Stories by Robert Furlong

All stories copyright Robert Furlong and reproduced with their kind permission


Just Like My Dad (2 Parts)

I guess he saw the way I was looking at his big, blokish backside and licking my lips because when the time came for the car to be delivered to the showroom, Ivan offered to drive it over to my house after he'd finished work. I'd asked how he'd get home and he'd sais, "You can give me lift back here if that's okay. I'll pick up my car and drive home.



The lads were piss bored.  It was a hot day and the sun was shining brightly, yet here they all were in a stuffy biology lesson.


Doing the Dirty (2 Parts)

"Do you prefer dating a woman or doing the dirty with a guy?" my son asked me. I know it's not a typical question for a nineteen-year-old lad to ask his dad but then Jake and I don't have what you might call a typical father-son relationship.


Game Boy (2 Parts)

At first I thought he must be selling something.  He looked clean-cut and respectable, with a smart bomber jacket over his crisp white shirt and wearing a pair of black trousers and trendy geek-chic specs.

Up At The Crack (1 Part)

A few months ago I met a guy called Edward and it turned out that, among his varied and chequered past, he'd been divorced and has a son in his late teens, just like me. His lad is called Ashley; he's eighteen and at university in Sheffield.  My son is Jake who's nineteen and at Leeds.


My Two Uncles (2 Parts)

It was Uncle Brendan who saw me first. I was trying to be sneaky but he must have spotted me peeping round the door. At first I thought I'd be in it deep and was about to duck out of view and dash off back to bed


Bunk Buddies (1 Part)

My fuck-buddy Rob has always been fascinated to hear about my time in prison.  I told him early on in our hook-ups that life inside hadn't actually been that interesting – that it was mostly mind-splittingly dull and that the sex, such as it was, was brief and infrequent – but he keeps asking about it as if he thinks I'm holding back on telling him all the juicy bits.


Mankini Bearcub (2 Parts)

Bazza is intrigued by comments made about his ice bucket video which shows his mankini falling down…


Mudchute Services (1 Part)

Warning: This story contains scat!

Robert stops off to visit to the toilet at a motorway services and discovers a new raunchier side to his sexual interests…


The Halfway Inn (2 Parts)

When I'd heard that we had to go on a course in Bristol, the prospect of staying over had sounded like it might be a treat.A few days later, though, finance had told us that the four of us men who were going had to double up in two twin rooms for the sake of economy.


Doubling Up (3 Parts)

My friend stays over with us while my son’s mate from university is still in town and late at night sees the two lads in Jake’s bedroom doing something he didn’t expect…


Having A Laugh (1 Part)

It started out with the two of us having a laugh.  I showed Reece some photos on my phone of our mates doing stupid shit with their cocks out and he said we should go one better and pretend like we were doing gay stuff. So that's how it started.


Go Ahead (1 Part)

Rob visits the local bus station toilets while he waits for the coach company's office to open. Once inside he heads for a cubicle and before long he finds out what other activities go on.


Awake With Jake (4 Parts)

Jake and his father, Rob, sit down one evening and discuss a shared fascination. Jake then begins to tell all of his experiences with other guys.


The Bride's Brother (2 Parts)

Scott and Ricky meet Jason at his sister's wedding. But Jason gets curious as he talks to the cute couple.


Hypothetical Hitch-Hiker (2 Parts)

When Dane refuses to pay for a lift in kind he gets thrown out of the car and get's picked up by Rob. As they travel the discussion turns hypothetical.



Like Father Like Son (2 Parts)

Jake brings home a friend from university and teases his father, showing him that they have the same interests when it comes to having a man in their bed.


Butt Monkey (31 Parts)

On a trip to a football match Rob meets Guy. Both men are straight but have not had much luck with women recently and they both discover just how far they willing to experiment.