My Boyfriend's Horny Brothers

by Natty Soltesz


When I was just out of college I went on a trip with Joe, my boyfriend at the time, to the mid-sized Illinois city where he grew up. Most of his family still lived there including his brothers Mike and Lee who, on our first night staying at Joe’s parents’ house, came over for dinner.

     His brothers were a total trip – loud and funny, constantly cracking jokes at everyone’s expense, but so charming and good looking that you just didn’t care. 

     Both of them were confirmed bachelors and they shared an apartment together a few miles out of town, which I gathered was something of a love den. Joe said even in high school his brothers were always fucking the same girls, trading them back and forth like baseball cards. 

     “How was the trip down?” Joe’s mom asked me as I forked up some mashed potatoes. 

     “Not bad at all,” I said. 

     “That’s a long trip,” Lee said. He was a couple years older than Joe and was pretty husky, but it worked on him. He had sandy blond hair and a blond beard and dimples when he smiled, like a sexy teddy bear. “But I guess the great thing about being gay is you could always just pull off at a rest stop.” 

     “Meet a nice trucker…” Mike added. Mike was the oldest and, at first glance, the most strikingly hot. He had black hair like Joe and blue eyes, and was very tall with a killer body. His hairline was receding a bit but it only made him cuter. 

     “Shut up,” Joe said. 

     “I don’t know what you guys are talking about,” Joe’s mom said, and got up to get dessert. 

     “So Nate,” Mike said, turning to me, “You guys are sleeping in separate beds. Did you know that? Siriani house policy – can’t get laid under this roof.” 

     “Goddammit, Michael,” Joe’s dad said. 

     “Dad, I’m just saying, our apartment is available if you guys need to, you know, have a little time to yourselves…” 

     “That’s  enough,” Joe’s dad said. 

     “Yeah, for Christ’s sake guys,” Joe said. 

     “We’re just putting it out there,” Lee added. 

     “It’s very kind of you but I just figured we’d hit up the truck stop a little later,” I said. Joe and his dad looked at me, shocked, but Lee and Mike just up and lost it. 


     After dinner I was sitting on the porch with Joe and his brothers, drinking the beer they’d brought. It was Friday night and Lee and Mike were talking about going out. 

     Joe didn’t drink at the time and I could tell he was getting annoyed with me. My relationship with Joe had been deteriorating for months up that point. I was as exhausted by his judgmental, controlling ways as he was by my childish, irresponsible ones. 

     “Hey Joe, why the long face? Who jizzed in your pudding?” Lee said. 

     “You gonna let your boyfriend go out with us, or what?” Mike said. 

     “He can do what he wants,” Joe said, delivering a pithy look in my general direction. 

     “Yikes,” Mike said. 

     “Lighten up, Joe. Jesus. Let him have some fun. Just cause you pissed the bed doesn’t mean he has to lay in it.” I took another gulp of beer. The ride from New York had been excruciating – we hadn’t talked to each other almost the entire way. Now I was getting a buzz on and enjoying the company of Joe’s cute, fun brothers, and I just did not give a fuck. 

     “I’ll go out with you guys,” I said, shrugging. 

     “Right on,” Mike said, reaching over. I gave him a high five. Joe got up and went inside without a word. 

     “I think we got you in hot shit,” Lee said. 

     “I think I already was,” I said. Mike slapped my back. 

     “C’mon gay boy, let’s go have some fun.” 


We got in their Jeep and went to a bar on the edge of town. It was pretty country and I felt out of my element, but everyone seemed to know Lee and Mike. “This is my little bro’s boyfriend,” they said to more than one scary-ass dude, and if anyone was homophobic they didn’t express it.  Lee and Mike bought me shots and asked me about myself. They were easy to talk to, and I was having fun. 

     I came back from the bathroom at one point and saw the two of them sitting at the bar a few yards away, talking to each other. They looked up at me at the same time, holding me in their eyes for what felt like a minute before Lee said something in Mike’s ear that made them both smirk. I never found out what they said. 

     We did another shot. Mike poked me in the shoulder at one point and said, “Hey Nate, see that girl over there?” 

     “Yeah. She looks like a slut,” I said. 

     “Oh she  is,” Lee said. 

     “You ever fucked a girl before?” Mike asked me. I said I hadn’t. “Wanna fuck her? You could if you wanted to, she’d do anything for us.” I told him I most certainly did not. “We just thought you might want to take a walk on the other side of the fence.” 

     “I’m fine,” I said. 

     “Joe’s pretty good in the sack, then?” Lee asked. 

     “He’s fine,” I said. 

     “Ouch,” Mike said. 

     “No, I mean – he’s great. Shit – you know what I mean…” 

     “He let you put it in his ass?” Mike asked. Even Lee balked at that one, but I wasn’t fazed. 

     “Yeah, he goes both ways, like me.” 

     “So you take it in the ass, too,” Mike said. 

     “Which do you prefer?” Lee asked. 

     “I guess I’m more of a bottom.” 

     “Nice,” Lee said, smiling at me, throwing back his beer. Just then the slut girl came up to us. 

     “Hay guys,” she said. Lee and Mike turned to her with hostile looks. 

     “What do you want?” Lee said. 

     “I’m just sayin hay,” she said. 

     “Get out of here, we don’t need you tonight,” Mike said. 

     “What ever,” she said and walked away. Lee and Mike cracked up. 

     “She wanted you guys,” I said. 

     “God, who doesn’t?” Lee said. 

     “Hey Nate, answer me this: who do you think is hotter, me or Lee?” 

     I took a deep breath. “You,” I said to Mike, and he got this look like he was very pleased with himself. He smiled at Lee who just shrugged. “But you’re both hot.” 

     “I appreciate that Nate,” Lee said. “Besides, what Mike has over in me in looks, I make up for in other departments.” 

     “Whatever, dude, it’s not that much bigger than mine,” Mike said. Lee winked at me. I had no idea what was happening at this point, but having these two hot straight guys flirt with me was turning me on big time. I was leaking in my underwear. 

     They asked me how many guys I’d slept with and I tried to give them an accurate answer, but asking a gay man that question is sort of like asking a whale how much plankton he’s ingested on any given day. It’s not something that comes to mind. 

     “How many girls have you guys slept with?” Mike didn’t miss a beat. 

     “One hundred and nine,” Mike said. 

     “I’m around that too,” Lee said. 

     “You guys keep count?” 

     “You better believe it,” Lee said. 

     “We keep a journal,” Mike said. I trusted that it was true. 

     We did another round of shots. I was fast approaching a literal tipping point. Lee asked me, “Have you ever slept with guys as hot as us?” 

     “You mean not including Joe?” I said. 

     “Joe’s not as hot as us,” Mike said, lifting up his shirt to expose his cut abs. 

     “Fuck, I don’t know. I guess not.” 

     “That’s what we thought,” Lee said. “So…you want to?” I took a gulp of my beer. 

     “Yes,” I said. Lee and Mike smiled at each other. 

     “Let’s go then,” Mike said, and hailed the bartender. 

     “Yeah, let’s get the fuck out of here,” Lee said. 


     We rode in their Jeep with the windows down, me in the backseat. Lee looked back at me. 

     “You’re not worried about Joe, are you?” Lee asked. 

     “Aw, man, don’t worry about him,” Mike said before I could respond. “He ain’t gonna know. We’re real discreet.” 

     “I’m not,” I said. 

     “Besides,” Mike continued, like he hadn’t heard me, “You and Joe aren’t married. And we sure as shit didn’t take a vow to be faithful to our brother.” 

     “It’s a little sketchy,” Lee added, “but basically on the level.” 

     “We can pretend afterward like it never happened. Everything that happens, from this point, can be, like, lost time. Something we’ll take to the grave.” 

     “Not that you’ll ever forget it,” Lee said, and reached back to run his hand up the leg of my shorts. He stopped just short of my crotch and slid his hand back out. 

     “Have you guys ever done anything with a guy before?” I asked. 

     “You mean recently?” Mike said. 

     “No, no, not since, like, high school,” Lee said. 

     “We’re just curious,” Mike said. “You’re the best looking guy Joe’s ever brought home. Plus, you’re cool. Trust me, it’s gonna be fun.” 


To be honest, their apartment was hilarious: PlayStation, Bruce Lee posters, even a Lava Lamp – the whole bit. I sat down on the couch and Mike sat next to me. Lee went to the fridge to get us beers and Mike started feeling my body, so I felt his. Fuck he was gorgeous. His body was like hard marble under his t-shirt. I reached down and felt his swelling crotch and Lee came back with the beers. He handed them to us. Lee just started stripping down, and Mike stood up and started doing the same. They left their underwear on and got on each side of me on the couch. Mike started taking off my shirt and Lee slid off my shorts. I started making out with Mike. He didn’t hold anything back, and as I writhed my tongue against his I again went for his cock. It was rock hard now in his black boxer briefs. 

     I turned to Lee and started making out with him. He was an even better kisser than Mike – all soft and passionate. His cock was still fattening and it did feel a bit bigger than Mike’s. Mike was kneading my hard cock underneath my briefs and when I came up for air from making out with Lee, he pushed me down until I was kneeling on the floor. 

     “Take off our underwear,” Mike said. I complied, going for Lee’s first. His fat, hairy cock bounded out, standing lazily upright and rising. It was a beautiful cock. I went down on it, popping the head in my mouth and sliding my lips down until they were against his fuzzy balls. 

     “Damn,” Lee said. 

     “Feel good?” Mike said. 

     “Dude, you have no idea.” I made a few more passes on Lee’s cock, keeping my lips nice and tight. I moved over to Mike and slid his briefs down his solid legs. His cock was skinnier but nice and rigid, his nuts shaved smooth. He scooched closer to his brother so that their thighs were touching. Mike ran his hand through my hair as I sucked him, greedily taking his rigid dick down my throat. 

     “Holy shit, bro, you ain’t kidding,” Mike said. 

     “I know, right?” Lee said. 

     “Guess it’s true what they say about guys being better.” I went from one to the other, and then I worked on their balls. Mike’s nice smooth sack felt nice in my mouth, but I was fast becoming a convert to Lee, who had a real sexual energy to him. Lee spread his legs when I went for his nuts, letting me really get in there. I sucked them up, one by one, cupping my tongue around each before popping it back out and lapping up his sack. 

     “Yeah, eat his nuts,” Mike said. I went for Lee’s taint and he raised his legs up higher. There was his asshole, pink and fuzzy and clean. I had to give it a try. 

     Lee’s reaction was immediate. He groaned and lifted his legs even higher. 

     “Dude, he’s eating my ass,” Lee said to his brother. Mike jacked his cock as Lee cupped his hands around his knees and lifted them to his chest, fully exposing his hole for me. He had a really sexy ass, just naturally muscled and lightly hairy. I worked my tongue around his cheeks for a bit before spearing it in his hole, and Lee relaxed as much as he could to let my tongue in. 

     “That feel good bro?” Mike said. 

     “Bro…” Lee said, unable to complete the thought. I was jacking his cock with one hand and with the other was helping him hold his legs up as I rammed my tongue in his ass. He really was beside himself. I went for Mike next and was not surprised to find he’d razored not just his nuts but his taint and hole, too. He gave me the same access that Lee had, lifting his legs high and letting me dig my tongue into his tight, pink crevice. 

     “Bro, we haven’t had a rim job since, who – Kylie?” 

     “Dude that was three years ago but…fuck…you’re probably right,” Mike said, breathing heavily as I worked on his hole. “Feels fucking great.” I went back to work on Lee’s cock and Mike got up and went behind me. He laid a finger against my hairless hole and I groaned a little around Lee’s big dick. 

     “How’s that feel back there?” Lee asked. 

     “Dude, it’s a pretty sweet ass,” Mike said. “This is gonna be awesome.” I heard Mike get his finger wet in his mouth, then he put it against my hole and dug the tip of it inside. “He’s completely ready,” Mike said, “His ass is, like, devouring my finger.” It was true. I felt totally loose and ready to be fucked. 

     Lee got up and got behind me and the two of them propped me up on the couch, knees on the cushions and my ass spread out for them. 

     “Dude, get the lube,” Lee said and when Mike came back they lubed up their fingers and were taking turns working them into my ass. They slid both of their fingers in me at the same time. “Fuck, this is gonna be good,” Lee said, slapping my ass as his finger drove in and out next to his brothers. “So fucking tight.” 

     Mike went first. I heard him snap on a rubber and grab hold of my hips as he pressed the tip of his cock to my hole. He slid inside, slowly at first and increasing in speed as he realized I could take it without pain. “Holy fuuuck,” he said as he bottomed out in me. 

     “Damn bro, he takes it like a champ,” Lee said. Mike slid out of me and pushed back in. 

     “Oh, man,” Mike said, chuckling. “Sweet as hell.” He didn’t waste any time pounding my ass – he really gave it to me. Then they turned me around so I was horizontal with the couch and Lee got in front of me. He held me by the hair as he fucked my face and his brother fucked my ass. I felt like a total whore and I couldn’t imagine wanting anything more from two hot straight brothers. I was so turned on I probably could’ve taken both of them in my ass stacked on top of one another and loved it. 

     In turn, they treated me like the slut I knew I was: not disrespectful, but rough. Mike slapped my ass as he rode it. Lee pressed a finger to my throat to feel his big piece sliding in and out. And I’ll be damned if at one point they didn’t reach over me and clap hands, probably engaging in some complex, arcane bro-dude handshake as they grinned and porked me like a Christmas ham. 

     “I’m gonna blow in him dude,” Mike said. His thrusts got harder. He was plowing me mercilessly. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna nut in him bro,” Mike said. 

     “Do it dude,” Lee said. “Fuckin tear that shit  up.” Mike’s moans got louder and louder. Finally he bottomed out into me and I could feel his cock pulsing, his load filling up the condom as he lost it inside my ass. 

     “Damn that was good,” Mike said, sliding out of me. “Your turn,” he said to Lee. I heard the shower starting as Lee slid on a rubber and sidled up behind me. 

     His cock was poised right at my used hole. He leaned his big, masculine body over my back and whispered in my ear. “Ready for me, baby?” he said. Then he slid that fat dick in my hole, so slow and sweet that I wished it’d never end. “Oh fuck yeah,” he said, and got to work. 

     He held me close the entire time, wrapping his big bear arms around my body, working my dick in his paw as he used my hole. “Joe’s a lucky lucky guy to have you around,” he whispered. “Oh yeah baby, you’re giving me the ride my life, what a sweet ass…” The stream of dirty talk just didn’t stop, all peppered with “baby’s.” 

     “I want you to cum for me, baby, can you do that? Cum with Lee’s big cock up your ass?” 

     “Yeah,” I said. “I’m gonna cum soon.” 

     “Oh yeah, baby, I’m gonna cum with you. Gonna nut with my little bro’s boyfriend. You ready? You ready?” 

     “Yeah,” I managed to croak out but I was already cumming, and he was too, saying “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” as he held his cock deep in my ass and it swelled and blasted. At the same time my ass was pulsing around his shaft, sending my own load out over the couch, the two of us cumming together effortlessly, like it was meant to be. 

     “Dude, just spend the night here,” Mike said. They were both showered up now, walking around the apartment nude. I wondered if they always did that. 

     “There’s no way. Joe’ll kill me,” I said. I was heading into the shower myself. 

     “I’ll give him a ride home, Mike. Don’t worry about it,” Lee said, and that’s what he did. He kissed me deeply just before I got out of the car. 

     “Anytime you want, you give me a call, alright?” he said. I would’ve taken him up on his offer – would still, in fact – if I hadn’t forgotten to get his phone number. I broke up with Joe a couple weeks after we got back, but it wasn’t like I could’ve asked him for it, anyway.