Hitch Hiker

by Curtis


I live in a small mid-western town with 5,000 persons. Luckily after high school I went off to the state university, where I could indulge my long-held gay fantasies. After getting a law degree, I returned home to practice law. Needless to say, discretion is the word, since no one in town knows that I am gay. So I have to travel in order to make sexual contacts.

     My house, which I inherited from my parents, is the last one, at the edge of town. We are not on an interstate, only a US highway. Often I see hitch hikers from my living room picture window, a few yards from the highway. Experienced hitch hikers know that one must be outside of town to get a lift.

     It was a hot, blistering day, and I noticed that a young guy had been waiting for an hour, in vain, to get a ride. I knew that he was not a local, so I decided on a plan of action. I walked out to the highway and said to him, “You must be hot and thirsty. Why don’t you come into my air-conditioned house and I’ll give you a glass of ice-cold water.”

     He cracked a broad smile, and said, “That would be great.” First step of my plan resolved. He told me his name was Joe, and that he lived on a farm ten miles out, and rarely came into town. He told me that he couldn’t afford a car, because the farm was on hard times. He quickly downed the water. I told him that I could offer an ice-cold beer too, if he was over 18. He said that he was, and again remarked, “That would be great.”

     I asked Joe, “Why don’t you hang out here for a while and I’ll drive you home. And I have some great porno that you can watch.”

     “OK” he replied. 

     This kid was not very talkative. We both sat on my sofa. After a few minutes into the video, I noticed the usual tell-tale sign of a hardening erection.

     “I don’t get to watch much stuff like this,” he remarked.

     A girl was giving a half-baked blow job to a guy, which obviously was turning him on. I told him that men give better blow jobs than women. “I don’t know, I’ve never had a blow job. There isn’t much opportunity for that on the farm,” he answered.

     “If someone would offer to give you a blow job now, would you accept,” I asked.

     “Hell yes,” was his enthusiastic reply.

     So I told him to take out his dick and I would suck it for him.  He looked at me with great surprise, but nodded OK, and out came a nice size prick. I immediately went down on it, swallowing the whole thing in one gulp.

     “Oh my God, this is fantastic. I can’t believe it would be so good,” he gasped. I had slyly taken out my full dentures, which heightened his experience. Just as I imagined, it didn’t take this hot kid more than 3 or 4 minutes to shoot a good load down my throat.

     After it was over, he said, “I gotta get goin.”  I said, “No problem, let’s hop into my car.” I noted my phone number for him and said he could phone me at any time, and that I would go pick him up at the farm and return him afterwards. He smiled appreciatively.

     On the short drive, he told me a bit more about himself, but it was obvious that he was shy. I mentioned that I was always needing little jobs to be done to keep the house fixed up. He said that he was pretty good at a lot of things, because he had to do a lot of this work on the farm, and could always use some extra cash.

     “If your give me your phone number, and I’ll call when you when I am ready.”

     When we reached the farm I handed him a fifty dollar bill, and he thanked me profusely. So I knew that now had a ready supply of dick, most likely whenever I wanted it.

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