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Disclaimer: These stories contains sexual contact between two consenting males of legal age (in the uk). If this kind of material offends you or you are prohibited from viewing it by your local authority then please leave now. These stories are PURE FICTION, any resemblance to any person(s), living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional. Whilst it is not possible to screen who is accessing online material I would like to remind the reader that the 'sex' depicted in this story is pure fantasy. In the real world there are consequences to every action. Stay safe in body and mind. Thank you.

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Short Stories

Uni Rugby
When Derren does a favour for the captain of the rugby team he gets caught up in their unusual selection process 


A View of the Den
Sean turns up on his mates doorstep when he finally breaks up from his boyfriend.


It Started With Snow
Dom sees the same guy everyday he catches the bus to college. And then the snow started.


Getting Wild with a Fresher
Simon catches Reece with a girl at the back of the student bar - neither are happy about it


The Party After 6th Form
With school over it's time to blow off some steam before going to University