Stories by Natty Soltesz

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Meat Lovers
When the wife is out of time and the pizza guy is on his way.


College Dive Bar, 1am
While at a bar a college guy explains how the arrangement with his room mate came about


Best Buddies
It started out casually. I think. It seemed that way for a while, at least; just something we did for fun, something that didn't mean anything.


Dr. Craig
Zach had been having a pain in my stomach.  In retrospect it was probably just nerves, but his mom insisted on sending him to the doctor.


Two straight dads find creative ways to spend the time while their kids are asleep


My Best Friend's Boyfriend
After a night drinking Daniel stays at his best friend's flat. But she has a row with her boyfriend and storms out, leaving them alone.


My Boyfriend's Horny Brothers
When Nate travels with his boyfriend to his family home, his two brothers take him out on the town, drinking.


My Sister's Boyfriend Joey
After graduating from college Nate crashes on his sister's couch not realising that her boyfriend pretty much lived there.