Stories by Jolyon Lewes

All stories copyright Jolyon Lewes and reproduced with their kind permission



The Punch and Judy Show (1 Part)

In this short story, set in the present day, the narrator visits a seaside resort and finds himself meeting some very attractive young men and witnessing some curious events, some of which he considers erotic and highly arousing - and almost unreal.


The Pin-Up Boy (1 Part)

The burly, grim-faced schoolmaster swished his cane in a menacing fashion and the poor boy, now minus his blazer, leaned slowly over the desk, gripping its far edge with his fingers and letting his chin rest on its smooth, wooden surface, his worried little face glumly regarding the rows of boys seated before him at their desks.


Christmas In Khaki (1 Part)

Marcus felt his mouth go dry and his chest tighten as he began to read the letter from his mother. In a nutshell, Christmas was cancelled. His mother was terribly apologetic but she'd not be coming home to England until after Christmas


The Little Match-Boy (1 Part)

James meets a very cold young man selling matches outside a church.


The Hitch-Hiker (1 Part)

It is a hot, summer's day. Jack gives a lift to a young hitch-hiker and is in for some surprising delights.



The Boy in Khaki Shorts (1 Part)

Fifteen-year-old Nicholas is an only child - a lonely, friendless boy with a brutal father. He dreads the annual seaside holiday but this time meets a warm, friendly family and his life takes a turn for the better. But for how long?


Beauty in Blue (1 Part)

Paul is infatuated with Michael but is frustrated by lack of privacy at their boarding school and hopes that by inviting Michael home for a few days he might at last get his beloved boy to himself. But his plans are inadvertently thwarted by his cousin.


Fog on the Mersey (2 Parts)

This story concerns Alan, an under-confident 14-year-old schoolboy in the Liverpool of 1959/60. His feelings for a boy in his class result in blackmail, pain and shame. In the aftermath of this dark period he experiences happiness and sadness, love and loss.


Talking After Lights Out (1 Part)

In this true story of a boy's miserable first months at boarding school, he is caught talking after lights-out and the repercussions flavour his next three days with a contrasting mixture of pain, self-consciousness, sunshine and love.


The Boy I Love (5 Parts)

Set in the early 1990s in England and the South of France, Richard is a shy English teenager whose wealthy parents make him wear short trousers at the smart occasions he attends with them. On holiday, he meets a French boy whose strict father enforces a similar rule. In facing what they consider their humiliation, the boys find mutual solace and form a very close friendship.