Stories by Nathan Jones

All stories copyright Nathan Jones and reproduced with their kind permission


Short Stories

Invitation To Enter
Rory find a new college friend

Army Games
Two Paratroopers become more than 'jump buddies'

Sex In The Swimming Pool
Two guys meet in the water and are interested in each other

The Hitch-Hiker Biker
A trip to Spain and a biker picks up a stranded lad

Gym Workout
After a hard day, he's looking to release some tension

The Ferry Trip
On his trip to Spain, the Biker enjoys the ferry ride

The Best Bus Ride Of My Life
You'll be amazed what can happen on a bus

Bound To Cum
What can happen when you help your neighbour

The Science Class
A science class can be a lot of fun

First Car, First Blow Job
This is how to enjoy your VW Beetle

My Best Mate's Older Brother
Sleeping over after a night at the pub gets interesting

The Runner
A young lad finds he's a natural at running and joins the local club

The Clearing
A young lad takes a chance to soak up the sun

The Camping Trip
Three guys go camping, but one gets scared and goes home

Lunch Break
The lads find a new way to have some fun



Surprise! Surprise!
Three friends lose their jobs and book an impromptu trip to Gran Canaria. Once there, the first bar place they find is a gay nightclub and a room showing porn. This is the start of a holiday all three will remember for a long time