Stories Alexander

Alexander has been writing for more years than he cares to remember, usually stories of the adult/youth variety. Believing that there is enough violence and ill-will in the world already, the tales are usually non-aggressive and contain a little history and/or geographical interest to make them fun to read - and escape into a different world for a while.

All stories copyright Alexander and reproduced with their kind permission


Short Stories

Naïve In The Extreme
A naive boy starts to learn

Alec In Wonderland
On a bike ride, Alec finds Wonderland

Gay And Ghostly
Simon learns to live as a ghost

A Cautionary Tale
Two young boys have impure thoughts

Bipartite Boy
The life of two boys merge

or a whimsical look at the god of love

Life Is What You Make It
Philip begins his physical journey

Let's Forget Tea!
The antics in boarding school

A young exec is sent to Egypt



I Know What's On Your Mind
The whole of my family were into ghosts and ghost-hunting, although my parents would be seriously pissed off if they heard me or my brother say that. They were into things like spiritualism and stuff like that and so they had to be called 'spectres' or 'presences', but ghosts is what David and me called them – it was more scarier!


Miles Of Smiles
Miles discovers that his teacher writes gay porn and posts it on the internet. By writing a similar story, Miles lets the cat out of the bag and a relationship begins and starts to develop.


Gareth And Phil
Phil is stuck in the middle of a strained relationship between is father and uncle and while at University, he arranges to visit his uncle. During his visit he meets his young cousin, Gareth, where they become friendly. This friendship leads to places neither thought possible.


Lord Bachelor
A tale set in Victorian London where Lord Batchelor plays host to his young nephew, Charles. But the young lad has some unusual routines taught to him by his father, Lord Biggun, which disturbs Lord Batchelor's well trodden routine and re-awakens his slumbering libido.