Stories by BobbyG

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M/V Lady Jean Peterson

Scott comes from a long line of shipping magnates. Despite his priviledged upbringing he has been determined ton work his way through the family business from the bottom.



Tommy 1923

Tommy was the eldest son of William and Kathleen Torrent. The family lived and worked on Upper farm in a tied cottage. During the Second World War his family is killed and Tommy decides to join up and help in the fight against facism.


Robin Hood And Some Very Merry Men

An alternate history of the story of Robin Hood and his merry men.


The Hut

Simon Walsh lives and works with his father in a small hut by the sea. As they launch a newly built boat into the water their life if about to change as Europe begins the route to war.

On Your Marks

It was after a tragic accident that Tommy had his legs amputated but it didn't stop his dream of becoming a succesful swimmer. His lifelong friend, Paul, has supported Tommy through everything. Despite their close bond, Tommy is blind to how they feel for each other and it takes an encounter with Patrick, an Australien fellow swimmer, for him to open his eyes.


Painful Lessons

Tory Phillips has had many challenges growing up and taking up boxing helped him cope. Now as an adult and a sucessful Financial Consultant he has evrythings he wants and a lifestyle many would envy. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he gets stopped at some trafic lights in the early hours of the morning.