by Adam Stewart


Chapter 8

Luke meanwhile was having his own fun up north. His Grandmother had improved by the time he got to see her so the immediate panic was over. However she persuaded him to stay a few days since she hadn’t seen him for quite a while. “It gets so bloody boring in this hospital” she told him. He agreed to stay three days and would visit her afternoon and evening. She laughed and said “After you’ve left me you can go and see what the local talent is like. Can’t keep a young stud like you staying in on your own”. He suspected that his mother had told her that he was gay since she asked about the young friend that was now staying with him at home.

That evening he set off to try out the nearest gay bar he had found on the net. It was about ten minutes walk away from his hotel but he soon found it and ventured inside. It was a fairly modern bar with small alcoves round the room. He went up to the bar and ordered himself a Bacardi and Coke.

“Do like guys who drink things other than beer”

Luke turned to see whose voice it was and saw a young guy standing by the bar a few feet away.

“Hi” Luke said as he took his drink and walked towards the guy.

“Let’s move over there” the guy told Luke and moved into an empty alcove.

When they had sat down, the young guy introduced himself as Ryan.

“I’m Luke”

They chatted for several minutes and Luke explained he was up from London for a few days. “Lucky you” Ryan told him, “I’ve always wanted to live in London”.

“What’s stopping you?”

“Parents and money”

Luke grinned. “Do your parents know you’re gay?”

“Fucking hell no” Ryan exclaimed, “they would hit the roof”.

“Yeah it can be difficult but there comes a time when you have to decide your own destiny.”

Ryan then leant towards Luke and whispered “True, but I’m only seventeen coming on eighteen so I don’t want to bite off the hand that feeds me.”

Luke looked at Ryan and saw that in fact he had a young fresh looking complexion. He chatted away and the more he did the more Luke liked him. Having got more drinks and done more chatting, Luke asked him what clubs there were nearby. “Nothing” Ryan replied, “This place is as dead as can be for gays”. He then added without pausing, “Where are you staying?” When Luke told him which hotel he was in Ryan raised his eyebrows and said, “Very nice, and no problem about taking people back there”.

Luke smiled at the obvious hint that Ryan wanted to go back to the hotel with him. “Would you like to come back with me then?”

Ryan grinned and said he would. At which point he drank the remainder of his drink and stood up waiting for Luke to do likewise.

When they got into the room Ryan stripped off his shoes and socks and T shirt and lay down on the bed. Luke looked at the half naked body before him and felt his cock going hard. Ryan certainly had a gorgeous body but Luke did not want to rush things so he too slipped off his shoes and socks and casually slipped off his shirt before going to the cabinet where he had left a bottle of Bacardi.

“Want a drink?” he asked Ryan whilst pouring a large one for himself.

“Yeah why not” Ryan replied and sat up against the padded headboard.

Luke joined him on the bed and lay beside him. “So how many guys have you been with then?” Luke asked.

“Quite a few, having first been fucked by a couple of Monks at the boarding school I went to.”

Luke was fascinated and wanted to know more. “What happened then?”

Ryan explained that he was sent to a boarding school when he was thirteen and within weeks of him being there a monk would come into the dormitory late at night where he and five other boys slept and take him to another room. “The other boys used to grin knowing what was going on”.

“The first time he stripped me and then sucked my cock and licked round my balls. When he realised that I was not going to struggle or make a fuss, he went further and inserted fingers up my arse.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, I knew if I did they would say I was lying. Discipline was harsh so I knew it was best to keep my mouth shut. Anyhow, I rather enjoyed it!”

Ryan then explained that as time went on the Monk would strip off as well and get him to suck the Monk’s cock. “He soon found I was a good sucker and that I would also rim him”.

“For several weeks it was just fondling, sucking each other and sticking fingers up each other’s arse but one night he turned me over, greased my arsehole and fucked me. It was the first time I had been fucked so it was fucking painful but I soon got used to his big cock up my arse and enjoyed it from there on.”

“The monks got braver and one night I found two of them in the room. I was required to suck both their cocks and when they had got me erect, which even at that age wasn’t difficult, they got me to fuck them after which they would fuck me one after the other.”

“I knew they had other boys and at least one of the other boys in my dorm was often taken in. Then one night they took both of us in and stripped both of us off. Then they got me to fuck the other boy whilst they looked on and shoved their fingers up his arse whilst I was fucking him. Fortunately he too liked it so we enjoyed it together. This went on for the whole three years I was at the school and the other boy became a good friend. We fucked each other whenever we could. The other two in our dorm knew about it and wanted us to fuck in front of them one night so we did.”

“I went back to the school for a boys’ reunion a few months ago and met one of the Monks who used to fuck me. I went over to him and whispered in his ear ‘had any good fucks recently?’ The guy grinned and whilst I stood in front of him moved my hand down into his crotch. As usual his cock was hard! I told him to contact me if he wanted some real cock inside him and not just a boy’s prick but he never did.”

Luke was fascinated by the story and as he listened caressed Ryan’s naked torso. His hand had slid down inside Ryan’s loosened trousers and he felt his hard cock beneath. Without saying anything, Ryan unfastened his own trousers and slid them off and then did likewise to Luke. The pair of them then caressed each other’s cocks through their briefs before finally discarding them. Their naked bodies slid over each other and their hard erections pushed into each other’s belly. “I want that cock inside me” Ryan suddenly said and lifted his legs into the air to expose his gaping hole. Luke fingered the inviting arsehole and slowly licked it before fingering it with a well lubed finger. The hot soft tissue of this young stud felt stunning and Luke wanted his cock inside. He quickly slipped on a rubber and thrust his rampant cock into the seventeen year old arsehole. “Aaaah” Ryan said softly as the long hard cock slid inside him. “Fucking beautiful” Luke whispered as he rode back and forth.

Luke was able to ride an arse for some long time before allowing himself to come and he wanted to make good use of this young arse so he took his time. Ryan had never had some fuck him quite like this before. Most guys were in there and coming before he could enjoy the feeling of cock up his arse but this time he got the full experience and it felt wonderful.

“Don’t come” he told Luke, “I want to take your load in my mouth”.

Luke was happy to oblige since he loved coming inside someone’s mouth. He withdrew his cock, slipped off the condom and offered his still rampant cock to Ryan’s mouth. Ryan took the whole cock into his mouth and sucked it with great skill. He could feel the big head at the back of his throat as it reached the point of ejaculation. Suddenly he could feel hot cum shoot into and down his throat. “That was fantastic” he told Luke when he had finally finished shooting.

It was now Luke’s turn to offer his arse to Ryan who quickly got into position and slowly inserted his large cock into Luke’s hot arse. Once in he thrust back and forth and tried to make it last as long as he could. “Oh my god that is fucking brilliant” he exclaimed each time his long cock thrust in and out. Luke put his hand round to feel Ryan’s balls as they slapped against his bare arse. He grabbed the balls and gently squeezed them. “Oh yes, keep doing that” Ryan yelled, “I love my balls being squeezed. Squeeze harder, harder”. Luke obliged and was eventually really gripping the two large balls quite hard and Luke imagined what it would be like if his balls were being squeezed as hard as this but Ryan seemed to enjoy the experience.

Ryan was now writhing with pain and pleasure as he fucked the gorgeous arse in which his cock was encased and his balls were being squeezed. Finally he withdrew and wanted Luke to suck him off. Luke was happy to do so and let Ryan shoot his full load into his mouth. Instead of swallowing the creamy cum, he immediately kissed Ryan, thrust his tongue into his mouth and transferred the still hot cum into Ryan’s mouth. When Ryan tasted his own cum inside his mouth he grinned. “Lovely drop of stuff”.

Ryan stayed the night with Luke and into the next day. He even visited Luke’s grandmother the next day and she was delighted to meet another young man to brighten her day. “You two been having fun together” she asked Ryan. “Yeah, you could say that” Ryan grinned.

That evening they went to another gay bar that was further away so Luke decided to get a taxi to save driving when he was drinking. It was larger and more cruisy and there was a downstairs darkroom area that was well populated. Ryan had warned Luke about this so they had gone with minimal personal possessions and some cash stuffed in their socks to be on the safe side. Having had a drink upstairs they ventured down and once their eyes had got used to the dark they began to wander around. They came across three guys, one of whom appeared to be stark naked and was being fucked by the other in turn. Round the corner there was a guy in a sling and he too was having a good seeing to by another. Finally at the end, they found two guys standing on their own in a corner and when Ryan and Luke came in they quickly set about them. Their trousers were soon round their ankles, they hadn’t bothered to wear briefs, and the guys were sucking their cocks like crazy. As they did so a finger was easing its way up their arses as well.

After a while, there was a change round and Ryan and Luke were on their knees sucking the other guys off and easing their fingers up their arses. Both had been well lubricated so the fingers went in without any problem. In fact Luke thrust two up his guy.

As the sucking was going on, the two were slipping their trousers off their feet and taking off their tops. Ryan suddenly realised that his guy was stark naked and Luke’s was the same. The two guys lifted Ryan and Luke to their feet, slipped a condom on their already hard cocks and bent over for them to fuck them in unison. Luke and Ryan were happy to do so and thrust their sheathed cocks up each arse. They then fucked like mad. Both guys seemed to enjoy the roughness and wanted it even harder so the two lads gave them an even harder fuck. Being side by side they were both aware of what each was doing despite the darkness. Ryan indicated to Luke to change over so they both quickly withdrew and changed over butts to fuck. Each thrust their cock into their new butt and fucked like mad again. They did this three times and the guys just loved it.

When they had finally had enough, Luke and Ryan decided they did not fancy a return fuck by the guys so made a hasty exit. As they walked back the guy in the sling was now being fucked by several guys one after the other and the three guys were now all stark naked fucking each other. Two others were running around in similar attire or lack of and tried to corner Luke but he made an escape and followed Ryan upstairs.

“Fucking hell” Luke exclaimed, “that was really something”

A guy nearby heard his comment and grinned. “Just come from downstairs have you”

Luke nodded and grinned back.

“Well having two gorgeous young guys like you two to play with I’m not surprised you raised the heat down there.”

The guy moved over to where the other two were standing and offered to buy them a drink. When he had got the drinks they all moved to the other end of the bar where it was quieter and the lights were dimmed. “Hi, I’m Georgiou” the newcomer said. Luke and Ryan introduced themselves and they all had a good look at each other. Georgiou was a nice looking guy with long black hair and black chest hair peeping out over the neckline of his T shirt. Luke guessed he was late 20s or early 30s but he was rather gorgeous. He asked about the two of them and Luke explained that he was going back to London the next day and that he had met Ryan the previous evening.

“And have you two got to know each other well in that time?” Georgiou asked with a big grin.

“Yeah, very well” Ryan answered readily.

“Well we don’t get many good looking young guys in here very often so you have caused quite a stir tonight”

Luke looked somewhat surprised. “Just look around you” Georgiou commented. Luke and Ryan looked round the bar and noticed that several guys were eyeing them up. Unfortunately most were not worth giving a second look at.

“So you had fun downstairs did you?”

Luke and Ryan nodded and grinned.

“No doubt got cornered by the twins in the end room”

Again Luke and Ryan nodded and grinned.

“I have to say they are quite good fucks the pair of them, both have nice butts”

“Yeah they sure do” Ryan responded.

That was all Georgiou wanted to hear. It confirmed that these two lads were worth inviting back to his place for some fun for the night.

He bought them both another drink and when they had finished that, he asked if they would be interested in going back to his place for another drink. “…and perhaps a bit of fun if you’re willing” he added with a mischievous grin. Luke and Ryan said they would be and Ryan added “We’re up for anything”. Georgiou laughed and groped their crotch. Finding a still hard cock beneath the thin material he laughed again and said “Yeah so I see”.

They followed him out of the bar and as they did so they heard a couple of guys say “Core lucky bastard, he’s managed to catch the pair of them”. Luke grinned back and felt his own crotch with a sexy gesture. The guys laughed and mouthed ‘phew’ and kisses.

Georgiou lived in a small house about ten minutes walk from the bar. He apparently lived alone and as soon as he invited them in he told them that he liked to walk round in bare feet so perhaps they would like to do likewise. Luke and Ryan immediately removed their shoes and socks and followed their host into the living room. Once inside they could see why the preference for bare feet. The floor was carpeted with a beautiful long piled cream carpet and in the centre there was a large soft cushion that must have been almost ten feet square. This too was covered in a long soft haired material and was about four inches deep. Georgiou invited them to sit down on the large cushion on the floor and when he had prepared drinks for them all, sat down beside them.

“Cheers” he said taking a large slug from his gin and tonic. He placed his glass on a strategically placed low table and proceeded to strip off his top. The two lads followed suit and lay back on the soft material.

“This is a gorgeous material” Ryan commented, “feels great against the skin”.

“It feels even better if you are totally naked” Georgiou added and immediately proceeded to remove his trousers and briefs.

“Why not” Luke said and promptly removed his trousers. Not wanting to feel left out Ryan did likewise, not that he really wanted any encouragement to be naked with this gorgeous Latino.

They talked for a while and when they had finished their drinks Georgiou positioned himself between the two lads. He placed a hand on each cock and gently brought them to life again. Within no time they were both rock hard as was his.

The two lads just lay back and let him do what he wanted. The feel of the soft long hair against their naked bodies was just wonderful. They then felt a soft hairy hand slowly go over their bodies. Georgiou was wearing soft long haired gloves that sent erotic feelings through their whole body. He got each of them to bring their legs over their head so as to expose their arse. He then gently rubbed the glove over their balls and between their legs. The two lads were at an erotic high point and their cocks were swinging wildly in the air. He then moved the glove over their wide open arsehole and it sent an erotic shockwave through each of them. He knew the effect he was having on each of them and enjoyed watching their reaction immensely. It made his own cock rock hard and he was almost having an orgasm himself.

He then gently lowered their legs and took off the gloves. He next took some body oil and spread this over their bodies. When he reached their cocks he slowly handled each one with his oily hand. The pair of them nearly exploded there and then but he knew how much to tease before letting go. He then moved to their balls and gently manipulated them. Finally they felt a finger slip into their love holes. He pushed his finger well inside and felt the soft warm flesh inside. “Beautiful” he whispered, more to himself than to them. He then inserted two fingers and then three. Having opened both of them up fully he poured some oil over his own body and laid down on the pair of them. He moved his naked body over theirs seductively and rubbed his erection against theirs. He then took hold of Ryan and with one movement he had Ryan’s legs over his shoulders and had inserted his cock into Ryan’s arse. The suddenness of it took Ryan by surprise and he gasped as he felt the big cock enter him. Not because of its size, just the suddenness. Even so he enjoyed the feel of the naked cock inside him and savoured every moment.

As Georgiou fucked Ryan he prepared his next fuck by lifting Luke’s legs up to expose the next love hole. Luke helped him by gripping his legs and pulling them up over his head. Within seconds, Georgiou had withdrawn from Ryan and thrust his rampant organ into Luke whilst still holding Ryan’s legs in the air. After a few strokes inside Luke he transferred back to Ryan. He transferred back and forth several times before finally releasing them.

“Fucking hell, you guys are beautiful to fuck”

The two guys just lay back and grinned.

“Okay, it’s only right that you two have your fun now”

Georgiou lay down between them and held his legs in the air inviting them to fuck him. “Just thrust it in” he told them, “and change over as many times as you want but don’t come inside me”.

Luke took the first shift and as instructed thrust his cock into Georgiou’s arsehole with one push.

“Aaaaaah” Georgiou groaned with pleasure, “that feels fucking marvellous, just keep fucking as hard as you like and then quickly change over with Ryan”.

The two lads did as instructed and fucked him hard and every six or so strokes changed over with hardly any gap. Luke counted twenty changeovers before they released their fuck bag. Georgiou then immediately took both their cocks into his mouth and brought them both to a climax at the same time. He felt the two hot streams of creamy cum shoot into his mouth and then swallowed.

“Mmmmmmm, I just love taking cum in my mouth”

By the time they had finished their antics it was gone midnight so Georgiou suggested they stay over. Instead of going to bed they watched gay porn and had more sex with each other but not quite as erotic as before. Even so they all enjoyed themselves immensely. During the early hours they all dropped off to sleep on the floor and finally woke up mid morning. Luke said he had to get back to the hotel as he had to check out by midday.

“Can you stay another day?” Georgiou asked Luke, “If so you can stay here another night and go home tomorrow”.

Luke thought for a moment. ‘It would make sense’ he told himself since he was feeling tired to drive home today. Not that another night with Georgiou would do much for his readiness to drive tomorrow but he rather fancied the idea. He had told Josh that he would be several days without giving a return date so he would text him and say that he would be coming home the day after tomorrow. They agreed they would not ring each other so as to leave them both free to do what they wanted.

“Okay, yeah, I just need to go back to the hotel, get my things and collect my car”

“Great, and what about you Ryan, do you have to rush off or can you stay another night?”

“No sure, I’ve got nothing to go home for”

With that agreed Georgiou drove Luke to the hotel and waited for him to pack, check out and follow him back to his place. Ryan meanwhile went home to change into fresh clothes and let his parents know that he would be staying with a mate another night. Fortunately they never bothered where he was and in fact half the time didn’t know whether he was home or not.

When all three finally met up again early afternoon, Georgiou prepared some lunch and they all sat down to eat.

“Now tonight” he said, “I thought I would take you guys to a club about ten miles away. We can get a taxi there and back.”

Luke and Ryan nodded approval and Georgiou then said “Now has either of you guys been to a butt naked club?”

Luke said he had but Ryan said he hadn’t.

“Great, then that’s where we’ll go”

Ryan asked exactly what it was and Georgiou explained that when they arrived they stripped off all their clothes except their trainers. “You then spend the rest of the time wandering round the club or dancing butt naked and at the same time having a good look at what the other guys have to offer.” He then added, “If you are a special member, as I am, you get to stay on after closing time which is 1 am and things start to get a bit more exciting. The bar guys also strip off and anything goes with the remaining punters, who are specially picked by the owner before being allowed to stay. You guys will have no problem in being picked since he loves anything under age 20. We even had a lad who can’t have been more than 15 or 16 the last time I went but how he got into the club in the first place I have no idea. I think Owen the owner slipped him in the back way as well as slipping into the lad’s back passage before the night was out.”

“Sounds great” Ryan exclaimed.

“So all you need wear is a pair of jeans, and don’t bother with briefs, a T shirt and a pair of trainers without socks. Don’t worry about taking money because I will pay for everything at the end.”

“Great” the pair of them exclaimed.

“Now what are we going to do to while away the next few hours before we leave?” Georgiou asked with a mischievous grin, “I know, let’s put some gay porn on for a start.

They then watched gay porn and played with each other before having a meal and finally getting a taxi to the club. The cab driver clearly knew Georgiou and greeted him with great gusto before greeting Luke and Ryan in the same manner. “Mmm, two nice butts” he commented as he watched them both get into the back of the cab. “Their tools are even nicer” Georgiou stated as he joined the driver in the front seat and gave him a grope.

When they got to the club the driver told them all to have fun and that he would see them again when they were ready to go home. Georgiou ushered the lads into the club and the owner grinned when he saw Luke and Ryan. He immediately gave Georgiou three passes for the ‘late show’ as he put it. The three then went into a small room where they disrobed and left their clothes in a black plastic bag with their number on it which was duly stamped on their wrist. Suitably undressed, they then walked into the main part of the club where there were about twenty other guys. Everyone looked over to the door as the three walked in. Georgiou was greeted by several guys who knew him but the main attention was on the two newcomers. Eyes explored their naked bodies up and down and there were several murmurs of approval.

Suddenly several guys were surrounding the two and drinks were coming at them from all angles. The next few hours went by very quickly and for a while they were split between two pairs of guys who wanted to give them a good feel all over. The club had several darker corners where groping would occur and the occasional suck but nothing more than that took place. Luke wondered why not but assumed that the club rules were fairly strict and hence the reason for the ‘late show’, which appeared to be for the benefit of the owner.

The pair looking after Luke were quite nice but neither were his type. However he let them have their fun and allowed them to hold his cock and at one point give it a quick suck. Ryan was more fortunate since his pair were a true Adonis. Luke had no doubt that they would be given a ‘late show’ pass since they both looked no older than Ryan, if as old. When they all got together later after Luke’s pair went off home, Luke did find out from one Adonis that they were both fifteen so another bit of young totty on the side for Owen! For their age both had well developed bodies and were well endowed which Luke hoped to see in action later.

Finally the ‘late show’ crowd slipped off without notice upstairs where there was another small bar area. Those not invited were firmly told to ‘fuck off’ since the club was now closed. Once the entrance doors were barred and the lights were turned off to make it look closed, Owen the owner appeared upstairs stark naked and invited the dozen or so present to have a drink on him. It was a short of some sort but whatever it was had a kick in it and soon guys were getting very friendly with each other. The two bar guys were also stark naked and joined in the fun whenever they could.

Lots of groping and feeling of arses took place as the guys drank the drinks being plied by the two naked bar guys. Pills were also being passed round and Luke took a couple to see what they were. He had taken them before so he gave one to Ryan and swallowed one himself. The pair of them were soon on a high. Bottles of poppers were also available on the bar so Luke took one and got Ryan to sniff the bottle. The blood immediately rushed to Ryan’s head and he felt really horny. Luke grinned and they moved over to Leo who had been looking after Ryan downstairs. In no time they were all over each other and Ryan was fucking Leo. Luke then took over whilst Leo just bent over ready and waiting. This action caused others to join them and soon all twelve guys were surrounding them. Erections were springing up like daffodils and soon others were taking over where Luke and Ryan had left off. Leo felt the hard rods of all twelve up his arse before they had finished.

Luke was now being lifted on the bar and one of the bar guys was moving in on him. Luke suddenly felt a large cock thrust its way up his arse. He was now well out of things so did not really care what happened. He enjoyed the feeling so just let it all happen. Meanwhile, Ryan was being lifted onto the bar as well and the other bar guy was preparing to fuck him. When they had finished the other guys one by one had their way with the two lads and fucked each of them several times. Their arseholes were oozing cum by the time they had all finished.

Georgiou ordered his cab and finally led the lads out of the club. When they got into the taxi the driver grinned at them and said ‘No doubt had a good time then’. Luke and Ryan grinned and sank back into the back seat. When they got to Georgiou’s place he had to almost carry them in. He laid them onto the bed and stripped them. Having stripped himself he gave them one more fuck each. Well it was actually three more! He wanted to get his money’s worth before they left in the morning. He too left more hot cum inside them!


The following morning Ryan pulled Luke to one side to have a word with him.

“Would you take me down to London with you?”

Luke was somewhat taken aback at the request. “Do you have somewhere to stay?”

“Yeah, I have a cousin who is gay and he’s always said I could stay with him if I wanted”

“What about your parents?”

“Fuck them, they don’t care about me in any event and probably wouldn’t miss me”

Luke was uncertain about taking a 17 year old down to London without being sure he had somewhere he could stay. One thing was certain; he couldn’t stay at his house. His parents had done more than enough to take in unwanted guys.

“Had you not check with your cousin that he’s okay about this”

“I’ll ring him and you can speak to him if you like”

Luke agreed and Ryan called his cousin, whose name was Stephen. Having had a few words with him he passed the phone to Luke.

“Hi Stephen, you okay about Ryan staying with you if I bring him down to London”

“Yeah that’s fine Luke, I’ve always told him that he can come here if he ever wanted to get away from those shit parents of his. Having him around will certainly brighten my day. He’s gorgeous isn’t he” Luke smiled and agreed he was.

Having satisfied himself that Ryan really did have a cousin who would take him in he agreed to give him a lift to London. They said their goodbyes to Georgiou and Luke exchanged phone numbers with him and told him to look them up if he ever came to London. They drove to Ryan’s home and went up to his room. His parents were both out at work so they had the place to themselves. Ryan quickly packed all the clothes and various items he wanted to take, including his laptop and a load of gay magazines he had hidden in his cupboard. The room looked quite bare after he had finished. He then went downstairs and collected some DVDs and CDs that were his and left a note for his parents. It just said “Have gone away. Don’t know for how long. See you.”

“What are you going to do for money when you’re in London?”

“Ah, I’ve been planning for this for sometime. I have saved quite a bit from casual work I’ve been doing whilst at college.” Ryan explained he had been doing an IT skills course so planned to try and get work in that field. “Stephen is also in IT so he reckons he can help me”.

They loaded the car with Ryan’s things and set off. “What do you think your parents will say when they see your note?”

“Good and don’t fucking come back”

“That bad eh”

Luke felt sorry for Ryan and put his hand on his leg.

The journey went fairly quietly and Ryan asked Luke about all the gay activity in London. As they talked, Ryan put his hand into Luke’s crotch and felt his cock that was getting harder and harder. He let him do what he wanted which eventually moved to unfastening Luke’s trousers, pulling his cock out and wanking it. At one point he even bent over and sucked the hard cock. Luke could hardly keep a straight path on the road. When he had finally brought Luke to a climax and sucked all the cum into his mouth he lay back in his seat, pulled down his own trousers and invited Luke to wank him. Luke obliged as they drove along the motorway and soon had Ryan writhing with sexual excitement as he brought him to his climax. Suddenly Ryan shot his cum into Luke’s hand and sank back into his seat. He took Luke’s hand and licked it clean of his creamy hot cum.

“Oh fuck me that was great”


They reached London and Luke drove Ryan to his cousin’s place which was in Islington. He owned a two bedroom Victorian terraced house which was beautifully furnished. This guy certainly had money, Luke thought as he was invited inside.

Stephen was in his mid twenties and very good looking. He welcomed Luke as if he had known him for years. He invited Luke to sit down and have a cup of tea before he set off home. Luke was keen to get back to see Josh but he said he would stay for a while. Stephen had a large Alsatian who was very friendly. He kept nudging Luke in the crotch as he stroked the dog’s head.

“Sorry about him” Stephen said as he returned with a tray of tea and biscuits, “he loves licking cock when he has the chance”.

Luke laughed “Must be quite erotic”.

“Sure is. I’ve known him bring someone to a climax doing it.”

Stephen explained that he often had what he called a gay naturist evening where a few friends would come round for a social evening together and they would be naked.

“Its good fun, you and your boyfriend must join us sometime”

“Is that when your dog gets his chance to lick cock then” Luke asked.

Stephen laughed “Yeah he loves our naked gay evenings. Occasionally it becomes a bit of an orgy. I leave it very much up to who is here and what they want to do.”

“Sounds great” Luke enthused, “you must let me know when you have the next one”.

“Why not come round this Friday evening and we’ll keep it to just the four of us so you can get the feel of it – if you seen what I mean.”

Luke did not dare say that he and Josh were well used to being naked with other guys but instead said he would love to and he was sure Josh would too.


Luke phoned Josh to say that he would be home shortly. When he arrived, Josh was in the hallway waiting for him. They hugged and kissed each other as if they had not seen each other for months. Luke’s parents were in the kitchen and looked on. Having given both of them a kiss Luke took Josh upstairs to tell him all about his experiences up North. They hugged and kissed even more passionately and gave each other a grope.

“I’ve really missed you” Luke told Josh.

“Me too, it seems ages since we were last together”

Luke told Josh about Ryan and about their trip to a club with Georgiou and how he had given Ryan a lift to London to stay with his cousin. “And we are invited to gay naturist evening with Stephen and Ryan on Friday evening.”

“A what?” Josh asked somewhat amused so Luke explained and they both giggled. “Should be good for a laugh and the Alsatian dog loves to lick cock.”


Downstairs Luke’s father was saying to his wife, “Those two really love each other, don’t they”.

“They sure do and it’s great to see two people so much in love”

“I never thought it would last. I thought it was just a passing phase but I can see they really love each other. More even than the average straight couple.”

“Well yes, and you have to realise that being gay puts even more pressure on two people to make it work since they can’t show their love when they are out and about like heterosexuals, unless they are in a gay environment.”

“Yeah, good point never thought of it like that before. If I want to kiss you or hold your hand I can do it wherever we are without thinking but I presume they can’t.”


Suddenly the door opened and Luke and Josh came bursting in. “I’m starving, when’s dinner” Luke asked.

“Oh dear, the gannet is back. It’s been so nice just having Josh to cater for.”

They all laughed and sat down for a family meal whilst Luke told them about Granny up North.


Friday evening arrived and Luke and Josh set off for Islington. When they arrived, Stephen and Ryan were already naked and the new arrivals were invited to take off their clothes and leave them in the spare room. Luke and Josh were certainly not disappointed with the naked bodies in front of them. Ryan looked even more delectable than he previously remembered and Stephen was a bit of an Adonis as well. The pair of them stripped off their clothes and joined the other two in the living room which had a nice warm feel about it. Drinks were offered along with nibbles and they sat down to talk.

“A couple of other friends may join us a bit later, hope you don’t mind” Stephen explained. Luke and Josh said more the merrier and helped themselves to some more crisps.

As they did so, the dog started sniffing Luke’s crotch and then started licking his cock. The feel of the rough tongue was really erotic and soon his cock was stiffening. “If you want to get rid of him just push him away and he’ll take the hint” Stephen explained.

“It’s certainly very erotic” Luke responded but I won’t let him go the whole way just yet.

The dog took the hint as Luke gently pushed his head away so it turned his attention to Josh who also soon had an erection with the dog’s persistent licking.

They chatted about what each other did and about what they did on the gay scene and Luke and Josh told the other two about their experiences as a life art model and as a porn star. Ryan was fascinated and said he would love to do some of that. Luke said he would see if their producer would be interested in Ryan joining in a shoot.

“When are you eighteen?” Scott asked Ryan.

“Next Wednesday” he replied.

“Really” Luke exclaimed, “won’t your parents have wanted you at home for that?”

Stephen and Ryan laughed. “You must be joking” Stephen explained, “Ryan’s parents aren’t the slightest bit interested in him, never have been and they probably won’t even remember that it’s his birthday next week let alone his eighteenth.”

“Tell you what guys, why don’t you both come over next Wednesday to celebrate Ryan’s eighteenth and we’ll go to a club in the evening; if that’s okay with you Ryan.”

Ryan said he would love to have them come as he didn’t know many of Stephen’s friends.

Just then the doorbell rang and Stephen went to let in the new arrivals. After a few minutes he returned with two guys who were also stark naked and introduced them.

“This is Anton and his partner Sam”

They all shook hands and introduced themselves. Both were in their twenties, well endowed and had very nice bodies.

The drink flowed as they relaxed and chatted. The dog did its round of the cocks on offer and again came to Luke’s. This time Luke just let the dog lick away until he was rock hard. The others were looking on to see if the dog could bring Luke to a climax. The dog seemed to know just the spot on the cock to lick and soon Luke could feel himself reaching the point of no return. Suddenly he shot his load of cum and before it had time to spill anywhere the dog had licked every drop off including any lingering drops at the end of Luke’s cock. The others cheered and the dog looked at them as if to say ‘success’. He then moved to Anton and started on him.

During the course of the evening the dog had each of them shoot cum and having done so seemed to be satisfied since he laid down by their feet.

“Well that’s a first” Josh exclaimed, “I’ve never been wanked by a dog before”.


The following Wednesday Luke and Josh went to Islington again laden with a bottle of champagne and a present for Ryan. He loved what they had got for him and could not wait to open the champagne. Stephen had laid on a meal for them all and had invited Anton and Sam again since Ryan now knew them. They all had a great time and by the time it was time to leave for the evening’s entertainment they were all very merry. Stephen told them that they were going to the White Swan since it was a Wednesday. Ryan looked at him enquiringly. “That means its stripper night and the amateur strip.” Stephen grinned at the others as if to say ‘we’ll see if we can get Ryan to enter’.

They got a taxi and arrived at the club about 11 p.m. The strip show normally started just before midnight and was followed by the amateur strip. The place wasn’t packed but there were plenty of guys standing around, and plenty of stunning ones to look at! Stephen got them all drinks and they stood at one side viewing the talent. They too caused plenty of attention and they were aware that they were being looked at by several guys around.

Sandra, the drag queen who generally acted as host for these strip nights announced that the professional stripper would be performing shortly and that entrants for the amateur strip should make themselves known to a guy behind the bar. Stephen turned to Ryan and said “Why don’t you enter Ryan, you could win a £100”. Ryan mumbled that he wasn’t sure he could do that. “Come on, you’d be great” the others chimed in. Eventually with sufficient encouragement he said “I’ll do it if you lot will do it as well”.

“Yeah, I’m willing” said Luke and Josh. Stephen, Anton and Sam also agreed so the six of them went to the bar and gave in their entries for the contest.

“Thanks guys” the barman said “we were getting worried that nobody was going to enter tonight”.

It turned out that the six of them were the only entries so the others agreed between them that whoever won the winnings would go to Ryan as a birthday present.

Sandra announced the stripper and the crowd gathered round the stage. He clearly worked out in the gym and certainly had a nice body on him. He was soon stripped down to a tight fitting pair of briefs which hid very little. He then invited a guy standing nearby to join him on stage and got the guy to feel all over his body including down inside his briefs. The guy was pleasantly surprised to feel a good sized cock inside that was rapidly enlarging. The stripper then stood the guy in front of him and unfastened his belt and the top button of his trousers. He then slipped his hand inside and felt the guy’s cock. At the same time he was rubbing his own cock up against the guy’s arse in a very sexual manner.

He then got the guy to pour oil over his chest and down inside his briefs before dismissing him off the stage. He slid his hands inside the briefs and massaged his cock. The briefs became translucent and his enlarged cock could be seen clearly beneath the thin material. He turned his back to the audience and slowly and seductively slipped his briefs down his legs. As he did so his now bare arse bent towards the audience who all applauded. Once naked he turned to show a full frontal and a stiff cock waving about in front of him. He gave it another massage with his oily hand before finally bowing and leaving the stage. The crowd went mad with excitement and Sandra had a job to be heard over the applause as she thanked the stripper.

Sandra then did her turn and at one point asked if it was anyone’s birthday. Stephen and the others all held their arms high pointing to Ryan. Poor Ryan was dragged to the stage by Sandra looking very embarrassed. She asked him how old he was and when he said eighteen she “Oh lovely, I so seldom have an eighteen year old these days”. The crowd roared with laughter. She then proceeded to play with him in her usual way. Her hands were all over him, including his crotch.

“I must just feel inside to see what eighteen year olds offer these days” she said. The crowd roared with approval and told her to have a good feel. She unfastened his trousers and Ryan could feel her hand slip inside his briefs and have a good feel.

“Well” she exclaimed, “He’s certainly not going to have any problems in that department”.

Eventually they got to the amateur strip part of the show and Sandra called for the first contestant. The six of them had decided that Josh would go first, then Stephen, then Anton, then Ryan followed by Luke and ending with Sam. They were all taken into a little room beside the stage and told by the guy organising it all when to go on stage. They were also advised to take off their shoes and socks since they always caused problems for strippers. “Just have three items to remove” the guy advised them. Fortunately it was another warm summer’s night so they had only come out in a T shirt.

Sandra was calling for the first stripper and Josh could hear his name being announced. He strode onto the stage and received a roar of applause. The music playing was a good beat to strip to so he soon got into the stride. He slowly and seductively removed his T shirt followed by his trousers. He then teased the audience by playing with his cock inside his briefs and every so often exposing it. The crowd were calling out ‘off, off, off’ and he slowly slid them down his legs like the professional stripper had done with his back to the audience. Once fully naked he swung round and showed them his partially erect cock. The crowd just loved it and roared their approval.

Sandra then joined him on stage and congratulated him having first had a good feel of his cock which by now was getting harder and harder. Josh returned to the room off stage and watched Stephen take his place. Stephen was a tall guy with a perfect body which did not go unnoticed by the audience. He followed a similar routine to Josh and was soon standing stark naked. He was well endowed and his long thick cock stood proudly out in front of him even though it was not hard. Sandra took great delight in holding it for a while and then giving it a massage. Stephen didn’t disappoint her and the organ was soon reacting.

Anton was a short slim guy. He had beautiful smooth skin which had a bronzed hue to it as he had South American blood in him. He was very seductive as he stripped off and finally stood naked in front of the audience. His cock was small but well formed and Sandra delighted in playing with it. Unfortunately she could not get it to react as Anton was still somewhat nervous about being stark naked in front of all these guys.

When Ryan went on stage there were roars of applause and approval. Sandra screamed, “Oh it’s the birthday boy. Oh I can’t wait.” Although slightly nervous, Ryan did them proud. The alcohol he had consumed helped him overcome his nerves and by the time he was down to this briefs he was really enjoying himself. He teased the audience for quite a while by feeling himself inside his briefs before finally stripping them off. When he swung round they roared at the sight of his full erection which he swung from side to side. Sandra could not control herself and she jumped onto the stage and took hold of it. “Oh my God, an eighteen year old cock, how lovely.” She then said to Ryan in a stage whisper “What are you doing after the show?”.

The applause for Ryan went on and on and it was quite a while before they would let him off the stage. Luke knew he would have quite a job to beat that but he really wanted Ryan to win in any event. Having watched the others strip and having them stand naked beside him in the room whilst the others performed had given him a hard on. He went on stage and gave the audience another erotic strip and they loved it. When he finally turned to show off his full hard erection they roared again and applauded. Sandra couldn’t believe her luck at having a feel of yet another erection. “I’ve never seen so may stiff cocks on an amateur strip night”.

Finally Sam did his strip. He played at being very coy and shy and the audience loved it. He had a gorgeous body and he knew it. He moved seductively as he removed each item of clothing until he was stark naked. Before he turned to show his full nudity he bent over with his legs wide open. The crowd loved it. When they finally saw his full frontal they were surprised at the size of his cock since overall he was a fairly small guy but his cock certainly made up for it. Sandra gave it a good feel and felt the thickness. “Oooh that’s gorgeous” she exclaimed.

The other five contestants were invited back on stage and as required in the rules were still stark naked. Unlike many contestants none of them attempted to cover up their nudity so all could see what they offered. They were proud to show off what they had!

Sandra stood behind each of them in turn and placed a hand on their butt as she did so. She got the audience to applaud each of them and the loudest and longest applause would be the winner. When she got to Ryan the crowd exploded. They applauded, roared and whistled. By the time she reached the end with Sam it was clear who the winner was even though Luke had come near. Sandra stood behind Ryan again and asked the audience if it was Ryan who was the winner. They all screamed yes.

When the lads had dressed the organiser gave Ryan his £100 and congratulated him. He was also given a bottle of champagne on the house with enough glasses for the six of them, Sandra and the organiser. They stood beside the stage and drank until the bottle was empty.

As they did so, Luke had noticed a rather nice guy looking over towards them. Their eyes met and he grinned. He then moved over to Luke. “Hi” he said, “I thought you guys did a fantastic strip. You’re all winners as far as I’m concerned.” Luke introduced him to the others and he told them his name was Charles. He was very well spoken and Luke had a feeling that he was upper crust. They chatted away and Ryan offered him a glass of champagne. The guy accepted and toasted Ryan. “Oh to be eighteen again” he laughed. Luke looked at the guy and reckoned he was in his mid thirties. He was wearing very smart and expensive clothes and had a naturally good body that he imagined took no effort in keeping that way. He was also very attractive and very charming. In his mind, Luke was slowly undressing him.

The club closed at 2.30 a.m. and it was now just after two. “Do you guys fancy coming back to my place and continuing the celebrations” Charles asked the group. They all looked at each other and Stephen said “Yeah, I’m game”. The others also agreed that they were happy to join him.

They drank up and Charles led them outside. “I’ve got a car waiting for me round the corner” he told them as he herded them along the street. Sure enough as they turned the corner a chauffer driven Bentley moved up alongside them. “God, this guy must be well healed” Josh whispered to Luke as the others piled into the back. Luke looked at the driver who was also very good looking. Luke decided he could only have been nineteen or twenty and later learned that he was Brazilian and his name was Oscar. Off they drove and eventually ended up in Mayfair. Oscar drove up to a very smart block of flats and let them out. Charles led them into the block, nodded to the Concierge on the desk, who was clearly used to him bringing back talent in the early hours of the morning and took them up to a penthouse which had stunning views across London. Oscar meanwhile parked the car and then joined them a few minutes later.

“Let me introduce you to Oscar” Charles said. “He is my butler, chauffer and general houseboy, amongst other things”. Charles grinned at Oscar as he said the last bit and Oscar grinned back. ‘Yeah I can guess what the other things includes’ Luke thought to himself.

“How about some sandwiches for our guests Oscar.” The lad nodded and as he left the room Charles added “and feel free to dress down if you want to”.

Oscar grinned knowing what Charles meant. He liked ‘dressing down’ for Charles and hoped it might encourage others to do likewise.

When he had left the room, Charles explained that he had met Oscar in a gay bar and found out that he was born over here but his parents had gone back to Brazil where they originally came from. “He basically had nowhere to go so I took him in.” The others grinned. “Well, he is rather nice isn’t he?”

Charles was the perfect host and plied them with more drinks and asked all about them. Luke explained how he and Josh had met and eventually came to live with him and how he had met Ralph up North and then his cousin in Islington. Anton and Sam told them how they had met and were now partners and that they had known Stephen for several years. Charles was delighted to have six gorgeous young guys in his presence and wanted to get to know them even better!

Eventually Oscar came in with a large platter of sandwiches which were beautifully cut into triangles. But the six lads hardly noticed the sandwiches because all eyes were on Oscar. He was naked except for an apron round his waist that hid his privates but exposed his backside. “Oh lovely” Stephen exclaimed, “a butler in the buff”.

Charles laughed and explained that Oscar often served at dinner parties like this, “Causes great interest and glee amongst the guests” he explained. “You guys must join me for a dinner party one night.”

“Anyhow, tuck in and if you feel like joining Oscar in making yourselves more comfortable then feel free.”

The lads all slipped off their T shirts and Luke, Josh, Stephen and Ryan also removed their jeans leaving themselves wearing just their briefs. They then tucked into the sandwiches which were very welcome after all the drink they had been consuming.

Charles watched them with amusement as he too stripped off his shirt and trousers. He was left wearing a white silk G string which exposed his very delectable backside. He then walked over to Oscar who was offering more sandwiches to the lads from his large platter and unfastened the apron. Oscar was left stark naked as he stood in front of the guys. Having put the platter down, Oscar then moved behind Charles unfastened the two side ties of the G string and pulled it off him. He was a big boy and a huge cock was released.

This encouraged the others to remove what clothing they were still wearing until they were all stark naked. Soon cocks were getting hard and hands were groping guys nearby. Luke was standing near Oscar so grabbed his cock, knelt down and sucked it until Oscar was rock hard. It was a beautiful cock and Luke wanted it inside him.

Being the perfect host he was, Charles suddenly appeared with lube and condoms and gave them to Oscar who promptly sheathed his cock, lubed Luke’s arsehole and proceeded to fuck him with Luke bending over the settee. The others gave him encouragement telling him to fuck harder and harder. Luke could feel the big cock inside him and it felt wonderful. Oscar never liked to cum inside a condom so after a while he withdrew and removed the sheath. Josh then knelt down and sucked him until he was ready to burst. He again withdrew his cock, not wanting to cum just yet.

Meanwhile, Charles was fucking Ryan. He hadn’t fucked an eighteen year old for a long time and he enjoyed every minute of it. Having his cock inside this young warm arse felt wonderful. He wished he could have done so without the sheath but thought better of it. As he thrust in and out he asked “Any of you guys do bareback.”

Luke and Josh said they did and so did Anton and Sam. “Wow, that’s cool, I love watching guys fucking bareback.”

Ryan then announced to everyone’s surprise that he would love to be fucked bareback just to have the experience of a bare cock inside him.

“Okay Ryan then your birthday wish will be fulfilled” Charles stated. “When were you last tested Luke?”

“Four weeks ago”

“And you Josh”

“Four weeks ago, we both do work for a porn video so get tested regularly”

“How about you Anton and Sam?”

“Must be about a year ago”

“Okay Ryan, your best choice appears to be Luke and Josh but it’s your call, who would you like to fuck you bareback?”

Ryan grinned and said he would like both Luke and Josh to fuck him bareback.

Charles got Ryan to bend over the arm of the settee and greased his arsehole. He loved the feel of the young hot arse as he pushed his finger inside. ‘Phoar, lovely hot young flesh’ he thought to himself as he lingered over the task.

He then invited Luke to come forward and lubed his long hard cock. He then guided the cock into Ryan’s gaping hole and told Luke to “fuck away”. Luke needed no encouragement and was soon fucking in and out. He then realised that Charles was filming him on a small video camera from all angles. He felt his legs being pulled apart so that Charles could get a view from below. Being used to such handling by Steve when he was making the porn movies he just let Charles get on with it. The feel of his naked cock inside this beautiful young arse did feel fantastic. He felt himself reaching a climax so decided to withdraw and let Josh take over. Josh soon had his big hard cock inside the young arse and fucked in and out. Charles continued filming right up close and could see the big head pushing its way in and out of Ryan’s gorgeous hole. He and Oscar would have hours of fun watching this when they were alone.

“Okay Sam why don’t you fuck Anton now for us all to see your bare cock go in and out of his gorgeous arsehole”

Sam was happy to oblige and proceeded to fuck Anton. Again the camera rolled and Charles got every bit of the fuck on film including a climax of Sam cumming just inside Anton’s arse. He zoomed in to see the remaining drops of cum oozing from Sam’s cock and dribbling out of Anton’s arse.

Having shot his load Sam said he felt it was time he and Anton went home. A taxi was arranged and they were soon gone. Having seen them to their taxi, Charles came back into the room, stripped off his shirt and trousers and joined the group again.

“Thanks guys for being such good sports. How about some more bubbly.”

Oscar was sent off to get another bottle and came back with a tray of what looked like small oil burners as well.

“Ah good for you Oscar, let’s treat these guys to something really exotic and erotic.”

Whilst Oscar poured more glasses of champagne, Charles lit the small oil burners and situated them on low tables near to where they were all lying on the floor. “These come from the Far East” Charles explained and after a while you should start feeling the effect.”

Oscar handed round the glasses and placed the platter of sandwiches, which he had replenished, onto the floor so they could all help themselves. He then positioned himself between Luke and Ryan and Charles lay down between Stephen and Josh. As they drank the bubbly they all began to smell the aroma from the oil burners. It was vaguely similar to poppers but not so pungent. But the effect was much more stimulating. They could all feel their blood pressure rising and erotic feelings forming inside them. Luke involuntarily leant over and kissed Oscar and Ryan soon joined in. Hands were soon exploring each others naked bodies and erections were forming rapidly. Oscar got both of them to lie back so he could suck both their cocks. The feeling was out of this world and both of them were flying high. Oscar knew how to stimulate cock and he soon had them doing whatever he wanted. He had their legs in the air and got them to hold them over their heads so as to expose their arseholes. He rimmed each of them shooting from one to the other. Both Luke and Ryan were quite out of it now apart from enjoying the wonderful experience.

Next to them Charles was performing on Stephen and Josh in a similar manner and they too were laying back enjoying the erotic feeling rushing through their bodies. Charles was now greasing up their arseholes with lube and fingering each of them together. Oscar had done likewise to his pair and now had two fingers up each arse. Then he progressed to three in order to really open up these love holes.

His own cock was rearing to get inside so he withdrew his fingers from Luke and inserted his naked cock. Whilst he fucked Luke he continued fingering Ryan. After a while he changed over and inserted his cock into Ryan and his fingers back into Luke. Both guys were just laying there clearly enjoying the action.

Charles too had started fucking and had a cock up Josh whilst he fingered Stephen. After a few strokes in each he would change over and fuck Stephen whilst fingering Josh. “God this feels good” he said quietly to himself.

Oscar looked over to Charles and without actually saying anything they changed positions. As Charles moved over, Oscar kept fingering Luke and quickly took over fingering Josh. Charles quickly inserted his cock into Ryan and took over fingering Luke whilst Oscar thrust his cock into Josh and fingered Stephen. The feel of his cock inside Ryan made him feel even more sexually aroused. He took a deep breath so as to take in more of the aroma and fucked harder. Ryan seemed to like it. He wanted to try Luke’s arse but found it hard to leave Ryan’s but eventually he quickly changed over and inserted his cock inside Luke. It too felt wonderful and fingering Ryan with three fingers was even more exhilarating.

This double action must have gone on for at least half an hour until eventually both Charles and Oscar decided to release their ‘prisoners’. “Oh my God, guys that was just brilliant, thank you so much for letting us fuck you like that.”

The four guys sat up slightly dazed. They could still smell the aroma and still felt sexually aroused. “Okay guys how about you fucking the pair of us gang bang style one after the other”

The four lads readily agreed and Charles and Oscar changed positions on the floor so that their arses were high in the air ready to be fucked. Ryan started with Oscar and Luke with Charles. After about a dozen strokes Josh took over from Ryan and Stephen from Luke. They continued this for several more turns each until they then did a complete swap and fucked the other guy. The pair of them were fucked by all four about six times, each with at least a dozen strokes. By the time they had finished, cocks and arses were sore. They all sank back and started wanking themselves but Oscar wanted them to wank them himself so he lined Luke and Ryan up and proceeded to wank. Soon they were both shooting cum and when they had finished he licked it all up. Then he took Stephen and Josh and wanked them. Again they were soon shooting hot cum and once again he licked it all up. Finally he wanked Charles and this time he let him shoot over his face. Charles then licked his face of all his hot cum. Charles then wanked Oscar who also shot over Charles.

Totally exhausted they sank back and rested.

Several hours later having slipped off to sleep, the four lads woke up to find a naked Oscar standing over them with plates of eggs and bacon. The four sat round and scoffed the offering. “Charles has had to go out but he says thanks for last night and hopes you’ll come again”

Josh laughed and said he would ‘cum’ anytime, just ask.

Having got themselves dressed and left their contact details, the four set off home in a chauffeur driven Bentley. Oscar first dropped off Stephen and Ryan in Islington before taking Luke and Josh to Hampstead. As Oscar drove into the drive, Luke saw the gardener collecting his tools from the front garden.

“Hi Dan” Luke called.

Dan was impressed at seeing the Bentley drive in and was even more impressed with Oscar who had now got out the car to say goodbye to the two lads. “Do you want to come in” Josh asked Oscar. “No, better get back but thanks and hope to see you again sometime. Really enjoyed last night.”

Oscar left and Luke called Dan over. He had noticed him gauping at Oscar. He had always felt Dan was gay but had never tested his feelings.

“So what are you doing here today?”

“I couldn’t come yesterday so told your Dad I would come today” Dan explained, “but I’ve finished now”.

It was another hot day and Dan’s T shirt was wet with sweat.

“Why not come in and have a cool drink; are you in a hurry to get off?”

“No, nothing particular on this afternoon” Dan replied somewhat despondently.

The two lads went into the house and Dan said he would meet them round the back when he had put the tools away. When they got in, Luke told Josh that he thought Dan was gay so wanted to test him out. Josh had already noted Dan’s lithe body and the tight fitting T Shirt that hugged his chest.

The pair of them went into the kitchen and stripped off their T shirts. Suddenly there was a knock on the back door and Dan was standing there. “Come on in Dan” Luke shouted as he was struggling to get his damp T shirt off. Dan walked in and gazed at the half naked torso in front of him. He knew of course that Luke was gay and had always dreamed of getting together with him but he had not had the nerve to make a move. Apart from that he valued his job too much since Luke’s Dad paid well even though Dan provided a top class service.

“You look hot” Luke commented, “why not take off your T shirt and cool down”. Dan didn’t need any further encouragement and immediately stripped off his shirt. Knowing that Mr W was not going to be at home he had also worn his low slung jeans which hung round his mid buttocks to show off a large proportion of his flimsy pants. He turned towards the sink deliberately to go and wash his hands so that the other two could see. He was also conscious that with bending and stooping his pants had in fact slipped down slightly so he was now showing off the top part of a naked bum.

“Mmm nice view” Josh commented. Dan turned and grinned. Luke wasn’t sure how old Dan was but looking at his body he reckoned he was about nineteen or twenty.

They sat round the table and drank their cool drinks chatting about what Luke and Josh had been doing the previous evening in Mayfair. “Sounds fabulous” Dan exclaimed, feeling his cock rise at the thought of seeing Oscar naked along with Luke and Josh.

Luke decided to play it cool so suddenly announced that he was going to have a quick shower and then a dip in the pool. “Want to join us Dan?”

Once again Dan needed no asking a second time and quickly drank up and followed the two guys into the pool room. Luke and Josh stripped off in front of him and stood under the shower. Dan stood for a moment admiring their naked bodies. He realised that Luke was watching him so he set to and stripped off himself and joined them under the shower.

Luke and Josh then dived into the pool and Dan followed. He loved swimming and was good at it. He had often admired this pool and wished he could dive in. ‘Now I’m swimming naked with two gorgeous naked guys’ he thought to himself.

Luke and Josh climbed out of the pool and watched Dan swimming back and forth. His lithe naked body glided through the water with ease. Finally after about ten lengths he climbed out and joined the other two. “You’re a good swimmer” Luke commented. “Yeah, I love swimming.”

“Come and have a rest whilst I go and get some beers” Luke told Dan.

Josh was already stretched out on one of the sun beds and Dan admired his gorgeous naked body. Josh was playing with his cock although it was still soft. Dan wanted to go and help him but thought he had better not. Instead he took the sun bed next to him and stretched out on his back.

Luke returned with the beers and seeing Dan’s naked body he could not resist himself. He sat astride Dan with his cock lying on top of Dan’s and put a cold can of beer on his belly. Dan grinned. He just loved the feel of Luke’s naked flesh against his. He moved his hand to Luke’s cock and played with it whilst Luke took a swig of his beer. Soon Luke was hardening and Dan was too. Josh had joined in by standing astride Dan so that he could suck his cock. He was good at it and Josh was soon hard.

Luke had also brought with him a condom and some lube so he quickly sheathed Dan’s cock, lubed his own arse and sat on the long hard tool. With all the fucking of the previous few hours the cock slid in without any problem. He rode it hard and Dan was enjoying every second. He loved being ridden like this and as Luke sat back and pulled the long cock back with him it made Dan even more sensuous. ‘This is heaven’ he thought to himself.

Josh had now moved forward over Dan’s head and offered his arsehole. Dan immediately started rimming Josh and soon had him writhing with sexual desire.

Luke didn’t want Dan to cum just yet so he slipped Dan’s hard tool out of him and started fingering his arse. Dan clearly loved this so Luke took some lube and inserted two fingers. Oh how he loved fingering arse. It felt wonderful. He quickly slipped on a rubber and pulled Dan’s legs up over his head. Josh held them whilst Luke fucked Dan. His big hard cock slipped in easily so Dan was no virgin. He pumped and pumped until he could feel himself about to cum. He quickly removed the condom and shot his load over Dan’s chest. Dan immediately put his fingers into the pool of hot cum and licked them. “Mmm, I love tasting cum”.

Josh was rock hard and aching to get into Dan. He and Luke quickly changed places and Josh thrust his rampant cock into Dan.

“Oh my god that is wonderful” he screamed as Josh pumped in and out, “Don’t cum, I want to take that lot in my mouth.”

When Josh could feel himself reaching his climax he pulled his cock out, whipped off the rubber and thrust his cock into Dan’s mouth. Before Dan had a chance to start sucking he could feel hot cum shooting into his mouth. It tasted wonderful.

“Come on, let’s have some lunch” Luke announced once they’d had another shower and walked off into the kitchen. Seeing both Luke and Josh go off naked he followed and helped the other two make some sandwiches. As they ate, Luke quizzed Dan on what he did on the gay scene. He told them that he sometimes went to the clubs but not often because he didn’t like going alone.

“No boyfriend then” Josh asked.

“No, never seemed to find someone but it’s probably because I don’t go to gay venues enough.”

“Well, if you want” Luke said “you can come with us; how about joining us tonight?”

Dan jumped at the invitation so it was agreed that he would go home to change and come back later to join them for a meal and then to a club.

“Don’t bother dressing up because we’re planning to go to a ‘boots only’ club tonight; all you’ll need to wear is a T shirt, jeans and trainers since you’ll take the first two items off as soon as you get there.”

Dan grinned. He had never been to one of these before so he looked forward to it despite feeling a bit anxious of being naked with lots of others.


Dan was back again after an hour, much to the surprise of Luke & Josh. “’This guy can’t keep away’ Luke thought to himself as he took him upstairs. Dan was wearing another pair of low slung jeans and they were halfway down his bottom as usual. In readiness for the boots only party he had left off his briefs so as Luke followed Dan up the stairs the bare flesh of his bottom was on show before him. He teased Dan by putting a finger down his crack.

Dan had never seen Luke’s rooms before and was very impressed. He compared them to his small bed-sit and smiled to himself as he walked into the suite of rooms.

They spent the next few hours chatting and playing games on the computer. “How about this one” Josh exclaimed as he loaded an interactive game of gay strip poker he had found on the internet. “We each choose a guy and get them to play poker with each other. When your player wins a round you choose which item of clothing the following player has to take off.”

“And to make it more interesting” Luke added, “the item taken off has to be removed by the next person in our group”.

“Cool, sounds fun” Dan said excitedly.

The actual cards were not shown on screen but instead a choice of three random options based on the cards being held had to be chosen without knowing what the result would be. The players on screen were real guys having been filmed in various sequences of removing items of clothing. The rules stated that you could only choose an item of clothing that could be seen.

Dan was given first choice and chose player B, Josh chose A and Luke was left with C.

The game started and they selected their play options. Player B won the first round and Dan told the next player to remove his T shirt so Luke had to do the same. The next round was won by player A and Josh told the guy to take his jeans off so Dan had to do the same. “Hard luck Dan, you’re half naked already but we’ll let you off the next time your player wins.”

Player B was the next to win and Dan told the next player to remove his jeans so Luke lost his as well leaving him with just his briefs. The next two rounds were won by player A so Dan lost his T shirt and was left naked. Josh was still fully dressed but that soon changed when player C won three rounds in a row and Josh lost his jeans, briefs and T shirt in that order so he was now stark naked. This left Luke the only person wearing anything. Player A then had the luck for the next three rounds and since Player B was now naked, the options were suck, be sucked or be rimmed. Josh first got his player to suck the next guy so he sucked Dan, then he told the player to be sucked so he got Dan to suck him. The third time he chose being rimmed so Dan rimmed Josh. Each of these acts lasted for the same time as the guys on screen.

Finally Player B won so Luke lost his briefs. All three players in the game were now stark naked but the game continued. First player A won and the message on screen was for A to fuck B. Josh was more than happy to comply. Dan was bent over a chair and Josh fucked him. Then player C won and he fucked A so Luke fucked Josh. Finally player B won so he fucked C which meant that Dan fucked Luke. They all agreed that the game was probably fixed so that each player fucked the other but it was an enjoyable sight to watch whilst they were fucking themselves or being fucked.

Dan then announced that he would like to cook them all a meal. He apparently was a good cook and was originally going to be a chef before he decided on gardening, which he decided was healthier.

“That would be great Dan” Luke told him enthusiastically, “We do have one condition though”.

Dad looked at him wondering what it was. “You have to cook naked apart from a small apron to protect the delicate parts.”

Dan grinned, “You’re on”.

They all went down to the kitchen and Dan started to prepare his meal from the ingredients he could find in the cupboards. Luke meanwhile got a bottle of red wine out of his Dad’s wine store and poured three glasses which they drank whilst Dan prepared the meal. Luke finished his quite quickly. He was in a frisky mood and took hold of the bottle and drank from it. He then took Josh’s glass and got him to dip his cock into the red wine. “Let’s see what wine soaked cock tastes like” Luke said as he sucked the cock. He then got Josh to bend over the table opened up his arsehole and pushed the top of the bottle inside. He then used it to fuck Josh. As he did so some wine went inside but most poured over his buttocks onto the table and onto the floor. Dan was laughing his head off. “What a waste of good wine” he exclaimed, and started to lick up the spilt wine. Having cleaned the table he then went on all fours on the floor and licked that up to. Luke immediately stopped fucking Josh with the bottle and knelt up behind Dan who kept on licking and hoping that Luke was going to do what he thought. Luke inserted his bare cock into Dan and fucked him back and forth. He poured the remainder of the wine in the bottle over Dan’s back and it flowed onto his own cock as it pumped in and out. His cock was now wet with red wine as it sloshed in and out of Dan’s arse. Finally he shot cum all over Dan’s back and Josh bent over and licked it off.

They then changed over and Josh fucked Dan. He too shot his load over Dan’s back and Luke licked it all off. They then turned Dan over and sucked him dry. Whilst one sucked the other rimmed his arse with his legs up high. They took it in turns and when Dan finally came he shot loads of cum all over their faces and onto his belly. They both licked it off and Dan licked their faces clean of his creamy cum.

It was time for Dan to finish off the meal so Josh mopped the floor whilst Luke went to find another bottle of red wine. This one they drank!


They arrived at the club and were shown into a room where they could strip off down to their trainers. Their clothes were bagged and they went through a door into the club. Guys were already wandering around and Dan had a good look at the naked bodies around him. They too were eyeing him up and having a good look at what he had to offer. Dan was afraid that he would get a hard-on as soon as he looked at other naked guys but he didn’t. He saw one or two guys with semi hard-ons but that was all. They got their drinks and wandered round. There was a lounge area where several guys were sitting and playing with each other and at the back there were dark alcoves and a maze which was also dark. The three guys wandered in. Soon it was so dark that Dan couldn’t see. As he was standing there waiting for his eyes to get accustomed to the darkness he felt a hand on his arse. He knew it wasn’t Luke or Josh since they had gone on ahead. The hand was feeling his arse and a finger was inching its way in and out of his love hole. He still had his drink in his hand so he took a swig and let the guy continue. He rather enjoyed the anonymous finger pushing its way in and out.

Apart from fingering Dan’s arsehole, the guy was also greasing it up ready to fuck. Dan suddenly felt a thin hard cock slip into him. For a moment he nearly stopped the guy but decided to let him continue. It felt good and the guy was clearly enjoying himself. Dan casually took another swig of beer and let the guy carry on fucking. He finally withdrew and walked off just saying “nice fuck, thanks”. Dan giggled and said “thanks” back but the guy had gone and he never found out who had fucked him. “Now I know what ‘boots only’ parties are all about” he told himself.

Dan moved deeper into the maze and found a guy standing on his own in a corner. He finished his drink and dumped the glass on a shelf nearby. He moved over to the guy who immediately took hold of Dan’s cock which by now was rapidly getting harder. “Oooh beautiful cock” the guy whispered, “I want that cock”. Without saying anything else he turned round, took hold of Dan’s naked cock and guided it to his arsehole. Dan pushed and found that it slid straight in without any resistance. The guy had come prepared and had greased his arsehole ready to be fucked. Dan fucked him hard. It seemed the only thing to do in the circumstances. Nobody wanted passion in this place so he obliged. Having come earlier he was able to fuck and fuck without any fear of reaching a quick climax. “I wonder if Luke and Josh planned it that way” Dan thought to himself as he continued fucking.

Dan had a great time at the club but eventually it was closing time and they had to leave. They got back to Luke’s about four in the morning so Luke invited Dan to crash out on the sofa bed in his rooms. Dan was worn out with all the action at the club so was more than happy to accept. The following morning he woke before the other two so he went downstairs, prepared some breakfast and took it up to them. The three of them ate breakfast in Luke and Josh’s bed and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dan stayed for a few more hours and had another swim before finally and reluctantly leaving for home. He had really enjoyed the time with Luke and Josh and wanted to do the same again sometime. Luke said he was more than welcome to join them when they went to the clubs.


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