by Adam Stewart


Chapter 2

Luke’s parents didn’t get back from their weekend away until after the lads had gone to bed. One rule in the house was that nobody entered each other’s bedroom without first knocking and waiting for an answer. His mother listened outside Luke’s door to see if she could hear him and Josh talking inside but heard nothing. She assumed that they were both in bed asleep so did not knock. It was just as well, since the pair of them were curled up in Luke’s bed having had passionate sex an hour before and had dropped off to sleep in each other’s arms.

The following morning Luke woke to find Josh still asleep with his arms across him. He looked down at the naked body beside him and he felt his heart skip a beat. He truly loved the boy beside him and felt so happy. He now had to break the news to his parents that he was gay and loved Josh. How he would do that he hadn’t a clue. He wasn’t sure how they would take it but hoped his mother at least would understand. His father would probably just nod and not make any particular comment as usual. He knew at least that he must tell them soon.

As he lay there, Josh slowly woke up and saw Luke looking at him. “Morning” he said sleepily. They kissed and Josh started stroking Luke’s cock.

“You’d better go back to your own bed” Luke told him, “Mum may knock on the door shortly and we can’t let her find you in my bed”.

Josh crawled out of bed and into the sofa bed in the sitting room. Luke watched the naked body slowly make its way from one room to another. He sure was gorgeous, he thought to himself. The arrangement of the rooms at his end of the house was so perfect. His bedroom was off the small living room which originally had been a large hallway. A door had been put in to form a room for Luke to use as a small sitting room in which he had a TV and his computer. His double bedded room had an en-suite which was a wet room. He had large storage cupboards which held Luke’s clothes and personal things. It was a perfect pad and one which most of his friends were envious of whenever they saw it.


“Come in”, Luke shouted when he heard the knock on the outside door. He never shut his bedroom door so he could always hear someone knocking.

His mother glanced at Josh apparently asleep on the sofa bed and went into Luke’s room. She gave him a kiss and sat on the side of his bed. Despite always sleeping naked, Luke never minded his parents sitting on his bed. His mother had seen him naked numerous times so it didn’t bother her seeing her son’s gorgeous body. In any event he had pulled the duvet up sufficiently to cover his private parts so this morning she only had his chest to admire.

She talked about their weekend away and asked Luke what he and Josh had been up to. Luke made up something suitable to fill their weekend. “So you and Josh have had a good time together then.”

“Yeah, great” Luke responded with a glint in his eye.

“Good, Josh seems a nice lad”

At that moment Josh appeared in the doorway pretending to have just woken up. He was wearing a pair of boxer shorts which clearly showed his manhood and which didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated by Luke’s mother.

“Morning Josh, how are you”

“Morning Mrs Weston”

“I hear you’ve both enjoyed your weekend together”

“Yeah it was great, thank you for letting me stay”

“You’re welcome any time. You two seem to get on very well together.”

Josh smiled at Luke and Mrs Weston noticed the affectionate look they both gave each other.

“Well if you want any breakfast you’d better come down shortly because I’m cooking it now” she said as she left the room.

The two lads looked at each other and grinned.

“Let’s go and have breakfast and then shower afterwards” Luke suggested. What he really had in mind was showering together and giving Josh a fuck under the shower.

They went downstairs in their dressing gowns and sat down at the table. As Mrs Weston placed a plate of egg and bacon in front of Josh she glanced down over his shoulder and noticed that his gown had fallen open. She could see down to his crotch. He certainly had plenty to keep someone happy with, she thought to herself.

Later in the day they went off to college feeling very contented with life.


Over the next few weeks they went back to the studio to do some more modelling work for Steve and on each occasion he would also take some nude photos as well. He was very pleased with the results and his client wanted more and more from them. They also visited the clinic and had their HIV test as well as a full sexual examination. They took having their sexual organs examined in their stride as well as having swabs stuck up their arse and their cocks. All the tests came back negative which meant they were now cleared to start doing the bare back movie.

Josh and Luke felt that life was really going their way. They were both doing well at college and were making some money from their work with Steve. Josh in particular was happy about that since previously he had little money to do what he wanted.

It was a Monday evening when his life at home fell apart. Life had never been particularly happy with his parents but it was bearable. That night it went from bad to worse.

He had arrived home having had a great day at college and had met up with Luke earlier that evening. Later that week they were due to start their porn movie with Steve so they were particularly happy even though Steve had told them not to have sex for at least five days before they did the movie. This was going to be hard since both of them were sex crazy and they were itching to get inside each other’s pants.

Josh arrived home to be met by his father. As he came through the front door his father threw a magazine at him. It landed at his feet and as he looked down he saw it was a copy of Boyz that Luke had given him to take home and read.

“You a fucking poofter?” his father shouted at him in an angry tone.

Josh stood there looking at him in a shocked state.

“Let the boy come in first” his mother said to try and calm things down.

Josh walked past his father without saying a word and went into the living room.

“Well, are you, because if you are I’m not having a fucking queer living in my house”

Still Josh did not say anything. Instead he looked at his father deciding whether or not he should deny being gay. But how could he when he was so much in love with Luke. Why should he when he was what he was and there was nothing he could do to change that.

“You are a fucking poofter aren’t you” his father goaded him.

Josh had made up his mind.

“If you mean am I gay then the answer is yes I am” he replied in a calm tone.

His father was slightly taken aback at his son’s response. He had expected a strong denial.

“Gay, poofter, queer, shirt lifter – it’s all the same” he shouted at his son.

“Well you can get your arse out of this house right now; I never want to see you again. No son of mine is a fucking queer.”

Josh slowly walked out of the room to go up upstairs. As he did so he turned to his father and said “You really are an ignorant bastard aren’t you. I am your son and you two made me, so if I’m gay then it’s down to you two. I am what I am so if you can’t accept that then I don’t ever want to see you again either.”

His father was fuming but his mother told him to sit and calm down. Josh walked up to his room and pulled out a large holdall out of his cupboard. He started packing a few clothes into it without really thinking what he was packing. Finally he sat down and cried. What was he going to do? Where was he going to go? The first thing he had to do was ring Luke.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Josh, do you want me to come over”

“Probably not a good idea, can I come over to you”

“Yeah course, come straight over, do you want me to come and pick you up”

They agreed that Luke would meet Josh round the corner from his house in an hour’s time so that his father would not see who he was going off with. Josh had no intention of letting his parents know where he was going. He felt sorry for his mother but she was weak and just allowed her husband to push her around. He was sick of it and was glad it had finally come to a head. As he thought back over what had happened he was glad he had not lost his cool. He had noticed previously that it always took the wind out of his father’s rants. But this was serious, ‘what the fuck am I going to do’ he asked himself.

As he packed as many of his things into his bag as he could his mother entered the room. She was shocked to see that he was actually packing.

“You’re not going are you?”

“What do you think, he’s made it perfectly clear he doesn’t want me in the house and I don’t want to be under the same roof as a homophobe.”

“He’s just upset Josh, he’ll come round”

“Like hell he will. You know he’s a racist and now you know he’s a homophobe as well. That will never change. I’m gay and I’m not ashamed. If he can’t accept that then I don’t want to know him.”

“Don’t go now, see how he is in the morning”

Josh put his arm round her and gently kissed her cheek.

“I’ll keep in touch with you”

“Where are you going to go”

“What you don’t know you can’t tell him”

“What about money”

“I have some savings and I’m also doing modelling work for a clothes catalogue so have some money coming in”

His mother looked at him somewhat amazed that her son was so independent but deep down in her heart she knew he would be okay.

As he walked downstairs with his mother following him, his father shouted from the living room, “is that bum fucker still here”.

Josh turned to his mother “See what I mean he’ll never change his ignorant attitude”.

Josh walked out the front door and down the path physically shaking. He had felt like slamming the front door so hard that it would break the glass panel but he thought better of it. Why cause a scene, it was his father who was wrong not him.

Luke was already waiting for him when he turned the corner. They hugged each other before getting into the car and driving off.

“What the fuck am I going to do Luke”

“Don’t worry my love, all is arranged”

Josh looked at him enquiringly.

“I told my mother that you had been thrown out of the house by your father and wanted somewhere to stay for a few days and could you stay with us. She agreed.”

“But didn’t she want to know why”

“I think she already knew”


Luke’s mother had indeed suspected why and had said to Luke “You two are very close aren’t you”. Luke had said yes they were. “You love him don’t you”? Luke was not too sure what to say at first but then said “Yes, we are gay lovers”.

“Fucking hell, you just said it like that” Josh exclaimed.

“Yeah, it was the only way”

“What did she say?”

“That she had known for some time that I was gay and that when she saw you and I together that weekend you spent at our place that we were very fond of each other”

Josh put his head into his hands and cried.

Luke stopped the car at the first available place and put his arms round Josh. “It’s okay, everything is okay”

“I know” Josh sobbed, “I just wish I had parents who were like yours”.

“Yeah I know, I am fucking lucky”

“What about your father”

As usual Luke’s father was not at home when all this took place but his mother had told him that his father would understand and that they had already talked about the possibility of Luke being gay.

They arrived home and Luke carried Josh’s large bag into the hall. As they walked in his mother came out to meet them.

“Hello Josh, I really am sorry to hear what has happened”

She gave Josh a hug. “You are welcome to stay here as long as you like and if you want to you can make this your home, it’s up to you two to decide.”

“Oh thanks Mum” Luke said as he gave her a big kiss.

“See what a charmer he is, gets round me all the time” she laughed.

Josh smiled but still had tears in his eyes.

“Thank you so much Mrs Weston, I really do appreciate your kindness”

“I know you do and you’re very welcome. I’ve spoken to Luke’s father and he is happy for you to stay with us. Despite your experience, there are plenty of understanding parents around Josh. You are what you are and we love Luke just as much. Let’s face it you will have enough problems in life being gay without homophobes at home.”

Tears were running down his face but somehow Josh managed to thank her again for her kind words. Even Luke was beginning to cry.

“That’s one of the things I so love about gays, they are so tender. Come on you two let’s have a drink and talk.”

They went into the living room and Mrs Weston opened a bottle of wine. She poured three big glasses and passed two to the boys.

“Welcome” she said as she lifted her glass to Josh.

“Welcome my love” Luke responded.

“First of all we must decide what you are going to call me and Luke’s father. We can’t have you always calling us Mr & Mrs Weston”

They discussed the options and Josh said he would feel uncomfortable calling them by their first names so it was agreed he would call them Mrs W and Mr W.

“So when did you two first realise you were gay” she suddenly asked.

They both looked at her somewhat amazed at the question but after a few moments thought, Luke responded “When I was about fourteen”.

She looked at Josh and he nodded “Much the same I suppose. I realised I wasn’t interested in girls the same way as my friends and as I got older I realised I preferred male company more and more.”

“That figures” she replied, “Luke certainly never had any girlfriends and always had boys running round him”.

They all laughed and for the first time Josh managed to relax.

“So what about money” she asked Josh.

“Oh, I’ll pay my way” he quickly replied.

“I wasn’t thinking of you paying your way whilst you live here, I was thinking more about how will you pay for your own clothes and personal expenses since I assume your father won’t”

“Well I do have some savings and a job of sorts”

She looked at him with a questioning look.

“Well” said Luke, “I was going to tell you that Josh and I are doing some modelling work for a clothes catalogue at the moment so we are both earning some money.”

“Oh, great, do you know what catalogue”

Luke explained that Steve was a freelance so they didn’t know who the work was for.

“And what kind of clothes”

“Mainly underwear, swimwear and sports clothes”

His mother laughed, “That figures with both your bodies”.

“Anyhow good for you”

“And when that finishes I will probably get some other work so money will not be a problem” Josh quickly added.

Mrs W smiled to herself. Josh was a really sweet lad. Why any parent could throw a lad like that out on the street was beyond her. She had never met Josh’s parents but she could imagine what his father was like. She had come across others like him on numerous occasions. Bigoted and full of their own self importance with no regard to the feelings of others.

“Well you had better get Josh settled in Luke but just one thing I’d like to say to both of you.”

The two lads looked at her and then at each other.

“If you really love each other be sure not to let each other down and always treat each other with respect. Oh, and I have no objection to you sleeping together if you want to but do take care, you no doubt know what I mean. Not sure what your father would say about you sleeping in the same bed but he’s unlikely to find out is he.”

With that she grinned and kissed both of them. “I’m very happy for both of you”.

The two lads blushed at her oblique reference to sex but just said thank you as they left to go upstairs.

“Dinner will be ready in half an hour”

“Thanks Mum”


The two lads skipped upstairs to their pad and fell into each others arms when they got there.

“Told you everything would be okay didn’t I”

“Can’t believe it. One minute I’m homeless and the next I’m living with my lover with the full knowledge of his mother who even gives the okay to us having sex together. You are fucking lucky Luke.”

“Yeah I know, I am fucking lucky”

Luke took hold of Josh and kissed him whilst at the same time feeling in his crotch. “There’s plenty of time for that later” Josh reminded him, “come on we should unpack my bag.”

They did some reorganisation in the cupboards in the bedroom and made space for Josh’s clothes. In the morning when his parents had gone off to work they would go back to his house and collect the remainder of his things.

Suddenly the internal phone rang and it was Luke’s mother telling them to get their arses downstairs for dinner. Josh laughed at the language she used. He liked Mrs W and knew he was going to be happy living with them.

When they got downstairs Luke’s father was standing in the kitchen.

“Hi guys”

Mr W shook Josh’s hand and placed the other on his shoulder.

“You’re very welcome in our house Josh and I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been through to get here”

“So how’s my gay son then” he said turning to Luke.

“You don’t mind then” Luke said.

“Do I have any choice?”

“No, since I don’t either”

They both laughed and hugged each other. “As far as I’m concerned you’re the same son I raised and I love you just as much so the fact you’re gay makes no difference. And as I’ve already said to your boyfriend he is very welcome to live in this house with you.”

“Thanks Dad, that means a lot to us both”

With that they sat down and enjoyed a lovely meal that Mrs W had prepared. Afterwards, Luke and Josh cleared away the dishes and made coffee.

“I rather like having two young men living here” Mrs W said with a grin.

“I bet you do” her husband replied.


The next few days went fairly quietly. The pair of them went to Josh’s house to collect his remaining clothes and other belongings. When he had cleared his room he went round the rest of the house and took everything that was his such as books, CDs and DVDs that either he had bought or had been given to him as presents. By the time they had finished there was nothing to show that he had ever lived there. He had noticed that even the school photo that had been on the mantelpiece had been taken down, no doubt by his father. His final act was to leave his door key on the kitchen table with a note to his mum. It said “Have taken all my bits so won’t need this again. Will ring you every now and again but don’t worry as a good friend of mine has let me stay with them for the moment. Love Josh”

Luke read the note and felt really sad for Josh. “If I hadn’t given you that fucking Boyz to take home this would never have happened.”

“It’s not your fault, I should have been more careful but I didn’t realise my dad was going to snoop around. Anyhow, it was waiting to happen; I couldn’t take his bigoted views much longer. And of course we can now live together and have sex whenever we want!”

The two left the house laughing and returned to Josh’s new home. They unpacked the car and found room for all of Josh’s things including his computer.

“I fancy a shower after all that work” Luke said with a grin.

They stripped off and went into the wet room. “I’m bursting for a pee first” Josh said. “So am I” Luke added and started peeing where he was standing in the shower area. Josh did the same and before long they were pissing all over each other. By the time they had finished they were both dripping in each other’s piss. Luke knelt down and took Josh’s cock into his mouth. “Mmm, that tastes nice with pee all over it”. They soon both had big hard cocks and were lying on a pool of piss on the floor. Using the pee to lubricate Josh’s arsehole, he thrust his big tool into the inviting hole and fucked hard.

“Oh my god that feels good” exclaimed Josh.

Not wanting to come he withdrew and they changed over. This time Luke knelt on all fours and Josh fucked him doggy style. Once his cock was inside Luke he leant over Luke’s back and pushed his head to the floor. “Lick that piss up” he instructed Luke and fucked even harder. Luke obeyed and licked the pool of piss that was on the floor in front of him. The more he licked the more it gave him a thrill and an even bigger hard-on.

Josh came inside Luke who then told Josh to suck him dry. He wetted his cock with piss and made Josh take it in his mouth. Josh liked the taste and sucked and sucked until Luke was pouring hot cum into his mouth. His own cock was rock hard again and when he had taken Luke’s load he pushed his own cock into Luke’s mouth to take another load of cum. When they had finally done and showered, Luke suddenly remembered they were due to start filming the porn video in four day’s time.

“The rate we can spew cum I doubt we’ll have a problem do you” Josh told Luke. But to be safe they abstained for the next four days.


When Josh’s mother got home that night and read his note, she sat down and cried. She had guessed some while ago that her son was gay but had not dared raise the issue with her husband knowing what a bigot he was. He had driven their eldest son away and now her other one. Enough was enough, she was going to leave him. She phoned her sister and told her what had happened. “I’ve told you before it’s time you left that bastard of a husband. Why don’t you just up and leave him and come and live with us Jane, you know you’re very welcome and there’s plenty of room in our rambling house.”

Her sister lived on a farm down in Dorset with her husband and two boys. They were a happy family and her husband had always made her very welcome. “I’ll have a word with Joe when he gets in but I’m sure he’ll agree. Besides we could do with some more help on the farm if you’re willing so you’d be earning your keep.”

“I would love to live with you and work on the farm you know that but I don’t want Joe to feel I’m imposing”

“Don’t be daft Jane, course he won’t, anyhow I’ll see what he says”

Jane put the phone down and put Josh’s note and his key into her bag. She didn’t want her husband to see that and start another row which is what had happened the previous day when Josh had left. He seemed to be blaming her for her son being gay but in a moment of rare courage she repeated what Josh had told him ‘you really are an ignorant bastard aren’t you’. He had been so stunned at hearing her stand up to him that he had just sat there and said nothing. ‘I’ve got to leave him that’s for certain’ she told herself.

Fortunately he was working a late turn that day so would not be home for another two hours. She sat down and went through in her own mind how she would leave him. As she did so the phone rang.

“Hi Jane, it’s Joe”

They went through the usual pleasantries and Joe told her that she was more than welcome to live with them and work on the farm if she wanted to. “You know my views on your husband Jane”

“I know Joe, I should have left him long ago but I had to think of Josh.”

“Yeah well he’s gone now so you no longer have him to worry about. Have you heard from him?”

Jane told him about the note Josh had left. “Good for him, I’m sure he’ll be okay so no need to worry about him. Always thought he was gay.”

Jane laughed and said she had too but her husband was too bigoted to notice.

“He’s a lovely lad Jane and one to be proud of you know that”

She did know that and it made her husband’s reaction even harder to bear.

They discussed the arrangements for her departure and Joe agreed to meet her at the station. She would leave tomorrow when her husband was at work. She would pack her things after he had left and then get a taxi to the station. She would leave a simple note like Josh had done. In the meantime she went round the house and collected things from drawers that he wouldn’t notice missing that night such as photos of her children. The school photo of Josh that he had flung in the bin the previous night she had already reclaimed and put away with the others.

When he came home he was still in a foul mood so she spoke to him as little as possible. She went up to bed early and pretended to be asleep when he came up. As usual in the morning she got up and prepared his breakfast. He ate it in silence and then left for work. As he did so he announced that he was going out with the boys for a drink after work so would be late home. That was the last time he saw her and the last time they spoke to each other.

As soon as he had gone she set about packing the clothes she wanted to take with her along with her other personal belongings. When she looked at the two large suitcases and a small rucksack that contained them she smiled to herself ‘So this is what my life has come to after twenty years of marriage. Two suitcases’. She had never been one to collect or hoard things, ‘just have what you need for the moment’ was her motto. She did like family photos though and made sure they had all been packed. She had left all those with her husband in but fortunately there were not many since he hated having his picture taken. She went round the house and looked for the last time at some of her favourite pieces of furniture and ornaments but there was nothing that she would really miss. Her sister had a lovely home so she would enjoy hers. Her husband had never been interested in trying to improve the home so she had given up long ago.

‘God why didn’t I leave him long ago’ she said out loud. But of course she knew the answer. Josh. Once her eldest son had left home she had to stay for Josh. He was her favourite although she never let on to them both and she loved him with all her heart. That’s why she was heartbroken when he left the other night but she couldn’t blame him. She almost willed him to leave. At least now she could be honest with him and let him know she had left his father and hopefully he would want to see her. She would send him a text message as soon as she was on the train. ‘That’s if I can work out how to send one’. She had bought the mobile some months ago. Now she realised why she had suddenly had the urge to get one. She had never let on to her husband that she had one. He always thought they were a complete waste of money and couldn’t see why Josh needed one when he got his.

“One final thing to do before I leave” she told herself. She had always managed all money matters for the household. Her husband was pretty hopeless so she paid all the bills and made sure that there was only enough money in the joint account for him to spend in the month otherwise he would blow the lot on drink or gambling. Over the years she had put away a nice little nest egg into a joint savings account which he never touched and had probably forgotten about. She had paid all the bills the other day so all she had to do now was to transfer half of the money out of the joint savings account into her own account. She phoned the bank and arranged for the money to be transferred to her own private account which he knew nothing about. It was an account she had held all her life and it was this one that her wages went into.

She would miss her job at the supermarket. Not so much the work itself but the people. Her supervisor was very nice and was always prepared to listen to people’s problems. In return he just wanted everyone to do their job to their ability and treat him fairly. This she had always done all the years she had worked there so she was one of his favourites. When she had called that morning to say she could not come in that day owing to a family crisis he had been very concerned. She said she would phone him tomorrow and explain what had happened. He would be shocked to find she was not returning and she felt a bit bad about leaving like this but she had no option.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. It was the taxi she had ordered. She answered the door and a young black guy stood on the doorstep. “Hi, your taxi luv”. He looked into the hallway and saw the luggage. “All this to go luv”. She nodded and he picked up the two suitcases as if they were bags of shopping and took them to the car.

She took one last look around the place and then closed the front door behind her having left her key on the kitchen table with the one that Josh had left. The note with it said “You drove out our eldest, now you’ve driven out Josh. I’ve had enough of your bigoted views so I’m leaving you. Don’t try and find me. You will hear from my solicitor in due course.” Along with the keys she left her wedding ring. She thought back to the marriage as she did so. Having got her pregnant with her eldest they got married. ‘A bad mistake’ she told herself.

The driver had a sunny smiling face and it lifted her spirits as he opened the car door for her to get in. He was a chatty soul and asked her if she was going on holiday. She told him she was spending some time with her sister in Dorset. When they got to the station he made sure that her luggage was put onto a trolley to make it easier for her. He was such a lovely guy so she gave him an extra big tip. ‘Why couldn’t I have married a young man like that ‘she thought to herself. He seemed the kind of man who was always happy and would never say a cross word in his life.


Josh was at college when he got the text. ‘I’ve left your dad and am on way to Jane’s. Can I ring you to explain. Love mum.’

He read the message over and over again. First he didn’t know she had a mobile and second he couldn’t believe she had left his father. He had to know more so he rang back immediately.

“Hi mum where are you?”

She told him she was on the train down to Dorset and went through the events since he had left on Monday.

“Oh mum, I’m really glad you’ve left him”

He told her he was staying at his boyfriend’s house and that his parents had been really cool about Luke being gay and about Josh staying with him.

“I’m really pleased for you Josh. I’ve got no problem with you being gay, you know that don’t you. I love you just the same.”

“Thanks mum”

Josh was crying with joy and suddenly realised how much he loved his mother.

“You will come down to see me when you can wont you, and bring your boyfriend as well”

“Of course. You’ll like Luke, he’s lovely”

“I’m sure he is.”

When he had finished the call he rushed off to find Luke and tell him the news.

“Just think, I can take you down to the farm as my boyfriend with people knowing we’re gay. I can’t believe it. I’d better phone by brother and let him know.”

Luke smiled as Josh jumped up and down with joy. He knew what it was like to have someone accept him for what he was.

“I’ve never stayed on a farm, sounds cool. I’ll be able to fuck you in the hayloft.”

“Luke Weston you’ve got a one track mind. Do you never think of anything else but sex?”

“Not often!”


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