Stories by Curtis

All stories copyright Curtis and reproduced with their kind permission




The Genie in the Vase

Rick Rider was bored. A copywriter for a small advertising agency, he was facing an important deadline for its most important client, but was staring at his computer with writer's block.  "What can I do to amuse myself until I get some new ideas?" he wondered.


The Motel

I had a three-month assignment as a computer consultant that I was not very happy about. It was in a small town of only 6,000 people, and worse yet, located in a dry county. However I knew this ahead of time, so I loaded my car with champagne, whiskey, red wine, and brandy.


The Son in the Morning and the Father at Night

When I was 14, I discovered that I loved to suck cock. I kept all the boys my age in my neighborhood happy and drained dry. Not that I look or act gay, because I don’t. My other hobby is cooking. Somehow I find it therapeutic, and they say I’m a pretty good cook, as well as a pretty good cocksucker.


Hitch Hiker

I live in a small mid-western town with 5,000 persons. Luckily after high school I went off to the state university, where I could indulge my long-held gay fantasies. After getting a law degree, I returned home to practice law. Needless to say, discretion is the word, since no one in town knows that I am gay. So I have to travel in order to make sexual contacts.



This story is about Mike. He was a 19 year old good-looking Irish kid with dark brown hair and beautiful deep blue eyes. He didn't believe in the super macho bullshit nor felt the need to prove he was a man. Mike simply had a natural masculinity that oozed from every pore in his body.


Adventure in Pioneersville

My name is Bill Taylor, and I am a free-lance photographer and historian. First off I need to explain that I am not one of the typical narrators of stories on gay sites. I am not 30 years, old, am not 6' 2", don’t have blue eyes, and am not very much in shape.


Teenage Taxi Driver

My job, unfortunately, requires that I constantly travel, but the salary makes up for the inconvenience. This incident occurred when I was in a large western American city.