen now so Jake is still only thirty four. Surprising he hasn’t found another woman to share his life.”

Josh and Luke went back to their room and fell into fits of laughter when they got there. “Clearly Jake has kept his liking for young guys quiet then” Josh said. They each changed into loose fitting shorts which ended just below the crotch. They then slipped on their tracksuit bottoms and a T shirt just to look the part when they left in case anyone saw them. Once they were on the path towards the old barn and well out of view of the farm they removed their trousers and T shirts and carried them. When they knocked on the farmhouse door, it was opened by Jake. He took one look at the lads and felt his organ stir. “Hi come on in” he greeted them. “Ben, your two rather gorgeous young friends are here”. Ben appeared also wearing a loose pair of shorts and nothing else.

“Hi guys, sorry about my dad who always manages to embarrass people”.

“Oh I’m sure they both know they’re gorgeous and I do like to be honest with people”

Luke and Josh both grinned and said they liked honesty too. They liked Jake immediately. He had a good sense of humour and was himself very good looking with a fine physique.

“Come and sit down guys and have a drink” Jake told the lads. The sofa was L shaped and Ben sat on one side of the L and the other two on the other so they were at right angles to each other but near enough to touch. Jake walked over to a cabinet to get the drinks and as he did so Luke and Josh noticed that the one and only garment he was wearing were not in fact shorts but a piece of meshed material wrapped round his waist. As he walked the material parted on the thigh to show naked flesh up to the waist. As the light shimmered on the black material they could see his naked buttocks beneath. He was certainly ready for action!

“Right guys, what would you like” Jake asked and promptly went through the drinks he could offer. The lads opted for Bacardi and Coke so he produced two very strong drinks. Ben chose a whiskey which his dad also had. When all the drinks had been served, Jake came and sat between Luke and Josh so that the three were in a tight row. His naked legs rubbed against theirs but they didn’t bother to move up since it was such an obvious move. They talked for a while and Jake asked the two lads where they came from and what they had been doing whilst on holiday. They said they had been to Bournemouth and been to a gay club and that they’d been to a party with lots of gays. “Oh great” he replied, “I haven’t been to a gay club for years and certainly not a gay party; we must do that sometime Ben”.

At various intervals he topped up their drinks from the bottles he had left nearby on the table. Josh asked about the farm and he told them all about it. As he did so his hands wandered onto Luke and Josh’s naked thighs either side of him. His drink was sitting on the table in front of him hardly touched. He casually worked his hand up their legs into the crotch and felt them both. He even tucked a finger inside Luke’s leg opening and felt his balls. He soon noticed that they were both forming hard-ons and so was he. Luke noticed first and placed a hand on it. Ben just watched the picture unfold. Once Jake realised they were willing to participate he slipped a hand into the top band of their shorts and felt their erections. “Mmm very nice cocks” he exclaimed. Both Josh and Luke had unfastened the cords on their shorts so his hand could now get right inside. Luke meanwhile had felt beneath the mesh wrap and was holding Jake’s very big and very hard erection. He brought it out for all to see and Jake quickly unfastened the Velcro that held the wrap. He was now sitting stark naked with an erection to die for. Luke decided to slip off his shorts and Josh did likewise. Not wanting to be the only one clothed, Ben did as well and his dad noticed a large erection in place.

Jake moved Josh along the sofa and then lay on top of him leaving his arse exposed for Luke to use as he wished. Luke took the hint and soon had a finger probing inside. It was already well lubed so he thrust two and then three digits inside the rather nice arse. He felt around and stretched the hole. He then kneeled up on the sofa, bent down and licked the hole. Jake clearly loved this and Ben made a mental note to do it to his dad. Luke then sat up again and used his thumbs to open the arsehole wide apart. He manipulated it and pulled it until it was big enough to get four fingers in. He did so and Jake yelled with erotic pleasure. He just loved this guy playing with his arse and also made a mental note to get Ben to do this. He would also try it out on Ben.

Luke slipped in three fingers again and had a good feel around. Jake could feel the fingers probing his hot flesh inside and it felt fucking brilliant. He was aching for Luke’s cock to be inside and he didn’t have to wait long. Luke extracted his fingers and thrust in his rampant cock in their place. He pushed in the full length of his cock in one thrust. He felt his balls slap against Jake’s bare butt and held the cock in place for a moment. Jake could feel the length of it inside him and gasped with pleasure.

Jake’s face was in Josh’s lap so he took hold of the big cock in front of him and sucked it. Having taken the whole length and found it reached the back of his throat he decided that he must have this inside him.

Ben moved to where the action was taking place and knelt on the floor beside his Dad and Luke. He watched at close quarters as Luke’s cock moved in and out of his dad’s arse. He found it very erotic. Apart from the odd porn movie he had watched he had never seen the real thing so close. He put his hand on his dad’s naked buttocks and caressed them. Every now and then he moved his hand between the two naked bodies and felt the shaft of Luke’s cock going in and out. He even slipped a finger inside his dad’s arse as Luke fucked away. His own cock was now rock hard and he took hold of it with his spare hand. He then moved the other hand onto Luke’s naked butt. It was beautiful. He felt all over it as it moved up and down before gently slipping a finger into the inviting arse. He felt the warm soft tissue inside. He had never felt inside his dad’s arse even though he had fingered Ben on many occasions. He liked the feel and added this to the list of things he would do in future.

After a while, Jake decided it would be more comfortable to move upstairs to his room. They picked up their drinks and followed him up the stairs. Ben picked up the bottles as he went and followed on behind. Watching the three naked bottoms move up the stairs was a sight in itself and he wished he had a camera to capture it. Jakes bedroom was large. It had a queen size bed in it so there was ample room for all of them to climb on. The room was decorated with several photographs of nude men in various poses. All of them very tasteful and some included full frontals. Jake saw Luke and Josh looking at them.

“Like them”

“Yeah very nice” Luke replied.

“I took all those myself”

“Very good” Josh said as he took a closer look at one which he then realised was Ben.

“Would you like me to take some of you two?”

Josh looked at Luke who nodded a yes. “Are they just for you or do you sell them” Josh asked.

“Only for my pleasure, would never sell them”

The lads agreed and Jake told them to pose on the bed looking at each other. He took several shots before asking them to turn over. He took more shots of their naked buttocks and then got each of them to stand up against a wall separately. He then took close ups of their genitals and more of their naked backsides.

“Okay, let’s have a look at these on the computer to see what you think”

Within a few minutes they were looking at the pictures on screen in glorious Technicolor. “They’re good” Luke exclaimed, “I like them”.

“Would you like copies?”

Luke said they would and gave him his email address.

Pictures taken, they then all got onto the bed. Ben immediately started sucking Luke and Jake sucked Josh. The two lads just let the other two take over and do what they wanted to do. Soon both had hard-ons, in fact all four had hard-ons. Ben turned Luke over and opened up his arse as he had seen Luke do to his dad. He just loved it and so did Luke. Using two fingers and then two thumbs he opened the pink hole wide apart and licked inside. Luke loved the feel of Ben’s tongue inside his arse and grunted with appreciation. Jake was fascinated watching his son out of his eye. He had never seen him with another guy before so this was an education. He meanwhile was sucking Josh and feeling his arse. He then turned Josh over and thrust his big cock into Josh. “God that feels good” he exclaimed as he felt his shaft move up Josh’s arse. He was dying to try Josh’s cock up his own arse so he withdrew, flipped Josh back and sat on his big erection. He just loved the thick shaft and the big head inside his arse. “Fucking hell that feels good” he exclaimed again. Josh held himself from shooting his load because he wanted to spill it inside Jake when he was in control. He let Jake have his fun riding his cock and then flipped Jake to the side of him so that he could do some serious fucking. He thrust his big cock still warm from Jake’s arse into it again but this time from behind. He fucked and fucked as hard as he could and Jake seemed to love it. Eventually Josh shot his load up Jake’s arse and collapsed on top of him.

“Oh my fuck, a load of hot cum up my arse” Jake exclaimed, “You’d better lick it out now” he told Josh and promptly went on his knees to expose his arse hole. Josh pulled it apart with his fingers and thumbs and licked. He could still taste his own cum but most of it had gone well inside!

Ben meanwhile was fucking Luke with his legs up in the air. Somehow Jake managed to sit astride Luke and get Luke’s cock into his arse. Luke’s legs were now straight up Jake’s back but Ben still kept on fucking him. Jake rode Luke until Luke shot his load. “Fuck me, two loads of cum” he exclaimed, “come on Ben I want yours to make it complete. He climbed off Luke and went on all fours beside him. Ben knelt behind him and thrust his hard cock into his dad’s arse. He fucked and fucked until he was spewing another load of creamy cum to join the others’.

“Beautiful son, now let’s see Luke and Josh fuck you.

Ben knelt on all fours and offered up his arse. Luke obliged first and slipped his hard cock into the inviting arsehole. He gave Ben a good hard fuck much to the delight of his dad who watched intently. He also loved watching Luke’s arse pumping in and out. When Luke had finished, Josh took over and Jake watched his big cock ride in and out of his son’s arse. “Beautiful, beautiful” he kept on saying as he watched Ben being given a good hard fucking. Jake was now rampant again and his cock was aching to get inside arse. As soon as Josh had finished and before Ben had to time to turn round, Jake fucked his son’s arse. Ben loved the feel of his dad’s cock inside his arse so was happy to just let it all happen. He could feel the long hard cock inside and it felt good.

“We must make a move” Luke said, “We’ve got to go home tomorrow”

“Thanks for coming guys” Jake said, “and if you’re down here again let us know”.

Luke and Josh said their goodbyes and set out on the walk home.

Ben went to Tom the next day and they had a fantastic time together. They liked each other’s company, had great sex together and became good friends. Ben did get the opportunity to fuck the new farmhand and several others as time went on. He also continued fucking and being fucked by his dad.


The following morning Luke and Josh said their goodbyes to Josh’s aunt and his mum and set off on their journey home. It was uneventful but they had plenty to talk about and reflect back on. Luke’s parents were home when they arrived and they told them an edited version of their time at the farm and in Bournemouth. His mother smiled as they talked. She guessed what gay lads got up to when they met other gays but said nothing. She was just happy that they were so happy.

The following week it was time to return to college for their final year. They knew they had to work hard to get through their final exams so were prepared for eight months of hard slog, especially Josh, but they were determined to achieve their goals. Sexual pleasure was put on hold for most parts although they did still enjoy each other several times a week. They had to give their apologies for several parties as well but they needed the time to study. They also decided to hold buying the sex toys they had in mind until they had their own place.

Steve called them in January and wanted them to come to the studio to do some still shots for a new composite DVD he was preparing which included several bits of previous movies. “Can you bring Gary with you as well” Steve asked. The lads agreed since it would only take up one Saturday afternoon and they had to relax sometimes.

They arrived and Steve got straight down to work. “Okay guys, strip off if you would and we’ll get started”. He took several shots of Luke and Josh together in various poses including some pretend fucking shots. As usual they were able to get hard-ons so it was all the more realistic. Watching this gave Gary an erection so when he was required he was ready and waiting. Steve wanted several shots of Luke and Gary and Josh and Gary together. He always loved the sight of a black body up against a white one, especially a black cock up a white arse and a white cock up a black arse. As usual he was more than happy with the result that these guys gave him and told them that they would get a royalty payment for each DVD sold.

The only other major event that occurred during the period up to their final exams was a call from Simon. He said he was coming to London and had been asked to do the ‘Backroom’ again for private group of guys at a house near Regent’s Park. “Would you be willing?” Luke spoke to Josh and they agreed that as it would only involve one day they would take the time off from their studies. Simon also said they would be paid a grand each so that sweetened it a lot. “Okay” Luke told him, “Is Robert doing it as well?” “Oh yeah, the same part as before. The only difference is that I won’t be in the play this time; I want to concentrate on directing it so I need to think how to get round that part” Simon added. “Oh by the way” Simon then said as an afterthought, “I want to include much more nudity in it this time, in fact you two will be naked all the way through; is that okay”. Luke said it was no problem. Simon then said he wanted a lot more sex between the three of them including a horny threesome with a bit of spanking if they were willing. “Yeah okay” Luke replied, “You could also consider a scene where one of us is restrained and being fucked by the other two. Do you have a restraint bar and a leather whip?”

“What a great idea” Simon exclaimed, “I don’t but I know a guy who does”.

Luke giggled, ‘yeah so do we’ he thought. “What about including another guy as one of the punters and playing out what would actually happen” Luke asked.

“I presume I could do one scene and play that part” Simon said thinking, “I’ll think about it”.

It was arranged that the two lads would go to the house in Regents Park at nine in the morning on the day of the show. They would spend the day rehearsing and the play would be shown that evening once the guests were nicely lubricated. They duly arrived and knocked on the door of this large mansion house which extended to several floors. Simon opened the door and invited them in before leading them up to the first floor lounge which itself was enormous and sumptuously furnished.

“Come and meet our host” he said to the guys as he led them in.

“Tristan, this is Luke and Josh”

Tristan stood up and shook their hands. “Oh my word what lovely boys” he exclaimed as he looked them over from head to toe, “I can’t wait to see what they offer” he said cheekily in a very camp voice. Just at that moment Robert appeared and they all greeted each other like long lost friends.

“Robert darling, would you be a sport and get us some drinks” Tristan said giving Robert a very sexual squeeze on his bum. Robert left and eventually came back with the coffees that Luke, Josh and Simon had ordered and a whiskey for Tristan. The others said it was too early in the day to start the alcohol and in any event they had some serious work to do.

Having had their drinks the four players left Tristan and went upstairs to another room. This was the size of the room below and had already been made into a small theatre with a dozen seats for the audience and a small stage area that had been marked out with pieces of furniture. There was a door to the right that led out onto a small corridor which would act as the wings. “What about the shower” Josh asked. “I’ve done away with that and you will come onto stage wet and be drying yourself as if having just showered. We’ll have a bowl of water outside to wet you before you come on stage.” Simon explained. He then went through the plot several times so that the three of them knew it off by heart. The words would still mainly be adlib but he did get them to learn certain lines which he particularly wanted included. Most of them were explicit sexual remarks to each other so the lads had no problem in remembering them. Simon also explained when he wanted the explicit sex scenes and could they get hardons as required. “Should be no problem” they all assured him.

“I want it to be as natural as I can” he explained, “the play covers several days of action so you need to get erections, use them explicitly and lose them before the next”.

“Should be possible” Luke assured him having had to do it for Steve’s porn movies.

They started going through the whole play and achieved what Simon wanted, even to the point of getting stiff cocks when required. They didn’t actually go the whole way for each sex act but near enough to give Simon and idea of what it would be like. Cocks were sucked and inserted in arseholes, and arses were rimmed. As suggested by Luke, Simon had included a scene where one of them was restrained. They decided it would be Luke’s part as the main storyline was Josh and Robert becoming boyfriends leaving Luke on his own. Luke was laid on the bed with his hands handcuffed above his head. His legs were then pulled up above his head and the restraint bar was fixed to his ankles. His shackled hands were then tied to the restraint bar so that he was unable to move and his arse was exposed to all. The bed this time was an actual divan bed without a headboard so it was possible to fuck Luke standing up. They started with Luke facing the audience so his arse was in full view. When the two guys fucked him they turned his body sideways so the audience could see their cock penetrating Luke’s arse.

“That looks brilliant” Simon exclaimed excitedly.

“Did you include a scene with the whip” Luke asked.

“Well, I wasn’t sure about that. Are you guys comfortable with one of you being whipped”

Luke said he didn’t mind providing it wasn’t too vigorous and it would be logical for him to be the recipient. It was agreed that the whipping scene would be included before the restrained fucking.

“Okay guys let’s run through that” Simon told them.

Luke was held by the other two and laid on the bed face down. He was spread-eagled with his hands handcuffed to the top end of the bed and his ankles to the bottom end. This gave the audience a good view of his bollocks which they had pulled between his open legs. Robert then used the leather whip on Luke’s naked buttocks. Luke told him not to hold back too much to make it realistic which Robert did. So much so, that his buttocks were soon red. It added to the eroticism that Simon wanted his audience to feel. “Brilliant, brilliant” he exclaimed jumping up and down with joy.

Josh and Robert then fitted the restraint bar on Luke’s ankles before releasing his shackles. They then released his hands and feet, turned him over and then pulled his legs up over his head to tie them to his hands with the restraint bar. The effect was brilliant and Simon again congratulated them. The pair of them then fucked Luke in turn. The whipping and the handling of Luke’s shackled body had given them both an erection so it was used naturally. Robert first fucked Luke for a few strokes and then Josh.

“Absolutely fabulous guys” Simon exclaimed excitedly once again, “for the real thing you can both fuck for several minutes but don’t cum because I want you all to cum over each other at the end”.

There followed another scene where Robert and Josh had more sex standing right in front of the audience almost off the front of the stage area. They sucked each other’s cocks and bent each other over and kissed arse, before fucking from behind. It looked good and Simon was pleased.

Robert then fucks Josh by sitting on his cock facing audience with Josh flat on his back on bed. The audience get a good view of Josh’s white cock pumping in and out of Robert’s black arse. It was very erotic and Simon again liked it.

He then announced that he had included a scene in which Robert is seen with a punter. The stage was rearranged slightly and the bed was brought centre stage right to the front. The scene starts with the punter coming into the room and a voice is heard saying “Robert will be with you in a minute”. The guy walks round the room and sits down on a chair. He begins to feel himself. Robert comes in just as he’s got his hand down inside his trousers. “Hi, I’m Robert, let me give you a hand with that” he says grinning. The punter grins back and stands up. They shake hands and Robert suggests the guy makes himself more comfortable. He removes his shoes and socks and his shirt, followed by his trousers. He is left wearing a pair of boxer shorts. With the guy standing sideways to the audience, Robert then moves up behind him and plays with him. He puts his hands round his waist and feels inside the shorts and makes suitable remarks about what he’s found. Soon the shorts are round the guy’s ankles and an erection soon appears. Robert asks him whether he wants to be fucked. The guy says ‘yes’ so Robert gets him to go doggy style on the bed. The audience then have a great view of his black cock going into Simon’s white arse.

Robert then gets Simon to lie on the bed on his back and gives him another fuck with his legs in the air and this is finally followed by Simon laying face down and Robert giving him the fuck of his life from the rear. Robert really threw himself into the part and almost came inside Simon but he stopped just in time. Robert finishes, tells the guy that his time is up and leaves the room. The punter calls out a thank you and gets up. His cock is fully erect and Simon decides to wank himself in front of the audience sitting on the bed. In rehearsal he doesn’t go the whole way but he intends doing so in front of the real audience. He will be just a few feet away so they will get a full view and some lucky person might even get to taste his cum.

The stage is cleverly set back to the original room by the lads as they move on and off the stage and there is a scene where Luke and Josh, who are now ex boyfriends in the play due to Robert’s intervention, have a love scene to say goodbye. They roll around on the bed like lovers and after sucking each other finally fuck each other. Robert comes in just as they are finished and joins in. A very erotic threesome takes place in which Luke and Robert suck Josh’s cock, they turn him over and whilst Robert licks out his arse, Josh licks out Roberts. Josh is once again turned over and Robert sits astride Josh’s body facing the audience but with his arse facing Josh’s head. He then lifts Josh’s legs and places them under his arms to pin them down. He then opens Josh’s arsehole wide apart with two fingers and probes inside gradually opening up wider and wider until pink flesh can be seen almost popping out. Robert leans back so that his head is on Josh’s shoulder and Luke then comes round and inserts his cock and fucks Josh. He bends over Josh’s crotch and takes Robert’s cock into his mouth. The audience will see between Luke’s legs and watch his balls slap against Josh’s naked buttocks.

“Brilliant lads, brilliant” Simon exclaimed again, “by now the audience will be so pent up that you may find guys will come up and handle those flapping balls” he added.

“No problem, I suggest we let them do what they want by the end and perhaps join in” Luke replied having disengaged himself from Josh and helped Robert climb off.

“Yeah, that’s not a bad idea if you guys don’t mind” Simon replied excitedly, “there will be some who will no doubt have their trousers nearly off by then and would love to give you guys a fuck”. Simon explained that he had told all the guests to come in casual dress and expect fun and games.

Tristan suddenly appeared just when they had decided to finish for lunch.

“Oh my word, what a lovely sight” he exclaimed excitedly as he looked at the naked bodies before him, “Mmm do I get a taste of those before we’re finished he asked Simon”.

“Not until the play is finished” Simon retorted, “but you can tell the guests that once the final scene in which the threesome takes place, they can join in if they wish but we want them naked, no half clothed like dirty old men. If they want to play along they must show all as well.” Simon stated.

“Oh what fun, they’ll all love that I’m sure” Tristan replied in his camp voice.

Tristan had prepared a delicious lunch so they all trooped downstairs wearing just their underwear into the dining room. Tristan was intrigued to learn more about Luke and Josh and asked them all sorts of personal questions. He had already embarrassed Robert by doing the same the previous night when he and Simon arrived. The two lads just laughed and answered all his questions as erotically as they could just to tease him. As he served each course and took the empty plates away he made sure that he felt their bodies including the occasional grope. Nothing bothered the lads, including Robert since he was well used to it at Antonio’s.

After lunch they ran through the scenes again without actual sex taking place and Simon was pleased with the result. “This is going to be fucking fantastic” he exclaimed and kissed all three of them.

The plan was that the four players would not be seen by the guests until the play commenced so they would stay upstairs until then. Meanwhile, the four relaxed in the living room still wearing just their brief underpants. Tristan could hardly control himself as he gazed at the manhood on display.

Finally it was time for the guests to arrive so the four went upstairs and sat in the theatre. They could hear the chatter as the twelve arrived and an hour later they could hear them coming upstairs at the time agreed with Tristan. He had told them they were in for a treat without saying too much and that if they were wetting their pants too much, they could take them off. “Just one thing” he told them, “no joining in or interfering with the players until the final scene is over; then you can help yourselves provided you strip off. The guests became even more excited and since the drink had been flowing well in the first hour they were already merry and ready for anything. They brought their glasses with them along with the bottles of drink.

The play started and a naked Luke and Josh come on stage talking about the punters they had just serviced holding a pair of shorts in their hands. They kiss and make love on the bed and soon erect cocks are flying high. The audience loved it. Josh fucks Luke and they talk about the new boy who is due shortly.

“So who is this new guy” Josh asks.

“Don’t know, some guy the boss has found; can’t see why we need another, it’ll only reduce our earnings”

“Do you know what he’s like or what age he is?”

“You’ll find out soon; he’s due anytime now”

There is a knock on the door and Robert enters. “Hi” he says sheepishly, “I’m Robert”

“Hi, this is Josh and I’m Luke”

The two lads look Robert up and down and he looks at them.

“So, you done this kind of work before” Luke asks.

“No, first time”

“Mm, Josh you’d better give him some pointers and do’s and don’ts; I’ve got a punter due any minute so I’d better go”.

Luke walks off stage taking his shorts and leaves Robert and Josh looking at each other.

“Okay” says Josh, “let’s see what you’ve got to offer”

Robert looks at him enquiringly. “Get your kit off” Josh tells him.

Robert removes his shoes and socks followed by his T shirt and jeans. He stands in a pair of ragged boxer shorts.

“Fuck me, where’d you get those from” Josh says as he pulls at the offending item. “We’d better find you something better than those. All we wear here is a pair of shorts when we go to meet the punter. He soon gets them off you so there’s no point in wearing anything else.”

Robert nodded and remained routed to the spot looking at Josh’s nakedness.

“Okay, get them off and let’s see what you have to offer”

Robert removes his boxers and stands stark naked in front of the audience. There are gasps of approval as they look at his large cock hanging there.

“Mmm, not bad” Josh remarks, “that should keep a punter or two happy”.

Josh moves over to Robert and takes hold of the big cock. Soon it is forming an erection. “Mmm very nice” Josh remarks, “I presume you take it as well as give it”.

Robert again looked as if he didn’t understand. “Do you fuck with that dick of yours?”

“Oh yeah” Robert said smiling.

“And do you take it up the arse?”


“Good, well let’s see what you’re like”

Josh told Robert to get on the bed on all fours side on to the audience. He then fingered the arsehole facing him and opened Robert up. “Nice big hole, that’s good, you should have no problem taking some of our guys then.” Josh’s own cock was now erect so he plunged it into Robert who winced at the forcefulness. “Yeah very nice fuck you are, you’ll go down well with the punters”.

Josh stopped fucking and told Robert to fuck him so they changed places. Robert slowly slid his now fully erect cock into Josh and fucked him. The audience loved the sight of a black cock going into white arse and several had opened their trousers and were feeling their own cocks.

Robert stopped fucking and Josh told him to join him on the bed. “Yeah that was good; I like that cock of yours”

“You’re pretty good as well” Robert remarked. Josh grinned and kissed Robert.

“Now, the rule is that you only let the punter do to you what you are comfortable with and only do to him what you want to do, so if you don’t fancy rimming out his arse for example, don’t do it.”

At this point Luke appeared stark naked again. He threw his shorts onto a chair and came over to the bed. “I see you guys are getting to know each other then”

“We are” Josh replied.

“And no doubt you’ve already tried him out” Luke quipped back.

“Of course” Josh responded grinning.

“Mm nice cock” Luke said as he took hold of the organ and starting sucking it.

“So how was your client” Josh asked.

“Oh, he was okay; I’ve had him before. He never wants to be fucked or sucked. All he wants to do is fuck me, lick my arse out and suck my dick. Suits me, all I have to do is lay back and enjoy it. Easy money I say. Your next lucky guy has just arrived Josh.”

Josh slipped on his shorts and left.

“Right young Robert, let’s do a bit of bonding” Luke said to Robert who was still relaxing on the bed naked.

“You mean fucking” Robert responded cheekily.

“Well since you offer, yeah why not”

The pair got on the bed and first of all Luke put Robert onto his back, lifted his legs and fucked him. He positioned Robert so the audience could see Luke’s cock go in and out. They all loved it. Then Luke turned him over and gave him another roasting with his rampant cock. Robert then took over and sat on Luke’s cock giving him the ride of his life.

Having had their fun, Luke tells Robert that there is a punter in the pink room who would love a black cock. “Come on” Luke says, “I’ll take you to him but first you’d better wear these shorts”. Luke gives him a pair of shorts and he puts them on. The pair go to walk off and as they do so they rearrange the bed to move it right in front of the audience. It is close enough for them to touch the naked bodies that will soon be on it. They rearrange a chair and then leave the stage.

Simon enters with a voice behind him saying “He’ll be down in a minute, just make yourself comfortable”.

Simon moves about the room and eventually sits down to take his shoes and socks off. He then unbuttons his shirt but leaves it on. He feels his cock inside his trousers and plays with it for a moment. Robert enters and they play out the scene just like the rehearsal. As planned, when Robert has left, Simon sits on the side of the bed facing the audience and wanks himself. He is now stark naked so they all get a full view of his nakedness if they hadn’t already done so during the sex scene. His cock is rock hard and is well lubed. He brings himself to a climax and shoots his load out in front of him. The guy immediately in front puts out his hand and takes most of it. He licks his hand and says “Beautiful, just beautiful”.

Simon leaves the stage and Luke and Josh enter moving the bed a bit further back but not far for the next scene. They make love as rehearsed and Robert comes in whilst they are at it. He’s invited to join them and they do the threesome sex scene. They decided after lunch that they would do the restraint scene at the end of this so when they have finished fucking and sucking each other Robert and Josh handcuff Luke to the bed face down and whip his arse. They then fuck his reddened arse. The audience went wild with delight. Several guys have discarded their clothes and are standing up showing off their erections as they look on. The two lads then turn Luke over and they fit the restraint bar to his legs, lift them over his head and shackle them to his wrists. Robert and Josh move to the side of the bed so that the audience can see Luke’s arsehole. They all show their appreciation as they gaze at the open arsehole in front of them. The other two then play out the rest of the scene.

They end with the scene where Robert sits astride Josh with him on his back and his legs in the air facing the audience. Robert opens up Josh’s arsehole and exposes the pink flesh inside until his cherry is visible. The audience is now going mad with delight. Robert invites a guy nearby who is already naked to insert his big cock inside. He needs no second invitation and is soon standing up sticking his cock into Josh’s arsehole. The rest of the group join them and an orgy then takes place. Stiff cocks are flying everywhere and every guy is soon stark naked. Simon has joined the group and is fucking a very nice guy over the chair. Josh had about six cocks up his arse before he was released and Robert had all twelve. They all just loved fucking black arse. Luke seemed to spend most of his time fucking guys but he too had his share of cocks up his arse.

The drink was flowing freely and the lads were plied with liquor as fast as they could drink it. Soon they were plastered and not really aware of what was happening to them. They vaguely remember the three of them being carried to other rooms and having more sex. They remember that they were put in separate bedrooms, laid out on the bed and handcuffed face down. Hands and feet were tied to the bed so they were helpless. Apparently the other guys then went from room to room and fucked them. They couldn’t see who was fucking which added to the erotic excitement. How many times they were each fucked they don’t know but with twelve guys going from room to room one after the other, they estimated it must have been about seventy or eighty times each. The following morning their arses were sore!

They stayed over and shared one bed together for the rest of that night, what was left of it! When they eventually appeared downstairs for breakfast Simon said he hoped things hadn’t gone too far for them. They assured him it was fine. “You guys were really great” Tristan told them, “and everyone enjoyed the play. They also showed their appreciation for the orgy afterwards that you guys let them have.”

Tristan then passed over a wad of money that amounted to over a thousand pounds. Simon then gave them the thousand he had agreed for doing the play so they went off well pleased. Luke and Josh said their goodbyes and gave Robert a special hug and a kiss.


The next few months flew by and soon it was Easter. The lads put part of their time aside to relax and meet up with their friends but most was spent revising for their exams which were only in a few weeks. They did have time to look for a flat and found one they really liked in Holland Park which was near to the station. Luke had now got the money from his trust fund so they made an offer. It was accepted and they left it to the lawyers to do the necessary work. It took over three months to complete but eventually they owned their own place.

The exams came and went and they sat back waiting for their results. They knew it would be several weeks before they got them but they both felt confident that they had done well. They decided to go to Europride which that year was in Zurich. Neither had been there so they looked forward to it, especially as it was going to be full of gays. They had booked it several weeks earlier so by the time they had completed on their flat they were committed to Zurich but they decided to go in any event and then furnish the flat when they got back. It needed redecoration so they would do that on their return.


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