Stories by Sebastian Wallace

All stories copyright Sebastian Wallace and reproduced with their kind permission


That's The Way It Is
This time it's happened just before Christmas which isn't exactly conducive to a fresh, youthful complexion

Dr Wallace's Casebook
Stories About My Medical Practice

Parisian Perspectives
A father takes his two sons to Paris and they share a hotel room

Friends Reunited
With half an hour to spare a few weeks ago, I signed up to a social networking site

Telephone Receiver
A mate developed a hard-on talking on the phone to his girlfriend

In And Out Of Focus
In the local DIY store, I thought I was being cruised by one of the shop assistants

While We Were Sleeping
I booked a couple of beds in a Holiday Inn near Leeds to take my son Harry to see the Royal Armouries

Home Alone
My wife allows me a night to myself each week. Except usually I am very much not alone

The Maltese guy stared at my cock for a few seconds and then looked up to my face

What Are You Doing In There?
It annoyed me when my brother spent far too long in the bus station toilets

Alex's Game
A teacher accompanies one of his rowdier students to the toilet during an exam

Freaking Out Mr Pierce
A group of us at school wanted to offend one of our stuffier teachers

At a medical conference I had to share a room with one of my lecturers

Photo Shoot
The story of how I came to have a few photos of me appearing in a gay wank mag

Sizing Him Up
A friend of mine told me that she could judge the size of guy's cock just by looking at him

Christmas Reunion
Things had been awkward between my brother and I since we'd had sex

Accepting It
I thought the waiter was flirting with me, it turned out I'd misunderstood the situation

What Difference Does It Make?
Staying with my girlfriend's family I got to know her brother rather better than I expected

Blue Pete
After a friend's girlfriend dumped him, I started staying and he started dreaming of her

Ring Finger
While collecting my engagement ring, I became rather friendly with the shop assistant

Staying with strangers in a youth hostel can lead to a fascination with other guys' backsides

Bradley Stoke
Wesley had joined the company as an irritating "fast track" graduate

William took a holiday job on Robert Blakely's farm, little knowing the impact he'd have

The Cornish resort of Newquay has its fair share of brotherly incest going on in its hotel rooms

Oliver's relationship with his school-friend Simon changes dramatically

Long Load
Men from the tiny hamlet called Long Load have something impressive in common

The media told about girls giving it away in Kavos. But we found there were more guys than girls

The Madison Technique
The guy I was sharing a tent with had a very unusual way of masturbating

Mirror Image
Leon and Noel are mirror-image twins, the same as identical twins, except they're exact opposites

The Market Toilets
The toilets in a cheap backstreet market seem to get busy at a certain time

First Appearance
A teenager called Stu discovers masturbation in a confined tent while hiking

Knowing Dave
This is the story of how Wes and Dave became friends

New Older Brother
When Jonathon goes to stay with his older brother and boyfriend

Wood Worker
The landlord sends one of his carpenter mates around to fix something

From My Side
Cruising in the toilets at Uni, Euan happened to look through a glory hole

Upper Chapel
In the warmth of Kaz's parents' living room it had seemed like a good idea

Man About The House
When my girlfriend was late for our appointment with an estate agent

Look At It This Way
One night, I found myself spying on a couple of guys who were getting friendly

Educating Peter
During my medical training I had to share a room with Peter in the hospital dormitories

Thinking my girlfriend were alone in the house, I heard inexplicable noises 

Ring Of Fire
During a trip to Cornwall to see the solar eclipse, my friend and I pick up a hitchhiker

Mr Winkle Puts On A Show
Two girls my mate and I picked up on holiday wanted to see us lads getting it on together

Getting To Know Alex
Although I was irritated by Alex, during a trip I got to see a different side to him

Stag Night
My cousin has some fun with his best man on the night before his wedding

Shower Gel
On a camping holiday, I went for a shower with one of the guys in the next tent

A Different Story
While at a party I noticed a guy across the room who I'd had some fun with in the gents

Naked Twister
To prove ourselves to a girl my mate and I played an unusual game of Twister

On a school trip I had to share a room in a hostel with one of my mates and a teacher

Doing A Favour For Dave
Sarah Jane watches her husband doing a rather intimate favour for his mate

Brother Tease
My brother Gareth came to stay with my while I was at university

Ben Pays Up
When a mate lost a bet, he had to do something he found disgusting at first

The Photo Opportunity
A hotel cock-up caused a group of us to share a bedroom on holiday in Benidorm

Student Union
While I was taking a piss I noticed a guy watching me over the top of the cubicle

Army Invasion
A guy reacts badly when he caught his girlfriend cheating on him

Desperate Daniel
A final year medic sharing my flat was finding the isolation of study very difficult

Tom Stays Over
My sister's boyfriend stays over one night and shows me his impressive talent

Irregular Brothers
My older brother and I had to share a bed on the way back from Scotland

Toilet Sex At St. Ives
I popped into the public toilets to take a piss

Exploring Alec
While my friend was sleeping, I satisfied my curiosity about his body

Seducing My Housemaster
I wanted to find out if one of my teachers was interested in my body

Tight Tonight
I found the two of our boarding house assistants getting familiar with one another

Straight Guys Messing Around
A friend wanted me to play along with his plan to force his girlfriend to dump him

Catching My Brother
When I came across my older brother on all fours getting pleasured

Daryl Tries The Good Stuff
A mate came to stay and got on well with a gay guy who lived nearby