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Siggy was a welder at the shipping yard when I was in my first year as a tradesman – Sparky. I was fit those days, spent all my time pumping the iron and trying to overcome my lack of weight and muscle so at that stage of my life – twenty-one - my bod was small but pretty buff.


Whispered by George

I don’t remember wondering why an older married guy like George would invite me to his place. I was late teens he was mid-thirties. He was a truck driver at the transport company where I had a job in the office.



When I turned nineteen I decide it was time I learned how to fuck. I was deep in the closet so it was clear my cherry was going to have to go to a stranger. That’s how I wanted it anyway. So I took myself to the wrong side of town and found this really sleazy bar. I figured it was a gay bar - it was called “The Tool Box”.


Educating Darren

Just about a year after I figured out I was gay I realized my buddy Darren was a closet fag. I don’t know how I knew – maybe you get gaydar. Straight guys are always talking faggy shit. It’s a thing. But when closet guys do it, you can tell. Well, I could. Darren really was dying for cock – he just didn’t know it yet.


First Prize

I was twenty-one and he was forty-five. I was a young film writer/director and he was the man who knew all there was to know about the business. He agreed to act as a mentor for me.


Pocket Rocket

Swim training at the pool this morning and Grant the new guy is there. Being his usual loudmouth Californian self. Don’t know why he rubs me the wrong way so much. K says I’m jealous but I don’t think so. I beat him by over ten minutes in the last two times out.


Dennis And Lissa

A lot of guys talk about how they discovered they liked dick. Some guys say they always knew and some say it was a growing realization. For me it happened in a blinding flash. It happened at the pub one Friday night after work. For some reason it was just me and Dennis.


Talking Dirty

You never know when the urge will hit. This was a typical workday. The client was unhappy with the magazine ads – the muscleman photo wasn’t dynamic enough, could I touch it up?



I hadn’t taken any hygiene precautions that night. I wasn’t expecting to be fucked up the arse. And I certainly wasn’t expecting to renew an acquaintance from fifty years back. Shows how much I know.


Met By Moonlight

Somewhere in the dark water was dripping into a urinal. In the cubicle I inhaled the super-horny bog smell of piss and sweat and men and slowly stroked my cock, waiting. I heard it first – a big rig in high gear – then lights flashed across the wall of the bog as it came round the bend in the highway.



I told myself this was only because I was drunk – not something I would normally do. Then I put the swollen purple cockhead in my mouth and started to suck. It wasn’t the first time – in fact the taste of Tom’s dick was becoming familiar to me. It felt comfortable to slide more of it into my mouth and swirl my tongue around the rim of the head. I adjusted my position on the bed to get more of it in.


The Cockteaser

This young guy at work had been cock-teasing me for about a month. I know the type. They like to get strait-acting guys like me to admit we’re into their ass and that’s as far as they go – it’s some kind of victory. Me, I don’t like just flirting, I like to follow through, so I was playing it down. He was on my hook way more than I was on his.


On The Beach

When I was nineteen I was a competition swimmer and did a lot of my training in the ocean. That’s how I discovered the nude beach. Men! Naked men! They entranced me. My first sight of a swinging dick took my breath away. I became a regular but I was shy and if anybody made eye contact I’d slip back into the ocean and swim away.


The Longshoremen’s Social Club

There were three of them from mid-forties to early fifties I guess. I was only eighteen and wasn’t even supposed to be in the bar. It was the Stevedores club – really just a disused office that Mad Dom got permission to use as a working men’s club for the guys who worked on the wharves.


Agressive Submissive

There’s a paradox in the notion of a submissive fuck-toy (which is what I am sometimes) aggressively pursuing a butch top. But when the lust overtakes me and I need to be taken like a fag bitch. When my hands stray to my nipples unbidden. When my breath shortens and my knees weaken because the image of a stern stiff cock fills my brain, I have to find someone I might seduce into fucking me.


Cuckold's Revenge

Jealousy’s a complex emotion. I knew she fucked other guys and I guess the emotion I felt was jealousy. It was a mix of anger, distaste and shame. I felt – demeaned. But right on top of that, maybe because of it, there was this raw and desperate lust.


Mister Regenzani

Me and Mister Regenzani, we got a thing going on. Started a while back when I was helping him at his fruit shop. He’s got this backroom where he sorts all the fruit before getting it in the chiller our out on the display. I give him a hand sometimes – specially these days.


Yarn of the Stockman

I guess I’m the only one knows the full story. Everybody thinks they know something but what they really know is just one thing


Rides From Strangers

Two guys are just hanging around but are getting very bored. But being bored means they try dangerous things. This time they start messing around and flirting with two guys in an old beat up car.