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Everyone has a story,
Each story unique,
Every soul is constricted,
Each life a journey to release



The Screeve website contains stories and other writing involving non-heterosexual sexualities, some writing may be erotic or sexually-explicit. If this will offend you then please do not read any further. If accessing this site causes you to break any local laws then please leave now. The characters portrayed in the works may or may not practice safe sex. However, these are merely words and we would always advocate the practice of safe sex in the real world.


Latest Stories


25th May 2015
M/V Lady Jean Peterson - Part 1 by BobbyG

24th May 2015
Up At The Crack by Robert Furlong
Cuckold's Revenge - Part 2 by Rodder 52
Aggressive Submissive by Rodder 52

10th May 2015
My Two Uncles - Part 2 by Robert Furlong
Cuckold's Revenge by Rodder 52

4th May 2015
My Two Uncles by Robert Furlong
Mister Regenzani by Rodder52

26th April 2015
Bunk Buddies by Robert Furlong
Best Buddies by Natty Soltesz
Yarn of the Stockman by Rodder52

6th April 2015
Cock Worshipper - Part 11 by Jason Kason
Rides From Strangers by Rodder52

21st March 2015
Tommy 1923 - Chapter 11 by BobbyG

15th March 2015
Tommy 1923 - Chapter 10 by BobbyG