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Everyone has a story, each story unique
Every soul is constricted, each life a journey to release


IMPORTANT NOTICE TO VISITORS: The Screeve website contains stories and other writing involving non-heterosexual sexualities, some writing may be erotic or sexually-explicit. If this will offend you then please do not read any further. If accessing this site causes you to break any local laws then please leave now. The characters portrayed in the works may or may not practice safe sex. However, these are merely words and we would always advocate the practice of safe sex in the real world.


Recent Updates

14th September 2014
The Hut - Chapter 5 by BobbyG
Doubling Up - Part 2 by Robert Furlong
Cock Worshipper - Part 4 by Jason Kason

7th September 2014
The Hut - Chapter 4 by BobbyG
Cock Worshipper - Part 3 by Jason Kason
My Gentle Puck - Part 1 by Paul Penn

30th August 2014
The Hut - Chapter 3 by BobbyG
Dr. Craig by Natty Soltesz

23rd August 2014
The Hut - Chapter 2 by BobbyG
Doubling Up - Part 1 by Robert Furlong
Cock Worshipper - Part 2 by Jason Kason

20th August 2014
The Hut - Chapter 1 by BobbyG
Cock Worshipper - Part 1 by Jason Kason

10th August 2014
Having A Laugh by Robert Furlong

26th July 2014
Go Ahead by Robert Furlong

20th July 2014
Awake With Jake - Part 4 by Robert Furlong
The Little Match-Boy by Jolyon Lewes

13th July 2014
Awake With Jake - Part 3 by Robert Furlong

6th July 2014
On Your Marks by BobbyG
Awake With Jake - Part 2 by Robert Furlong

29th June 2014
Awake With Jake - Part 1 by Robert Furlong

21st June 2014
Painful Lessons by BobbyG

14th June 2014
Playdate by Natty Soltesz



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