Stories by Ricky

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A New Trek
On a trip to the mall, Trek, a shy and lonely young man, literally bumps into someone who will change his life.


Tyson Ignacio Coruthers finds himself in trouble with the law. As punishment he is sent to the country to work on a ranch


Roll Call
Eliot Glickman starts a new school and seems to get paired up with Jan Teagle, a boy who found himself disabled after an accident.


Blind Sensations
Miles starts a new school, he is blind and tries to keep people at arms length. Jamie is an outcast and tries to befriend Miles, but it is a difficult task.  


The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Andrew moves from the City and meets a country boy, Tad. After seeing a picture of Andrew long ago knew, Tad knew that destiny had something in store for them.


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